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BE KIND. by ellen Summer 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

Be Kind by Ellen Summer 2019 Subscription Box – FULL SPOILERS!


We have spoilers for the Summer 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks for the heads up, Jen!)

The Summer 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

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What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Check out our review of the previous box to get a sense of what to expect!

Be Kind by Ellen

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Comments (124)

  1. Here is my take on this box
    1.Drunk elephant. Nice. Not worth $90. MAYBE $40
    2.Candle holder -just ok
    3.Book- bound backwoods and upside down
    4.Straws. Cute. Don’t know how often I will use them PITA to have to clean them every time
    5. Water box/coupon. You can Actually get a case sent to you with no money or credit card when using the coupon.
    6. Work out app. Seems good. No credit card required
    7. Spotify. Must enter a credit card. Subscription will automatically continue after 2 month.

  2. Waiting to judge this box until I get it. I was happy with the last Be Kind box except for the playing cards. My husband and I love to play cards so was excited to try out the new deck. Unfortunately it was not a full deck. After playing two hands of gin we discoved it had missing cards.

    • Received my box today. Not sure I’ll use the subscriptions, so not happy with those in the box. I agree with other comments that another item in the box would of been better. Will try again, if not satisfied with next box I’ll cancel.

  3. I found the spring box as a HUGE miss and I was severely disappointed after seeing the first box. Funny how the first one was absolutely amazing and the following one well….sucked. I am excited for this box because of the littles set from DE but I JUST recieved all of them from my birthday gift and placing an order. The rest I got samples from Sephora. The value is definitely there this season only because of the kit. DE is so expensive that I will take what I can get. On the other hand, without the kit it is so lacklustre. I mean….what is up with the free trial cards? We do not need those as we can get a trial just by going to the websites. HUGE disappointment. She should use the “value” of the trials and add another item. They are as useless to me as those wine vouchers we always get in sub boxes!!!!

  4. Liz, is this box available to new subscribers? I really want it for the DE.

  5. I send this sub to my mom because she loves Ellen! She will use nothing in this box but maybe the water! Totally disappointed with the two coupons. Include an actual real product because I’m paying with actual real money!

  6. I don’t care what’s in the box! I LOVE Ellen and her message so I’m always in!

    • OMG totally agree, waste of money. Very disappointed. You can get the Free Trials yourself, you don’t need to sign up for the box. Very Very Very sad…👎👎👎👎👎

  7. This box sounds more difficult to cancel than Allure. Even if I LOVED the box (which really isnt a good fit for me personally anyway) I wont subscribe after reading all of the current subscribers angst with their lack of customer service/ability to cancel easily/being charged regardless. Nope.

    • You can cancel through your account on their website. I’m not sure why people are having any issues with that.

      • For me personally the website said my account could not be found. Even though I received the first two boxes and have been billed for the summer box. Emails to CS have gone unanswered. Therefore making it hard to cancel.

    • I cancelled after the spring box. I just logged into my account and cancelled. At bottom of the account area click on manage subscriptions.

  8. I’ve been stalking the DE for a lower price to test it out for ages. The rest of the box is fluff for me, but the lower cost for the DE littles…I’m taking my chances!!!

    • Same here. I’ve wanted a DE “Littles” set pretty much since the brand launched, and never pulled the trigger because of the $90 price tag. The other items all look fine… nothing I’d go out of my way to get, but nice enough. Most will go in the “gift stockpile” I keep in a box on a shelf in my room, because someone in my world will enjoy getting them — way worse things can happen, right? But I just snagged this box for that DE Skincare, and I’m SUPER happy!

  9. There is little excitement in a carton of water. Great concept, but not for a paid subscription box. A coupon for it would have sufficed.

    • Was thinking the same thing. I understand the point is to make us “be kind” to the planet and use less plastics n thats commendable. However, a coupon definitely would’ve sufficed as you said AND leave less chances for spillage etc during shipping. Just my 2 cents

    • Honestly, I prefer the actual item over a coupon. I’ll drink it if it shows up to my door. If you give me a coupon, chances are I’ll never search for it in a store or order it online. The 2 gift cards that are already in this box are not nearly likely to be used as much as the actual items….

