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BeautyFIX Subscription Box Review – June 2019

Beautyfix June 2019 beauty subscription box review

BeautyFIX is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box from This subscription box includes a variety of items: makeup, haircare, skincare, etc., but skincare items are the most prevalent in the boxes.

Beautyfix June 2019 beauty subscription box review open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Beautyfix June 2019 beauty subscription box review all contents

About This Box

The Subscription Box: BeautyFIX

The Cost: $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one-time purchase)

The Products: Over $100 of beauty products hand-selected by beauty professionals.

Ships to: US

June 2019 BeautyFIX Review

Beautyfix June 2019 beauty subscription box review sheet info Beautyfix June 2019 beauty subscription box review products Beautyfix June 2019 beauty subscription box review promo

This box comes with a booklet detailing each of the items included. We have 7 different items this month, so strap in!


COOLA Mineral Liplux SPF 30 in Skinny Dip, .15 oz. – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $18.00

(subscribers will get one of three shades, including, Skinny Dip, Bonfire, or Tan Lines)

This brand is EVERYWHERE right now and in so many boxes! I would never complain, I love COOLA and I love sunscreen, and you should too! Sunscreen is the best anti-aging weapon you can have in your arsenal, along with enough water daily. So often we forget our lips need sun protection too. I have tried many different sunscreen balms and frequently they look chalky, taste gross, or are just so basic they aren’t even exciting. This sheer mineral balm is my favorite I have ever tried. The shade I received is transparent (I tried swatching it but you can’t see anything!) though it comes in a range of other tints so you can have your protection and a gorgeous natural flush. The formula is ridiculously smooth and smells really lovely, like cucumbers and botanicals.


NIA 24 Age Recovery for Decolletage and Hands, 5 fl oz. – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $60.00

Dang, full-size item no. 2! This big tube of cream is meant for your hands and decolletage areas. I often spend so much time trying to prevent aging on my face that I forget my hands and neck need a little love too! This formula is packed with vitamin C, niacinamide, vitamin E, and loads of antioxidants. No real scent here to speak of (though this item is NOT labeled fragrance free! thanks, Eva!), just a heavy formula that does fully absorb, though I will admit it takes a little extra work. My skin immediately looked smoother and hydrated, which makes a little extra time rubbing the cream in totally worth it.


Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 in Medium, 6 g – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $65.00

I am SHOOK at these full-size items in this box. I thought this might be a no-go for me once I noticed the “medium” shade sticker on the bottom but this wears much more like a translucent powder. I couldn’t even get enough built up to take a swatch. This powder is SPF50 which is music to my easily-burned ears. This is a great item for someone like me who is forgoing her normal sunscreen foundation, but still wants added sunscreen protection. It does advise on the box that it should be applied liberally, and that for optimum protection you should reapply every two hours.


Murad Essential-C Cleanser, 1.5 fl oz – Estimated Value $8.67 (Buy a full size 6.75 fl oz for $39.00)

Ok, so this isn’t full-size. I was spoiled by the first three items this month! This is still quite a large sample, especially from Murad, a brand that is high quality but notoriously sparing with their sample sizes. Smelling like citrus and packed with vitamins A, C, and E, plus a plethora of antioxidants, this is a great anti-aging cleanser for most skin types. It left my face feeling super clean, and just a little bit dry, though I quickly followed up with a serum and moisturizer and the dryness vanished.


Briogeo Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray, 0.75 oz -Estimated Value $3.00 (Buy a full-size 5 oz for $20.00)

This is an old favorite for me! I love seeing it appear in boxes because I have yet to actually need to buy any, though it certainly is on the affordable side when that time comes. Leave-in conditioners are especially perfect for summer since so many of us spend time baking our strands in the sun, saturating them with pool chlorine, or spraying salt into them for texture. Give your tresses a little pick-me-up by spraying them with this hydrating and smoothing leave-in. I like to towel dry for a little wave and a ton of sheen.


Peter Thomas Roth – Cucumber Gel Mask, 0.47 fl oz – Estimated Value $4.89 (Buy 5 oz for $52.00)

How summery is a cucumber mask? This gel is so refreshing, especially after too much sun. I left mine in the fridge and then applied for 10 minutes after boing outside in the sunshine and heat. It zapped away loads of redness and left my skin feeling calm and cool. I am thrilled that there is no clay in this gel mask and all it leaves behind is hydration instead of dryness.


