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New Beauty TestTube May 2021 Full Spoilers

NewBeauty TestTube July 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the July 2019 NewBeauty TestTube Box thanks to Kristin! If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes of 2019 by MSA readers!

The July 2019 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:

  1. Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Soap Sponge Charcoal
  2. Lids by Design
  3. Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen
  4. Invisibobble
  5. Skin Actives Ageless Collagen Serum
  6. Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads
  7. Lash serum? (Not sure of brand)

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (76)

  1. The TAX & SHIPPING is $65 for 6 tubes!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s more than an extra $10 per tube.Closer to $11 for tax and shipping seems way high to me.

    • I get charged $38.90 per tube. It’s an awesome deal.

    • If you pre-pay for an annual sub, they waive the shipping charges. I’ve always thought it’s an amazing deal even if you had to pay postage as I’m always thrilled with the curation.

  2. Anyone have any usable coupon codes for yearly or monthly membership? This totals $215 for me for 6 tubes shipped and seems HIGH to me???

  3. @Liz Cadman — please check the Test Tube site. This is not full spoilers that you have listed here, but on the New Beauty site, they have the full spoilers now!

  4. The full spoilers are up on the testtube site.

  5. FYI, the TestTube website has the full spoilers up now, and there is one more item not shown here: a very expensive ($89) plant stem cell treatment by Chamonix.

    • Thank you for the update, Joy, that looks amazing!

  6. So I think the lids by design are not the eye tape things, but rather their precision tweezers. In the picture the tweezers are laying on the box. Or perhaps it’s both? That would be REALLY amazing, if so!

    I always want brightening products, so that’s a major score, I’ve wanted to try a good lash serum and havent yet, so another score. Anything with collagen is amazing and great for the skin, score again. I can always use a sunscreen for my face to keep in my purse and such, invisibobble hair ties are my absolute favorite, inhale thick hair and they are just the BEST, precision tweezers are wonderful and I need a new pair, so score again and again!

    I dont care much about the charcoal sponge but I’m sure I can find something cool to use it for.

    Box looks amazing to me! 🙂

    I typed this out earlier and it didnt post. I had a feeling it wouldnt so I copied to clipboard. Let’s see if it posts this time.

  7. So I think the lids by design are not the eye tape things, but rather their precision tweezers. In the picture the tweezers are laying on the box. Or perhaps it’s both? That would be REALLY amazing, if so!

    I always want brightening products, so that’s a major score, I’ve wanted to try a good lash serum and havent yet, so another score. Anything with collagen is amazing and great for the skin, score again. I can always use a sunscreen for my face to keep in my purse and such, invisibobble hair ties are my absolute favorite, inhale thick hair and they are just the BEST, precision tweezers are wonderful and I need a new pair, so score again and again!

    I dont care much about the charcoal sponge but I’m sure I can find something cool to use it for.

    Box looks amazing to me! 🙂

  8. I sent and email to cancel my subscription. They emailed me back offering me my choice of several products to continue with my membership. All of the products had a minimum value of $25 and were all full sized. I chose to continue and selected the DermaFlash DermaProtect Daily Defence Broad Spectrum SPF 50+. It’s summer in the desert. I always need a good sunscreen.

  9. I’ve been a TestTube subscriber for quite a while. I love the magazines and I think their boxes are always worth the $. While this is not my favorite box, I still think it’s a great deal and I’m happy with it. Especially looking forward to the lash serum. I’ve also discovered a lot of great products through New Beauty too.

    • I don’t think lash serums works but Latisse. I’ve tried one I got in Beautyfix. Applied it day and night for a month. Then I read reviews about lash serums and they said Latisse patentEd some active ingredient so other serums can’t use it in theres. I still love this box. I also hear good things about grande lash but I don’t know. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I have used Nutraluxe Lash MD for years with good results. It may not work the same as Latisse but since I don’t have over $100 a month to pay it still gives me longer lashes!

