Boxycharm Limited Edition Skincare Box FULL SPOILERS

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

We have the full spoilers for the Limited Edition Boxycharm Box!

The Limited Edition Boxycharm Box is $49.99 and will be available for annual subscribers on Tuesday 4/23 and for all Charmers on Wednesday 4/24!

Each Limited Edition Boxycharm Skincare Box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Zero issues getting one today!!! So excited!!

  2. What time do they go live for regular subscribers. I’ve been going on at 6 am and 7 am (AZ time) and it’s still saying for annual subscribers only. I want one but I’m not upgrading to get it.

    • It’s available now!!

  3. For the Monthly subscribers; does anyone know what time on Wednesday, we will get access to get the boxes?
    Thank you!

  4. if I join boxycharm, do I have to join boxyluxe too..or can I just get boxycharm?

  5. Glam glow! Elemis! Jade roller! Coconut oil cleanser! Highlighter! Yes please! I just ordered more grape water 10 minutes ago but I really hope I get more!!! Dont really need to exfoliate and I’ve used this mask it’s nice. Definitely want this box! I’ve never ordered from boxycharm hope I can get it. Mothers day glossy box on the way… Really loving my Beautyfix box by dermstore the past two months!

    • Go to the boxes menu in the left where you typically can look at this month’s box and it’s in the list.

  6. I think I will stick with GlossyBox Mother’s Day Box. There are some things in this box that I like but I bought the glossy box Mother’s Day box last year and it was really really nice. Plus the Korres cleansing wipes would be my favorite and it’s not a guarantee. Anyone else who likes the Korres products they have a constant 25% off Right now on their website, they have had it for the past two months I don’t know how long it will last for but and I’m taking advantage of it. I am a borderline diabetic and my skin has been so dry, the Korres’s is the only thing lotion that helps with the dryness and itching. The code is FUN25. I use the Greek Yogurt Guava body butter, regular $32 but $24 and free shipping with the code, sales tax is included in the $24. I love the smell too!

  7. Does anyone know what time hopefully grab the skincare box?

    • I don’t know…I am annual and don’t see anything on their website nor have I received an email about ordering

    • Same. I’m an annual subscriber but I also see nothing.

      • I cannot figure it out either.

        Liz or you have any idea on how we order it?

    • I just ordered mine. I didn’t get an email but I went to “The Box” drop down menu and it was there.

      • Thanks! I was able to order one also

  8. I was really excited when they announced this box but after seeing the spoilers I think I might pass this time. Some of the products look nice but I’m not interested in a roller or highlighter. I might have been more interested if they had at least an eye cream of some sort.

    • Same here, I was excited and had intentions of ordering till I saw what it included… now I think I will pass.

  9. If I can easily order this box, I’ll get it, but I will not sit through a long battle with the Boxy website. Like everyone else here, I have a stock pile of product to get through, plus I just bought the GB Mother’s Day box. Also, maybe this is useful – I’ve been using the spray water we’ve been getting so much of lately to keep sheet masks moist on my face longer. I like to keep them on while I’m watching a show so, before they start drying out, I mist the mask and it’s moist for the rest of my show.

    • Oh no! I’ve heard that leaving your mask on for longer than recommended time is bad for your face! It’s like being in a bathtub for too long. Also, when your mask starts drying out, it’s trying to absorb the product back from your face, so then it’s like a waste of your mask!

    • Agreed. I’m not going to wait hours like I did for the luxe mess. I’m not really optimistic that they’ve taken care of the issues with their site either. And since annual subscribers get first dibs, I’m doubtful there will be any left for us monthly folks.

      • WHat makes one a annual subscriber?

        • Paying for an entire year ahead of time.

  10. I like the mothers day limited edition glossy box better plus it’s cheaper.

  11. Pass

  12. I cancelled my subscription last month despite FOMO on this box. It looks like a solid box but there isn’t anything exciting enough to make me re-subscribe.

  13. Dumb question probably but what makes one a annual verse just a charmer??

    • You pay for a yearly subscription upfront.

      • oh gees does anyone do that lol

    • Annual means yearly therefore an annual subscriber pays for the year upfront and yes tons of people do that.

  14. Anyone else concerned we haven’t seen any Boxycharm may spoilers yet?

    • Nevermind, I see it now!

  15. How is highlighter skincare????? Ugh Boxy….

    I wish highlighter fad would die a flaming 🔥💥death already before we all look like walking sparkle marquees!

    • This! Exactly!

    • So true! How much can any one person glow?

      • The words glow and dewy in skincare are so overused it’s comical. Why would anyone want to glow or look dewy in the first place lol glowing and dewy sound like negative words to describe someone with super greasy gross skin.

      • The words glow and dewy are way overused in skincare. Why would anyone want to glow or be dewy in the first place?! It sounds like words to describe someone with super greasy skin.

    • No idea how highlighter is skin care, (maybe it’s to give a healthy all over glow?) but I’ve been wanting to try this particular brand. I have a zillion highlighters and always want more. I love them. I think there are two categories for highlighters- you either love them or hate them. I rarely see an in between. Must be one of those things. 🤷🏻‍♀️
      But if I can snag this box I will. I’m not optimistic that they’ve upgraded their site after the luxe fiascos, but I guess we shall see. Good luck to anyone who wants one!

    • I think highlighters are fun and I’ll probably keep wearing them long after they go out of style (again). To each her own I guess!

    • Completely agree…I don’t need another highlighter for the rest of my life! And it’s definitely not skincare.

    • Lmaoooo…..get outta my head! I was thinking the same thing! How many highlighters does one need???? They are even infusing skincare with them now. I work hard to keep my shine at a minimum so no thank you!!!!

      • My kids love highlighter, I see the all that shine and think oily skin LOL 🙂 Definitely a “to each their own” kinda thing.

        • Can I just say I love your name ….I used to work with a lady who had the same name back in Phoenix many years ago and I’ve always just thought it was a beautiful name

          • Thank you so much Courtney! 🙂 It took me years to like my name. Too many years of school kids humming the Twilight Zone song at me! LOL Yes, I just aged myself 😉

            Oddly enough I keep hearing from other people that they know someone with the same name, I just haven’t met one yet. I keep waiting!

        • Twyla I agree. I feel the same way when people use the words glow and dewy. It just sounds greasy.

    • I use highlighter, Don’t get me wrong but my Lord getting one in every single subscription box every month ever for the last year it’s beyond ridiculous and I haven’t found a new one I like in a really long time but believe me when I say I have plenty of my favorites to stock me probably until I’m 80 but in no way no how is highlighter skin care

  16. I would like this but I am not an annual subscriber so I am not getting my hopes up.

    • It’s available now for non annual!! I got mine. GO!!!

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