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BoxyLuxe Subscription Box Review – March 2019

Boxy Luxe March 2019

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. Boxyluxe is a new once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Since BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to your original subscription, you will be paying your normal subscription amount, $21/month if you have the monthly subscription, plus you will pay for the upgrade, which is $28.99 every March, June, September, and December.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 open

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Boxy Luxe March 2019 all contents

About BoxyLuxe

The Subscription Box: BoxyLuxe

The Cost: $49.99 for September, December, March and June boxes, $21 for all other months

The Products: Each box will be valued at over $300. The box will include lifestyle, skincare, beauty, etc.

Ships to: US and Canada

BoxyLuxe March 2019 Review

Boxy Luxe March 2019 info card front Boxy Luxe March 2019 info card product list

Now, on to the items!

Boxy Luxe March 2019 cover fx palette lid Boxy Luxe March 2019 cover fx palette open Boxy Luxe March 2019 cover fx palette bottom info

CoverFX All in One Perfector Face Palette, 0.68 oz – Retail Value $45.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item in one of two shade variations.

I already sang the praises of this palette in my BoxyCharm March 2019 review. I know that some customers got the wrong shade and that is truly a bummer. I encourage you to reach out to BoxyCharm customer care if you got the wrong variation. For someone like myself who is pretty minimal when it comes to a morning routine, a palette like this is a life saver. I could easily get away with just this palette, my fave foundation, mascara, and brow gel for a complete daily look. The pretty pink blush works well on my fair skin, though I imagine it would work for you if you have a more golden hue. I love both of the highlighters and appreciate that they are subtle. My vibe rarely includes glittery highlighters that are in your face. You can also use either of the highlighters and the brightener as eyeshadows. The contour is a bit harder for me to use because I have never found a way to make contouring work with my big ‘ole face, but this darker shade once again doubles as a fantastic and very natural matte crease shadow. The finishing powder is a perfect final step veil to give everything just a little bit of a glow.

Boxy Charm March 2019 cover fx palette swatches

Top to Bottom: Starlight (highlighter), Silhouette (contour), Moonbeam (brightener), Stellar (finishing powder), Divine (highlighter), Sublime (blush)

Boxy Luxe March 2019 mode brush set box Boxy Luxe March 2019 moda brush pair with box Boxy Luxe March 2019 moda brush pair Boxy Luxe March 2019 moda blush brush head Boxy Luxe March 2019 moda highlight brush head Boxy Luxe March 2019 mode highlight brush tip moda brush back of box

MODA Brush Powder and Soft Glow Kit – Retail Value $29.99

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

I love the way these brushes feel in my hand and how pretty they are. I am a blush addict and I really love that this powder brush is a little less heavy-handed than my older one. I tend to over blush… You can use this brush for either blush or any powder, though I prefer a little more density for my translucent powder. The highlighter brush is so light and fluffy and is a perfect complement to the highlighters in our Cover FX palette. These add instant glam to your vanity and the handles are (thankfully) waterproof.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 becca lipstick open with box Boxy Luxe March 2019 becca lipstick Boxy Luxe March 2019 becca lipstick open Boxy Luxe March 2019 becca lipstick box info

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love in ‘Taupe’, 0.12 oz – Retail Value $24.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item in various shades.

I didn’t expect this shade to work on my skin tone. I was also confused that such a pretty brick color was called ‘taupe’. The world is full of mysteries. I was really pleased to discover that I can indeed wear this color, and I wear it pretty well if I do say so myself! The color is a muddy brick red that has just a wee bit of shimmer, but this is not noticeable at all on the lips. The formula is velvety and buttery, and I am so happy it is a satin finish rather than a matte. I found it incredibly moisturizing, which is likely because it has hyaluronic acid in the formula. It lasted a good ~5 hours on my lips before I needed to refresh it. No real scent here. The gold case is heavy and feels very luxurious. The lid is one of those super satisfying magnetic ones that audibly clicks closed.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 iconic brow kit with box Boxy Luxe March 2019 conic brow kit open Boxy Luxe March 2019 iconic brow kit Boxy Luxe March 2019 iconic brow kit back info

Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion, 6 g – Retail Value $40.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

