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FabFitFun Flash Sale – 40% Off the Summer Box!

For a limited time, use this link and coupon code OKGO to save $20 off the Summer FabFitFun box! If you sign up now with this offer, your first box will be the Summer Box! (You can still select your items after checkout, too!)

FabFitFun is regularly $49.99. Check out the review of the Summer FabFitFun Box to see what you’ll receive!

And if you aren’t familiar with FabFitFun, I highly recommend it. It’s a quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box that sends beauty, fashion, home, and wellness items. (And it was voted the Best Subscription Box for Women by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.)


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (101)

  1. I just bought this box for the discount and the bum bum cream is sold out of an option also the hair dryer sold out. I signed up for the bum bum and was going to get mad but am surprisingly not hating my choice of the towel. 🤔

  2. “We will save the items in your cart while we close down the edit sale for a few hours to do maintenance.” Nope. No they did not and of course some of what I had in my cart is sold out. I think this is the last straw for me with this company.

    • This happened to me too…. Im not going to buy anything now.

    • My items were saved. I didn’t lose any of them

  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to see which customization items are still in stock before you actually place your order?

    • No i dont think so. I had to wait to customize or see what was there until the purchase was done… they it takes you to the survey and customize pages

  4. FFF sold out their 5000 boxes on QVC. QVC promised all these boxes shipped by July 8-11. Maybe this is the reason for the additional warehouse shutdown until July 8th?

    But why is FFF selling 5000 new summer boxes on QVC while there are a lot of loyal subscribers waiting for their boxes?

    And why do these QVC customers receive priority over some FFF members?

    Not right…

    • The warehouse shutdown is because they’re moving their warehouse to a new facility. If you check their community board they explain all the reasons why there have been shipping issues, etc.

      • They’re not moving, they did that a few months ago. They are updating their system which is the reason for the closure. They also claim in the community that annuals would ship before seasonals and theres plenty of cases were that was proved false. Gonna guess that once they reopen some established members will continue to fall through the cracks while these new orders get sent right out.

  5. I havent gotten the last 2 boxes for myself. As the products were just meh to me. And I had a terrible experience with getting products I purchased during an edit sale. (FFF shipping is horrendous in my experience. ) However, my daughter is still interested in the box so I have continued to get it for her. And she is pleased. My only issue is that they consistently have these sales after the release of the box. My daughter doesnt use the forum or the fff TV…. so it would be beneficial for me (since I pay for it.) If she just signed up every season with a different email. FFF gives no incentive, reward, bonus, whatever you want to call it for members who stays with them. They actually make it a smarter option to cancel and wait for a sale and sign up again.

  6. I’d never had an annual subscription with FFF. I wanted one to pick more of my product choices and add more to my box.

    Had the live chat with a CS rep., and they told me to buy the Summer box, and then I’d get a page to ” Upgrade to Annual”.

    That’s what happened. Only- I PAID for the Summer box PLUS 4 more boxes for a total of 5 boxes, which was a lot more money than I’d expected to pay ( $179 for an Annual subscription, CS said it was).

    Beware if this is offered to you as ” an Upgrade”. I did talk CS into starting the Annual selection benefits with the Summer box, but they did it as an ” exception”.

    Normally, with this thing they’re offering at or just after checkout, the first box is not the one with the best choice features but the basic ” We’ll pick this group of products for you” Seasonal subscriber box.

    For me, there’s a world of difference between the perks of selection in the Seasonal box and the Annual box, and I would have hated to be stuck with another Seasonal box with products I didn’t choose and didn’t particularly love.

    Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m TIRED of their emails telling me ” They’ve done a one time FAVOR for me” when what I asked about was totally within the terms of the subscription.

    Humility and kindness go a long way, and I give it, and then get some snooty ” Well, we made an exception THIS ONE TIME for you” like I’m a nut case asking for something unusual or special.

  7. Thanks! Probably a late-night impulse buy I’ll regret in the morning, but it’s exciting to finally see the FFF box everyone that has it seems to adore!

  8. How does one order the plus size kimono? Does anyone know? I saw a few people with them and I would absolutely love one.

    • Amanda– I don’t think there is a plus size kimono. I think it’s another “one size” but mine definitely doesn’t fit like it does anyone in the videos 🙁 plus the sewing is a mess. Uneven stitching.

