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New Beauty TestTube May 2021 Full Spoilers

NewBeauty TestTube July 2019 Full Spoilers Update!

We have full spoilers for the July 2019 NewBeauty TestTube Box! If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes of 2019 by MSA readers!

The July 2019 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:





What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (91)

  1. Can I still get July’s Tube?

    • Hey Alisha we still have a limited supply of our current July TestTube’ available, Hurry & head over to our site & subscribe before they’re all gone

  2. Customer service is laughable. I purchased a yearly subscription (now regretfully) and I wanted to make sure I won’t be ambushed by resubscription year from now. I have looked up their cancellation policy which says I could unsubscribe anytime. So.. I sent a polite email to the testtube cs and I am being told to unsubscribe closer to my last tube. Meaning they want to bill me +$200 next year hoping I forget to unsubscribe on time. What a shady practice! Realizing their business model I regret purchasing a yearly subscription. I would not recommend this ‘box’.

    • You’re saying you subscribed annually and that you don’t want to charged a year from now… so basically you just signed up, but you want to pre-cancel a year in advance?? That sounds ludicrous to me.. I haven’t EVER heard of a box that allows you to pre cancel a year in advance.. the standard practice of these boxes is that you purchase a subscription which will renew at the end of your commitment. YOU agreed to those terms when you signed up… it’s YOUR responsibility to make sure you cancel within an appropriate time frame. If you are forgetful it’s not New Beauty’s fault.

      *to anyone considering this subscription, I highly recommend. CS is very nice and even allows you to skip a box without cancelling once or twice a year if you pay bi-monthly.

      • Definitely agree with you, some might let you cancel early, but you’d lose your boxes so best to wait anyway. Not shady in the least. Just cancel after you receive the last box in your subscription, common practice of any subscription service.

      • I have prepaid a yearly subscription and I dont want to be billed for yet another year. Hence, I have requested to cancel the renewal after my yearly subscription ends. Customer service needs to be retrained. Also, there is something predatory about the business model where the customer needs to wait a year to cancel the subscription (while the website says cancel any time). Will not recommend this box to anybody.

  3. That’s it, I’m purchasing it. I don’t see Neulash being easy to swap for. Any coupons for the sub?

  4. Yay!! Mine shipped today!! 😃

  5. Initially I wanted to skip, because I’m financially strapped, but they already billed me. Now, I can’t wait! Looking forward to trying the peeling pads and stem cell therapy. Not much use for the lids, interesting concept though.

  6. I skipped the May box but decided I wanted the July box. Was charged earlier in the month and was surprised when it was in my mail this morning. However, when I opened it, it was mays box. I quickly called customer service. They checked and turns out they accidentally sent the May box but that July box would still be coming. So I essentially got the May box for free. Guess I can’t complain!

    • Lucky you…happened to me once with Beautyfix. Free is nice…😊

  7. I’m trying to login to re-activate my subscription and it keeps saying invalid login and won’t let me reset my password. Anyone else had that issue?

    • Me too!!!

      • I called them- canceled accounts expire after 4 months. You needed to sign up again.

    • I had terrible problems trying to log in to my account and ended up cancelling too late and getting charged $42 and change (with tax). Customer service had assured me they would take care of the issue and call me back but they never did. I like the sizes of the product and have tried lots of new ones with NBTT, but the July box doesn’t do a thing for me so I guess I won’t be rejoining for a while.

  8. This is always such an insanely great deal. What I can’t use always finds a home and we all win. I’ll be using four of these and will give the rest away.

  9. The lash serum alone makes this box worth it. I’m interested but I’m on a low buy right now.

  10. Am I able to purchase just a single box? I am not interested in any subscription, but I actually use Neulash and it’s very expensive (I bought a two-pack from Nordstrom for about $150 a couple years ago).

    • Never see them offering one-time single box, but you can subscribe then cancel.
      Their billing’s usually 15th in the previous month.
      So if you only want this July box & don’t want September box, you should be able to cancel it before August 15th by e-mail or phone call.
      They may change their policy now though, so to be safe better asked CS. I got fast response doing it by phone or chat in their website.

      • I tried to skip this month, but I was too late. I was told that you have to skip or cancel by the 10th of the month.

      • This is helpful. Thank you, @callmeinge. I’m debating if I should try to swap for Neulash (and the eyelid tape) or if I should risk the subscription. Decluttering me says try to swap, the dollars-and-cents me says it makes more sense to buy.

        @Shanna: If you want to swap the Neulash, I’m very interested! (But I’m very sorry you missed the cut-off date. That’s annoying.)

      • @Leah I accidentally got the entire tube and don’t need it. You can buy it off me if you’d like!

      • How much are you selling the tube for?!

      • Alissa: Thank you for the offer! If you click on my name you’ll be taken to my swap page. Send me a swap request for any item and this way we can talk.

