BoxyLuxe September 2019 Spoilers Round #2!

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We have more spoilers for the September 2019 BoxyLuxe box! 

All subscribers to the September 2019 BoxyLuxe will receive:

Spongelle Mani Pedi Treatment and Clean Skin Water Bottle Infuser


Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette

In case you missed the first spoiler, each subscriber will receive:

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream


Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I got an option to customize mine…’s similar to fff. You get and email to customize and you can as long as they have enough.

  2. I was screwed on the very 1st Boxyluxe that included the Tarte palette n ended up buying the stupid thing (don’t care for it) now a YEAR later Boxy is sending it again. Who else thinks those palettes have been sitting in a warehouse this whole time 🙋🏻‍♀️ waiting for them to think it’s “ok” to send again Ew boxy Ew

    • I did the same!

  3. I still have that palette from a previous luxe box, not happy to get it again. I barely use the one I have. Why would they do a repeat item already? It’s not like there has been that many luxe boxes. And I’m not very excited about any of the other items, except the Sunday Riley and the serum I’d be happy with either of those. Hmmm.. Not sure I’ll keep luxe unless some really good items pop up.

  4. I hope we get to choose between the pallet and water bottle /spongelle combo. I started Boxyluxe late so I never received that pallet. I don’t even really use bronzer and conture products but it looks like it would make a nice brown colors eyeshadow pallet and I wear a brownshadow under a shimmer shade or two for my daily my so I’d be ok using it that way.

  5. OMG BOXYCHARM I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THE PARK AVENEUE PRINCESS PALETTE PLEASE!!!! And would love the Sunday Riley to go with my vitamin c cream!!! Please please. I hope these comments help us get what we would like to have! Thanks Boxy

  6. Am I the only thinking BC has been sitting on overstock of the Tarte contour palette from the first boxyluxe run and now they are using up whats left in inventory ?? Repeat items in the BoxyLuxe boxes are just BS if you ask me, especially with something that we know has been sitting there for near a year.

  7. This is pretty boring. I really hope that a cheap sponge doesn’t count as an item, since we are only getting 8! The item count keeps getting lower. It was originally 11 and we’re already down to 8, with a filler item and a repeat.

    It’s like every Luxe box gets worse. They throw in one sought after item, to keep people interested.

    • I don’t want mani/pedi crap. That’s deeper water than Boxy should tred in. One or two or three home treatments isn’t anything. You’d be better off soaking your tootsies and sloughing off the calluses with a four-way brush you can buy at Target. And if I want to pay too much for a water bottle I can do that anywhere. Maybe I’m spoiled, but there is no shortage of filtered water going around.

  8. I want the sunday riley and spongelle/water bottle duo, so that probably means i’m going to get the serum and tarte…

    • Hey Anne! I want the serum and the tarte which mean we are a match. If I get what you want I will certainly swap. Let’s hope we get what we want! I thaught your note was funny! Dont we all get what we dont want?! I thaught it was just me.

    • I heard somewhere that they are letting luxe customers will be able to choose between the two. Like the pallets from last luxe and the pallet/flatiron choice from an earlier luxe.

  9. I really hope i get the mani pedi and water bottle more tarte no more highlighters..i dont even use bronzer.As for the skincare everything i have tried from sunday riley makes me break out..and i dont want another serum.but willing to give sunday riley another chance..why is boxycharm pulling away from makeup so much??

  10. I couldnt possible choose, Ive been wanting all of these items this whole year least they are all great items

  11. I got the Tarte Princess Ave palette in the first box, but I wouldn’t be mad to get it again. It’s very luxe and one of my favorites. I also wouldn’t mind trying out the spongelle and waterbottle combo either. With the other two options, it looks like they serve the same function in a skincare routine, so either one is good with me. Love the spoilers so far, hoping for no mascaras or Ofra lipsticks lol

  12. I don’t use contour at all. Im ok with the skincare because I need it. So i hope i get the water bottle combo and pineapple serum this box. I definitely don’t want a repeat of the tarte contour princess palette. I gave it away last time.

