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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the May 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

Here are the full spoilers:

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


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Comments (310)

  1. Who received glamglow masks? How many did you get? Mine was missing from my box I contacted customer service and they sent out a replacement but they only sent 1 mask.

    • I received my accommodation box after the original box was lost .. and only received one sheet. I was told by others on replies that it was supposed to be three. I emailed the same rep who helped me the first time and just emailed me that my third box is shipping this week.

      • Thank you for the reply. Guess I’m emailing them again.

  2. How many glam glow masks we’re we supposed to receive? .. I only got one

    • You should have gotten 3 according to the app, and I did get 3 of them. If you only got 1 I would email CS.

      • Thank you .. I thought I had read the same about getting 3. I will email them 😊

      • You’re welcome! 🙂 Hope they take care of you!!

    • You were supposed to get 3

  3. I didn’t even receive a product card I was absolutely surprised and I really look forward to this because I don’t know where what to do with them I want to know what the ingredients are don’t have to go back online I want to know how much it is excetera. I changed my profile to never want lip liners ever but of course I got them.

  4. I received:

    GO-TO Face Hero (oil)

    NUDESTIX Nudies Tinted Blur in Light 3 (a bit light for me – wish It was the lip pencils)

    IL MAKIAGE Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara – (My pref is no mascara, but I like this)

    YENSA Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

    WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette

    This was an ok box, I liked all but I wanted the pencils.

    • Danielle, do you want to swap? I have the lip pencils?

    • I got the pencils and would be happy to trade for one of your items! Let me know! I’m currently in the process of trading my face oil with someone here on the msa site so I’m already heading to the post office tomorrow! 🙂

    • Danielle, my email address is jalexisgreene at Yahoo. Let me know if you want to swap an item for the pencils!

  5. Got my box today.

    The Wanderess palette is almost terrifyingly sparkly; I don’t know that I’ll be getting that much use out of it.

    I got the Il Makiage curl and volume mascara. I’m a total mascara ____, so I’m eager to try.

    Also got the Hero oil and the Yensa primer. The booklet said that it can also be used as a finisher after regular skin care, so I may try it that way. I will be emailing Ipsycare and tell them to opt me out of primers. I don’t wear makeup for that many hours a day that a primer would be useful.

    My final item was the Nudies blur stick in Light 3. I have a stick foundation from Clinique that I’m not that wild about, so I’m not sure if I’ll like this any better.

    Overall, not bad for a first box. June looks interesting.

  6. Pretty stoked for my Glam Bag Plus this month.
    Thrilled I’m getting the Murad eye cream (that alone costs more than this entire box), the Go-To Face Hero oil, Yensa glow primer, the Wander Beauty palette, , Illamasqua pencils are “ok”. But then I added on 3 full sized products to make it a killer box this month. The Purlisse orange creamsicle body cream, the Smashbox palette & the Pixie Glow peel pads. Mines shipped. Cant wait to get everything. 😊

  7. I got the same box as posted. Do not want the mascara at all! Wish I had gotten the eye serum. Would have preferred even the Glam Glow sheets, a nude stick, or thermal mask to mascara. That is my most hated item to get in boxes. 🙁

    Oh well. The rest looks nice.

  8. This is my first Plus box and I’m very disappointed with the item selections. I feel that my Ipsy profile was not used at all. There were 15 plus products available and 3 of the 5 items I am receiving, I selected “rarely” on the profile. However, 3 other categories which I selected “often” were available however I didn’t receive any of these. Customer service was no help. I will utilize the box/product reviews and hope my June box is better.

    • That is exactly how I feel. I have issues with DHL and it takes 45 days for Ipsy to get to me. Customer service says it should only take 20. I still have 18 days before I can ask customer service to help. I don’t even get my items to review before the next one goes out. Not a big deal with the sample bag, but I expected better shipping on the Glam Bag Plus. I’ll probably cancel. I really wanted to give this bag a try but they won’t listen to my shipping concerns.

  9. I might be the minority but I love my ipsy plus this month. I’m getting the same box as Liz. I also added a few add ons. I’m super excited to get my box next week. The value is insane to me. I would love to see swatches of the palette. I’ve never tried their shadows so I’m intrigued.

    • The mascara has bomb reviews too!!

      • I have yet to find a mascara better than Urban Decay’s Perversion. Not even close.

      • Really?
        I found that Perversion is really meh unless I use primer first.

  10. Loved my may products once again. Thank you ipsy❤️❤️❤️ I will be getting
    *Go-to oil
    *Nudestix light 3
    *I’ll makiage mascara
    *Eye palette
    I got everything I was hoping for except I would have preferred the Murad eye serum over the mascara only because I have so much mascara already but I’m not hating another mascara. I already recieved the purlisse body cream last month so I knew I wouldn’t recieve it. I didn’t want masks, lip gloss, it lip pencils so I was thrilled not to get any of them.
    I choose the pixi by Petra eye sick, estate lip icing, and buxom lip polish as add on.

  11. I am so happy with my box!!!!! I’m getting the Glamglow masks, Il Makiage mascara, Yensa Primer, Nudestix in Light 1 and the Wanderbeauty Palette!!!! YAY!!!! 😍

  12. I’m receiving:
    Go to hero face oil
    Murad eye cream
    Il makiage encore mascara
    Illamasqua lip pencils-excited for anything Illamasqua!
    Wanderess seascape palette

    Add ons:
    Kandee johnson×purlisse body butter(got previously and love it)
    R+co waterfall shine lotion

  13. I got:

    Il makiage mascara
    Soothing moisture mask
    Lip pencils
    Yensa primer
    Wander pallet

    Not too thrilled with the lip pencils but excited for everything else.

