Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the March 2019 Glam Bag!

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The March 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. I’m actually impressed with this months Glam Bag!!! I’m getting:
    ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer
    I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel Off Mask
    PÜR Afterglow Mini Highlighting Skin Perfecting Powder
    TARTE Maneater™ Voluptuous Mascara
    SLMISSGLAM SS62 Short Shader Brush

    I’m really EXCITED!!! 💖💖

  2. My ipsy glambag is pretty decent . I’m getting the nail polish, morphe bronzer, lottie by London in good girl ,berry lip fix and the purliss body butter . Add on ‘were the bum bum cream ,the hand cream and the blush brush . The gbp was the huda palette in mauve, the brushes , the pixie mascara and the purlisse blue lotus moisturizer oh and the shy beam highlighter. No add on.. So yeah another great month in my option from ipsy .

  3. I skipped the regular bag this month trying to save some money and then ending up spending doing more by grabbing another Huda palette.

    The bag is pretty.

  4. I got:
    Ciate London Mini Lip Lustre
    Ofra highlighter (which may be full size???)
    Skyn Iceland berry lip fix (said yes to this in the survey)
    Iby beauty eyeshadow
    Slmissglam short shader brush

    Added on the first aid beauty cleanser and the Huda mauve palette.

  5. Helios Luminor Polish in Livin’ Lovely
    Ciate London Lip Lustre in one of 3 shades
    I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Peel Off Mask
    Tarte Maneater Mascara
    First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Moisturizer

    Thrilled they are sending me the Disco Kitten! The rest of the bag is fine, I don’t hate anything and will use everything! I also added on the Ahava Purifying Mud Mask.

  6. Ugh! I only got 1 item from my quiz (Skyn Iceland Lip Fix), why do I bother?!?
    Other items are Sand & Sky Pink Clay mask, Royal & Langnickel
    CHIQUE™ RoseGold Blush Brush, IBY beauty eyeshadow and OFRA highlighter in Star Island (they sent me a full size Ofra Rodeo Drive a few months ago with a Firma blush brush). What is with all the duplicates? I’m tired of seeing all the great spoilers and not getting them. I definitely like my GBP better and paused the regular bag for now.

    • I took the quiz and will also receive only 1 item, which is the Illamasqua veil primer.

      I don’t know why I still bother subscribing the bag, nothing that comes excites me anymore for the past months. I am also getting a Ciate London gloss (explicitly said in my quiz that i don’t want gloss), Farmacy cleansing balm, I Dew Care face mask and Seraphine Botanicals mascara. From all 5 products, I guess the only exciting one is the primer and maybe the face mask.. and I don’t receive a full-size product for moooonths in a row!

      I received the pink clay mask last month, and is super good! I guess the only product that I liked last month.

      • Mariana, I’ve canceled the regular bag (GBP is definitely a keeper now). I like the pink clay mask but I have other products I liked better and this will be my 3rd one (too much crossover from other subs). But that’s not my beef, it’s the fact that this will be my 2nd Ofra highlighter and 2nd blush brush from them this year (and it’s only March lol). I would have preferred your Farmacy cleansing balm, Illamasqua veil primer (I added this on) and I Dew Care face mask. And I’m sorry about the gloss, I received that one in January too lol.

        • I received the Farmacy balm in my boxycharm and didnt use up yet, so this one overlapped. The main problem to me is that looks like there are no full sizes anymore, other than brushes and nail polishes. They used to send travel sizes, but now they are only sending tiny samples that you get for free with online purchases (aka. Mac strobe cream 6ml) or random low quality unknown brands. I dont need more brushes or samples, so I am considering changing to sephora play, its a little more expensive but at least the samples are high end brands. Or even giving a break.. i am skipping next month already, lets see if I will miss the bag.

  7. This month’s bag:
    FAB coconut primer moisturizer (already have several samples of this)
    Tarte man-eater mascara (pretty disappointed, since I specifically said I did not want mascara)
    Farmacy cleanser (yay! I’ve tried this before, and I love it)
    Slmissglam brush (could always use another brush)
    Estate highlighter (never heard of this brand, but I like powdered highlighter, so this good).