    Can’t wait for the next sneak peek. 😉

  13. Honestly, I’m fine with any of those spoilers, despite disliking the Sunday Riley (did not enjoy the cucumber scent) but it is very popular in the swap site so I can always trade it for something I want.

    • Where is this swap site? I really want the SR product and would need to trade the pinapple serum if i get it.

      • What swap site do you use! I’ll always swap with people for Sunday riley!

  14. Do you still get the regular boxycharm during the month that you receive the boxyluxe?

    • No, you only get the boxyluxe unless you have two different accounts signed up.

    • No

  15. Well I will say I absolutely love Spongelle… which practically guarantees I will get the Tartw palette…. and I think we are ALL oversaturated with bronzers and highlighters…. ugh… no more!!!!!

  16. Does BoxyLuxe let you opt out of categories? For example, can I say no bronzers and no serums? What do they do if you’re allergic to pineapple?

    • No, Boxycharm doesn’t do anything like that, they don’t personalize the boxes like Ipsy. They don’t cater to allergies either, they’ll just tell you to join a FB group and try to trade the item you’re allergic to.

      • Oh, that sucks. 🙁 Thank you!

    • You can Fill out a quiz tho with your preferences, it has worked for me, almost every month for the complexion products I’ve received

  17. Oh man, I would be happy with just the spongelle! I don’t need the water bottle or the contour palette. I’m lucky enough to have very high cheekbones so a little bit of blush doubles as contour for me!
    Hoping I get the spongelle combo but I missed the first BL so I’ll probably end up with the Tarte, at least it will be easy to swap!

  18. Who wants a water bottle?? Are they trying to turn in to fab fit fun box subscription?

  19. I’m getting a feeling that my box will include everything I DON’T want. lol Usually I am super optimsitic since I generally get at least the value of the box in items that I can use but I just get a vibe that this is the month of no go items for me. I’m thjinking I will get the Sunday Riley and the palette since I don’t like the SR and do not use bronzers highlighthers ever.

    BUT if I got the glow recipe and the spongelle with water bottle I could actually use ALL three. hehe ( I hate drinking water BUT I need a new water bottle to put my fish food in to refirgerate LOL)

    I’m still game though, who knows maybe the rest will absolutely knock it out of the park for me. 🙂

  20. FYI- Boxy just sent out emails about slashing prices on the remaining items from BOXYPOPUP shop.

    I’m not really happy about it, as I would’ve saved more $$ since I purchased many of these remaining items.

    I wonder if they’d do a price adjustment.
    I highly doubt it, but emailed them.

  21. Yosef confirmed on IG that subscribers who got the Tarte palette in the previous luxe box will get the Spongelle and water bottle. You won’t get a repeat item. I cancelled my luxe as soon as I saw this spoiler. I can’t use either the SR or the Glow, they both contain dimethicone, no good for me, and I don’t want either option on this spoiler so I’m out! Curious to see what the regular September box will have. 🤔

  22. Ooh. I missed out on the first Boxyluxe and have been eyeing that Tarte palette ever since. I can see that i’m In the minority here, but YAY.

    • Same here, i want the face palette!

  23. Nooooo! No more contour palettes. I’ve only been subscribed to Boxycharm/Luxe off and on for about six months and I already have more than I’ll need for years. I must be missing out on eye palettes because only received one, even though I know others have had any issue with swimming in eye palettes. I save myself the $30 and sit this one out. Nothing is grabbing me.

  24. I already have the Tarte palette from the last boxyluxe last year. I hardly use it. I love getting new products, just not a repeat. I love Boxy for being more make-up heavy but lately it’s been a little off for me. Seem’s to be switching to more skin products. I sub to boxy for the make-up mostly and skin once in awhile. There are so many other sub boxes that are a mix or more skin products I could pick if that is what I wanted. I will stay subbed for now and see how it goes.

  25. 🤞🤞🤞

  26. So if I try and sign up again do I automatically get put on a waiting list? I canceled because I hated the regular boxycharm boxes. I just would like luxe every quarter.

