Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the May 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

Here are the full spoilers:

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. Will swap a primer and the nudestick in 3 for the Murad or I’ll swap one of these for the oil.. I’m on the swap page so let me know🌸

    • I just posted my oil for the Nudestix, under Rachael

      • Where is the swap page?? I am also looking for someone willing to trade me their face oil!!

        • You have to request to be added. Do you have nudestix? you can email me rachael.dantonio(@)gmail.com

          • Oh, okay. No, unfortunately I don’t have the Nudestix. Thank you though.

          • Hi – I got the nudestix & those damn glamglow masks that I have about a dozen of because EVERY sub box last year had these in them. I’ll pretty much trade my entire box. I’m not impressed w/this as my first glam bag plus box. They definitely did not go off of my preferences because I pretty much said I only want moisturizers, primers & highlighters 🤦🏼‍♀️

      • I have a nude stick i want to trade for the face oil

        • Okay, email me rachael.dantonio(@)gmail.com

      • Rachael, I have the NudeStick that I’d love to trade for the oil. What shade do you need though? Also even after several months I’m still not on the swap site but would be willing to spot off-site if you’re interested.

        • Hey Jessica, did you wanna email me at rachael.dantonio(@)gmail.com?

          • Rachael, sent you an email.

    • I’d love to trade the Murad for the primer and nudes tick or the go to oil.

  2. ****Please be very careful with the face oil if you are allergic to nuts. I saw at least three nut oils in the ingredients list.

    I’m getting most of the same products as Liz except I did get the Murad eye serum nstead of Yensa and the Il Makiage Encore volume mascara.

    • Thanks for the heads up!!!

    • Yes, I am super disappointed. I’m not really into anything in the box, but I’m willing to give most things a try. However, the oil is a complete no go.

  3. I’m getting the Glamglow, Wander palette, lip pencils, Yensa primer, and Nudestix light. Happy enough, but don’t like primers. The eyeshadow shades look fun.

    • If you still have t swapped the nudestick I’d love to swap! I got the oil the primer the eye palette the lip gloss I have many other items and my email is lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com! Thanks!

  4. I’m getting:

    GlamGlow masks..meh
    IL Makiage mascara….uugh …I opted out of mascara
    Nudiestix..in light 1 or medium 7….
    Wander Beauty palette…meh

    All in all I’m not thrilled. I meant to skip this month but forgot to. 🙁

    • How do we know what we are getting?

      • On the 2nd of every month you can log on to your account and it gives you your box spoilers

    • I am getting the same bag, and I have the same issue, main page said I am getting the stick in Medium 7 but my reveals said light 1, also have the same feeling about the masks, the mascara and I prefer to see the palette before said meh too.
      Have a great day!

      • If you email IpsyCare, they’ll tell you which color you’re getting. My home page said Light 3 but my add-on page said Light 1. IpsyCare said I am getting Light 3, which is what I would have chosen.

      • This happened to me in my regular bag! My reveal said one color of an Ofra lip but my main page says a different shade. “Shrugs”

      • If you don’t have a match with the nudestick I’d live to swap for it and have many items! My email is Lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com, thanks so much!

    • I got this exactly with the nudestick in7. This is my first box. I was hoping for the murad so I am happy.

    • I sad no mascara too, but I tried this one and I love it. I received the one in the silver tube.

  5. This will be my first bag and I´am not surprised at all (we are twin bag). I hope the next boxes are better, because if they don´t, I´m going back to boxycharm!

    • Same! I am extremely disappointed.. I am a huge fan of boxycharm.. the options in this glam plus bag looked great but the ones in my box are such a no no for me! Huge miss!

  6. This is my first glam bag plus and I am very dissapointed. I paid $25.00 for this? I was at least hoping to get the glamglow masks. And they were not even in the add ons!!! My bag is as follows:

    Go-To Face Hero
    EAU soothing moisture mask
    Lip Pencil
    Tokyomilk lip gloss
    Wander Beauty Palette

    I am not sure if this bag was worth the $25.00 I spent, the only product I like is the lip gloss.

    • Would love to swap the masks for your oil if you’re interested! My contact is above @ gmail

    • I got this, too and I’m disappointed. I really wanted the glamglow, purlisse and murad. Not one! 🙁

      • I have the glamglow if you have a nudestick you’d be willing to swap! I know I’ve lisyed so many times on here but I’m desperate lol my email is Lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com! Thanks for considering!!

