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BoxyCharm July 2019 Box FULL SPOILERS!

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoiler

We have full spoilers for one variation of the July BoxyCharm box thanks to kendyjane18!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The July 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

And here are the possible variant items:

Alamar Cosmetics Lip Product – shades will vary

APPEAL Cosmetics Gel Liner – shades will vary.

Source: kendyjane18

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (97)

  1. I agree very disappointed with the box this month. Definitely not what I expected. I’ve got enough eye shadow palettes to last a lifetime! Please no more eye shadow?? NOT HAPPY WITH BOXY THIS MONTH!! Maybe cancel if this is gonna be what its like every month. Better subscriptions boxes are out there!!

  2. I got my reveal and it’s this box but with an Adesse lippie in haute cocoa which I like better than the alamar shades

    • I have that lipgloss from a previous boxy, and it’s one of my favorites. Goes with everything, even on my pale skin.

  3. I got my box spoiler tonight, and it has a completely different lippie in it. It’s a Luna by Luna lipgloss with an $18 RV.

  4. I just got my box and I am really pleased. I didn’t need more brushes but they are a nice quality so will save them when I need them. I love the eye shadow palette. the case is so pretty with the flowers and I like the colors so that was a big winner for me. I also like mask. I am a sucker for facial masks so another winner and the gel pencil was another one of my favorites. Perfect shade of dark taupe and not a liquid eyeliner again but a pencil ! I do love liquid lipsticks but this one is a darker pink (santorini) I’ll still quite happy because it’s not a shade I would normally buy for myself so looking forward to trying it out.

  5. well I’m pretty disappointed with this month’s box… the only one I’ve been excited about getting since i signed up in March has been the June boxyluxe…
    I’m getting another gross brown lip color, not even one of the nice light colored alamar ones but a brown ugly Luna one.
    i still don’t know what color the liner will be but it’s probably going to be another taupe or some ugly one I’ll never use and just give away.
    so far I’m giving away the eye palette, the brushes, the lip color and, pretty much guaranteed, the liner as well…
    fantastically awful month boxy!!!
    i just paid full price for the elemis mask apparently… being as I’m in Canada and get charged approximately $35 per box…
    unless it gets better I’ll be cancelling…

  6. Can’t wait for this box but hope I get the lightest lip color

  7. I don’t understand why you guys are being so nit picky about the value. $128 vs $150 isn’t that big of a difference. This is also only one variation. At the end of the day, the retail cost of the box itself is only $21!!! If you get full sized products whose retail value exceeds that at all, especially from well known brands like they’ve chosen, you should be happy! Personally, I can’t complain about the value of what you’re getting here if this ends up being the variation I receive!

  8. Does anyone know which luxie trio it will be?

    • Probably the brushes pictured.

  9. Has anyone seen different variations yet?? I hate lip gloss and please…pretty more eyeliners! And when will they start using the profiles?? Say soon ..say soon!

    • I think the variations are just different colors of lip gloss and eyeliner. This is my 3rd boxycharm and I’m not impressed one little bit.

      • This is my third box too…and so far I’m not getting what I want…I have emailed twice but they won’t email me back… I’m thinking this company is not on the good side ..I guess I will cancel next month..

      • I agree. I started ipsy glam bag plus at the same time and so far they are winning by far. I was hoping Boxy was as good as many were claiming. Nope. Not yet anyway. Disappointed.

    • I know! I have gotten 2 boxes both had lip gloss and a lip liner. I don’t care for lip gloss and I never ever use lip liner. I made sure those items were NOT checked on my profile as I went thru this with ipsy. I got a gold eye shadow or gold eye liner every month. And I even changed my preferences at first picked a different shade range then took eye shadow off all together. Seems like none of these subscriptions pay attention to your profile. I even reviewed the lip liner and gloss expressing how I hated it. And yet here we are again… Month 3 with yet a third lip gloss 🙁

    • I am not the biggest fan of Boxycharm, but… A BIG difference between Boxy and Ipsy is Ipsy will have 20-30 DIFFERENT items to choose from. Boxy will normally have the same box but with different Shade options (they pick your shade Based on your profile.) OR 6-7 different possible items. I am a black woman Boxy has YET to send me anything that would not compliment my skin tone.

      It’s the nature of the beast. It’s impossible to make EVERYONE happy. I hate Shiny lips, so I happily gift my glosses to friends. Don’t like it. Simple fix Cancel it!

      • I just tried Ipsy glam bag plus and I wish I got the one you did. I certainly didn’t have that many choices!

      • The other big difference is that those 20-30 variations for IPSY are all sample/deluxe size, and boxy is full size. IPSY Glam Bag Plus is all full size, but they usually only have 10-12 items they choose from. I love Boxy but I’ve really been enjoying glam bag plus the past few months too.

