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The K-Beauty Box – Should We Review It?


The K-beauty monthly subscription box is a fun and simple way to try and discover new K-beauty favorites to add to your daily skin care routine while saving money with low discounted price + free worldwide shipping.

The Box: The K-Beauty Box

The Cost: $29.95

Coupon: Use code MSABEAUTY to save $2 off your first box

The Products:

The box contain a selection of 4-6 popular K-beauty products in full size and deluxe size with a store value of about $50 USD. You will also find some free samples in every box.

What do you think of this new box? Would you like to see it reviewed?

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Comments (65)

  1. I got my box today! 😀

    It took 7 days for me and the wait was soo hard! I live in Spain so the customs is a bit slow here too.

    I loooved everything I tested so far. I got a cleanser, toner and lotion that I tested already and was amazing! Also got some sheet masks and this brand costs $6 a piece here in Spain I will try one of them tomorrow. Everything was from brands that I recognize and seen on youtube but I am just new to Kbeauty so I have a lot to learn still!

  2. Hmm..I got my $50 value which is pretty great in my opinion 😀 Of course it’d be nice with even more but this ain’t Target’s low quality stuff this is kbeauty which is supposed to be much higher quality.

    Personally I loved to get all the deluxe products because I rather test a little of many than a lot of a few.

    Not sure about the exact value but Im not price hunting anyway. I don’t think that’s what these subs are for, I think it’s mainly for the curation. Again it’s not Target.. Anyway mine looks like more than $50 store value… I mean not eBay value! (but I don’t buy from eBay since their past issues)

    I didn’t get the hairband and some other stuff someone else mentioned I got the toner+lotion set from one of their bundles on the website which is like $30 alone so I am super happy 🙂 Guess the box content varies.

    The shipping was 6 days for me (or something like that) which is kind of standard when I order from Asia. So not next day delivery but it was free shipping and I got tracking too so not a big issue. Don’t be spoiled I guess 🙂

    I think this box just got started(?) so maybe they have some stuff to work out but I’m gonna keep subscribing a few more boxes and see what I get next. I loved the little card inside describing everything. That whole discovery experience was the reason I got it in the first place not the price since price hunting eBay and Amazon will always be cheaper (but eBay and Amazon have their own downsides, you know what I mean..)

  3. NO. What you see in the photo posted is nothing like what they sent me, received today.

    1) Bottle of Aloe Vera “mist” called ” 100% Purity”- 120 ml ( approx. value $5.00 as this is not name brand but drugstore, and has water as main ingredient and about 10 ingredients before the Aloe Vera.

    2) Tube of Innisfree Green Tea facial cleanser 150 ml- $7.30 on Amazon

    3) Kitty ears headband from Etude House ( I bought this from Amazon 2 years ago and it is way too small for my head and probably most womens’ heads)- hate it. About $4.00.

    4) 4 tiny samples- 2 Laneige and 2 Iope. Not even registering a value for these.

    RIP OFF and IF I paid by PayPal, I’m requesting a refund.

    Don’t buy this box!

    • I think I got the exact same box as you did and you are totally off on your value. I always google the value for my now 2 beauty subs and the Thera sub that I got. It’s kind of a hobby of mine 🙂

      Im in Germany so my store value might vary slightly from other countries, but what LittleG is writing is just false information.

      – Innisfree cleanser: there are some fake once on Amazon for suspiciously low price (check the Amazon listings’ comments and you’ll see why I won’t buy from them). I think Ive seen this for $12 on sale in store once but I find legit once online now for $14 so total $14 with shipping if I buy it online.
      – Etude house hairband (or what it’s called). Again check the Amazon comments and the cheap once there are not Etude house branded. In this box they sent me only the legit products so compare apples to apples and stop misleading people comparing them to fakes. I find this product online for $5 + $3 shipping (sure $5 is a low product price but I cannot get the product for $5, just because some stores remove some from the product price and then add some to the shipping price I still gotta pay up the total) so the cheapest I found is $8 total if I order online, so $8 and likely same or more in store.
      – Aloe vera mist: found cheapest online for $11 + $3.99 shipping or total $15 with no shipping, so $15 if I want to buy this and around same $15 in store.
      – Laneige lotion deluxe size. Full size is $25 on Amazon (those Amazon listings looks legit) then this deluxe size value is like $3.5
      – Lanege toner deluxe size. Full size is $22 deluxe size around $3.5
      – IOPE Super vital lotion. Full size is $65 so sample around $3
      – IOPE Super vital toner. Full size is $60 sample around $3


      As I said “LittleG” your count is totally off and you are misleading people with your lack of knowledge.