  10. I love this Test Tube New Beauty Box. May’s was great. Looking forward to June’s test tube.

  11. Terrible terrible customer service from test tube due to my medications price increase and health cost I asked if I could skip a 2nd month ? They told me NO just cancel ! I said wow you rather loose a good customer and not take into consideration people’s personal financial and medical problems ? She basically was like that’s just how it goes . I was shocked !!! I will not be returning to Test Tube ever , like I told her Your loss, of mine ! My money spends good anywhere 😡

    • I am sorry for your situation, but why would you not just cancel and then rejoin when you are ready. It’s not like you are accumulating points for more products or something. It seems like skipping a month and canceling and rejoining later essentially the same thing.

      • Yes, people get so bent out of shape on here. Each box has their own rules and ways of doing things, new customer incentives, etc. Start your own box and do things the way you want and send out the products you want. I skipped last month and they sent me a box anyway, trying to decide if I should just cancel this month. The lids by design and sanitas pads seem worth it though.

      • 🙄🙄🙄

    • Yep she told me The same thing and she also told me that if I sign back up for test tube I will not be able to receive the the beauty magazines any longer 🙄 but that I could order my own subscription to the magazines if I wish. I told her I really wish you guys all of our people to skip more than once a year

    • I think she’s trying to refer to Jill M ‘s comment which said that she was able to skip twice when saying that it’s a budget issue – the same case with her.
      Well, seeing that there are more that couldn’t skip, maybe she got lucky & had someone who can ‘bend the rule’ a little.

    • Most sub boxes don’t have the option to skip. Before you subscribe maybe ask if that is an option, yes?

  12. Oh! Thanks for info I’ll do same ! I’m
    Not paying for this box and I’ll sign back up in the future as well , I can’t see wasting that money hope BF will be good for June and really hoping for SR in Ipsy :/

  13. They will not let me skip another month since I already skipped the May box, so I just canceled completely. I will have to sign back up if a future box is appealing enough.

    • Wow!! Not trying to cause any problems, but they just let me skip again and I just skipped the last box too. I spoke with a very nice gentleman and he was very helpful. I used the “not in budget” reason for skipping and told him if I wasn’t able to skip then I would just have to cancel, and he was more than willing to skip another box for me.

  14. LOL Sharon 😂🤣 yes that’s what I meant , this MOFO won’t be FOMO !!

  15. Easy pass! No MOFO here ,
    TT used to be so much better :/

    • Sorry, I had to laugh at MOFO. I know you meant FOMO, but LOL! Anyway, I will be skipping this one as well since I will use none of the items. The eyelid things did not work at all and they were visible under makeup. I will hold out for the big box that should be coming out in the next month or so.

      • Oops, yes, it is FOMO or she could just say she’s in JOMO (joy of missing out).
        Regarding the Limited Edition box, I was reading the magazine and it says featuring full size products from amika, First Aid Beauty, Klorane, Korres, St. Tropez, Weleda and more for $49.99. Which is kinda of a bummer since I’m only excited about Korres.

  16. I wish that it is a sprunchie from invisibobbles that’s included. I’m sure that I sound so easy to please, but honestly this has been my favorite item that I received from the 10+ boxes I subscribe to currently. Yes, I know that I can buy more, but they are great (a classic velvety scrunchy with an invisibobble inside) and I want people to try them to see how great they are on your hair. These boxes are always wonderful anyway 💖

  17. This is full spoilers? Doesnt seem like it has as many items as usual. Nothing very exciting here. May have to cancel.

  18. Beautyfix is another good skincare sub, but lately I’ve been disappointed with their small sample size :/

  19. The lash serum looks like LiLash because the top of the tube is black.

    The Sanitas 2oz full size 50 peel pads are $74
    Lids by design 20pack 5mm $37.95
    Skin actives collagen 30ml $18
    Invisibobble black 3 pack $8 (Ulta)
    Bare Republic face sunscreen $11.99 (Target)
    Daily Concepts soap sponge $8
    Lash serum seems to range from $50-$90 depending on the store and if it’s the LiLash.

    Over $200 RV if these are the only items.

    • Not bad! 🙂

  20. The eyelash serum appears to be Neulash which is a great serum so hopefully my guess is correct! I use it currently and that is what the tube looks like. RV is $99-$150 depending on size!

    • I agree, it’s the Neulash serum, and I’m fairly confident that it’s the smallest size retails for $65 at Macy’s. I believe it’s 2ml which is a 30-60 day supply according to the website.

