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The Miracle Beauty Box Review

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Miracle Beauty Box Front

iWorld Shopping Center is an online marketplace that offers products from a variety of brands that give back. I am not sure if every product purchased from iWorld donates to charity, but every product featured in the Miracle Beauty Box does!

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Open Box 1

FYI- This box is still available for purchase!

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Open Box 2

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Group Shot

About This Box

The Box: The Miracle Beauty Box

The Cost: $40 + $8.90 shipping

The Products: Beauty products from some of the most sought-after brands in the industry.

Good To Know: $20 from each box is donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Miracle Beauty Box Review

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Info Card 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Info Card 2

Here is the info booklet for the box that lists how much money is donated if you choose to purchase these items through

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Samples

We received some foil samples from Kiehl’s, Eshave, and Lipsmart.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Jane 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Jane 2

We also received a blister sample of some Jane Iredale lipsticks.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Kiehl’s Creme De Corps

Kiehl’s Creme De Corps, 2.5 oz – Retail Value $11

I really love Kiehl’s so I was excited to give this body lotion a try. The texture is lightweight and it sinks in quickly, but it is still nourishing thanks to ingredients like cocoa butter and sesame oil.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Caudalie Vineactive Serum

Caudalie Vineactive Serum, 0.33 oz – Estimated Value $17.33 (buy the full-size version for $52)

I love Caudalie, and this serum is designed to brighten and fight aging thanks to ingredients like vitamins C and E. Since this helps to protect against pollution and sun exposure, I have been using this in the morning and have been happy with how it performs in my skincare routine and under makeup.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Bogavia Elasticity Body Oil

Bogavia Elasticity Body Oil, 2 oz – Estimated Value $31.17 (buy the 3.85 oz version for $60)

Wow- this is pricy! I wasn’t paying attention to what this cost when I tried it out, and now I feel like I need to use it again and judge it more harshly. This is made with awesome skin oils like jojoba, baobab, and pomegranate, and it smells lovely thanks to ingredients like peppermint oil, green tea, and rose. I am a fan, and I will use up all of this generous-sized sample.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Bogavia Refreshing Body Wash

Bogavia Refreshing Body Wash, 2 oz – Estimated Value $4.50 (buy the full-size version for $18)

This body wash has a much more reasonable price, but I still found it to smell nice and be soothing to my skin thanks to ingredients like aloe vera, grapefruit, tangerine, vanilla, and shea butter. As a whole, both products from Bogavia impressed me, so this was a nice brand to discover.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Creed Millesime Imperial Perfume 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Creed Millesime Imperial Perfume 2 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Creed Millesime Imperial Perfume 3

Creed Millesime Imperial Perfume, 0.04 oz – Estimated Value $4.74 (buy the full-size version for $395)

Well, this takes fancy to a new stratosphere. I have never heard of Creed before, but they have been in business since 1760 and provide perfume to European royalty. This is the “gold standard in fragrance” that “evokes citrus groves and lush seaside palaces.” I thought it smelled nothing of the sort, but it was a nice enough sample to try. And if you’re going to spend $400 on a perfume, isn’t it nice that over $100 will be donated if you buy it through this company?

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Voluspa Mini Decorative Tin Candle in Blond Tabac 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Voluspa Mini Decorative Tin Candle in Blond Tabac 2

Voluspa Mini Decorative Tin Candle in Blond Tabac – Retail Value $10

This was one of two only products in the box I couldn’t find on the iworld site, though they did have other scents available. This is my first time trying Voluspa, and I was really happy with the scent throw that filled my bedroom. Blond Tabac is a blend of vanilla husk, sandalwood, and “warm perique tabac” (can someone fancier than me please tell me what that is?). It smells delightfully clean with a touch of warmth, and the wax is a proprietary coconut oil blend.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Pure + Fresh Vitamin D + Calcium 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Pure + Fresh Vitamin D + Calcium 2