      Im not sure if they are reading here but PLEASE keep adding these deluxe size and samples I LOVE to get these!! 🙂 Don’t listen to the haters who can’t even count or dont seem to know anything about the higher quality k-beauty brands and what they are worth. They can keep buying fakes from china on amazon and rub their faces with….. and I will keep subscribing and try these $60 products and $40 products from top brands from you guys.

      • Amen!
        My skin care routine is about 90 % k-beauty. I’ve researched the brands and values and this box is amazing! Pink Seoul is another I love.
        I agree. People are used to the way overpriced skin care made here in the US or Europe. It’s not worth what they charge but America and Canada and the like consider skin care a “luxury” Koreans and Japanese consider skin care part of their daily routine, like brushing your teeth.
        My skin has never looked better and people actually comment on my skin all the time. They tell me it perfect, it’s glowing… And I’m 45 (46 Friday) and do not need foundation!

  4. Not worth it. I can find this stuff in my local TJ Maxx…Value of box is about $25.00 and I paid $30.00 a month for a 3 month subscription. Asking for a refund on my remaining 2 boxes. You DO NOT get all that is pictured. Very misleading

    • Wait I own 5 of the items on the picture and they are like $150 here in Singapore and everything on the picture is like $300. It is obviously just banner, what where you thinking lah? When i click the website it says description there and many pictures on the subscription page.

      I haven’t subscribed to this yet, I want it but I hope to find a discount code somewhere first.

  5. I have received my box, number 1. It contains
    Innisfree green tea foam cleanser full size, 10 dollar
    La ferme aloe Vera soothing mist full size 10 dollars
    Etude house hair band 5 dollars
    Laneige essential power skin refiner moisture sample size 25ml, around 3dollars
    Laneige essential balancing emulsion moisture sample size 25ml, around 3 dollars

    Two bonus item, lope super vital softener 5ml, and lope super vital emission 5ml.

    It worth around 32 dollars, which is not a good value for me. Far from their 50 dollars listed.
    Really disappointed.

    Would not recommend and will cancel immediately.

  6. LOVE THIS! Im gonna get a sub. Finally a k-beauty sub for less than 30 usd >< This fits my budget perfectly, actually 29 usd with some change is totally worth it. I see they offer free worldwide shipping on the website, thats awesome if its always or only in the beginning? With free shipping this will be much cheaper and much more comfortable than price hunting multiple asia sites and deal with stacked shipping costs from different sellers, multiple yesstyle packages through US customs (buhu) and annoying ebay sellers lol. I prefer to get a curation from ONE subscription service like this one. Would love to read a review too!

  7. Please Review This!

  8. Yes please!

  9. I would love to see a review. I love k-beauty. I just wish it were a better value. It is a good way to discover new items. I shop on Yes Style and Style Korean and you can pick what you want for great prices. Sweetcorea on eBay is great too.

    • By good value, I mean the box is $30 and the value is $50. Most subs are a better value.

      • $30 box with a $50 value???! I really like k beauty but the cost of the box for the value promised is terrible There are much better K beauty boxes out there value wise!!

  10. Yes! I’m so intrigued and curious of k-beauty! I always watch or read about k-beauty and am wanting to find a box for myself.

  11. yes please! So interested in K beauty

  12. Yes! At first I thought all the items in the photos were in the box!!!! I probably would have splurged for it if that was the case.

  13. Yes, please. Love K beauty so much.

  14. Yes please. The brands are really good and was almost sign up for this box, but then I saw $50 value, it is big turn off for me. For $30 a box, I still have to pay 10% CA taxes, there is not much saving for me, I would be better off buying exactly what I want, instead of gambling.
    I order all my k-beauty through e-bay, it shipped directly from Korea and much cheaper then you buy in US, plus no sales tax.

    • Ditto

    • I lived in CA, and they don’t charge me the tax.

