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Sugarfina Mystery Bag Review – May 2019

Sugarfina June 2019 - Box 1

Sugarfina is a gourmet candy company that offers everything from Dom Perignon champagne gummy bears that have a cult following to birthday cake caramels and chocolate bacon pretzel bites.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Box 2

They recently offered two mystery bags: a $60 bag with a promised value of $120 and an $80 bag with a promised value of $175. This is a review of the $60 bag, which is no longer available for purchase.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Open Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Sugarfina June 2019 - Group Shot

About Sugarfina

The Box: Sugarfina Mystery Bag

The Cost: $60 (for a $120 value) with free shipping!

The Products: Available while supplies last, all goods are final sale with no returns, exchanges or refunds. The total value of the goodie box listed will be considered minimum value, with products inside valued at full-price retail equivalent.

Sugarfina Mystery Bag May 2019 Review

Sugarfina June 2019 - Tequila Grapefruit Sours 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Tequila Grapefruit Sours 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Tequila Grapefruit Sours 3

Tequila Grapefruit Sours, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $8.50

These were a new one for me, which is always exciting as a Sugarfina connoisseur. These are inspired by Palomas and infused with Casamigos Reposado tequila, and they have a tart grapefruit flavor that pairs deliciously with the sweet sugar crystals.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Chocolate Bacon Pretzels 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Chocolate Bacon Pretzels 2

Chocolate Bacon Pretzels, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $7.50

These bad boys are mini pretzel bites coated in dark chocolate and then dipped white chocolate and soy bacon bits. These were tasty like a regular chocolate covered pretzel, but I didn’t actually taste a strong bacon flavor.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Peach Bellini 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Peach Bellini 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Peach Bellini 3

Peach Bellini, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $7.50

These are one of my all-time favorite treats from Sugarfina. They have a juicy peach flavor with a sweet and tart sugar crystal coating, and the heart shape feels a lot classier than those peach flavored rings I devoured as a child.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Bow Gummies 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Bow Gummies 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Bow Gummies 3 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Bow Gummies 4

Hello Kitty Bow Gummies, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $8

These strawberry bow gummies are soft and juicy while still having a good texture for chewing, and they are flavorful enough that only a few satisfy the craving for a sweet snack. Plus, the packaging is adorable.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies 3 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies 4

Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies, Small Candy Cube – Estimated Value $8

These have the same adorable Sanrio packaging, only if you want to buy these they’re only available in a bento box. These taste like Hello Kitty’s favorite dessert (her mama’s apple pie!), and they were juicy and had a good texture.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Champagne Bears 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Champagne Bears 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Champagne Bears 3

Champagne Bears, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $8.50

I would say these are the most popular Sugarfina offering, but they aren’t my favorite. These are made with real Dom Perignon champagne, and they taste almost like a sprite, only without the carbonation and not as sweet (I feel like I just described champagne, but I have never really actually drank champagne so I can’t be sure). I prefer my candy to have a bit more flavor or texture pizazz, so these are a pass for me. If you don’t have a crazy sweet tooth like I do, though, you will probably be happy with the sweetness level of these.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Marzipan Eggs 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Marzipan Eggs 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Marzipan Eggs 3

Marzipan Eggs, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $7.50

If you like marzipan, you will like these. If you don’t like marzipan, pass your cube to me. I had actually forgotten what marzipan tasted like when I got these so I bit into them thinking there would be chocolate. There is no chocolate to be found here, but I really enjoyed the strong almond taste with the crunchy outer shell. This cube was actually the first one out of the box that I completely finished.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Pineapples 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Pineapples 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Pineapples 3

Pink Pineapples, Small Candy Cube – Retail Value $7.50

These are fun. They have a firm, but pillowy texture that is a bit different than your regular gummy, and they taste like fresh pineapple juice. These would be really tasty in a summer-themed cocktail!

Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Bunny Tails, Small Candy Cube 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Bunny Tails, Small Candy Cube 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Bunny Tails, Small Candy Cube 3 Sugarfina June 2019 - Pink Bunny Tails, Small Candy Cube 4

Pink Bunny Tails, Small Candy Cube – Estimated Value $8.50

Honestly, I am sad that these aren’t currently available – they were one of my favorite treats in the box! They are strawberry gummies that almost have a marshmallow texture (but with a bit more firmness that makes chewing them more satisfying), and they are rolled in sugar crystals. These are another treat that was hard to stop eating.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Baby Carrots, Small Candy Cube 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Baby Carrots, Small Candy Cube 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Baby Carrots, Small Candy Cube 3 Sugarfina June 2019 - Baby Carrots, Small Candy Cube 4

Baby Carrots, Small Candy Cube – Estimated Value $8.50

These gummies were another delight- they taste like a juicy orange and the tart sugar crystals add a nice texture contrast. Plus, I am in love with the adorable packaging of these Easter-themed cubes.

Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Pink And Milk Chocolate Bar 1 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Pink And Milk Chocolate Bar 2 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Pink And Milk Chocolate Bar 3 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Pink And Milk Chocolate Bar 4 Sugarfina June 2019 - Hello Kitty Pink And Milk Chocolate Bar 5

Hello Kitty Pink Chocolate Bar – Retail Value $9.95

Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Bar – Retail Value $9.95

Bunny Bark Pink Chocolate Bar – Estimated Value $9.95

Bunny Bark Milk Chocolate Bar – Estimated Value $9.95

The pink chocolate bars are French white chocolate infused with natural color and topped with rainbow sprinkles, and the milk chocolate bars are French milk chocolate topped with rainbow sprinkles. Though the Hello Kitty and Easter packaging are different, the chocolate bars taste the same (that is, both milk chocolates and both pink chocolates). These weren’t bad, but I am a fan of dark chocolate more than milk or white, so I felt like these were missing a little savory to balance out the sweet. My pink Hello Kitty bar arrived partially melted but considering the heat that we experience here in south Louisiana, I was actually impressed there weren’t more chocolate casualties.  

The Verdict: This mystery box was absolutely epic. If you’re not already a big fan of Sugarfina you may think this is much ado about not a whole lot, but if you’re all aboard the Sugarfina train like I am this box was full of favorites and new goodies to explore. For $60, Sugarfina promised a value of $120 for this box, and they technically came twenty cents shy with my math adding up to $119.80. Since I had to do a few value estimates, I think it is fair to say that the promised value has been met and I feel like the queen of candy land.

The Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? No, this box is now sold out.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $60 and I calculated a value of $119.80. That means you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Tequila Grapefruit Sours: $4.26
  • Champagne Bears: $4.26
  • Pink Bunny Tails: $4.26
  • Baby Carrots: $4.26
  • Hello Kitty Bow Gummies: $4.01
  • Mama’s Apple Pie: $4.01
  • Marzipan Eggs: $3.75
  • Pink Pineapples: $3.75
  • Peach Bellinis: $3.75
  • Chocolate Bacon Pretzels: $3.75
  • Hello Kitty Pink Chocolate Bar: $4.98
  • Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Bar: $4.98
  • Bunny Bark Pink Bar: $4.98
  • Bunny Bark Milk Bar: $4.98

Alternatively, each of the 14 items has an average cost of $4.29.

Check out all of our Sugarfina reviews to learn more about their mystery bags!

What do you think of the Sugarfina Mystery Bag? Did your mystery bag contain different goodies?


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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (28)

  1. I’m unhappy over this purchase. They sent an incorrect tracking number, which resulted in me not finding out until it was too late that there was a delivery problem (I still don’t know what happened*). I contacted Sugarfina, they said they contacted FedEx and straightened everything out for delivery the next Monday, and then Tuesday (the first FedEx update) FedEx had returned the package to Sugarfina.

    Sugarfina did refund the money, but this was not a great first experience with the company. I’ve heard good things about the candy, but I currently believe all the bad things I’ve heard about the company.

    * The only information I have is that it involves an incorrect address. I confirmed that the address on the receipt was where I receive packages all the time. That’s when Sugarfina very quickly said they were refunding me, so I suspect the address issue was on their end.

