Ipsy Glam Bag Plus April 2019 SPOILERS!

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We have some spoilers for the April 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus thanks to Chelsea! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in April. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive all of these in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are some of the items Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is sending in April:


IT COSMETICS Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush #704

FEEL Balanced Moisture Balancing Cream

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.)

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I might skip this month. None of these 3 are interesting to me, and since there are no new spoilers, I’m bored of waiting. I’ll keep the regular bag for the cute design though lol

    • I know, I can’t figure out why they have gone silent this month!

    • moods full size pallete from Laura Sanchez, for the glam plus box and the minis single eyeshadows will be include in the glam bags

      • Wow really? I just googled the moods pallet and it is so fun and adventurous!! I really hope to get it!! Where did you find that spoiler? Wondering If there are any other spoiler accounts i should follow. Thank you in advance!! 🙂

        • Laura on her last you tube video said the full pallete will be in the boxes

  2. omgggg i am so antsy for more spoilers ! ah

  3. I hate desl too! I just got,my ipsy glambag plus a few days ago.its like this every month.i live in saint Joseph,Missouri,and desl always surrenders my,ipsy to the post office in saint Louis ,no( 500 miles from me) then they say an exception has occurred with my package and to give them a few more days! Yes,the exception occurred because they are too stupid to know the difference between saint Joseph and saint,Louis! On another note..i sure hope I get the it brush!

  4. Can I get the glam plus bag without the other bag?

    • Yes you can, I only get the “plus” box…

  5. Do u have to get the $10 bag to get the Glam Plus bag??

    • No, you need to be an active member of regular Ipsy Glam bag ($10) to be invited to the Plus, but once you are invited, you can drop the regular bag (which is what I did). Make sure you email their customer service once you joined to indicate your interest in the Plus to get on the waiting list.

      • Thank u!

    • Oops, I meant yes, you need to be a member, but no you don’t need to stay a member.

    • I Didnt i went stright to Glam Bag Plus, you might have to be on a waiting list and i waited like a month.

  6. Doesn’t anyone at MSA get this box still? There hasn’t been a Plus review since January.

    I keep checking for the March review but nothing!

    • There are reviews for each month. You may need to do the search feature but they are on here.

  7. Hope I get the IT brush and secondly the eye cream. Wouldn’t use the third item and had to buy the brush since it didn’t come in my box.

  8. Shipping seems better, the app seems better to!!!! Everything went good & all my reg & Plus bags have shipped! You know I JUST RECEIVED my GBP ON March 5th!!!!!! By then March’s spoilers & add-ons were being assembeled & almost ready to ship! Last month was really bad for shipping!

    • You’re lucky! Mine has been sitting in Stow, OH for 5 freeking days! I only live an hour and a half away in MI. I absolutely hate DHL, worst delivery service ever!

      • Mine has been 4 hours away for 7 days. I hate DHL..

  9. Ready for the next set of spoilers so I know whether to skip or not.

  10. Holy moly! I want the eye cream and that IT brush!
    Lately, everything they sent is awesome except for last month, I got that red liquid lip gloss. Ick!

    • Me too!! I didn’t even swatch or try it. I looked at the watery formula and it looks more like a stain to me. I don’t even think I know anyone that I can give it too lol. Everything else has been awesome! I just tried my Tarte palette yesterday and I wasn’t entirely impressed with it for a Tarte product. Lots of fallout in the pans and the shimmers were faded after two hours of applying even with Urban Decays eyeshadow primer. Other than that, Ipsy is the best!!!

    • I love the lipstick! I’ll take it if u won’t use it

    • Wasn’t that red lip gloss just awful?

  11. Does ipsy do anything for birthday months?

    • No. My birthday was in January and nada

  12. I’d be happy to get any of these (hoping the brush is in all boxes like the previous iT brush). If i had to chose #1 IT Brush
    #2 The Goldfaden #3 Feel

    Still killing it Ipsy GBP! Keep it up 💖💖

    • The other It brush wasn’t on all boxes. I added it on for the $12.00

      • I added the It brush too & it was a good thing too as was one of those who didn’t see my box til really late in the month so didn’t know for sure if was getting it or not (I didn’t) so TG for add ons & being smart as wouldn’t have gotten it another way for that price!

      • I added it too.

        • How do you add the brush or know what you’re getting already? I just got the March box today.

          • They are talking about when the other IT brush was available in Feburary. Some of us didn’t receive the IT brush in feb sinçe it was a variation item and added it instead.

          • Thank you!

