FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box Spoilers + Selection Time!

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We have all the choice item spoilers for the FabFitFun Fall box!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Fall  Box with this coupon code. 

FYI – Annual subscribers can select their items now, quarterly subscribers will be able to pick their items on August 1st.

Choice: All subscribers will be able to pick Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf, amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler, Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit, or Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat. 

UPDATE: Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is no longer a customization option

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    Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf ($75 Value)

    26 in. x 72 in. (not including 3-inch fringe on each end)

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      amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler ($80 Value)

      -100% solid ceramic plates Generates ionic, far-infrared heat, ensuring safe and even heat while preserving moisture and protecting the cuticle.

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        Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat ($50 Value)

        -24 in. x 68 in. -1.5mm thickness -Made of PVC mixed with rubber -Wipe to clean -Travel-friendly -Easily foldable


        Choice: kate spade new york Lunch Tote, NassifMD® Detox Pads, The Kut from The Kloth Slim Striped Wallet, or Twine Cheese Board with Plate.

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          The Kut from The Kloth Slim Striped Wallet

          With seven credit card slots, an ID window, and one full-length bill compartment, this wallet is just as functional as it is chic.

          • Vegan leather
          • Tri-fold envelope wallet with snap closure

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            Twine Cheese Board with Plate

            A removable ceramic plate, stainless steel cutlery, and a chic acacia wood serving platter? Yes, cheese!

            • Perfect to serve happy hour snacks
            • Acacia wood board
            • Removable ceramic plate
            • 2 stainless steel knives with acacia handles

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              kate spade new york Lunch Tote

              Ditch the paper bag and opt for this cute lunch box, which features an insulated interior to keep your food cool all day.

              • Cute polka dot print
              • Insulated interior to keep food and drinks cool
              • Metal zipper teeth and pull
              • Top handle

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                NassifMD® Detox Pads

                Just a few swipes of the cleansing pad will remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a glowing, radiant complexion.

                • Exfoliates dead skin cells
                • Helps even the appearance of skin tone
                • Gives skin a fresh glow
                • Includes 60 individual pads
                • Made in the USA

                Choice: The Better Skin Co Skin Lava Magik, BaubleBar Ear Crawlers, or Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals.

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                  BaubleBar Ear Crawlers

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                    The Better Skin Co. Better Skin Lava Magik

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                      Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals

                      These next two customization options are available for annual subscribers only. If you are a quarterly subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you:

                      Choice: Eparé Dual Salt and Pepper Mill, Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap, trèStiQue Mini Eye Essentials – Set of 4, or  Skinvolve Body Boost Gel.

                      Eparé Dual Salt and Pepper Mill

                      Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap

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                        trèStiQue Mini Eye Essentials – Set of 4

                        Skinvolve Body Boost Gel

                        Choice: Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball, Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack, or SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner.

                        Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball

                        Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack

                        SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner

                        What do you think of the spoilers? What are you picking?

                        Reminder – annual subscribers get to pick their items now. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on August 1st at 9 a.m. PT.

                        If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Fall  Box with this coupon code. 

                        Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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                        1. Full spoilers are out on Reddit & Instagram for anyone who cares to find them.

                          • How do you find it on Instagram?

                            • It’s a body cream ,body scrub and a hair cream.

                              • Ya I saw it. Thank you! I’m not that pumped for this box. I just find I don’t use many of the items that come in these boxes and FFF never seems to listen to subscriber feedback

                          • I can’t find them. Help? I just chatted with FabFitFun and was told the customizations are the spoilers but that’s not how it’s been in the past.

                        2. Honestly, I’m hoping to get the salt & pepper grinder since I’m seasonal I won’t be able to choose. I have been wanting to get a set for the longest time. I’m happy that I get to choose the cheese plate, at least! Been wanting one since CB was supposed to have one in their 2018 Fall box but they got ruined.

                          • I almost chose the pepper mill but it’s rated really poorly. People say it jams too easily and also that the plastic grinding mechanism fails super quickly. Just a heads up!

                            • Thanks for that, I picked this. I saw the mill listed on wayfair, but didn’t bother to read the reviews, must have gotten distracted or something. Changing to the Trestique set!

                            • Where do you see bad reviews? I looked at wayfair, Walmart, overstock and amazon and all have an average of 4 stars with many reviews.

