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FabFitFun Flash Sale – $10 Off + FREE $125 Value Mystery Bundle!

For a limited time, use coupon code GIFT to save $10 off the Summer Box AND get a FREE Mystery Bundle ($125+ value) with your Summer FabFitFun box! If you sign up now with this offer, your first box will be the Summer Box! (FYI – the mystery bundle will not show up in checkout, but if you use the coupon GIFT, you will receive it.)

FabFitFun is regularly $49.99. Check out the full spoilers of the Summer FabFitFun Box to see what you’ll receive!

And if you aren’t familiar with FabFitFun, I highly recommend it. It’s a quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box that sends beauty, fashion, home, and wellness items. (And it was voted the Best Subscription Box for Women by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.)


How do subscribers rate FabFitFun?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (96)

  1. I ordered this when it went live and still have not received shipping for my box. No label no email nothing. Anybody receive their box yet that did this deal?

  2. I have it too:

    Summer 2019 Box x 1
    GWP: WAY OF WILL Uplift Essential Oil Set: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange x 1
    GWP: Whish Rose Hip and Lotus Firming Sleep Mask x 1
    GWP: KocoStar Watermelon Sheet Masks x 1

    Super disapppointed!

    • I’m getting the same things too.

    • I got the same, I was actually pretty happy with it though! I’ve used Whish and Way of Will products before and I like them a lot. I also got the mystery item and mine ended up being the Dr. Brandt Pore No More Cleanser, I was super stoked about that and it’s great with the Generation Clay Mask actually. The KocoStar masks will go to my sister (needs a treat yo self moment in grad school) since I opted for the 111Skin Masks and I really don’t need four new types of face mask!

  3. This code has expired. I live chatted with customer service to confirm. Per CS, the mystery bundle will be offered again prior to the release of the Fall box.

  4. The promo code “GIFT” is no longer working. It did earlier. I reached out to can but reading all this I am not so sure I want to drop the money for it

  5. They charged me May 5th for my Summer box plus add ons but still not shipped. Not happy.

    • I’m new to FFF but my guess is that do to the Promo they advertised, they’v overwhelmed themselves and now they can’t keep up. A friend of mine and I live in the same apartment complex and signed up at the same time, on the 26th. She has a shipping confirmation email and I’ve had nothing but trouble with them. It seems like they’re making the same mistake Allure did. Not being consciously thankful of their loyal subscribers and showing so by putting them first. Instead, it seems like they just don’t care. Some new subscribers already have shipping confirmation and even already have their bundles but subscribers like you have nothing? That’s not ok in my opinion. I certainly sympathize with you there.

      • I have 2 boxes. One arrived on 5/28. The other hasn’t even shipped yet! Infuriating. I bought add-ons with both so it should be sent out now already!

    • Are you new to fff? I am guessing yes if you were charged May 5th (I would think that was for the spring editors box though), since billing for the summer box for annuals and seasonals with add ons was May 17–2 weeks ago. Their shipping window is within 1 month from billing.

  6. Per my box order info details, mystery bundle is Way of Will essential oil set, B-Low Mia belt and Whish Rose hip and lotus forming sleep mask.

    • I’m new to FFF. Where do you see what the Mystery Bundle is?

      • My subscription & orders
        – Order details

      • It doesn’t show the bundle anywhere in my account…

      • Mine either. I don’t see any reference to the Mystery Bundle. I even checked my invoice and I received the $10 off, but no reference to the promo code or mystery bundle.

      • They did not give me the $10 off. Instead, I have a $10 credit.

      • If you download the app and go to your subscription details you can see it. It’s not showing on the website. I’m getting the same as OP.

      • Looks like the app was pulled, I can’t find it in the search. Also found a thread on FFF that talks about how contents shown in app are frequently wrong and it’s a known issue. So the mystery deepens as to whether we’ll get those.

      • I can’t find it either. Idk if I’m going to stick with FFF…. I don’t need any more frustrations right now. Allure has been nothing but crap the last couple of months. Skipped May & tried the Macy’s box. Pain in the arse. Now that I’m trying FFF, they are being totally frustrating!

    • Can I ask where you found this info? I’m having no luck finding my mystery bundle items in my order info

      • Same here.

      • I found mine in the order details in the app, but it was a couple of days after I ordered. It says I’m getting a Way of Will set of 3 essential oils, whish rosehip and lotus firming mask and kokostar watermelon sheet masks

      • Is that what you ended up getting? I just got the uplift oils and the sleep mask. There’s no way that’s worth $125!!!