    • I heard that they had some if you emailed them to request it. I didn’t try so I’m not sure if it’s true.

  9. I ordered one the moment this sale was posted – the 26th – and it was delivered yesterday. However, only one of my three choices was included. I asked for the Bum Bum cream – it’s the only reason I actually bought the box – and got the hair dryer. I also selected the necklace and instead got the wine glasses. I’ve emailed asking them to fix this and if they don’t then this will be the last time I ever order from them.

    • They’ll fix it for you. They are really nice in my experience…

    • I’ve found posting to the community board on their website is the quickest way to get results from CS. They’ve always corrected issues for me.

  10. I just signed up moments ago… 6:25am June 29. I was able to select 3 customizations without issues. Hopefully whatever issues they had previously is resolved now.

  11. I just signed up. For some reason the shipping info page wasn’t working correctly. It didn’t show a field for state/country and zip code. But of course it still required you to fill it out.
    I had to chat with customer service. I also got the customer service rep to make my selections because the customization were indeed closed.

    So don’t despair if you think you can’t chose. You still cant!

  12. It’s 10:32 AM on 6/28 – I just ordered the box and was able to customize the first three items. Plus I could add a second item per category for an additional charge.

    • What were the choices for the first three and what was the cost to customize the 4th?

      • Seasonal subscribers have the option to customize the first 3 items. They categories & choices are listed in Liz’s review. If you wanted a second item for the 1st or 2nd categories, it was an extra $15. For the 3rd category, it was $10.

  13. My friend ordered the box and none of her selections came, she got completely random stuff. I’m really embarrassed because she subbed after seeing my summer box. Also, seeing discounts on things after I got them always gets me down. Happens every other box I buy

    • I totally know what you mean about what a bummer it is to pay full price for something and then it turns around and goes on sale. 🙁

  14. I don’t know if their website is having difficulty or if it is something on my end. I went in and tried first to reactivate my old membership from 2017 to see if it would take the code, but no matter how many times I pressed “reactivate,” it wouldn’t work, so I went the route of creating a new account, which it accepted, but when it got to the personal survey page, no survey would appear. If you don’t complete that page, you can’t move on to customization and so forth, so it looks like I’m stuck with not being able to customize. UGH!

    • Nevermind! After about 1/2 hour it let me do the survey and customization.

    • What browser are you using? I can’t use Firefox at work for FFF. I use Google Chrome.

  15. The skin care products are great and you often get great deals. But DON’T BE IN A HURRY. They take up to a month to shop the box and FedEx can take up to two weeks after that to get it to you.

  16. I just bought this and it says customization is now closed. Was anyone able to make any selections?

    • I just emailed them asking about this. If I can’t select the 3 items, I won’t be purchasing the summer box. I’ll let you know when I get a response.

      • I called and they were able to manually put my choices in.

      • I’m glad they were able to help you. I’m a little annoyed though cause I wanted to go back and add the tote as an extra choice but it wouldn’t let me. I messaged them asking if I could still add it and they said it had to be added during customization and they couldn’t manually do anything with customization. It’s frustrating that responses and results vary depending upon whom you speak with.

      • WB, you’re right it’s annoying that responses vary. I tried the online chat and got nowhere so I tried calling and the girl was really helpful. Maybe try calling?

    • They responded that I would be able to select 3 items.

    • I was able to on Tuesday

  17. Why are they so fast to ship out the starter boxes but it seems like everyone has issues with the shipping of the actual box. I was so impressed with how fast i got the starter box that i bought the annual. Lol now I’ll reading this thread and getting worried!

  18. I always get my box right away, but probably because I live in california near the warehouse. I’m ordering this deal with a new email address and then cancelling!

    • I live close enough to drive there. But it always seems to be stuck at the local post office for at least 2 days. I could pick it up faster.

  19. FFF is officially too big for their britches! They can’t keep up on boxes, and keep adding more people, trying to hook people with deals.

    I cancelled my sub, even though my issues were relatively minor compared to others. I don’t need the stress, and I don’t need my turn to deal with their issues.