      • Same here. Paid $12 for it. The brush for THIS box is meant to be used for powder or solid serum/foundations only if im not mistaken. I use liquid foundation so although a nice brush, unless they’re adding the foundation compact as well I’m not sure what id use it for. Definitely dont need anymore lotioms of ANY kind. I still have 2 full sized Elemis and a Terre Mere eye cream. Lovely products. Just not exciting for me personally

  13. Is the brush for skincare, makeup (what kind?), whatever you want?? I’m in search of a really good liquid foundation brush for a natural/ not-full coverage look.

    • Skincare

    • The best brush for liquid foundation is that Million Dollar Brows one. lt is a foundation brush–they are flat and rounded, kind of slick, they do not hold much product. I think you may be able to get one in the Ipsy Offer sales site. I got one in my bag a couple months ago with the Tarte Amazonian foundation.

  14. Holy Canoli! I’m never cancelling this…..ever. I have been far more impressed with this than I have in another box for years. The brands, the variations, the skincare, the Add-ons. I’m loving it!!

    • Same here. Full sized skincare every month is too good to pass up. Everything I have received in my boxes has been wonderful, with the exception of the NYX blush palette. I’ll be passing that off to one of my makeup newbie friends. I love this box though and can’t wait to see what’s coming every month.

  15. Can you still get the regular Ipsy if you order the Ipsy Plus? I want a bag in my package. I love getting the bag. You can use those fjor so many things

    • Yes, you can. I get both!

  16. I just got a full size It Cosmetics Confidence in a compact as a gift with purchase from Ulta when I bought just a IT cleanser and this brush is designed to go with that compact!! So in other words, I have to have it lol If I don’t get it, hopefully they will offer it as an add on.

    • And, even if you don’t get the Plus box, and get the regular Glambag you get the add-ons from the Glambag Plus; last month I got the It brush for $12 in my regular Glambag since I didn’t get it in my Plus and wasn’t offered it in the add-ons for it either.

  17. I’m a color addict, so none of these are doing it for me, but I will be out of my Murad by April, so I wouldn’t be opposed to a moisturizer although I already have a ton of small ones from Sephora Play.

  18. Nice spoilers 👍 better than March imo. Hopefully I’ll get an IT brush this time. They didn’t give me one in February and the add-ons glitched for me that month so I missed out. I’ve had brushes checked on my profile since at least December or November and I rate them high so hopefully they’ll add it. If not then I will add it on if it’s available 👏 I’m excited to see the next round of spoilers 😁

    • Email ipsycare and tell them. It cant hirt, and a lot of people have been able to opt out of certain items, so I bet you could opt in to a category if you tried 🙂

    • I added on the brush last time. It sucks that you had that glitch. I think they’ve worked everything out now. My box has already shipped for this month and I had add-ons so they are doing so much better with shipping. The kinks got worked out I believe. Well, let’s both hope for the It brush this time around! 😉

  19. Boxycharm we are breaking up. My Ipsy is so much better and doesn’t give me brown lippies.

    • No, browns. Just a bunch of reds…

    • I quit boxy for this, no problem

    • Brown?? I wish.. the only thing i ever get is bright red and it looks hideous with my complexion and I must have a million eyeshadow palettes by now.. lol

      • Try changing ur profile pics. When I did this I no longer received the colors that drown me out!

      • Same here! I also get way too many pinks and corals when I want the brownish purples.

  20. About how long has it taken people to get off the wait list? I wish I didn’t have to get the regular bag to get on the list since I rarely use up minis.l but I really want the plus!!!

    • I sent Ipsy an email February 1st asking to get on the waiting list for the Glam Bag Plus. I received an email last week saying I was off the wait list and March will be my first bag. It was a fast process for me but some people seem to wait months.

      • They emailed me an invitation after my second regular box. I didn’t have to ask.

      • It does seem to help to email them. I emailed asking to be put on the waitlist in late January, was put on the list in early Feb, and off it by the end of Feb. I just got my March box and I love it.

    • For me it was about two weeks. I had to email them to be put on the waitlist, and once I was officially on the waitlist about one week later (they first put you on a waitlist for the official waitlist), it was about one more week after that when I got notification that I was off the waitlist and would be getting IGBP.

      • You’re giving me hope I’ll be moved off the list ladies! I emailed them last month to ask where I was and they told me I’d be part of the next group to get off their list. I’m sooo hoping I get moved off this month and can get this bag next month! The only reason I still have Boxy is because I haven’t gotten GBP yet. Once I’m off the waitlist it’ll be bye bye Boxy I’m afraid.

