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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm July 2019 Spoiler #3!

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoiler

We have a new spoiler for the July 2019 BoxyCharm thanks to angelalamarie_:

Source: angelalamarie_

Wander Beauty Illuminating Face Oil

(No word yet on if this is in all boxes or a variant.)

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

And in case you missed it, the July 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoilers

Here’s a closer look at the palette:


Butter London Natural Goddess Palette – exclusive to Boxycharm

What do you think of the July spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (77)

  1. I’m so happy that they are adding more & more skincare products along with the makeup. I’ve been with Boxy for years now, there where times some of my boxes were not so great, but I stuck it out with them & they are killing it!

  2. i quit all of my many beauty subscription boxes about a year ago. I really missed boxy charm though so I re-subbed last month. So glad I did!

  3. I just saw an ad for the boxycharm on my youtube and it showed some Luxie brushes (like a set of three).

  4. I canceled BoxyCharm along with Allure and Causebox. I think I’ll stick with my regular and plus Ipsy bags and be just fine. If I had 600 eyes, maybe I could get through all that eyeshadow.

    • On the fence about Margot Elena as well. I like all the nice smells, but it seems like a lot of money for soap and lotion, and $20 for a pencil sleeve? Really over-inflated. Maybe I’m just grumpy 🙂

      • I have one more Margot Elena box in my annual sub, which I was lucky enough to get at 30 percent off (back when they allowed coupons on subscription box purchases) and I plan to let it go when it’s up. It’s a beautiful box, but to be perfectly honest I have given away more items than I’ve kept. I don’t particularly care for the hand creme formulations, for example. That said, I bought the sub knowing I intended to mine it for gifts, so I’m happy. And I will say the items I’ve gifted have been very well received by friends and coworkers.

  5. I am actually suprised that there are people who vomplain about getting pallettes. That is my favorite thing about Boxy… I almost always get a new pallet and only spent 21.00.
    Also, people complain too much. You are apending 21.00… Youre not going to like everything but thats the fun of it! MysteryBox!

    • I think the reason for the complaints is two fold. Firstly a person can only use so much eye shadow. If you get an eye shadow pallet in each box that is way more then one person can ever use. Secondly, people want to see variety in their boxes. Different kinds of products. Not the same type rehashed every single box.

      • Let’s see, I’ve only been a subscriber since October, and have received 7 eyeshadow palettes.

        There were only two months (I think) without eyeshadow palettes. Variety would be good, especially since the palette tends to be the hero item driving up the supposed value of the box.

        I actually like most of these palettes, I’m in love with the Tarte packging, and this month’s palette looks cute, there is just no possible way I can use them as quick as they send them. Yes, we can sell them and give them away, but I think many of us would prefer to be able to actually use the things in our boxes. Not humanly possible with this many. I think even if I was a professional makeup artist I couldn’t use this many palettes.

  6. This comment is about. BOXYLUXE JUNE 2019. Is anyone interested in trading the Tarteist Pro Glow Palette for my Tarte Eyeshadow Palette?? I’m so aggravated because I selected the Pro Glow Palette in the email that we received to pick what we wanted but somehow ended up with the Tarte Eyeshadow. I notified Noxucharm.when I got the confirmation email but they couldn’t/wouldn’t help me out.

    • I would trade I got the tart pro glow pallette wanted the eyeshadow but I don’t know how to trade on the swap sites.

  7. I don’t get why there is questioner before subscribing asking our preferences on colours, skin tones, etc….so they can customize our subscription box…if we all generally get the same products.

  8. Aren’t the full spoilers usually out by now? It’s five days before the end of the month.

  9. Sadly this is the case with most boxes…. I’ve tried the Walmart box, Test Tube, Glossy, Allure, and FabFitFun… They all have issues with shipments, replacing advertised items, and promotions..

  10. I am thinking of finally pulling the plug with Boxy. Every month surprise surprise it is either an item from Wander Beauty, Tarte, Pur or Tresique. Can we get other brands. The eye palletes have become repetitive. Their customer service sucks, and god forbid they launch something…something always goes wrong.

    • Exactly….. I have received tarts pellets 3 times….and seems like they are concentrating more on boxylux now…..getting really disappoint since last couple month…

  11. I have a 6 month subscription with the Luxe option.

    This month is a regular box and surprise surprise! Wander Beauty!

