FabFitFun Upcoming Box Poll – Pick This or That Round #4!

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If you aren’t familiar, Katie Kitchens is the Co-Founder of FabFitFun, and she often shares potential future products on her Instagram feed to get feedback! Here are the latest potential future box items. (FYI – these are not confirmed products, they may or may not be in future boxes, and they also may not be in the same box.)

Which would you prefer in an upcoming FabFitFun box:

Source: Katieakitchens

SUTRA Travel Size Blowdryer OR Luxie Eye Essential Rose Gold Brush Set

Let us know which item you would prefer in the comments!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I don’t like either choices but I would choose the dryer over the brushes.

    • Hairdryer!

      • Agreed! Hairdryer

      • Hairdryer

    • Neither. I have so many brushes and I have never needed a travel hair dryer, so I would say brushes because they take up less room

  2. brushes

    • Brushes most people already have a blow dryer

  3. Blow dryer!

    • Agreed!!

  4. Hairdryer!

  5. I’d love either ❤️

  6. I would have to say brushes- no longer need a hairdryer since I got the Revlon Volume Brush! Love that thing!

    • I just bought it last night! Can’t wait to try it, haven’t heard anything but great things about it!

      • I got it last night too!!!

    • They should put THOSE in the box!

    • Blow dryer

    • Ulta had them for $30 black friday so I figured I’d try it for that price. Definitely saves drying time.

    • What is this item? Brush and dry at same time? How much?

      • Revlon one step hair dryer and styler! Not the flat one: the one with rounded brush! $59.99 is what I paid at Walmart! There are Imitators so beware! I blow dry and style in 7 mins compared to 30 plus with just dryer alone!

        • This sounds very promising

          • They’re amazing! I rave about mine to EVERYONE, and I don’t do that about many things. I have long thing thick hair and it dries my hair quickly and gives it amazing volume. It gets hot, so make sure you use a good heat protecting product on your hair before you use it. 🙂

          • I got it for 20% off at Ulta right now. I think it comes to $45ish. I used it once and already LOVE it.

  7. Blowdryer

    • Hair dryer Definetly

  8. Please dear god neither. We already have gotten brushes before and those mini hair dryers are worthless. They take forever to dry hair and every place you travel already has them in the bathroom

    • I have to agree!

    • Agree

    • 100% agree about the hair dryer but the brushes you could use as a travel set.

  9. Hair dryer definitely

  10. Blowdryer!!!

  11. I love travel sized items that are great quality! Definitely the hair dryer!

  12. The hairdryer. I hate getting makeup brushes.

  13. I guess I’m in the minority: neither! I echo other posters that I have way more than enough brushes from sub boxes and gifts over the years. And when I travel, I’m carry on only so I try to pack only the basics – which doesn’t include a hair dryer. Every hotel I’ve ever stayed at has provided a dryer so there’s no need to pack one.

    • I have to agree. Most AirBnB’s have hair dyers as well and I feel like I have a full set of Luxie brushes from my Ipsy sub. I’m not complaining tho. They are awesome brushes. I would choose the hair dryer over the brushes tho.

  14. I don’t really find use for either. Guess the hair dryer though if I had to choose!

  15. I vote for the hair dryer. That has been missing in a sub. box.

  16. The blowdryer

  17. Blow dryer FOR SURE!!!! Anyone who subs to other boxes have a trillion luxe brushes

  18. Hair dryer

  19. I’d be happy with either

  20. I’d really like a full-sized blowdryer…TSA did a number on my $200 hairdryer that my friend was bringing to me. How they managed to smash a hairdryer? I don’t know.

  21. The blow dryer is definitely something different, but I’m worried if I would kill it since travel size dryers usually dont last long with my thick hair.

  22. Hairdryer 🙂

  23. Travel Blowdryer for the win!!!! No more brush sets unless they are for face – I don’t wear eyeshadow

  24. Hair dryer! I received too many brushes already & they are all for swap.

  25. Blowdryer

  26. Neither. I literally just got rid of my travel blow dryer because I hadn’t used it in years. Ever since I started traveling carryon only I just don’t have room for it. And we just got brushes. At least I guess the blow dryer is unique

  27. Hairdryer!! Woohoo!!

  28. Blowdryer! 🙂

  29. I’d love the blow dryer! I have too many brushes.

  30. Most hotels have dryers, so I’d never take this on a trip. Even though we just got the same brushes, I’d get more use out of them. But I like both.

  31. Blowdryer is nice but I’d take either.

  32. i don’t need or really want either, but i have a plethora of brushes right now and don’t even own a hairdryer so I guess I’d pick that.

  33. Hair dryer! But, both are great options!

  34. Blowdryer

  35. We literally just got a set of brushes? How many brushes does one face need?? I don’t need the dryer either unless it is a dual conversion one. We usually travel to the UK, so I don’t need another dryer that won’t work there and will just take up space. My travel dryer also folds down so it takes up hardly any room. I think when my annual sub is up I will be cancelling FFF.

    • +1 on dual conversion and folding. Almost all US/Canada hotels and many others at the 3 star level and above have blow dryers in the rooms, so there’s minimal need for a travel dryer if you’re staying at hotels anyway. Brushes…I must not be sophisticated enough to understand the need for so many.

      • We usually stay at B&B’s, (we do the rent a car and wing it thing as to where we stay each night, have done this for several years and its SO MUCH FUN!), so hair dryers are usually hit or miss for me. But if it doesn’t convert or fold down to fit in a back pack easily, I have no use for it. Agree about the brushes. I am using the set from the last time they sent them and if you clean them properly they last a while. I don’t understand the plethora of brushes sent constantly so I must not be sophisticated either lol :). Sigh…..

  36. Eye makeup brushes

  37. Hairdryer! Fantastic idea. They have those horrible ones in the hotels and I’m always needing one. I have to leave the good one at home for the kids.

  38. Already have those brushes so definitely the hair dryer

  39. Hairdryer 100%!

  40. Dryer. We just got brushes in the fall or winter box.

  41. Dryer

  42. I already own the brushes so the Sutra dryer would be great!!

  43. Blowdryer, one million percent! I have about a thousand makeup brushes from sub boxes. Give me something new!!!!!

  44. Travel hair dryer.. Pretty cool!

  45. I love Luxie brushes but I would LOVE a new hair dryer even more!

  46. blowdryer

  47. Hair dryer! Great for travel!

  48. Sutra hair dryer!!

  49. I would typically choose the make up brushes but I could actually use a more compact hair dryer. So I think I will go with the hair dryer.

  50. Travel hairdryer for sure! I’ve never received one of those in a box but have lots of eye brushes

    • Blowdryer for sure!

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