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New Beauty 2019 Awards Boxes Available Now + Full Spoilers!

The New Beauty Awards boxes are available now! (Thanks, Michele and Claire, for the heads up!)

The Box: New Beauty Awards Fast Fixes Box

The Cost: $49.99

The Products:


The Box: New Beauty Awards Anti-Aging All-Stars Box

The Cost: $49.99

The Products:


Are you grabbing a box? Want to see it reviewed?

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Comments (108)

  1. Wow, they are still sending out emails about these boxes. Can you imagine this happening with their boxes in the past?? Hope they learn something from this experience.

    • I got one of each box and I love both of them-happy I have opportunity to get another. I’ve actually never been unhappy with any of their boxes/tubes/whatever and the value is always way over the cost. I don’t understand all the negative feedback or what they should be learning. If someone doesn’t feel like they want to pay more than they did last year or they don’t like a certain curation, then don’t buy it.

      • Well, you are clearly in the minority. The lesson is that you can’t go down in value – last year they offered a $400 RV, and now it’s $230. These boxes used to sell out instantaneously, and now it’s six weeks later and they still can’t sell. Frankly at this point when I saw the email I thought they’d be offering buy one get one free. I do think they’ll have to resort to some kind of a deal to liquidate this stock.

      • Maybe they’re trying to cull bottom-feeders, maybe they’re trying to build a more sustainable business model, maybe they are testing to see what happens and they will revert back because of the negative feedback/inventory. Who knows unless you work there/for a competitor? Lots of things increase in price and value decreases or maybe holds steady if you’re lucky (insurance, groceries, gas, utilities). You’re still getting more than your RV money’s worth in this case. I just think it’s amusing that people get so enraged about a $50 box of beauty products. I’m sure some people will think it’s annoying that I’m making a big deal about it in a different way. Guess I wouldn’t if I didn’t personally like their boxes and feel like it’s a good deal, even if the RV value/cost ratio is less than last year’s.

  2. haha, no promo codes yet – I just got an email telling me NOT TO MISS MY CHANCE to buy one of these AMAZING boxes before they sell out!!! I clicked on it, assuming it was something different but nope: same boxes. No codes yet – I guess they’re starting by nudging first?

  3. I think last year this box was just $10 more for twice the number of products (twenty) and value(over $400). This is an easy pass for me.

  4. I would definitely order one if we can get a promo code!

  5. How many eye patches are there in the anti aging box?

    • just the one set, claire. so one packet containing two patches, one for each eye. and there is only one pacifica mask, too.

      • Thanks for letting me know, I’m still unsure about ordering so I’ll wait another week.

      • you’re welcome! it’s not a bad box, depending on what you’d use. for me, i already use vital proteins collagen and needed more, so it was perfect. and the toothpaste is nice. so it’s like a paid for one thing and got the rest for free. i’m thinking about getting another box. the body cream is nice too, i used it tonight. was hoping they’d have a discount by now. if you’re not sure about this box, look on the bright side, there is a fall box coming, maybe it will be better! 🙂

  6. Received both my boxes yesterday, almost all of the items are full size. Very useful products, i am happy.

  7. Just got my Anti-Aging box. I want to swap the Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Toning Spray. I have brown hair.

  8. got my box today! everything is as described. the biossance is the small container. and the toothpaste is HUGE! hope everyone gets their box soon and enjoys. 🙂

    • I just got mine too. Beware the Paul Mitchell spray has glitter in it. Like, a lot of glitter! I had to rewash my hair after I discovered this and wipe down all my bathroom surfaces. Lol.

  9. Has anyone recieved shipping info on these boxes? I ordered mine early the 25th and still have not recieved shipping info. I emailed the company and just received a response saying it will be shipped in 5 to 10 business days….wtf? When does shipping take that long I think something is up. I spent 100 bucks for both and I want my boxes like within a reasonable time.

    • Based on my experience with beauty boxes in general, I don’t think there is anything unusual about that timeline.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I messaged them yesterday but haven’t gotten a response yet. Seems funny that they’d take our money right away and then nothing for days. There’s no note on the order page either that these boxes would ship so late. I hope they send them soon.

