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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box: Customization Open For Annual Members

FabFitFun Summer 2019 Edit Sale Dates + Spoilers!

The new FabFitFun Summer Edit sale starts July 1st at noon ET! (If you aren’t familiar, this is basically like Add-Ons, except these items aren’t shipping with your FabFitFun Box.)

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The sale will feature beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle items at 30% to 70% off.
  • July 1st at 9 a.m. PT: Open to SELECT members (annual subscribers)
  • July 4th at 9 a.m. PT: Open to ALL members..
  • Don’t forget that Edits are just like Add-Ons and you’ll be auto-billed for everything at the end of the sale.

FYI – spoiler items pictured above are subject to change.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still access this sale if you subscribe. Use coupon code GIFT to save $10 off your first box and get a free mystery bundle worth $125!  (Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!)


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (70)

  1. For those of you nervous about subscribing after all of the negative Nancy comments please remember more people post negative than positive. I started fabfitfun 3 years ago and cancelled after year one because I never used the items and the quality was “alright”. I restarted last year and just renewed. The products are of much higher quality. I have never had any issues with shipping or customer service. The $45 a box price for the annual subscription is more than worth it. And the edit sales and add on prices are fantastic. I walk around Ulta and chuckle at the prices when I realized how much I saved or a $40 item was included in my $45 box.

    Please note. NEVER PICK THE JEWELRY. Always cheap. They tarnish. Too small. Too dainty. Can’t open the clasp. Just an FYI. Sorry fabfitfun. Just stop with the jewelry or up the quality.

  2. I know the last post was about a week ago, but I wasn’t sure where else to check.

    I received my box today, but they didn’t put in the extra hairdryer.

    How is their customer service?

    I swear, if they don’t send it, I will dispute the charge.

    • They’re CS is pretty good. They’ll probably ask you to send a picture of the packing slip but I would be shocked if they didn’t send you a new one.

    • I think their CS is pretty good. They answer fairly quickly and I also had an item missing, all the rep asked for was a photo of the shipping label. I had already recycled the box so I didn’t have it but they sent me the replacement anyway and fairly quickly. I also had an item give me a horrible rash (which I sent them a photo of) and they gave me a credit to use for the future.

    • I think their customer service goes above and beyond making their customers happy. At least , in my case , they did. They sent a free felt message board because I messed up on my emails and missed customization . I’m thinking of becoming an annual member

  3. I found a gross roach sealed in my spring box! Hope they do something about there warehouse infestation.

    • Gross!!!!

  4. Has anyone noticed that the discounts aren’t the same on the “deals” anymore? When I started a few years ago not only were the boxes great but so were the add on prices. Until recently, the discounts were 70, 80, and 90 percent. The last few sales I noticed that most discounts were 50 and 60 percent. This quarter to purchase an extra item in the main category is $15. FFF is keeping more profit but the quality has dropped significantly as has CS and shipping. As soon as my year is up, I will not be renewing.

    • yes, i have noticed. I’ve only been a member for a year and just in that time have noticed a big difference. One of the reasons I went annual was to take advantage of the add on/edit sales. And a big reason for that was the discount on living proof products. It used to be 60+%….this last add on and edit sale i think it was like 28% tops. And with the skincare items, I feel like I see the same ones over and over which makes me wonder how old the stock is.

  5. Even though I am drowning in products, I will buy that 111 Skin item if the price is right.

  6. I am not renewing when the time comes. I’ve been with FFF for a few years now and the items are simply aren’t so fab fit or fun anymore. Items a few years ago still get used but newer stuff not so much. The quality just isn’t there. Jewelry for example. Time for me to save money for a bit anyway. Take a break then maybe come back later.

    • I just did the same and I’ve been with them since the second or third box! I might just be on product overload and hard to impress though.

  7. I am sitting this one out! I have spent so much money Plus their shipping time is ridiculous. Then there is the problem of overselling things.

