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FabFitFun Fall 2019 Add-On + Spoiler Schedule!

We have the Add-On + Spoiler schedule for the FabFitFun Fall 2019 box!

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • Spoiler 1: July 24th  11 AM PT
  • Add-Ons for annual subscribers: July 27th at 9 AM PT
  • Spoilers Round 2/Box Customization opens to annual subscribers: July 29th at 9 AM PT
  • Add-Ons for all subscribers: July 30th at 9 AM PT
  • Spoiler 3: July 30th 11 AM PT
  • Box Customization opens to all subscribers: August 1st at 9 AM PT

And if you’re a current subscriber, if you upgrade your account to annual by the 21st, you’ll get a $10 in free Add-On credit.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code OKGO to save $20 off your first box!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (57)

  1. This is the first time I received this box, I was so disappointed. Nothing but skin and hair care. I can buy that on my own. Please send things like you did before.

  2. Round 2 spoilers are on instagrram

  3. My box had a lot of broken items. I just may not renew if this boxes don’t start getting better

  4. I would like to have received my summer editors sale items before I’m shopping again for the next round of add ons.

  5. I ordered a few things in the summer edit sale, and haven’t heard anything. Does anyone know when those items ship? I have a vacation in a few weeks and was hoping I’d have the items by then.

    • Its kinda funny but not really, spend more money folks, but how bout sending the items we already purchased? I haven’t heard heard a word about my summer edit items either.

    • I just received my FFF edit sale items today. Hope you get yours soon!

    • I have had luck on the website by going through the motions to cancel my subscription – and a chat box pops up where you can communicate directly with a CS person. I am sure they do this to keep unhappy customers if possible. I let them know I had not received any info about my Edit Sale items – and the status in my account had not changed regarding their shipping – and within a few moments the CS person found a tracking code and let me know my items should be delivered by this Thursday afternoon. This is a good way to connect with CS because at the end of the chat they email you a transcript- which helps to keep them accountable. Its imperfect, but try it out because its possible you are in the same boat I was and your items are on their way to you, but your online account hasn’t been updated correctly!

    • I got an email that said my items would ship in multiple shipments to ensure I receive them the quickest and that an email would be sent with tracking info. This was over a week ago and still haven’t heard anything. I am slightly irritated. You billed me now send my stuff!!! I wish I had an update as well.

  6. woo hoo I ordered the 28th and my box shipped today! First ever FFF box in route and it’s with FedEx! I don’t really understand how y’all are complaining about things being shipped in the time frame they lay out or those complaining about the customization when you opted out of the chance to pick your own items? Try ipsy just flat out not shipping your boxes for 2 months in a row and making you wait 15 days to say something and then tell you sorry everything is sold out, here is your money back instead then hey everyone come buy these same boxes that last months subscribers didn’t get a chance at!

  7. I am an annual member and I got my summer box a few weeks ago, so I’m sorry to those of you who haven’t yet. I like having the fall a little early since it’s supposed to be 5-6 weeks from billing to when you get it according to the chat agent, so we might ALL actually get our stuff in time for that season this way. The chat agent I spoke with said they hope the new warehouse will address shipping and processing issues but so far no changes to promised times for Fall either. I like most of my products in the box but I can’t in good conscience refer anyone because it takes so dang long to get your stuff. 🙁 I hate how the edit sale purchases never show up on the website either other than the invoice saying they took your money…

  8. I’m a newbie and STILL haven’t gotten my box! Can you say unimpressed?

  9. I am so not excited about FFF anymore. I am not renewing when my annual subscription runs out.

    The quality is not there and they oversell the add ons and arbitrarily remove them from your cart.

    I after 3 years it is time for me to leave FFF.

  10. I got my summer box on June 11 but they messed up all my selections and sent me wrong stuff. I immediately contacted the customer service with a photo proof. The customer service was on point though and they sent me replacements for all the items they got wrong in the first box. I got my replacement on June 28. Personally I don’t have any problem with fabfitfun. I only did it as a one time thing but I am addicted now and can’t wait for the fall box . It is just sad that some of you haven’t received your boxes yet though.