  20. I got a shipping email today? Is it just certain members with the delayed shipping?

  21. So I have questions about swaps, and we no longer have a forum where we can discuss such matters. So, anyway, FabFitFun items are kind of like a free for all where you can list anything you got from them in any way shape or form? Like it doesn’t matter if it came in the box or you bought it as an add-on or they sent you a free gift to make up for a mistake or something? As long as it came from them, it’s good to swap, right? So what about Ipsy? They have Ipsy shopper. Can you buy stuff on there and list it on the swap site? I don’t really see items from Ipsy shopper on the swap site, so I was just wondering. There are a couple items on there I want but would prefer to swap for rather than paying for.

    • I don’t swap, but from the threads that were on the forum, I do remember that the rule was that as long as MSA posts about it, then you can swap the items. Since MSA posts the add-ons, they can be swapped (I remember reading how people would purchase add-ons just so they could swap them). However, since MSA doesn’t post about Ipsy Offers, then those cannot be swapped (unless of course you received one of the items that are in an Offer in your bag/box, then it can be swapped). Also, my guess would be that as long the free gift you received was included in a box or as an add-on, then you should be able to swap it.

      • Thank you, Luna!

  22. How long do we think this sale will last?

  23. No, thank you, to this sale. I cancelled after the Spring box, and after hearing all the horror stories here, no way would I resubscribe.

  24. Does anyone know if I was a member in the past, would I be able to take advantage?


    • I was a member in the past and ordered it.

    • My last box was Fall 2018 and I was not able to use this deal.

    • You need to sign up with a new email address.

  25. Where’s my comment?

  26. Question is there a way to cancel if I was billed in May?

    • You mean billed but still have not received? Yes, you can demand a refund and being that it has been 30 days that you paid, they are by law required to give it to you.

      • I tried that when I had an issue. They still refused me-even though by federal law they had to allow me the refund. I had to go through my credit card company to sort it out.
        Bummed because I loved it for two years. I’m no longer a subscriber.

      • So shady on their part (and not surprised)!

  27. This box and Box of Style always have major discounts if you wait to sub. I do not sub to either anymore I wait until the sale if I like the full spoilers.
    That being said I think this company might be having troubles based on so many subscribers not getting their boxes as yet. I would not be surprised to hear that some subscribers will not end up getting their choices. I am passing on this one.

  28. I have ordered this box in April, it shipped but for some reason to the wrong address. All input was entered correctly on my part, so it went back to the shipper. which is fine, I was totally patient, but it is now July 26th and the person running their page, keeps telling me that they are shipping it out every other week and will provide a label for tracking shortly. I am perfectly fine with just a refund, but they will not even provide that for me and will go days without responding. I have never had worse customer service or had this much issue with a subscription box. I have been patient for 2 months.

    • Curious how you ordered in April, billing was May 17…or are you a first time subscriber? Also it is June 26, not July. You should go on live chat via their website or call. Their warehouse is closed until July 9, no new orders shipped until then.

  29. Pretty sure it clearly states that you may wait even a month to receive your first box, and this offer is technically for new subscribers.

  30. Sooooo, after waiting a month and a half for my box, it arrives today with every single item ruined! The Coola setting spray opened up and leaked all over everything! I can’t use anything except the bum bum. and anything I was thinking about swapping, I can’t because the packaging is ruined. I am so beyond pissed! Lets see what they have to say…

    • Liz I’m sorry for you. TAKE PICS RIGHT NOW OF EVERYTHING! Including the cardboard boxes! My last 2 boxes had leaking products. The first time I was very understanding with them. I washed the pink flower Robe, washed off everything else (fortunately none were to be gifted because the product boxes were ruined, etc. and only asked for replacement of the bottles that lost all contents. I told FFF to please make a note to warehouse that the problem was the tops were loose. My replacement bottles arrived. Same deal again. I gave up.
      Next season box arrived with the living proof shampoo & conditioner (2 sets) (with the push in tops style) bottles floating around loose in the shipping box…you guessed it! Pushed in! Shampoo all over everything. I took only 4 photos. They replaced my 4 living proof with 2 bottles of some other shampoo. Again push in tops not taped. Emptied again into box. I complained they basically said that I had insufficient photo evidence. They did not care.