Love Sun Body – 100% Natural Origin Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, 0.84 oz – Estimated Value $4.03 (Buy a full-size 6.67 oz for $32.00)

Finally, our last item is a little bottle of sunscreen. It is probably too small to give more than 1 or 2 body applications in terms of coverage, but it is a great size for your purse when you plan an afternoon out at the zoo or botanical gardens. This cream is pretty thick, and it does suffer a little bit from that white filmy sheen that takes extra work to rub in. I didn’t find it greasy, but it did leave a glossiness on my skin, meaning I will save this for arms and shoulders rather than my face.

Verdict: This $24.95 BeautyFIX box has an estimated value of $163.59. WOW. Last month’s box had 13 products while this month has 7. I absolutely prefer fewer products but more full sizes and this box totally delivered. I am honestly blown away. The overarching theme this month would absolutely be summer sun protection, as 3 of the 7 items were sunscreen-based and the others would all be great for after sun exposure. Pretty much a perfect summery assortment in my opinion! I feel like a ton of subscribers are going to be absolutely thrilled with this box and its huge retail value.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box is still available!

Value Breakdown: At $24.95 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • NIA 24 Cream $9.15
  • Coola Liplux $2.75
  • Colorescience Sunscreen Powder $9.91
  • Murad Cleanser $1.32
  • Briogeo Leave-in Conditioner $0.46
  • Peter Thomas Roth Gel Mask $0.75
  • Love Sun Body Sunscreen $0.61

Alternatively, each of the 7 items has an average cost of $3.56.

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (75)

  1. My Colorescience powder is in shade Fair, but I need a darker shade. Anyone have a Medium/Tan and interested in swapping?

  2. When will they come out with the July spoilers, and when do I have to cancel by to not be charged for July?

    • I was wondering too? I don’t want July sight unseen.

    • I have been anxiously checking for July spoilers also. I would also like to cancel if I don’t like the spoilers. I suppose we could just cancel and then resub if we like the spoilers? I may do that at the end of the day if nothing is showing up by then, since it is a weekend.

      • Same. I came here to check one last time first

    • The July box is on the dermstore site. They posted it on the 26th

      • I have looked over their site and can’t find anything about the July box. Where did you look? What did you see?

      • I looked everywhere too and didn’t find anything.

  3. What is expire date for NIA24 cream and powder brush????

    • NIA cream is 24 months after opening.

  4. I am a subscriber and love the products in this box. HOWEVER, the shades I received don’t work for me, so I’ll try to swap. I am really fair-skinned, and I know from previous experience, the Colorescience does NOT work for me in Medium. Wish I had received a lighter shade. I also got the Coola in Skinny Dip. Really don’t like the whole nude lip trend. It makes me look washed out. Would have preferred something with actual color!

    • Hi Gina,

      I do get two boxes and I did get two Fair Colorescience, would you like to swap your medium one? Not sure how it works.

    • Hi Gina, I got a Fair and want to find someone to swap for a Medium (Tan would probably work best for me, but I think they only sent out Fairs and Mediums). Let me know if you are interested.

  5. This box was a hard miss for me, in fact I still have both the NIA and the COLORSCIENCE products they send last year so now I have 2 of each. I hope powder sunscreen doesn’t expire because I can guarantee both products have been sitting in a warehouse for over a year. I was perplexed that they repeated one product from a prior box but TWO? Sure they have new subscribers but what about the ones that are loyal? They get two duplicate full size products? The powder was too dark for me and i don’t really like the lotion and now I am stuck with 4. At least split it up if you are going to recycle box items or put out a special box. 25 dollars is on the high side for a beauty box and I expect better, especially since I have been a subscriber for a year. Getting repeated products this soon isn’t right.

    • The Nia I received expires this month, 6/19. Use it fast!

      • I don’t see an expiration date anywhere on mine. Where did you find it? Thanks.

      • There is a small code on the box and the product. It does not read exp., but that is what it is….

