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FabFitFun Coupon – $10 Off + FREE $125 Value Mystery Bundle!

For a limited time, use coupon code SECRET to save $10 off the Spring Box AND get a FREE Mystery Bundle ($125+ value) with your Spring FabFitFun box! If you sign up now with this offer, your first box will be the Spring Box!

Or, use coupon code MSA40 to save $20 off of your first box – which would be the Editor’s Box!

FabFitFun is regularly $49.99.

Just to further clarify, FabFitFun currently has two different boxes new subscribers can receive depending on what coupon code they use:

  • Coupon code SECRET will get you the Spring Box as your first box.
  • Coupon code MSA40 will get you the Editor’s Box as your first box.

With both of these boxes, if you stay subscribed, your next box will be the standard Summer FabFitFun box.

Check out my review of the Spring Box and my review of the Editor’s Box to see exactly what you will receive, and what your options are for choice in each box. (You will be able to pick some of the items in your box AFTER you order it.)

And if you aren’t familiar with FabFitFun, I highly recommend it. It’s a quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box that sends beauty, fashion, home, and wellness items. (And it was voted the Best Subscription Box for Women by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.)


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (62)

  1. Anyone receive the mystery bundle?

  2. Ladies, this is my first time with FFF. Do you also get an average of one email a day from them, bugging you and being annoying with their spam (and pushing the annual membership like crazy)?

    • I think I have gotten a total of two emails (I signed up april, 12) just telling me about the FFF community and all the ins and outs. That being said, I did sign up for an annual membership just two days ago for some extras I found on MSA.

  3. I just tried the coupon code secret and it’s saying it’s not valid?

    • Sorry, try coupon code WOW125

  4. A lot of people have commented on the mystery bundle not being listed on their orders. I’ve used codes in the past and noticed that the price is switched to end in .98 instead of .99. This seems to be how fff distinguishes orders placed with special codes.

  5. Has anyone ordered from the edit sale? Does anyone know when they will be shipping the things we ordered out? I really wanted my stuff before Easter 😩

    • I ordered from the edit sale and have not received my items – I also ordered an Editors box for a gift 15 days ago… I love FFF but becoming disappointed in their shipping times.. I think they should ship our purchases within 10 days like most retailers!

      • Agreed! It’s like shopping in the 90s…

      • I’m in the same boat, ordered Editor’s edition April 2nd and stuff from the sale but haven’t heard a peep after that. Since the edit sale ended April 10, I guess I shouldn’t expect shipping until May 2nd for the box and then May 10th for the sale items.

    • I received a shipping notice that my box shipped 4/12. It’s scheduled to be delivered by end of day 4/19.

    • They told me it could take a month to ship. I ordered on the first.

    • I got an email that mine has been sent.

  6. I have 3 free trial boxes for anyone interested. I believe it starts a subscription but you can cancel anytime. You can email me at beautybyjamie2007 at yahoo dot com. First 3 people ill send you the link.

    • Same here. I’m about to cancel to so the quicker the better. Sferry79 gmail

  7. I’m curious when they charge for the Summer box and about when spoilers for summer will likely start coming out. Anyone know?

    • I looked up the events calendar today and it appears that the first spoiler is happening on May 2nd 🙂

      • Awesome thank you!

    • They told me it would charge sometime in May and the customization also starts then

  8. Does anyone has a second account with FFF? I’d love to get this deal but it’s not applicable to me as I’m already registered with them. Thinking of creating another account with a different email address/name but using the same credit card. Wondering if this will work? I already tried getting the deal but cust service declined.

    • I’ve created a new account before with a different email address.

      • Thanks Tara!

        Did you use the same name and address?

      • I did.

    • Yep; I don’t get the box very often (only three times) because for some reason a lot of them miss the mark for me. But when I do, I create a different account with a new email address to get whatever deal they’re offering.

    • Use a different email. I have a few accounts.

  9. Anyone wondering about the mystery bundle not showing up on the invoice, I just did a live chat with an associate and they told me since we’re not being charged for the bundle it doesn’t show up on the invoice but rest assured that it will be included with our Spring boxes.