                              • About half of the reviews I read on Amazon say that they liked the pepper grinder, but that it wore out after about 3-6 months.

                        3. Wow… these were a huge disappointment. I always look forward to the fall box. I think FFF will be on my chopping block come renewal time in spring…

                          • I agree that this is a disappointment compared to the fall box the past few years. Fall is usually my favorite too. However, I will probably continue with this box because I like these choices well enough. I’m just not super excited like I usually am.

                          • I agree, it seems like cheap left over stuff. I am going to switch to Sunday Riley when my annual runs out. I used to love FFF Fall boxes. Nothing says fall about this box…

                            • Me too. Love Sunday Riley. They put out nice boxes

                              • I think Sunday Riley is rad but they are SUPER Over priced.

                            • I agree, I was not thrilled with the options at all. I thought last years fall box was pretty good so I was excited for this one and I’m just really disappointed with the choices. Does anyone know what the other products are that are included for all members I pay yearly so selected my 5 but was curious about the items everyone receives. Thanks

                              • Sugar scrub cubes, body soufflé, and a hair treatment by Ahava.

                                • Ugh! I got all of these. 6 out of 8 items was hair/face stuff. When they choose for me and see my box is all hair masks and body scrubs, shouldn’t they give something else? I would have been happy with the earrings or S&P shaker. Since I got the flat iron and Nassif face pads, i can’t complain. That more than pays for it. First time I’ve been disappointed. Ordered a Causebox. If I like it, I will take a break from FFF. Sad because I loved it so far, but there’s always at least two products that will never use.

                          • I totally agree. I’m an annual and just did an online chat with customer service. I can cancel and get a refund on the next 3 boxes(annual started in may) or I can choose to skip this box. I didn’t like the summer box, but I knew a friend would so I customized it with her in mind and made the box a birthday present. Skipping Fall means crossing my fingers winter and spring will be good. I guess I could cancel and sign up again if the winter looks good.
                            Only you guys would understand my dilemma

                            • I canceled in the middle of the summer box, with three boxes left to my annual. Something told me to cancel and I was worried that I would regret it, but this shows I’ve made the right decision for myself, for right now.

                              • I agree. I cancelled too. Not impressed with the fall box. I was upset that my summer box customization was not correct either, even after I called customer service.

                                • I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that all of my customizations were wrong!! A huge disappointment with it being my first box!!! And to know I this to look forward to 3 more times!! I bought an annual subscription!! Man I hate it too!!!

                              • I’ve just cancelled (I’m annual). If FFF had an option to skip a box (without limitations), I probably would have stayed. I’m now looking for a sub box that allows you to be a bit more choosy. Honestly, there is nothing in the Fall box that I was interested in.

                            • How did you manage to get them to agree to you canceling an annual subscription?

                            • Same question here, how did you get them to cancel the annual membership? I chatted with them, was told I will still be receiving the rest of my two boxes if I cancel now. And I am eligible to skip box… very annoying

                              • Hi Chris, I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised – they canceled it then and there and arranged a refund of 135 (3 boxes). Here’s the transcript – maybe it’s because I mentioned the boards. I didn’t really give much detail. Try again and just insist! Good luck!

                                (04:18:51 PM) marie: I am an annual subscriber and have had two boxes so far (one as a subscriber). I am not satisfied with either and the options for the next one do not suit me at all. I would like to cancel my subscription. I have seen on boards that other people have been able to do this
                                (04:18:53 PM) Support Team: Due to an increased number of support requests, our reply time is taking longer than usual. We will get to your request as soon as we can. Feel free to leave us your name, email and concern and we will follow up via email. As a reminder the first fall billing date is in August 7.
                                (04:19:36 PM) marie: I will stay in the queue
                                (04:21:46 PM) *** Bucky joined the chat ***
                                (04:22:24 PM) Bucky: I would be able to check that for you. But can you provide any feedback on why you wanted to cancel your subscription?
                                (04:22:43 PM) marie: I’m not satisfied with the options available.
                                (04:25:13 PM) Bucky: I understand. However, it’s really sad to hear that you’re canceling your subscription. Our boxes are pretty great as each has over $200 worth of products inside and we really don’t want you to miss out on this.
                                (04:25:42 PM) marie: I’m sure I want to cancel
                                (04:26:58 PM) Bucky: I totally understand I will go ahead and cancel your account. However, will you reconsider keeping your account if I give you $10 off on your next box?
                                (04:27:43 PM) marie: I would consider it for winter, but this one now, there was not one thing that I want/need.
                                (04:27:56 PM) marie: How much will I be refunded?
                                (04:29:01 PM) Bucky: I understand. Can provide me your email address so that I can check that one for you.
                                (04:29:35 PM) Bucky: Thank you. One moment please.
                                (04:29:43 PM) marie: Thanks
                                (04:37:11 PM) Bucky: I’ve gone ahead and canceled your account. Your refund will reflect 3 to 5 business days.
                                (04:40:17 PM) marie: Thanks. I got an email saying that too.