  11. I am so excited! This is my first year, and so far I am happy with the boxes I have received so far!

  12. I ordered my first box on June 28…did not expect shipping to take so long. I tried the chat and was told within a month of order date…so July 28! That seems crazy since they took my money the moment I decided to join. I’m going to give the fall box a shot, but I’m seriously considering canceling. It’s not THAT much to put in a box and ship.

  13. Is it only me, or does it just seem way too early to start the fall box. I thought last year everything started in August and was sent out by the beginning of Sept. I could be wrong though.

    • The summer edit sale happened at this time last fall. They are way early.

  14. Any clue if international customers can prepay taxes on a add ons, or just the base box? I don’t wanna get a post office fee for underpaid vat…

    • Honestly, my suggestion as a customer who has canceled an annual membership recently is, don’t waste your time. Look at social media for complaints about shipping, out of stock issues, customer service disasters, etc.

      People from Canada often complain about paying tax to receive an item and when it doesn’t show up, they get a refund NOT including the tax they already paid. I wouldn’t trust them to do anything correctly in that department.

      • I was actually super happy with my summer box! It shipped fast and correct, and got to me in the UK faster than some of my UK sub boxes do. I think I’ll just risk the add ons and only buy things I value at price+tax+po fees.

  15. me, my mother and my sister all are subscribed. my sister’s spring box took FOREVER to get delivered, and when it did, the face cleanser had been cut open and spilled all over the box. her muumuu was not affected but after emailing pictures, they sent another muumuu and cleanser. sometimes we miss customization to be surprised andi wasnt too entirely happy with my summer box…

  16. I have never liked their add-on sales and now compared to Boxy Pop Up they are going to even receive less business. Just sitting here waiting for the next pop up.

    • Hopefully fff will stop upping their prices now with the add on sales due to the new boxy pop up.
      Does anybody know how often Boxy will do their new box to pop up?

  17. I canceled after the summer box. I was disappointed in the products and add-on. The majority of it was skincare. I was supposed to be in the first group for shipping and did not receive my box for way too long. There were newbies getting their boxes before existing clients. I may resub if the spoilers are good, but as of right now, FFF left a bad taste in my mouth.

  18. I just want my Summer box.

    • SAME

      • Good lord, you don’t have your summer boxes yet??? That’s insane.

      • I don’t have summer box, or the Spring Editor’s box I subscribed for. Customer service has been emailed, tweeted or called atleast 4 times at this point. Definitely not continuing to be a customer.

      • 😲😲😲 Wow!!!

      • No christy; I’m still waiting on my summer box and it’s been over a month since I ordered 🙄
        I did not renew my annual for summer (just did a seasonal) and now I’m definitely not doing annual ever agian.

      • Oh no, still not get the summer box ?!

        It might be helpful to try the live chat. They were able to tell me when my box was scheduled to ship, and my box shipping status.

    • Also same. I have 2 subs. My personal one on annual and I got that box at the very beginning of summer. Then my business box on seasonal, which still isn’t even on the horizon of being shipped. I can’t figure out how the do either shipping and it is really irritating. Will definitely be canceling the seasonal sub if I don’t have that box before the fall add-on’s open.

  19. Kind of weird to think of fall in July, BUT I’m happy enough with this timeline. I am a teacher and start back on the 1st, so it’s nice to be able to shop the add-ons during a non-school day for a change. Hoping for a fantastic fall box!

  20. I ordered the summer box on June 26 th and it still hasn’t shipped!! I emailed them and I just get the same answer of check the mailing dates and it can take up to a month before your box ships out! It’s crazy because I convinced my friend to sign up and she got her box within 2 weeks and we live ten minutes from each other plus she ordered a week after I did. I am thinking of canceling so I don’t get charged for the Fall box and still haven’t received my summer one.

