Goddess Provisions “Earth Alchemy” Review – April 2019

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Goddess Provisions April 2019

Goddess Provisions is a monthly wellness subscription box filled with “high vibe lifestyle goods” meant to aid in new-age spirituality practices such as meditation, intention-setting, and energetic healing, as well as general holistic health.

Goddess Provisions April 2019 open

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Goddess Provisions April 2019 all contents

About Goddess Provisions Wellness Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Goddess Provisions

The Cost: $33 per month with discounts for longer commitments

The Products: A mix of 4-6 full-size products such as crystals, apothecary beauty, superfood snacks, aromatherapy, tools for spiritual growth, and tea

Ships to: U.S. for free, $15 to Canada and $25 everywhere else

Goddess Provisions “Earth Alchemy” Review

Goddess Provisions April 2019 card front Goddess Provisions April 2019 product list Goddess Provisions April 2019 card back

Here’s the info card with the theme and product list for the month. The theme is “Earth Alchemy.”

Let’s dive in!

Goddess Provisions April 2019 resin point Goddess Provisions April 2019 resin crystal Goddess Provisions April 2019 resin crystal side view

Soul + Selene Floral Resin Crystal Tip – Listed Value $16.00

This little resin crystal is very cool, though it sure is small! Encased in the resin is a small died flower specimen. I am not 100% sure what type is in my crystal, but it is very pretty and delicate. This is a really unique addition to my crystal collection!

Goddess Provisions April 2019 lipbalm Goddess Provisions April 2019 lip balm side info Goddess Provisions April 2019 lip balm side

Wilde Canyon Wildflower Balm – Retail Value $6.99

So, this cute lip balm is 100% compostable, which I find really charming in an earth-themed box. It also feels great on my lips and leaves them smooth and hydrated! The main ingredients here are sunflower oil and cocoa butter, both of which are excellent for sore chapped lips. This is easily one of my favorite balms so far this year and the darling packaging is a bonus.

Goddess Provisions April 2019 forest candle Goddess Provisions April 2019 forest candle top view Goddess Provisions April 2019 forest candle side

Lilac & Willow ‘Forest’ Candle – Listed Value $12.00

I love deep, woody scents. They do a great job of bringing a little of the forest into my indoor space. Sadly, we can’t always be outside. This soy candle is scented with cedar, pine, spruce, and vanilla oils, with a touch of eucalyptus. While this candle could easily feel too Christmasy for a spring box, those evergreen notes are really mellowed out with the vanilla in a way that makes it feel perfect for any time of year. The bits of forest flora and crystals on top was a lovely touch.

Goddess Provisions April 2019 spray Goddess Provisions April 2019 spray side

Earth Goddess Mist, 2 oz – Buy a full-size glass bottle for $33.00

Juniper, cedar, cypress, cinnamon bark, & vetiver give this grounding foresty spray a deep and sensual scent. I love having sprays like this for my bedroom and office because they can really set the tone for my day or night when used at the beginning or end of my day. Like most woodsy scented items do for me, I found it very calming and comforting.

Goddess Provisions April 2019 glass straw in packaging Goddess Provisions April 2019 glass straw back of package Goddess Provisions April 2019 glass straw and brush Goddess Provisions April 2019 glass straw detail Goddess Provisions April 2019 glass straw being cleaned

Simply Straw Reusable Glass Straw – Retail Value $11.00

I have gotten plastic BPA straws, bamboo straws, and now a glass straw recently in my boxes. I am glad these more earth-friendly disposable straw options are becoming popular because disposable straws are really terrible for the environment. This is a pretty easy way to use less plastic! At this point, I am pretty close to being a straw connoisseur, and I have to say I LOVE this glass one. It feels so ridiculously fancy. It even comes with its own brush to make sure it stays nice and clean. I kind of want a few in different colors!

Goddess Provisions April 2019 sponge with box Goddess Provisions April 2019 sponge box info Goddess Provisions April 2019 konjac sponge Goddess Provisions April 2019 sponge detail

Wyld French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge – Retail Value $16.90

I have gotten at least 2 other konjac sponges in boxes recently. It is always so funny to me when things like that happen. These natural sponges are really great to use on sensitive facial skin, and because they are made of organic materials, they don’t last as long as their plastic counterparts. For this reason, I don’t at all mind getting some extras to stash away! This pink clay infused sponge is great for sensitive skin. The clay helps purify your pores without being as drying as a clay mask would be. You can also use your fave cleanser on it for extra deep cleaning.

Goddess Provisions April 2019 serpentine Goddess Provisions April 2019 serpentine stone Goddess Provisions April 2019 serpentine top view

Serpentine – Listed Value $4.00

Serpentine is one of those stones that just has a really unique color. I actually have a watercolor paint made from this stone and the pale chartreuse green is one of my favorites to paint with because it is just a fascinating shade. This stone is known for being good luck (like so many green stones!) and it is also said to enhance creativity, which makes sense with a color like this!

Goddess Provisions April 2019 scarf Goddess Provisions April 2019 scarf detail

Matr Boomie Fairtrade Shibori Scarf – Listed Value $25.00

This 100% cotton scarf is made by fair trade artisans. I will easily admit that this scarf is smaller than I would expect for a true functional scarf, and these are colors I never wear. I plan on finding it a new more appropriate home or maybe using it to wrap a gift for someone as a really pretty gift wrap alternative.