    Overall, I’m happy with four of the five items, so it’s a good Ipsy month.

    • Bag twins

      • woohoo!

      • Same here!! I’m Very Happy💥😎

    • I said no mascara and I got mascara, too.

      • Did you opt out via email or mark it on the profile? If you email them you can opt out of two categories and you can email every month and change them. I try to email and pick two things from spoilers I know I don’t want each month with the plus and regular.

        Even if you mark don’t want on the profile, you’ll still potentially get it sometimes. If you email, you definitely shouldn’t get it.

        • No, I’ve never emailed them. I marked on my survey that I rarely use mascara. Thanks for the advice!

    • Dia…you will LOVE the Estate highlighter. I’ve gotten a few over the years..they’re baked and the colors are amazing. And you get a super nice sized sample!

    • I get it!! .. constantly getting lipstick/lip gloss & those are def the last things I want. Out of all the products they offer..I always end up with at least one

  8. I’m excited about my bag this month (last month’s was less than thrilling)

    – Lottie London Shimmer Highlighter
    – Bum Bum Cream
    – Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix
    – IBY Beauty Eyeshadow in Headliner OR Get Soaked
    – SLMISSGLAM Short Shader Brush

  9. I got the first three and add-ons email today.

    So far I’m getting:

    FAB Coconut Smoothie Primer (got a sample already)
    Tarte Maneater mascara (already have a sample size AND full-size, and their primer, which is nice BTW)
    Flaminglow leave-in conditioner (yay!)

    I think the new personalization thing is working, sort of. I did ask for mascara and hair care frequently, and primers rarely, so I don’t know if that how the new matrix works.

    • I checked the site and I’m also getting a Space Case eyeshdaow in either green or purple. Hoping for the green because I think I already have the purple and the green is pretty, and a RealHer lip color called “I Am Adaptable”, a pretty red and something I should remember, because I got handed additional responsibilities for work.

  10. I’m not super impressed with this month’s bag…

    I don’t really care for the bag itself and the products are just okay… hopefully I’ll be more impressed when they arrive. I did add on the Huda mauve palette though 🙂

    I’m getting..

    1) Yensa Foundation

    MŌDA® Pro Precision Angle Brush (I do like brushes)

    Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Pearl (pretty but I don’t use a lot of highlighters)

    Berry Lip Fix (wanted to try this)

    Eyeshadow in Headliner OR Get
    Soaked (looks pretty)

    Add on
    1) Huda Mauve Palette ($12).

    • I never use highlighters on my cheeks, but they’re often nice under-brow highlight shades.

  11. This is my first bag in months and am SO happy!

    – OFRA highlighter in star island.
    -Farmacy cleansing balm (got this in boxy a couple months ago and fell in love w it so this was my pick)
    -Ciate lip luster
    -helios Luminor nail polish
    -BubbleT lemongrass essential oil hand cream
    -Moda rose gold Blush brush.

    Perfect bag imo, glad I’m resubbed 😊 also, the bag is beautiful and will definitely get used. I hope everyone else is happy with their bags this month. Its AWESOME we get to pick an item in our bags, this must be a recent thing with ipsy, and its great, I’m not complaining, lol. Have a great weekend everyone

  12. Just read through all the comments and saw no one so far got the Bum Bum Cream in their bag. Is there anyone who did? Or did they just pretend like it was an option and put it in the add-ons because they knew people would buy it? Lol I’ve been watching too much Shane Dawson.

    • Hi, I got the Bum Bum cream, the glossier perfume, the Lottie highlighter, real her liquid lip and the Seraphine botanicals mascara.

    • I’m getting the Bum Bum Cream according to my spoilers. 🙂

    • I did!

    • I should ship you the single use packet I got (unopened), the sample size (might have opened to sniff), and the deluxe sample I got from Boxy.

      Hate the way it smells.

      • If she doesn’t want it, I would love to receive it – I LOVE the way it smells! You can reach me at kochstour dot com and clicking on “Contact Me”.

    • I got it.