  10. For all of the people who are saying it’s showing they don’t have an account, have you tried creating one with the email address you signed up with? Only asking because I could have sworn I had made one, so I tried to log in and it wasn’t working. Finally I clicked on the link to create an account and put in my info, then they emailed me a link to click on. Now I can log in and cancel if I want to. Hopefully this can help some of you. 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! It worked. Now I can cancel when I receive my box.

      • YAY!!! I’m so glad it worked. 🙂

  11. So I threatened to take to social media and complain after emailing them this morning (for the 4th time) and I suddenly got a reply back that support was reviewing my email and I would receive a reply shortly
    Funny how that works 😡

    • I also emailed them for a 5th time today about a cancellation on March 6, and the email’s I send to their (support) bounce back. I am ready to go to the FB page as well. Does anyone have the correct email for support? Thank you.

      • Why dont you manage your own sub and cancel it under your account page 🙄

      • @Michelle – I have also had to email to ask them to cancel. I can see my account, I can see the button for “Manage my Subscription” but cannot access that page.

      • All you have to do is cancel the payment you use. I had the same issue with Spotify a few years ago. I don’t know about now, but several years ago there was absolutely no CS information on their page. NONE! I was getting charged for the service but yet couldn’t sign into my account. I knew my log in information. I just contacted PayPal and they canceled the payments. It was that simple. If there’s a saved payment in your account, just delete it. I’ve done that too.

  12. What a 💥 letdown. The last box sucked (gorilla bracelet anyone?) and so does this one. I’m a skincare junkie so the DE is ok (I’ve used it before and it’s not worth the price). I wish they’d quit with the stupid vouchers and just give a little something in their place.

  13. Can someone post back on here if you can use the Spotify if you already have an account? I receive this box but because of the shipping method it takes 6-8 weeks before I’ll get it. Was thinking of getting Spotify with a 99cent special and then adding this afterwards.

    • I had Spotify a few years ago. I knew my log in information and it would not take it. There was absolutely no way to contact any CS to help. NONE! I just deleted it and now use Amazon’s music app. I have Prime and pay around 8-10.00 for the music app and I love it, as do I Prime.

      • I recently needed to contact Spotify for charges to my bank acct but couldn’t figure out how/where/why since my acct wasn’t “premium”. I was able to “live chat”. Idk how long they’ve had this option because they certainly didn’t have this option in the past. But I was quite happy.

  14. Dang, the littles set from DE makes up for the entire cost of the box for me! $90 on Sephora!

  15. I had serious fomo after the first box, really only wanted the tumbler and calm voucher from the second and nothing from this one. DE is great and I’ve tried every one of their products trying to find a fit but my skin doesn’t seem to like anything from the line. It’d be a great giftable set though for those that are getting the box and aren’t excited about that.

    • Just the set is $90 on Sephora!

  16. I would like some items in this box but not enough for the price tag. I managed to cancel my sub after the last box and it was a hassle so it’s not worth the risk to me to sign up again. :-/

  17. Im in between, only because codes like these means nothing to me. The last code for Calm was used once for a bit, I actually couldn’t sleep with it on. So now theres 2, that probably wont get use either.

    Ill prefer one physical item than having these trial codes in the box. I loved the last 2 boxes, this one did not wow me but will get used, except probably those codes..

  18. This is a really good deal if you like drunk elephant, I already love their products and these are the perfect size for travel at almost half the price. The rest of the items for are just ok, for me.

  19. I was surprised to see the charge come through for this last week. I didn’t receive the email giving me the option to cancel before being billed. I checked spam and it’s not in there, either. That said, I’m not super-wowed by this box, but I’ll use most of it, other than the trial subscriptions which are of no use to me. The candle holder reads very 70s to me; not in a bad way, but I can picture it in a room decorated with macrame’, which is also back in so I guess that makes sense. I guess we’ll see. This might be one of those boxes that’s much more satisfying once I get to experience everything.

