BoxyCharm May 2019 FULL Spoilers!

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We have FULL spoilers for the May 2019 BoxyCharm!

If you aren’t familiar, Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!

The theme for May is:

This month Make Waves with BoxyCharm 🌊😉#BoxyCharm #BoxyWaves

Variation 1 will include:

Variation 2 will include:

Other variations may include:

PUR PRO Eyelash Curler – Retail Value $18


Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in Ice OR Cupid


Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick


Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio – Retail Value $22

The Colorette Blush Trio is available in three shades:






GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser – Retail Value $28


First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream – Retail Value $34

What do you think of the May spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I just got my May box and the skincare box. In the May box I got the cleanser – the emerald eye pencil which I love because I don’t use basic black much so I really like this. I got the dose of colors in Pinky Promise, the eyeshadow in Cupid and I like it it’s pretty! Finally I also got the Alamar blush trio in fair light. I love this box and I really feel like they listened to my profile this time. Everything was exactly the colors I wanted! 🤗

  2. I received the Dose of Colors lipstick in Merlot, which is a red shade. Would anyone be willing to trade me for a pink or mauve shade?

  3. I got variation 1 and I am not too thrilled. Really wanted the Fab cream as I have dry skin and certainly don’t need another cleanser. The blush palette ugggg they are sending another blush palette in June, takes me a literal decade to pan a blush, so gifting both. Bright red lipstick, to go in the box of dozens of unused reds. Also a blue eyeliner, mailing to my sis back in 1983 lol. But hey, at least the gorgeous Ciate will be great for my daughter, she will squeal for sure. All in all a near total fail for me, but there’s always the next box 😀

    • If I get the Fab Cream I will trade you ASAP!! 😊 if you’re interested just reply to this comment and it will notify me and we can get each other‘s info. I haven’t got my box yet but I don’t want the fab cream at all, I want is a cleanser LOL

      • I got the glamglow as well. I was hoping for the fab cream but I think most people are getting the glamglow

        • PS
          I’m willing to trade

  4. Has no one received the FAB creme? All youtube openings have GG cleanser…

  5. It will be interesting to see how the blush colors look on, because in the package they are an orange trainwreck. But you can’t judge a cookie by the pan. The fair model on the Alamar webpage wearing the orange blush looks pretty awful in it. But she also looks like she’s got greasy skin and doesn’t wash it (probably too much highlighter.)

    I was happy to get a pink lippie until I saw that it is matte. Matte has always been gross (corpse lips!) and now it’s even going out of fashion. It’s not front page new on any prestige beauty brand.

    What… why… a green eyeliner. Green.

    A new cleanser for my husband. I am faithful to my cleanser and toner.

    A brow pencil to stash. It’s not an exciting product, but I will probably never have to buy a brow pencil foreverat this rate.

    I’m not quitting anytime soon anyway, because someday they’ll follow the profile I filled out and I won’t get anything from this box. I only got things I hadn’t chosen on my profile.

    I will try everything, though. I’ve been surprised about color before.

  6. I don’t know if this will be helpful to anyone trying to determine what box they got based on weight but the FAB cream shipping weight is 4.5oz and The glamglow cleanser shipping weight is 6.4oz

    • FedEx says my package is 0.9lbs which is 14.4 oz. what variation would that be?

      • Mine was .9 lbs and I got the glamglow cleanser

  7. Well I only signed up for regular Boxy this month to get Luxe so I wasn’t super hopeful. I really wanted variation 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5 lol) but received 1. The bright pink lipstick, emerald eye pencil and metallic pink eyeshadow is trash but I have to say the cheek palette was a pleasant surprise! When applied with a light hand the colors were perfect for Summer.

  8. FYI Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Oil is in the charm shop right now for $79 .

  9. My card says box 2 but it has the Glam Glow cleanser, Ciate eyeshadow in Cupid, the blush trio, Dose of Colors lipstick in talk is chic and the brow pencil by mellow. I could not have asked for a better box. 🥰

    • We are box twins! My Dose of Color is Coral Crush and goegeous!!! Such a perfect summery color I’m gonna rock the heck out of. I’m thrilled with my box this month!!

