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BoxyCharm July 2019 Box Spoiler #4!

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoiler

We have a new BoxyCharm box spoiler! (Thanks for the heads up, Diana and Lena!)

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The July box will include:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Luxie Brush Trio

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Source: angelalamarie_

Wander Beauty Illuminating Face Oil

UPDATE – *This may be a future box spoiler, not a July box spoiler. We will update you when we have more information!

The July 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoilers

Here’s a closer look at the palette:


Butter London Natural Goddess Palette – exclusive to Boxycharm

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (57)

  1. I love the eyeshadows.

  2. Agreed….to many eyeshadows. What about some great skincare products… with some new makeup like Nars or lancome something different…

  3. I have 13 Luxie brushes, all of which came in subscription boxes. That’s a pretty large percentage of my 50-60 or more makeup brushes, some of which are very expensive, some over 15 years old. One of the Luxie brushes is my favorite for eyeshadow, even though I dislike dual ended brushes because I keep them in a cup. I think it’s hit or miss with brushes. What matters is the size of your face, how heavy handed you are, the product, the look you’re attempting, etc. So, you have to try brushes to know what’s best, there’s not one best brand. What I can say in a rather objective way is that more of my Luxie brushes have warped handles than any other brand. Whatever wood they’re using doesn’t hold up to being in a climate controlled Wisconsin home. My other brushes are fine, even the ones that are 15+ years old with wood handles. I might not have noticed but I’ve gotten so many of them and considered buying a few more to have a nice matching set for my vanity. Once I laid them out I could see all the warping and the difference in shade of pink between handles. They’re still fine brushes and I would recommend them but they need to use a different handle material.

  4. Older eyes shimmer with wisdom, beauty, and grace. We don’t always need powders to do that for us. 🤗

  5. Just saw last two July spoilers on Reddit. Such a surprise, would never have guessed🤔 A gel eyeliner and a nude liquid lippie…how creative! (No Wander oil as others have mentioned)

  6. I’m not fond of all the shimmery shadows as they make my old eyes look worse; however, boxy is an awesome value. I can never get enough brushes, and I’m looking forward to trying the skincare products. Yes, my cup is half full 🙂

  7. I’m seriously on product overload but this box has the perfect variety of items and is definitely something worth gifting.

  8. I unsubscribed a few months ago. Boxy is a good deal. I just don’t like how they don’t just show what you are for sure getting. They show brands like Elemis. Like everyone will get that when normally products/ brands like that only go to a small percentage of customers. I just don’t like how they try to bait and switch. It’s a good deal but I don’t trust them.

    • I agree. I promised myself June would be my last month for many reasons, including what I consider their continual false advertising. And each month they’re releasing less and less info all around. It used to be you pretty much knew exactly what at least 2 or 3 items you’d get before they billed you. Now they not only release fewer and fewer variant items, they make sure to feature any hero product (s), but completely hold back on if they’re just one of many possibilities. Heck this month they’re keeping practically all of the “filler” and additional variations a secret. Unless all 4 of these are variants and we’re only getting one each. We used to at least know which 2-4 items we were all guaranteed and then some of the possible variant products. I didn’t love that but it was better than this. I’d even settle just to know if we’re all getting the Elemis, which would ease my guilt about adding to my overflowing beauty hoard.
      Honestly the only definitive factor in my decision to put up with these tactics another month is to make purchases from their pop up shop. Although I have to wonder if they can’t even get the regular subscription basics right—reasonable shipping times, decent customer service and some decisiveness on which products they’re sending each month (PLEASE no moisturizing OIL in the middle of Summer) and how many members will get what—-what kind of hot mess is this PopUp is gonna be? 🤔
      As far as I’m concerned the language and images used for July convey that ALL subscribers will receive both the palette (although it is definitely NOT a Boxy exclusive as they’ve claimed in previous ads) and the Elemis mask. Especially the folks who started to cancel and got those exact words on their screen. If that’s not what I get I’m cutting the cord. For real this time. 😄

  9. Has anyone had trouble cancelling and then still charging you? Also, is there still a waitlist for luxe? Like, if I cancel for July should it be a problem to resub the next month and get Back on Luxe?

    I just dropped mike $150 on Sigma brushes and a $30 BH brush set, so I’m good on brushes. Also, just bought a Morphe palette and so I’m good on eyeshadow right now too.
    Last month I skipped GBP due to not loving the box enough… I know the RV was high with the Sunday Riley and whatever the other brand was but I didn’t need it.

    • As far as I know there is still a waitlist. I was off the waitlist but canceled my subscription altogether because of a loooong dispute/customer service issue. The next day I finally got a decent response complete with a long overdue apology to me. Being the trusting and forgiving person I am, I immediately resubbed but was put back on the Luxe waitlist. I wasn’t worried because I’d gotten off the list and received the previous Luxe and I mean I only canceled for a single day. So fast forward almost 2 months later and I don’t get the next Luxe because my account shows I’m still on the waitlist. I was furious and emailed for an explanation. They had the nerve to send one of those canned/auto response template messages to me suggesting my credit card company declined the additional Luxe charge after approval of the first $21. I knew for sure that was a lie, the cc company confirmed and I went off on them. A few days later I get a copy of a mass email supposedly sent to lots of subscribers that were not charged for Luxe because they hadn’t been able to get them off the waitlist.
      So…long story long…😊 you may just want to stay subscribed and gift or sell your July Boxy products. Facebook has some legit pages set up for strictly buying and selling Boxycharm subscription items. But then again, you might end up like me and get your next Luxe and be seriously disappointed. That child-size hairdryer…SMH…
      Good luck!

