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Bulu Box Subscription Review + Coupon – May 2019

Bulu Box May 2019 - Box

Bulu Box is a monthly fitness and weight loss subscription. The original Bulu Box is focused more on fitness and general health supplements. They also offer a Weight Loss box that focuses more on diet products for $10/month and a Burn Blend box that includes a full-size Burn Blend dietary supplement for $32.99/month.

This is a review of the original Bulu Box.

Bulu Box May 2019 - Inside

Bulu Box provided this box to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

 Bulu Box May 2019 - Review

About Bulu Box

The Box: Bulu Box

The Cost: $10 a month. Save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code MYSUB799 to get $2 off forever! For the lifetime of your subscription, every box will be $7.99!

The Products: 4-6 health and fitness items such as vitamin samples, fitness gear, and healthy snacks.

Ships to: US (free)

Bulu Box May 2019 Review

There isn’t a theme for Bulu Box and there is some personalization involved, so the contents are usually a surprise:

Bulu Box May 2019 - Booklet Front Bulu Box May 2019 - Booklet Back

Because of the variations with this subscription, there’s not a traditional information card listing the items.

Bulu Box May 2019 - Ad 1 Bulu Box May 2019 - Ad 2 Bulu Box May 2019 - Ad 3 Bulu Box May 2019 - Ad 4 Bulu Box May 2019 - Ad 5 Bulu Box May 2019 - Ad 6

There are also usually some coupons and/or product literature with this subscription. They don’t always relate to the items in the box, although sometimes they do.

Bulu Box May 2019 - Cream

Natralia Anti-Itch Soothing Cream (3 oz) – Retail Value $9.05

The active ingredients here are colloidal oatmeal (like in Aveeno products) and menthol. I didn’t have any itchy places to try this on, but I did get sweaty doing some spring cleaning and later had chafing from clothing rubbing against me, and I tried this where I had chafing, and I do think it helped. I will keep this around because I do have some mild contact allergies that I think it could help with in the future.

Bulu Box May 2019 - Groove Caps

Groove Caps (5 tablets) – Buy 30 Tablets for $4.99

This product purports to be a hangover cure. It is basically some B vitamins. I find the non-sterile, non-sealed packaging a little troubling. But also, I don’t drink, so there is just no way for me to know if these work. You’ll get a product of this type every couple of months in Bulu Box.

Bulu Box May 2019 - Ketones Bulu Box May 2019 - Ketones Inside

Kegenix Prime Advanced Energy Ketones, Lemon Twist (2 packets) – Buy 28 Servings for $49.99

This is a supplement for people on the ketogenic diet. It contains several B vitamins and several different ketones and is supposed to deliver energy. I know this diet is popular right now and can totally understand why a product like this would be included in the box. However, this is not a useful product for me, personally. I am vegetarian and eat like 60% carbs and high-fat keto foods (which are rarely vegetarian) usually make me not feel very good. I mixed it up so you could see what it looks like (sorry for the poor lighting in my kitchen). I also tasted it, since it is vegan, and I’d suggest mixing it at half strength because it was a little much to take, here. (But that is not so unusual for a powdered fitness supplement.)

Bulu Box May 2019 - Recovery

Prospera Supplements: Recovery (6 veggie caps) – Buy 60 Capsules for $31.95

This is supposed to help with sleep. It has magnesium, which shows up in a lot of sleep aids. It also has some B vitamins, tart cherry extract (a source of antioxidants), and, unfortunately, melatonin. A small percentage of people who take melatonin experience vivid, unsettling dreams, and I happen to be one of them, so I will pass this along to someone who doesn’t have this issue. I do appreciate that these are veggie capsules, and although Bulu Box does not take dietary preferences into account, I can say that I definitely see more vegan and vegetarian products lately, which is a nice change.

This was also in the weight loss version of Bulu Box this month (review coming soon!).

