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Ipsy April 2019 Add-On Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the April 2019 Ipsy Add-Ons! (Thanks for the heads up, Kelli!)

Good to know: Sample size Add-Ons are $3 and full-size products are $12. Shipping is free, and any additional products you purchase will arrive with your upcoming Glam Bag. You can buy up to 3 Add-Ons every month.

Here are some of the Add-On options:

Laura Sanchez’s Moods Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette

ORIBE Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-In Treatment

The April Add-Ons should be available starting at 6 AM PT on April 2nd. Are you going to buy any of these?

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Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription! And check out Ipsy April Spoilers + Ipsy Glam Bag Plus April Spoilers!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (50)

  1. are there no more spoilers? I feel so unprepared! haha

  2. Are you allowed to have two regular Glam bags? The add-ons have been so good I just want those extra items! It’s just hard picking so quick if there are any spoilers we need it’s on the add-ons! Loving the Huda products as add-ons!!

    • You can have more than one but you need a new account for it. with a new email address.

  3. Haven’t gotten any of the add-one yet but maybe I will try this month. Been looking for a good scalp treatment but not sure I want to try something with silicone…ugh.

  4. In the caption of an Insta post, Ipsy said that the Tarte primer & the Doucce mascara will also be April add-ons.

  5. This will be my first month of getting both a bag and GBP! I’ve been very happy with GBP since October but wanted the lemon bag, so added the regular bag onto my acct. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the items will be for April!

    To MSA I see you guys have made several changes to how things are shown. Not sure if I like it yet lol. It makes it harder to see things as easy as it was before. Especially the most recent comments that show up along the right of the page. I liked it better before.
    I do thank you for the effort to make changes and do everything that you all do for us though!

  6. I love Oribe but these are both pretty meh…not excited.

  7. I would like the scalp treatment but I wonder if it’s a $3 add-on or $12. I would pay $3 but not $12.

    • I think it’s the full size. It’s still pretty small but that’s Oribe for you. I think the normal price is $42 so $12 is a bargain if it works for you. I got a sample from Birchbox I think and it works pretty well for me. My scalp gets very dry and itchy in small areas sometimes and most drugstore treatments don’t work for me. So I am definitely hoping it’s FS. And I’m relieved I can still get it as an add-on. I skipped my Plus sub this month because most of the items don’t appeal to me. Hoping I can add this and possibly the palette though I really shouldn’t.

  8. skipping the scalp treatment since it contains silicones…

    • A scalp treatment with silicones makes no sense to me! Maybe use this and then they can sell you a buildup removal treatment 😂

      • I used a wee little sample of this without reading the tiny label and it worked surprisingly well for me. I’m trying to be more careful with ingredients in my beauty products but since I’ve tried so many scalp treatments that haven’t worked for my little dry angry and itchy spots II’m going to let this one slide.

  9. I have been loving Ipsy lately. April is my birth month and lemons are my favorite thing. Perfect! Really love the new add ins. They definitely have come a long way, in my opinion.:)

    • I agree. Ipsy has come a long way and doing a great job. I hope I get the palette in my box, but if I don’t, I’ll add that and the scalp treatment to my box. If I do, I’m sure I’ll add three items no matter what. The add-on prices make it so worth it.

  10. For past few months add ons have been up around 7;30 EST . I just got my bag few days ago and it was missing my Ofra highlighter add on so not sure I want to chance add ons again. They said they would ship it but I hear people have been getting different items instead then Ipsy just refunded money.

    • Out of the 16 add-on items I’ve gotten, they’ve messed up twice. The first time it was missing entirely and then they sent the right item a few weeks later. The second time they sent the wrong item and then they sent another wrong item a few weeks later (though I like the second wrong item better than what I actually bought so I’m cool with it). For me that’s a 12.5% error rate which is pretty significant. However, their customer service has been excellent and they really do try to make it right (in my experience) so I plan to continue to get add-on’s on both bags.

    • I was missing the Superfood Cleanser add-on. I was told a replacement shipped so I’ll have to wait and see if it’s the cleanser or another item. At least I’m getting something for my $3.

    • Well in my case I spent $3 on a full size item worth close to 10x that definately would not appreciate one of their $3 samples instead so let’s hope they send right product.

  11. This is the first month I’ve seriously considered pausing GBP

  12. Can I just say I like the “More From..” and “As Featured In” categories. I can easily click on those options😄

  13. So I’ve never subbed Ipsy because I didn’t agree with their tactic of having me sign up with my cc, then put me on a wait list only to offer to take me off if I tag my friends on social media.

    Anyhow, that was a year ago and now that I’ve become full fledged addict of sub boxes I’m thinking of adding them because I want more makeup. So if you’ve read this far here’s my question- does every monthly box come with the option to add on items? Or is there a wait list for this too? And does Ipsy show you the items you’re receiving for that upcoming month and then give you the option to choose? Thanks 🙂

    • They show you every item you are getting in your bag or box usually on the 2nd of the month and that’s always the same day the add ons are released. There’s no wait-list for add ons.

    • You don’t get to chose the items in your box or bag, those are chosen for you based loosely on your preferences. You can go in and modify your preferences after the reveal. Also, reviews help lots w upcoming bags/boxes too. So be sure and do those! And can use those points for free items too! Also, you can write in and opt out of up to two items too to help make your sub more to your liking.