    I can’t stand Wander Beauty or Manna Kadar!

  12. These all sound great but I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get a blush and highlight palette last box. Now another eye palette…Just a lot of eye shadow. I’d really rather have more options for cheeks and face for a bit. I do love the tarte eye palette though. Maybe there will be more blushes this month. I’d be happy with a more pink shade. I feel like the note from last box was a little too orange. Good for fall but not so much summer.

    • I totally agree.. I got the eyeshadow too and I wanted the blush why do they do a profile if there not going to use it…

    • It seems like they save all of the good items for the influencers… I didn’t see hardly anyone with the blush and highlight palette… but Kylie Jenner got one 🤔 same last month with the Milk product that is what irritates me… I save up all month for my boxy and the famous influencers wipe their bootys with what it costs to get a box 🤣

      • Hi…I just wanted to let you know that this was my first quarter on Boxyluxe and I received the Tarte Blush/Glo palette. I actually subscribed to BoxyCharm, as well. That way I would still receive the charm box on the months that the luxe box comes out. And I got the Blush & Glo in the BoxyCharm box too. So I have two, if someone can tell me how to trade, I would love to have the eyeshadow palette.

      • Check on mercari app they are on there cheap

    • I got the blush so it is out there and I’m a nobody lol I wish I got the milk though

  13. I just got the 111Skin Brightening Serum in my Glam Bag Plus last month. Dont really need oil.

    • The 111 is a serum not an oil and I’m loving it. I have freckels on my face and it is helping to lighten then up.

      • Oh I wanted 111 so bad and got Sunday Reilly I live on beach mad sun spots!!

      • Wellllll at least y’all got y’alls GBP this month! I would have LOVED to at least received my bag & not some replacement box (still haven’t received or a confirmation # for the replacement) and when I do get the replacement it’ll just be a bunch of filler items since everything is out of stock now. Apparently half of our bags are just sitting at. DHL facility. Never ever had this issue with Boxy at least.

  14. Tried commenting and it hasn’t shown up… but how do you put boxy on hold? Can you do it online or have to call?

    • You can’t put boxy on hold like ipsy. The only way is to cancel and resubscribe when you want to subscribe again.

    • They don’t do hold like ipsy, you have to cancel your account and when your ready you have to sign up as a new member with the same email you are using so you don’t lose any charms if you have

  15. This may be a dumb question but how do you put this sub on hold? And if I do will that effect my boxyluxe sub? I’m on box overload andits time I ween off of boxy for a bit ha.

  16. I’m so burnt out on Wander Beauty. Outside of subboxes, I’ve never even heard of the brand, and honestly, none of their products have stood out to me as quality.

  17. Does anyone know what all this POP UP store stuff is about? Also being able to choose products for boxycharm? Any info on this? I’ve been seeing some youtube videos for July 2019 mentioning it but didnt see anything here yet or on BC website. Also how do you get a regular boxycharm box in addition to LUXE box months? Or is this not possible?

    • As far as I know, it was into some Luxe box subscribers that were able to pick which palette they wanted. It’s not for the regular subs (yet).

      • I disagree. I keep getting emails that if I resubscribe to the regular box this will be available to me.

    • I’m not so sure about the pop up store but for the July luxe box, luxe subscribers were able to choose on either the tarte blush palette or the eyeshadow. As for wanting the luxe and the regular box, it’s not possible as of now unless you subscribe with another e-mail.

    • Hi U need a subscription to boxy then u can shop up to 70 percent off products on the site they already posted products

  18. These are great spoilers, Boxee charm has really stepped up with the skin care lately. I love Boxee charm one of my favorites each month you get awesomeItems for a great price. You can’t be $21 including shipping for five full-size items most the time. I get a lawyer and I get Epsie glam bag plus plus if sh items for a great price. You can’t be $21 including shipping for five full-size items most the time. I never complain because it’s an awesome value in opportunity to try new items without paying full price

  19. I might reactivate my account next month. But am on overload.

  20. I like face oils, in the winter I use an oil and then my moisturizer morning and night. In the summer time I just use a face oil in the morning, at night I’ll use an oil and moisturizer.

    I used to have oily skin and thought I didn’t need face oils or moisturizers because of how oily my skin was, but its actually so oily because your skin is dehydrated. It’s over producing oil to try and make up for it. It didn’t long after incorporating moisturizer into my routine that my oily skin cleared. I have normal skin now.