  20. Well, I can’t be kind, I can’t afford you subscription. So I will Be thoughtful. Hope the box makes someone’s day. Thank you

  21. This box is just ok. If I saw it before my card was charged, I’d probably cancel. I like the DE, but that’s it. Considering this is the same price point as Causebox and FFF, I’d rather use my money on those boxes.

    • Ditto!!

  22. I’m actually very excited for this box–I’ve wanted to try DE for a long time but the price tag has always kept me away. I think the daily meditation book will be great as I’ve just started practicing yoga. My daughter will love the work out app–she has one she uses now, but this will be a great add. And I’m liking the reusable straws, hopefully I’ll be able to keep my kids from throwing them away. I’m hoping the Spotify code will allow for already existing members as we already have a family plan. The Calm code in the last box was definitely used. I think the value for this box is definitely there, I love the cause and will continue to subscribe. Thanks for the spoilers! My box is on the way now. My one daughter has been trying to get tickets to an Ellen show forever, she’d be freaking out if we got some!

  23. Favorite Ellen box so far! I will use everything. I love DE, but rarely purchase. But all the formulas except sunscreen were very effective on me. And that tealight looked boring until I realized it’s Fillable, even water! I’m gonna put mini pinecones inside in the fall, stones in the summer, etc.

  24. Pass.

  25. Why aren’t my posts showing. This is my third one. I canceled this box the website says my email address doesn’t exist nor is there an account associated with it yet I was charged 54.99. I’ve emailed customer service three times even before these charges and I still have gotten no response. I’m extremely ticked off about being charged I don’t want this box

    • Is there a phone number you can call?

      • No phone number to call I’ve looked. That even say in their FAQ that if you send the box back Mark as returned they will return it right back to your address

      • I’m having the exact same problem and I’m with you I’m really angry.

      • On my credit card statement, in the Merchant Information, the following phone number was noted: 201-298-9755 (in New Jersey).

    • Yeah they make it impossible to cancel after payment posted. It’s really shady to me. I had to get someone else who wanted the box to PayPal the cost to me and I changed the shipping address to them. I’ve never had to go through such lengths to stop a sub, which is so funny given the point and name of this box..

    • I tried to cancel and. My account wasn’t found either. I emailed customer service and no response, then a couple days later got the shipping notification. I’m actually glad I ended up getting this box because of the DE but want to cancel after this. The last box was a complete miss for me besides the tumbler.

    • Try creating an acct with your email address, then sign in to that acct and you should be able to cancel your subscription then.

  26. The only saving grace in this box is the DE. But since I have full size of everything from DE that I like this is a no go for me. I got the last box and was highly disappointed. (I bought it before spoilers were released. I know, stupid.) Anyway, if you have been wanting to try DE this is a great deal. Since the littles is $90.

  27. Liz, is there a way to sign up to be notified of MSA spoilers and reviews, etc for this Be Kind box? I don’t seem to be able to find anywhere on the site to sign up for MSA Be Kind by Ellen notifications.

    • I second this. I don’t understand why some boxes don’t have this option. None of the knitting boxes I want to follow give me the option, so I always miss the reviews on them.

    • Hi – We just fixed this, you should be able to sign up now 🙂

      • Thanks!

  28. Not too happy. Hoping for a better box for Fall.

  29. I canceled my account and I can’t even login because it says my email address isn’t found And there is no account associated with my email address but yet they charged me $54.99 anyway..I’ve emailed them twice over a weeks time and I still have gotten no response from them.
    Not happy at all

  30. I have been wanting a sub box to include Drunk Elephant Littles Kit forever now. Awesome! The candle holder looks really cool, I hope I can find something pretty to put in there.

  31. The DE set has been on my Favorites list for about a month now so I decided to opt in for this instead. It appears easy enough to cancel/re-subscribe each quarter.

  32. This box is good and the value is there. It will be hard for them to top their first box with the Vitruvi diffuser. I hope the fall and winter boxes wow us.

    • Ellen just posted on YouTube one box will have 2 tickets to her show premiere.

    • Also I just looked up the book. The author has a remarkable personal story. I can see why the book was included.