                                • Wow, thank you for posting the chat history, marie! I will try to contact them tomorrow. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

                          • Me too, sadly. I’ve been a member since 2015 but I think Causebox and JourneeBox will be the boxes that will make me happier down the road. FFF comes with so many headaches. Their fun boxes and add on/edit sale prices used to be enough to make up for those headaches but lately they’ve just slipped too far on all fronts. FFF is no longer worth it to me.

                            • I just started getting JourneeBox and I am LOVING it. The products are unique, sustainable, and amazing quality.

                              • Thanks, I had never heard of the JourneeBox and just looked into it and love it. This was a really helpful comment (I will potentially switch too).

                            • And the prices in their add-on sales have gone way up!

                              • I know I’ve been so annoyed how much Add Ons have increased. I get some but yikes 👎🏻

                          • They are on my chopping block as well

                          • Me too. Way too many masks and creams and not enough makeup as far as I’m concerned.

                        4. This is a great box if you’ve NEVER had a sub box before. Otherwise, join the club of having 4-6 cleansers, 2-3 serums, 4-6 moisturizers, 5 scarves 1-2 for each season, 4-5 water bottles, 10 pieces of dainty jewellery…and enough lipsticks, black eyeliners, mascaras, palettes to become a makeup artist. I’m thankful my family doesn’t sub to any boxes so they thought I’m the coolest and most generous person. Now even they’re on overload! Lol.

                          I would be pleased if I received this box as a newbie sub box subscriber for $40. Otherwise, hard pass. Skincare and makeup products are a 1000% markup, that’s why they’re in a lot of boxes…

                          That being said…I’m still a loyal boxycharm fan. If I want quality makeup and skincare…they are the best bang for the buck.

                          • I’ve been a subscriber since February and I haven’t gotten one single makeup item, except for a highlighter stick! It’s all masks and scrubs and creams. I’d love to get a pallet, or lipstick!

                            • Check out boxycharm for sure!!

                        5. I wish you could review the items you’re allowed to spoil that would help me SO SO SO much for the undecided and meh options. Like I need a salt grinder but if this one isn’t great quality I’d rather have a different option.

                          • There are lots of reviews of this item on overstock.com. There are some one-starred reviews but overall they’re pretty positive.

                          • This salt/pepper shaker is a manual grinder. I have the battery powered grinder (same brand) for pepper, and it’s completely worth getting an auto-grinder if you cook a lot. If it had been an auto-grinder, I actually would’ve been excited about the box.

                            • Thank you! I need a grinder for my salt, but I’m having some problems with my hands, so it looks like this is a no-go. I really need to invest in a good automatic grinder!

                        6. Not excited about any of these items. Think I may be cancelling once my year is up.

                        7. My annual subscription was due to renew with this box, but the customization options convinced me to cancel instead. I liked some of the add on options, but the box itself was a complete pass for me.

                          • Same here. I went through and picked my items, and then sat there thinking how I wasn’t at all excited and had just picked what I thought I might use. So after 2 years I unsubscribed. I am really happy for those of you looking forward to this box though.

                            • Me toooooooooooooo. Not one thing excited me. I’m gonna skip this box I have too. I just don’t want anything and i will just end up selling it which means i will just be giving it away because no one will want most items. I’m sad but its the right thing for me.