    • it is better that you buy it in it is more economical and you do not have to pay california tax and it arrives very quickly always check that you have it in stock and usually arrive in 5 to 7 days everything comes direct from south korea. if you spend more than $30 yo got free ship.

    • I agree

  15. Yes I would love to see this reviewed.

  16. Just ordered mine, but there is no link to manage my account or even register. The website need improvement. I am afraid to cancel my subscription would be a problem.

    • ok, I see. Once you subscript, you will receive an email with link to manage your account. The next billing date is one month from when you subscript. Now I am excited to see what is inside.

      • I signed up too. I’m excited to see when I’m getting

  17. Yes, please! love K beauty!

    They actually pretty good in average, no matter big brand or small one!

  18. Yessss please!!!! 😊

  19. Definitely, please!

  20. The cost vs. value is little high, but a review would be great. As far as masks go, I only use one at this point. I had a drawer with over 60 masks and they all were given away. I fell in love with the Sulwahsoo mask that arrived in the Amorepacific box. I LOVE it! I buy them direct from Korea through ebay. This is an amazingly relaxing mask.

    • OMG Dawn, I am so glad you posted this comment! I had no idea there was an Amorepacific Glossy Box still available for purchase! I am going to but it right now!

      Love this site and most of the comments. SO SO helpful!

  21. Yes! I’m interested!

  22. Those are all solid K-beauty brands that I’ve used. I agree about having trouble with getting on the sheet mask train. A tip for you: Use scissors. When I cut the edges and press a few nips here and there, I can press it to fit snugly.

    I’m curious how they are going to be able to get much value in the box for that price, which I know they aren’t promising much higher than the cost. Maybe buying in bulk directly from Korea will allow us to get better values than buying at Sephora. Worth at least reviewing a couple months, I’d chime in with my two cents. I’m really curious just what size the products will be and the brands. This picture is advertising candy land for a skin care afficianados like a bunch of us. haha

  23. Looks interesting! Would love to see it reviewed.

  24. YES!

  25. The sample photos of the boxes look almost as good as the original ” surprise” Memeboxes from Korea.
    I miss them so much.

    If this box has full sized products and not samples, it will be great. I subscribed to try it out.

    • I miss those Memeboxes too!!! They were the best in both their curation and price for what you get.

  26. Yes please! 🙂

  27. Um…yes!

  28. Yes, please.
    If their bundles are reflection of what’s inside the subscription box, this seems like a good box.

  29. I would love to see this reviewed! Currently I get the Facetory Luxe Plus box, it would be great to see how this compares.

  30. YES! I love half the brands in the photo and am interested in trying the rest. It looks like they also sell some curated boxes addressing issues such as acne, aging, etc. for $39.95.

  31. Yes! I had no idea this box existed and I absolutely want to sign up for it 🙂 please review, and on a regular basis!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. To put it simply, YES!

  33. I am really into k beauty so a review would be great! The cost of this box is still high though

    • I agree, if the overall value is $50 and it costs 30+ tax it’s not very good value at all.

  34. Yes please! I really like K-Beauty items and even if I don’t subscribe to it a review helps to highlight products that I may want to try.

  35. Yes yes yes! I’m looking for a k beauty box

  36. Yes please!

  37. Yes please review! While I’m not in the market for a k-beauty box right now, I recently made a list of k-beauty boxes I’m thinking of re-subscribing to after the holidays or in January next year because I recently realized how much I miss getting k-beauty boxes. Just by looking at the brands in the picture, this one looks like it could be a contender, so it’ll be interesting to see what their true curation is like.

    • Same here, Luna! I haven’t subscribed to that many but I really enjoyed them for the most part. My main hesitation (besides non-Kbeauty makeup and skincare overload) is that they tend to cost a bit more, which is okay sometimes, but from reading reviews and previously subscribing to a few, they sometimes look kind of hit or miss for me. What makes it more complicated and reduces value for me personally is the typical inclusion of sheet masks. I’m probably the only person left not able to get on board that train, or rather that innovation as most see it. Personally I find them difficult to position on my face despite it’s rather average size and shape. They don’t seem to be designed to cover one of my only very dry areas, the sides of my nose. Almost all sheet masks leave that part exposed (probably necessary to offer the widest range of fits no matter nose size) forcing me to scrunch up the eye and cheek areas to make them cover it. Between that, the soppy mess that often accompanies them (I hate trying to gently unfold all that gook 😄), and the environmental waste, I just end up not using them unless they’re designed differently, like the ones in multiple pieces, or designed without the nose flap. I know most people feel they’re a time-saver, but I can cover my whole face (and neck even) with a traditional mask using my fingers or a brush more quickly than I can apply a sheet, and probably just as quick as others that are less picky about coverage than me.
      (Oops…so long-winsed again 🤭)