  14. I really want the nudestix! I’ll trade anything from my glam bag plus or anything I have listed! I got the oil, palette, mascara, etc! Email me rachael.dantonio(@) I need a medium shade

  15. I am still looking for nudestix and shade one or three I’m on the swap site I have several things listed or email me cdjemison12 at gmail dot com

  16. Hi everyone, I know it’s a long shot but I will try anyway, I will swap anything out of my box for the nudestick! I got the face oil, those glam glow masks, the Tokyo milk lip gloss, wander eye palette, mascara, the primer, and then two sets of the two lip pencils. My name is Lawden on the swap site 😃

    • Oh my email is Lawdenadeli at hotmail dotcom if in fact anyone would like to swap any light or medium nudestick for anything out of my glambag plus…probably should’ve put that in my last comment lol

  17. Interested in a Nudestix (light or fair skin), will trade my oil or Primer. ksifford @

  18. I got the face oil and Yensa primer if anyone wants to trade me for the Murad and lip pencils (one trade). Relatable boy mom @ gmail . com

    • Will also add my nudestix light 3 for the Murad and lip pencils!

    • I emailed you I have the pencils

  19. I must’ve missed the May gpb spoilers as I was completely shocked.

    -wander palette (OK i guess… colors always darker than photo, nothing exciting)
    -face oil (clogs me)
    -avene mask (will try)
    -lip linerx2 (no need)
    -lip gloss (pretty but color too light to show any color, but like to try this brand)

    Would’ve loved the murad… probably didn’t get the nudestix bc none of the colors match me (wish they had light 2)… would’ve preferred the gg mask over the lip liners? Imo… sadly, I would’ve nvr paid $25 for this curated box or purchase any of these products in my box at retail price. I signed up for gpb(no wait list for me) after mistaking the June spoilers for May -_-

  20. Hey guys, still looking for a nudestix in light 1, I have tons of items listed on the swap site(can send you the list so you can view it) and I’m willing to swap even if you dont have an account yet:) will also keep an eye out for it on the swap site, thanks for reading!

  21. If this is how gbp is, then no thankyou ipsy. Let someone else have all the way at it. ✌🌻 Its not for me, but thanks for the invite anyway.

  22. My second GBP is very similar to the first one I’m getting.

    #2 contains:

    Murad eye serum

    Go-To Face Hero facial oil which is totally my thing

    Il Makiage mascara ( I hate getting mascaras)

    TokyoMilk Lip Gloss– Love their products

    The Wander eye palette which I think I’ll like

    And I added some samples since I STILL can’t see my reg. Glam Bags:

    LABORATOIRES FILORGA Time-Filler Absolute Correction Wrinkle Cream

    RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herbs ( It;s for sensitive skin, which I have plus I love K beauty wash off masks)

    Lip gloss- don’t recall brand, but it’s one I know, and berry color

  23. I’m getting the eye shadow palette, the primer,the nude stick , the lip pencils and the glam glow face masks. I’m really happy I didn’t get another macara I’m in mascara overload lol

  24. I am pretty disappointed with this months bag and last months too! I think this month was even worse.

    I was looking forward to the tokyomilk gloss

    What i got was:
    -glamglow sheets
    -il makiage mascara
    -illamasque pencils (love the brand but have no need for these pencils)
    -yensa primer
    -wander beauty palette

    I am also disappointed in the regular bag, too.

    I hope with all these duds, next months sunday riley will make up for it. If there is no sunday riley next month, i am cancelling!

  25. My Bag was all skincare which is what I wanted so I am happy…..I got the Avene Mask,the set of three GlamGlow bubble mask,The Go To Face Hero Face Oil,The Murad Eye Serum and the Purlisse Orange Creamsicle Body Lotion.

    • How did you not get any makeup? It seems like almost everybody got the wander beauty palette.

      • Hi Sarah,I opted out of all eyeshadow a while back,back when you could pick two things you did not want to ever receive.

  26. I’ll be receiving the face oil and have it up for swap on the MSA site (click on “Dana” above to go to my swap listings). I’d love to swap it toward the Murad eye serum but I’m open to other items as well.

  27. i am allergic to the go-to hero oil if someone wants to trade lmk!!
    my bag:
    face oil
    yensa primer
    wander palette
    avene moisture mask

    Super happy with my bag just can’t use the oil 🙁

    • Hello, I really wanted the face oil!! I have the duo lip liners if you would like to trade! 🙂

    • Is there something specific that you hoped to trade it for? We have the same bags other than the oil and Avene mask. I have the Glamglow bubble sheet masks if you would like to trade for those. They just had a lower “trade value” at $27 opposed to $42 for the lip pencils. The oil values at $34, which is in the middle of those two products.

      Please feel free to email me at LMonticello456(at symbol)Gmail(dot)Com if you would like to trade or would like double of something like the eyeshadow palette or primer.

      Thank you!

  28. Looking to trade. I am getting the Avene mask and I want to trade for the light 1 nudestix only. Email me at dani(dot)[email protected](dot)com first come first serve!

  29. Does anyone have the Face Oil they’d want to trade for the eyeshadow palette and/or the NudeStick (in Light 1 because I’m the textbook definition of pale)? That’s the one thing I really wanted (outside the Murad but since I got the GoldFaden last month I knew I wouldn’t get the Murad eye cream) that I didn’t get 😢. So if anyone doesn’t want theirs let me know.

    • I have the oil and would like to swap for the nudestix in light let me know:)

      • Hi Jessica,

        I got the oil and would LOVE to trade for the nude stick in the light color. My email is jalexisgreene at yahoo. please shoot me an email and I’d be happy to swap!

      • Hey Alexis sending you an e-mail now.

    • I really wanted the Murad so badly as well. I didn’t get it and I didn’t get the eye cream last month either. I’m so disappointed. 😔

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