BoxyLuxe June 2019 FULL Spoilers!

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We have a FULL spoilers for the June 2019 BoxyLuxe box! (Thanks for the heads up, Boxy Baddies and Lindsay!)

One variation of the June BoxyLuxe will feature:

Source: boxycharm

Here’s a closer look at some of the products, including variation products:

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast OR Full Thickening Cream


pyt hair Mini Turbo on-the-go Dryer in either pink, purple, blue or coral worth $85


Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Serum – Retail Value $58


Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette V3 Bliss  OR Tarteist™ PRO Glow & Blush Cheek Palette


dr. brandt Clean Biotic Cleanser

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I ONLY want the pink one. If I don’t get pink I’ll be so sad. Anyone that wants to trade me let me know!

  2. How do I know what I’m getting in my boxyluxe for June ? Do they let us get a sneak peek somewhere before the box is sent out ?

  3. I’m in love!! Boxyluxe is by far better then Fabfitfun ( not to mention ipsy)

  4. I sure hope I get the full volume dry blast by living proof, I love that stuff! Pretty cool looking box boxy.

  5. Is it took late to sign up for the Boxy Luxe?

  6. I am interested in theJune boxyluxe. If I were to subscribe by June 1 would I get this or is there a waitlist? I don’t want to subscribe if I would not be able to get the body luxe so would I be taking a gamble?

  7. I got my email too late . If I get another tarte eyeshadow palette when I given the two I’ve received away I’m not going to be a happy camper!! Also I font mind hair products but come on both those products are for people who need volume / thickness which isn’t me

    • At least you got an e-mail — I never received one, then messaged them regarding it and they said, **ooooh we are so sad you could not finish your survey**…..and I replied with, I never got it to begin with. They never acknowledged any of it. First time I am not happy with their customer service.

  8. Great BoX all around ! super excited 🙂

  9. I’m hoping to get off the waitlist for June. I am very interested in the Luxe box, but not the regular.

    • You probably wont be told your off the waitlist. they just charge your account on the first. then you know your getting it

  10. I am so so soooo disappointed with Boxycharm I subscribed 2 months ago for my boxylux and still on a damn weighting list and I just subscribed to Ipsy $10 a month and then I received a email saying that I can upgrade and I did so I will be receiving my regular $10 bag and my ipsylux $25 and boy are already being shipped in les then 2 weeks I am cancelling Boxycharm I don’t know why they don’t take there customers under consideration I would like to get brushes and make up not all this side things like skin care I signed up for make up not skin care my opinion they need a lot of work still Ipsy is killing it I love to be surprised with new things and sephora by play Is amazing I love love it

    • i actually think boxycharm is better you can customize your box and YOU pick what you want on it. and everyone wants boxy charm expect a wait?

      • You can’t customize your boxes with Boxy. That’s incorrect info. They had us fill out quizzes last summer and a few times since then, but the boxes aren’t customized. They told us they would be by the beginning of 2019, but it didn’t happen. Now, they’re saying it would be too complicated and take too much work. So, aside from a powder in light or dark, don’t expect custom anything.

        I also signed up for Ipsy GBP and was immediately given the bag. After signing up, you have to go back to the site. There was a question or something I had to answer.

    • it will always say wait list and you will be billed on the 1st. have money in the bank

  11. Is there anyway to get the weight of the hair dryer? I can only use lightweight. Couln’t find info online. I’m not currently subscribed but considering rejoining just for this box.

  12. I’m bummed over this box. It looks awful. I hate that they are going in the lifestyle box direction. I want make up and 1-2 skincare (face) items. Where’s the eyeshadow? Speaking of eyeshadow, I purchase a Dose of Colors one on May 3rd and haven’t heard a peep.

    For those of you that don’t know, Luxe is the new FFF. In the survey, they brought up the categories that will be introduced. We could choose 3 and pick 3 that won’t be in our box. I remember: kitchen, housewares, stationary, jewelry, exercise, nail polish and hair products. These items will also be in every box, but we were able to request what type of box we wanted. I’m not sure if our selection actually mattered though. I chose mostly make up, 1-2 skincare items and 1 lifestyle (least amount available).

