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FYI – Firefly Cargo Crate Subscription Update

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FYI – Loot Crate has sent out an update on the Firefly Cargo Crate. Subscribers will receive the May crate soon and will receive a box including 6 Loot Crate exclusives:

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Firefly Cargo Crate

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Comments (16)

  1. It doesn’t matter that you cancel your subscription! Like others I cancelled after I got the new Kaylee figure. Guess what crap just arrived in my mailbox and was charged to may credit card. They still owe me for a box that was never shipped. Now they send this garbage with two stickers related to Firefly and an apology and CHARGE me for it! It’s time some company gets serious with the fan merchandise. Hell, I can’t even get a 2019 Firefly calendar!

    • Yep, I got two boxes of crap and two firefly stickers that I already have. One box for my missing July crate and one for the missing September crate. There was some of the same stuff in both crates – like I need both. I canceled regular Loot Crate a long time ago because I did not want stuff I did not want. Now I have one more box missing for November and I actually don’t want it unless its Firefly related. I think they should refund our money instead of sending us crap.

      • I had the same thing happen. 2 boxes of LootCrate crap they nor I can sell for July and September. With duplicates!! Still no November box and now they owe me a January one. I am going to wait until this elusive January 25th date they keep throwing out saying there is going to be some big announcement on what the hell has been going on. I am seriously shocked a company can take your money for one thing and hand you something else. “I would like to pick up my TV I paid for.” “OK, here are 2 sets of earbuds instead, have a nice day.”

  2. I don’t know what happened to my post. But my subscription auto-renewed in June 2018. The last box I received was the May 2018 box which didn’t appear until August 2018. I cancelled my subscription, but it did not end until December 2018. I was thus owed July 2018, September 2018 and November 2018.

    I did not even get this message, so I am guessing they maybe planned to completely ignore me and not deliver anything to me.

    There is no mention of the missing November 2018 box. I also signed up for Firefly and not a box of assorted stuff. They should give us a refund.

    I asked for one and haven’t heard back. I also agree with other posters that MSA should not be promoting Lootcrate until they come clean and stop taking money for subscriptions they can’t and don’t intend to fulfill.

  3. I am so pissed! My subscription auto-renewed June 2018 for 6 months. I paid for this and got none of the boxes I subscribed for. I was supposed to receive one for July, September, and November 2018 and got none of them. I cancelled in November, but it didn’t go through until December 2018.

    I subscribed for Firefly, not bunch of junk. This is totally fraudulent. I also did not receive this email, which I think its because my subscription was cancelled in December and looks like the message came out recently, which means they intend to completely defraud me. I have cancelled all my subscriptions with Lootcrate, but unfortunately I paid for a year for the two remaining I have left, which I have been receiving those. But I am very angry.

    I also agree that MSA should not be recommending Lootcrate until they explain themselves or give subscribers a choice of a refund or some other stuff. I for one would rather have a refund instead of junk I did not subscribe for.

  4. Wow so relieved I cancelled in April after the first set of the figures was complete. I liked the figures but did not need 2 of each character so thought it best to cancel and wait for spoilers as the rest of the box had started to decline. Sorry for all of you who have stuck it out and kept getting charged, very uncool.

    • I stayed on 1 more month for the new Kaylee figure (she’s always been my favorite) and then cancelled. So glad I did. When you have over a year worth of “unexpected” shipping delays, it’s no longer unexpected…it’s more like fraud/theft.

  5. I think this Lootcrate needs to be re-evaluated for being reviewed here. Too many people lose money and get scammed by them essentially, sending random junk in lieu of specific speciality crates is a scam.

    I wouldn’t have signed up if not for a review here, so people are still thinking this company will do right by them due to the reviews here.

    At the very least, every Lootcrate post needs to have a very clear cautionary advisory at the BEGINNING about the late shipping and substitution practices. I’m really disappointed.

  6. “Sorry we’re 7 months late, have some random stuff we can’t sell!” WTF

    Serious question: why does MSA continue to promote this scam (and sham) of a company? I get they are an OG company but there is no end to the incompetency of this company and no reason they’ll course correct anytime soon. That it’s multiple boxes make it that much worse!

    • I agree. I guess Eric really likes his free boxes.

      • It feels like it. The “I hope they get it together soon” seems laughably naive given it’s been over a year now.

    • This.

  7. I recently cancelled and asked for a refund. They owed me three payments worth. The response I received from them (when I asked when we would get another box) was a canned response someone noted on Reddit back in July. It made me think that Firefly was dead in the water and that LootCrate was hoping people would forget about these auto payments.

    If I had remained subscribed I would have been livid if I got a grab bag box instead of a Firefly box. If people wanted that other stuff maybe they would be subscribed to it. Plus, some subscribers might be subscribed to some of their other boxes and may own some of these items.

    How can LootCrate in good conscience take people’s payments without any real expectation that they can fulfill what they promised? I think MSA should not just note that Firefly is behind; but, that they are 6 months behind and are still deducting subscribers every other month. And now to pacify subscribers they offer their excess non-Firefly stock…

    To just note that they are behind does not reveal the sheer magnitude of this situation. It does not convey to people who are coming to this site to get details of this subscription of how truly FUBAR this sub has become.

    • Note: replying to self because I forgot to add: I cancelled right before the December payment.

      So, subscribers who haven’t cancelled and have been with LootCrate for the last 8 months were billed 4 times for future boxes at approximately $200/subscriber.

  8. Holy Cow I would be irate. It’s like they took a six-month vacay. I mean really your may box will be shipped? Omg.

  9. Wow, so this box is like 3 shipments behind…YIKES.
    If I were subscribed I’d demand a refund.

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