                          • Same. I immediately unsubscribed. The selections don’t speak to me or my lifestyle and I’ve got plenty of “stuff” hanging around my house as it is. Glad some folks are thrilled though! I’ll miss the community forum, but not for $179.☺️

                        8. Found the remaining three spoilers on Reddit, stop reading if you don’t want to know (but if you’re here, you want to know):

                          *Human+Kind Body Souffle

                          *Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

                          *Harper + Ari Sugar Scrub Cubes

                          • Thanks! Saves me the time of searching for them. Cause I have to know all spoilers, lol.

                          • Thanks for posting those.

                          • I am so upset that they removed the teeth whitening thing from the customization!!!!! I hat allllll the custom choices and can’t/won’t use most of them.

                        9. I’m so excited about the crawler earrings! I’ve been longing after them since I saw them in the this or that Instagram post.

                        10. This will be my 2nd box. The only thing I’m even remotely excited about is the amika hair styler. Mine died. I only use one occasionally, more so in the cooler months. So, if the one thing I do want isn’t available when I’m aloud to customize, can I skip?

                          • Customize choices don’t sell out! You’ll be able to get what you want in each category. You may not be able to add on additional choices, though. But first choice items don’t sell out (unless theres a major production issue)

                            • Anne, do you know how many of the categories a non select member gets to choose from?

                              • The first three ALL subscribers get to choose from. Choices 4 and 5 are choices for select/annual only.

                              • Hi, you will be able to choose in the first three options

                            • Thank you. I appreciate it. I really do. I’m having a brain fog day and really didn’t want to go read all the FAQ’s again… 🙄 (eye roll @ myself)

                        11. Ooooof! This is an easy pass for me… and, pray tell, what on earth is “Fall or Autumn” about this box other than the scarf?? The curation is mind boggling.. Feels like bargain bin items just thrown together. Cmon FFF. People are cancelling in droves because you’re putting very little effort into this box.. if only they spent the money and effort on the products rather than the oodles of advertising!

                          • You got it–this feels like a bargain outlet store. This is the first time in a long while that I thought PopSugar NAILED the box and FabFitFun was a huge letdown. I hate that I can’t skip this box.

                          • Agree. I don’t usually post about boxes I don’t subscribe to but I will never understand the people who post snarky things about BoS and PSMH being too expensive but will buy FFF boxes and then spend tons of money on add-ons. FFF has no curation, it truly is the most random pile of stuff you might find in the checkout lane at TJ Maxx. If you want a budget-friendly box, at least Causebox has some curation and a compelling mission. All FFF offers is a bunch of former Bachelor contestants shilling their stuff on Instagram.

                            • 😂 Lol! Nailed it! I’m not thrilled about this box at all! The Summer box was my 1st, this will be my 2nd box. I got charged full price for my 1st box and ended up getting a $10.00 credit towards my next box or purchase. It’s a little shady in my opinion. Is it too late to skip? The only thing I really want is the hair straightener. I’m sure I can give away some of this stuff. Wouldn’t mind a couple of things. Idk… I’m a bit torn.

                          • Omg yes! This is why I canceled and didn’t renew after the last fall box. I’ve seen the quality fall way down hill with a lot of stuff from fab. I don’t see a coherent theme with this at all. They even had an add on battery powered mill but they can’t do that for the actual box??? The add on was cheap too! Lol laughable.
                            FFF has not blown me away since like two falls ago. That box was soooo good! I’m so happy I canceled. Too much money was wasted on products that just literally broke on me. I’ve had the French press, earrings (just like the style shown. Because that has been in a box before), a tumbler, two necklaces, a bracelet, and many other things. Then when I buy a replacement, because I did love some of those, from the brand directly…it’s made better!! Lol

                        12. Womp womp womp. Glad I canceled.

                          • Same. No fomo at all!

                        13. No thanks

                        14. I’m happy with the amount of skincare as this is turning into a make-up & skincare box for me. I’ve been with FFF since their second box and have felt the value is there over the years. One or two items pay for the box for me.

                          Does anyone know the material of the hair towel?

                          • Microfiber. Yuck lol. I won’t buy microfiber sheets either, but the towel may be more absorbent with that material. Idk 🤷

                            • In my experience microfiber promotes frizz development (I have super thick & long curly hair) so that item will be a big ol thumbs down for me.

                              • I use the original Turbie twist. It has an elastic loop that you pull the twisted end in. The ones with buttons just suck. I have a mixture of hair types all mixed together…they have not increased the frizz or reduced it.

