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BoxyLuxe June 2019 Spoiler #5!

We have a new spoiler for the June 2019 BoxyLuxe box!

Each June BoxyLuxe will feature:

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast OR Full Thickening Cream


pyt hair Mini Turbo on-the-go Dryer in either pink, purple, blue or coral worth $85


Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Serum – Retail Value $58


Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette V3 Bliss  OR Tarteist™ PRO Glow & Blush Cheek Palette


dr. brandt Clean Biotic Cleanser

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (119)

  1. I’m signed up for Boxyluxe for a while now and got charged for it as usual 3 days ago. But I just got their email today with a link to check what items I’ll be getting and they are sending me 3 items from the regular box? I’ll be getting the Tarte pro glow palette, the Noporeblem prime essence et the Dominique Cosmetics lipgloss? Nothing else from the spoilers besides the Tarte palette that all members are getting?
    Anyone has the same issue?

    • I have the same issue with you. I emailed them regarding this a while ago and now I’m waiting for their response.

  2. You sound like my friend Irish she says she loves the farmacy products too

  3. do I get to customize my box?

    • Nope. They apparently sent out the customization email at the beginning of the month. I never got that email, and although I emailed them the day after everyone got their customization emails, I was apparently too late to customize my box. It was ridiculous that I got screwed when they made the error and failed to email ME. They told me “don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to customize,” so I waited and waited, but those “opportunities” never came. I cancelled my subscription over this and I’m going exclusively with Ipsy. I don’t appreciate feeling like I’m getting screwed over when I didn’t do anything wrong, and when there’s so many variant items, customization really matters.

      • Did you check your spam folder in your email? That’s where mine was.

      • Yes, of course. I never received anything. When CS responded to me, oddly, there was a part of their email that showed them forwarding to some tech person a list of other subscribers who also weren’t included in the customization email and asking what the problem was. I never received anything. I searched high and low. This was all on them.

      • Not everyone got to customize this time around. It was offered as a “bonus” to random subscribers after many people asked them for the ability to choose what palette they were receiving. I personally think that they should have let everyone or no one the ability to choose, otherwise people are bound to feel like it isn’t fair . They were trying to do a nice thing and it backfired

      • @Squirrelygirl- But it wasn’t random. It was supposed to be everyone. Their own “Boxychoice” page said as much.

  4. Kinda bummed I am getting another face wash when they just sent me the bubble cleanser from Glamglow this month. Lol.

    I guess I’ll be rolling in face wash and can soap liberally? xD

    The hair dryer is a bummer to me as well because I don’t blow my hair dry ever, but meh. I can gift it to someone I suppose, or donate it to the local shelter where someone would probably really enjoy it.

    I do hope I get the cream styling product and not the blow dry one, otherwise I’m not too enthusiastic about my last boxycharm/boxyluxe for a year. xD

  5. It’s extra only the months it comes.. So regular months is around$20 but Luxe months are around $50

    • That explains it, thank you!

    • Thanks it definitely helps! Was thinking that was the case but wasn’t sure. Now I wonder if it’s worth it lol!

  6. Does anyone know many watts the blow dryers is? Anything under 1500 won’t dry long hair efficiently. Thanks

    • Their ‘Pro’ model (PYT) on their website says it is 1875, so I’d assume this one may not be 1500? But really I’m not sure, ‘travel’ blow dryers don’t tend to be much smaller, in my experience. If they are, they fold up and are QUITE small.

      This doesn’t appear to fold, from the photos, but I also can’t find it anywhere when I google ‘PYT on the go’, so I’m not sure what that means for us thick and long-haired folks. 🙁

  7. I can’t wait to get this box ! They really stepped up boxyluxe . I could deff use a mini blow dryer for travel .

  8. It’s a solid box ! Super excited 💕 missed the customization sadly , but idk which is better anyway since I have neither .

  9. I just signed up for 6 months and included the Luxe option.

    When will I get to personalize or will I at all?

    I am so sick of fabfitfun – the summer box is awful and I will not renew next spring.

    Anyway, I am new to Boxycharm and it looks great!

  10. Well that sucks. I never received a customization email.. I have the contour palette so I hope I get the blush one. Other than that this Luxe looks better than the last for sure, IDK about the mini dryer though, I still haven’t used the mini straightener we got back in December.

    • I have the contour palette as well so hoping for the blush. Also looking forward to the mini blow dryer although I wasn’t really happy with the mini straightener. It’s hard to get a good grip on it.