Pure + Fresh Vitamin D + Calcium, 60 Count – Retail Value $18

I take a lot of supplements, and I am always happy to see them pop up in subscription boxes because they get expensive fast. Both Vitamin D and Calcium are good for supporting healthy bones, healthy muscles, and your immune system. This bottle is a one month’s supply, and they are vegan and free from allergens like dairy and soy.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Pure + Fresh Konjac Sponge 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Pure + Fresh Konjac Sponge 2

Pure + Fresh Konjac Sponge – Retail Value $10

I love Konjac sponges for providing gentle exfoliation when used in tandem with my cleansers, but they are a luxury I don’t go out of my way to pay for. This was gentle and performed just as well as any other konjac sponge I have tried even though I am not familiar with the brand.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub 2

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub, 1 oz – Estimated Value $4.32 (buy the full-size version for $38)

I have sampled this before and I am happy to have more of it – it smells great while providing a gentle exfoliation thanks to the sugar base. This can be used on both hair and body, but since my hair can be temperamental I use it just on my body and enjoy it that way.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Modern Luxuri Beauty Sponge 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Modern Luxuri Beauty Sponge 2

Modern Luxuri Beauty Sponge, pack of two – Retail Value $29.90

I have tried a lot of beauty sponges, and these ones don’t make the cut. They are so soft that I actually had a hard time blending in my makeup because the sponge kept absorbing it. At almost $15 per sponge, either spend the extra money for a beauty blender or save some money with one from Real Techniques.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Modern Luxuri Hair Ties 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Modern Luxuri Hair Ties 2

Modern Luxuri Hair Ties – Retail Value $12

I am a big invisibobble fan, and while they are similar, they aren’t as good. They don’t snag in my hair but they do stretch out a lot faster, which is an inconvenience.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - L. Erickson USA Small Bit Barrette Silk Charmeuse In Radiance 1 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - L. Erickson USA Small Bit Barrette Silk Charmeuse In Radiance 2 The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - L. Erickson USA Small Bit Barrette Silk Charmeuse In Radiance 3

L. Erickson USA Small Bit Barrette Silk Charmeuse in Radiance – Retail Value $38

I have never actually used a barrette that fastens like this, and I am not quite sure how to use it or where in my hair it goes. The neon pink with gold accents isn’t exactly my style, but I bet it would look cute with a simple black dress and bright pink lipstick.

The Miracle Beauty Box May 2019 - Marvis Toothpaste in Classic Mint

Marvis Toothpaste in Classic Mint, 0.5 oz – Estimated Value $4.04 (buy a full-size tube for $10.50)

As far as toothpaste goes this has a pretty strong following, and this was my first time trying it. I liked the refreshing mint flavor that left my teeth feeling clean, but I wouldn’t purchase it outright due to it being fluoride-free.

The Verdict: This was a new experience for me, and while it was a lot to go through overall, I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed discovering Voluspa and Bogavia while also getting products from brands I already love like The Ouai, Kiehl’s, and Caudalie. The fact that $20 of each box purchased is donated makes the fact that this box has a total value of $195 even more incredible (and blows the promised value of $150 out of the water).

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box is still available!

Value Breakdown: At $40 + $8.90 shipping for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Kiehl’s: $2.76
  • Caudalie: $4.35
  • Bogavia Body Oil: $7.82
  • Bogavia Body Wash: $1.13
  • Creed: $1.19
  • Voluspa: $2.51
  • Pure + Fresh Vitamins: $4.52
  • Pure + Fresh Konjac Sponge: $2.51
  • The Ouai: $1.08
  • Modern Luxuri Beauty Sponges: $7.40
  • Modern Luxuri Hair Ties: $3.01
  • L. Erickson Barrette: $9.54
  • Marvis: $1.05

What do you think of the Miracle Beauty Box? Are you more inclined to purchase products from retailers that donate a portion of the purchase price to charity?

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (21)

  1. Anybody interested in the Creed fragrance…. they have several on the TJ Maxx website in the beauty section.

  2. So now that it has been reviewed, I should be able to swap items from it, right? I don’t see it listed on the swap page, so I guess I might have to “make up” where some of the items came from or something, which I hate to do, but I’m tired of waiting to be able to swap a few of these things.

