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FYI – BoxyCharm March 2019 Shipping Delay + Cover FX Palette Update


FYI –  March 2019 BoxyCharm boxes are delayed:

Hey, Charmer!

BoxyCharm here! We are writing to you today with an update on your tracking email.

Because of reasons outside our control we experienced a slight delay with our boxes this month. We are doing everything in our power to get you your box as soon as possible. Stay on the lookout for your tracking email next week!

We hope that you love this month’s box as much as we do!

Thanks for being a Charmer!”

Your BoxyCharm Team

Check your email – some subscribers have received an email regarding the Cover FX Palette from the March box. Some subscribers will receive the incorrect shade:

Hello Charmer,

I wanted to personally apologize for sending you a CoverFX palette that might not match the shade you selected on your beauty quiz. We had a data issue and identified a small group of Charmers who were affected. We believe that you are part of this group.

My number one priority is to provide the absolute best customer experience and this time I fell short.

To make it up to you, the team is depositing 4,500 Charms into your account in the next 72 hours to cover the retail value of the CoverFX palette. Typically, we would replace your item but we don’t have replacements available for this product. We just updated our Charm Room with some fantastic items we hope you will love and we will add even more items next week. The Charm Room will remain open until March 22, 2019 and then re-open on April 5, 2019 with a new assortment of products.

Again, I apologize for this mistake and promise to keep improving things in hopes that this does not happen again.

The March box has sold out. If you subscribe now, you will receive this new FOMO box as your first box. (Current subscribers will not receive this box – think of it as a Boxycharm Welcome Box.)

This variation of the Boxycharm FOMO Box will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers for the FOMO box?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (159)

  1. I havent gotten anything ive been on top of things were customers and desevere what we pay for id love to have an answer whats going on i love BOXYCHARM💋

  2. I got the notice, which puzzled me because I had hit “unsubscribe” on my account page on the website.

    Turned out not to be the case.

    I emailed customer service and they explained that my 3 month subscription charged my card on Jan. 1, yet I did not receive the January box. Did receive February and March.

    February wasn’t bad but March I was not pleased with.

    • Well my boxyluxe came today 18 days after payment cleared. I never got an email about incorrect colors and my Cover Fx palette is the perfect one but the Morphe is sooooooooooo not my colors :(. They are dark oranges brown etc and I specifically told them I am fair with gray hair and wanted pinks and purple and plums NONE of which I got. I also got a darker mauve color lipstick which i can use but would have preferred the pink.
      Otherwise the box is great. I will send them a message. 🙁

      • Which Morphe palette did you received and what color lipstick? I recieved the 15H which I don’t mind but I have SO many palettes with this color and I recieved the Becca lipstick in Poppy and I swatched it and it is just not for me 🙁

      • I got day slayer 15d

  3. I recieved my label creation email on Friday finally, no movement until Sunday from PA with original delivery estimated date of Thursday. I am in VA and still no box. Now it says by end of the day tomorrow, Friday. I have been with boxy for over 2 years and this is ridiculous, if I get the light palette or if I even get one, I would trade for the dark. I usually am waiting for Ipsy around this time but I recieved my Ipsy in the beginning of the month. This is insane.

  4. I checked my second tracking number yesterday, and there’s movement! It should arrive to me this Friday. This whole fiasco has been quite the ordeal, and I’m just happy it’s almost over. I hope that I get the right palette for my skin tone (the medium/deep). I will be so upset if after all this time I get the lighter one.

    I know some people are upset about the lack of spoilers for April, but I think that’s the least they can do! There are tons of people who do not have their boxes (regular or luxe), and to have cute little emojis next to spoilers when your box is still not to you, and near the end of this month would be disrespectful.

    I want to cancel boxy, especially since it will renew in April for the 3 month subscription. However, I have all these charms and am concerned that if I cancel, that they will go all to waste. I should have cashed out on charms before the end of my last subscription box with them. Ugh, I don’t want three more months with them after this, but I honestly don’t even know how to use charms. I feel like I’ll probably let it renew, and just cancel in June.

    • Just choose the month to month option and then cash in on all your charms and then chancel 😉

  5. FINALLY got my box yesterday….. 20 days after billing. I’ve gotten custom orders from etsy in less time!! Honestly, I just want them to be upfront… what happened and how are you going to prevent it from happening again. Put the waitlist back on and you might have something worthy of waiting for! Otherwise potential customers are going to see the chaos and RUN.