    • Ipsy is now putting things as add-ons that are unavailable to the main bag. I specifically noticed the Youth to the People cleanser is not in the main bag, but I grabbed it as an add on. I don’t know quite how to feel about it.

  13. I’m getting 2 bags and the glam bag plus. I cancelled BoxyLuxe and then the regular box. So I added a second Ipsy bag.

    Glam Plus:
    Huda Beauty in Mauve
    F.A.R.A.H. 5 Piece Eye Perfection Set

    Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter
    Purlisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer
    Pixi by Petra LashLift 188 in Beyond Black

    Bag 1:
    Cake Beauty Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream
Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer
    Pur Afterglow Mini Highlighter Skin Perfecting Powder
    Trissola Intense Hydrating Mask
    Seraphine Botanicals Curl Imperial Mini Mascara

    Bag 2:
    Purlisse Coconut Oil + Coffee Body Butter
    Ciate London in Wildfire
    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer
    Pharmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm
    Seraphine Botanicals Curl Imperial Mini Mascara

    The only things I won’t use are the mascaras since I don’t like using mascara.

    • Hey if you don’t want the mascaras, can you and me work out a trade or can I buy them through PayPal from you? I wanted mascara and I am not getting any this month and I prefer minis over full size. I would appreciate both of them.

  14. I just resubbed to reg Ipsy after the GBP fiasco. The addons are game changers, i can just choose I want that’s in GBP with no variant worries. Whats the pt. of a full size product if I dont like & wont use.
    My March curation subtotal $25, but loving my bag so much more then the GBP curation 🙂

    -Ofra. Highlighter (been wanting to try!)
    -Ciate. Lip gloss (picked in Q)
    -Miss Glam eye brush (love brushes)
    -IBY eyeshadow (ok-usable)
    -Sky Island lip fix (picked in Q)
    -Huda Muave (addon $12-steal!!! variant I would’ve wanted)
    -Youth to Ppl cleanser (addon $3, wanting to try!)

  15. I’m getting 2 bags this month, since I made a new account to continue receiving the regular Glam bag alongside GBP. Now that I can have both on the same account, I cashed in my points on the new account, & will cancel it this month:

    Old, revived account:
    – Estate Cosmetics (YAS! I have their blue & purple ones, also from Ipsy!)
    – Cake hand cream (YAS!)
    – Nature’s Cartel nail polish (may swap this)
    – Illamasqua hydra veil (said ‘yes’ in improve glam bag)
    – Foxybae Leave-in conditioner (said ‘yes’ in improve glam bag)

    Last bag from new account:
    – OFRA highlighter (will swap)
    – Ahava mud mask (will swap)
    – Space Case shadow in Alien Love Child (YAS!)
    – Jolii liquid lip in Lavanda (YAS!)
    – Foxybae Leave-in conditioner (said ‘yes’ in improve glam bag)
    + Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai hand cream from redeemed points
    + Huda Mauve palette (got Coral in GBP)
    + IBY shadow in Soaked (having 2nd thoughts about this since I probably don’t need this as well as the Huda mauves, lol)
    + Purlisse Coconut & Cranberry body butter (have been eyeballing this for the past 2 months! I was excited it’s finally in add-ons! Hopefully they do the watermelon moisturizer next!)

    • Bag twins for your old revived account!! I’m pretty excited about it too! 🙂

      • Yay to getting bags that fit our wants!

  16. I wanted to try the bb cream in fair and so if anyone wants to trade it for the Farmacy or eye cream or hydra veil let me know❤️

    • Or it may be foundation not bb cream

    • I’m getting the fair yensa and would love the farmacy and hydra veil if you also liked another of my items or something else listed on swap…I’m also getting the fab coconut primer, pur skin perfecting powder, and Moda brush.

      • I’m not on swap site yet I’m on wait list still but I’ve done two swaps through email and both went perfectly😊 I’ll look and see what else u have and let u know. My email Jennifersparber 33 at g mail.

  17. My regular Ipsy bag includes: Ciate London lip gloss, Lottie London highlighter, Bubble T Cosmetics Lemmongrass & Green Tea hand lotion (which is absolutely wonderful), Tarte Maneater mascara and SL Miss Glam shader brush. I’m happy w/ this month.