      • I got both of those and a b-low the belt belt.

      • Summer 2019 Box x 1
        GWP: WAY OF WILL Uplift Essential Oil Set: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange x 1
        GWP: Whish Rose Hip and Lotus Firming Sleep Mask x 1
        GWP: KocoStar Watermelon Sheet Masks x 1

        I just placed order yesterday.

      • Is that what you ended up getting? I just got the uplift oils and the sleep mask. There’s no way that’s worth $125!!!

      • I found mine in my orders. I had to switch to desktop view from my phone to see it. Then click on order details and it shows a summer box, essential oil kit, 1 sleeping maks and another mask.

      • Is that what you ended up getting? I just got the uplift oils and the sleep mask. There’s no way that’s worth $125!!!

    • my bundle is the same

    • Not very exciting. I have the belt in both ring colors and that brand of essential oils is not my fave. They are overpriced and it’s probably Orange and Eucalyptus!

    • Is that what you ended up getting? I just got the uplift oils and the sleep mask. There’s no way that’s worth $125!!!

  7. So I initially said no to this box but with deal I said might as well cause I need a cover when I am lounging in the house and need a foot something for sandal weather.
    Hopefully I don’t get any lip items for the mystery cuz only use liquid lipstick

    Well I couldn’t get spoilers but CS said I wasn’t getting eyeliner or micro polish which were the two items I didn’t want. So makes this a great box

    • I checked the app under orders and it says
      Way of will uplift set $30 (already have)
      Whish sleeping mask $50 (interesting)
      Mia belt black $55 (fff September 2017)
      Total: $135
      They always reach the mark but never really impress me.

    • Says I’m getting
      Whish face mask $50 (interesting)
      Mia black belt $55 (fff fall 2017)
      Will uplift set $30 (already have)

  8. I got my box yesterday. I upgraded to an annual subscription starting with this box. I chose a mystery item for one of my customization choices and received a cleansing oil. One of my add-on items was a toner, and it had leaked during transit and there was no liquid left in the bottle. It did not come in its own box which surprised me. Anyway, I reached out to customer service using the online chat feature and got it resolved right away. They are sending me a replacement. Also, I never received my $10 add-on credit for upgrading to annual and they gave that to me too starting with next season. For anyone having issues with customer service, I highly recommend using the chat feature.

  9. Does anyone know if customization is still open for the summer box?

    • No. Customization for the summer box closed on May 15th

  10. Hi Liz
    Do you know when will the box ship if I subscribe today?

    • I ordered it on Sunday and got the shipping notification today.

      • Thanks!

      • Did you get a tracking number or just a welcome to the family email like I did . The reason I ask is because I joined on the 25 and have not been informed of shipping but it has not got charged to my bank yet.

      • I ordered on Sunday the 26th as well. It shows the charge in my FFF account and my bank account. I got a welcome email. No shipping email and it shows that it has not shipped in my FFF account.

      • I haven’t gotten tracking info either. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I have subscribed on and off seasonal for 2 years. I got my tracking email about 3 days ago. My friend subscribed a year ago and got her tracking email yesterday.

      • I got tracking number in the email.

    • I have been with them awhile and usually, every time it is within 2 weeks of the day I was billed, even when I use another email to pick up an extra edit box, etc

    • Within 30 days or longer. Im annual n have hadda shipping label for 2 weeks! My biggest regret is going annual. Right after I did I’ve had nothing but out of stock items (n them taking a month to notify me) n horrible shipping issues. (6+ weeks for delivery)

      • Kathy, I have had the same issues. As an annual member who spends between $750 and over $1,000 on add on’s (don’t judge) I expect top service. I have not even gotten notice of a shipment as of yet on the latest box. I do have to say FFF customer service is amazing online and have always rectified any issues to some degree possiblynot fully to what I expected but perhaps my expectations are a bit high (have not addressed shipping with them for the record) just disappointing I have to go that route. I have been a loyal customer for quite some time so I do have some expectations going along with that.

  11. I am seeing so many complaints about FFF customer service. I had an issue that I hit upgrade mistakenly and it charged me. When I called they were more than happy to reverse the charge but to keep my business offered me a $65 necklace which of course I went for. The necklace is awful, but they sent it as promised within two weeks. Also, on my first box I was new to the customization and they helped me do it over the phone AFTER customization closed down. I’m happy with them.