    • This is my first bag as well, and I got the same as you, but I’m fairly pleased with my bag. The main thing I wanted was the Go-To oil which retails for $34, so that in itself made the bag a win for me. I am also happy with the full size Avene moisture mask which will be used in the autumn and winter. The Tokyomilk lip gloss looks like a pretty, soft pink. The rest I might pass along to friends.

    • This is the first bag I’ve gotten that I’ve been disappointed in. 😭 I hope the next one is better as well!

    • This is the exact box I got. I really like the TokyoMilk, but don’t feel it was worth it. I am keeping the lip pencils, and the EAU moisture mask, tried it, it’s an okay brand that doesn’t make me react badly.

  7. I have mixed feelings about my box.

    Lip liners (DO NOT WANT)

    Wander palette (REALLY DO NOT WANT)

    Bubble sheets (Glad I got these)

    Nudestix (So excited to try)

    Yensa primer (excited to try)

    I really wanted the face oil.. I also wanted the eye cream, but I got the one from last month so I can’t complain there.

    If anyone wants to trade something so I can get rid of this awful palette, I’m down as long as it is a fair trade.

    • I got the exact same as you, and I have the EXACT same feelings on the face oil and eye serum! They were the biggest reasons I signed up. Due to the spoilers (and me being new), I thought I had a good chance at getting at least 2 out of 3 when it comes to the skincare.
      I would have been much happier if I had gotten the face oil OR the eye cream. Seeing a couple of boxes that got both. You guys got a great (and much higher value) box imo!

    • My sister and I got the same bag as you but our difference is instead of the Nudestix you got I got the Yensa primer and some weird orange cream lotion (ew?) and she got the mascara instead of the Yensa primer. It seems like everyone got very similar bags?? Did almost everyone get the wander palette? Wasn’t excited about it but oh well. It’s always a good gift giver to the many females I have in my family.

  8. I love my Ipsy plus, and have since I got my first one in October, but I feel like this month was kind of all over the place.. not bad enough to make me want to cancel, but of all the spoilers, I got one item that I was hoping for, and everything else just seems kind of thrown together. For example: on my profile I said “rarely” for sheet masks, ended up with sheet masks. I also said “frequently “ for most other skincare items, I’m not getting a single skincare item aside from the sheet masks. I’m also supposed to be completely opted out of lipsticks and lip liners per customer service, and I’m getting that, too. It’s just a miss month for me I guess. Hopefully next month there will be fewer products, and the chance for fewer variations.

    • I know I’m thinking they must not go by our beauty profiles all the time because I got the opposite of what I have on mine too 😕

      • Me too on pretty much opposite of what I want besides lip glass I have as wanting. I do not use eye shadow, because it hardly shows, my eyes water with MOST so I rarely try a new brand, I have hooded eyes and wear glasses, so really doesn’t show up well anyways.

    • Mine was also way off base this month- on both my plus and regular bag.

  9. This is the first month I am disappointed about almost everything I recieved. I am usually very happy with what I get. The only thibg that I am happy to try is the nudestix. I am also getting the lip pencils, wander beauty palette, glam glow face masks, and the yensa Primer. The value of my box is great but I’m not going to use most of it. I wish I would have skipped this month but oh well hopefully next month will be amazing.

    • I am getting the same bag as you. I DO NOT want that palette, and I don’t really want the lip liners either.

  10. I am super excited for this bag to get here!!!! Out of all the products shown, they put the exact 5 products I would have chosen for myself. I do the reviews & update my profile every month. They followed my profile completely.

    ~ I’m getting:

    * Wander Beauty Seascape Eyeshadow Palette
    * Go-To Face Hero
    * Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum
    * Yensa Tone Up Primer Essential Glow
    * Illamasqua Lip Colouring Pencil DUO in Lust & Media (2 Pencils – YAY)

    Very, Very Happy With This !!!!

    • Same bag for me ☺️

    • Same bag for me and I am soooooooooo happy!!

    • i got this bag too =) only thing i really don’t want are the lip pencils. was hoping for the tokyomilk gloss or nudestix instead. but to get the murad AND the oil, i am in disbelief with my luck so i am pretty thrilled.