      • I def understand. That hairdryer was bull! everyone was so excited about it and I can’t see why? I mean, I’ll pack it for travels but.. it’s now the hair dryer I use on my 3 year old because she loves purple and tiny things. Haha.
        I also signed someone up and I’m supposed to be getting a Becca eye primer. I likely will gift a lot of this box.

  10. I read today on @boxycharmsneakpeeks that we will NOT be getting the Wander Beauty face oil in July’s box, but in a future 2019 box. So the only spoilers we have are the Butter London palette, the Elemis mask and Luxie brush trio (I’m thinking you can’t see it for a reason). I’m about 95% on the way to canceling BC. The boxes are more and more disappointing (imo) and the customer service is insanely poor. Ipsy glam bag plus has been hitting it out the park for me, I’d rather have 2 of those……………..

  11. not another palette 🙁

  12. Ugh so tired of getting brushes. The last several Luxie brush sets I’ve gotten have smelled so bad like chemicals, like glue or spray paint, that would never be able to even use them. And butter London.. meh. The elemis mask would be cool, but will it be a variant?

  13. Ohhh I’m excited for the July box! Can never have too many brushes! <3

  14. I LOVE Luxie brushes so there’s no such thing as too many here!

  15. I would love if we got some sigma brushes!

  16. Kind of tired of the brushes. I’d like to see some variety… Every box different brand same product

  17. A bunch of the accounts on Instagram are saying the Wander isn’t for July and was a mistake by an influencer 🙃 Here’s hoping 😂

  18. Happy about the Elemis! The rest…😴😴😴

  19. Happy birthday to me today…

  20. Everyone is complaining about brushes… what if you’re new to beauty boxes and don’t have any like I was when I first stared. You’re still getting a bunch of cool stuff for $20 bucks

    • I must be one of the only people who like more brushes. I paid sooooooooo much for my original set of brushes that I am grateful to have many other options.

    • They should join Live Glam and get brushes monthly if they really want to build up their collection. That’s what looks of people do. Morphe brushes

      • So you don’t get brushes?? I think not…it would be bad business.

      • Some people would like their brush collections to consist of more than just Morphe.💁 I’m always excited to get brushes! The more I have, the less often I have to clean them.😂

    • I have been with boxy charm for two years and I still get excited for brushes 😍😍

  21. Yeahhhh..more BRUSHES!! UGH

  22. Excited for the large flat brush especially to go along with the mask. I’m guessing the other 2 brushes can be used with the new palette. Yea!!

    • I use a flat brush with my DIY masks. They work great!

  23. The only thing I kind of would be happy to have is the Elemis mask. I don’t need it currently though

  24. The no primer last month was my clue to cancel. We got the same primer recently, it was just in a glass bottle.

    Please stop

    • Not the same primer. Read the lables. One is primer water, the other is not.

    • Its definitely not the same primer by any means!! The only thing that it has in common is that it is made by the same company….that’s it.

      • So, I’ve used the new No Poreblem prime Essence… is it a primer?… haha I don’t even know? There were no directions? I I use the original no poreblem primer we got all the time. And I am not really sure what the new one does?

    • They are two TOTALLY different primers. If you would have USED them you would have CLEARLY seen the difference. Lol

  25. Kinda getting tired of all the Luxie brushes. They’re good brushes but it’s constant. I have so many of their brushes from Boxy and Ipsy. That’s why I’ve been doing the Morphe Me club to get some more variety. I like Morphe brushes better.

    • I concur with you as it is I’m just giving away more than I’m keeping and I love to give but can I afford that? What other people think can you afford that?

    • I too am tired of the brushes! Yes, we love and need brushes but not so frequently.

      On another note, despite completing their Beauty Quiz, I keep getting stuff that’s much, MUCH too light for me. They do have some subscribers, like me, with lovely brown skin, and it would be really awesome to get products in our shades.

      • I get either too light or too dark. Even though I’m clearly medium.

  26. I wish they’d only do spoilers on things everyone’s getting. I have getting excited for things and then her letdown when the box arrives. I love Elemis, but with as pricy as they are, I’m guessing not everyone will receive it.

  27. Ho hum. I need to drop Boxy.

    • I never thought I’d say this but me, too.

    • I think I am going to do the same.

    • I think I’m going to drop too I’m not happy with this box I want lashes and make up they are giving so many brushes

  28. Am I the only one that isn’t excited this month? These products are just meh..I will probably be trading/selling ..only staying so I don’t lose my place for Boxyluxe. Hopefully August will be better and PLEASE..can we see more new brands!

    • Not happy with this box
      Boring. Want to cancel. There isn’t one thing so far that I am even interested in.

    • So, If we cancel and resub the month after, we lose our Lux spot? Is there even currently a waitlist for Boxyluxe?…

      • I just signed up on the 28th and was offered to he apart of boxyluxe for a few more dollars. So I’m assuming you can get it whenever you want.

    • Where do you sell/trade?

    • Where do you swap?

  29. I love getting brushes and I love Luxie brushes – I need more big fluffy brushes too though! 🙂

  30. I love Luxie brushes and am always happy to get more!

    • I love luxie brushes as well…… I LOVE BOXYCHARM

  31. More luxie brushes… I can always use brushes && love this brand but I wish they could switch it up every now & then with some Morphe or Sigma! Would be pretty nice!

  32. They sure do love their Luxie brushes.

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