  13. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago and am hoping I get this box. Wasn’t totally thrilled with first regular Boxycharm but I am giving them another chance after the Boxyluxe box because the CS people were reasonably responsive.

  14. Great Box!

  15. Its a candle not body butter

    • Hi Crystal! If you zoom in on that picture you can make out the “hand and body butter” on the label. Boxycharm also listed it as Hand and Body Butter on their instagram reveal. Hope that helps!

  16. Does anyone know what’s going to be in the June regular boxycharm? I hope the farmacy serum is in there but I doubt it. Please let me know if you’ll sell me the hair drier and farmacy serum.

    • If I get off the waitlist I’ll sell you the hair dryer


    • You can usually find the products on poshmark, eBay and mercari. You also have some buyer protection that way.

  17. I do wish the box had more make up. It’s kind of annoying seeing people who signed up for a make up box say they’re happy there isn’t any make up. It’s a good box but I wish they had more make up 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m so excited for farmacy

    • Except people aren’t subscribing to a makeup box with Boxyluxe. It’s marketed as a lifestyle box with beauty items.

      From MSA: “The Subscription Box: BoxyLuxe

      The Cost: $49.99 for September, December, March and June boxes, $21 for all other months

      The Products: Each box will be valued at over $300. The box will include lifestyle, skincare, beauty, etc.”

      Boxy recently sent out a survey to select subscribers asking how many items of each category we would like to see in Boxyluxe. The categories were makeup, skincare and lifestyle. Variations given were 6 makeup, 3 skincare, 1 lifestyle or 3 makeup, 6 skincare, 1 lifestyle and so on. They also asked us what kind of products we would and would not like to see in the boxes. I chose no electronics because, in my experience, sub box electronics aren’t the greatest quality. Based on the survey, I am pretty sure that BoxyLuxe is headed towards more of a FabFitFun type model. Of course, this is pure speculation, but I do know that BL’s aim has always been more than just makeup.

      • I choose the 6 makeup, 3 skincare, 1 lifestyle. The only skin care I am actually interested in is face skin care. The blow dryer I will gift away along with the hair product. I already have my hair routine down with the products that work for my hair – dry and frizzy. The makeup and the face skin care are the products I like to experiment with. I get so many body lotion kits already as birthday, mothers day, and christmas gifts that I already have enough to last all year. It’s like everyones fail safe gift, go to bath and body and get a scented body lotion kit.

        • I never received a survey regarding this matter and grading system 🙁 I don’t need another FFF style box lord please their pretty horrible and thrown together with random things – I can email them, but doesn’t seem to do much good :/

    • I wish there was more makeup also.

    • I agree I get this for the makeup . I don’t like to keep using so many different soaps on my skin. I really don’t know what to make if this box.

  18. Love the box, keep the dryer. I wish you could pick a beauty/makeup item instead. I’d even take hand cream. Who wants to swap the dryer for hand cream?! 😉

    • Me!! 🙂 I have lots!!!

  19. Sorry for asking if this is posted and I didn’t see it but, if I sign up today and upgrade will I get this June box?

    • It all depends honestly. If they have enough people cancel you may get it but because it’s already the 17th you may not get it. Just wait to see if your card is charged the extra money on the 1st 😊

    • It’s possible. I’m not sure if they are doing a waitlist but you still can get a June box. I’m not sure if you already have to be a subscriber. Ok, that was no help. I would contact them.

      • Hahaha. Thank you. I’ll contact them 🙂

        • I contacted them a few days ago (was considering resubbing for this box) and I was told I would have to buy the May box AND the June box, in order to be put on the waitlist for the BoxyLuxe. No guarantee I would get it. But THERE IS A WAITLIST.

  20. I am really on the fence here! It’s a great box, but I just don’t need any of it right now and I’m just completely overloaded due to sub addiction. I already have the pro glow blush palette so it’s a 50/50 chance I get another one. I think I may give up my spot for this one, but it’s killing to do so 😣

    • The pro glow blush palette is what I’m hoping to get. I already have the regular pro glow palette that I’ve never used if you would want to swap the blush one. If you get it in your box that is.