  10. Just received my box and super happy with the May box. I have to say that the May Boxy boxwas better than my May Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I got variation number one and my box weighed .9 lb and was 7 x7x7 . I got the Glamglow cleanser, Alamar blush, Ciate london in Cupid, Dose of Color in Pinky Promise (thank you for no nude color!!) and Bodyography eyeliner in Emerald.

    • My box weighs .95 lbs, I just hope I got the glam glow!

    • Those are the specs for my box, I would not mind that variation at all! I get mine tomorrow.

    • Same weight but mine was 9x5x3…

  11. i got lilly lashes in my box. I haven’t seen lilly lashes in any of the spoilers, I feel like I got leftovers.

    • I think I got the same box, Variation #11: GlamGlow cleanser (of course would have preferred the BlurStick but at least I can use this), Alamar blush (I ❤️ the colors), Ciate shadow in Cupid, Oryza gloss, and Lilly lashes. I’m totally thrilled to have gotten the Lilly Lashes and would take them over an eyeliner any day. I wear falsies regularly but always forget to buy them so I’m pretty happy they materialized in my box! I was miffed at having still not gotten my Feb box yet but I love this month’s!

    • U did they were in a box in a past month I got them in The style Gia or something like that I love them though wish I would of gotten them again tbh

  12. I ordered the skincare box and I received both the May Box & Skincare box today! I love the Skincare box… but as for the May Box? I switched up my Beauty Quiz to take blushes off, but I got Variation 1, and I’m not happy.

    I don’t want the blushes, they are so orange! I also got a red matte lipstick – I have NEVER told Boxy I like matte lipsticks, and I always say nude or neutral lip colors. I also got a dark blue eyeliner, and I only ever say black.

    The bright side is this is the first box I’ve been disappointed in. I’m still on the wait list for the swap chat rooms, so I guess I’m going to sit on these for a while 🙁 I really wanted Milk Makeup Blur stick, black eyeliner, and a lip gloss.

    I am keeping the cleanser (hope it won’t mess up my skin), and the eye shimmer is super pretty!

    • They don’t go by your beauty quiz. The only thing they look at is light/medium/deep. If you want a personalized box, I suggest Ipsy GBP.

    • I got the exact same box. Very disappointing. No one wants the Bodyography liner, ever (same goes for JoneBlue, ugh.) I also have the same preferences for only natural lip colors but yet again, a bright red bold color.
      I think they started prioritizing giving the good items to mainly new subscribers. Everyone used to get the same box for a month. Now they are doing variations so they can tease nicer items but only give them to a few people (and not need as much inventory.)

  13. My products never seem match the profile. Even tried a 2nd subscription with different profile for a while and results were no better. I’m leaving as soon as my sub is up

  14. I just received my skin care box, and I am very excited. This month has been a total miss with all my sub boxes. So I’m really happy with my skin care box.

  15. I got variation 2
    Glam glow, dose of colors bittersweet (reddish shade), alamar palette, ciate, and mellow brow definer

  16. Just got my e-mail today that my box was just sent out…. I really hope that I get a good box this month!!!!! Ugh!!!

  17. Okay so this is my first boxycharm month and we don’t know what we’re getting and I’ve emailed them but they won’t email me back there’s no number to call and we don’t know what we’ll get till we get it there’s no way of knowing what we’re getting and we’re okay with this…. I guess I just don’t understand this box yet I was hoping it was somewhat like Ipsy plus where you can see what you’re getting and these variations are so limited.. and I’m not going to get boxyluxe now so do I still get boxycharm every month?

    • boxycharm is so much better than ipsy! I canceled my Ipsy and just kept my BoxyLuxe.
      You will get the regular boxycharm box each month even if you dont do BoxyLuxe. The items are not shown to you before hand or chose. You will get a spoiler email that gives you the option to see whats in your box before it arrives if you chose to open that. **I like to just wait and be surprised lol**
      You sound a lot like me when i first signed up. I was so confused and wanted to talk to a person and felt so lost and no one to help!
      Be patient and wait for your first box! 🙂

      • thank Des…it does help when people answer your question, since this is my first boxycharm and I don’t know the answers yet, I feel lost in knowing what to wait for …but thanks a lot you have truly helped me….God bless you…

    • You can look up your tracking number on the APC Logistics Tracking website and it’ll give you a couple of items you’ll be getting. When you look it up, keep pressing refresh and you’ll usually be able to see two items that are coming in your box. Based on that, you can usually figure out which variation you’re getting. And sometimes they have more variations than just 2.