    • I just now got my tracking email today wow and it says that my box will be delivered next Wednesday on the 27th. And my payment cleared on the second

  6. I’m in the same boat as everyone else who didn’t get their boxes yet. I didn’t get any tracking info at all.. I did get the email apologizing it would be late, another email 10 days later stating the same thing and right after an email stating I was one of the subscribers whom didn’t get a tracking number at all yet but to be on the lookout for my tracking number within 24 hours and my box will arrive within 3 days… That was 3 days ago now and zero tracking info.. I sent a few not so nice emails to customer service and voila, I got an email from FedEx stating I should receive my package by next Thursday… Nothing from Boxycharm but I’m used to that at this point.
    I have a question for people who received broken Pretty Vulgar highlighters last month. My mother and I had both of ours come smashed. I emailed customer service, got a response and sent in the necessary photos but nothing since then. I emailed the person I sent the pictures to and have had zero luck.. Did anyone else get theirs or any word as to what’s going on? Thanks

    • My highlighter It’s supposed to be inside my box when I receive it next Wednesday on the 27th. At first they told me that it didn’t look like they had a replacement and then they emailed me the end of February and told me good news they have found a replacement.

  7. So now this morning I got a fourth email, with tracking that’s actually showing movement. If I get the wrong palette, I’m cancelling. I understand stuff happens but it looks like BC fumbled this entirely and it was frustrating to be in the middle of. Influensters got their boxes before anyone else and that just isn’t right. The only “influencer” that should get a box early is Liz! I wouldn’t have known the existence of over half the subscriptions out there if it weren’t for this website/blog. ❤️

    • Just an update, I got the correct palette. I’m still sad for those who didn’t get the correct ones in their boxes.

  8. I’m so tired of not getting some of my responses posted. It makes no sense. I am always polite and offer good solutions or comments.
    Oh Liz…WHY? I’m about ready to stop posting

  9. I have been a Boxycharm subscriber for well over 2 years straight…but that has now changed. I just did something I did not think would ever come from mty kips…I just cancelled (both Boxycharm AND Boxyluxe).

    I’m really pained to say this, but their Customer Service has become moot, the products offered are not up to snuff anymore and their shipping has become wretched.

    I cashed in all of my [$70 worth of] charms and canceled it all. It actually hurt for some reason…but I did it nonetheless.

    • I had to do the same. After 4+ years. They don’t value old/current customers at all. But what good does it do to increase popularity on social media and with influencers when you can’t deliver on what you’re promoting? As in can’t deliver on box availability, product availability, brand promises, one single customized product, thorough, apologetic, solution-oriented, and timely customer service responses (it’s taken over a week the last 2 times I messaged them), and accurate shipping notices with reasonable shipping times you need only to send once. ALL of these issues simultaneously is unacceptable. They may reel new people in but they certainly won’t be able to keep them. You’d think they were a brand new company with the way they’re operating. And now they want to promote a limited edition skincare box? Are you kidding me? They’re still cheating people out of Luxe boxes (unless you’re a brand new customer) and can’t even get the regular boxes out correctly or on time. Instead of scrambling to compete for customers with other subscriptions they’re threatened by (Ipsy Plus maybe?) they should focus on keeping the customers they have by improving every aspect of their boxes because none of it’s working well. I understand what you mean by feeling kind of sad. I feel the same. But I also feel a bit betrayed by my most recent experiences and the way they’re doing things now. I certainly don’t feel like my business is valued at all. They used to be my absolute favorite box and the high point of my month was getting their boxes. And their customer service was great. But in less than a year everything has changed and I just don’t want to be a part of it anymore. They’ve taken the fun and the quality out of it.
      I just got yet another shipping notice for my final box. I’m so scared it will not have the Cover Fx palette at all (either shade), and instead it will be one of those awful new subscriber boxes. I never got a spoiler email despite getting them every other month and I didn’t receive an email about getting extra Charms for errors with my box contents.
      And I have serious doubts about ever receiving my last Charms order. Hopefully I’ll get to be pleasantly surprised. Good luck on getting your March boxes everyone! And may you actually receive the right palette!

      • Great message! I’m feeling the same way.