    It seems FFF is always having a sale. I think I am burned on FFF. I am not renewing this spring. I may come back another time.

  8. Leslie Popsugar is a good quarterly box IMO not for summer ATM so don’t let that dissuade you , but loved my winter box so maybe check that one out in Fall .

  9. Slipped this one ! Just looking forward to spring/winter boxes they always seem to be better IMO

  10. I certainly don’t need a thing, but I’m curious about 111Skin. I’m interested in seeing how FFF prices these products.

  11. I spent sooo much on the last sale so one would think I’d want to pass on this. Unfortunately I know myself well so I’m sure I’ll check it out and buy something because my FOMO (or the “but it’s such a good price voice in my head) knows no bounds hahaha.

  12. It sounds like FFF is loosing their status as one of the best women’s lifestyle boxes due to poor customer service, misleading add on sales due to the chaos of their inventory software/system, and long wait times (which is also probably due to the inventory issues). The quality of the items has started to diminish and I think this box used to appeal to a larger age range, which is know shrinking.

    Meanwhile, Cause Box, Bombay & Cedar, and Journee Box have all increased in quality. My guess is that many former loyal FFF subscribers are jumping ship. I made the switch to Cause Box two seasons ago and have been very impressed with the quality of the items. The last FFF box I had included a sparkly necklace with a chain that looked like something my 12 year old cousin would love. And I wish I had purchased the last Journee Box. It looked amazing.

    Anyone else leave FFF for another quarterly?

    • I am still waiting for my edit sale items from April! I have been in touch with FFF four times now to try and resolve it. At least give a refund if you cannot fulfill the order, don’t just keep pushing people off.

      • Yes, I received an email saying it would ship the first part of May. When it didn’t I contacted them and I guess it was being shipped to FFF and it would ship to me mid-May. When it didn’t I contacted them to be told by the end of May and here we are. I actually bugs me off that they are running sales and are not getting orders out.

      • I am still waiting on getting things fixed from the Winter box and one damaged item from Fall. Finally today I am speaking with a manager to get this all cleared up, but 6 months later is crazy! I am thinking of trying the Cause box and seeing how that pans out, not a fan of FFF right now.

    • I left; the quality is so low on the lifestyle items, I feel like they’re from generic fast fashion brands that simply pollute our world by manufacturing throw away items.

      CS is disappointing. Poor communication skills. Most inquiries, they didn’t even address my issue and simply responded with generic, pre-written text.

    • I absolutely agree with everything you just said. Kind of sad I really did love FFF at one point.
      Sadly I’m also leaving FFF but haven’t decided what to replace it with yet! I would love to see some suggestions.

      • I left FFF for Cause Box and absolutely love it! I’m also considering Nomadik because I’m trying to be outdoors more for summer, as well as Coastal (but I’ve heard that Coastal’s recent box had poor quality….)

    • Totally agree, FFF has become such a joke. Poor item quality, major stock issues with no solution in sight, horrendously bad and inconsistent customer service, the list goes on. The amount of times I contacted CS about a single issue and gotten 3 completely different, contradictory responses from different reps is way too high. I cancelled and I’m not sad about it at all. CauseBox looks great this season!

    • I still get excited when I receive my FFF box but I think it’s because it’s a “gift” in the mail. Most of the items go into my give away closet and it’s growing! There’s only so many towels, totes, water bottles, candles, wireless speakers and headphones people can use. I’ve noticed from the Add Ons and Edit sales many of the items are hard to find info on. Some appear to be discontinued. Only once did I have an issue with a product though. It was a lotion that was separated and rancid. I will continue with FFF for now.

    • My annual sub ends in spring. No way am I renewing.

      I like Happy Rebel way more.

      Popsugar too.

      You get higher end products instead of a box full of crap. FF is going down. They have tried too aggressively to grow and are sacrificing quality (and hygiene) for quality. Their add ons and edits cost more now.