      • @Melissa can you please share the link you are doing this awesome trick on?

      • AWESOME TIP!!! How did you find that??

  18. Why do they only send orange and brown stuff? I’ve never gotten any make up item I could use from them except for one mascara. The only eye liner I ever received from them was brown! Seriously a waste of money, unless you love brown and orange.

    • Go into your preference setting on what you were and change it up. You’ll start getting different shades.

    • I always get too bright or too dark lipsticks, never got any nude shades or even reds, I guess companies want to rid off those unpopular colors Also I despise Bodyography eyeliners and they are sending them over and over again.

      • I feel like I only get nude lippies and I have more than enough. I would love to get some dark berry or red shades. I have been with Boxy for 2 years + and I have gotten doubles of the same brand and shade of lipsticks. I don’t like many of the products in this box at all but I have received so many great products from Boxy over the years that I will stick with it!

    • Maybe you should cancel 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. I should be receiving my May box and skincare box tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what’s in my May box, hopefully it’s not disappointing. If so, I’ll cancel and just keep Ipsy GBP.

    • Can you please tell us what is in your box when it arrives? I want to re sub to this box as they do offer the best value for makeup aficionados. But really leery about receiving the dark brown orange highlighter palette.

      • I got the Glamglow cleanser, light Alamar pallet (I wanted to try milk cosmetics, but the colors in the palette are going to be more workable than I thought), dose red matte lip (I probably won’t use it), navy eye pencil and ciate in Cupid (color I wanted) I think I might stick around for boxyluxe.

        • Variation 1

        • Thanks for the update! I was wanting the milk stick too. But I’m glad you’ll try to work on using the palette.

    • Received Alot If Brown,Lipstick,Nit NUDE,Brown and Gold Liquid Lip Gloss,Tarte,Realize I wasn’t,t Going To Like Every Shade when I First Joined,Then they Began To Many VARIATIONS SO Canceled Joined Ipsy,They Really Do Go By Your Profile,Also Have A Great Beauty Quiz I upgraded to Glam Bag Plus,Also Bought Alot of Makeup Recently At Walmart And Another Store That Had A 1/2 Of 1/2 Price Sale

  20. I am thinking of upgrading to the Luxe box. Does anyone else get that – do you like it? I have really liked my regular boxes so far. I recently signed up for the Ipsy Plus Glam Bag; now I am wondering if I should have gotten the Luxe box instead.

    • The Luxe Box is only quarterly. The next Luxe box will be in June. You can still upgrade to get the June Luxe box. I have received 2 Luxe boxes so far and have been pretty happy. It has been worth the additional $28.99 , for a total of $49.99. Since there have been items in the boxes I will absolutely use. If you don’t like the products, obviously not worth upgrading. My December Luxe had Violet Voss Pro Palette, Luxie Brush Set, Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine, Spongelle Tarteist Lip Paint, Wander Dusk to Dawn Palette, Charger bag & Pyt mini hair straightener. March Luxe had It Confidence In A Jar, Lilly Lashes, Wander Peel Off mask, Becca Lipstick, Iconic Eyebrow Palette, Coverfx Face Palette, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, Moda Brushes, makeup bag & Morphe Palette.

      The upcoming June Luxe box will include Farmacy Honeymoon Glow, Dr Brandt Clean Biotic PH Balanced Yogurt Chlorophyll Cleanser, Pyt Mini Turbo Hair Dryer with attachments & Tarteist Pro Glow Cheek Palette V3 Bliss or Pro Glow & Blush Cheek Palette.

      • Thank you! That sounds like a lot of great stuff! I love Tarte too, but I just bought that same blush pallette! So, maybe I will wait until next quarter and see what they have. It’s just hard to wait that long!!

