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Be Kind by Ellen Summer 2019 Subscription Box – FULL SPOILERS!

ByMSAJun 5, 2019 | 124 comments

Be Kind by Ellen
2.3 overall rating
87 Ratings | 33 Reviews


We have spoilers for the Summer 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks for the heads up, Jen!)

The Summer 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

Source: steph_mur16

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Check out our review of the previous box to get a sense of what to expect!

For 17 years, Ellen DeGeneres talk show guests, viewers, and audience members have all felt the same unifying experience when they watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show one that lightens their moods, lifts their spirits, and makes their hearts smile. To share this experience with people everywhere, Ellen h... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Where are the spoilers for the fall box?????


seriously ! this is so late. very annoyed with this subscription.


Really would like if they released one spoiler before billing. The last two boxes were a miss for me so may have to cancel this one. :/


I’m thinking she will do a full box reveal on her season premiere show Monday. It seems like they always reveal before billing ~ don’t they?


We are billed on Monday. The email stated that any updates to billing information needs to be done by 11:59 pm on Sunday and that we will be charged on Monday. I was billed before any spoilers for the summer box. It’s not a huge deal, I’m just torn as to if I should give it one more go around without spoilers lol. 🙂


Order now to get 2 boxes for the price of one. Second box can be sent to a friend. No code needed.


I ordered yesterday and my box already shipped! Does anyone know how you get the code for the free one? I don’t see anything in my confirmation email or shipper referring to the free code supposed to receive.


My email states you will receive a code for the second box. I’m guessing they’ll email it to you.


This box is apparently still available. I just received an email that if you buy the spring/summer box you get a code to give to anyone in the US that they can redeem for a free spring/summer box. You could probably redeem the code yourself too. So two boxes for the price of one. No coupon code is needed.


There were different boxes for Summer and Spring….I would be ok with 2 for 1 Summer boxes, but would not want the second box to be the Spring one. I am hesitating on taking the offer.


Good to know. I assume you’d get 2 summer boxes, but my email stated it was for the spring/summer box. I don’t sub to this box so I wasn’t aware there was both spring and summer boxes.


I am so done with this box.

Last month, I realized in April (yes – way too many subs), that I had not received my spring box and was unable to access my account. So I contacted customer service who eventually replied after a couple of emails to the effect that my address just gave city and state and that if I provided my full address they would get the box out immediately. That was at around noon. I’m at work so think that I will respond when I get home but thought it was odd as I had received the previous box without any issues. At 4 pm that same day I received another email stating that because of lack of response from me my subscription was cancelled! I’m annoyed but the box wasn’t really my cup of tea so decided that this was for the best.

Fast forward a few weeks and imagine my surprise when I was charged for the summer box. I was busy at work (usual state these days) so decided to just roll with it. I was now able to access my account so I updated my address and checked a couple of days later to make sure it looked right. All appeared well.

This morning it occurred to me that I had not received the summer box so I checked my account to find that the order for the summer box was unfulfilled AND my address is incorrect again. To add insult to injury, I am now unable to access my account profile and also unable to manage my subscription.

Not sure what to say except that I am officially done with this box.


Enough with the “coupons” for free trials already. I will never use one of those where I have to put a credit card on file and then remember to cancel. Full Stop. I can likely find a free trial offer on my own. Very disappointed in this box. I am giving it one more time and then will, no doubt, cut the cord.


Was charged, no box sent (unfulfilled) shown on account, yet no refund. This had been cancelled. This is not my kind of being kind.


I was disappointed with this box as well, but I found it easy to cancel my account. Log in to your account, click on manage subscriptions, click on the be kind box & scroll down to where it says cancel my subscription.


I just received my box and was kinda disappointed to find that the “gift cards” are not unique codes. Anyone can use them , so it takes away from the boxes value. I like the drunk elephant and the straws, but for $55 , its not really worth it for me personally. I hope others enjoys this box though.


If boxed water is better and meant to reduce plastic use, why are parts of the box plastic? It’s more convenient to open the plastic spout to drink but if your marketing is getting rid of plastic, you shouldn’t use plastic.


Here is my take on this box
1.Drunk elephant. Nice. Not worth $90. MAYBE $40
2.Candle holder -just ok
3.Book- bound backwoods and upside down
4.Straws. Cute. Don’t know how often I will use them PITA to have to clean them every time
5. Water box/coupon. You can Actually get a case sent to you with no money or credit card when using the coupon.
6. Work out app. Seems good. No credit card required
7. Spotify. Must enter a credit card. Subscription will automatically continue after 2 month.

Lynda Penny

Waiting to judge this box until I get it. I was happy with the last Be Kind box except for the playing cards. My husband and I love to play cards so was excited to try out the new deck. Unfortunately it was not a full deck. After playing two hands of gin we discoved it had missing cards.

Lynda Penny

Received my box today. Not sure I’ll use the subscriptions, so not happy with those in the box. I agree with other comments that another item in the box would of been better. Will try again, if not satisfied with next box I’ll cancel.