  13. I loved this box when I originally subscribed, however, I canceled my annual subscription and the summer box is my last. I ordered a second spring box to give as a gift on April 2. I still don’t even have a label.

    It’s unreal to me that people are receiving their summer boxes and the spring box I ordered almost two months ago isn’t even moving. I feel pretty certain that I’ll pass the 3 month post purchase mark before it hits my doorstep.

    I have chatted with customer service endlessly, with promises that they will ship soon. I can’t believe they’ve expanded to the UK with this sort of service. I know there are good deals, but this frustration is simply not worth it to me.

    • Who has received summer boxes? I don’t even have a label yet and I didn’t expect to until June.

      • I got my summer box last week by some miracle.

  14. I’ve had fff for over a year now, thankfully I haven’t had any issues with shipping or Add Ons/edit sale. It’s upsetting to see so many complaints. You’d think it would be a well-oiled machine by now… makes me want to stay away for participating in this sale.

  15. A couple things look good but I have so many products right now. It’s really quite embarrassing the amount of stuff I have that I probably won’t ever use. It’s got to the point where I’m using expensive facial serums on my body just to use them up.

    • Me too!

      • Me Three!

    • I’m doing exactly that right now, how funny. I thought I was the only one. So hard to pass up such good deals, but now it’s at the point where I have way too much stuff and it’s becoming a problem😓

    • I’m in the same position but I never thought about using some of my stash on my body! Thanks for the excellent idea!

      • You’re welcome! I actually have great looking skin on my arms now. Haha.

    • Me 4, but I’m just so addicted! I can’t help myself! I’ve given a lot away, but still have tires full( been a sub box girl for 7 years.) I should look 10 years old by now, with all of the expensive serums!

    • Ive seen some people selling products on Poshmark- might be an option with your extra stuff if its new?

      • Thanks, I’m just too lazy to post and ship. My niece sells stuff on Poshmark though so I may give a bunch of stuff to her. She could use some extra money for college. Great idea!! Maybe she can sell all the towels, totes, and jewelry that I’ve never used.

    • Hi..if your interested there are so many FFF reseller groups on Facebook. Some make a nice profit on items they can’t use. I’ve never sold on these groups but I have definitely purchased from them. Hope this helps.

  16. Pass, but I look forward to the summer editor’s box, though. I’ve never had issues with the actual boxes (other than broken items, which get replaced). The edit sales and add-on sales have been consistent disasters for me, so I’ll likely pass, unless there’s something I can’t live without… which is unlikely.

  17. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I received my items from the last few edit and add on sales. I did skip the summer add ons though. I need to use up the stuff from the past sales first.

    • You are definitely lucky. I had 5 items “out of stock” after the add-on sale. Their inventory system is a joke.

  18. I kinda wish they wouldn’t do these edit sales. I had one that I never even received (they did refund me). But apart from the charge and then not have the item (I’m sure there’s a better word for that), it’s just too much. It kinda takes away the excitement of the add-on sales. And , due to my utter complete lack of control, I’m really on product overload. IMHO.

    • I had the same problem and three different chat operators lied that they were being shipped. I am beginning to think these are a little on the shady side. And, I am a paid yearly customer which is even more horrible!

      • Yes. I never recieved my spring box. Its crazy. They lied over and over saying it was shipping. It was so frustrating. I had to keep dealing with them over and over and over. I have never ordered anything that I had to basically I feel like beg for. They have certainly showed me a side of them that I didn’t know existed. Im done.

  19. FFF used to be my favorite subscription because of the add ones and these sales BUT the past 3 times I have ordered I got email notifications that the items I ordered would be refunded due to inventory issues! It’s so frustrating waisting time to get the items you want for them to have so many inventory discrepancies! Such a bummer knowing that even though you have something in your cart and get charged for it, it doesn’t mean that you will actually get it!
    I wouldn’t be so discouraged if this only happened once but unfortunately it has happened multiple times 😣

    • Agreed

    • Yep

    • Me too

  20. How about shipping our summer boxes? I’m really sick of these boxes coming after summer has already started. Would’ve been nice to have this stuff this holiday weekend.