      • OMG Lynn, thank you! That is TERRIBLE! I am so sorry you had that happen and so many times! Yea, they wanted ‘proof’ like I’m going to make this up, so I left everything in the box until I heard back from them and took pics of everything. They are replacing it, BUT I now have to wait ANOTHER month because they aren’t even beginning to ship until after July 8th! and I wrote back complaining about that and the fact that they are now selling for $29 and she basically said, sorry, too bad. I told her to cancel. This will be my last FFF box EVER! After the BOS fiasco and now this, I am pretty much done with this whole sub box thing .I am tired of being ripped off of my hard earned money.

  31. Umm, FFF? Just a hint: The more merchandise you ship now to those who already paid you, the less you’ll have to move in your warehouse move, costing you less in moving expenses.

    Second hint: Hire a person who can think logistically. Seriously, this didn’t occur to anyone in the company?

  32. Caution: If you purchase an annual sub they will charge you for an annual AND a seasonal subscription. Because they are shady. So so shady.

    • Yes, this exact thing happened to me, and I did not like it. I subscribed for the monthly, but they had a button on my account to Upgrade. I later wanted to because more spoilers had come out. I thought the upgrade would include the first quarter’s, but no, they charged me IN ADDITION. So I canceled as soon as I could. Besides, I later found out that all that jewelry were really cheap — not worth wearing.

    • This is true. They did it to me, but if you chat and tell them it’s not clear that this will happen they’ll refund the charge for the seasonal box. This is shady advertising at best, probably buried in T&C to make it “legal”.

      FFF is a great idea and a great deal, but they are so, so bad in terms of fulfillment. If you order, be prepared to wait a very long time for what you pay for and don’t expect transparency in their practices.

      • Is it better to upgrade during the off season? So in between boxes?

      • It depends on if you’re trying to get a “deal” like they’re posting here. Lots of people will sign up using a 30-40% off coupon like this advertisement and decide they want to choose more of what’s in the box. They go annual. There’s nothing obvious stating if you do this when using the coupon, the first box is considered a “seasonal” account box and you become annual for the next box.

        So, it depends if you want to use the coupon and stick with seasonal to get the discount or go annual right away with an upgraded account (paying $179 for the full year.

        I understand it — they don’t want people paying $30 for the first box of an annual account and then saving another $20 for the annual designation, but it’s still isn’t obvious when you go through the process.

        I chatted with CS when I did this for a previous deal and they did make it right, but it took me being very insistent.

        FFF is just shady all around. If you know that going in, you’ll save yourself some angst.

  33. Ahhh, I really want this. I love almost everything but I’m on a low buy for now.

  34. This is ridiculous. The rep complains about shipping problems because they have MILLIONS of boxes to ship, I never received my box I paid on the day of billing with $300 add ons, paid full price for my box, yet they throw a sale for everyone else and act like nothing is wrong? I will reserve the rest of my comments in order for this comment to post. I hope you all enjoy your nicely discounted box that I’m sure you will receive before mine. 😊

    • I feel you! #$%^;

    • Their warehouse is closed until July 9 and nothing is shipping out until then…current members who still haven’t received their orders got an email saying it now won’t ship until THE END OF JULY!!! many angry people on the forum and social media, how on earth are they pushing to sell MORE boxes right now?? I used to love FFF, now am just dumbfounded at unethical business practices

      • They’re not gonna turn down an opportunity to make more $. It’s not about keeping customers loyal and happy it’s about cha ching all the way. That’s why they’re pushing selling more boxes and doing an edit sale even though they have no way to ship for a few weeks.

      • I’m glad they aren’t worried about keeping loyal customers because at this rate they definitely are not.

  35. So….cool cool cool.

    New people can order boxes, but my summer box I paid for on May 17 (supposed to be shipped in the first half of June) won’t get to me until the END OF JULY? When I emailed to inquire where it was, I got a very generic “there’s a delay” email, followed up by a notification that it will ship end of July. Very disappointing.

  36. Is this for new members only?

    • I have an annual and I signed up under a different email and to be safe a different address. My mom knows that when box shows up at her house in my name or a former name of mine I’m being shady. lol

      • Which categories did you get to choose from with this sale box?

      • I think options one, two, and three. The ones with the hairdryer, Face mask, and wine glass options. It offered me four more boxes for the $179 and if I remember correctly would let me customize more, but I didn’t choose annual so not sure.