    My Ipsy Glam Plus includes: Huda Palette (hopefully in Mauve), F.A.R.A.H. brush set, Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Shy Beam liquid highlight, Purlisse Blue Lotus moisturizer and Pixi by Petra mascara. I’m very pleased with this selection, too.

  18. Ciate lip Lustre kiss me
    Moda angle brush
    Lottie London highlighter
    FAB coconut smoothie primer
    Seraphine mascara

    I have multiples of the FAB, don’t need another highlighter until the end of time and mascara, I have a huge backlog. But for $10, I’m happy to try everything and have stock for my travel makeup bag. Can always use another brush so I don’t have to wash so often. Would have loved to get the Farmacy balm but I guess I’ll have to ask for a sample at Sephora. I would have enjoyed that nail polish color!

    ROYAL & LANGNICKEL Pro Precision Angel Brush
    I love my bag!!

    • The Trissola mask is soooo nice. I hope you enjoy it.

      • Thank you! I didn’t get anything I don’t want this time!!💕

    • I wanted to try that foundation but didn’t get it. I love trying out different brands of foundation and was hoping it’d be an add-on option.

      • I was surprised I got everything I like this time!! I’ve never tried Nanette LePire though! But I like trying new things too!💕

  20. I’m really happy with my bag. I think it’s my favorite bag, so far.

    Cake Beauty hand cream
    Estate Cosmetics baked highlighter in pearl
    Nature’s Cartel nail polish in Tactful Denial
    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer
    Foxybae leave in conditioner

    • I added on:
      Disco Kitten mask
      Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser
      Rose gold blush brush

      • I thought 3 was the add-on max. (Mine blanks out after I check my 3rd add-on). Are there special occasions when you can get more?

      • PS Oh wait, I see youth to the people and the cleanser are one item, split between 2 lines.

    • Bag twins! One of my all time favorites too!

    • I’m usually not bag twins with so many people! 🙂

      I wonder if it’s because of the Improve Glam Bag survey. Did you do that this month?

      • I think so. I opt out of mascara & bronzer (received a life’s worth from BC-lol. I wear glasses, eyes sensitivity, & they dry up too soon. Looks like many received mascara.

        • Oh, interesting! I’m opted out of mascara & bronzer, too !

      • Yes, I did the survey. And, this bag represents everything that I like. I hope my preferences continue for future bags.

  21. I’m getting:
    Illamasqua veil primer
    Disco kitten mask
    Ciate London Mini Lip Lustre
    FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm
    Seraphine mascara

    I’m really excited to try everything except the mascara, because I currently have a stockpile. I added on the Benefit Shy Beam, because I have oily skin and am in my 40’s and was very intrigued by the concept of a matte highlighter. Great bag this month!

    • I also added the Shy Beam- got the Sun Beam in my Plus (I get both) but the Shy Beam looks really nice and is $26 at Nordstrom.

    • I absolutely love shy beam! I use it under my eyes. I should also mention I don’t use the general highlighters❤️😊

      • I’m so excited I’m getting the Shy Beam in my Plus! I definitely decided right away that it interested me enough to try it. I’m even more excited about it when I see comments like this. I like a subtle, natural highlight, I’ve been desperately trying to trade the Nikki Tutorials Ofra highlighter I recieved in my Dec. Allure. Lol!

        • Yeah it’s pretty great! I’m usually opted out of highlighters but when I saw that as a spoiler because it’s the only one that I love!!

          • That’s should of said when I saw it as a spoiler I changed my opt outs😊

  22. I am so happy with my bag this month!!! Thank you, ipsy!!!

    Ciate London Mini Lip Lustre in Kiss Me
    I Dew Care Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel off Mask
    OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter in Star Island
    IBY Eyeshadow (Not sure which shade, forgot to look at that variant!)
    SLMissGlam Brush in SS62 Short Shader Brush

    Previous bags have been duds, but this month is awesome. So glad I didn’t skip this one, I almost did. Also chose to add on the HUDA Beauty Obsessions Palette in Mauve. 🙂

  23. Super happy with my Ipsy bag this month. I’m getting:

    ILLASMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer – I chose this

    SPACE CASE COSMETICS eyeshadow in Messy Lochnessy – finally a green eyeshadow!