  27. BC keeps sending me emails how:
    “BL has limited availability! ONLY a limited amount of spots left! Sign up now!!!”

    ….BUT I’m currently still on the waitlist for BL. Stop the advertising if there’s already no spots left and stop the hype. It’s rather annoying.

    • They don’t take anyone off of the waitlist until it’s time to bill. That’s why they are saying there’s still spots left. I resubbed to luxe a few days ago when they had the Popup sale and I got the same email as well as another one saying I’m on the waitlist, but as long as I don’t cancel the waitlist, I will get the Luxe box. It all has to do with the billing. They can’t bill.people for the box now just so that they can be moved off the waitlist. Ipsy does the same thing with GBP and all the other subs that have a waitlist do it as well I believe.

  28. Well that’s interesting, what do we do if we already got the park ave pallet from a past boxyluxe? Hopefully the don’t send another one, what a waste. Otherwise I like the spoilers so far. Just pleaaaaaaase I don’t want a duplicate product.

    • No you won’t get another tarte palette. If you already got it you will be getting the spongelle and water bottle.

  29. I am on the waiting list, but now rethinking it. I love Tarte, but I have way too many bronzers/highlighters already. I rarely use bronzers. I don’t want an infuser bottle; I’d much rather just eat the fruit and get full benefits.

  30. I am soooo fed up with these variations. It’s aggravating every single time. I rarely ever get the one I want, what’s the point? And a water bottle – really??? In a makeup and skincare box – I don’t want a flippin water bottle.

  31. I’m hoping for the combo because I already received the pallet in the first BOXYLUXE. I do want the Sunday Riley but I think I’ll benefit more from the Glow pineapple serum. Can’t wait for more spoilers.

  32. How is Glow Recipe? I’ve never tried it. Just ordered the avocado sleep mask in the popup and interested in the pineapple serum. I have so many bronzers and highlighters that if I could choose, it’d be the combo. I really would just like the SW and GR though lol.

  33. I guess I’m in the minority but I love this box. I already have both the Tidal and the pineapple serum and love them both. Also can never have too many BPA free infuser bottles. I’m psyched for this box!

  34. Bummer! Guess I will have to cancel Boxyluxe for September (and it’s usually my favorite box too). I can’t use products with dimethicone because they break me out and I already got that bamboo Clean Skin infuser water bottle and a Spongelle in the pop up store Boxy just did (and the palette is a repeat for me). I wonder if the regular Sept box will be any good.

  35. Am I the only one who finds the variations to be annoying? There is typically one variation that I like and one that I have no use for…and it’s frustrating to get the one you don’t want. I wish they’d keep it simple and give everyone the same things.

    • or let us choose like they did with the straight iron

  36. I would love the water bottle because I’m always on the go and I love putting strawberries and blueberries in my drinking water for antioxidants.. this would be a great product that I can use. And the spongelle sponges i like them too.

  37. I was hoping for a nice Boxyluxe since my birthday is in September, but none of these are good for me.

    • I was like that for june i was really hoping for a good box since my family dont really do birthdays anymore so it was a treat to myself.. i ended up disappointed still havent used any of the items so i canceled

  38. Already have the park avenue princess from the first boxyluxe. I love spongelle and want the infuser water bottle so it’s a win win for me because if they accidentally send me the palette I will notify them and I’m pretty sure they will compensate me with something else for the mistake or charms. Either way my daughter loves the park avenue so I can give it to her for Christmas. And either of the first items I like but leaning towards the Sunday Riley.

  39. They already sent the palette. Any the eater bottle and pedi thing are 👎👎👎 I’m sorry i didn’t sub for a darn water bottle. That is no where comparable to a flipping Tarte palette. First two items were exciting and now it’s ruined lol

    • Water not eater 😐

  40. Hopefully those of us that got the Park Princess with First Boxyluxe wont receive it again! So far..I’m hoping for Combo and Sunday Riley! Bring on more spoilers! And August ones too!