  12. I switched to Cause Box for my quarterly sub and am looking at Journee Box also. I’ve been much happier with the quality of items in Cause Box and they have solved their inventory issue they had a while back.

    Has anyone else jumped ship from FFF? There are a few other great women’s lifestyle quarterly boxes in the same price range to choose from now.

    • I almost hit cancel today. I will give them through the weekend to resolve my issue. I STILL haven’t received my April edit sale items. I have reached out to customer service four times. I’ve never had an experience this bad with them before. Sad face.

    • I jumped ship. I was very disappointed in the winter box. I skipped the spring box. I was not impressed with the spoilers for the summer box so I cancelled. I subbed for a couple of years and I think I just got burned out. I haven’t found another lifestyle box to add, however. I do sub to Happy Rebel but I’d like to find another one. I cancelled Popsugar for the same reasons I cancelled FFF. I find it’s super easy to swap for any items I do want. Much easier than having to get rid of things I don’t want.

    • I canceled FFF too (actually, this was the first box I did not receive). Now I receive Causebox and Ipsy Plus… That’s it.

      • IPSY GLAM PLUS IS SOOOOO FUN! I love picking the $3 and $12 extras if we want!

    • Yes, I’m sadly done with fff. This has been my all time fav sub as far as items, but their shipping and shopping drama has gone too far. I always end up feeling dirty for doing business with this company that is so cheerful and unreliable in the same breath. I’d rather pay for shipping than wait 8-10 WEEKS for delivery. Hard pass.

    • I am SO in love with Journee Box! They’re way less lifestyle (which is what I still love about FFF) but other than that it’s everything I look for in a box. GO FOR IT!!

    • Im about to

    • I’m excited for Journee box spoilers, it seems pretty awesome. It’s just new. I think it used to be sugar bash, correct?

      Sundae home box is awesome for home goods too.

  13. I started to set up an account last year but never finished it and have never received anything from fabfitfun. So, this is why I finally caved. However, there was nowhere to enter the code. So I emailed and got an rude answer back. I’m told no. No, you can’t have both? What? It’s advertised! I’m told they don’t do 2 promos at once. I explained, King told me it’s just to bad I made the mistake of filling out information and not signing up and that this might be a good learning experience for me! WTH?! I sent King back a screenshot of the offer. I’ve already had the $50 taken out of my account. I think I’ll try to get someone else through email.

    • I just checked my account, and that was when I noticed I have been charged five times and received only the winter and spring boxes…..unless I’m reading my account wrong…..And even if I have, it’s still confusing that they charged my card three times in two days….for one box.

      • As a new subscriber, I’m going to now have to go into the bank so they can look at everything in detail. WTH?! My FFF account shows a year charge and a quarterly charge from December when I never actually finished setting up my account?! Same thing right now! A yearly and a quarterly?! And now that I’m showing a CSR proof of a Promo add on MSA, he is no longer responding! Yes, I knew FFF was going to be a pain in my butt!

      • If you used an email address at all to partially setup an account, you can not use the same email address again to get a new subscriber discount. I can’t help you with all the charges, but I can tell you that you would need a new email address to get this promo based on what you’re saying.
        Good luck and sorry you’re having such issues!

      • Thank you. I decided to try live chat as the CSR I had been communicating with via email stopped responding. The person on live chat was able to see that I have never made a purchase with them or received a box. So, I will get the Summer FFF Box @ the regular price and the Mystery Bundle as advertised. Instead of this box being discounted, I have a $10.00 credit to use towards my next purchase which will be the Fall box. I’m fine with this resolution.

    • Try doing live chats with them. I’ve had fast results with that. (I cancelled after my 1st box.)

    • Are you serious?? He said its a learning experience? That is really REALLY bad CS. I’m stunned any CS would actually reply like that! Wow, just wow!

      • I decided to try live chat. At this point, here is the resolution: I will be getting the Mystery Bundle. I have already been charged the $49.99 for the Summer box. A credit of $10.00 has been applied to my FFF account that I can use towards any future purchase including my next box. I’ll take it!

  14. I’ve had fff for over a year now. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues with shipping and add ons/edit sale. It’s upsetting to see so many complaints. You’d think it would be a well-oiled machine by now. Makes me want to stay away from this sale.