  21. I sub to allure, ipsy, and test tube (omg this months test tube is INCREDIBLE, so awesome I want to order 2!!!) But I’m new to the boxy charm world. Can anyone tell me if the spoilers on MSA are the items you get In the box, or is it mainly variant items and you MAY POSSIBLY get one or two of the spoilers? I love the spoilers I’ve seen for this month but I dont want to sign up and not receive any of them.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Honestly, I barely get the spoiler items unless they aren’t variants and are going to be in every box. I’ve decided to cancel and try bomibox instead

    • Everyone always gets the hero items which is what usually gets shown first..the wander elemis and the pallette. Then the other 2 will usually be variations.

  22. Agreed in the wander beauty. Send more skin &co ! Or actual useful oils like squalene, jojoba , or grape seed or anything else.

  23. Hope to get all three love love boxycharm 😍

  24. Try putting oils on before your Moisturizer. Are used to have the same problem and then someone suggested this tip and my skin has never looked better.

    • That’s what I do too! Usually try to put on oil early and then an hour later put on a moisturizer. It’s just too oily the other way around

    • In an Allure article I read last year, a dermatologist said that using an oil along with other products allows them to piggyback along so they go deeper into the skin than they otherwise could. You were clever enough to discover this on your own! 👩‍🔬

  25. Are these variants or in every box? Might have to jump back for this

  26. Nothing is speaking to me this month … thinking of canceling to skip this month.

  27. Idk why they would do face oils in the summer months? I use them in the winter for extra hydration, but in the summer they make me look and feel very greasy! Also, Boxycharm…..would you please take a break from Wander Beauty for awhile?

    • I’ve had several people tell me this in the past and some people are surprised to find out that oil is not bad for oily skin. The trick is applying the products in proper order, from thinnest consistency to thickest. So if you apply a face oil under your moisturizer, you may see a huge difference. Also try applying just a drop on the forehead, one drop on each cheek and a little on the neck and chest.

      There is a huge misconception out there that you apply oil after moisturizer because the moisturizer cannot soak through the oil. That’s actually the opposite of how to apply oil. Make sure it is not applied on top of your moisturizer folks! 🙂 hope this helps some of the oily or combo skin readers out there!

      • Everything you just said 🙂

        Face oils are not bad for oily skin. Total misconception

      • I understand that and I apply it correctly and in the right order. I just don’t like looking oily and it doesn’t matter which way it’s applied, I will look oily. I actually apply my ski ln care exactly as you said and the thickness of the oil dictates when it’s applied in my routine. I use Keihls midnight recovery oil every night and I apply it before my Strivectin Retinol night cream. I know oils are good for my skin and I use them when I can, but in the summer months I cannot use them in the daytime. It just doesn’t work for me. Thank you for trying to help though. 😉

  28. My face does not do good with oils I have naturally oily skin and definitely dont need this the other two items dont look bad tho

    • I love the illuminating oils. Do you have any you might want to trade for another product?

    • Oils are good for oily skin, I know that is weird but it helps balance it out. I have super super oily skin and I use this hemp seed oil serum and it does wonders

      • Yep I agree 100% I have always had super oil skin so I stayed away from oils and heavy moisterizers, Then I caved and tried the Elemis superfood face oil and my face stopped being so oily and now I have more “normal” skin ☺ I definitely recommend anyone with oily skin to give a good face oil a try 😉

  29. Do all the boxes include all 3 of these products?

  30. Face oil for oily skin🙄 💯 I’ll get it.
    Ipsy has far better customer service.
    Every boxy is the worst pick for me.
    They seem more concerned about new purchase room. They need to fix that website first.
    Husband paying for it but still cancelling.

    • Face oil for oily skin is actually really great. I used to have extremely oily skin and now it’s normal to oily. The only thing different is face oil and moisturizer. I used to think that my face produced enough oils and I didn’t need anything, but I was wrong. The face produces excess oil because it’s dehydrated.

      • Great for oily skin? Not typically. Stripping away natural oil and consequently causing an increase in oil production is a whole different issue. For most people whose baseline consists of naturally very oily skin, adding additional oil to the skin is undoubtedly an unmitigated disaster.