    • Same! I’m thrilled. I also ordered the Tokyomilk Lip Gloss because I’m a lip gloss junkie. :o)

    • I got the same selections. This is my first month with Ipsy – yay! So excited to get the Murad eye serum, the Yensa primer, and the Go-To Face hero. Not sure what to think about the eye palette, but I’ll give it a try. Overall, nice selections for the month and I added on a couple of other things that caught my eye.

    • i also got the same bag. the only this i wished i got was the glamglow bubble sheet mask. the lip liners are a disappointment but i think i’ll like the other items.

  11. I got the same bag as Liz. If anyone got the nudestix in the shade light 3 and wants to trade let me know!

    • I got it and I will trade for the oil

      • Jen, I’d love to trade! Would you email me? My email is Lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com. I got the oil and would LOVE The nudestick!!

    • Why won’t my comments show up? I will trade you just go to my swap page and I’ll list it. I want the oil.

      • Hi Jen, are you still looking to swap the nudestick for the oil? My email is Lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com if so and I’m Lawden on the swap site! I have the oil listed!

  12. Two GBP accounts, very similar profile preferences.

    Original Account: GO-TO face oil, MURAD eye serum, ILLAMASQUA lip pencils, YENSA primer and WANDER BEAUTY palette.

    New Account: PURLISSE creamsicle body butter, GlamGlow sheet masks, ILLAMASQUA lip pencils, YENSA primer and WANDER BEAUTY palette.

    Original account did not receive the eye cream last month or the body butter previously despite high priority ranking in profile preferences.

    New account, mostly for gifting purposes, nearly identical preference profile. Overall, I’m happy/satisfied. I too would have liked to be receiving the Nudestix (esp) and Tokyo Milk lip gloss, both categories I gave higher priority rankings to than eye shadow and lip pencils. So that is interesting it went that way in both bags. Maybe next month.

  13. I’m getting the Go To oil, Nudestix, Il Makiage mascara , Yensa primer, and Wanderess palette. Stellar box, again!! Only thing I’m whatever about is the eyeshadow but that’s expected I get it. They send me eyeshadow palettes every time they’re in the box. I’m not complaining. I love GBP!
    I added on Alterna styling spray, Bare Minerals setting spray & the dual ended FARAH brush.

  14. I got the same bag as Liz. I’m really happy not getting the sheet masks but sad I didn’t get more skin care or the nudestix instead of the lip pencils and mascara.

    However Ipsy keeps surprising me so maybe I’ll actually love my bag more once I get it? It’s an amazing variety

    • I was disappointed about the mascara at first. Then I watched Tati’s il Makiage review and she loved the mascara. So now I’m excited for it lol

  15. I got the oil, lip gloss, lip pencils, Avene mask, and the lousy palette. I really annoyed that between my Regular glam bag and glam bag plus, I’m getting 4 lip products. There is enough variety in products so that people aren’t getting two lip products in a bag.

    • I got the same variety as you. My first month with glam bag plus and I am excited for the oil and mask only. Very bummed they are sending lip pencil, eyeshadow and lipgloss. I have no need for those! And I know I filled out my profile that I wanted those “rarely”. I would have preferred glamglow masks for sure. Any cream for any part of the body just no make up.

      • If you don’t care for makeup in your boxes, honestly Ipsy GPB may not be for you. They have leaned more heavily toward skincare lately (which I personally love), but Ipsy tends to focus more on makeup in both the regular bag and GBP. You’re going to get majority makeup in probably every bag.

    • Or getting mascara in both bags for the last 4 months. I don’t even wear that much mascara. I might have to grow extra eyes 😀

    • I hope they get to where they compare our regular and plus bags. Currently, they don’t. Not even if you have them on the same acct. I know since I emailed them, last month after getting that Moods palette AND then in my reg bag, a pan of one of the same shadow colors – that was in the palette. The 2 bags don’t compare to each other. They won’t consider it a dupe. I think they should and will skip the regular bag, more often now, knowing that. This month I’m getting mascara in both. sigh.

  16. I’m excited for mine. I’m getting the Murad, wander beauty palette, Tokyo milk lip gloss, glamglow masks, and mascara. I really wanted to try the nudestix, but am happy with what I am getting. I added on buxom lip gloss, ofra mocha liquid lip (my all time favorite), and good genes.

    • You are lucky to be getting Murad and glamglow!!! 🦄

  17. Happy about the face hero, avene mask and lip gloss. So it is a win for me. Have no use for the lip pencils? And the eye pallette looks…. meh. I wanted the murad, so sad about that. All in all, it’s a win….