      • My code is 0738A1. I also have an older one, from a previous Beautyfix. The older one has a code of 0537A1. I do not understand how you are getting a date from these codes. Any further help would be appreciated. Thanks kindly.

      • My old Nia from last year has a code of 0966A1 on one side and EXP 04/2019 on the other. My Nia from this month says 0619A1 on one side but I don’t see an expiration date at all.

      • I think the numbers are a coincidence. I have 3 of them and none make sense to be a date. The one from last year is a sunscreen, and this one just a lotion, so that’s probably why it had a date.

  6. The colorscience powder can expire.

    “Sunscreen remains effective for three years, but it does expire, so check the date on the container and don’t use it if the date has past. However, not all containers carry a date. As long as the sunscreen has been formulated to stay stable for three years, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require one.”

    • I was missing the Coola lip sunscreen. I called CS and the rep said she would send the missing product. The next day, I received notification that I had ordered another June box and was charged $34.95!!! I called twice and two different reps told me that this was how they accounted for inventory and my card was not charged??? Ah, yes, it was charged according to Discover. The box arrived yesterday. I called CS again and the phone number went straight to an odd message. So frustrating. Also, the Nia product expires in June 2019…. The other post was correct. This box is “old stock”… Guess this is how Dermstore gets rid of expired products… Beautyfix boxes. Cancelling my sub after this post. Sadly, I really liked this sub.😪

  7. Can someone please tell me if there is an expiration date on the Colorscience, I can’t find one. Thanks

    • Since it’s a powder I don’t believe anything can happen to it to make it expire.

      • Thank you 😊

  8. Hmm did anyone’s box miss Murad Essential C Cleanser? My box arrived today without it. I’ve never had a missing item happen before.

    • I am missing the Coola….

    • Same, Murad was missing. I emailed them. Hoping they can send a replacement as I really wanted to try it!

    • I was missing the hair product. I emailed them and they sent a replacement right away.

    • They sent an entire box to replace my missing lip sunscreen. This box was missing the Murad…. no idea why they could not send only the Coola.

  9. Amazing box! I caved and ordered this last week and it arrived today! And I really needed a pick me up. I received the fair sunscreen powder… yay! And the NIA is a wonderful product. I was afraid of the fragrance after reading some of the reviews, but it is light and pleasant to me. My box was missing the Coola lip… bummed about that, since we are leaving for vacation next week. Anyway, I can’t wait to slather the Nia on my neck after my shower.

  10. I’ve avoided ALL temptations to spend my money until this box–I caved because I wanted the colorscience and coola. I’m not regretting it either. I really like the look and feel of the coola lip balm (skinny dip) and once I’m done with supergoop’s spf powder I am quite sure I will like colorscience’s better.

    I really wanted to try the NIA24, but my buyer’s remorse was eased by giving it to my mom…

  11. I got my box today after subscribing on Thursday – lightning fast (free) shipping! I lucked out and got the Colorescience in Fair, which is perfect for my ghost-white skin. I also got the Coola in Skinny Dip, which I’m less enthused about – I’d have preferred Tan Lines or Bonfire; something with a tint.

    More frustrating, my Coola was partially melted, and the balm bullet fell out into my lap when I opened the cap. I wedged it back in its container and stuck it in the fridge to firm up, so hopefully it’s not a complete loss, but what a bummer. I’m wondering if I should contact Dermstore about this. It’s not really their fault – my condo association had the brilliant (/sarcasm) brainwave of installing outdoor mailboxes for packages instead of continuing to let mail carriers leave them in the lobby. The result is that, because I work full time, any package of mine sits in a Southern-summer-heated metal box all day (that is, the ones that get delivered – plenty of my packages go astray now, and I never had that issue before). But I still feel like subscription services should anticipate that items sent during the warmer months might melt. I took some photos showing the bullet outside the casing, and where it had broken at the base.

    Otherwise, I’m impressed by everything. The Nia lotion is HUGE and absorbs into the skin really fast. I needed a good neck cream, and I’m also hoping it will help heal some of the sun damage I have on the backs of the my hands (wear sunscreen on your hands, folks). The Murad smells great; I can always use another cleanser. And I must be the only person on MSA who’s never tried the Briogeo before, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.