    FARMACY cleansing balm – I chose this

    REALHER I Am Adaptable matte liquid lipstick – I chose this

    SERAPHINE BOTANICALS curl mascara – my first mascara from Ipsy!

    I also picked up the Huda mauve palette, Wander Unlashed mascara (I got Mile High in last month’s Allure box, and I was really impressed with it), and the Ofra highlighter Star Island.

  24. I love my ipsy bag…they always give me what I want…everything I pick out and whatever is on my profile..they are true me…thanks ipsy love ya..

  25. Another terrible bag! Two things I opt out of and brands i hate and review negitively!

    Morphe bronzer
    Lottie highlighter
    Ahava mud mask
    Jolii lipstick
    Purlisse body butter

  26. I just resumed to give them another chance and I still got another dud. I fill out the beauty quiz and review products and still they send me things I do not want.

    • What did you get?

    • Same for me so I just cancelled again😊.

  27. Sadly I’m getting a lip gloss I have no lippies in my profile.

    • I’m getting a highlighter and I say no highlighters in my profile. But I seem to get one every month.

  28. I only got 1 item out of 4 I chose on quiz but I always only get 1 so not sure how others get so lucky .

    Real Her lipstick- this was my one item and after I saw size I was bummed.

    Purlisse lotion – I am happy with this

    Sand and Sky – I was meh about this as I don’t use clay masks too drying I wanted disco kitten but I heard good things about it.

    Royal and Langnickel brush- Meh I rate brushes low they never send me pretty brushes only ugly ones.

    Lottie London – Meh I don’t need more highlighters and I just got calendar through Ipsy at Christmas with their highlighters maybe even this one was in there. With that said I did add on Ofra highlighter but I actually use their highlighter and I mean it was full size for $3 how could you not?

    So I rate my bag like a 2/5

  29. I LOVE my bag this month! I think Ipsy finally gets me lol. I’m getting:

    ANSWER FROM Luminous Collagen Eye Cream (I’m always game for a new eye cream)
    ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer (I have the full size from Look Fantastic, happy to get more)
    ROYAL & LANGNICKEL CHIQUE RoseGold Blush Brush (pretty!)
    FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm (Bring it on…)
    SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Curl Imperial Mini Mascara (yes please!)

    The Farmacy cleanser and Illamasqua I liked on the improve my bag quiz, super happy Ipsy actually takes those answers into consideration.

    My only add on this month was the bum bum cream, nothing else was calling my name.

    • They don’t take them into consideration for me. I didn’t get ANY of the items I picked in the quiz. I never do!

      • I always get at least one or two things from the quiz. This month I got 4!

        • Lucky! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 4 ever. I find if I at least get 2-3 of my liked products I’m a pretty happy customer. This month just knocked it out of the ballpark for me but I also think it’s because the products offered this month were pretty good all around. I hope that April and going forward will be just as good.

      • Oh no, that is super disappointing! I find that I usually get at least 2-3 of my choices. I also make it a point to update it throughout the month as they add more products, not sure if that helps any. I hope it gets better for you soon.

    • Bag twin! I don’t need mascaras, but don’t mind trying out an all-natural formula. And the rest of the bag rock! Added the Huda Mauve palette and this month is perfect for me.

    • I got the exact same bag and add on!

    • I got the same bag

  30. My items are:
    YENSA bb+cc cream
    FARMACY balm
    ILLAMASQUA primer
    PUR highlighter powder
    ANSWER FROM collagen cream

    Added 3 hudas ..and its the best box in my life so far))

    • Wow! Great box!

    • Bag twinsies! I’m very pleased this month. Makes up for last month, which was a bit of a dud.

  31. I am extremely happy with my bag this month. I got all 5 products I said yes to on my survey!!!!! First time that’s ever happened. I’m getting:

    Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara – I love mascaras and I love Tarte.