    • I was thinking the same thing. No shipment signs. They charged me immediately. I had no idea they wouldn’t be shipping promptly.

    • I haven’t heard anything either. I emailed them a couple days ago and haven’t heard back. Kinda weird that they wouldn’t say that it would take a while to ship when we ordered. I hope everything is ok.

    • I got my shipping notices today. This is in line with every other time that I’ve ordered Limited Edition one-offs from New Beauty, nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary in my opinion.

  10. I don’t know if I should be grateful that these boxes are not good enough to tempt me into buying them or bummed that I’m not going to be buying one third summer because they just aren’t that exciting.

  11. Anyone else think they should combined these boxes for the 50.00 price tag. Easy pass!

    • Agreed. And they don’t look full sized either. Kinda bummed but at least I’ll save some money.

    • Agreed. They should be combined and 50 dollars would be a good price for them.

  12. Very easy pass. What happened?

  13. 2018 box had RV of $399 and many more high end/luxury brands.

    This is still a great deal if just a few of the items appeal to you. I just wonder why such a drastic change this year..?

  14. I’m going to purchase the Anti-aging box just for the Super Smile toothpaste. It looks like the full size and it costs $50. I’ve actually purchased this from Neimans a couple times and it’s great!!! This bottle/tube lasts forever! The rest of the items will be extras to try. I agree…these aren’t the most exciting boxes but if there’s an item you already love, they might be a good deal.

    • Don’t you need to use it with accelerator? Which is not included?

      • I only use the accelerator for 3-5 days maybe once a month for a “boost” but I think this toothpaste does a great job on it’s own.

  15. boo. these boxes used to have better, clinical items. Now they are getting more basic.

  16. Are all the products in these boxes full size?

  17. I wish I didn’t have so many of these products!

  18. The Beauty Report box is yet to come, right?

    • Carol- I am wondering the same thing! I think its the Beauty Report Summer Box??

    • I think the Beauty Report Awards box is the summer box. At least the last couple of years this has been their only summer box that I am aware of.

    • Yes, the Beauty Report box is in spring and fall.

  19. No FOMO, thank goodness. None at all.

  20. Mehhh! Im not jumping for joy over these and it’s an easy pass. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t these boxes 29.99 before? I think that’s the last one I purchased. It’s still a great deal at 50 if one is going to have use for the products and enjoy them, but it’s just not for me

    • Last year it was the summer awards box for $59 which was really good. These boxes are just meh and not interesting enough for me to order at this price. 😕

      Hopefully in the fall we are back to the regularly scheduled programming!

    • Hello!

      We are very sorry! Our price for the Awards box is the same. $29.99 is for the TestTube, which is different from the Awards box, we are very sorry.

  21. Can someone please tell me what “collagen creamer” is?

    • It’s creamer with collagen in it. The one offered in the box is mocha flavored. I take collagen everyday in a juice drink. The plain collagen powder, like I take, is tasteless.

    • Hello!

      Here is some info, along with the website where its sold for additional info

      Vital Proteins’ Mocha Collagen Creamer is a healthy, delicious addition to your morning cup of joe. It has healthy fats from organic coconut milk, plus 10 grams of collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. Paleo friendly and Whole30 Approved, our Mocha Creamer is free of dairy, soy, carrageenan, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and added sugars.

  22. These are the worst New Beauty Award boxes I’ve ever seen.. So disappointed, easy pass. Usually I buy 2/3 of these boxes but these ones look like those Allure Thrills boxes that I don’t care for.

  23. There is no way this will sell out. There will be promo codes for this for sure. Just wait.

  24. That LUMIFY is crazy! I don’t have problems with eye redness, but these drops seriously make normal eyes look crazily bright white in minutes. My husband suffers allergies and always has red eyes and these make his eyes look insanely white like I’ve never seen!

    • I agree. I received a sample in my pinchme box. I have allergies and my eyes get red somewhat frequently. The drops work pretty well. They don’t get rid of all the redness but it is a noticable difference.

