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BeautyFIX June 2019 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the June 2019 BeautyFIX subscription box(Thanks for the heads up, Michele!)

Each box will include:


What do you think of the June BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (118)

  1. Well super happy for the NIA24! I got medium powder and bonfire lip (Cocoa tint)
    I need a light on both if anyone wants a swap. I linked to my name. TIA

    • Hi Lynn! I’d love to swap 🙂 I just listed the fair and my swap profile is linked.

  2. Really unhappy with the box I received. Neither the lip product nor the sunscreen work for my complexion. I am cancelling after only one box. It isn’t worth the money to get so many items that are ill fitted and essentially unusable. I really wish they would allow customers to note a preference especially for an item that is an all over face product.

  3. This June box is so not worth the money this month….my brush on sunscreen is in fair..I am med. To tan…and the lip is in bonfire…to dark..

    • If you want to trade, I have medium. I need fair.

      • If you haven’t swapped, I’d love to! Are you on the swap site?

      • What is the swap site web address? I would be very interested. I have multiple beauty scripts that I have canceled because of weird color choices, despite my preferences being stated. Thanks!

  4. Anyone else recieve their box and it be the wrong one? I signed up on June 4th and it said June’s box but received May’s instead. I reached put to their CS and am awaiting a response. I literally only subbed for the Nia product. Ugh!!

  5. Wow! Don’t be wasteful.

  6. Why would you throw it away?
    Turn upside down and buff it on your hand till you see the powder come out.
    It is easy.
    Go dig it back out from your trash bin!

  7. Couldn’t figure out how to use the powder sunscreen thing even after googling instructions. Threw it away.

    • This sunscreen is amazing. I’ve been using it everyday for over 10 years over my makeup. I’ve never had a brush that just didn’t work. If you can’t figure it out dump it in a jar and use a regular power brush with it. Please don’t throw away $60 worth of product 😱

  8. I like most of this box. I actually didn’t get my May box until around the 4th and then got my June box 2 days later which was kind of annoying because I was charged for my June box before I even got my May box. Derrrp.

    Anyways, I’m glad I got the medium shad of colorscience, but not happy about getting the skinny dip- the lightest shade for the coola lipbalm. I have an olive undertone- I’m Italian ha so it doesn’t compliment my skin tone as one of the darker ones like Bonfire would have. Wish there could be some custimization if multiple random shades are going to be in people’s boxes. For those who are dark skinned, neither of the colorscience colors would have worked for them which would be a slap in the face if I was African American and my shade wasn’t considered. I love this box so much, though! Just wish there was a little customization for items that will have a random color.

    • I’m Sicilian so I understand! I received Skinny dip as well, I find with a little lip liner it’s versatile.
      This is really such a great box!
      I just ordered another!

  9. I got my box today and I love it! May get a second one. I got bonfire Coola and medium colorscience. I have light skin but since it’s a secondary sunscreen so it’ll do just fine as a touch up. Excited to try the NIA 24.

  10. I too ordered on June 2nd and already received my box today!
    I received Coola lip balm in skinny dip, it has a slight hint of pink. LOVE IT!
    My mineral sunscreen powder came in medium and I’m glad it did! Perfect match! Love this box!

  11. Anyone else missing the hair product? This is the first time I’ve ever had a box with something missing. Loved the fast shipping this time though!

  12. I ordered this on June 2 and already received it today,June 7th, what a nice surprise! I luckily received the Fair Colorescience, but the Coola lipstick is a really dark brownish shade called Bonfire which is definitely not very summerish. The Murad cleanser is lovely and I already use and love the NIA24. The other samples are great for summer. This box is really amazing as usual! I may have to break down and get another.

  13. Just an FYI for those of us with fair or light skin. I got the medium colorscience sunscreen and called beautyfix told them it’s way too dark. I asked if they could switch it for light or fair. After some checking they emailed me to say they would send the fair to me. It’s currently oos but I love their CS

    • You are lucky, no such offer for a 4 year subscriber

      • Same here.😤

  14. Been loving this box the past few months. Happy for a few of these products, but why so many sunscreens?

    • Although we should wear sunscreen everyday throughout the year, it’s summertime and this is especially important. I resubscribed because of the sunscreens! 🌞

    • I love the sunscreens. I’m working outside most hours of the day and go through tons of it. It’s nice to get some extra for such a great price. They can’t make everyone happy 100% of the time. There are months I pause for all the time.