    • Yes, but all you need is a new email address to open an account and to remember to cancel after you get your box. I got one knowing I won’t receive it for a month or so.

  37. Maybe they should wait until they’ve made sure all their current subscribers have gotten their boxes before having a flash sale.

    • Personally I think it is a sign they may be going under.

      • Me too. This reminds me of the Little Black Bag fiasco. They got desperate. Now FFF is getting desperate. I think they lie and do not care whether or not a person gets their box. It is about moving all that unsold merchandise. It will get really cheap when they go bankrupt.

        It took me 6 weeks after billing to get my summer box and I am annual in the USA.

        Plus the quality of their merchandise is going downhill Now they are deep into getting their own brand in boxes. Ish, Gin & Tonic, Summer and Rose and xo Sienna are house brands and the quality is inferior. I am not renewing because I have lost confidence in them and their shady lies and excuses.

        I will stick with Happy Rebel and Popsugar. At least the quality is there and they don’t lie.

      • I actually really liked the summer & rose bag i thought it was well made.

      • It was OK but I have had so many Summer & Rose products to fall apart and tarnish. The one bag we got a while back in an Editor’s box fell totally apart after a month.

        I loved those West Elm bowls though! They are not only gorgeous they are easy to care for and so good for a variety of things! But they are not a FFF house brand.

      • I don’t think they are going under by any means. They did this with the Spring box also. They are advertising the box on cable channels more then ever.
        However, It seems like long time members that have add ons are actually getting their boxes last. I assume it is an issue with the add ons. It’s quite messed up as they are supposed to be billed first and have the box shipped first also.
        I subscribed when they had just $10 off on this box and I’ve already received it. I think I have had 5 or 6 accounts with them as I really think it’s the better option for me to subscribe once I see everything and then cancel before the next box. I got the Spring box for $29.99, I’m actually a little salty I didn’t hold out until Summer was $20 off or got the mystery bundle with the $10 off, but I know I have absolutely no reason to complain compared to others. I’m on a tight budget, and while I lust after the extra customization annual subs get, I don’t feel like the annual subscribers are getting treated better at all!

      • Yeah they’re not going under when they just expanded to the UK and are renting out more warehouse space. If anything they’re having growing pains and can’t keep up

      • Not keeping up is how it all begins. Then comes the decline. Disappointed customers, saturating the market, etc. They need to pull it their reigns a bit.

      • I am a long term subscriber (18 months) and ordered a lot of add ons. I got my box on May 30th! I’m so sorry everyone is dealing with this.

  38. I went ahead and grabbed this deal under a different account. I had to pay tax though making my total $32ish. I was able to customize three items.

    Option 1; I picked the SJD and the towel last time around so I picked the robe thing. I really wanted more SJD, but used self control. Avoided the hairdryer b/c of the issues others were having.

    Option 2; I picked the masks which is the same thing I picked last time along with the bag.

    Option 3; I picked the resistance bands. I’ve been doing really good about working out. I chose the wine glasses last time.

    I’m not in a hurry to get this stuff so the shipping issues don’t bother me.

  39. It starts a subscription, right? I’d only go for a one-time purchase.

    • It’s really easy to cancel on their website.

      • Yes, very easy to cancel. Just set the date on your phone calendar to remind you.

      • Can you tell me when I need to cancel by? I want to send this as a gift. Thank you!

      • It’s in the information section. I would cancel once your box arrives.

  40. Wait, they are having a flash sale knowing that they will not even begin to process these.orders until July 9th. The day before summer edit sale starts processing for shipment.

  41. Considering the bum bum shower wash is $25 alone this is a great deal. I donate what I don’t use to a shelter. Very happy w the summer box and have been using most of the stuff.

  42. Just an FYI, I got a message this morning when I inquired about my shipment. They replied saying that due to their warehouse transitional move, they will not be shipping from June 24th through July 8th. Shipping will begin after July 8th. Please keep that in mind so you don’t expect it right away.

    • So the replacement item I’ve been waiting on for 4 weeks already isn’t going to ship for another 2 weeks? Cool. Coolcoolcool.

      • A replacement item I was waiting for from spring edit shipped yesterday, so maybe there is hope for you 🙏

    • Thank you for sharing this info for everyone!

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