        • It seems like if you email them they put you on a faster track but I could be just imagining it.

        • If you tell them you will break up with Boxy, they may speed up your case.

          • Good point!! I think I’ll email them again saying this. Hopefully they’ll speed up the process and I can snag this April bag cuz I’m loving the spoilers!

          • I emailed them at your guys’ suggestion and told them about leaving boxy for GBP (which is totally happening after seeing my luxe today) and I got an email back saying to skip the wait. I pressed the button and now my account shows tabs for both GBP (although I can’t order March) and regular Ipsy. Does that mean I’ll get GBP in April?

    • I emailed at the mid/end of January and got a response back right away saying I would be added to the waitlist. I was hoping it would be for the feb bag but it wasn’t. I did get an email last week though saying I was in for March, so really it only took a few weeks! You should hear something soon is my guess. I’ve had amazing experience with their customer service.

    • I only waiting a month as well. Did as advised and emailed was placed on the waiting list and got it on the 1st!!

    • The waitlist seems to be moving faster since they introduced the skip option in GBP. It frees up spots.

    • I just signed back on to (the regular) IPSY bag about 2 months ago and sent an email to Customer Service asking if I could get on the list for Glam Bag Plus…and bingo…within a few weeks, I got a notice saying I was signed on. Last month was my first GBP month and I loved it. So I would recommend emailing their [great] customer service and asking them to see if they can speed things up for you.

      I think I only had 2 months of the regular IPSY before getting the Plus bag.😍

    • Was on the waitlist for the waitlist beginning December and I just got the March plus bag.

  21. oh, I need that eye cream…..really happy with the Ipsy glam plus

  22. Now this is what I’m talking about! Skincare and a really awesome IT brush!?! Great first round spoilers 🙂

  23. What sizes are these?

    • Everything in GBP is full size. Click on the link for each item and it will tell you about the exact size and what each item does.

  24. I don’t get GBP. Just the regular. I’ll def pick the eye cream & brush up if they are offered as $12 Add-ons. Great products!

  25. I read the reviews online for the IT brush and now I want it! Ipsy usually sends me a ton of brushes so hopefully this one will be in my glam bag.

  26. I just bought that brush Friday at Ulta. Used points to buy it because I could not in good conscious pay $50 for a brush. What are the odds I get or don’t get it in the box? Will definitely return and buy again later if I don’t get it.

  27. Yes, Ipsy! This is the GBP I’ve been loving, not what showed up for March.
    Hope the rest of the spoilers continue to be this amazing.
    I’d love to get the brush and Goldfaden but wouldn’t mind any of these!

  28. Need all the eye cream I can get my hands on. Was super excited when I saw this revealed last week on another site. I guess I’ll be staying with GBP indefinitely if they keep on with the awesome skincare.

  29. Amazing!!! I would love all three if these. I would gladly welcome another IT brush (they are the best brushes I own) and the eye cream. I love when the boxes include slightly more skincare than makeup, so I’m digging these spoilers. But that’s just my preference. 😊

  30. I scream for eye cream 😉

  31. I’m much happier with these spoilers than last month. I just hope they have more than 9 products this month.

    • The only reason there was only 9 total products for the month of March was because of the three different variations for the eyeshadow palettes , if in April the eyeshadow palette is only one variation then they will have more total products :). This is only my second month of gbp and I’m loving it so far!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the spoilers are for April,especially once the eyeshadow palette is revealed 😍

  32. Sooo much better than March so far.

    • Agreed!!

  33. yes yes yes yes to all honestly sometimes I feel like canceling boxy and just getting 2 of these

    • Me to that’s so funny.

  34. Yes to all of these!

  35. Yes! I love IT brushes! And I’m always on the hunt for help with my dark circles.

  36. Yay! I like Goldenfaden MD. I received 2 samples from Petit Vour’s limited edition boxes and really enjoyed them. Also impressed that this brand uses sustainable and recyclable packaging and they don’t put harsh ingredients into their products that cause irritation.

    I haven’t heard of Feel though, it looks interesting.

    • Feel is great too! Cruelty free and lots of organic and natural ingredients. “Everything we develop is made without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or silicones, and we use natural ingredients + extracts whenever possible”

    • I love Feel Beauty’s “Harmony” rose petal mask, their “Restored” warming clay mask, and their “Renewed” cleanser is really nice, too. I hope you enjoy the moisturizer. (I’ve never tried that one)

    • Unfortunately, FEEL uses artificial fragrance in all of their skincare. It’s not a good brand, common in sub boxes though.