    Foxybae Leave In Conditioner

    Ciate Mini Lip Lustre in Call Me – Apparently there are 3 colors that Ipsters will receive. My page told me Call Me, but I would be happy with either color.

    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

    Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm – I have never used a solid cleansing balm before which is why I said yes to it.

    I also added two add-ons: the SLMISSGLAM Shader Brush, and Youth To The People Cleanser.

  32. I’m getting two things I really wanted, the Lord & Berry green pencil and the Farmacy cleansing balm, yay! The other items pink clay mask, Moda angled brush, Ciate lip, not thrilled with but ok. Both my glam bag and glam bag Plus are making me happy this morning.

    • I got the pink clay mask last month and it seriously wow’d me. I was surprised.

  33. My Ipsy bag killed it this month! I think this is only the 2nd time ever after having been subbed (off & on) since 2016 where there wasn’t a single item I’d gift!

    I got:
    Ciate London Lip Gloss – I really hope it’s in the pink shade pictured
    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer – I love getting primers in my boxes!
    Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm – All I can say is, “Yesssss!”
    Tarte Maneater Mascara – I’ll take all the mascaras I can get!
    Foxybae Leave-In Conditioner – I always love trying new leave-ins

  34. I got two of the things I said yes too in the quiz, but I really wanted to get the Farmacy cleansing balm 😞

  35. I like the items in my bag, but I get two bags and somehow both ended up completely identical this month, which is disappointing because the profiles aren’t that similar. It’s not done that before and the whole point of the second bag was to have more variety to split with my daughter and us each have a bag.

    I’m getting:
    -Illamasqua hydra veil primer
    -Lord & Berry velluto eye pencil
    -Farmacy green clean cleansing balm
    -Foxybae leave in conditioner
    -Seraphine mascara

    I added on the full size FAB cleanser and the 2 Space Case eyeshadows because I loved the colors. I was hoping to get the FAB moisturizing primer or coconut coffee Purlisse, but they weren’t available as add ons.

    • I added on the green Space Case, which looks gorgeous in a swatch on their site, but I looked up the purple and that one looks stunning too! Maybe I should’ve gotten both.

  36. I’m SO excited for mine this month! I just got off the waitlist for GBP literally 3 days ago so that’s exciting and I’ve only been getting Ipsy since December but I write REALLY detailed reviews so it feels like they really are taking what my preferences are into consideration!

    Glam bag:
    Illamasqua veil primer
    Disco kitten mask
    Estate cosmetics baked highlighter
    SLMISSGLAM short shader brush SS62
    Realher I am adaptable matte liquid lip*

    Huda palette in smoky
    Benefit sun beam golden bronze
    FARAH brushes 5 pc eye perfection set
    Purlisse blue lotus balancing moisturizer
    Realher I am adaptable matte liquid lip*

    *i didn’t review my products for my regular bag til 2/28 bc I had a fam emergency this last week so I think that’s why I’m getting the same lip in both bags but I’m just going to gift it or sell it so no biggie! I added on the cake hand cream, too.

    Hope everyone loves their goodies!

  37. I’m receiving:

    1. FARMACY Green Clean Cleanser
    2. First Aid Coconut Smoothie Primer
    3. OFRA Star Island highlighter
    4 IBY eyeshadow in Headliner
    5. Tarte Maneater Mascara

    I said yes to four of these things. Awesome job Ipsy! I also added on the SDJ cream, Disco Kitten and Foxybae. Fingers crossed they have enough in stock! 🤞

    • First person I’ve seen so far with the same bag! Why is this so exciting haha. I’m super pleased with mine.

  38. My reveal isn’t up it just says come back on March 2 for reveal

    • Same here. I’m super unhappy.

    • Go to the article that says “everything you need to know about add ons” and click the link there for the add ons. It will come up then. I had to do this

      • Didn’t work. I’m not sure why this is happening, I’ve never had an issue before. Usually the add-ons are the best part of the bag, which is why I’m so bummed. That being said, since the add-ons usually are the best part, maybe it’s time to finally break up with Ipsy.