  21. I love it!!! I’m really hoping not to get the thickening cream but other than that, I thinknits a great mix!!

  22. I can’t wait for my first boxyluxe. The farmacy alone is so worth it. ♥️♥️♥️

  23. Oh YESS!!!! I’m glad I didn’t cancel last month. This variation adds up to over $300 and I like everything in it, especially the Farmacy serum and Tarte palette.

  24. Meh…not enough to make me resubscribe. come on Boxy, please do better…I need to be seduced.

    • What could be better? This has better value than fabfitfun.

  25. This is a great box for the money! I’m pretty excited

  26. This box is a phenomenal value! The products are both high end and a nice departure from my previous boxes. I’m super excited!

  27. I am so excited for this box. Can’t wait for the hair dryer. I am so in much need for a new one. (my hair dryer is from 2000, shhh!)

    all the products look exciting. the yogurt face wash, the primer water, the serum etc. I got to customize my box. I don’t really use blush alot. So i picked the tarte eyeshadow palette. I love Tarte products.

    Great job @ boxycharm.


    • Me too! There are some seriously.gorgeous summer shaded in there!

      • Shades. F autocorrect

  28. I’m super excited about this new brand m.greengrass. I can not find any listed ingredients or information on the hand and body butter. I found the fragrant notes for their Summer in Nice candle but that’s it. I called the phone number that they have listed on their site and it goes to a brand name Anderson Lilley which is nowhere listed on the m.greengrass site…..hmmmm. I did email them asking for an ingredient list. If anyone has amazing investigative skils or can tell me more I’d appreciate it!! Love everything in the box btw!

  29. Great box! 🙂

  30. Wow – these quarterly boxes are an incredible value! I don’t always use everything in them, but the products that I do use really make this worth the cost. Also, for anyone looking for the hairdryer, I will put mine up for swap when I get it. Link to swap is in my user name.

    • I’m looking for the dryer and the mascara! 😊

      • You can have mine when I get it, I have 3 hair dryers now and don’t use them. This is my first luxe box and I’m not impressed. I subscribed because I was told it’s the best for makeup. My charm boxes have been slipping as far as keeping me interested ipsy glam and Allure have already been canceled and the only reason I keep sephora is because I love the reward program and the online store… make up please boxy luxe at least 75% of it

  31. Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!! Love this box!!! Oh is the blue vase a part of it as well? Bc that’s so pretty 2!!!

  32. I looove this box! So happy! But…people will find anything to complain about. It’s a SURPRISE box.

  33. I’m kinda thinking I should have just added on the blow dryer for $15 to my FanFitFun box and stuck with the regular Boxycharm…..I mostly wanted it for the hair dryer…oh well too late now ha

    • Maybe you can find someone later who will sale theirs to you ☺

    • You can have mine for the $15 plus shipping it would of
      Cost you through fabfitfun😊

    • Sameeee. I literally loved the hair dryer as a fff spoiler and then the day before customization for seasonals, boxy posted the spoiler for theirs so i went with the sol de Janeiro instead and wish i would’ve just added the blow dryer on. 🙁

    • I Will sell it too you for $15

  34. I am so glad I stayed subbed for this box. For me it’s a near perfect box. I’m very excited about this one. Just hoping I do not receive the thickening cream as my hair does not need any help in that category. m greengrass is new to me so I am most looking forward to trying that brand.

    • I’m happy I stayed subbed for this box as well. I’m incredibly excited to recieve it! This is an amazing box!!

    • I’m happy I stayed subbed for this box as well. I’m incredibly excited to recieve it! This is an amazing box!!

  35. I am wanting the Tarte Pro Glow & Blush palette. Anyone willing to trade me if I get just the Pro Glow?

    • I will trade with you if I get the blush palette because I already have it and am hoping for the other one!

      • Thank you!