    • Lumify, like most eye drops that decrease redness, work by constricting blood vessels in your eyes. That makes your eyes appear less red, but also lets less oxygen through. Not sure if that’s healthy in the long run. Might not be a bad idea to consult your physician if you’re using the drops more than occasionally.

      • The main issue we see in our office from people who use “get the red out ” drops on a regular basis is their eyes can get very dry. And then you have a whole other set of problems and have to constantly use tears.

  25. Aquis changed my life—recommend for for, flat, oily hair.

    • *Add “fine” in there too

  26. Aquis changed my life—reccomend for fine flat, oily hair.

    • Sounds interesting!
      Do you have tips and tricks for fine flat hair?

      • Try blow drying your hair in the opposite direction thst it normally sits.

  27. The Glossybox AMORE PACIFIC box is now $10 with promo code Anore10 to anyone that’s interested. Makes it only $25!

    • $10 off

      • It does not work.

      • There was a typo in her coupon code, AMORE she accidentally but an N i think

        her code works with an “M”

      • Nina had a typo in her comment… the code is AMORE10. I just tested it, and it’s still good. 🙂

      • Thx Luna.. it was indeed a typo

      • It’s “AMORE10”.
        A typo I guess… Happens a lot to me also when I’m using my cellphones. 😀

    • Thank you so much for the heads up on the coupon AMORE10 I have been waiting for one it worked for me this evening

  28. I’ll order the top one. I love St Tropez tanning mouse, love Korres body butter, need a toner, am interested in the Amika scalp treatment oil, and love the Klorane dry shampoo. I definitely see the value in those 5 items alone.

  29. YES to finding a promo code PLEASE

    • Lol I read this quickly and for a second I thought the promo code was PLEASE 😂

      • OMG DeeCee I am SO sorry for confusing you. That is kinda funny though… ha ha

  30. I looked up the products I was interested in, biossance and Paul Mitchell and both have terrible reviews. Would have bought if the reviews were better but I don’t trust these are actually the “best of” products. Just seems like a PR thing based on advertisements etc.

  31. I ordered ati-aging one. SQUALANE alone is $68. Sadly nothing tempting in second box.

    • Yes. That product IS expensive and several ladies I know swear by it

    • I thought the same, but if you look at the jar in the picture, it appears to be the .5 oz travel-sized jar. Additionally, at the bottom of the page there are links to various items in the box & it links to the .5 oz version. Which is still a great deal, as it sells for $28.

      • Good eye! I haven’t purchased any boxes yet, but was working through my evaluation process to see if any are worth it to me. lol That Biossance product was a major selling point for me in possibly getting the anti-aging box, but if it’s a travel size, I’m thinking chances are I may pass. I’m sure the boxes will be reviewed, so I think I’m going to wait to see what’s actually in the box (size-wise) before deciding (or lurk on the comments here for when MSAers start getting their boxes and reporting if there were any size discrepancies). While I see plenty of things I think would be fun to try, other than the Biossance, there’s nothing that’s really jumping out at me that makes me feel like I need to take the plunge right now, and if they sell out when I make my decision, then so be it. 🙂

      • I thought it is a full size since it does not have “*” next to it. Also, if you click on the link for this product at their site, it takes you to full size 2 oz product.

      • I noticed the link goes to the full size too. I assumed it was a full size too! If I recall correctly, there always seemed to be “something” wrong with these Awards boxes every year, like missing product(s) or mis-represented product(s), so I wouldn’t be surprised if there may a product or two where they forgot to put the asterisk after the product name to indicate it’s not full-sized.

      • The link to the product on the Biossance site lists two different sizes for the same product. If you compare the packaging for the product photographed/included in the box, it the smaller jar, with printing directly on the jar & tape on the sides, as shown in the image of the .5 oz size. The larger size is a larger jar & has the info printed on a label.
        Also, the bottom of the page featured the .5 oz version, along with the rest of the contents of the box. The Aquis included is valued at $16, which brings the box total close to the promised $232, when the $28 size is included.
        But, I could be wrong.