    • I got the same variation as you! I have no real need for the lip pencils either, i don’t even wear lipstick or liquid lips, the palette really does look… eh. I really wanted the nudestix!

  18. Welp. This was a disappointment. I got everything that I had marked off as not wanting. It’s like they didn’t even try ☹️ I got the same box as Liz but instead of lip pencils (which I would have loved) I got the nudestix. If next month didn’t look so promising I would cancel!

    • What shade did you get for the nudestix? I got the lip pencils and would like to trade

      • I got the fair 3

      • I got the fair 3 shade.

        • Light 3? Would love to swap. My email is torrer1996 @yahoo.com

    • Hey, I’ll swap you my pencils for the nudestix!

    • Completely agree! I got the same bag as Liz except I got the Nudestix in Medium for my ultra fair skin instead of the Yensa. Not a thing I can use in the bag and all I wanted was that retinol eye cream. Super disappointed! You can’t even buy the eye cream as an add-on.

      • I’d love to trade for your nudestix!

      • I got the nudestix in light 1, would love to trade if u got medium 5

    • I would love to swap for your nudestick! I got the oil, the lip pencils, mascara, glamglow masks and lip gloss from Tokyo milk! My email is Lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com!

  19. I wanted the Murad and Purlisse but didn’t get either. I got the face oil, Glamglow masks, Wander Beauty palette, lip liners, and mascara. The last three I won’t even use so I’m hoping I can swap them.

    • Ugh, I feel ya! Those two things were the only things I wanted too. 🙁 I got the exact thing Liz got.
      Disappointed a bit. I thought I would at least get one or the other!

    • Seems like hardly anyone got the Purlisse…I really wanted it! 🙁

    • I got the same bag as you but I’m excited for mine! I’m not really adventurous when it comes to eye makeup so I’m excited for the palette. I love masks and share them with my daughter. I love lip pencils because I generally only wear lip balm, so I like to line and fill lips with pencil then apply balm. I’m excited for the face oil and mascara because I use those types of items regularly.

  20. I’m getting lip gloss lip liners the mascara the palette and the face oil I’m really disappointed this month I was hoping for the murad and the primer

    • I got the same box and am far from impressed. I don’t wear lip liners and those shades are not for me either. I would have loved the Murad or Nudestix. Oh well hopefully next month is better.

    • I’d love to trade my primer for your face oil!

  21. Got **nothing** I wanted. Ended up with Glam Glow masks, Purlisse lotion, Illamasqua lip pencil, Yensa primer, and Wander Beauty palette. A few months ago they lost my box and I complained a ton, I’ve been getting trash ever since, none of the items I’d want, maybe that’s why. I think I need to downgrade to the regular glam bag.

    • Ugh, that stinks. This is the reason why I skipped May’s GBP. I knew I wouldn’t end up with any of the things I would use. There were just too many items I wasn’t interested in.

    • I have the same box. I was initially disappointed but when I looked up each item I was less disappointed. The Purlisse lotion is fantastic.

    • This is exactly what I’ll get, for my very first Ipsy Plus box, this is a HUGE let down.

  22. I got the oil, avene, wander, lip gloss and the lip pencil duo! Great bag, very happy!

  23. I’m happy with my Ipsy plus. I really wanted the face oil and Nudestix and have both.

    Face Hero

    Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette

    Nudies Tinted Blur in Light 3

    Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara

    Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

    Add Ons

    Bright Daily Squalane + Facial Oil

    Soothing Moisture Mask

    Prep + Prime Natural Radiance in Radiant Yellow

    • Glad I skipped a month. Not for me. Looking forward to next month’s box though excited about that one.

  24. Mine is exactly the same except I’m getting the Nudestix in Light 1 instead of the lip pencils. I would have loved the Glam Glow masks, Avene or Purlisse body butter.

    • I’ll trade you! I want that nudestix but I’m getting the Avene mask. Email me at dani(dot)farris12(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested!

  25. Glad I skipped this month’s. The only two items that interest me are the Murad and Purlisse items.

    • Wish I would have skipped. I get 2 bags and neither had the Murad which is what I really wanted.

  26. Getting lip pencil, lip gloss, shadow palette, avene, and oil. The only thing I wanted was the murad. I don’t use oil and I don’t wear eyeshadow.