  21. Meh. I need to cancel soon. Last time, I was charged almost as soon as the spoilers came out. Wasn’t in love with it, and not in love with this month.

  22. The summer/beauty award one should be out in a month or so….I’m holding out for that one again. The $60 one.

  23. Skipping! This month is pathetic, May’s was pretty disappointing as well. I hope this is not a sign of what’s to come since this has been one of my favorite subscriptions for a while now.

    Any recommendations on another subscription to substitute Test Tube Beauty with? Already have FFF and allure

  24. I am particularly excited to receive the Skin Actives collagen serum. Before I branched out to other skincare products I bought only Skin Actives products for years. They have so many actives that you can mix yourself and the price is so reasonable. If I were to stick with only their products I could not go wrong, yet variety is the spice of life so exploring other brands is a journey of discovery. MSA was responsible for me breaking away from this brand, so I hold them responsible LOL!!! After all these years I still believe this serum is the best skincare product I have used.

  25. Looks like I’m skipping another one. Oh, well. Next one might be awesome.

  26. I am not a fan of this months box neither,everything is just ok….I have purchased the eye lids a few months back,and they did not work at all for me.

  27. The Lids by Design product looks identical to Double Eyelid Tape – often marketed to Asians with monolids to get wider looking eyes with a higher crease. Except the Lids by Design sell for $30 and Double Eyelid Tape is sold all sorts of places for a fraction of the price (even Daiso has a handful of options for $1.50 a package).

    • Thank you, definitely going to look at these options!

  28. I hope some are full sizes? :/

  29. I’m looking forward to trying those lid things. At 55, my lids are droopy. The peel pads look great too and I can never have too many invisibobbles. It will be my 3rd tube and I’m happy.

    • While I have never had a lot of real estate on my lids but my lids have not drooped nor do I have a wrinkles … I’m looking forward to Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen
      Collagen Serum sample and the Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads as I do suffer from hyper pigmentation due to a poor skin care routine for about 8 years (listen up young folks!). A great side effect of drops for glaucoma is long lashes… I have recently taken my hair out of sista twists and just back bunning it until I figure out something. My thick kinky hair laughs at invisbobbles… but maybe if I find an extra large one?

  30. I’m most excited about the Sanitas pads. I’ve basically been wanting to try out everything from their line for a while. 🙂

  31. I am disappointed with this box,and as for the lids product,I actually purchased it and it did not work,it was a waste of my money.

  32. I hope the lash serum is lilash, that would be fun to try. When I first saw the spoiler, I also thought it would be a dud box but after reading reviews on the products, I don’t feel like it’s a total loss and still worth it, just not as exciting as I wanted it to be since we wait awhile cuz shipping every other month lol. I love this sub and even tho I’m not even a year into it yet, I’ve stalked this sub prior long enough to realize I don’t want to miss a shipment.

  33. I have a friend that uses those lid things( due to age) and they look awesome, I can’t even tell she’s wearing them. I might have to purchase this tube. I would use just about everything in it. Is it an awesome one, nope, but everything will get used.

    • What are those lids things and how do you use them? I’m interested in this box for those specifically because I know they help with droopy eyes but I know nothing else about the product.

    • Are you able to apply eyeshadow over them?

  34. Not into these spoilers 😢 and I was so excited for them to come out. I guess I’ll have to skip again or cancel if they don’t let me skip twice in a row.

  35. Ohhhh wow! I had no idea a product like Lids by Design existed. While I’m a little creeped out, I have had two accidents (one as a child where I fell out of bed, hit the nightstand corner, and it actually caused that eyelid to have incredible lift and the other was a freak car accident where the side view mirror came into the car and hit me in the face leaving a droopy eyelid), these could be life changing for me. I’ve wanted surgery to fix my symmetry, but I can’t even afford this box most of the time. Hmmmmm here’s hoping I’ll get my SS disability next month.
    And yes, I recognize that I have really freak accidents happen to me! Lol

  36. This will be my 3rd test tube. Just as it was for the last box, the spoilers are a bit underwhelming. BUT, the last box with underwhelming spoilers was actually incredible and had a bunch of hidden gems I never would have purchased on my own.