        • Poo! Sorry it didn’t work for you

  39. Really happy this month! I’m getting:

    SPACE CASE COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Messy Lochnessy OR Alien Love Child (Yay, exciting colors! I forgot to check which color I am getting while I was on the add-ons screen, but either is fine.)

    AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask (The only fail of this bag. I have tried this before and my skin is super dry right now anyway.)

    OFRA COSMETICS Star Island Highlighter (YES! This was the one item I really wanted! I love Ofra’s highlighters. And from the description: “Go big or go home—because we heart you, this baby is a full-size!”)

    Jolii Cosmetics Luxe Crème Matte in Lavanda OR Focoso (Very interested in this because it is supposed to be hydrating and I’ve never tried this brand before. Again I forgot to check which color I am getting while I was on the add-ons screen, but either is fine.)

    SKYN ICELAND Berry Lip Fix (Yay! I said yes to this on the survey. My lips are super dry lately.)

    And for add-ons I got the eye cream sample.

    • I’m getting the same bag, with the messy lochnessy shade and the Lavanda shade in the lip, so I bet you get both those as well. Usually when my bag exactly matches someones, the shades do too.

    • I picked the Ofra highlighter as an add-on! I hope it’s full size – $3 for a full size Ofra product would be AMAZING.

      • Yeah, even if it means a “full-size” travel size, it is an $18 value!

    • Oh thanks for pointing out the Ofra is full sized!! I feel a lot better about getting it in my bag now.

    • My bag is very similar to yours — I’m getting the Foxybae hair product instead of the lip balm — and I’m getting the Space Case & Jolii both in the purple shades. I’m very happy.

  40. I only got 2 things I wanted and 3 things that I did have selected even after leaving poor reviews on those types of products . I even did the survey and 1 that I selected did not want I got. This may be my last bag for a while.

  41. My bag is similar to yours. I love the nail polish color. I’m happy with the lip gloss. I’m getting the angle brysh. Bubble cosmetics and pure highlighter.

  42. I’m getting:
    – Ciate London Mini Lip Lustre in Kiss Me, Wildfire, or Call Me
    – Lottie London Shimmer Squad Highlighter in The Good Girl
    – Ahava Purifying Mud Mask
    – Tarte Man-eater Voluptuous Mascara
    – Iby Beauty Eyeshadow in Headliner or Get Soaked

  43. I only got 2 of the items I said yes to on the quiz.

    SKYN ICELAND – Berry Lip Fix
    TARTE – Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

    The other 3 I got are:

    ESTATE COSMETICS – Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Pearl
    IBY BEAUTY – Eyeshadow in Headliner OR Get Soaked
    SLMISSGLAM – SS62 Short Shader Brush

    I’m not too excited about the highlighter, as my profile states to send them rarely. They send me highlighters too much.

  44. If you haven’t looked up the story behind the RealHer I Am Adaptable x Misty limited edition collab, I highly suggest it! Incredibly inspiring! I love everything RealHer stands for and their formulas are really good too.

  45. I like my Glam Bag but not Glam Bag Plus. ( GBP has red lipstick and bronzer and they just got an email to never send these products to me again).

    My Glam Bag has:

    CIATÉ LONDON Mini Lip Lustre in Kiss Me, Wildfire, OR Call Me- *Nor sure which but I think it’s the red, which I can’t wear!

    ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer ( I’ll use as a moisturizer)

    FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

    BUBBLE T COSMETICS Lemongrass & Green Tea Stimulating Body Lotion

    NATURE’S CARTEL Nail Polish in Tactful Denial

    **I had asked for the Illamasqua, the Bubble T Body Lotion, the PINK Ciate lip gloss, and the Farmacy Green Clean in the monthly pick your product love quiz, so they did well with the matching product selection. I always love nail polish and this is a pretty shade.**

    I added 3 samples:

    SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream- I use it as a hand cream.

    CIATÉ LONDON Mini Lip Lustre in Call Me ( I’m not sure if my GB already had a pink one- the GBP one is RED and I’m seeing red!).

    PURLISSE Coconut Oil + Cranberry Body Butter<—- really great for mature winter skin.