  36. I didn’t receive an email to customize my boxyluxe box? I also haven’t been getting spoilers emails from them either? Is this also happening to someone else?

    • Custimization was random. They offered it to select subscribers after people asked for it but I’m assuming there’s not enough stock for everyone to choose. Features like integrating profiles and customization are slow roll out features for boxy and will take time for full implementation

    • I stopped getting spoiler emails too. I am not sure why. I did get the email to customize though. I would check your spam folder or maybe your server blocked Boxy emails? My email at work likes to randomly block emails.

    • I had issues with hotmail and started getting emails again when I switched to gmail. I would email them too because sometimes it’s a weird setting on their end. I did that and got “some” emails in my hotmail account then all when I switched to gmail.

    • I didn’t get an email to customize my box either. I am emailing them and telling them that.

    • Nope. I never get those emails. I’m just stuck with what I get and then end up giving the stuff I don’t want away to my co-workers.

  37. This in my opinion wins worst boxyluxe award. Over half the products aren’t makeup. I hope they don’t turn into fabfitfun.

    • And it’s my favorite. It’s a very well rounded box! Boxyluxe is marketed as a lifestyle box as opposed to a makeup box so I think it makes perfect sense to include skincare and tools

      • Exactly! It’s not supposed to be makeup only. If it was I wouldn’t be interested. I’ve been getting the regular box for years so between that and my other subs I am already WAY overloaded on makeup.
        I’m excited about this box but I do wish there was more customization.

    • I love this box. It’s the only Boxyluxe that has tempted me so far. Just goes to show how hard it must be for them to please everyone.

    • I love that its not 100% makeup. Your opinion isn’t the one and only

      • Good thing I noted “in my opinion”. I’m glad to hear others are pleased.

        • @Jes Lam, I will buy your box if you’re willing to part with it!

          • SOLD!

          • @jes lam, how do I find you? Are you on swap?

  38. I think this is the variant I want but I am curious about the other one with thickening cream (which I won’t use). The only product I and my skin aren’t thrilled about is the no poreblem product. This variant would be 9/10.

    So happy to get a DC product! I hope she partners more with Boxycharm in the future too! 😍😍😍

    • I feel the same. We JUST got basically the same primer in a box not long ago. I think the only difference is the texture. I didn’t like the other one so I doubt I’ll feel any differently about this one.

  39. I didn’t realize the hairdryer came with attachments! That’s awesome! Really loving this box (though I wish I could find some more info on that hand & body butter)!

    • I haven’t been able to find anything on the hand and body butter either.

        • Thank you! I hope I get that Summer in Nice scent and it’s not a variant (coconut, cherry, musk, etc – sounds wonderful!). It looks like their products are made in the USA and made with quality ingredients too (their coconut soy candles look amazing!). Also, they seem to be available at Massage Envy and I love pretty much everything they sell at the one right by my house 😊

  40. This looks like a great box, but Boxycharm is the devil.

    • Say it a little louder for the folks in the back, lol.

  41. I will be looking to trade for the hair dryer. Slightly bummed that I cancelled my Boxyluxe a couple of months ago.

    • I’ll be swapping or selling mine for cheap let me know😊

      • @Jen, I’m willing to buy! Or swap. I don’t get Boxycharm though so it’d have to be for something in my extensive collection!

  42. Another brown lipgloss! Great 😒 I hope this will be a variation. I’m wanting the Strawberry Lemonade.

  43. I’m confused. In the email I received from Boxycharm about customizing the pictured choices were a contour palette and a bronzer/blush palette. Liz could you clarify? These both seem to include blush which is different from what I saw.

    • The image they had on the email was the Tartiest Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette that they sell at Ulta and Sephora. Whoever created the customization email made a mistake and used the wrong image. You either get the pro glow blush or the pro glow which is a boxycharm exclusive and not sold anywhere else.

      • Thanks so much! I appreciate the clarification:) And I’m glad it’s not a bronzer palette!