                                • I love my Aquis hair turbans and they have the button& loop closure. I have long thick hair and its been the best hair towel I’ve ever purchased by far. The wicking is superb n my hair dries super fast if you haven’t tried them yet

                                • Thanks, but it’s actually the whole button thing I can’t stand.

                                • Dawn, I’m with you, girl. Can’t live without my Turbie Towel, but can usually find them cheap at Ross or TJ Maxx. But NO BUTTONS. Elastic is so much better. I even take mine when I vacation.

                                • I can actually find them at Walmart! Lol! I found them in the bathroom isle and towel isle. I have a pink one at my mom’s, a blue one and a turquoise one at home. I have no idea if they are available online or not. But it’s worth looking into. I think I paid right around $5 each.

                                • I’m going to have to find me a great towel wrap! I have long hair also! And could really use something like this! If y’all are saying without the button is much better, then that’s what I’m going to look for! What type of fabric do y’all prefer for you alls towel wraps? I guess that’s what you’d call them! 🤷‍♀️ I’m not sure! But have been looking for something like this for a while though!!

                                • All of them that I have seen are micro fiber.

                                • Thank you so very much!!

                        15. This box is getting less curated every season. It’s just random stuff at this point, no cohesion at all

                        16. This is my third box and I remember all of the boxes before I signed up so good! I guess the grass looks greener on the other side?

                          This feels like TJMaxx and Marshall created their own box… just to get rid of everything nobody wants!!

                          There is nothing in this box that says fall but an overpriced scarf…

                          Boxes keep getting worse every time!… I feel like I need to go and apologize to the people on boxyluxe for leaving them!

                          Luckily I only have one more box to go. Hopefully the winter box is a tad better?

                          • You’re right. Feels like Marshall’s clearance shelf special!

                          • Totally agree! SO much of what’s in FFF nowadays can be found at those stores. I do love TJMaxx and the box is a great a deal if these are all things you would normally buy at the discount store prices. But these are not things I need or would even use and most of it I can’t swap, sell or even gift. I quit FFF last season and this box is definitely not going to get me back on board.

                        17. This will be my second box and I love skin care so I’m pretty happy with this box. I’m debating between the Amika straightener and the mystery choice for the first selection. Does anyone have any input from past experience?
                          Wondering if the mystery choice is usually some junk they are trying to get rid of, or something of value?

                          • I could be wrong but I think in this case it just means they will pick one of the options shown for you. I’d click on it where it says “Learn more” for clarification. I’m pretty sure it’s not like when you get a mystery bundle and it could be anything.

                            • Nope! That’s what surprise me means. Mystery choice is a totally other item, not from box choices or add ons. I did that last box and got a Grown Alchemist hand cream which I traded!

                          • Just a heads up they listed the mystery choice as worth 42 and it’s usually skincare or makeup from what I received.

                            • There’s speculation on some boards that the mystery item may be a silver candle they sent out as a survey choice. For $42, it would need to be a very, very fantastic candle.

                              If it was guaranteed skincare, I would have chosen it and not cancelled. But with mystery items, it could be anything!

                          • I personally wouldnt go with the mystery item but thats me. They state that the value COULD be as low as $42. If there’s something in the category you’d really like to have I say choose it. If NOTHING is speaking to you then you really have nothing to lose right?

                            • Thanks ladies!! I might take the leap and do the mystery item. The straightener would just be a backup to the one I barely use ☺

                        18. Terrible, they are getting worse every season 🙁

                        19. LOVING the options!

                          1. I’m in the UK so I can pick a mystery item, since the straighteners have a USA plug, so I got that. I love mystery items so it was a nice surprise, otherwise I’d get the scarf for my mum.

                          2. The cheese board is gonna be a great gift for my folks. They literally drive to France for good cheese but still use a pizza board to serve it, so they’ll love the cute little cheese board!

                          3. I love face masks so the lava mask is a no brainer.

                          4. The dual salt and pepper mill is great! It’ll take up less space on my table than the two mismatched grinders (plastic Kirkland branded salt one, overly kitschy glass one from TK Maxx) I’m using now.

                          5. Choose for me! I’m not excited about any but I’d use all of them, so I’ll take whatever they have most of left 😹

                          I also have three mystery bundles as add ons!