The Verdict: I really liked this month’s Goddess Provisions. The foresty theme really spoke to me, as someone who loves the outdoors. I also adore that they sent natural products that are also good for our earth, like the totally compostable lip balm, natural konjac sponge, and my new favorite glass straw. The serpentine stone and resin crystal both spoke to my inner rock hoarder tendencies. You can never have enough rocks guys. Never. I am guesstimating the value of this box to be around $92 ($108.50 according to the booklet’s listed prices) which is good for a $33 box, even if those prices are a little inflated.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! Sign up now for the April box here! Also, some past boxes do end up for sale here!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $33.00 + free US shipping, which means that each of the 7 items in the box has an average cost of $4.71.

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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  1. I listed a few items (candle, flower crystal, and lip balm)! I use the photos here in this review and the names/descriptions to make it easier to do my listings (though I did take a photo of my actual flower resin, as it looks quite different).

  2. For goodness sake, will someone list some of these items on the swap site so I don’t have to create my own listings! 😉

  3. I love the color of the fuschia scarf. I was very much letdown by the resin flower as my “flower” was a very dingey brownish dead looking weed. It is small and the size was as I expected, but I was expecting a pretty colored dried flower. Plus the resin had many imperfections – mine looked nothing like the unboxing here on MSA. I’m disappointed as the resin flower was the whole reason I ordered.

    • Hey Bunny! I am sorry to hear that. Give customer care a reachout and see if you might can get a replacement. I wouldn’t be thrilled with bubbles either.

      • Thank you! I did reach out and sent them pics. They sent me a form to replace my resin flower! It will arrive in 5 days or less. They are very quick to respond and resolve.

  4. I agree with Anne. I would really like to get a perspective of the crystal tip and scarf because you mentioned they were small. I have thought about subscribing to this box for a long time. I have many of the items in their boxes already, but occasionally I see a really unique item. I subscribe to lots of boxes, mostly cosmetic, but my favorite is Yogi Surprise because the items are quite unique. Still, this box grabs my attention every time. I wonder what others think of this box. Would love to know.

    • Hey Emmy! The crystal was just under 2 inches (I think the booklet said 1 3/4 inches). I didn’t measure the scarf, but it was probably around 8-10 inches wide and was very short if I wrapped it once around my neck. I will have to get a tapemeasure for my desk and get you more accurate measurements next time. <3

    • I think you are asking what people think of Goddess Provisions as a sub box, not this particular box, so I’ll tell you my opinion. I started a sub in September when they had an animal theme as I love anything to do with animals. I did not plan to keep subscribing, but here we are 8 months later and I’m still getting the box every month, and I look forward to it every month! Let me add that I am not personally into a lot of “New Age,” yoga, or otherwise “hippie dippie” type stuff. I think crystals are pretty, but I don’t believe they actually have any powers, yet I enjoy getting my monthly crystal in this box. I don’t believe the moon has special powers over our lives, either, but I enjoyed the moon themed box they had a couple months back. I like that they occasionally include a food type item, and they have lots of “smelly” items, some of which smell fabulous and some of which I swap on the swap site. I also love that they occasionally include candles, and I do like the some of the various card decks they have sent, like the self care deck and the abundance deck. I think it is a fun mix of items, and anything that I don’t like I can gift or swap on the swap site. I’m not a scarf person, but I think this month’s scarf it lovely. I think the value is there every month, and I like that they have a cohesive theme every month, and I enjoy it even though I am probably not their typical subscriber.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Melissa. Much appreciated. I subscribed to the box and hope I enjoy it as much as you do! 😁

  5. This has been my very first subscription box ever, and I loved it. I read past reviews but didn’t realize it came with discount codes for the shops featured in the box; I might go out and buy some more candles from this company!

    One question though: does Goddess Provisions announce what the theme is before they charge you for the next box?

    • We usually do get some spoilers up for the upcoming month! Be sure to keep an eye out. Thanks for reading!

  6. I have been binging on a series called Legacies which has good vampires, witches, etc. The card with flowers coming out of bodies with no heads and the resin with a “growing” plant is really creepy for me now. Maybe I should quit watching the program—-I liked the looks of this box and thinking about subscribing. I love the candle with the items on top. It makes it look more inviting and a love crystals/stones. Thanks for the review.

  7. You’re supposed to go to the website to ideoyour flower and read what it means. Yours looks like yarrow. I got red geranium and moss. Too small to see very well. 😕

    I am *not* a scarf person, but I think this is lovely. Definitely for aesthetic purposes. I work in breast cancer prevention, so I might use the scarf when I’m doing outreach or something. People at health fairs lok for my pink booth. Lol.

    • I love the idea of the pink scarf at your booth! Thanks for the flower info Melissa <3

  8. Clothes like that can be used to wrap your Tarot cards and store in a wooden box. 🙂

  9. You really should give dimensions or a full photo of an item you say is small. The scarf is a totally normal size for a spring or summer decorative scarf. It’s not meant to keep you warm!
    I loved the glass straw too, and did order a nice long one to stash in my handbag and use on iced coffee. I find stainless straws really uncomfortable, I feel like I’ve chipped a tooth every time I use one! The glass is very comfortable.

    • Anne, you bring up what interests me, too. Sounds like you have the box – can you please provide the dimensions for the scarf? Thanks!

      Am thinking of jumping back into this sub after maxing out on spray scents after my initial 6 months as a subscriber.

      • Hey! Sorry just saw this, I don’t subscribe to follow up comments. The scarf is about six feet long (casual measuring against what I know a yard to be on myself) and about 10” wide, again that’s a guesstimate! It’s lightweight cotton gauze and very pretty!

    • Hey Anne! Thanks for the feedback. I will try to give some sort of measurement in my future reviews. And I also ordered a new glass straw. I got the amethyst color and I am so excited about it!

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