Boxycharm Limited Edition Skincare Box Available Now for Annual Subscribers!

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

The Limited Edition Boxycharm Box is available now for annual subscribers! (Thanks for the heads up, Jen!) This will be available for all Charmers tomorrow.

The Limited Edition Boxycharm Box is $49.99 and will include:

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box?

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    • If you are looking at the coupons on this site those are expired I believe and they don’t offer coupons often. You just have to go to the website and choose your subscription.

      • thank you for the help..just looking for a new beauty box..

    • Geez relax. Boxycharm is very legit. They almost never have coupon codes so you are probably finding fake ones online. Very few sub box companies have phone numbers for customers. Use email to reach them.

    • Boxycharm is very legit. They rarely ever have coupon codes so you’re probably finding fake codes online. Very few sub boxes have phone numbers for customers so you won’t get through to them on whatever number you are calling. Just email them like everyone else.

    • Boxycharm is very legit. They rarely have coupon codes so you are probably finding codes online that are not real. Very few sub box companies have phone numbers for customers so whatever number you are calling isn’t going to work. Just email them.

    • I tried responding 3 times but it’s not showing up. Sorry if you get a triplicate post. Not sure what I said that was a no no. Email Boxycharm. They are a legit company. They don’t put out coupons nor do they have a phone number for customer calls.

  2. Ordered one can’t wait!😊

    • Me too!!! 😍

  3. I am a regular subscriber – billed every 3 months and I was able to place an order just now. It’s now open to all subscribers.

  4. It’s up for everyone! I just got mine

  5. Available NOW! 💕🎉

  6. it is available for everyone right now

  7. The box is now available for all subscribers!

  8. Will this box be available to non-subscribers, if there’s any left?

  9. I don’t understand why they are being so vague on the time we (monthly subscribers) will have the box available to us? Why do they keep saying “keep watching our social media” or “hey lovely, it’s coming soon”? I am disappointed about the rollout on this. I get giving first dibs to annual subscribers. However, if they are hoping to get an enormous influx of new subscribers, I almost hope they don’t. I know it’s petty, but why so secretive and why can’t they be forthcoming with the information? This makes me not want to buy, and I was really looking forward to buying this!

    • I agree with you. I get the early access for annual, but um….the rest of aren’t chopped liver! 😭

    • It is now available!

  10. I am not really impressed. For $49.99 it doesn’t have enough products for me to be wowed.
    I am going to wait and spend my $$$ on the boxyluxe.
    *** On a side note… that Caudalie Grape Water is very nice.

  11. Is this a replacement for may box or in addition to?

    • It is in addition to the May box. 🙂

  12. Anyone know what time boxes launched for annual subscribers today? Just trying to get a ballpark idea of what time they may launch for all members tomorrow.

    • I’m trying to find out the same thing. 😁😁

  13. That bums me out. I had to purchase an annual subscription. Did you ask customer service to make an exception? Just curious, it won’t change anything now.

  14. That bums me out. I had to purchase an annual subscription. Did you ask customer service to make an exception? Just curious, it won’t change anything now.

  15. Anyone know if that Farsali highlighter was included in a previous Boxy box or another sub box? It looks so familiar to me and I was almost sure I have seen it in one of my subs but I can’t find it in my stash…

    • I don’t think it’s ever been in a box. They showed it as a spoiler with the jade roller in a preview email a couple months ago. Maybe that’s why it looks familiar?

      • That’s probably it, although I can’t even find that spoiler page anywhere.
        Thanks for your response.

  16. Does anybody know if they are allowing annual subscribers to purchase more than one box? gosh I hope not

    • They won’t let annuals get no more than one box. It’s one per account/ customer if that makes sense

      • Oh thank goodness!!!
        Thank you for answering my question ☺️

    • They allowed me to purchase today and I do a three month subscription.

      • That bums me out. I had to purchase an annual subscription. Did you ask customer service to make an exception? Just curious, it won’t change anything now.

      • I wonder if others are able to purchase with three and six month subscription too. Hmm

        So if any guesses ladies as to when you’d think the Limited edition box will go live tomorrow? My guess is about the same time it did today.

      • You got lucky b/c I just went on my account and tried to order but wasn’t able to. I do the 3 month subscription also.

  17. I’m gonna pass I am getting BoxyLuxe which looks promising , plus I got an amazing Beauty Report Box which was less money and had great products in it .

    • Seriously that Beauty Report box was incredible! So worth it!

      • What’s the link to that box?

        • I think it’s already sold out. I’ve seen others say it’s sold out, plus the link MSA posted no longer works.

  18. Did anyone watch the video? Hearing her talk about how the Elemis product clears the pores of “de-breeze” was killing me. (And yes, I am aware I am the meanest person in the world.)

  19. Hey guys! Does anyone know if we can upgrade to annual then immediately afterwards – purchase this box?
    TIA! 😘😘

    • The website makes it look that way!

      • Thank you! Now I am trying to find out launch time today since I could not afford to upgrade yesterday ..😭😭😭

    • Yes, I just did that.

      • I meant to thank you for your reply yesterday, but I forgot! I had to risk it & wait for it to launch today because I didn’t quite have all the funds for an annual subscription. 😰😭

        I checked a few minutes ago, and it is still only available for annual subscribers.

        It’s supposed to be available for us regular peeps today right? Does anyone know what time exactly?

        ALao, am I the only one who did not get an email from Boxycharm with these details?!

        TIA everyone!! 😁

        • I haven’t received an email as well.

          • I never got any contact from Boxycharm about this at all. I find it really odd. If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t have known about it. Why aren’t they advertising it?

  20. Totally worth it for the Elemis and Glamglow alone. Everything else is icing on the cake.

  21. They should have clarified it was only available to 12-month annual subscribers today, and not the 6-month annual subscribers.

    • They’ve been saying for a while that it would be offered to annual subscribers first.

    • Last week they posted it was annual members first. They have got quite a bit of backlash, over it on social media too.

    • Annual is yearly lol as in 12 month subs . 6 months is not an annual
      subscription .

    • If you’re a six-month subscriber, that’s semi-annual, not annual.

    • Annual means 12 months.

    • How do you figure 6 months = annual subscriber??

    • Hmmmmmm? 😕

  22. I was really tempted by the first two spoilers, but the rest of the box is a dud. Easy pass for me.

  23. What is with these rollers? Jade roller, rose quartz roller…. what is the point? Seems like a gimmicky waste of space.

    • It is. Hopefully it will not linger like the highlighter and matte lipstick fads…

    • They do help with gentle lymphatic drainage if you get puffy under-eye bags in the morning. I keep mine in the freezer for mornings where I look scary. I initially thought they were a waste, but now I have found that they do help with the sausages that often appear under my eyes in the morning. I checked out videos of how to use them correctly, and that did help. Still, the maximum I would been would be two if I want to use them cold (that’s a bad morning indeed).

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