  2. Sugarfina has cute packaging and great marketing. And that’s what we’re paying for. Most (not all) of their candy comes from the same companies that do bulk candy in grocery stores or candy shops like The Sweet Factory in malls (and Candy Club). It’s the same exact candy, just way more expensive. 🙁 Once I discovered that, I just couldn’t rationalize getting more even if they did have a few unique flavors of gummy bears. (I wont lie… I found the exact Kiss Lips candy on Amazon and bought a pound. Yummmm!! Identical to Sugarfina but much cheaper).
    I’m still clutching those square containers, though! Too useful and cute to toss once the candy was gone. 😀

  3. Great review! Any chance of adding this box to swaps? I have quite a few that I’d like to list. Thanks!

  4. I would absolutely love all that candy, and it would love me back! So glad I got to see what was in the mystery box.

  5. Loved this deal! Can’t wait for the to do it again!!

  6. I’m so bummed I missed out on this! 🥺

  7. Nice variety of items in your box. I love those bunny tails. I didn’t particularly care for the popular champagne bears either and found them to be harder than I normally like my gummie bears.

  8. Great review…I got similar items plus 3 extra cubes. Loved them all and best deal ever!

    I also buy sugarfina on sale at Neiman Marcus.

    I’m addicted!!!

  9. I received everything you did except for the carrots, and Hello Kitty chocolate bars, I got two pineapple cubes instead. My favorite looking ones were the one with the bunny tail and the Hello Kitty ones. I didn’t care for the taste of the champagne bears. I guess that’s just not in my wheelhouse. But I did like the pink pineapple cubes. So far only had one of the chocolate pretzel bacon ones. I didn’t like the taste. I thought it was too much bacon. Apparently we got different batches. lol All in all I’m glad I sprung for the mystery box because now I know what sugarfina is all about. I thought there was a nice variety. I also got a few samples that I chose at check out in my box. That was nice.

  10. Ordered the large mystery box and received nice assortment. Only problem was my granddaughter spoke for all the Hello Kitty and Barbie cubes which I seemed to get quite a few of. Also received two chocolate bars and a solid large milk chocolate bunny. Like many others I only like dark chocolate so those also went to her stash. I enjoyed the cubes I picked for myself but my granddaughter thought it was the best box ever.

  11. OMG I DIDN’T THOSE PUFFY ONES WERE A BUNNY AND CARROT! I’m making a note to check them out next Easter haha Awesome review!

  12. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the selection I got, but then again I am pretty picky. I got x2 of the bacon chocolate pretzels (bf confiscated those), x2 champagne bears, x2 pink pineapples, and a couple others that you got as well (pucker up, pink bunny tails). I got the same 4 chocolate bars and surprisingly I wasn’t a fan of the milk chocolate (not as sweet as I am used to) but I LOVED the Pink Chocolate!!!! So much so that I went online to look up the price thinking that I might want to buy more!

  13. I received everything you did except for the carrots — I got two pineapple cubes instead. I absolutely loved the marzipan eggs, the grapefruit sours and the peach bellinis. And of course the champagne gummies. The pink chocolate is way too sweet and I don’t eat milk chocolate — this reminded me that I need to bring them into work and put them in the break room. Great review!

    • I would love to swap you for them. My swap id is 20706.

    • Those marzipan eggs were too good! I received 2 cubes! Yum!!

  14. I am so sad I missed this! I have ordered their mystery bags before and didn’t even know they were being offered again!

  15. Wow! What a great box! Now I wish I’d gambled a second time. I ordered one the time before this when they did the mystery offer and I was super disappointed. A couple very smal containers of candies I liked and several big ones of varieties I hated like champagne gummies, some other champagne flavored chewy things, sour apple and ice cream cones that had a weird yogurty/sour milk taste. I had one or two small chocolate boxes like the ones with the pop rocks that I loved. A little box of the classic red lips that are awesome. But since I only liked about 1/3 or less of the box it was absolutely not worth the price. At all. But when people started posting what they were getting here on MSA I almost went for it. But I went back right before checking out and saw people having the same issues with content as I had before. I wonder if the key is to order right when the sale starts? Maybe they send out the good stuff first to generate interest and word of mouth sales?
    All I know is that I’d have been quite happy if my box was similar to the one in this interview. I know mystery boxes are always a risk but it’s extra disappointing when you pay $60-80, which is far more than I pay for all of my monthly and all but one of my quarterly subs. Especially when you can’t even give away most of what you don’t like. 😄

  16. I received the pink bunny tails, and the small carrots (along with a yellow chick) as an Easter gift (appropriately placed in an Easter basket!) this year, and by far the carrots were my favorite. I couldn’t stop eating them! I don’t think I was a fan of the pink bunny tails (I just remember having only one then letting others have the rest), but the yellow chick was marshmallow inside of a candy coated chocolate. Yum!!!