  41. I’m loving this…
    Hoping for the combo and Sunday Riley

  42. I would hope the ppl that got the 1st ever BoxyLuxe don’t get the tarte palette bc we all got it then! I’m ok with the water bottle and spongelle as long as the other items r better than that! I would be very angry if I got that palette again in this expensive box tho, even tho I love the one I got! I just got a tarte repeat this month in my boxycharm July box that I got in a BoxyLuxe box a while back so I would not be happy to keep getting repeats! It was that glittery Tarte lip Gloss! It’s very very thick like old thick can’t even use it! I’m not complaining either stating facts period! I’m also happy with what I’m seeing so far as long as they make sure to give the palette to ppl who didn’t get it b4!

  43. It’s so funny, I saw this spoiler and immediately said “wow”, but clearly these options are not wowing the actual subscribers. Having a repeat so soon (or ever really) is definitely not a good look!

    I have had FOMO for his box for awhile and have been even more intrigued since that awesome pop up sale they just had (although from what I understand inventories were frustratingly limited). But I need more beauty products like a need a hole in the head. Hmmmmmm, decisions decisions.

    I think I’ll sit tight for another box or two to decide whether to finally pull the trigger or not. I’m curious if the subscribers are satisfied or not? Any thoughts would be so appreciated…

    • I just upgraded to the luxe box in June and I’m so glad I did! Like you, I watched and waited for awhile. I’ve been using almost everything from the luxe box and am hoarding a few items (skin care and mascara mainly) until I use up older product. I think they do a great job of curating their boxes and seem to have a good variety each quarter. I’m looking forward to the September luxe, even though I don’t need another contour palette. (It will probably go to my daughter in law, but that’s ok!). Overall, I think boxycharm and boxyluxe are just alot of fun!!

  44. Hoping for the water bottle combo! I wear bronzer and highlight daily but you can only use so much!!!

  45. Nice! I’d love the Spongelle and water bottle!!

  46. I don’t want a damn water bottle or sponges! WTF Boxy! And I already have the other palette…arg! Why would I pay for a makeup/skincare box only to get a damn water bottle???

    • They keep saying that BoxyLuxe is a lifestyle box. I didn’t realize that, either. I thought it was a deLUXE makeup skincare box. We will continue to see lifestyle products in the luxe box every quarter.

      I am not happy to see bronzer. I have gotten bronzer in every LUXE box I have received (2). First the coverFX, which I did love, and the Tarte pro-glow 3, which I didn’t need. I already have the OG pro glow.

      • Same girls. Same. I’m so disappointed that boxy has shifted so far away from makeup. I’m drowning in skin care. I’ve gotten creams and serums in every single sub box I subscribe to. I have also gotten so many bronzer and blush palettes. 3 I think in the last 6 months. If I wanted a water bottle, I’d subscribe to FFF.

        • I can’t use most of the stuff they send me. I like high-end skincare, but my skin is extremely sensitive due to an autoimmune disorder and the harsh, enzyme or hydroxy acid stuff is just playing with fire. It makes my skin look nice until it stages a full on revolt.

    • Right,I don’t need water bottle.

  47. We already got the park ave princess palette I believe it was the 1st or 2nd Boxyluxe

  48. I hope we get to, I really want the pineapple serum.

  49. This second round of spoilers is a little lackluster! I don’t have a preference of the two. Can’t wait for more spoilers!

  50. Do you get to select your options or is it completely random? I’m fine with either of the first two spoilers, but I really want the mani/pedi & water bottle option. I would never use the Tarte palette as I don’t contour/bronze/highlight.

    • I hope i dony get the tarte….we already got that in the 1st boxyluxe.

      • Yea me too!

    • Since the Tarte palette was already included in the first Boxyluxe, my guess is that current subscribers will get the water bottle and new subscribers will get the palette.

      • Hopefully!

      • Oh man! I’m a new sub and I’m REALLY hoping i don’t get the tarte 🙁 I already have 2 of it.

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