    • I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting a lipgloss. The one they have listed here is totally different then the one I’m getting ( Luna Lipgloss in Mars) and I’ve heard some other people saying they’re getting different types of lipgloss. My spoiler didn’t show a eyeliner but you never know, personally I really hope I don’t get another eyeliner lol

  10. I hate that they base their box value at the highest price others stores have sold it for.. if you look the item up online, you usually come across different price at each site.. even if 5 sites sell an item for $21, and 1 sells ast $24 boxy will use that $24 as their rtv

    • Isn’t that marketing?

    • Isn’t that just good marketing?

  11. Most of the box is on usable for me I wish I knew the finals boiler before I got charged for July.

  12. I wasnt impressed with this months spoilers. I ended up canceling. Waiting to see what next month is might renew my subscription. Personally I would love to get the boxyluxe and skip the regular boxycharm all together.

  13. Eyeshadow palette and brushes look like a sure hit, but the rest of the box looks like a total flop!!!

  14. I wish I could just subscribe to boxyluxe. Boxycharm has been way underwhelming.

  15. The first round of reviews are popping up on YT and I love the looks they’re getting out of the palette! The gel liner and the lip gloss are getting rave reviews, too. All in all, super happy with this month.

  16. I love boxy luxe. The only reason I am a monthly member, is for the boxy luxe. Everything in between is a waste of money for me. Very odd shades and too much eyeshadow that is again shades I will never wear.

  17. This months box is weak. I unsubscribed for this month.

  18. Was SUPER excited about the Wander beauty oil that they had in all.the sneak previews and now they are saying we aren’t getting it…that would of made this box bomb. I do like colors of the palette and the mask has great reviews so if I like both of those that more then covers the cost of the 22 box…so I am satisfied

  19. It’s ALWAYS the same thing:
    Spoiler #1 Good
    Spoiler #2 Good
    Spoiler #3 ok..
    and then:
    awful lippie and awful liner (either eye or lip) all shades that are like the reject shades.. I forgot today was July 1st.. I wanted to cancel.. maybe I’ll get a different variation..

    • I agree with you! One more month like this and I’m canceling. UPSY glam bag plus is winning hands down so far!

      • Except Ipsy warehouse messed up a ton of June orders. Some ppl, such as myself, still haven’t received their plus or regular bags for June yet….

      • Ooooh that would be upsetting!! I started both Boxycharm and the Ipsy Plus at the same time and so far they were fairly comparable….until this month.

    • Yes, I was also going to cancel and realized today it is July 1st so i already got charged. I’m logging in right now to cancel the next box. I’m over all the reject items/colors. Its just not worth it anymore. When I signed up 2 years ago boxy charm was much better. Its time to move on.

    • Those are the only 4 shades that that lippie comes in… might be reject shades for you, but not for everyone!

      • Mine will be Tarte lip paint on strike Gold…again. I’ve seen some Ofra one too. Not everyone getting the Alamar. 🙁

  20. I’m disappointed in my 3rd box. Elemis and the pallette but that’s about it. I’ll be canceling soon if next month looks like this. The ipsy glam bag plus has been waaaay better and I subscribed at the same time. Please pick it up a notch Boxy!

  21. I cancelled last night. I enjoy the Luxe boxes, but I rarely use the makeup because I’ve got pink undertones and boxy sends warm, warm, and more warm. I’m tired of getting the 42nd version of boxes and failed promises. I’ll be much happier if I pop back in for an occasional FOMO Box with full spoilers.

    • SAME!!

  22. This seems like a pretty good box in my opinion. I hope the lippie isn’t a variant but we shall see. I’m wearing lip gloss alone for the first time in years so I wouldn’t mind another one.

  23. I’m loving the Elemis Superfood Night Cream that was in Boxy’s skincare box, so I’m super excited to try their mask. I know I’ll be gifting the palette & brushes, so hopefully the other two items I’ll be able to keep.

    • Same here, Elemis Night Cream is awesome! Love it. Looking forward to more Elemis products

  24. I fail to see how this theme is au natural. The ingredients sure aren’t. And if anyone cares about this kind of thing, the appeal site sells real mink eyeladhes…

    • °Eyelashes•…

  25. I’m excited for the mask and I can use the flat brush to apply it. Overall not bad, each item only costs $4.20 before tax.

  26. Those lip colors are terrible!

    • 3/4 of them are bad, the coral might be ok. I was sick of the matte raw beef lip look. Gloss and summer go together.