    • I really wanted the face oil! I already asked someone else here. But if you would like to trade (whoever responds first I suppose), I got the Yensa face primer. It values for $35 on their website and the the oil values for $34. So it would be an equal trade. But only if you want to, I know shipping can be a hassle sometimes. 🙂

    • Bummer. I got thr same box, but personally am much happier with it. The choices weren’t super great this month, imo. I did want the murad, though. I’m just glad I didn’t get mascara!

  27. I’m disappointed this month! This is the first time I regret not skipping. I got the lip liners, glamglow, yenza primer, nudestick and eyeshadow. I was really hoping for murad and the face oil.

    • I am getting the oil a d it will be up for swap. I wanted the primer

      • I’ll trade you a primer for the oil😊

  28. I’m getting the same bag as you are! I am pretty happy with it. I wanted that palette and did NOT want the bubblemasks. I got that 111skin oil the last time they had it, so enjoy it to those who get it this time!

    • That’s next month! I was really bummed and confused for a minute when I didn’t see it in my bag, add-ons and then all the product choices. Now I have to wait another month and try to hope for a second! LOL.

      • well, crap. I thought I had got away without receiving them! Now I need to keep my fingers crossed for next month. Lol. Thanks for reminding me!

  29. I was praying to the subscription gods that I’d either get one of the Nudesticks or that it would be an add on option…..but my prayers went unanswered

  30. I am so excited I got the Murad! I also got the face oil, wander palette, primer, and lip liners.

    I don’t wear lip liners and wish I got the nudestix to try and wish the primer was full sized but the value of my box is about $200 if that Murad is FS but I can’t tell. I’m super excited for my box since only one item is kind of useless to me. This is only my second GBP and im really loving it!

    • Box twins so happy! 🙂

    • You’re my bag twin! This is my first month upgrading to GBP and I’m really excited.

    • The primer is full sized, I checked the Yensa website. The full sized is 1 oz, which is what Ipsy states we are getting, and the travel sized is 0.24 oz. Ipsy plus is always full sized.

      • The Murad is not full size. I checked and the Ipsy page says it’s 0.5 oz (instead of 1 oz). So more like $45, but it is still amazing value! I was about to unsubscribe from Ipsy because I have been seriously unhappy with the selections in my Glam Bag for months. Instead, I decided to switch from GB to GBP when they opened it up, to try that out, and am pleasantly surprised. I got the Murad, which is what I really wanted, the face oil, the lip pencils, the eye palette, and the mascara. I’m really happy about the Murad and the oil, and don’t mind the palette. I told Ipsy a million time I don’t want mascara but they keep sending me mascara anyway… 😶

        • The Murad is, in fact, full size. Most eye creams come in 0.5 ounces and last forever since you are only applying a very small amount. The regular serum comes in a 1 ounce bottle but the eye serum is full size at 0.5 ounces and retails at $89 on the Murad website.

        • 0.5 oz is full size for the Murad eye cream.

          • I stand corrected! I genuinely got confused with the regular Murad retinol serum, which is 1oz. Sorry about that. But that’s great news!

  31. Biggest let down so far! Didn’t even get the right color nudestick👎🤪

    • Is it too dark or too light? You could use for contour if too dark or under your eyes if too light.

    • What color did you get? Did you get medium? I’d be willing to trade with you!

  32. I got the wander eyeshadow palette, tokyomilk lip gloss, avene face mask , il makiage mascara and murad eye seum. I am happy with my box.

    • This was my box too. I thought this month would just be so-so for me, but it’s actually a great one. Ipsy never lets me down!

  33. GBP:
    yensa primer,

    avene mask,

    wander palette,

    illamasqua pencils,

    il makiage mascara.

    Not bad but comparing to people who got murad instead of avene + face oil that costs $50 insted lip liners – I feel bitter.

    • Is that face oil $50? I thought was like $30

      • It’s 34, sorry for mistake. But still don’t know how to compare same boxes but with murad $83 and that oil $34 instead illamasqua liners and avene mask. It hurts to feel looser

        • The value of the variations of the boxes always vary. Maybe you will be a winner next month!

    • I got the same box as you except the face oil instead of the avene mask so it’s $26 versus $34…not that big of a difference.

  34. I’m getting:

    GO-TO Face Hero (Awesome! One of the top things I wanted.)