    • I Got It a Couple Of Times and Ended Up With Giving 3/4 of Items Away,Due to Alot of Stuff Was Items In wrong Shade, I Unsubscribed Even Though It Seemed Like a good Value At First end up with Too Much stuff That I Wasn’t,t using.

      • That’s my fear too, although I guess that can happen with any box. I can usually make different shades work, except dark lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. Red lipstick and dark colors look aweful on me and I swear everyone likes to include them. I loved it when my teenager was in to them, but now she isn’t! Thanks for the comments!

        • Received Alot If Brown,Lipstick,Nit NUDE,Brown and Gold Liquid Lip Gloss,Tarte,Realize I wasn’t,t Going To Like Every Shade when I First Joined,Then they Began To Many VARIATIONS SO Canceled Joined Ipsy,They Really Do Go By Your Profile,Also Have A Great Beauty Quiz I upgraded to Glam Bag Plus,Also Bought Alot of Makeup Recently At Walmart And Another Store That Had A 1/2 Of 1/2 Price Sale

    • I like the Lux box I got, but seems Boxy drops the ball the month before it comes. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is by far my favorite subscription.

  21. If you go to review this months box, there are other items listed that are not on here. So looks like there’s going to be a lot of variations.

    • I agree Sam!! I looked under the May box for product reviews and there was also some Becca primers, Lorac Pro & Violet Voss liquid lipsticks, face & eye brushes and more!! Hoping those will also be variations since I’m not loving a lot of this month’s box!😕

      • Wandered if that would be A FOMO Item due To was,tavailable Yet

    • Great idea too check that, lol. 😉

  22. My credit card info was stolen last week and didn’t realize I wasn’t charged for my monthly box until today. I was changed the info immediately as I just got my new card today. Hopefully I will get my box

  23. @Liz the product you are asking about is the Cashmere Lip pencil by Vintage by Jessica brand. I am not sure of the shade though

  24. Also not to sound like a Boxycharm super fan but everyone is giving them a lot of heat for doing the same thing as Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. There are 11 products total (excluding shades) and everyone gets 5 of them. I think it gives them more brand options than they would have if they tried to give everyone the same products. I do think they have better brands than what I have seen in IGBP in the spoilers for the last few months. May will be the first time I am actually getting IGBP though. Boxycharm gives the brands not sells them as addons!

    I just wish they did a better job with skin tone. Ugh… lol. And I would love add on options if it didn’t intefer with quality.

    Also that is not to say I don’t have preferences either as I mentioned in a previous comment. I’m disappointed when I don’t get what I hope to get. I do find it deceptive and sketchy when they do the 1/10 variants as opposed to maybe 1/3 or 1/2 getting an either or variant.

    • I agree…I have Ipsy and they do not go by profile at all…Ive got 3 things that I have opted out of coming!

  25. I think I want box variation #1. As much as I’d rather have the lash curlers and milk primer over the eye pencil and other blush, I really want a dose lippie. I also want glam glow over first aid.

    This makes me think I’ll get a variation that has first aid, the darkest blush, eye pencil, and random Lippie. 😂😂😂

    Who knows, maybe there is a variation with glam glow, milk, dose, eye lash curlers, and the ciate. I see one like that but with a Luna lip product instead of Dose.

  26. What’s up with the repeated crappy lip-gloss and eyeliner. How much of that stuff does Boxycharm think people use/need !!?? I am tired of receiving chintzy over inflated eyeliners and lip products from unknown brands as filler in the monthly box. Hello Boxycharm we know what you are doing!!! Boxycharm is becoming a real bait and switch.

  27. Really the only thing I want is the coconut cream. That alone would make it worth it to me, which means I won’t get it. Especially since it’s not in either of the first variations that we know of so far. So, I bet few people get it 😪. I also really haven’t been too excited about the last several boxes.


    • You,ll Be Glad You did,I Really Am Pleased So Far,I signed Back Up For The $10.00, Glam Bag Then Upgraded To IGBP, My Daughter Also Signed Up. My $10.00 Ipsy I ,ll receive A Eyeshadow Pallete Mascara,Pixi Eye Pencil Blending Brush,Face Cleanser

  29. I sure hope I get The coconut water cream and not the glam glow.

  30. on the boxy site it only lets me review some products. are those the ones I’m getting?