  11. I am really digging this box! I was planning on canceling but put it off, and now I’m so glad I didn’t. 🙂

  12. Ok weird question but has anyone ever used the eyelash growth serums on their eyebrows?? I’m wondering if it would help my sad eyebrows.

    • I use them all the time! I started growing my overplucked eyebrows back last year and have had a lot of success with Babelash serum 🙂

    • Yes! Most lash serums actually say you can use them on brows as well —so it should work great!

    • I’ve been using ReVitabrow for several years and do not need to touch up my eyebrows anymore. It really works. I have my mothers thin eye lashes and very thin almost non existent eyebrows. I now have long lashes and think eyebrows. I use the same formula for my eyebrows and eye lashes.

    • Yes and yes!

    • I use them and they do help, but if you stop they go back to the way they were.

    • This brand actually has a brow serum! I have a sample I have used but didn’t see a difference

    • It does help
      Eyebrows it helps mine I put it on every night after I cleanse my face and moisturize but you need to take like micellar water and wipe your eyebrows clean after you moisturize your face then apply the growth serum to eyebrows 🙂 I’ve seen a difference in mine – hope that helps

      • Oooh, that’s a good tip about cleaning the eyebrows before putting on the serum. I don’t think I get moisturizer on my brows (maybe just face mist), but I use brow serums when I get them in boxes, and I never see a difference. Moisturizer on my brows is probably why!

    • Wow thanks everyone !! I over plucked back in the day and it doesn’t regrow when I want it to lol. The part I dont want always comes back 🤔

    • One thing that helped speed up my eyebrow growth was using a microneedler. Spots that wouldn’t grow in before, grew in superfast with this tool. I used it with serums but the serums on their own weren’t as fast.

  13. I’ve learned by now, by the time it gets to me I’ll find enough value in it. They offered me the “you tried to cancel here’s a full size SR Martian toner” again this month, so along with that the Sanitas pads, the tweezers and the sunscreen I’m happy with my purchase

    • I wish they would’ve offered me a free toner in order for me to keep my subscription lol I tried to skip but because I had skipped once this yr, I had to cancel instead cancel said

      • Hi Cb, i just read your comment about having skipping once so the next time you had to cancel. I skipped this box. Does that meaning if i want to skip another I’ll need to cancel? That’s a drag!

      • According to customer service yes and cos told my sister this same thing as well . Customer service said we’re only allowed to skip once a year

  14. That is the best mineral face SPF there is, IMO.

    • I’m happy to try a new mineral sunscreen but Sunintegrity is amazing . I do have to add drops of concealer since it’s tinted but the wear …. wow. Maybe this one will replace it since it seems way more wallet friendly. Lol I am thrilled for great tweezers and peel pads.

  15. Any word on if there will be a Beauty Report box next month? If not I’ll probably get this box.

    • I think there should be at the beginning of the month.

    • There should be since they advertised it in their magazine. Although, they didn’t provide a launch date, but it has historically been released in July. 🙂

      • Luna how often are the beauty report boxes announced or released? I love those boxes and don’t want to miss them thanks 🙂

      • Hi Dot! In prior years, the Beauty Report boxes have been released in the Spring & Fall. In the past (including this year), the Spring Beauty Report box came out in April, however the launch of the Fall box is hard to say. In 2017 (the first year of the Beauty Reports boxes), the Fall box came out in November, however in 2018 it came out in September. And, New Beauty’s Awards box has always come out in July. 🙂

      • Thanks a lot Luna you rock 😁👍
        I’ll Keep that on my calendar you just can’t beat that deal of great products 😀

    • What is a Beauty Report box, and how much are they? Thanks for any info!

      • The Beauty Report is a part of the New Beauty Test Tube brand, It’s a single-purchase box that comes out every few months. MSA reviewed the Spring one a few months ago. It’s usually $39.95 but sometimes subscribers get a $5 off code to use (although I think this worked for people that don’t subscribe too). The value in the Spring box was $370+ and it contains mostly full size items

      • Wow! Thank you!

  16. I love and will use everything in this box. Can’t wait to get it!!

  17. The kid’s invisibobles work well for my fine, thin hair, but I still find they leave a kink in my hair, so I can take ’em or leave ’em.
    I have two boxes of those eyelid shapers and cannot for the life of me figure them out, nor how one would use them with eye makeup. This one is a miss for me.

    • If you need help with the eyelid things application Michelle Phan has a video about using them on YouTube. They’re really good for hooded eyes and monolid eyes. You can sort of retrain your eyelid crease using them regularly for 3 months or so.

    • Kirsten, the Lids By Design box for July are their precision tweezers, not the eyelid shapers. Hope this helps some!

      • The spoiler states both the eyelid sticker things and the tweezers. Does the post need to be corrected?

      • From the description I thought we got both…and the tweezer is the (+) bonus.
        Too bad…

  18. I’m glad to see there’s a bonus clip with the invisibobbles, because the person I gave the clip to that I just received in another box (I can’t remember from which box… and I just got it over the weekend… that’s so bad. lol) was just saying to me that it would have been nice to have received two instead of just one. Now she’ll have two!