    • The custom option was for blush palette OR contour palette [you dont get to choose which one you receive] OR the tarte rainforest of the sea exclusive to boxycharm eyeshadow palette. Hope that helps

  44. I am excited for everything but the Lipgloss, just not a fan. Looks like a good box and its my Birthday Month! I really want to try both Living proof, so win win. Wonder what the regular box will have? They just got me on re-signing up for my 2nd box, got an e-mail for a Free IT Moisturizer! So even if I sell this months box, I will be winning with that!

    • Happy Birthday! That Living Proof spray smells fantastic.. and the IT Cream is luxurious! I’m pretty excited for this box too. I’m liking every item! =)

      • OOOOHHH, now I really want the spray the most..which means I won’t get it..haha. I have tried so many Dry Shampoos and still searching for the “ONE”. Thank you for my Birthday Wishes 🙂

      • Thank you for the Birthday Wishes 🙂 This will definitely make it great! OOOOHHH, now I reallly want the spray, which means I won’t get it..haha. I have been looking for the “One” , have tried sooooo many Dry shampoos!

    • dangit! I got that same email. 2 weeks ago, I ordered a smaller size of that cream, from Sephora. Finally got that package (which took forever!) and it is the only thing in the order I want to return. It’s SO small, for the price. I mean tiny! I need to see if I can return it to a Sephora store, I might have to reactivate Boxy just for the cream now.

      • You totally should return it and reactivate, its a great deal! I’m such an enabler..haha.

  45. not excited for this box i just canceled boxy luxe for this month

  46. I am 50/50 on this box. I dont need haircare items or a hair dryer. I enjoy all of the makeup options. This mascara looks cool with the curler included. But I also don’t need body butter. Still a good value for $50.

    • I know how you feel. I only “need” the honeymoon pharmacy serum and the rest is just extra of my current substantial stash.

      • Lol! I feel the exact same way! I NEED that Farmacy serum, since I’ve been eyeing it forever and was planning on getting it during the latest Sephora sale, but fortunately Boxy’s spoilers came out just before the sale (whew!), and everything else will be added to my collection of goodies that will get used eventually. 😉

  47. I am excited for this box!! Is everyone getting the Farmacy Glow Serum? I really want that in my box!!

    • I’m pretty sure everyone gets that. That’s my main reason for getting the box. I like some of the other items but could pass them up if it wasn’t for that serum. It gets great reviews and costs more than this whole box! I can’t wait to try it.

  48. Seriously not loving this box I went eight boxy for makeup they just did a limited edition skin care box for those who wanted it I don’t 🙅🏼‍♀️ Why not then make a skincare box for some and makeup box for those who want that instead 🤦‍♀️

    • Because BoxyLuxe is a “lifestyle” box. That means it’s not going to be all from any one category. That’s why most people are subscribed. There are lots more makeup only sub boxes out there on top of Boxy’s regular monthly box that’s all or almost all makeup every month. If you want more makeup I recommend Medusa’s Makeup monthly box. It’s under $20 and is like the regular Boxy with 4-5 items a month and all or all but one is makeup. So one month of regular Boxy and MM would be under $40 (vs $50 for BoxyLuxe) and you’d likely get 9 or 10 makeup items altogether.

    • Agreed!!!!!! I joined this for MAKE UP we already got a blush palette last box I’m very disappointed in these last two months!

  49. I picked the Tarte palette form the email we got recently, and I know the Living Proof could be 1 of 2 products, but I’m really hoping there’s not much variation otherwise, because I’m really wanting most everything in this box! Looking forward to the travel hair dryer (just not pink, please!), DC lipgloss, Touch is Sol, Living Proof, Tarte palette, and body butter. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if the others were variations, but I’m curious enough about them it would have to be some really good items for me rather have something else. Haven’t been excited about a Boxycharm box in a long time, and I even skipped the last Luxe – this could save the subscription for me! Hurry up, June!

    • I am hoping I get the pink.

  50. What are the blue things (other than the dryer lol)?! They were in another spoiler pic.
    Decor? Bowls? Candle Holders?….
    A mystery! Haha

    • A new ashtray for me yay!

    • They are flowers.

      • Waves.

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