    • Mine was in my spam folder. 🙁

  11. Ooooooo Squreeeeee! I can’t wait for the mini hair dryer. I need one for my gym bag.

  12. I missed out on the customization because I didn’t get the email. Was it between all the spoilers? I am so upset I missed it!

    • It was a choice between tarte contour or eyeshadow palette

  13. I’m so excited for this box! I chose the face palette. This is the best box so far with Luxe. I cannot wait to see the other products for it.

  14. How do I sign up for the MSA trade page?

  15. Anyone thinking we might be getting Dominique Cosmetics in a future box? She is following them on social media and now they are following her plus she is sending them PR.
    I would love one of her older palettes like Lemonade or Berries.

  16. They emailed the customizations and later I received an email stating what I would be receiving—either the blush or contour. I have lots of both, but after receiving the fair trio blush that looks like Cheeto dust in two pan, the bar is set low.

    • I’m referring to May’s blush trio, just to be clear.

    • I got the medium/dark toned blushes and I’m fair :(… also got the dark kit from like two boxes ago. Went on the website and tried taking the little quiz again so they don’t screw me

    • Cheeto dust!! 😂😂😂

  17. So do you get the boxycharm boxes when it’s not a Boxyluxe month? I am a new subscriber, thanks so much!

  18. I signed up for ipsyplus last month since it looked like they had better products than boxyluxe. Now boxyluxe looks much better than ipsyplus after seeing what I am going to receive from ipsyplus which is nothing that I am interested in. Oh well, I hope for the best

    • Boxy luxe is better than ipsy plus but luxe is twice the amount, it should be. But ipsy plus has been better than regular boxy lately.

  19. Can someone clarify this for me?
    On this post it shows TWO tarte Pro palettes which look like they both have Blush.
    My confirmation for Luxe email though shows a contour and blush palette…

    So are we either getting one of two blush palettes or a contour OR blush palette?

    • The original tarteist pro glow palette does not have any blush. It is all contour and highlight shades. Most photos of the palette are making the top two shades appear pink. In reality they are both lighter contour shades. Only the pro glow and blush palette has blush options. This confused me too until I looked into it!!

      • The palette here is called “Pro GLOW Cheek Palette v3 Bliss.” This is not the original contour and highlighter palette. Tarte is notorious for reusing packaging. I mean, it’s good for the environment but it’s kinda janky sometimes. They didn’t even change the shade names when they reused the packaging from the original Clay Play palette for Clay Play vol. 2. More recently, they used the same packaging from the Energy Noir palette for Icy Betch.

  20. This is the best Boxy in months. They have been pretty lame, at least for my tastes and needs. I’m still not going back, I have such a backlog of product in my closet I just can’t bring myself to do it even though I would totally use the Living Proof and Farmacy products.

  21. Others have been saying they got their customization email today. I’ve been checking all day and still no email. I must not be one of the special ones apparently. Anyone else not get an email?

    • I got my email today

    • Are you getting boxyluxe?

      • Yes.

      • I found mines in my junk folder for some reason.

    • I did not get one either and I’ve have been active with boxyluxe for awhile.

      • I think maybe they only had so many extra palettes that once they had so many responses they quit sending emails? Cause I never did get one, and I did check all my files 🤔

      • You can also log into your boxy account even if you didn’t get the email to see if you get the customization option 🙂

      • What??? Where do you see that? I logged in and there’s no option for that.

    • try your spam folder

    • Check your spam, that’s where mine was.

  22. How do find out if these products are really??? (Heard rumours)🤔

    • On here is the only way to know..

  23. Just resumed for this! Excited for the BoxyLuxe box!

    • resubbed

  24. Dang… I am super excited for this box. Like… it’s been a long time since a sub got me this hyped!

  25. What a terrific box – I hope I get the Dry Volume Blast!

  26. This Junes BoxyLuxe looks so GOOD(to me)!!! Much, much better than the March I cancelled but I did re-sub’d April 1st, which I knew I would anyways-Marchs Luxe was SO underwhelming! But I did get an email last week saying that my spot is secure for June(in case any1 else did the same as me) & we even get to pick a product variation this time like in Dec so that’s exciting too!!!! Anyone else get their spot back easily!? Hoping everyone else who “skipped” last month like me will get their spots back too!
    1 question: These aren’t ALL the products were getting, right!?