  17. I LOVE Sugarfina, and love the mystery boxes. They also had an additional deal with 3 more cubes free at the same time. I share with my family and friends, so I don’t mind the duplication at all, keeps them from arguing about who gets what. I have now become the Sugarfina supplier in my family and everyone is addicted. I know I wish to try all of the flavors too, but I appreciate the deal and warning of duplicates. I will leap every time there is a special like this!

    • Yes, I got the deal with 3 free! I have so much candy to try! It worked out well.

  18. First- I love your reviews, thank you.
    Second- boy was I disappointed in my purchases. I have never purchases Sugarfina before due to cost and had envied the Mystery Bags for a while so I purchased 1 of each. Each arrived separately and it is typical to get duplicates of items (as to say 1 in the large and 1 of the same in the small) if you order more than one so I expected that. What I did not expect was for each of the large and small to have so many duplicates in themselves. Over the 2 sets I received 5 boxes of Barbie Pearls, 4 Champagne Bears (which do not taste like champs and are rather flavorless), 4 Pink Pineapples, 3 Marzipan Eggs, 3 Bacon Chocolate things, and 6 of the flavorless chocolate bars.
    I got the boxes to try the variety they have in candy. What I have learned is they are not worth the price tag given. Perhaps if I was able to try different things I would feel better about it. Most of it ended up on the work lunch table as I wasn’t a fan and there was no point in keeping the duplicates. I wish I had gotten a variety like you did, perhaps I would have felt differently.

    • I kept hearing good things about Sugarfina so I decided to take a chance on this deal. I was pretty disappointed as well. There were several duplicates and most of the candies were not particularly tasty. My husband and our teenager daughter sampled candies with me and there were only a few that any of us enjoyed.

      I’m glad we tried it at a discount because now I know I won’t have FOMO going forward. If you like most of the candies they source, this is a good deal. If you are on the fence I would say don’t go for it.

    • Dawn, I purchase Sugarfina from mercari. If you decide to post yours I’ll buy all your Barbie pearls!!! 😀

      • I wish I still had them. I gave them away at work. I am sorry.

      • Wow, such a generous coworker! I would’ve so thrilled if someone brought Sugarfina and gave it away at work! We only ever have leftover bulk Halloween candy, never anything as expensive and nice as Sugarfina. I bet your coworkers were happy!

      • Some were 🙂
        To be honest no one really knew what Sugarfina was but they thought the packaging was cute and many have the boxes holding paper clips lol.
        The pink chocolate bars sate there for several days though.

      • Hi Dawn! Your comment reminded of this past Christmas… for the past couple of years, I’ve been giving Sugarfina candies to my team and work friends, and last year after having left all of the candies on everyone’s desk before they got into the office, I was at my desk for about 20 minutes or so, then just as I was leaving my cube, I almost body slammed a co-worker because she was practically running to my desk and had a super giddy expression on her face and was super delighted that I had given her the candies…. well so I thought. Assuming she was thrilled with the candies, I asked her what flavor she got (since I made sure everyone got a different flavor but handed some out at random), and she looked at it perplexed, and said she didn’t know but that she was so happy to get another box like it because the container from the prior year is the perfect size for some things she puts in it (I can’t remember what she said that she puts in them), and she was so thrilled to get another container. lol!!! I couldn’t help but laugh. But, I also could hear the squeals of delight from some co-workers as they got to their desk that morning 🙂 I got them all at the Sugarfina store, and they gave me super cute mini-shopping bags with tissue paper to put each one in. 🙂 I think this year I’m going to switch it up though. I like to switch it up every 2 or 3 years to keep my work family guessing what their gifts will be for the holidays. lol

  19. O-M-G HELLO KITTY!!!! Serious FOMO now!!!

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