      • Danielle, I FINALLY got my box yesterday and I feel the same way as you do. I do not feel valued with Boxy as I do with my other subscriptions. But I did want to let you know even though it took forever for me to receive my Luxe box that I did have a Cover FX palette inside and it was the correct shade so I hope that makes you feel a tiny bit better. I am upset that I got a lipstick that is too bright for my skin tone, but I guess I can’t complain too much since I at least for my box.

        Well wishes for everyone else that haven’t recieved their boxes yet! I hope they are at your doors soon!

  10. I am so angry with them. I normally get my box around now. Yes I got the email about shipping, then they finally sent my tracking email. I waited for the update and UPS said nothing. I got the email that it’s been processed and it’s on it’s way from boxycharm. I checked ups today and it still says my tracking number doesn’t exist. WTH! But in 11 days they are going to take my money for April’s box! Also have you noticed that there is no spoilers for April’s box? Boxycharm is awfully quiet lately!

  11. i got an email saying mine will be here thursday, but they also said i received an item that i’ve received before and sent 2000 in charms… i just wanna know what they goofed. 🙁

  12. I just got an email (third email) apologizing for the fact that neither of my tracking numbers have shown package movement and that I should be getting a new tracking number. What?

    This is my first box. Not a good first impression. :/

    • I got a third email as well, but it finally shows my box as coming tomorrow. Dying to know if I got the wrong Cover FX pallette or not! It’s my last month and not renewing. They’ve gone downhill quick.

      • Lori, did you get the correct palette? Just curious. Mine is supposed to be here Friday and I’m anxious. Lol

    • I I haven’t received a tracking email yet and the only email I received is that newest one apologizing and then goes on and states how long it takes to get here once it’s shipped 🙄

      • So even the emails that people are getting/not getting are inconsistent. This is an epic eff up and I also want to know what the heck happened.

  13. I still haven’t haven’t received a tracking email at all. I emailed them last week over something else and on last fri they told me that my box will be going out with the next batch that’s going out and to be on the look out for my tracking email this past week. They reminded me it can take up to 10 business days after payment clears. My payment cleared on the 2nd

  14. Does anyone know the best place to pose for boxy charm trades? I posted in a few YouTube video’s and also looked on IG and FB, but can’t seem to find the right place. I got the dark CoverFX pallet and I’d like to trade.

    • I haven’t checked it out myself yet but I heard Reddit is a good place to find sub box swaps. I’m still waiting to see which palette I receive. IF my box ever gets here. Good luck!

  15. Weird. I got a tracking number from boxycharm on March 7. Then on the 14th I got a different tracking number with the apology for being late. So I’m wondering, did they really not send it the first time?

    • Same!

      • Well I got my tracking 10 days after they took my payment and it’s now moving so I just hope it’s the correct box

  16. I literally sent my email yesterday to CS stating my frustration with this whole “delay”. Miraculously I received my tracking information today. I am so over Boxy right now, if this continues to happen I am cancelling.

    • I feel the same. I got an e-mail on 3/6 saying my box was on the way. I tracked via UPS and it said “shipping label” created but the box never shipped. Yesterday, 3/14, I got a new email from Boxycharm saying my box had shipped (DIFFERENT tracking number for which UPS says the label was created but box not received for transport). I’m getting tired of ALL of the excuses. I know – things happen and it’s just makeup …. but frustrating when they’re so focused on bringing in new subscribers (no waiting lists and FOMO boxes) when they aren’t able to keep their commitments to the existing ones! Would love a skincare box but I think I will save myself the frustration when the April LE box becomes available.

      • I agree. I don’t see how they could possibly pull together a LE box when their regular boxes are in total chaos. They haven’t even released any April spoilers. And I haven’t received my March box still. Instead I got yet another shipping notice with an expected delivery of this Friday. I’ll believe it when it’s actually in my hands.

  17. So I emailed boxycharm customer service two days ago about it being a week with no movement. I got an email just now, not about my email, but it being brought to their attention that I am getting a repeat item in my box. They’re giving me 2000 charms, and told me that I could keep the item! <– they even put in that exclamation! So apparently it's being sent over now to distribution or whatever. I feel like this only happened in due to my email, even though they never referenced it.

  18. I got my email today. I’m going to be upset if I get different product than avertised. If I get the dark pallete I will trade it with someone who got the light pallette. I don’t know if I will end up cancelling. It depends on what is in my box. 50 dollars is too much to deal with all this.

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