    EAU THERMALE AVÈNE Soothing Moisture Mask (Unexpected since it wasn’t in the spoilers, but I could definitely use it!)

    ILLAMASQUA Lip Colouring Pencil Duo in Lust & Media (I don’t want to complain…just not exactly excited about this one.)

    TOKYOMILK Lip Gloss (Great, wanted to try this!)

    WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette (Yay, looking forward to trying Wander eyeshadow and love the colors.)

    So, 4/5 are awesome and maybe the lip pencils will surprise me lol. Great month. I also added on the body butter.

    • I also got this variation. I wanted the eye shadow palette & lip gloss most of all the spoilers, so I’m pretty happy with it.

      Ironically, I’m just finishing up 3 different samples of similar Avene products that I’ve had in my stash for a while, & they were just OK for me, so I’ll probably swap the mask/give it to someone else.

  35. I’d be happy with any of these so I’m going to let it be a surprise.

    • Wish I had the restraint to do that, lol.

    • Good for you! I wish I could do this, since I often find I like things better once I get them than my first impression. I get too excited though, lol.

  36. I wanted the eye cream badly bc I love it. Instead I got the wander palette, body butter, glamglow masks, lip pencil, yensa primer. Not thrilled at all 😢

  37. 2 boxes, 0 nudestix. 2 Murad eye, 2 face oil, 2 wander palette, 2 lip liner, 1 yensa primer, 1 waterproof mascara. I’m a bit disappointed this month and was hoping for less overlap. Obviously great value but not the products I most wanted.

    • Do you want to trade one of your Murads? I have tons of awesome products!

    • Would love to trade for your Murad. Getting Nudestix in Medium and have tons of items up for swap.

      • I really wanted the face oil, would anyone like to swap? I got the lip liners, body lotion, masks, eyeshadow palette, and primer.

  38. I am so disappointed this month! I have two GBP accounts now with totally different profiles, and I’m getting identical boxes with the seascape palette I opted out of last month due to a problem I had with last months box, Bubble sheets, lip pencils, Yensa, and body butter. And yes, two of these boxes. What happened to the Murad? Has anyone gotten it? It’s really the one item I wanted and didn’t get in either. So next month with the awesome products spoiled already, I’m guessing I won’t see them either in both boxes!

    • Same thing happened to me!

    • I got the same box as you and i’m pretty bummed too. This is my first plus box. Not a great start

      • I’ve been getting GBP since it started and I was super happy with my first few boxes. Idk what happened lately, but the past few have been the worst for me. I have my profile to the T of what I like and my bags/boxes have been so far off from what my profile says. I contacted ipsycare and was told that my profile doesn’t guarantee I will get certain products. Ok, that’s understood, but shouldn’t it be somewhat close to what I have in my profile?

    • Wow, 2 boxes with different profile and same stuff?? Just seems like they didn’t care about your profile at all because the boxes are the same. I paused mine for May because it just didn’t look exciting to me. I received the eye cream in my April box so getting another in May just didn’t seem useful. I really hope June is better but if not I like that Ipsy let’s us pause when we want.

      • Yep. I have one profile that is the first option of not comfortable with makeup and the other profile at the other extreme of totally comfortable with makeup. I figured one would be more skincare heavy, and the other more makeup heavy or at least have different products than the other. Well I guess I was wrong lol

  39. Love my choices. I got the murad eye serum, face hero oil, wander beauty palette, the yensa primer and the lip pencil duo. The only item I’m disappointed about is the pencil duo – would have rather gotten the nudestix or a mascara but overall I’m happy! 🙂

    • Stephanie,

      I would be happy to swap my mascara with you for the lip duo if you’d be interested. I’m getting the Icon High Volume and Curl mascara. If you’re interested feel free to contact me. jessfox 81 at gmail

    Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara

    Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

    Face Hero

    Nudies Tinted Blur

    Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette

    • I was hoping for the Murad Serum but had a feeling I wouldn’t get it since I received the eye cream last month.
      Can’t say I’m disappointed though.
      I got a great box for the price!

      • I got the Goldfadden Eye Cream last month and the Murad this month too. On my profile I lean heavily toward skincare over makeup, put my skin concerns as wrinkles, aging and uneven texture and my age as 40.

        • I put the same concerns as well. Oddly enough this is the first month I didn’t get two skincare items as I have them all listed as “always” in my profile. Perhaps I should increase my age?
          I’m 37 but am really excited to get what I’m getting.
          Plus, I have a full size Philosophy eye cream coming my way so I’m not really disappointed.