    I sub to allure, GBP, and test tube. I must say that I use the test tube products more consistently than what I get from the other boxes (which is odd bc my favorite sub box is GBP).

    I’ll end with this: if you’re curious about test tube but on the fence due to some of the spoilers, just go for it. You’ll find interesting things you’ll find incredibly handy and/or fun to try. 🙂

    • I totally agree! The spoilers sound just OK, but a lot of the products are real winners. This will be my 4th Tube and I’ll probably do annual again. I have no regrets and the discount means that I get one free!

  37. This is the second time that I’ve wished that I wasn’t subscribed and had saved the money. They used to include amazing new brands and plenty of full sizes. Maybe that will be the case this month. Last tube was not of much use for me, but hopefully most people enjoyed it.

  38. Love! Everything I need that I don’t have

  39. So this is everything 😕 hmm looks like I’ll either skip for the 2nd time in a row or I may just cancel. I keep telling myself it’s ok to cut back lol.
    Last years tubes were so exciting for me too.

  40. Ugh. The Sanitas brightening peel pads are worth the price of the box but I just don’t need them right now. Plus a person only needs so many Invisibobbles and between all of the different subs I get I have a ton of them (as well as sunscreen). Cancelling.

  41. I’ve used Skin Actives Collagen Serum for years – that company is the best kept secret out there. SO many super actives without the garbage you don’t need. Super inexpensive too. It’s run by chemists not beauty gurus just out for big bucks. I couldn’t recommend that brand more! Excited to see them in a box as they rarely advertise (they’d rather put money into the ingredients.) The products don’t have the super luxurious textures or packaging but have very high quality actives and a lot of them.

  42. I’m not too impressed with these spoilers. I am curious about the Lids By Design after looking at their website, but it’s hard to imagine them not being noticeable. I’ve got a little bit of lid sagging now that I’m heading into my mid-forties with a ton of sun damage wreaking havoc on my face in every way all of the sudden. I might have to revisit trying them out in a couple of years though. 😄
    I’m still bummed I wasn’t able to get the May box. It had such an amazing selection of products.

  43. I’m not thrilled by anything I see in this box but they have such a good history of surprising me that I definitely won’t cancel one of my subscriptions but I don’t think I’ll keep two

    • Same. I’m not too excited, but I’ll keep my sub.

  44. Luckily no fomo here. Invisibobble? No thanks. I am only interested in 3 out of 7. Easy pass

  45. It’s so so nothing really stands out 🙁 was really looking forward to test tube hope they have better spoilers 👍 I don’t want to skip again :/

  46. I normally love this box but this seems much skimpier and I can’t use half of the products in it.

  47. Well that photo does not thrill me.

  48. Do you know the size on the sunscreen? And has anyone had experience with Lids by Design? Great reviews but I can’t understand how they work.

    • I tried the Lids by Design but I had trouble using them because I need reading glasses to put them on. It is a sticker type that you place where you want the eye to open up the most. I have very hooded eyes and was hoping to make them work. It’s the same with an eyelash curler. I just can’t do it anymore.

    • In my magazine of that same pic, it looks like 1.7 oz size for the sunscreen

    • Lids by Design are amazing. If placed properly (make sure your own eyelids are dry and apply them either on bare lids or after all makeup is applied, assuming your lid makeup is matte) they really open up your eyes, particularly if yours (like mine) are hooded. They come with a little tweezer; you use that to lift the arc-shaped adhesive off the sheet and place them on top of where your own eye creases. Watch a youtube video; it’s brilliant.

    • I just watched the video on the product page of lids by design… I am very interested in trying them as I have hooded lids and have been looking for a solution.

      Test tube is fun and the whole point is trying new products. The lids by design retail for $39.99 so that item alone pays for the tube. Can’t go wrong with sponge and sunscreen either!

    • That lid stuff is weird! I got a yearly so no skipping for me but those lid things freak me out…I hope I like the other stuff…I’m starting to think I should’ve not held off on teh yearly. It’s ok but meh

    • It’s the 1.7 oz, the sunscreen does need time to absorb and has some white cast it’s best suited under makeup or I like to top with mineral spf powder like DermaE.

      They do have a new sunscreen with metallic shimmer I’ve been using and it’s scented like rosè so it’s nice.

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