    • These shouldn’t be all of the products. Only five are shown right now, and if I recall correctly, I think there are supposed to be 10 items in each BoxyLuxe. 🙂

      • The amount varies. It’s not always 10 but it is more than 5

  27. Yessssssssss! I want both! I will be happy-happy-happy to swap. Please keep me in mind.

  28. I got the email to customize today and picked the Tarte blush palettes (one or the other,) I already have the pro glow one, but I will take the chance and of I get the one I already have, then I will gift it 😊 this is shaping up to be a great Luxe box

    • That’s what I did! That eyeshadow palette was just so similar to the vol 3 they had in January. Hopefully the majority of their blush stock is the exclusive one

  29. This seems to be shaping up as a really solid box! I’m excited.

  30. I’m hoping for a purple hair dryer and the thickening cream! Not items that I’d want all the time, but I’m excited for them this time!

  31. OK. Now I am really excited for Luxe. Not smoothing cream or frizz reduction but thickening/body products. I have straight, fine hair, without frizz. I want thick, textured, wavy hair. Bring it on!

  32. This and the Farmacy got me. I renewed and got on BoxyLuxe waitlist for June.

  33. Box is looking good so far.

    Hoping for the dry shampoo instead of the thickening cream as I don’t know that my curls need any more volume! Unfortunately I will be swapping the cleanser as I am allergic to yogurt. The rest looks good, I am going to opt for the special edition eye shadow pallet instead of the Pro Glow pallet.

    Still 4 items to go! 🙂

    • Maybe we could find a way to swap my horde of leave in conditioners, etc. for your body building Luxe product.

    • Oh, and I have several sub box dry shampoos also.

      • Oh I think we can arrange that! Are you on the swap site?

      • Our heat & high humidity makes my fine hair a sticky mess in matter of hours! I’ll swap everything from this box (except hair dryer) for dry shampoo.
        I wasn’t able to find hair dryer on Pyt’s site, no mentioning of it anywhere. Is this a Boxy special?

    • If I don’t get the cleanser, I would like to swap with you.

      • Sure 😊 just come find me on the swaps

      • Thank you 😃

  34. This is the value of good competition. After months of meh and thinking about cancelling and finally cancelling when put on the boxyluxe waitlist after years of being a subscriber, Ipsy GBP blew BoxyCharm away and I haven’t been back since with absolutely no desire to resubscribe after months of terrible looking boxes. THEN I saw the May box and the boxyluxe, the FOMO was real and I’m back. Can’t afford both forever but they boxycharm finally has my attention back.

  35. I was on the waiting list, but I received customization e-mail. I choose eyeshadow palette. Also, they asked customization box questions as well. I choose that I want in Lux box – 1 makeup, 6 skincare, and 3 lifestyle products.

    • I chose that same mix preference for a future box too. (surprise! lol) But I chose to get one of the cheek palettes.

      • Luna, I really wanted one of these palette, but I wanted glow one (more neutral) then pink and red. I did not want to gamble and just selected palette.

      • I hear ya. It’s definitely a gamble. I do prefer one of the blush palettes over another, but I though I’d take my chances because I already know I wouldn’t use the eyeshadow palette since I don’t wear eyeshadow. 🙂

    • They sent the customise email to everyone who is a Boxyluxe subscriber and those on the waitlist.

      • I’m on the waitlist and I never received any email (not even in junk). This is the first I heard of it! Naturally, their site says I’m basically SOL since the customization window already closed today at 1pm. Boy, that would have been nice to know because I could have emailed them for the link had I known earlier that I had missed getting their email. How would I have even known though had I not just stumbled upon this page? One day is pretty slim to discover a missed opportunity, so I’m pretty ticked. I emailed them, but it kinda feels like I got screwed over. This kind of stuff really irritates me about subscription boxes. They can’t ever just be consistently consistent. 🤷‍♀️

    • I didn’t think the number of we got each was a guarantee. I felt like it was more of a consensus but cool

  36. I was contemplating whether or not to get the June Boxyluxe, the choice and spoilers decided it for me! So very excited!!

  37. Will they email me if I get off the waitlist for boxyluxe before june 1?

    • Your account status should update once they successfully bill you, usually on the first. If you are on the wait list now you should be getting the June box.

      • awesome thanks!

  38. This will be my very first Boxyluxe and I’m really excited. I am so glad I got to opt out of the eyeshadow palette because I’m sick of neutrals. Everything else looks absolutely perfect to me.