    • It’s letting me review all of them🤔 Maybe they’re ones you’ve already reviewed? That’s a fantastic tip though!! Thank you for telling me it’s already up on the site!! Looks like there may be a lot more variations then already shown on Insta judging by the items they have for review under May!!! Here’s hoping I get the Violet Voss or Lorac Pro liquid lips 🙊

  31. I have a question about charms. So I’m trying to redeem all my charms before I cancel for good after the June luxe, and I can’t believe that it costs charms to ship? Don’t the redeemed products come in the next month’s box anyway? A $9 item really is 1500 charms?

  32. last month I got variation 6 but I heard there were 17.

    • I got box variation 14, so it’s entirely possible.

    • I got variation #20. That’s a lot of variations. I liked it more when everyone got the same thing.

      • Agreed

    • You,ll Be Glad You did,I Really Am Pleased So Far,I signed Back Up For The $10.00, Glam Bag Then Upgraded To IGBP, My Daughter Also Signed Up. My $10.00 Ipsy I ,ll receive A Eyeshadow Pallete Mascara,Pixi Eye Pencil Blending Brush,Face Cleanser.

  33. LOOOVE IT!! I like the mix of things. I do not care what variation I get. I am light/medium but like the darker variations in the blush-the colors are more unique to my collection. Love to try the darkest blushes on eyes…The MILK primer would be great too! I am happy!!😁

  34. This is probably the worst box I’ve ever seen 🙁

    • I’m ready to cancel -_-

      • Me too. May is the last month of my 3 month pre-paid sub. Lip/Eye liners seem to be a throw in so there’s still 5 items. I have enough of both.

  35. Is Steve Laurant the knock off of Yves Saint Laurent.. LMFAO

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • OMG too funny!!!!! I was thinking the same…no thanks! hahahaha

      • That hilarious! But I have a blush and a lip product from Steve Laurent that are terrific!

        • I Received A Lip Item Like last Month From Boxy And Did Really Like it.

    • Maybe? That is pretty funny! I do have an eyeshadow and lipgloss that are Steve Laurant, and they are great! They aren’t cheap, and seem good quality – the lipgloss that I have smells awesome too. I’m hoping for the gloss pictured if I don’t get Dose in a good color!

  36. Maybe next month. Not getting this month’s. On a no buy. Plus I know I wouldn’t get the First Aid Beauty.

    • Can you skip a month? How?

    • I’m hoping for the FAB but will probably get the glamglow cleanser even though I have it unchecked as a brand that I like. I wish they would pay attention to the profiles and reviews

  37. 79 variations later…
    Honestly, it’s the all the variations that are just killing boxy for me. It frustrates me so much when I see some great spoilers, then it turns into a variant that you might receive. I resubbed to get the skincare box, but I think I’m done with boxy. I’m overloaded on product from more subs than I need anyway.

    • Yes! It feels like a bait and switch. They preview a great item at the very end of the month, charge you for the box on the first, then announce that the item was a variation. It feels very dishonest to me.

  38. Im over getting lousy variations after boxy spoilers. The second my luxe ships, I’m leaving

    • I also ALWAYS get the crappy variation and I’ve emailed my frustrations of receiving the “reject “box every month. Moving on myself

  39. I want the first aid beauty water cream eyelash curler dose of colors lipstick and the blush palette!! But what are the odds? I hate that the variation products can’t be our choice!

  40. I think it is unfair that some people are going to receive dose of colors lipstick and others are going to receive a lipstick from a brand not so recognized (sorry for my english, I´m from Mexico)

    • Nothing wrong with your English

    • Your English is great! And I agree. I would love to get the Dose lippie but afraid I will get another lippie instead!