    • I already cancelled. I too ordered in on the 26th and nothing except customer service saying it’s “in process”. I also disputed it on my credit card. I would not have ordered it if I knew I would not get it till potentially August. What company charges your card and then doesn’t send anything for a month or longer. In this day and age. LAME

    • I ordered June 18 and mine hasn’t shipped yet. They’re shipping was shut down for awhile during their warehouse move. Hope it’ll start back up soon.

    • I ordered mine june 17th and still has not shipped….
      Scary to see how many people have the same issue!

    • I ordered my box June 6th, & still have not received that, or the replacement box I was supposed to get by June 26th. Apparently they closed the warehouse down to fix things some time around June 26th so that is most likely why you have not received yours yet. They say it will be shipped out by the end of July…but I was supposed to get both other boxes by the end of June, so who knows. I will be canceling, I’m not going to be charged for another box when I haven’t received the Summer box.

  21. I can’t believe they are opening up another sale before they are going to send boxes, replacements, and edit sale orders. Like I’m all for having my fall products early fall but I really wish they would get it together before any more sales.

  22. If summer was the last box of my annual when would I get billed again for the fall/the next year?

    • August 7.

      • Awesome, thank you!

    • Does anyone know how the annual subscription works-as far as how many boxes/seasons you get? I assume it’s 4 boxes. I started FFF for the first time, ordering it in December last year(2018). I thought I would get a winter, spring, summer & fall box. I got my first box- a winter box without being able to choose anything. It arrived about the 2nd week of January. About 3 weeks later I got another winter box-same box pattern & almost everything inside was the same, except a different skin care & I got the wrapping paper. My Spring & summer boxes came on time, except I wasn’t able to make choices for spring, which I guess is my own fault since I rarely check my e-mail. I’m not big on e-mail or any social media. I really kept my eye out for my Summer box choices & ( yay!, I thought!) .I made my choices, but when I got my box, they only put in 2 of my choices- so big dissapointment there. I really wanted the fall box, but I’ve already had 4 boxes, so I assume my yearly is done. It seems unfair that I paid for a year & ended up with 2 winter boxes that were just about identical- I think the first one was a welcome box, but it feels like a cheat. Like they just put in left overs from the winter box. If I want the fall box, do I have to resub? If I do another year, does anyone know if that will happen again? That I will get 2 nearly identical Fall boxes- a welcome & acregular, then a winter,& spring & my sub will be finished? Hope someone knows. Also, as usual, I have no idea what the add ones are or how to get them. Are they items at a better price, or just at regular prices. I do like my FFF & I was able to use my duplicate welcome box items & winter items ( the duplicates) as gifts, saving me time & money shopping. I don’t mind gifting dupes or items I don’t use/ want for gift occasions or just as pick me ups for family/friends, but that’s not really what I get the sub for. Does anyone have these answers? Thanks!!! J.R.

  23. Seriously? An edit sale and newbox addons in the same month??

  24. Wow! Okay, must be desperate for subscribers. Edit Sale just ended, some people don’t have summer boxes yet and here they are 2 weeks and Add ons? Really? Doesn’t this scream desperation to anyone else?

    • Actually, no. It’s keeping yourself top of mind to your customers. Advertising spoilers has nothing to do with shipment of earlier orders.

    • 👏👏👏

  25. I feel like I just got my Summer box a month ago…boy does time fly ..

    • If it helps you probably wont get this one till well I to fall.

  26. I wish they gave current annual subscribers a $10 add-on credit too. Oh well. I better start saving up my pennies!! 😁

  27. Yay!! Can’t wait 🤗

  28. The spoilers or add-ons better be really good or I may not renew my annual.

    • Same here. Summer was my last box and deciding whether to renew for another year. Lots of shipping issues and flaky customer service. This last edit sale was weak too. Poor selections and prices. I didn’t order anything.

      • Didn’t care for the selection in this box

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