I fill my brows in each morning because they have never fully recovered from that dark period of overplucking when I was in high school. RIP full brows. I usually use one of those formulas with a gel and a little spoolie (this is my go-to). This kit is totally different, and I am guessing it might have a little bit of a learning curve. The brow pigment is split into a darker and a lighter shade, both within the same sponge compartment. It comes with a tool that reminds me of the makeup version of a camping multi-tool, but instead of a knife and a fork, you have a spoolie and angle brush that fold down to fit inside the compact. This kit would be perfect for those of us that like a perfectly shaded and angled brow (I believe the kids call them “on fleek” these days) but for someone like me who is much less of a perfectionist, this might be a little too complicated to forgo my normal and admittedly thoughtless brow routine.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 lipstick and eyebrow swatches

Top Becca Lipstick in ‘Taupe’, Bottom pair are the two shades from the Iconic Brow Kit.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 wander peel mask Boxy Luxe March 2019 wander peel mask back info Boxy Luxe March 2019 wander peel maskdetail

Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask, 2.02 oz – Retail Value $34.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

This peel is so pretty! It is a shimmery sugared rose color and smells great. Though it does hurt a little when I peel it off (I really need to try a dermaplane treatment!) I give it mad props for coming off in one papery rose gold sheet without leaving tons of little pieces for me to pick off. I have seen some reviews mentioning this is hard to peel off, but I think this is an indication that there was not enough applied. Go a little thick with your application! It did a great job of peeling off some of my dead skin and my pores were a little less noticeable after use. This formula contains acai, goji berry, blueberry, lychee, mangosteen, and green tea extracts, all of which help your skin look just a little brighter and more radiant. This formula also contains purifying kaolin clay, so I found it a little drying. Be sure to follow up with a toner and your fave moisturizer if you have dry skin.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 lashes in box Boxy Luxe March 2019 lash info Boxy Luxe March 2019 mink gala lashes

Lilly Lashes Gala Faux Mink Lashes – Listed Value $24.99

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

Fun fact about me: I cannot apply lashes. I have to have a friend do it. I have actually ruined contact lenses before! I save lashes for extra special events and if I don’t really like the look of them, I avoid them in general, gifting them to someone who is more dexterous. These lashes are pretty enough to stash away for a special occasion though! I love how long they are while still looking really natural. They are really fluffy and multi-layered from the side view, making them a great choice for someone like myself who leans towards a more natural look, but sometimes wants extra fancy lashes. This particular lash style is a limited edition, and wasn’t on the company’s site, though they do have a ton of similar options.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 it cream with box Boxy Luxe March 2019 it cream back info Boxy Luxe March 2019 it cream open

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream, 2 fl oz – Retail Value $48.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

I LOVE getting high-quality creams in any box, and when they are the full size I get extra excited! This cream has been on my radar but this was the first time I have gotten any in a box. Apparently, it was developed with the help of plastic surgeons and dermatologists so I am all in! This cream is suitable for all skin types and its primary focus is anti-aging, which is music to my ears. The ingredients are certainly there to do the job: ceramide complex, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and tons of antioxidants. The box recommends using this cream day and night, though I think I prefer something heavier for sleeping. It absorbed easily into my skin and my makeup seemed to set on top of it just fine throughout the day, meaning I likely found a new daytime cream favorite!

Boxy Luxe March 2019 morphe palette in box Boxy Luxe March 2019 morphe eyeshadow palette Boxy Luxe March 2019 morphe eyeshadows Boxy Luxe March 2019 morphe eyeshadow palette bottom Boxy Luxe March 2019 morphe palette box bottom

Morphe 15B ‘Night Master’ Artistry Palette, 22.5 g – Retail Value $16.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item in 1 of 4 palette variations.

This is a BIG palette. If you can’t find a few shades you love in this selection, I am not sure what to tell you. The main color theme here is plum, purple, amber, and range. I will say that the matte shades were sometimes little chalky and required more work than I enjoy to blend. This collection really shines with the shimmery and metallic formulas. Unlike some of the mattes, they were smooth, super pigmented, and blended without any real effort.

Boxy Luxe March 2019 eyeshadow swatches Boxy Luxe March 2019 additional eyeshadow swatches

I totally thought I could fit all of these swatches onto one arm. NOPE.