      • 😂😂😂
        Matte Raw Beef!!!!
        Love it so much!
        🏆 Best Description Ever 🏆

  27. Can you pause BOXYCHARM for a month or more ? If not I’m getting overwhelmed and downed by the products especially palettes and brushes I already have :/ thanks

    • No you can’t pause, only cancel. But every time I’ve resubbed I’ve always gotten that months box. I’ve unsubbed and resubbed at least 3 times.

      • Thanks Carissa

    • Be careful when unsubbing and resubbing because you never know when the FOMO’s will come out!

  28. Butter London is always cheap at tj max and Marshall’s. So that’s what I tend to base my prices on. If I can get it cheaper it doesn’t matter what retail price they list it as. Not just with sub boxes but stores like sephora also. And with the tariffs that are taking place, the prices of made in China stuff will go up and we are going to see these box prices rising eventually. The days of super deals may be ending soon. Not just boxy but all of the ones that carry those products. I don’t like the way it feels like the other two boxes are afterthoughts now just because we NEED to buy them to get the boxyplus. People had said this was going to happen and it did. It seems like the companies that sell ‘one of’ boxes are really popular now. I know I have been shifting that direction.

    • I agree about the change in quality since Luxe. The regular boxes were better before that started, although I do think they were already declining a bit. And as if the Luxe trap isn’t bad enough, now they’re doing LE boxes and this new Pop Up Shop thing to make it even harder to unsubscribe. I was absolutely ready to cancel before July 1st until I saw several of the items that are supposed to be in that sale. Of course I know I have to be prepared for technical or just general competence errors ruining the whole thing and preventing me from getting any or all the products I want. If that happens the July box will be an almost total waste for me since I only have the slightest interest in the Elemis mask. No other items we’ve seen are interesting to me plus we all know there will be many more variants. More junk overstock from previous boxes or other wholesale deals.
      So I definitely feel like Boxy’s hostage. I have so many reasons to leave but every time I try they introduce something new to keep me around to keep my FOMO at bay. 😁

    • Milwaukee area Marshalls and TJ never had Butter London that I’ve noticed. Good point about the Chinese terrifs. There’s so many adorable USA manufacturers, so maybe we’ll see more of that. The terrifs are stupid, but I never liked getting makeup from places that aren’t known for it and that have good history of uncontaminated ingredients. It’s not even about me hating imports. I just noticed the prices stayed high but things are made in China and not Italy or the USA now. I never heard of a lead contamination recall on Italian cosmetic products. I don’t think it’s wrong to want things to be made in countries with stronger labor laws.

  29. Anyway to pause boxycharm like Ipsy? I’m not feeling July’s box at all 🙁

    • No and its too late to cancel for July now, anyway.

  30. Love, love, love Boxycharm💖💖💖 Cant wait for this box.

  31. Getting tired of getting the same stuff over and over have gotten a set of similar brushes probably three times maybe four in the last year I’ve got an eyeshadow every other month and highlighter almost every single month please switch it up

  32. Is Alamar their brand, or of one of their employees? The colors are consistently the absolute worst shades for my skin tone. I’m not exactly into all of the orange that the collaborator(S) cannot think beyond. There are cool-toned people.

    • The owner is or was the makeup artist at Boxycharm.

    • the brand is of a girl who works in boxy, I do not know if she still works there but when the brand started she was her employee, I follow her on Instagram but I do not remember her name

      • Alamar Cosmetics was started by Gabby Trujillo. She is a beautiful and talented MUA, and former Boxycharm employee. I congratulate her for setting goals and achieving her dream of becoming a business owner in the beauty industry. I appreciate having the opportunity to try her brand.

    • As far as I know, she was a digital media producer at Boxycharm until 2017 when she started her makeup bs. She also happens to be really good friends with Kathleen Lights. Kind of over them “featuring” their ex employee. It’s bias and I don’t even like the products that much.

      • That’s crap. So it’s a person with an inside on how to get included in boxy and who probably has the connections to find out how to get a cheap factory to produce her makeup on China and then market it to us in a way where we’re supposed to be grateful to support a Latina owned business! Nah, a capitalist exploiting third world factory workers instead of traditional beauty manufacturers in countries with good labor laws is still a capitalist, and selling a bunch of odd orange blush doesn’t make you a great MUA. Most of what I get in Boxy is good so I’ll keep subscribing but if they just turn this into a platform to launch their own vanity brands I’m out.

      • Agreed! Alamar will be the reason that I cancel. Her orange makeup is not for cool-toned people and I don’t feel like supporting it.

      • It’s just not cool. It’s like with Luxie. It’s alllllways in the box. I want to try new brands every now and again. And it bugs me that they are pushing her brand when she used to work there. One time with her og palette I think is awesome. Supporting her and letting people discover her but three times? At least throw in her other eyeshadow palette instead of some lip gloss. Other small brands could be being featured but they are favoring her and Luxie.