                        20. My comments are not posting, but I’ve seen the entire spoilers for this box and I am not thrilled, but it’s an okay box for me. I am happy for the Amika and the Skin and Co toner the most.

                          • The other three items in the box are basically skincare items, and that makes me a happy gal, but the brands themselves really don’t lol

                            • Oops sorry, and haircare

                          • Where did you see the spoilers?

                            • R e d d I t

                            • Human+Kind Body Souffle
                              Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair
                              Harper + Ari Sugar Scrub Cubes

                          • Where are you finding the full box spoilers?

                        21. I will not renew in the Spring. These choices are pathetic.

                        22. I’m just over here trying to figure out which product sucks least in most of these categories.

                        23. I actually like this box. I need a new lunch tote and a salt/pepper grinder. I am interested on trying the teeth whitening kit and the Anoka hair straightener. My daughter loves Baublebar! She owns several pieces. Then all the other items. Definitely worth my 45 bucks.

                          • I like it too!

                          • Just a general FYI: the tote’s size is 8″ x 4″ x 6.5″ and it weighs ~6.4 oz.; some say it is on the small side.

                          • I got a kate spade lunch tote similar to this one in add ons a few seasons ago. The zipper broke after 3 weeks. The quality wasn’t great.

                            • Wow! Thank you! I was considering it as an option. But, I’m not a delicate person. Meaning, I’m kinda hard on stuff. I’ve been looking for something new and insulated to throw in my fishing kayak. I’m guessing this isn’t going to hold up to me…

                        24. Really annoyed I signed back up for an annual subscription. I honestly think the fall box is junk. Mostly stuff I don’t want & doubt I’ll be able to sell.

                        25. Still waiting on my edit sale order to ship, ridiculous.

                          • I am slowly falling out of love with FFF. I went crazy for add ons and edit sales after my first box, which was the summer box with the foreo and Tarte products. They have been declining ever since then for me. This is my last box of an annual sub, and I literally just emptied my add ons cart and kept only the SDJ Acai, Strivectin toner, and bath brush set. I think I’m taking a long break after this box until I’m wowed again by FFF.

                            • Same here. I’ve tried leaving before but the Add-ons were too hard to resist. And usually there were at least a couple of items in the box that impressed me. So I didn’t quit but did change to seasonal. My favorite items have been my favorite items for a while now. Unfortunately Add-on prices have gone up and the shipping is ridiculous. I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice for my almost $200 worth of Edit Sale items. So between that and seeing these terrible spoilers I finally had to say goodbye. I’m just so happy I was able to save myself from this box in time to cancel.

                          • Me too! I’ve been an annual subscriber for three years and ALWAYS purchase Edit Sale items. I just don’t understand why things are taking so long. I actually got an email from FFF saying that my Edit Sale items would be shipping in multiple
                            shipments. I haven’t received a single one yet. And as far as the fall box is concerned, it’s probably the first
                            Box I’ve ever been disappointed about.

                        26. I cancelled the sub last month.. but I am planning to resub again.. I see many things that I can use..

                        27. Is it me, or are the black stripes on the wallet and the pattern on the lunch box crooked? I’m not sure if I’m just kinda cross eyed from looking at dots and stripes.

                          • Nope, they’re definitely crooked. And they were crooked on the FFF Pick This Or That preview too. It cheapens the whole thing so much. So even though I love almost anything black and white, I’m passing on the wallet.

                            I’m contemplating skipping the whole box.

                            • Thanks. I thought so. That’s disappointing. I’m really picky about things like that. I feel that if you’re going to make that type of product as a business, at least line up the pattern. It doesn’t make me want to check out the brands other products, which defeats the purpose of them being in a sub box.

                        28. Usually it says annuals can customize all of the options, but quarterly can only choose 3 of the 5. This article makes it look like annual & quarterly members get to choose from all 5. Liz, can you please clarify? Thanks!

                          • Sorry about that! Just updated the post. Customization options 4 + 5 are for annual subscribers only.

                            • Thanks, Liz!

                          • Everyone chooses 1-3. Annuals also get to choose 4 and 5.

                        29. I miss when msa would actually review the products. I enjoyed reading them and it helped me customize. Does anyone know which categories are choices for seasonal? The first 3?

                          • Hi Marlo – sorry! Categories 1-3 are for seasonal members.