    • I agree. I can’t use the items in the fall. And as a yearly customer they don’t honor the ship times like they should. And the reps just say we are in our shipping range. Plus, some of the items is beginning to look like Dollar Tree junk.

    • First day of summer is June 21st… Mine will be here by May 30th. That seems pretty acceptable to me

      • You’re an exception, not the rule. Many people don’t even have a label for their summer box.

      • Yup, I am one of those! Annual with add ons, no label yet. I am ALWAYS one of the last to get my box!!! And it gets OLD!!!

      • I should be getting mine this Thursday. I hope they smooth out the shipping issues.

      • They technically have until the end of June to ship the Summer boxes out, according to their FAQ’s. I think the Spring season was an anomaly, as it’s the first time I have seen so many people who still haven’t received their box. Those people have every right to be annoyed. I would be too. However, I do not understand being upset about not receiving a shipping label a full month before their cut off date.

      • My box will be here tomorrow. It’s been sitting at USPS since Saturday. They do have a month to ship the boxes after billing by the shipping schedule posted on their website. Summer isn’t even here for three more weeks. I understand the shipping issues that have happened for some, (it’s happened to me too,) but I don’t think we should start the shipping wars until they are at least past their deadlines for what’s posted on their site when we purchase them. Just my opinion.

      • Well, I guess it’s just me then. I’m ready for summer. The pool is open, I’m dressing for summer now & taking trips. I consider the end of may, memorial day weekend, the beginning of MY summer. So I’m ready to get going.
        And, even though I tell myself, every time, that it’s going to be forever after I’m charged to actually recieve my box… i’m still checking every day. Maybe I’m over the way quarterly subscription boxes work & ship? It seems like by the time I receive my box it’s already time to start seeing spoilers for the next coming season. I want to use this stuff in the appropriate season.

    • Yes. I ordered a spring box on April 2 that doesn’t even have a label yet. Nobody can tell me what’s going on. They’ve offered me a $10 credit “for my trouble”, but I can only use it in another sale. What a joke; I’m not wasting my money with them again!

      • Yes. I had the same problem. They lied to me 4 different times saying it had shipped. I emailed them 3 times a day. Finally they admitted to me they couldn’t fulfil the spring order and sent me the summer box. I just recieved it 2 days ago. Stay on them and let them know if they cant fulfil the order than send you the summer box.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of fff these days (in fact I’m canceling) but it’s only been 10 days since billing. Their shipping deadline is a month. Give them a minute and at least wait until they are past shipping deadlines to complain about shipping issues. Also, Summer starts June 21st.

      • I think part of the issue is that the month shipping window has only been the past two or three boxes. Before that they promised to ship the first billing date boxes ten business days after billing.
        So first strike, instead of trying to improve the shipping which always took longer they just changed the policy to give themselves about two extra weeks.
        And then, they continue to have more issues with shipping. Not just seasonal boxes (yeah it hasn’t been that long for summer yet) but the spring edit sale and consistent shipping and stock issues.
        It’s aggravating to see a company which has clearly grown too fast and too quickly doing things like pushing a styling service and expanding to the UK, before fixing the issues in their current market.

      • The month shipping has on seasonal boxes (and add on orders) has been since summer 2018 box. They changed it after the mess of shipping from last spring 2018. The (supposed) 10 business days/2 weeks shipping since then has been only for edit sales and shop orders.

  21. @Liz If you wouldn’t mind, can you please also post the thumbnail you used for this post in full size pretty please?

  22. I already got the 111skin from ipsy and might get it again so I’m good with that others ehhhh #safe

  23. noooooooooo

  24. I wonder what kind of items they will have

    • Well… the best predictor of future behavior is past Behavior so I’m saying is that they probably will have many things listed now whether or not we will receive those items is another story. We’ll keep our fingers crossed

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