      Add ons are available to some (tho NOT all) on the 2nd of the month at the time that reveals go live which is like about 7/8am CST. They’re only available for 24hrs and not all items are offered and some items do sell out. You can’t go back once they come up so you have to decide and order and pay for them then. Samples are $3/each and full size are $12/each. You can order a TOTAL of 3 add ons her bag/box. They come w your bag/box tho it does slow down shipping some. Also now it’ll later show the add ons w your other items on the site or app and you can review and get points for each one! Think they still email your add ons to you right after you order too!

    • Hi, I have been subscribed almost 3 years, I’ve seen all the upgrades Ipsy has made since then. So here are the answers

      my question- does every monthly box come with the option to add on items? Yes you have Options for $12 that are full size make up items and other sample options $3. Depending on what they have.
      And does Ipsy show you the items you’re receiving for that upcoming month and then give you the option to choose? They do show you what you get but you do not have options to pick or choose your sample. But they try really hard to keep it as close to your profile customization.

    • Short answers no, yes and yes.
      No- You dont automatically qualify for the add-ons.
      Yes- Theres is a wait list for the add-ons. But when you get your first GBP you can email customer service and ask if you can do the add-ons the next month. (That’s what I did)
      Yes- they show you what you are getting in your box and show you the add-ons you can pick from.
      🙂 hope I cleared it up for you. 👝iPsy💕ip

  14. Oh no, does that mean this palette will be in the IGBP? It’s colourful and everything but I have these shades in other palettes!
    I don’t mind the Oribe product though, just in case it pops up in my box.
    I’m not likely to purchase either as add-ons.

    • According to the video posted on Reddit the full size palette will be in the IGBP and singles in the regular glam bag. Someone also posted on there that there are 10 new items for the May improve my glam bag quiz. They were added today.

    • It does appear that the palette will be in the Plus box and more than likely all of them and not a variation item! #sorry

  15. im confuse now!! Laura on her chanel said her pallete it will be in the glam plus box and the single eyeshadows in the glam bag, can someone please explain me how it works this??

    • Some of the full-sized stuff in the GBP is available as a $12 add-on.

    • Usually the full size add-ons are in the Glam Plus box already but they are available as add-ons if you didn’t get them in your 5 for the month already. Hope that makes sense.

      • Yes. Unfortunately, they seem to offer the same full size items already in my bag so I can’t get an additional item. Had I received different items, I could have added and ended up with 7 full size if I wanted.

      • This month I was able to add on another Mauve Huda palette and also the Coola sunscreen which wasn’t even a Plus box item! Was so happy w my box and bags this month as got 9 add ons plus two free reward items too & they all came in good condition as well!🤗🤗😍😍

  16. The oribe looks nice. I’m getting both the regular bag and the plus box for April. The lemon bag is too cute. I’m excited!!

    FYI the add-ons have been available 2 hours earlier for the past 2 months. Someone mentioned that for the Feb add-ons, so I tried it for March at 7am est and they were up 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Also, are the add-ons limited to 3 per account or 3 per bag/box? Wondering if I’ll be able to get 6 add-ons total. 3 for the ipsy bag and 3 for ipsy plus. Thanks in advance!

      • Don’t you have to have separate accounts for each?

      • No, you can have both on the same account now! There’s 2 tabs on the app where you can toggle between each one. The changed it semi recently. I just noticed it this month.

      • It’s per bag, so last month I was able to get 6. The only problem is that it new what items I was getting in the plus/regular & did not offer that as an option in the other. So I couldn’t get an extra of something that was already in my other bag. I’m not sure if everyone had that experience.

      • I have both the plus and the regular on one account and was able to get 3 add ons on each one. So 3 add ons with the plus bag and 3 add ons with my regular bag but their on one account

      • Thanks!

  17. I don’t need these, but there’s a good chance I’ll choose something!

    • Story of my life 😅

  18. I absolutely adored my add ons from this month. I can’t wait to see what else is being offered next month!

  19. Definitely getting the oribe item. Where are more plus spoilers?

  20. Two months in a row I haven’t gotten my add ons, so probably not

    • It was only Jan when they decided it was cool to send me ONE of my add-ons rather than both…

  21. I bought 2 full size add-ons and 1 mini add-on for my March bag…. only to then have that NEVER SHIP. They issued a replacement… but it remains to be seen whether 1) it actually ships and 2) it actually contains my bag, 3 add-ons, and a points item I redeemed last month. And I won’t get it til after I’ve been charged for my April bag…

    I’ve also been seeing a lot of gals in my subscription groups on FB either not receiving their add-ons with their bags, or not receiving the bag items they were supposed to be getting.

    • I’ve had them send me the wrong items in my regular bag which they mostly fixed when I emailed them and send me a lip scrub and mascara Instead of the tarte palette and purlisse mask. I noticed a lack of palette first and e.ailed right away and they sent me the palette but I didn’t realize about the mask and didn’t want to email them again. This last box was perfect with add on and all.

      • Always. Always email them when they make a mistake. They count on people not saying anything.

  22. 6am?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What the ever loving…..

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