  33. I was so bummed I missed out on the last one but I think I’ll be okay skipping this one. It’s not terrible, but not terribly impressive either. The book looks interesting but it’s on Amazon for $10 (hardcover) and has no reviews. I have been meaning to buy reusable straws for some time now, but they keep popping ip in sub boxes so hopefully I’ll get some soon that way. The tealight holder is pretty but not something I’d purchase for myself or as a gift to anyone I can think of. I generally don’t like getting those free trial certificates and can’t see myself using either of these. The Drunk Elephant set alone would actually seal the deal for me if I didn’t already have several deluxe size samples from them on top of a TON of unused skincare stacking up from my addiction. 😄
    For those that aren’t drowning in products already, this box is a great deal for the DE set alone since I believe it costs $90 or so on Sephora, it’s rated very highly, and sounds like it’s better for your skin/body than a lot of other brands.

  34. Hmmm, I subbed for the Spring box and I don’t think I ever cancelled but I haven’t received anything from BeKind re: the Summer box. I just checked my account and there is no sign of billing activity so maybe I’m not subscribed? The website is not super clear about status of subscription. It’s okay because I’m not loving this month’s box. I find it disappointing when a box sends a bunch of “gift certificates” as part of box since these are just meant to hook you into yet another subscription. I’m happy to pass on this one.

  35. Does anyone know if I can still get this box ?

    • I would assume so. It hasn’t been advertised yet.

    • You can buy mine for $55, it stinks. Listen to the reviews and avoid this one.

  36. The Drunk Elephant though.. Still not going to bite.

    • My feelings exactly.

  37. I would love this box if it was in the $30-40 price range, seems a bit light for $55 to me. The Drunk Elephant littles der is temping, but I already have most of those samples from Sephora and the Jelly Cleanser is the birthday reward this year from Sephora, as well. The candle looks nice but not enough for me to drop $55.

  38. I cancelled just last week before billing and feel fine with it. I like this box and would have gotten the value on it, but realized I am truly addicted and spending too much on boxes and needed to cut a few free. I am overloaded on product, so just as glad I’m not getting this. Just a tiny bit of FOMO.

  39. Is it clear which size of the candle holder it is? I’m so torn on whether to sign back up or not. The holder looks so cool, but I have spotify (can I use that on my existing account?) and the LAST thing in the universe I need is more skincare even though I do like DE. Maybe I’ll just buy a few of the candle holders. Part of me is saying don’t get it and the other part is saying I passed on the tarte kit so I deserve it lol.

    • Considering the amount of broken candles in the last box that took forever to be replaced you may just want to get the candle holder… and with no size given chances are it will be the 14.99 one.

    • Amen to that! I was thinking the exact same thing. The hero item is a skincare set and I am drowning in lotions serums etc.

    • I ordered a build your own Tarte kit. So excited to get it. Mine came out to $204 worth of product for $68 whi h includedthe tax 😍

    • Hi, I received my box today – the candle is the standard (middle sized) one on their website. Everything was packed really well and arrived safe and sound.

  40. I wonder if there is more stuff at the top of the photo that is cut off.

    • I’m wondering that as well. I really disliked the last box, but because I like Ellen, I keep wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt. While I like DE very much, it isn’t enough to be a hero item (for me).

  41. The Spotify is 99 cents for 3 months on their website right now.

    • yeah, i tried that but bc I’ve used spotify (i month free trial) before over a year ago, it wouldn’t let me 🙁 has to be a new account etc.
      so not sure how this certificate will work, but hopefully will with existing accounts!

      • If you have gmail if you add a dot or remove it most sites will treat it as a new email but you still get them.

      • Thanks Anna I’ll try that 🙂

  42. Well, the last thing I need is a bunch of sample-sized skin care. And those “gift certificates” are no better than a free trial. I would never have bought this box if I hadn’t been automatically charged for it. I think it’s shady to charge subscribers without releasing at least one spoiler. This box certainly doesn’t compare in value to the first one.

    • It’s not shady. Subscription boxes don’t need to release any spoilers, and I would think people would have realized by now that this particular box is pretty much a blind purchase.