    • Bag twins! It’s not a bad bag for my first GBP but it would have been a home run if I had received the Glamglow or Avene instead of the mascara or Nudestix.

      • I needed mascara and I’m excited to try the Nudestix!
        It’s a great box!

  41. In my bag: The Glamglow masks, the Mrad, the mascara, Wander palette, blur stick.

    Super happy, I would have loved the face oil though.

    Add Ons: Tokyomilk, Oryza contour palette, buxom lippie.

    • Murad*

  42. I’m getting…

    Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara

    Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

    Face Hero

    Nudies Tinted Blur

    Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette

    Overall happy with my picks this month!
    Would have been perfect had I received the eye serum over the eyeshadow pallete, but I received the eye cream last month.

  43. I got the face oil, the lip pencils, mascara, palette and the Tokyo milk lip gloss. Really wanted the nude stix and body butter, but excited to try what I did get. I’ll be swapping the lip pencils if anyone is interested!

  44. Wish they had the murad as an add-on

    • Me too!

    • Me too. It seems like the really popular item of the month is never an add on. Last month I wanted to addon the It brush and couldn’t. 😕

      • The brush is amazing!

        Keep an eye out to see if it makes a return in future add ons.
        It might happen!

  45. I’m not so enthused about my box this month. I got the Wander Beauty palette, face oil, mask, lip liners, and lip gloss.

    • Want to swap your face oil?

      • I actually use face oils. I have oily skin and discovered facial oils help reduce oiliness.

      • Anyone interested in swapping my entire ipsy glam plus box with Murad eye serum? Lol

    • I really wanted the face oil, would you like to trade for the face primer? I was bummed it wasn’t available for adding on. No worries if you don’t want to! 🙂

  46. Ugh. Not thrilled. I didn’t get the NudeStix even though one of those colors would be perfect for me. I got a body butter, again, two months in a row. Dang it ipsy!

    • Definitely contact Ipsycare!

      • I did! I almost never complain but two months in a row got body lotion and an “adventurous” colored eyeshadow palette. Both of which I have selected to receive rarely. I wish they’d use the answers to the quiz! All base/foundation/cc/tinted moisturizer/etc products are selected as “often” and I thought I’d be getting Nudestix for sure! Maybe ipsy can make this right. We will see!

        • I think everyone got the eyeshadow pallete.
          I’m on pallete overload and have them marked as rarely in my profile.
          However, I’ve liked everything Wander so far.

  47. My bag:

    Yensa tone up primer essential glow never heard of this one so am looking forward to trying it) – RV $35
    Wander Beauty wanderess seascape eyeshadow palette (very pretty) – RV $25
    Purlisse butter me orange creamsicle body butter (did not receive this last time but did swap for it and love it) – RV $24
    Glamglow bubblesheet masks, set of 3 (I give these away as extras in swaps so I guess I have more for that) – RV $27
    Illamasqua lip coloring pencil duo in Lust & Media (not a lip liner/lip pencil person but will try them) – RV $42

    Total RV of $153

    I was hoping for the lovecraft blush palette but I added it for $12 as well as the COOLA
    Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 in Guava Mango

  48. I’m getting the same except instead of mascara I’m getting the Murad Eye Serum. Sadly not a fan of this month’s box but glad to try the eye serum.

    My regular Ipsy is a bust this month too.

  49. My bag:

    Yensa tone up primer essential glow never heard of this one so am looking forward to trying it) – RV $35
    Wander Beauty wanderess seascape eyeshadow palette (very pretty) – RV $25
    Purlisse butter me orange creamsicle body butter (did not receive this last time but did swap for it and love it) – RV $24
    Glamglow bubblesheet masks, set of 3 (I give these away as extras in swaps so I guess I have more for that) – RV $27
    Illamasqua lip coloring pencil duo in Lust & Media (not a lip liner/lip pencil person but will try them) – RV $42

    Total RV of $153

    I was hoping for the lovecraft blush palette but I added it for $12 as well as the COOLA
    Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 in Guava Mango

  50. The reveal shown is exactly the same as mine (that never happens! lol). I’m kind of bummed I’m not getting the Nudestix to try but I’m excited for the face oil….even though I have oily skin. It sounds like it might work well for me!

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