  46. – I Dew Care: Disco Kitten Mask
    – Tarte: Maneater Mascara
    – First Aid Beauty Coconut Priming Moisturizer
    – Estate Cosmetic Highlighter in Pearl
    Ciate London Mini Lip Lustre in Kiss Me, Wildfire, OR Call Me.

    I’m looking forward to this bag. The highlighter is the only product I don’t want. I’d have liked the lilac nail polish. I think the rose gold (rose silver?) bag is pretty.

    I also ordered the lip luster in Call Me, and since Wildfire wasn’t in my add-on choices, I’m hoping that’s the shade that will come with my bag. I love glosses.

    I ordered both the Space Case eye shadows – so excited to finally be getting purple and green shadows in an Ipsy bag.

    One puzzling thing in my email order confirmation was that it said I was getting the Alien Love Child shade, but then the last item said I was getting EITHER the Messy Lochnessy OR the Alien Love Child. Hope they don’t send me two purples.

    • The only add ons that are available to you are ones that aren’t duplicates. When the add on page is active it tells you which shade you are getting, but after you check out it reverts back to the generic prompt of “this or that” shade. Does that make sense?

    • Bag twin!

  47. I got all 5 items that i. Put yes to on mi page I’m so excited and I also did some add on for mi reg bag luv mi bags this month

  48. I’m So jelly you’re getting a polish. I think this is my first month with ipsy ever without a nail polish. 🙁

  49. I am getting 4 out of 5 products I am happy to try. The only miss is another powered highlighter!

  50. I’m getting three products I said “yes” to on the quiz so I’m pretty happy this month!
    The ones I wanted:

    I Dew Care: Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel Off Mask
    Tarte: Maneate Voluptuous Mascara
    Foxybae: Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner

    The other two I think are kind of eh, not very excited about them:
    Nature’s Cartel: Nail Polish in Tactful Denial
    Pur: Afterglow Mini Highlighting Skin Perfecting Powder

    The nail polish is a pretty color but ipsy has sent me polishes in almost this exact shade before. Also, I can’t find this specific product on the brand’s website – I hope that means it’s something new and not something that’s been discontinued/old product!

    I added on the bum bum cream… I’m a little worried about it because I’ve read about people being charged for add-ons and not receiving them. So hoping for the best.

    • I would guess that the polish is either brand new, or it was created for ipsy. Wouldn’t be the first one 😊

      I haven’t had any issues with add ons! I usually get one extra thing. Last month my bag shipped pretty quickly too

    • Now that I added up the approximate cost of items it’s only about $30 which I think is the lowest value glam bag I’ve ever gotten. Mostly because three of these products are really small sizes which is a bummer. But I guess it’s better to get $30 worth of stuff I’ll mostly use vs $45 where I don’t like anything.

      • That was why I finally canceled Boxycharm. I was getting lots of full-sized products I was never going to use and as the sub continued I got fewer and fewer things I wanted. I finally realized that if I saved my money I could afford full price for things I actually did want (like lipstick that wasn’t matte, liquid, or nude).

        Ipsy, by contrast, almost always sends me a few things I like.

    • I’m also getting three items I said “yes” to on the quiz: Farmacy cleanser, I Dew Care mask and Tarte Maneater mascara. All in all, the bag is a good match for my profile. Not so sure about this bag itself, though. Your nail polish color is beautiful.

      When I saw the space case green shadow in spoilers I changed my profile to ‘frequent’ for green shadow. The photo on my reveal is green, so here’s hoping. It may be a fun change and I have plenty of purple already. If it gets here before St. Patrick’s day, even better!

      And I’m getting the Ciate mini lip lustre. The color shown is a bubblegum pink, so we’ll see. I love lip products so I highly rate anything I get to keep them coming and also have them all marked as frequent on my profile.

      Added on Illamasqua primer and the Sand & Sky pore refining mask (I love this product).

    • I have always got my add on except 1 time and that was December. So who know what happened with that one. They sent a replacement and everything has been fine since. But they send the addons now with the glam bag, not separately.

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