  41. Hmmmmm so 2 variations but no coco cream in either?!?! So I guess 99% of us will receive the GG cleanser.

    • very confusing, if u go to the boxycharm site as if your a new member these variations are not included. I have signed up with 2 different emails and 2 different profiles hoping to get both the GG and the coconut and the eyelash curler. however, last month I just ended up with 2 of everything, good thing I use the products:-) Love eyeliner but not a fan of these colors so hoping I get the eyelash curler in at least 1 box. I love boxycharm and am excited about the box each month. OH the anticipation:-) only time will tell:-)))

  42. I would reactivate if I was guaranteed the Milk stick and the Glamglow. Just too risky for me to receive alternatives. I’m scared of receiving the very dark orange highlighter Palette.

    • Same!!! I want to come back for the luxe but tbh not even that is really exciting anymore. I’m thinking of fabfitfun tbh

  43. Ohhhhh I sure dont know if the comments will help you get what you want but I am new to boxy. Got the April FOMO box and wasnt to happy with it. I never wear black eyeliner and even though no eyeliner was in my profile I got that big bottle of black ink eyeliner that I would never wear. Lipstick not a color on my profile. Did like the IT moisturizer and sheet mask. I really really hope my may box will be better. Would love the eye lash curler being I need a new one. And would love the Milk stick. Please oh please boxy!

    • Hi Denise, are you on the swap site? I would love to get the Pretty Vulgar Ink Gel Eyeliner!

    • I filled out my profile and one month they sent me the darker palette. I got an email apology and charms that equal the value of palette. I didn’t even reach out to them. I think it’s a great value even when I don’t get what I’m hoping for because I buy a lot of makeup and skincare and the subscription adds some things I wouldn’t normally pick on my own, but end up loving. I look at it as a value even if I can’t use everything. $21 isn’t much and there has never been a box that I didn’t like somethings in that are valued higher than that.

  44. I really want the coconut cream. I don’t think I ever noticed what box number I was getting. I think this is the only box I am truly surprised when I open it up.

    • How do you know what variation number your box is? I’m fairly new boxy, so I’m still trying to make sense of things.

      • There is a card in each box and on the lower right side there is a number. That is your variation number (Mine was 10)

  45. That’s a lot of variety? If they ever get the profile algorithms going it’s going to be a huge boost in their favor but it makes for a lot of weirdness right now…

  46. On the second variation, it looks like Vintage cosmetics eyeliner. I don’t want either of those two variation but I guess you can’t be to picky with it since it is only $21 dollars. Fingers crossed for the coconut water cream.

  47. I’m really hoping for the milk product and the first aid beauty.

  48. I want the blush palette but there are so many variations that I’m pretty sure I wont get it. I have that Orza gloss and it’s pretty but very sticky. I never use it.

    I think the liner in the second variation looks like the Vintage brand. The leaves on the packaging remind me of the blushes that we got awhile back.

    Guess I’m going to pass on this box.

    • I’m pretty sure we’re all getting a blush palette

      • It’s either the blush palette or the Milk blur stick. There are other box variations shown on the Boxycharm website. It looks like the only consistent item for each box is the ciate eyeshadow.

      • Hahah… it’s definitely looking that way. Like 1% will get a milk stick and 99% will get a blush palette. With all that being said – I’m hopeful I’m in that 1%

        • Me too!💓

  49. Lipliner is vintage cosmetics

  50. Can someone please remind me of how to tell which box number I have? I think I recall people stating it was in the shipping email somewhere, but I can’t recall where. Thanks!

    • A lot of people go by what the ‘weight’ of the box is, to see what variation they are getting. This is NOT fool proof though. Two months ago they said the one I was getting (based on weight) was the Tula face masks and I got the copa cabana cream.

    • You can find it on the info card that comes in the box. There will be a little number inside of a heart or something in the lower corner of the info card.

    • Your box version is on the back of the card inside the box with the descriptions of all the products you receive. There is a tiny heart on the right corner of the card with a number, which is your box variation.

      • How does that help you know what variation you are getting for a box you don’t have?

        • It doesn’t, but there’s no way to know for certain in advance🤷🏻‍♀️

        • It doesn’t but I usually get variation 1 or 3 unless there are 20 variations, than it’s a toss up.

    • Thanks so much everyone for your replies! 🙂 I thought there was a way to tell before you receive your box which number you were getting, but I’m sure I got it mixed up with another box (not Play! but a different one… after a while, they start to blend. lol).

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