  12. I have to say DS customer service was top notch for me this month. My box was missing one thing. I let them know and they went above and beyond to fix the issue. Love it!

    This has to be the most exciting box of the year for me!

    Tip on mineral sunscreens: I think the lotions tend to look even more white if your skin is on the dry side. My face is oily, but I have dry areas on my body. Sunscreen never looks white on my face but it does on my legs sometimes. If I make sure to stay on top of moisturizering them, sunscreen applies more smoothly and less white. With the powder sunscreen I like to spritz with the Avene water that has been in past boxes. It takes away any powdery residue and looks more dewy.

  13. Did anyone get the COOLA in a tint/color? I also got the nude and it seems like all the commenters so far have also. Was wondering if a second box was worth the gamble to try and get one with color.

    • I got a colored one- I’m actually not that in love with it- it’s a bit too bronze for me. Worth a try!

      • Honestly, for $25, I don’t think you could go wrong to roll the dice. I did not receive the Coola, an I am honestly thinking about a second box for the other stuff. I love the suggestion to chill the PTR cucumber gel. I am going to take that on our mini vacay to Ocean City.

  14. I really liked this box. Like someone else said I prefer the 3 full sized items and a few samples rather than all small samples. I love the NIA 24 cream and the powder sunscreen is something i would never have purchased but really like! I also love the coola lip balm w/spf I was worried when I opened it because it was the really dark color but it doesn’t go on like that and actually works for me with more of a hint of color. Very happy!

    • WHat shade did you end up getting in the COOLA? I might have to buy a tinted one!

  15. I just wish I would get my MAY box .. ugh

    • I never received my May box either. I finally called and they offered to send a replacement but I took a refund, I wasn’t too excited about May anyway

  16. I love this box this month!! As for the powder, I was shocked to be able to use the shade “fair,” but it is like a translucent powder on me. The Nia has a scent I don’t like. I really want to give it a try, so I hope I can adapt to it. It didn’t bother me on my hands, but on my decolletage it was too close to my nose. I wish I’d had the coola lip sunscreen balm on my recent trip to San Diego. Poor lips! The other 3 are tried and true items I knew I loved. I am so tempted to get a second box, if I can adapt to the Nia!

    • Hi Tanya, I have medium tone skin that gets almost deep in the summer time. I received fair too and I’m scared to try it in case it doesn’t work for me. Would you mind telling me your experience and what time you are so I can get an idea of keeping it or trying to trade? Thank you so much! 😊

      • Hey Jill, FWIW, I have pretty fair skin that veers toward medium in summer months, and I have used medium the past 2 summers and it’s fine. It’s really pretty translucent.

      • Thank you Michelle! I actually just took a Gamble and ordered another box lol so if I get the same shade I am just gonna use it and give one away. From all the comments and the review, I think it would prob work.

  17. I love BF but I’m on overload and got the beauty report box which was a super nice collection so I’m good for sunscreen, but still have a tiny bit box envy ! Keep it up BF with some full size items 💕 don’t got back to all tiny samples again like the last two prior months

  18. I am on a beauty box moratorium but I bought this one. One of my skincare goals (yes I have them) is to take better care of my hands.

    • Me too. I feel like my face gets all the attention. I also tried it on my dry knees and loved it!

  19. Caved the Nia is a favorite and on last tube.

  20. I just received my box, what wonderful curation! I love that there are three full sized products! I received fair for the sunscreen which is perfect for me, and the skinny dip shade of lip color, I’m extremely happy. The Nia product is huge! I was surprised how big the Murad cleanser is, as well. Excellent value and I’m very happy.

  21. Wow this was such a happy review! It made me smile all the way and just bought one:) thank you

    • I had a lot of fun reviewing it. Thanks for reading Jane. 🙂

  22. Totally just ordered. I love sunscreen powders, they are perfect for reapplication mid day. Thank you Megan!

    • My pleasure! <3

  23. I love Beautyfix and love Nia 24 i just ordered another box. The Coola is awesome to I got Skinny dip, I gifted the powder b/c I don’t use powders or foundation but wow what an amazing box! 🤗 Thank you Beautyfix 👏👏👏

  24. I don’t understand that out of four shades for the colorscience they chose the two lightest ones. Obviously not everyone will fit into that category and I think it completely excludes darker skin tones. I am a light-skinned African-American and I still cannot use either one of these Shades. We received the colorescience SPF powder last year and the one I have in medium is too light and chalky for me. Why should I have to mix products just to get the right skin tone when there are other options available. I hope other people can make it work.