  32. I am soo bummed out! I was looking forward to the next New Beauty/Beauty Report Box, but this looks more like the Allure Thrills box(that I have never wanted). I don’t know if I’d even pay $29.99 for one of these, and $49.99 is a definite pass.

  33. i ordered the anti-aging box. i didn’t order the fast fixes because i only really wanted the lip balm and scalp cleanse. i’d order it with a discount, maybe. i feel like these two boxes could have been one bigger box for a little more money. that would have been awesome. not as excited as i usually am by either of these boxes. still, a darned good value though. question – anyone else have issues signing into their nb account???

    • where/what is the anti-aging box? I can’t find it on

  34. I’m overstocked on several items, don’t like several, and won’t use some others. The remaining 2-3 items per box are not tempting at this price. I’ll just have to look forward to my July testtube

  35. I’ve waited and waited for these and I’m so disappointed. Neither one even tempts me. If I dont already have the product in these boxes, I dont want it. There isnt anything exciting to try. And I’m not paying $50 to get Jergens.

    I read all their award winners and was really hoping these boxes would be amazing.

    Oh well, its $100 I’ve saved by not getting these.

    • ha

      I got the email and immediately went to see the boxes and was like… ‘um, what am I missing here?’ Relieved to see I’m not alone in being disappointed. It feels a bit like a round-up of products from this years’ beauty boxes, since I have a smattering oof stuff in both boxes.

      • Agreed! These are the first time I’m skipping the boxes. The things I would actually use from these boxes are less than the cost of the box. I am usually wowed by several of their items but not this time.

  36. Just ordered the anti-aging box! 😁

  37. Eh, I can live without all this.

    These boxes are saving me money, lol.

  38. Why am I not excited? Usually I jump at these boxes. What am I missing?

    • I thought the same thing!

    • Feeling the same way. The fact that I’m already on product overload with high quality products is making these an easy pass

      • My thoughts exactly about high quality product overload. I just can’t use things fast enough, and when I find something I really love, I buy the full size.

  39. I think I’ll pass. Whew!

  40. Going for the anti-aging one. I already bought that neck cream from seeing it was an award winner and so far it’s great.

  41. Tempted by first one until I see no shipping to alaska.. waaah.

  42. Wow. I MUST be on product overload. These are not even tempting at all. I have at least half of those samples already.

    • I’m extremely glad I’m not tempted either! 🙂

    • These two boxes would’ve been one awards box in the past I’d rather pay more and get one good box.

    • Ya no FOMO here either. Maybe if there were a couple full size items.. But $50 for these samples doesn’t wow me.

      • Or are these full size? Doesn’t seem like a ton of products to value $230+ Some must be full size?

      • They are all full sizes except two items with “*”

      • All but one item in each box are full size. The items with the asterisk (*) are travel/trial size. I may order the first one. I’m hooked on those eye drops that I received from both Popsugar and NBTT and am running out. I was thinking I’d have to buy for $12 at retail. This probably makes more sense, given that it’s a good box of full size basics.

      • You can get the eye drops on Ebay, sealed with the expiration date over a year away for about $6.

      • I to am addicted to those eye drops I got mine from NBTT too. I have actually purchased them twice since. They make me look alive in the morning when I wish I was still asleep. LOL

    • At first I thought the 2nd one sounded good, until I look at the products. All stuff I tried and didn’t care much for, don’t really have interest in or have enough of in my stash. lol

  43. Ordering now, it looks amazing

    • Lol I thought the 2 boxes were just one box 😂 because the first picture had all items together and I thought “all this for $49???”

      Ugh if I find a promo code I may still order one of each

      • I am not sure I’d have bought even all of these for $50 – there literally isn’t a single item there this time around that I’ve been wanting to try. 🙁

      • If anyone knows of some type of promo code I’d love it also. I feel like if there was one, Liz would definitely know and have posted it. Will wait a day maybe and then reconsider getting the second one.

      • That’s what I thought too. I was slightly hesitant about ordering when I thought both were a single box but now that I know it’s two… ehhhhh… yeah I would definitely need a code

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