  15. My spring box went unfulfilled. I’m still wondering what the mystery bundle is. They are sending it with the summer box now. Very frustrating.

    • Can I still use the code GIFT to receive the mystry box???? I read somewhere that it is expired!! Please help me guys. I want to order ittt now.

      • Just tested the code, it is still working. And FabFitFun is currently promoting this deal. You are good!

    • Same

  16. Great, I signed up a week ago. Second time a box runs a promo a few days after I decide to go for it

  17. Yikes. I think FFF needs to focus on fixing the insane amount of issues they are currently having as they have taken on too many subs, before trying to add more! Insane. Time to go waitlist FFF!

  18. I think that you both are correct
    I have been a member since the beginning and I have also given subscirtiond as gift. So where is the love Fabfitfun! We deserve special, you know something

    Diane Williams

  19. As someone who has been with FFF for over a year, the mess they’ve had makes me want to cancel, too! It is terrible CS to have orders from April unfulfilled. Someone has gotten too big…

  20. Buyer Beware, I ordered this deal for the spring box April 12th, and have not recieved received anything. When I called the still couldn’t tell me when it would ship. Summer will likely be over before they deliver on this deal.

    • They are sending emails canceling this promotion with the Spring box, offering the Editor’s or Summer box instead due to inventory issues. I was told about 6 weeks after I was charged and since it was for a gift and it was too late for it, I fought for a refund, that they gave me as “a one time courtesy”. I canceled the gift and my annual subscription.

    • The same thing happened to me. I’ve chatted with CS five times with no resolution.

      • They do not have inventory for the same promotion for the Spring box and are offering the Editor’s or Summer box instead. I had to fight for a refund that I finally received on Friday. I canceled this gift subscription and my annual subscription that expired after the Summer Box.

      • FFF is seriously a hot mess. I am annual and after 2 years with them I am cancelling. Even their add on/edit sales don’t make it worth it anymore.

    • Same. I had to threaten to cancel before they’d ship my Spring Box, and even then they didn’t put the add ons that I paid for in that shipment, so I had to chat in again to get them to make it right. I canceled anyway, since they messed up my Edit Sale order and my Spring Box.

    • Just a heads up…they don’t plan to deliver on this deal and you might want to contact them again. I reached out to them a few times after the 30 days they allow for shipping and after stringing me along a few times/offering credits for the wait they finally acknowledged that it wasn’t coming. I just spoke to CS again related to people on here still waiting and I got the following response:

      “There are other members who also reached out to us about this and we offered the Spring Editor’s Box or we’ll just add another box on their subscription while some were also sent an email about it and were offered the same offer.”

      I’m not sure if they actually sent out an email so I thought I would pass this along. Basically they will add another box on to your subscription in place of the Spring Box, but you have to ask for it.

      I told her it seemed a little like a scam since I was being told all along that they didn’t have an estimated ship date and then all of a sudden I was being told it’s not coming.

      Hope this helps get everything resolved!

      • Just to clarify, this comment is specifically related to the April deal for the Spring Box.

  21. Does anyone know if you’d still be able to customize your box if you sign up now? Thanks!

    • Yes! But extra customization for the first category is not available (adding on an additional choice)

  22. The last free bundle wasn’t good so I have no FOMO

    • What was in it if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I don’t remember all of it but I got that ish lip pallet and the glam glow lip balm.

      • I got one when I signed up for Spring 2019. Donni Tri color scarf, Aimee Kestenberg wallet, and the FFF fruit infuser tumbler.

      • Wow that was good!

      • Same, Jessica.

      • That’s actually a great free bundle!

      • I was very happy with it. I absolutely love the scarf!

  23. This totally sucks for current annual members.

    • I agree! I think you should get some kind of bonus maybe to add on one item at no cost in customization with the season you renew annually, or get an add-on credit when you renew. Something! I think this kind of stuff only encourages people to cancel and sub again with a new email.

      • Bren,
        You are exactly right. I was an annual for the past three years and decided that I’ll just make a new email for Summer/Fall and get a better discount/promotions etc. The extra customization isn’t TOO drastic for the last two options usually anyway so there isn’t that big of a perk for the extra money/annual up front. If around Black Friday they do something worthwhile, i’ll sign back up for annual but otherwise Ive learned being seasonal is the smarter choice. The new emails over and over is annoying though, like they see it goes to the same address and same name… why not just let us reuse the same email lol or give previous subscribers/annuals the same deals…..really it blows my mind!

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