    • Yes, I loved the box, but for this item I think they should personalize or replace with another product altogether.

    • I actually opened the container and emptied the product, substituting the powder that I prefer (and color that I prefer). Love the easy application, just not the product itself/color they gave e.

      • I agree Alisa and great idea Donna, I ordered it for the other products especially the Nia. I would definitely try and do this though thank you .

    • I agree it would be nice if they would let you choose the shade. I find The powder products look darker if I get it damp. Mineral powders repel water so you won’t wash it off if you spritz your face with water and pat it gently. I spritz mine because I like a dewy look. I use the Avene water we got in an earlier box. Try it on your wrist and see what happens? 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Thanks for the spritz tip. I will definitely try it since I got my box today and it’s in fair so I know I can’t do anything with that but try emptying it out like Donna recommended. I will try to spray the one from last year which is in medium though .

      • V, give the Fair a shot. I got the Fair and it is literally translucent on me – reminds me of a setting powder.

  25. Maybe because our household’s fragrance-free, but I found the Nia 24 to absolutely have a scent! Fortunately it’s pleasant enough, formula is great, and safe around my chemically sensitive husband. Just thought it was worth mentioning…
    Thanks so much for your review & input!

    • Good callout Eva! I edited the text a little to be more accurate. I think I am a fragrance junkie so my nose sometimes doesn’t pick up some lighter scents. Thanks for your input, and I am glad the lotion still works well for you. <3

    • Agreed, Eva. I have tried this Nia cream before and I realize that I’m in the minority, but I completely hated the scent to the extent that I had to give it away. Pity. But I totally love this box otherwise, and I can gift the Nia to my mama.

  26. I really want to Thank you “Beauty Fix” for an outstanding box this month. I sure appreciate you going back to the larger sizes again.
    Your box is the best out there yet.

    Keep up the good work……❤

  27. I thought it was a fantastic box too! They sent me the light in the setting powder and the Coola lippie was perfect for me too. I was blown away. You’re right about the sunscreen/setting powder. I got medium last year and it was fine too. Plus if you get a little tan, it will still be perfect.

    • I was really happy I could use it! And super glad that if I manage to get a little glow it is still useable. Glad you enjoyed your box!

  28. Great review, had to laugh thinking of you trying to get swatches for two products and getting nothing 🙂 Love your photos, they are always so professional!

    • Haha I did try! Learned you really can’t take a great picture of a sheen.. I will always try though! <3

  29. I was so much excited to get a bright reddish color of the lip balm. But instead I got the one that has been reviewed here. Bummer, and it tastes and smells awful. At least they guessed my skin color for the SPF powder. Even though that is more winter color.
    Still a good box for my first month.

  30. I wasn’t thrilled with this one. In fact I canceled. Prefer more products to try. Love samples

  31. Great review! I also got the same colorless coola lip balm. I’d rather receive a colorless balm than a color that does work for me. I LOVE the Nia24 hand cream. I’m getting older and can remember my mom saying…. “peoples hands show their age.” So I’m trying to take preventative actions to slow down the aging of my hands. This cream works so good, after a few days…. I ordered another box. I received a light and a medium in the spf powder. They honestly arent much different once applied.

    LOVE THIS BOX. And Beautyfix. I have cancelled all subs except this one.

  32. I just ordered it! I can’t wait to get it! Thanks for your awesome review. I was worried about the powder color selection that I would receive. I have medium tone skin so I am thinking that any of the shades sent to me will be workable. Hoping anyway. I’ve also been looking for a cream for my decolette and neck and this seems like it’s gonna be perfect! I always treat my neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest with the same skin care routine that I do on my face and believe me it’s a very good and long routine lol. Tha ks again for the review 😊

    • You are welcome Jill! I think the powder should absolutely work. I was shocked that I could use the medium, especially since I often buy the palest foundation shade in most lines. The cream is wonderful. Hope you love everything like I did! 🙂

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