  33. Their is a gift card from Elemis for$10 coupon that can be used at ULTA.

  34. I’m ok with 128 or 150 Value either one for 21 dollars… I’m loving all the spoilers this month! And it looks like I’ll get some use out of all of them…. 💅

    • 🙏

  35. Just resubbed for the eyeshadow. Beautiful colors!!!

  36. I canceled this month, I wasn’t really interested in any of this. Went with Ipsy GBP this month instead to get the Huda highlighter

    • Thank god I cancelled I haven’t been feeling boxy lately

  37. Yeah, pack it all up put it in the box seal it…and mail it to fast….hurry..yeah.

  38. The eyeshadow looks beautiful. I’m not excited about the Alamar lip product because the Alamar blush a box or two ago has absolutely such unnatural shades for cheeks. And it was Chinese made on top of that. At least it looks like it’s probably not matte liquid lipstick, which is a dead trend. Most of the 11 Luxie brushes I already have are very nice but many have wood handles that are warped. I’m happy anytime I get a pretty eyeshadow palette so I’m looking forward to this box a lot already. Boxycharm is my favorite. Even when I get something I wind up not caring for I like that I get to try it in the comfort of my home and it’s not expensive. I really like this box.

  39. I love LuXie brushes but a nice change would have been a mask brush & bowl since the retail pricing is $30 anyway.

    Nice box but I’m only interested in the mask & brushes. Pass for me.

  40. soooo glad I canceled for this month. sorry boxy, but this just isn’t what it used to be. I feel like boxy is trying too hard to pump up side hustles like the sale thing and the luxe boxes and skimping out on the charm room and the actual standard boxes. like, the only thing in the charm room for over a month was 50$+ items, the weird little straighteners, and I guess they had colourpop pallets up for an hour or something, but they’ve been sold out as far as I’ve seen them. useless charms, useless makeup, useless box 😭

  41. Boxy promised over $150 value, which would mean a set of 4 lippies or another item is included.

    • Actually the regular box is only guaranteed a 100.00 value per their website.

      • They were running an ad all over YouTube stating per their spokesperson that the value for the July box will be “over” $150. I wouldn’t think anything of the value as is except I feel misled and like they were dishonest. They made a big deal over the box value for the month.

    • I think it’s over $100, not $150.

    • Boxy’s site states a value over $100.00 not $150.00.

      • It only costs a bit over $20 and, even at $100, that’s still a good deal. Their customer service has been great to me. They accidentally shipped me the wrong palette. It was medium/dark and they contacted me immediately and gave me the amount of charms the item is worth in addition to an apology. I don’t know what people get so worked up. Even if you like one item in the box worth over $20, it’s a great way to try new things that we may not pick ourselves. I like getting out of my comfort zone and changing things up.

      • Agreed! I get excited . Even if some boxes are better than others , the value is always there !!! But a lot of people are Greedy 🤮🤮🤮 Nothing could be enough for them 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Oh well ! Thanks BOXYCHARM for making me feel like it’s Christmas every month 😘😘😘😘

    • On Boxy’s IG, they mentioned $150RTV for July but the calculation for the items shown is close to it but slightly undee:
      Eyeshadow Palette: $32
      Elemis: $35
      Brushes: $30
      Lip Gloss: $10
      Liner: $21

      Total: $128

      • Yup I saw that! Total bs to promote a $150 value when it’s clearly not, Boxycharm..SMH

      • The lip gloss is sold individually or in sets of 4. That’s why I was thinking it could be a set. I don’t think they would specifically state a value of more than $150, then send $128. Of course, there could be an entirely different item we don’t have a spoiler for

      • These are the items from someone’s unboxing, so these are all the items that were in her box. So yeah, not the $150 value they claimed.

      • Looks like only one comes. I’m far from impressed with boxy this month. Disappointed. The Elemis and palette look good but the rest? Fillers. Blah.

      • And if its the entire set of lip gloss, it sells for $32 so… that would put the total at exactly $150. Gotta hope they are giving away the whole set. I think the value is great either way but, if they specifically stated a value, they should definitely stand behind that.

      • Yet, the picture of the entire box only shows one lip gloss. Ouch Boxycharm and shame on them if they do promise one thing and deliver short of it.
        I hate when companies do that.
        I have an annual otherwise, if they do pull this, I would have cancelled. I definitely will be upset and speak my mind!

    • One lippie. This is a baaaaad box.

    • Question…why do they call lipsticks “lippies” now? 🤔

      • It’s easier to generalize with the nickname “lippies” because it could mean lip gloss, liquid lip stick, lip stick, lip balm, all the lip stuff lol

  42. I’m happy with this box. Especially Butter London.

  43. OMG! So cute!

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