    I can’t remember which scent of candle I got, but I don’t think it was that one. It was dented, so it is not swappable or giftable, but it smelled good, so I’ll be content with keeping it. I was glad to try a new brand of candle, too.

    My hair item was also different. It was not a barrette. It was bright red and very eyecatching.

  3. There’s no way that barrette costs $38!!

    • That’s what they sell for on the website. The headband I got goes for $54.

  4. I have similar hair to you Jessica and those Ate the only kind of clips that don’t pop open with my piles of curls when I want to pull half my hair back. Anymore than hAlf amd they won’t stAy shut.

  5. Looks like a pretty good box. I think it’s nice that they have some well-known mid-priced items, then some smaller indie brands, too.

  6. i would like this box, but they are so expensive now…I have 5 now..i cannot join another box…however, this is a great the give back on it..

    • If it helps, I think this is just a one time box. I don’t see anything in the review or on the box’s site that mentions it starting a subscription. Not that I’m trying to enable you or anything…😄

      I’m torn about this one. On one hand it’s a nice mix of beauty, health, and style products instant of beauty only. I’m way overloaded with beauty products right now from my very real subscription addiction. But since this has other items…and gives so much to charity…and doesn’t start a subscription I have to worry about remembering to cancel…I may give in. My biggest hesitation is the shipping charge. It’s not super unreasonable but I’m spoiled from getting free shipping on most boxes.

  7. Had to comment about the barrette.

    That’s my favorite clasp. I have lots of curly, frizzy hair and it’s the most reliable barrette since the clasp is very secure. My go to for this is to clasp some of my hair back and leave the rest out (think fancy braids that pull your hair back from your face but leaves a good portion of your hair out).

  8. Your review of the Creed provided a good giggle, thank you!!! 🙏 Otherwise looks like a nice box with a good cause!

    • have A friend using Creed and my ex bf used it … this honestly is the most manly scent on this planet! Super sexy

      If this sample was little bigger i would buy this box just for that! To gift to my current partner 😂

  9. Perique tabac is French for a specific type of tobacco usually (but not always) grown in Louisiana.
    That barrette takes me back! All of the barrettes in the 90’s fastened like that! You have to squeeze the two metal round things on the side of where the clasp connects to release, then just push it down to reconnect. I didn’t love them then, but that is a fun blast from the past, like slap bracelets.
    This looks like an awesome box, but a little too expensive when I just bought too many old Play! boxes!

    • Oh dear, I think I’m really dating myself here, but barrettes with those types of clasps that are in the box are pretty much all that I know (lol!), and I was wondering what other types of barrette clasps are used nowadays. Granted, I haven’t worn barrettes in my hair since the early 2000’s where I used to love wearing mini barrettes randomly through my loose hair (which didn’t have a clasp like this, but just a plastic strip that clicked over a plastic “ball”), plus I had a ton of barrettes with that metal clasp too. I mostly wear my hair back nowadays and use those metal clips that snap shut to keep strays at bay. Hmmmm, maybe those are barrettes too?!! 🙂

      • My mom used to take the top half of my hair and put it all back in a barrette with the squeeze at the side and popping clasp. As soon as I was old enough, I got alligator clips and jaw/ claw clips and use pins for any flyaways. Those always gave me more control over how I was styling. I still use alligator clips.
        There also used to be those narrow barrettes where you had to slip the end of the metal bar under the edge of the other metal bar to complete the clasp and hold your hair in place. Maybe because my hair was wavy/curly, my mother gave up on those quick trying to make and placement and make me and my hair hold still long enough to get it clasped before something moved 😀

      • Well, here’s another boat I’ve missed – how else do they work? All my larger barrettes have that metal clasp. I always have the problem with them slipping out of my fine hair.