    • Thx so much for that info. I just got a reply email to my question and all it said was that it was going to take extra time you get back to me lol.

      • Thanks so much Angela!! Good luck ladies, hope we all get it!

      • Whoops I mean Ashley lol

    • I just ordered my first because I want the secret bundle and yeah through the whole process it didn’t mention it. So thank you for the info! I hope I get the whale patterned bottle!!! Will probably cancel after this. This is the first fff that has intrigued me. Water bottle + sunglasses + secret bundle & -$10 now that’s a deal!!!

  10. I subscribed to FabFitFun in September 6, 2018. Remained a seasonal member until this Spring box. Loved everything. And by upgrading to “Select/Annual membership” this gives me the ability to customize my boxes early and also gain access to all of the add-on and edit sales earlier which makes all the difference in the world as to whether or not I get absolutely everything that I want. I’ve been super pleased with FabFitFun and Im not one to do annual memberships ever before. In the edit sale that just ended I spent $300 and am receiving well over a $1000 in product value. By far my favorite subscription and Ive had/have several.

    • I’m not an annual member but I placed a $300 order too! When I saw that I had over $1,200 retail value, I thought it was money well spent. I even found a few saved items that were out of stock earlier in the sale.

    • Not sure how to post an individual common it’s only allowing me to reply to one but I’m still trying to figure out when our items shipped from the edit sale does anyone know at all I spent a ton of money and I’m just curious

    • I used to feel the same way but I think they’ve missed the mark lately.. At least for items I’d like to have and use. The shipping takes a ridiculous amount of time and customer service took 3 weeks to return my email…
      Just an fyi on the edit sale items… If you wait until the last night pretty much everything that was sold out is there and available to purchase. This was another reason I am canceling. The entire thing feels like it’s too good of a deal to pass up so you have to add it to your cart before anyone else can get it yet it’s all there and available on the last night…. Food for thought.

  11. I wish I could sign up for FFF now, but have the Summer box as my first box. I signed up as an annual member when I saw the cute items in the Spring Box, excited to start subscription boxes again, but they were sold out of the backpack which is one of the main reasons I subscribed. I saw the Spring edit box and wanted to sign up again, but the sleep mist that I wanted the most was sold out again! I wish FFF had more stock, but I’m determined to jump on the Summer box before the options run out. I’ll be checking MSA daily for Summer sneak peaks, so I can join in time.

    • I hope this helps… I got the backpack and the $55 value is so overly inflated. There is nothing special about it. You can pick one up from TJ MAXX for cheaper and better quality.
      I also got the mist as an add on $10 item and I’d have saved myself money by ordering a nicer bigger one from Amazon with more options. The prices are way higher than they should be and the value just isn’t there. I find the quality has gone down tremendously over the past see quartets. Just my opinion though

    • I have the backpack that I’m not going to use. If you’re interested in it, we can work something out. ashleyr.taylor at gmail

  12. I just ordered with code SECRET and I got the $10 off, but I didn’t see the mystery bundle on my order confirmation. Does anyone know if that’s how it’s supposed to be?

    • I had the same question. Saw the $10 discount but no mention of the bundle.

    • I’m wondering the same thing.

      Liz, is this mystery bundle guaranteed if we use code SECRET?

    • hi ladies

      i checked my invoice and it has three items on the order besides the fff spring box. one of the items in the bundle is the palm leaf fruit H20 bottle, the other two are numbers and letters so i can’t tell what item it is. if anyone knows please reply back on here 🙂

    • Fwiw- since we have had no reply that answered this I have written them to get clarification. I’ll let’cha know what I hear back.

      • Thanks Angela, please keep us posted! Xtina are you talking about your email order confirmation?

      • Ashley already coveres it but I got a reply and thought I would share.
        Rachelle E (FabFitFun)

        Apr 14, 3:42 PM PDT

        Hi Angela,

        Thanks for reaching out! After checking, I can confirm that you were able to use the promo code “secret” upon signing up. This means that you are set to receive the mystery bundle which will ship out along with your Spring box and you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking details once it ships out I hope this helps!