    • How do we get to choose? I don’t want the eye shadow pallet either …

      • Check your email Brandi. Luxe subscribers have an option to choose between the Pro Glow or the new Limited Edition Tart Eye shadow pallet (which is really pretty).

      • Do you know what will happen with customization for people on the waitlist, but likely to get the June box?

    • Seriously with you!! If I get another neutral palette, I’ll burn it

      • Hello dear. Have you ever tried changing the “beauty quiz” in BC website? Luck might change for you. Cheers and keep us updated. 🙂

      • They haven’t fully started implementing their beauty quiz yet so preferences in the beauty quiz are not an indicator of what they will follow at this point they’re just testing it out still. Only used it a bit for March Boxyluxe CoverFx palette light vs deep and this month’s Alamar blush so far from what it appears but it’s still not 100%. I do hope they’ll implement soon. I’m so over orange/brown & warm toned lippies and neutral eyeshadows 🙄

  39. Good spoiler. I chose the palette in my survey that was sent not too long ago. I have both the Pro Glow palettes.

  40. I just completed a survey to customize my June boxy luxe! I selected the Tarte pallet 🙂

  41. They just sent a full size cleanser and blush palette this month, so not thrilled to see repeats, but the rest of the box looks great!

  42. I just completed my survey to choose the item for June. I was hoping to be able to choose the blush palette but instead I’m getting either the blush or pro glow. I’m kind of disappointed I wasn’t able to choose the blush palette since I already have the pro glow.

    • I know! Why do we have the choice of an item that’s a variation?

      • Jacki—I don’t know! I’m hoping I can swap for the blush palette if I get the highlighting one.

        Candice—you should get the email if you are subscribed to boxyluxe or you can upgrade by tomorrow to get it automatically, I think.

    • How do you customize for June I didn’t receive an email?

    • How do you customize for June I didn’t receive an email?

  43. I hope I get the thickening cream, im actually curious about it. So far I’m excited to try all these products, can’t wait!

  44. Fingers crossed for the thickening cream! I’m so stoked for this boxyluxe!!!

  45. I’m still on the waiting list 🙁 anyone else have this e perience? Any idea how long it will take to get off in time for June? Yes

    • If you’re on the waitlist for June then you should be removed when they charge you in June for Boxyluxe. I’m on the waitlist but received the customization email for June today 🙂

      • Hi I am so confused about the cost of boxyluxe. Am considering it but idk how much it is. Do you pay the additional amount every month or just the quarterly months that the boxyluxe ships? Sorry if that’s hard to understand? Ty so much!

      • So you pay your regular subscription, I have the three month so got charged like $60+for those three months (or $20+ per month) once the Luxe comes in you get an additional charge on Luxe month for I believe $48. June being Luxe month. Hope that helps.

  46. I just received my May BC and I was sent the blush in medium/tan despite my profile showing my skin type as light. If anyone receives the fair/light I’d love to trade.

    • What else did you receive? Also try the swap page.

      • Hi Pam,

        The swap page on MSA is invite only and I signed up for access quite a while ago but have yet to get access. Liz- can you help me, please? 🙂

        In addition to the blush palette, I received the GG cleanser, eyelash curler, Ciate creme eyeshadow in Cupid (metallic glitter light purple color) and Oryza lipstain in Champagne cocktail (clear with tiny shreds of glitter dust that’s pink, purpley and green reflections).

        Personally, I’m not digging all the glitter and highlighter products. This box seems more geared towards tweens and teens.

    • If I receive the fair/light I’d much rather have the medium/tan. I feel like I can do more with the shades in the medium even though I’m very pale.

      • Hi Steph,
        If you receive fair/light, let’s trade please.

      • If the other Stephanie doesn’t trade with you, I will.

    • Hi Stephanie, I received my box Saturday and it has the fair/light and I wanted medium tan, if you haven’t found someone to swap with yet I would be happy too! tammyw at webtwd dot com

  47. Yay! I want the thickening cream!!!!

  48. Ugh. No thanks to hair care.The rest of the box looks amazing so far though! Happy we get to choose which palette and I’m super stoked for the Farmacy!

    • Hi I’m new to boxy charm! How do we get to pick which palette we would like! Any advice would be helpful! Thank u

      • Random people with BoxyLuxe got to choose whether they wanted the eye or the pro glow palettes. That “feature” has ended so your palette will be random.

  49. What a great box! I am excited

  50. Very nice… I no longer subscribe to Boxycharm. However, I must say, June’s spoilers look really nice. I especially like the Farmacy item.

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