      • My skin has always been very naturally oily, but once I started using a good face oil it finally went to normal. Now I am only occasionally oily in my t zone… I definitely think it is worth a try for some people who have always had to deal with it, I am so glad I did ☺

  31. Really?? More face oil🤮
    This is about a deal breaker for me. Boxy is nice but not curated. Getting too many products don’t want. Colors are never right.
    Ipsy customer service is far superior.

  32. Ugh, not more oil! I’ve tried each one I get, but my face Always breaks out with a huge zit afterwards. 🙄

    • You can try applying it as a spot treatment to any fry or flaky patches, or to other areas on the body like your neck, decolletage, knees, elbows, etc. 🙂

  33. Are any of those going to be in all of the boxes?

  34. Like both wander beauty and Elemis wouldn’t mind either or all 😁 could do without another palette , but butter London is a good brand and those colors are wearable , happy with BC so far

  35. I am just so fed up with BOXYCHARM and cancelled my longtime subscription a few months back. Their horrible [lack of] Customer Service was abysmal and their monthly curation was in a freefall. I always keep checking in in hopes that I will have been proven wrong…but no regrets here!

    What’s with you Boxy? Grew too fast? Head got too big? Whatever is the answer, WAKE UP…you are losing subscribers and diehard fans left and right!

    Meanwhile, IPSY GLAM BAG PLUS is looking awfully good….

    • Lmao good luck with that mess boxycharm way better then that ipsy crap

    • Love your post, Barbara! I am with you, darlin. I really enjoyed Boxy when I first signed up but like you saw the steady decline (they didn’t even try to hide it). Last month, I finally got the guts to jump ship altogether. I have been a subscriber for so long I was almost afraid to cancel the service because of being comfortable and used to the service being what it was. One of those, “something is better than nothing” moments.

      Well happy day happy day because come to find out the new Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has already swept me off my feet and I’m head over hills. I always enjoyed their $10 monthly sample bags but when they started the Glam Plus option I started to salivate in excitement. I don’t want to speak too soon and jinx it because I felt this same sort of awe and love for Boxy in the beginning but I think Ipsy may just turn out to be the subscription box love of my life if they stay consistent and don’t make the mistakes of some of their competitors.

      I hope you’re having as much fun on the adventure of what comes next as I am, Barbara!

    • I’m feeling the same way!! I’m pretty new you BoxyCharm, but these past few months have left with a bad taste. The makeup seems to be on a constant repeat. I like the full size products, but it seems my beauty quiz was never taken into consideration.

      I’m interested in the Ipsy Glam plus subscription, maybe that’s where I need to go.

      • Jacquelyn, ipsy has a much wider range of products so they can tailor to your specific wants and needs. Boxy only has a few each month so the purpose of the quiz is more to help them decide which would be best for you out of the 2 or 3 variation products. It’s not supposed to be as personalized as Ipsy. If you want personalization than boxy charm is not the right subscription box for you

    • Same here! I have given away so palettes because they’re ALL THE SAME COLORS!!! Can we get some purples and pinks?!? I used to LOVE Boxycharm and now I think it’s just lame!! And July is showing another palette that I will never use! The lipstick colors I get are HIDEOUS!!! I’m going to give them until the end of the year and if things don’t change, I’m done. And I’m sick of Charmers getting late arrivals because of Luxers. Boxycharm is going to garbage FAST!

    • Ipsy is horrible!! Their customer service is far worse!! I have been attempting to cancel for months now. Their site nor their response team has yet to fix it! I have to keep pushing back my subscription so I don’t get billed.
      Boxycharm can be hit or miss sometimes, I must admit that I love their BuxyLuxe boxes though!!

      • I strongly disagree. I think their service is amazing and they have a link on their page and their app to click on to cancel.

        I had a short question for them so I clicked the contact ipsy care link and messaged them, received a reply 2 hours later.

        I think ipsy GBP is amazing, followed closely by the new beauty test tube (even tho their website is awful, the box has such great items). I highly highly recommend GBP. I’ve gotten a box every month since October and I’ve never been unhappy.

    • I agree. They never fixed my issue last month and apologized for being too busy to fix it. I never got my BoxyLuxe but somehow they managed to ship me my Boxy box. I am already with IpsyPlus and I may just stop Boxy altogether. I am so heartbroken I did not get my blowdryer man.

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