                            Also, I don’t have all the items yet, but I do have some. Let me know if you have any questions on the items that I can help with!

                            • Hey Liz 🙂 Have you tried the Vitamin C crystals yet? Trying to decide if it’s gimmicky or cool!

                            • Thank so much for the reply! I totally understand thst you are doing your best! I don’t want you to feel like it was a dig at your work. I’m sure fff doesn’t give you the advance the way they used to. I just miss you knowing all the details before me. ☺

                            • I’m very confused. I’m a seasonal subscriber and of the 5 categories, I usually get to customize Categories 1-3 with an additional mystery item or 1-4. I know I can’t customize until 8/1. I read the FFF website and don’t see any spoilers. As of today there should have been 2

                              • FabFitFun recently changed their selection process so that annual members get to make their selections first – even within the categories that all subscribers get to customize. Hope that helps clarify!

                        30. I just cancelled. This box just felt like more stuff, which I definitely don’t need. Additionally, the majority of the products in the boxes are skin care, and for someone that has sensitive skin this is a major let down.

                        31. IMO, the ” desirable” products are in the first selection category, just like the Summer box.
                          However, I do NOT believe that no brand scarf is worth $75. Maybe $15 on Amazon.

                          After that, it seems to be bits of this and that at complete random. It’s like they are putting close out deals in the boxes.

                          I resent the fact that they are telling people who might want the salt and pepper grinder that the salt and pepper shown is in the ” Add Ons”.
                          HINT- Go to the grocery and get better quality Himalayan salt and whole peppercorns.
                          I don’t need another set but the wording is self- serving, IMO.

                          In another category, there are 3 choices and all 3 are what I call ” bad”. There are MANY of us who LOVE great skincare but would neither use a jar of ” lava mask” nor powdered DIY vitamin C additive for topical application to our skin. So, that leaves Bauble Bar earrings which I’d never buy. But I selected them because the lava mask and vitamin C are WAY too strong for my skin in the winter. The earrings will likely arrive broken. Threaded crawlers usually don’t survive subscription box packing and shipping.

                          Oh well. 2 boxes to go in my subscription, then I’m O-U-T!

                        32. Canceled! I liked the add ons in my cart but made the tough decision to let them
                          go because I literally didn’t like a single item in the box and they’re not really giftable. Sad! On the bright side the fall popsugar looks good! I’ll reevaluate in winter

                        33. I’ve always loved FFF for introducing me to products, and types of products, that I’d normally never try. But there’s nothing here I’m all that interested in trying. The scarf is fine, and the cheeseboard is cute (though I’m worried about the quality). I’m thinking I’ll use my “skip” on this box and use the credit towards products I’m much more excited about in the edit sale.

                        34. Wow. Big fat zero.

                        35. This is the last box in my annual – I won’t be renewing.

                        36. Love my box!! I will use every item. Also I paid $180 for the year and my Summer box alone was worth $466 so I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth & the next year is all just a bonus!!

                          1. Amika Flat Iron (excited to try a brand other than Chi that I’ve always used)
                          2. Cheese board (fun for entertaining & the knives included!)
                          3. Cosmetix Pure C ( looks interesting and I like that you can just add it to stuff you already use)
                          4. Trestique mini eye kit (need a new brow pencil & always use cream shadows for a base to hold my powders)
                          5. Wander Eye Masks (I have been wanting to try Eye masks!)

                          I really debated on the earrings but I wear silver more than gold & I can find cute ear crawlers on eBay for $2-$8 that will come in sooner or about the same time as this box, even if they are shipping from China.

                        37. I just cancelled after being a member since Fall 2014, nothing wows me. If I could have skipped without having to pay for the renewal I would have done that.

                        38. I’m happy with the box. I dont need a new hair straightener, but my husband has commandeered my current one and ew, guy hair. I also have a lunch bag, but its generic and the kate spade is a step up. The other selections are kind of meh but I find them to be a bonus with my first 2 picks.

                        39. I signed up for an annual for the spring box – I figured if I was going to get the boxes anyway, I should at least be able to pick items I would actually want rather than leave it to chance. I rarely leave negative comments about curation, but there is actually nothing here that entices me. I was disappointed with the first spoiler, but I figured the other choices would make up for it. Little did I know that those spoilers would be the best of the bunch.