Misty Schaedig

I found the spring box as a HUGE miss and I was severely disappointed after seeing the first box. Funny how the first one was absolutely amazing and the following one well….sucked. I am excited for this box because of the littles set from DE but I JUST recieved all of them from my birthday gift and placing an order. The rest I got samples from Sephora. The value is definitely there this season only because of the kit. DE is so expensive that I will take what I can get. On the other hand, without the kit it is so lacklustre. I mean….what is up with the free trial cards? We do not need those as we can get a trial just by going to the websites. HUGE disappointment. She should use the “value” of the trials and add another item. They are as useless to me as those wine vouchers we always get in sub boxes!!!!


Liz, is this box available to new subscribers? I really want it for the DE.


I send this sub to my mom because she loves Ellen! She will use nothing in this box but maybe the water! Totally disappointed with the two coupons. Include an actual real product because I’m paying with actual real money!


I don’t care what’s in the box! I LOVE Ellen and her message so I’m always in!


OMG totally agree, waste of money. Very disappointed. You can get the Free Trials yourself, you don’t need to sign up for the box. Very Very Very sad…👎👎👎👎👎

Kathy Piccini

This box sounds more difficult to cancel than Allure. Even if I LOVED the box (which really isnt a good fit for me personally anyway) I wont subscribe after reading all of the current subscribers angst with their lack of customer service/ability to cancel easily/being charged regardless. Nope.


I cancelled after the spring box. I just logged into my account and cancelled. At bottom of the account area click on manage subscriptions.


You can cancel through your account on their website. I’m not sure why people are having any issues with that.


For me personally the website said my account could not be found. Even though I received the first two boxes and have been billed for the summer box. Emails to CS have gone unanswered. Therefore making it hard to cancel.


I’ve been stalking the DE for a lower price to test it out for ages. The rest of the box is fluff for me, but the lower cost for the DE littles…I’m taking my chances!!!


Same here. I’ve wanted a DE “Littles” set pretty much since the brand launched, and never pulled the trigger because of the $90 price tag. The other items all look fine… nothing I’d go out of my way to get, but nice enough. Most will go in the “gift stockpile” I keep in a box on a shelf in my room, because someone in my world will enjoy getting them — way worse things can happen, right? But I just snagged this box for that DE Skincare, and I’m SUPER happy!


There is little excitement in a carton of water. Great concept, but not for a paid subscription box. A coupon for it would have sufficed.


Honestly, I prefer the actual item over a coupon. I’ll drink it if it shows up to my door. If you give me a coupon, chances are I’ll never search for it in a store or order it online. The 2 gift cards that are already in this box are not nearly likely to be used as much as the actual items….

Kathy Piccini

Was thinking the same thing. I understand the point is to make us “be kind” to the planet and use less plastics n thats commendable. However, a coupon definitely would’ve sufficed as you said AND leave less chances for spillage etc during shipping. Just my 2 cents


For all of the people who are saying it’s showing they don’t have an account, have you tried creating one with the email address you signed up with? Only asking because I could have sworn I had made one, so I tried to log in and it wasn’t working. Finally I clicked on the link to create an account and put in my info, then they emailed me a link to click on. Now I can log in and cancel if I want to. Hopefully this can help some of you. 🙂


Thanks Jen! It worked. Now I can cancel when I receive my box.


YAY!!! I’m so glad it worked. 🙂


So I threatened to take to social media and complain after emailing them this morning (for the 4th time) and I suddenly got a reply back that support was reviewing my email and I would receive a reply shortly
Funny how that works 😡


I also emailed them for a 5th time today about a cancellation on March 6, and the email’s I send to their (support) bounce back. I am ready to go to the FB page as well. Does anyone have the correct email for support? Thank you.


All you have to do is cancel the payment you use. I had the same issue with Spotify a few years ago. I don’t know about now, but several years ago there was absolutely no CS information on their page. NONE! I was getting charged for the service but yet couldn’t sign into my account. I knew my log in information. I just contacted PayPal and they canceled the payments. It was that simple. If there’s a saved payment in your account, just delete it. I’ve done that too.


Why dont you manage your own sub and cancel it under your account page 🙄


What a 💥 letdown. The last box sucked (gorilla bracelet anyone?) and so does this one. I’m a skincare junkie so the DE is ok (I’ve used it before and it’s not worth the price). I wish they’d quit with the stupid vouchers and just give a little something in their place.


Can someone post back on here if you can use the Spotify if you already have an account? I receive this box but because of the shipping method it takes 6-8 weeks before I’ll get it. Was thinking of getting Spotify with a 99cent special and then adding this afterwards.


I had Spotify a few years ago. I knew my log in information and it would not take it. There was absolutely no way to contact any CS to help. NONE! I just deleted it and now use Amazon’s music app. I have Prime and pay around 8-10.00 for the music app and I love it, as do I Prime.


I recently needed to contact Spotify for charges to my bank acct but couldn’t figure out how/where/why since my acct wasn’t “premium”. I was able to “live chat”. Idk how long they’ve had this option because they certainly didn’t have this option in the past. But I was quite happy.


Dang, the littles set from DE makes up for the entire cost of the box for me! $90 on Sephora!


I had serious fomo after the first box, really only wanted the tumbler and calm voucher from the second and nothing from this one. DE is great and I’ve tried every one of their products trying to find a fit but my skin doesn’t seem to like anything from the line. It’d be a great giftable set though for those that are getting the box and aren’t excited about that.


Just the set is $90 on Sephora!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.