    • I guess I spoke too soon, this moisturizer is fragrance free. But every other product I’ve tried of theirs isn’t and I’ve tried a few including the ones Kristen mentioned.

  37. yes!!!!!!!!!

  38. I have to admit, I’ve been with Ipsy for 3 yrs. Alit of the time it’s a hit. Sometimes it’s a missing. I’ve had Glam Bag Plus since December. The quality of goods I’ve been getting is becoming more amazing that Boxycharm (I’ve been with Boxycharm for 3yrs too). I also have Boxyluxe. This’ll be my 2nd Boxyluxe. I must admit I’m really pissed with boxy for a few months now. They DON’T read the profiles quiz. I keep getting dark & ugly lip colors. And lots of fake lashes! I keep telling them I don’t use them! I just cancelled Sephora (was with them 2 yrs) & Glossybox (3yrs).

  39. I really want to try the eye cream. I haven’t been able to find anything that helps my under eye circles. I’ve been happy with the GBP skincare items I’ve received since it started

  40. Ipsy GBP gets fantastic skin care brands.

    • I agree! I’ve been really impressed with the brands (for all of their products) they’ve included in their boxes. They’ve never felt like “filler” or “sub box” brands to me.

  41. Never heard of Goldfaden MD. Just kind of meh on these. Maybe I’m burned out 😕

    • They are actually a pretty good brand! =)

  42. Whoa! Fantastic!!! I’d like to try all of these products! Ipsy Glam bag+ is the 💣!

  43. Nice! Ipsy Plus is blowing Boxycharm outta the water imo

    • I completely agree!!! My Ipsy plus boxes have been soooo good!!! I’m thinking about canceling boxy but last month was pretty good, but Ipsy is killin it!

  44. I love Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.. soo soo soo much! 😊

  45. I really really want the brush. Can’t wait to see more spoilers. I always change my profile towards the products I want.

    • Meeee toooo! Love that brush!

  46. This looks way better than March, glad I just skipped March instead of canceling.

    • How do you skip a month? I cancelled GBP because I didn’t see an option to skip a month.

  47. I seriously can’t believe we get these for $5 a pop. Love the variety of brands too!

    • That’s a good way of looking at it. I always think if I just love one item (assuming that item retails for $25 or more), the rest are freebies.

  48. How long does it take to get off the waitlist for this after you get on it? I’ve tried asking Ipsy multiple times and they’re never helpful. If I knew it could be a month or less, 2-3 months or 6+ months at least I’d know.

    • I just was able to get off the waitlist for the March box and got on the waitlist for the waitlist in dec.

      • I first signed up on their site in December but received a notification about the waitlist. I emailed them in January and I got on the waitlist for the waitlist on Jan 25, which they said I would be in the next group to be added to GBP, they sent me an email on Feb 19 that I was off the waitlist and I received Feb GBP just last week.

        • I mean I never got any notification from signing up on the website.

          • I would email Ipsy.

          • Flora: One word: EMAIL!

            They are very responsive and if you open up an email with them, they will do somersaults to make you happy.😍

    • I got off within a few days and then was billed for the following month – I got off near the end.

    • It only takes me 20 day from getting on the wailist of the waitlist to off the waitlist.
      And I am only sub to Ipsy from Feb this year.

      I am super satisfied. Just say something nice to them.

    • I emailed them asking to be put on the waitlist 3 weeks ago, 1 week ago they said I was officially on the waitlist and on Feb 29th I got switched over to plus.

    • I emailed them because I wasn’t even on the waitlist, the next month I was able to get on the waitlist then the following month I was subscribed. Try emailing them. If you keep bugging maybe that will work lol

  49. OK, I like all of these. Feeling optimistic after a lackluster March GBP reveal (for me).

    Goldfaden Sun Visor is one of my HG sunscreens, but the brand is $$$ so I’ve never been able to try any of their other products.

    • Marion – I agree!! My March reveal was disappointing too. I wound up with the Smokey palette (wanted the Mauve), the moisturizer (which is geared toward dry/normal skin, I’m combo) and a red lipstick (I wear nudes and pink). Pity party over – I’m praying for eye cream & the brush!

      • The reveal colors may not be what you get in the box. I believe it just showing the product and not the variation you will get. I was so excited about the nude lipstick in my reveal last month & ended up getting the red.

  50. I really want the eyes cream!

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