Bulu Box May 2019 - Serum

Barielle Oh So Smooth Skin Smoothing Serum (free sample) – Buy 1 fl oz for $19.95

The card attached to this said “free sample.”  I am not sure how much product is in the foil packet. This includes pracaxi oil and I just knew I had seen that type of oil in a product I’d used lately and finally I hit upon it – Redken Frizz Dismiss shampoo (which has apparently changed formula and packaging since I last bought it, but I bought a liter and it is lasting forever). Anyway, there are also a bunch of other plant oils including some standard ones for skincare (jojoba, sunflower, apricot kernel, argan oil) but there are also some silicones and generic “vegetable oil” early on in the ingredients list. I tried this out and I think the silicones are just not going to be compatible with my skin but your mileage may vary. For reference, I also can’t use Vichy skincare products (which also contain silicones) but if those work for you, you may want to give this a try too. It’s certainly affordable for a serum.

This was also in the weight loss version of Bulu Box this month (review coming soon!).

Bulu Box May 2019 - Vivoo 1 Bulu Box May 2019 - Vivoo 2 Bulu Box May 2019 - Vivoo 3 Bulu Box May 2019 - Vivoo 4 Bulu Box May 2019 - Vivoo 5 Bulu Box May 2019 - Vivoo 6

Vivoo Test Strip (1 count) – Buy 4 Strips for $24.90

Well, this is interesting. You are supposed to hold this strip in a stream of urine, then take a photo and analyze it using an app. This checks for UTIs, liver and kidney function, ketones and glucose in the urine, and a few other parameters. I don’t really want an app to have all that health information about me. And I also don’t think this is a good substitute for going to the doctor. (I understand not everyone has health insurance, and some people can’t afford visits on a high deductible plan, though.) Assuming something is out of range, I really think the results would need to be confirmed via blood draw or laboratory urine testing before you start trying to correct the problem on your own. I guess I am uncomfortable with medical advice dispensed via an app. But, I have read articles about how medical apps are trendy right now and I do think this fits with the image Bulu Box is trying to project.

Verdict: This month’s box had six samples (counting the ketone packets as one item together), so they’d average about $1.67 each. I was very happy that most of the items were vegetarian. There’s not a real theme here, it’s basically just items that may be of use to someone who wants to live an active lifestyle (ketones) or maybe has some health worries (Vivoo strip) that you might not have discovered otherwise.  I thought the mix of items was interesting and fairly well-balanced, and since the anti-itch cream is useful to me, that’s most of the cost of the box right there.

I’d strongly recommend using our MYSUB799 coupon code when you subscribe and choosing either the regular or the weight loss box, but not both since there is a lot of product repetition between the two.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, June would be your first shipment. Also, keep in mind that there are variations in the boxes, so your box might not be exactly like mine in any given month.

COUPON: Use code MYSUB799 to get $2 off forever! For the lifetime of your subscription, every box will be $7.99!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $10 + free shipping, which means that each of the 6 items in the box has an average cost of $1.67.

Check out our past reviews of Bulu Box and more health and fitness subscriptions!

Keep track of your subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What did you think of the May Bulu Box?

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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Comments (3)

  1. I don’t understand those test strips—you can buy UTI test strips and ones for ketones in much larger sizes, at much cheaper prices. And no app needed. (Though obviously go to a doctor if there’s something wrong!)

    • These allegedly do a whole bunch more things in one strip. I’m also assuming the UTI ones and the ketones one are for people who have specific issues and know it as opposed to people interested in general health. (Honestly, though, the whole “wellness” industry is making people think they need things like mega doses of vitamins, testing, herbs, apps, etc., etc. that aren’t necessary.)

      But, yeah, with pH for example, you can check that for aquarium water on a single strip that you just match the color up with a scale. Don’t see why it would need to be any different for urine pH.

  2. Good for you for not drinking!! It’s terrible for you!

    Im a recovered alcoholic, made some of the worst mistakes of my life in that time period!!

    This box looks interesting! Been thinking about it. I enjoy supplements, energy supply, things for the body like this. The added on creams & extra things seem useful too for future incidents. Good to have on hand.

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