    • I also got this box for the sunscreens. I get sun poisoning with chemical sunscreens, so I was extremely happy to see so many mineral sunscreens in one box.

  15. Any working coupons for this box?

  16. I am getting this for the NIA 24 hand repair. I have not been able to get any with swaps. Linked my swap address if anyone does NOT want theirs – I will take it off your hands *ba dum bump* It does have a semi unpleasant fragrance but it is working on my age spots/sun damage. TIA

  17. The June box is available now. Yesterday it was only offering previous boxes at the sub rate.

  18. Gonna pass this one since I got that great dermastore beauty report box with great sunscreen and facial oil and a bunch of other great stuff 🙂 seems like a solid box this month though , but I steady got sunscreen plus a facial oil and other stuff in BeautyReport for same price with coupon

  19. Meh… and that is the first time I’ve said that in 4 years. Coola colors are garbage. Nia is a repeat of a product I didn’t like… and the sunscreen will probably come in medium so another toss (and I hate Murad) SIGH

    • Jeez

    • Nia isn’t a repeat. And I honestly don’t understand people who throw away products they don’t like. How wasteful and privileged is that? Put it on the swap site, or better yet, DONATE IT. Many charities collect toiletries and makeup items and would be HAPPY to take this stuff off your hands. Here’s a few to get you started:

      • It is a repeat

      • I donate them to my friend’s daughters… they don’t want these products either

    • The NIA IS A REPEAT! and so is the COLORSCIENCE! Ugh, I have subbed for 2 years and both full size products are repeats of stuff I hated. What a waste this time. I am pretty sure the breogeo and PTR are repeats too. They must have cleaned out their warehouses or something. I have the colorscience in fair and it is junk. Nothing comes out when you use it so its worthless. Cancelling if next month is as terrible as the last two.

  20. The June box is available on the Dermstore site now! Tempting …

    • How do you get to the box on their website? The link below is not working for me and when I go to the website and click on Beautyfix, it brings up past boxes I can purchase without a subscription.

      • From the main page, go to the blog post with the reveals. There is a link to the June box there.

      • On the bottom of the page of the June Box Reveal blog post is a link to the June Box Reveal, not a purchasing link. Very pointlessly circular of them. That’s what I’m seeing. lol

      • On the blog post, right below the video, there is a link that says “this month’s BeautyFix” which takes you to the purchase page.

      • I see it and it worked. I’m not totally convinced it was there when I first tried tho. Lol. Thanks for the help! 🙂

      • Such a round about way to get there, but got it! Yay!

      • Thank you everyone, I was able to order it too. Yeah!!!

    • When I try it still is offering the May box. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in. Even logged out it is only offering the May box.

    • Yay! I want this box. I went to dermstore and selected “Beautyfix” from the drop down menu. The page now shows May as sold out and June as this months box.

  21. I want to purchase this box, but the link takes me to a page that says, “Bautyfix without a subscription” and gives me options to buy past boxes.

    • Since they took the May box down I’m guessing June will post later today? They usually announce it on their Facebook page

      • Thank you!

  22. I’m so on the fence with this box I like some things , but it’s been then the tiny samples in the last two months :/ I used to love BF hope they come back to me soon :/

    Also disappointed with test tube for July had to cancel , them to please come back !

    These were my two go too subs but been lacking in luster these past few months / I think either their overwhelmed or just don’t care – hope they work out the quirks bc I do miss them 🥺

    • I resubbed for this one because of the Coola, the NIA after sun lotion and the Colorscience. Three full size items and I will use all of them – the rest is gravy! I do agree that Beautyfix has been lackluster for months now. I haven’t gotten a box in ages. July’s Testtube was a bust for me too – I paused hoping that the September tube will be better.

  23. Ugg, not more Color Science, i just finally got rid of the one from last year that was about 100 shades to dark, why do they put items for different complexions shades in the box? Its like putting foundation for tan skin, or powder for fair skin, hair products specifically for blonds or brunettes….its way to specific and many of us cant use the products, super anoying.

  24. There’s only three products here I would use, but they are well worth the cost of the box so I’m thinking of signing up for the first time.

    Can someone tell me how Dermstore determines what shade of face products they send to each subscriber, please? Is there a questionnaire on the site for that type of info? I’m very fair and would not be able to use the Medium shade, at all.

    • It’s random, you won’t know which shade you will receive.

      • Thanks for the response. That’s a big bummer, though. Might be a dealbreaker, but I’ll have to think about it. Thanks again!

    • See my above post on this very subject, drives me nuts !