      I’d definitely like to see this one reviewed. What I find most tempting about K-beauty boxes (or at least those that rarely include sheet masks 😉) is the unique products I’ve never seen or heard of. Oftentimes they’re tools or accessories. Sure some are rather gimmicky and useless, but others are really cool and innovative.

      Luna, which boxes are at the top of your list so far?

      • I’m with you on the masks. I have a ton and just can’t find the time to do them. I never know the order to do them in either. I tried one awhile ago after I put on my tret. Big mistake. I guess the combination was too much (maybe the mask forced the tret too deep or something?). I had a chemical burn the next morning.

        So I don’t know when to do them. I don’t want to skip my tret, don’t have the time to do one mid-afternoon, don’t want to wash off the goodness and then put on tret, etc. etc. etc.

      • Hi Dani!
        I personally love sheet masks, but I totally understand why others think it’s a hassle or even a waste of time since they could easily just swipe some serum over their face instead of dealing with the “process” sheet masks entails. lol While I love using them and their end results, like you, I could really do without the process of unfolding then positioning the mask on my face. That’s not relaxing for me at all! In fact, I have to remind myself to breathe while positioning the mask on my face because I find I tend to hold my breath as I try to make it fit. lol!!! I’m thinking so I don’t inhale the serum? I don’t know. lol As for that inevitable gap on the sides of the nose that a lot sheet masks leave, I just press the mask into that area as I’m positioning it to at least get some serum on that area, leave the gap, then spread the excess serum on that area when I remove the mask. One thing you could do too is to cut a small single downward slit on the bottom of each eye hole to give the mask some slack so it’ll stick to the side of the nose. 🙂

        I recently went to a really cute & fun new k-beauty store in my area (I think it’s local to me as I can’t find a website to them) that was at first a pop up shop, but is now a permanent fixture (woo-hoo!), and just perusing the store (I didn’t buy anything… patting myself on the back) made me long for those types of products again. They had a really nice variety of brands in different price ranges (just like this new box!), and that’s what I always loved in most of the k-beauty boxes I subscribed to in the past. I always hesitate to purchase any k-beauty products in actual stores (except for Marshalls/TJ Maxx and maybe Sephora/Nordstrom during a sale) because the k-beauty sub boxes are such great deals on their own. Also, out of all of the genres of skincare I’ve tried (conventional, green/clean, clinical, etc.) k-beauty has always been the most effective for me. But of course my addiction to boxes & love of trying new products has superseded any logic that tells me to just stick to k-beauty because that’s what’s performed best for my skin. 😀

        Off the top of my head, right now the ones I have on my list are Facetory Luxe Plus (I think it’s called), Pink Seoul Plus, and Bomibox. I was thinking about adding Joah Box, but I need to read MSA’s past reviews of it to refresh my memory of what they included.

  38. Yes!! I am looking for a good, inexpensive skincare box.

  39. $30 cost with about $50 value. Doesn’t seem like much of a deal

    • That’s what I was thinking.

    • It’s a 40% savings

      • Yeah most k beauty subs aren’t a massive savings like American subscriptions. They’re worth it but every one I’ve seen is only a 10 to 40 dollar off value

    • The brands highlighted in the pic above here are higher end and pretty easy to find in the US, but with all the k beauty boxes if they are shipping from korea you have to factor that in, and I would hope they are because then they can provide products (and formulations, esp sunscreens) that you can’t get in the US. If it’s just a smattering of what you can already find at sephora, then agree that it’s not worth it.

  40. Please review!

  41. Yes!!

  42. Would love to see a review!

  43. Sure, I love K-beauty!

  44. It looks better than the Little Debbie box!
    I would say yes!

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