        If there’s anything else we can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to reach back out to us.

        Sending happiness,

      • Awesome thanks Angela! xx

      • No problem (o‿∩)

      • Thanks for checking! I have the same issue. I signed up but no where is there anything saying I’ll be getting a bundle. Just a 10 dollar discount. 🙁

  13. I tried to reply to Flora, and it jumps to the top of the page for me too.

  14. Weird, I can’t reply directly to someone’s comment, just jumps me to the top of the thread.

    Response to: How long does it take them to ship? I ordered the Editor’s Box when it came out on the 1st & they haven’t even printed the shipping label.

    I ordered on the 2nd and haven’t seen a shipping notice yet and in another thread someone said theirs shipped on the 4th. Others have commented that if you ordered add-ons, then it usually delays shipping.

  15. Wow I wish I would’ve waited just a little bit before ordering so I could get a mystery bundle!! 🙁

    I did a year subscription for fabfitfun in 2017-2018 and cancelled after, but came back a couple weeks ago because a mobile app that I play offered a nice reward for signing up for fabfitfun and I was like why not, I missed it!

    I just received my spring box today. I was so excited to get the water bottle!! And in such a cute design (light teal with grey triangles). I wish I would’ve gotten the scrubby shower brush too but I’m happy with my jump rope (better than the facial cleanser at least imo). I chose the diffuser, the measuring spoons, and sleeping mask because I think it said they were out of the sunglasses I wanted when I ordered. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep the subscription going but I’m really happy with this box!! I’ll use everything!

  16. I’m a past annual member. I recently cancelled my membership but the code SECRET has me intrigued to sign back up. If I do can I easily switch to annual member again later? Thank you!

  17. Hi Meredith, aviators and robe where still available yesterday. Backpack and My girl Quay sunglasses are out of stock. Hope that helps! Also I’m not sure about customization I just know because I didn’t get my extras as they sold out of them.

  18. Hi Stephanie, the backpack and the my girl Quay sunglasses are sold out! Other than that you should be fine. Not sure if you can still customize but if you can those are the only options I remember being sold out. Hope that helps.

  19. How long does it take them to ship? I ordered the Editor’s Box when it came out on the 1st & they haven’t even printed the shipping label.

    • It takes them up to a month to ship the first box. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Ashby,

      I ordered the editors box as well and it is being delivered today. I did not add anything on but I was able to customize 3 of the items when I ordered it.

  20. I tried FFF a while back and cancelled. The spring box intrigues me but not a full price, I really just want the aviators.

    Does anyone know if you reactivate, can you use the $10 off coupon with the free mystery bundle?

    Usually it says for new subscribers only but this time it doesn’t.

  21. Can you still customize the spring box? Anything sold out?

    • Yes, you can still customize it. I just chatted customer care, and here are the items that are still available:

      “We still have the Diffuser, Robe, Quay Vivienne Girl Sunglasses, Sunnylife Picnic Kit, Korres Sleeping Facial, Giadzy Measuring Spoons, Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion 4.05oz, Swell Sip Water Bottle, Ciate Powder, The2Bandits Athens Necklace.
      The TULA Cleanser, Daily Concepts Massage Brush and the Venus Jump Rope.”

  22. Are all the options (particularly the robe and aviator sunglasses) still available in the spring box? Thinking of finally ordering.


    • Just confirmed with customer care. The aviators + robe are still available.

      Here’s the complete list of items still available:

      “We still have the Diffuser, Robe, Quay Vivienne Girl Sunglasses, Sunnylife Picnic Kit, Korres Sleeping Facial, Giadzy Measuring Spoons, Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion 4.05oz, Swell Sip Water Bottle, Ciate Powder, The2Bandits Athens Necklace.
      The TULA Cleanser, Daily Concepts Massage Brush and the Venus Jump Rope.”

      Hope that helps!

    • I ordered the aviator sunglasses as well and they are huge. I can typically pull of large sunglass buy these only worked on my 6’5″ husband whom has a rather large head 🙂

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