      • The tight barrettes might work. They are narrow and can be pretty basic. You have to slip the metal bar under a metal lip, but there is not much space between the two metal pieces (like none) so it could hold fine hair. Also the Snap clips might work. They snap into place and keep fine flyaways tighter than pins. They don’t look really formal, but I use them around the house or while hiking.
        Alligator clips may not work unless they have really good teeth or grips for your hair since they are not as tight. I usually use mine to hold back the hair on the side of my face while still leaving it down.

      • Ooooh, are you talking about banana clips? I sooo could never get the hang of those to properly hold back my thick, wavy, & frizzy hair. My arms would actually get tired & sore (like the lactic acid would start kicking in! 😀 ) from trying and trying over again to make my hair stick in them! lol!!!

      • I didn’t have any banana clips. The alligator clip you just squeeze on one side and the two tines with teeth (like a wide comb) open up to catch the hair. The claw clips you squeeze on top to separate the two clawed sides and use to grasp the hair. Both have to be squeezed to stay open and springs allow the clips to hold the hair.

        The squeeze and pop barrettes, like the one above catch on a clasp and squeezing on the sides releases the catch. The bottom curved metal tine acts as a spring and is what holds the hair tight to the metal clasp bar once it is closed.

        Banana clips are usually plastic and have two long comb sides that go together but are not held together by springs, but by a plastic clasp on one side with a hinge on the other that opens and closes the two combed sides.
        The kid plastic barrettes have a similar clasp to the banana clip, except that it is just a plastic bar and a bent piece of thin plastic as a hinge, not an actual hinge.

        The simple metal tight barrettes are basically a piece of metal (sometimes with decoration on one side) that is straight or slightly curved on one side and loops around to the other side. On the back side though the metal ends very close to the edge on one end, creating a lip, and on the other end the metal piece goes almost the length of the barrette but is not connected until it is slipped under the metal lip created on the other end. Once it is connected the metal circuit is completed in a straight or slightly curved line. The hair is kept in because the metal front and back actually have very little space (like none) when the metal circuit is completed.
        The metal snap barrettes hold tension by the non-linear shape. Basically they are formed in a way where they can be snapped out to be convex and snapped in to be concave. The extra clasp metal is secure with any hair when they are snapped in.

        Wow, I just realized I described all the barrettes I used as a kid and teenager and totally sounded like a nerd! 🙄 Now done with the thesis on barrette varieties. 🤐

        As for this barrette in the box, I would definitely not pay $38 for it 🤑. I don’t wear these kind of barrettes anymore, but even if I did my aunt used to make them with ribbons and super glue. This one might look little nicer, but I but I could make something similar with a plain metal barrette from a craft store, decoration, and my glue gun.

      • We must be the same age because those barrette clips are very familiar to me. It’s been decades since I’ve worn them though. This one is definitely not something I would wear but I could see it looking cute on someone much younger. I would love to wear something to keep my thick, wavy hair controlled but barrettes look silly on me.

      • Same here, Luna! Well, I’m a child of the 80/90’s (43). When I first read that I thought, “what other kind of barette clasp is there?” Other than the little plastic kiddie ones or the metal ones that bend/snap closed. I guess I’ve always thought of those more like bobby pins. I had lots of those barettes like the one in the review. I have stick straight, fine hair so I used them for low ponytails. If I didn’t put all of my hair in it it would slide out. I don’t have any of them now but I’m thinking of getting this box with a big reason being to get the barette! Although I’m not sure if it will hold. I had fine hair when I was younger but LOTS of it. That’s not the case now unfortunately. I’ll probably give in and try it. I have no self control at all anymore.

      • I’m a child of the 80’s and teen in the 90’s so I can totally relate!! 🙂 What’s so funny is that I was thinking the EXACT same thing as you!!! What other style of barrette is there?? And all I could think of were the other kinds you mentioned. I’m the same too in that I had a TON of hair back then… like the barrette in this box MAYBE could hold half of my hair without snapping open, but now I have no doubt that I could easily put all of my hair in that barrette for a low ponytail. Fortunately, the hair I have is very thick, so depending on what day hair I have it can still look wild and crazy like the good ol’ hair days, but really I only have a fraction of what I used to have in my youth. 🙁

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