                          I’m mad at myself for risking the annual sub. Oh well. Lesson learned!

                          • Same here! 😔 I bought annual beginning of the year because last years was absolutely amazing with the foreo, and so many skincare products that’s I actually wanted and amazing things I’ve wanted before that I got from this box but this years boxes have lacked so much I learned my lesson and will never do that again . I don’t want anything in this box. I only liked the one box they sold which was the spring editors box bc we got tarte, this works pillow spray, and some other awesome stuff. But everything has been a flop 👎🏻

                          • Agreed! Signed up annually for the spring box as a “Easter Basket” substitute for my teen daughter. Thought it would be fun to choose stuff all year. Realized that there would be items that wouldn’t work for her that I’d end up with. Summer Box was her favorite, but still an effort to choose, nothing wowed her during customization. But this Fall box is just work to select the least onerous of the items. She’s already disinterested saying that there is way too much skin/face/body stuff, especially masks. If body care is always included, how about universal items, like body soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap. Maybe a body wrap instead of a robe (spring and summer). How about a calendar/planner, or desk supplies; items that support back to school or nesting into an office space for fall. None of these things even indicate fall, just a hodge podge of stuff. Wish I had selected Causebox or Box of Style instead. Definitely won’t be renewing after the winter box.

                        40. The majority of the products in the boxes are skin care, for someone that has sensitive skin this is a major let down. Also, the crawler earrings came in a previous box in rose gold. I wish they would switch it up and lay off the skin care for a few boxes and focus on other beauty products.

                        41. Hi Liz, which are annual choices and which are seasonal?

                          • Everyone chooses customizations 1-3. Annuals get 4 and 5 also.

                        42. This is not a good box. I’m usually very optimistic and love the products but not this time. I canceled. Maybe I’ll be back in the winter… we’ll see.

                          • I just hit the cancellation button as well. Ugh! The fall box could have been so amazing.

                          • I agree. I’ve been an annual subscriber for years and this is the worst box I have ever seen. Customization was difficult because I didn’t want any of the items.

                          • Same. I canceled the fall box is usually the best of the year for me. This is such a letdown. I canceled.

                        43. I like the scarf, but it’s an easy pass for me.

                        44. That was pretty underwhelming, and nothing except the scarf (which I didn’t need or want) reads “fall” at all. I hope the items that haven’t been spoiled yet are more appealing, but I’m doubtful.

                          I cancelled in the spring and then uncancelled when they offered me a Kate Somerville Exfoli-Kate to stay. Then switched to annual with the summer box because I there were a few items I wanted for my daughter and wanted to make sure I got them all. Now I’m “meh” again.

                          • Hi Jackie, All of the items have been unofficially spoiled on Reddit if you’re interested in checking them out. It’s really more underwhelming than this though lol

                        45. I am so disappointed in these last 2 boxes. I really regret renewing my yearly subscription.

                        46. Not that impressed with the fall box… 🤷🏻‍♀️

                        47. No FOMO. Whew. See you for the winter box!

                        48. Somehow I find this box kind of meh. I do need new salt and pepper grinders, so at least there’s one item that I’ll definitely use. Otherwise…I’ll have to make room in my closet. Again.

                        49. not happy with any of it

                          • Same, totally disappointed! Usually there are at least a few things I’m excited about, but this time when selecting I just chose the items I hated least instead of what I loved most.

                            • Yep – totally agree here!

                            • Exactly! I ended up picking the stuff I disliked the least too. It also looks like they’re recycling the the same old skin/hair/etc. product types and brands again too. So help me if they send out a “pumpkin spice” face spray as one of the additional products in this box…

                              I thought I had read that FFF was offering annuals the option to skip a box so I might look into that. Given the constant problems with their customer service I’m reluctant to do that though- I can so see them forgetting that I had a credit for an additional box later on…

                        50. So disappointing and random no wonder there was only one spoiler customization shown before customization opened up cause they we’re probably too embarrassed. This is going to be my 2nd year and I will be cancelling after this year is finished. It literally gets worse and worse since I originally signed up as a member

                          • Yeah it really does. It’s not up and down, it’s down and downer.

                            • This box stinks. Nothing interesting or exciting about it. You guys really missed the mark on this one!! Very disappointed. May even end up canceling my subscription

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