      • I agree. This isn’t shady. No one forces you to purchase it sight unseen. Apparently the “be kind” message isn’t getting through to everyone.

      • “Apparently the “be kind” message isn’t getting through to everyone.”
        LOL! Best comment!

      • Agreed. I’m not sure why it would be shady when subscription boxes were intended back in the day to be “surprises” or “mystery” items, etc. That was part of what made it fun! People have become so entitled with demanding spoilers and refunds/cancellations.

      • I guess what I meant was, the day after the billing email was sent, I was charged for the box. There wasn’t much time to consider. And then less than a week later, full spoilers are released, allowing non-subscribers to decide whether or not they want the box. I’m not getting any kind of discount or benefits like many other boxes do for their annual or on-going subscribers. I don’t think I’m “entitled” to anything more than anyone else gets, but I’m not seeing any benefit to being a “subscriber” to this box.

      • That’s fair, and I agree that the way they do announcements/billing/full reveal is a little odd

      • Just the risk of it selling out before you see spoilers and get to order I guess. For example, by the time PSMH released full spoilers the box was sold out…but they did already give away 2 products beforehand.

  43. DEFINITELY much better than the last box. I’m super happy about the drunk elephant littles, it doesn’t take much for me to tell if a product works or not and I’ve been wanting to try some of theirs. The candle looks really cool, I like how the website shows rocks in the vase and with the natural wood base it will really look good with my decor. The straws are useful, I will give the workout app a shot (anything that may help me workout is welcome!), and I will give the spotify to my daughter to use for the summer. Overall a good box and I am not disappointed at all.

  44. The value on the Drunk Elephant makes the box worth it for me. I would never actively go out an buy that candle, but now that I have it, I will be able to find a place for it, so that’s a win for me, too. The rest I may or may not use, but I certainly don’t feel cheated or disappointed.

    • Agreed, since The Littles is usually $90 🙂

  45. I was *just* going to buy reusable straws today, so this is perfect timing!

    And The Littles make this box worth while.

    Just wish there were a better “summer read”. I love a good, fictional summer book!

  46. I love the idea of Drunk Elephant in the box, BUT….I kinda wish it was one full size item instead of the littles and only bc it really takes a full size item to see results with skin care and I don’t see myself buying all of the littles in full sizes. Just my opinion.

    • I totally get what you are saying and normally I would agree, but the sizes of these actually aren’t that bad so hopefully you can get an idea if you like them or not. I also think it’s “safer” to include a sampling of smaller items than one big item that may not work for everyone. I’ve found out that my skin is a lot more sensitive than I originally thought so I buy smaller sizes of expensive products a lot more often now so I can do a few days of trial first. Plus, these are great for traveling!

  47. I forgot I subscribed and was surprised to see shipping confirmation yesterday. I’m okay with getting this. Not over the moon but not terribly disappointed.

    • I received an email last week telling me that I had until the end of May to cancel or I’d be charged. I appreciated the heads up

      • Same.

      • I was on vacation and missed it. I double checked after reading comments here and after seeing my shipping confirmation. I did indeed receive the billing heads up, I just didn’t notice it while on vacation. So okay, looks like I’m getting this box.

    • I canceled and I don’t regret it. Don’t like DE. If fall looks better then I buy it again. For now I’m ok! 😎

  48. I love it! Can’t wait to get my box, so happy it’s way better than the last one!

  49. Will we get this box if we subscribe today?

  50. I didn’t cancel and was just going to give this box another shot before deciding if I’d continue….I’m kind of bummed about the gift certificate stuff because I never use those (I’m not even going to kid myself anymore). But the DE Littles makes it more than worth it to me! LOL. Whew.

    • I thought the same thing! (I actually canceled after the last box and then uncanceled lol) I wasn’t wow’d by the previous box but there were still items that I liked so I thought maybe with some of the negative feedback that would step it up a bit. I don’t need a workout sub since I have a Peloton and I don’t use Spotify, I guess those will be up for swap.

    • id love your spotify code if you’re not going to use it 🙂 *pretty please*

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