  25. it’s still showing the May box, I really want June, but not may

    • Sometimes it takes a couple more days before it’s available.

      • I just managed to get the June box I’m so happy, my colorescience is almost finished so I need a new one. wish they would let us choose the shade as fair will never work for me.

  26. Great Summer-themed box. Love how they added full size products again! Will be able to use everything on my summer beach vacay.

  27. I am very pleased with this box for June.
    I love the larger sizes and I love anything with sunscreen.
    I really hope I get the “Fair” in the Color Science.

    Thank you BeautyFix.💞

  28. Please. No more briogeo…I have enough to last me for life lollll at least I never have to buy it

    • Haha… That was my FIRST THOUGHT!!!

      • I love it.

  29. Still haven’t received last month box. This one doesn’t interest me. I cancelled.

    • I didn’t get my May box until June 4th, after they had already charged for my June box. They did send me a 10 dollar credit though for the long delay.

  30. Great box ! Finally I skipped the last two , I don’t care for tiny samples either can’t geg much use from them , however this box is promising BF is hopefully back for good 🤞

    • Same here!!!

  31. I haven’t been interested in a box for a few months so I am thrilled about this one. I’d buy it for the NIA alone and I’m excited about the Colorscience. I’ve tried both before from BeautyFix and love them!

  32. Dang, this is a great box – been waiting for one that would tempt me enough to subscribe. Any word on when it’ll be available to purchase?

    • Usually very early in the month. June1-5 or so (in my experience)

  33. Only thing stopping me is the shade of sunscreen…i don’t want a medium color…lol

    • I am hoping not to get fair. We could trade if they get it backwards 🤗

      • last time they only sent medium.

  34. I love this box. Thinking on getting a second box this month.

    • Same!!!

  35. Liz – why aren’t we getting email notifications when the spoilers are posted? Any one else?!? 🙁

    • I’m not getting them either.

      • I am not getting the email notifications either.

      • Mine notifications have stopped since January. I was thinking because I got a new phone perhaps? I’m signed up

    • I am getting all the e-mails everytime new post it created, including spoilers, reviews, etc.

    • Mine go to my spam filter

    • I am not receiving most of them either.

  36. Yay! great box! Last two items are my least favorite, but the rest of it is AWESOME! can’t wait!

  37. Will folks get to choose between Medium and Fair colorescience? Or, is it random?

    • It’s random:(

    • I was wondering the same thing! I really want fair!

  38. I still waited to see full spoilers but I cancelled but that’s because only 2 products in this whole box I don’t have. But if you don’t, it’s actually a great looking box

  39. I’d like to subscribe for this box but I don’t want to get charged for the May box

    • Wait until it becomes available next week. Then you can just get this box or subscribe and get this as the first box.

  40. Is there any way to choose which brush-on sunscreen shade you want?

    • There is not. It’s totally randome

  41. Nope, I liked last box with 13 samples to try. That box was awesome. Only 7 products. I am not getting this

  42. Nice summery box!

  43. Not super exciting, but the Nia 24 and Coola makes this worth it.

  44. Yes. I would MUCH rather have 7 larger, quality products than 13 tiny samples rolling around in that giant box.

    I didn’t buy the last 2 boxes, but I’m definitely down for this one.

  45. I’d LOVE a coupon. . . . .but I will probably buy anyway!! Great box. One antiaging serum or whatnot would have really killed it.

  46. This is a great box! But I’m not subscribed 🙁

    • You can do a one-time purchase if you prefer that. It’s an extra $10, but the Colorescience alone more than pays for the box.

    • You can buy this is a one time purchase For a little bit more than the subscription price or you can subscribe and cancel right after receiving it. They are really easy to cancel with. I have canceled and re-subscribed many times when I see that I don’t want the box based off the spoilers. Hope this helps.

  47. Looks like a great summer box for me! 🙂 I have been trying to use more mineral sunscreens, having a smaller travel sized one will be perfect. My hair drinks up Briogeo and the like, I am always happy to get more of it.

  48. Only 7 products ??? Wow…

    • But 3 are full size. Two of the full sizes are worth $60+.

      • I agree, Jackie!

      • Yeah the value is 230$ I just now realized. I mean I like the items but last box was so many and now so few but at least they’re full sized except the ptr mask

      • Besides the mineral sunscreen, what are the other full size products?

      • Nia and coola are full size.

      • Which is awesome for a $25 box!

  49. Super happy with this box! Love the inclusion of mineral sunscreen, been trying to get away from chemical sunscreens.

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