    • Glossybox maybe?

      • Could be! I did get that box only a few days ago. 🙂 It seems like most of my boxes came last week, so they all started to blend together 😀

  19. I’m probably the only one not interested in this tube. I skipped it.

    On a side note, I have tons of baby fine hair and love the invisibobbles. But I use the slim ones. The regular ones are too heavy for my hair. And I ordered the wavers to try. $5 for set of 3.

    • You’re definitely not alone. The only product that interested me is the Neulash and, while it would certainly be worth the cost of the box, I can’t justify adding that many other products to my already large trade stash.

      • same. I was SO excited to sign up this month – then saw what was in the July box… I can wait.

    • Same I skipped.

    • Nope, I skipped awhile back.

    • I have fine but thick, wavy hair and I love the slim invisibobbles too. The regular ones get tangled in my hair for some reason.

      • Our hair sounds similar. I like the “strong” invisibobbles. They don’t tangle and hold up to the weight of my hair better

  20. This will be my second tube, can’t wait!! You can’t beat the value. One of the rare times I’m ok with paying for shipping!

    • The same, I think of it as part of the price of the box, then it doesn’t seem so bad to me. Trying to talk myself into annual to further cut the “shipping” cost 🙂

  21. I cannot wait for this box…everything looks fabulous and very usable! I will pass along the invisibobbles to someone else as I have no use for them and have received them in every box I’ve gotten lately. But otherwise very happy with the other 7 items….

    • Rachel, if you’d like to swap I’d be happy to take all of the invisibobbles off your hands 🙂

      • Andie…I’m up for sending you all of mine!! I think I have another pack from my FFF box too!

        How do we contact each other? I’m Rachel Leshko on facebook….

  22. Yay! I am actually excited to try sanitas and lids by design. I will use everything in the box 🙂

  23. I forgot to cancel this subscription .. but I will definitively use the peel pads. Tweezers are always great. I know someone who will be thrilled with collagen serum but who knows.. may try myself.. lol

  24. When would you subscribe to receive this box ? Thanks

    • Oh n/m the page is up already. Yeah. Now if I only had a discount code lol. Still looks like a good deal though

  25. Are the sizes confirmed for these items? If so, sounds like a great box!

    • They are. Those pictures are straight off the testtube site. You can see the details there 😊

  26. Am I the only person who can’t stand Invisbobs? They barely hold a ponytail for me and always seem to just stretch out.

    • No, you aren’t the only one. They tangle like crazy in my curly hair and end up pulling out far more hair than my regular old school hair bands. I just toss them in my give away box whenever I get them now. Maybe they aren’t meant for curly hair?

    • Second that ! Dislike that filler item and doesn’t hold hair

    • I’m with you on that!! I really hate them. Any time I get them in boxes (which seems to be a lot lately), I give them away.

    • I mostly use them to hold back my hair when I sleep. But they’ll contract to their original shape if you put them in hot water.

      • They don’t work well for my straight/fine hair either. They pull way more than regular elastics do.

    • I hate them. I have fine hair and they just slide out when I’m running.

    • I have long curly hair and they are great for a messy bun. I stretch it to release my hair. I find the “strong” ones are much better than the “original ” with the weight of my hair. Overnight, they shrink back enough to use again

    • I’ve never tried them, though I’ve received quite a few in boxes. I know from those similar stretchy key chains that these wouldn’t work for me as a hair tie. But that waver thing attached looks interesting!

      • I’m the same… I’ve never tried these, but I just know they’d never be enough to hold my hair, so I just automatically give them away to a friend who loves them.

      • I thought the same. I have very long, extremely thick and heavy hair down my back and it will hold a bun on top of my head 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Same! I have a lot of hair and a lot of length, however, these are not designed for super fine straight hair. I bought 3 different versions of the scented ones as an add on to my spring fabfitfun and they stretched out way easier than any telephone cord I had in the 80’s. I guess they are cute for kids hair, but suck as a ponytail holder for my adult hair. Even in a messy bun they are not tight enough to hold my hair more than a hour. My kids stole all of my scunci no slip elastics that didn’t snap in half yet, so I have been stuck using the invisibobbles. They still leave a kink in the hair, look like telephone cords, stretch out too much, or leave the style way too loose. They are certainly not invisible, lol. Atleast the ones I purchased smell nice. My youngest son ( 8 years old), neices, and nephews like to wear them as bracelets they can sniff periodically throughout the day. But anyway, no you are not alone.

      • when the invisible bobble gets stretched out of shape, place it in a thick glass bowl or mug and pour boiling water over it.
        it will immediately go back to it’s original shape and size. let it sit in the hot water for a couple minutes, then take it out and let it cool co completely before you use it again
        really extended the life of my bobbles. it is one if the two types of bands that actually hold my daughter super soft and fine hair.
        hope this helps

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