Top to bottom: Custom, Unique, Selfie (this was very chalky), Talent, Shook, Va Va Voom, Illustrated, Goals, Editorial, Creativity, Scene, Cliche (needed more pigment for sure), Excuse Me, Hello, Craze

Boxy Luxe March 2019 nail polish pair Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann nail bolish duo back of box Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann oh donna Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann oh donna open Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann nail polish og donna bottom Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann nail polish modern love Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann nail polish moden love open Boxy Luxe March 2019 deborah lippmann odern love nail polish bottom info

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color in Modern Love and Oh Donna, 8 ml each – Retail Value $20.00 (Currently out of stock)

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

I love the creative colors that Deborah Lippmann is known for, and they come in the prettiest glass bottles! This pair of mini polishes were in two really wearable neutral shades that I love. Oh Donna is this pinky, lavender brown with a golden pink shimmer flash that gives it a semi-coppery feel on your nails. Modern Love is one of those special shades that also looks like a few different colors, but I would best describe as a smoked lavender mauve. Both of these shades would be stunning on any skin tone and work well in any season because of their subtlety. I don’t have the greatest nails, and polish rarely sticks to them for more than a day or so without flaking. This one did last 2 days without any chipping, which probably means that on normal, non-oily nails the formula would have a ton of longevity! It is also totally worth mentioning that these formulas are 7-free and vegan! (Thanks Victoria!)

Boxy Luxe March 2019 nailpolish swatches

Sorry guys, I have almost the worst nails imaginable for showing off polish. Left is Moden Love, Right is Oh Donna. Oh Donna looked less orange in person.

(Also, excuse the bright blue ink. I was attacked by a pen this afternoon.)

Boxy Luxe March 2019 makeup bag Boxy Luxe March 2019 makeup bag back Boxy Luxe March 2019 makeup bag detail zipper Boxy Luxe March 2019 makeup bag open Boxy Luxe March 2019 makeup bag inside

BoxyCharm Traincase – Listed Value $20.00

All BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive this item.

I kind of dig this cool holographic rose gold case. It has a snakeskin texture that looks really chic and a little badass. The zipper is rose gold! It is also a great size for travel, with enough room for all of your makeup and travel sizes hair products and soaps. The inside is lined, but not waterproof, meaning if you spill, be sure to wipe it up right away.

Verdict: The total retail value of this BoxyLuxe is $301.98, which is outstanding for a $49.99 box, including free shipping. There wasn’t a single dud in this box for me personally. The Cover FX palette is my go-to dream palette, and the Becca lipstick is also going in heavy rotation before I switch to my lighter spring favorites. I am thrilled with the full size IT cream, and love wearing it under makeup during the day. The nail polish colors are absolutely perfect for my style. The eyeshadow palette had some colors I wasn’t super into in term of formula or shade, but most of them were really lovely. The eyebrow kit is out of my comfort zone, but that’s what I love subscription boxes. They send new and exciting products for you to discover! The brushes are useful and gorgeous, and the mask is a little weekend pampering treat. I look forward to using the lashes for a special occasion. I thought the train case was really stylish and well done. All in all, I absolutely LOVED this BoxyLuxe and highly recommend upgrading each quarter if you are a subscriber. For an additional $29 you get so much more!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but you can claim a spot for the June BoxyLuxe box by upgrading your Boxycharm subscription in your account section.

Value Breakdown: At $49.99, here is what you are paying approximately per item

  • Cover FX Palette $7.45
  • Moda Brushes $4.96
  • Becca Lipstick $3.97
  • Iconic Brow Kit $6.62
  • Wander Peel Off Mask $5.63
  • Lilly Lashes $4.14
  • IT Cream $7.95
  • Morphe Eyeshadow Palette $2.65
  • Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Duo $3.31
  • Traincase $3.31

Alternatively, each of the 10 items has an average cost of $5.00

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What do you think of the March 2019 BoxyLuxe Box? 


How do subscribers rate BoxyLuxe?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (75)

  1. Is anyone else having issues with their Customer service?

    I’ve been emailing them constantly over this box. When it arrived it was missing items and my Pallette colors, a couple were smashed. I love boxy charm and usually they have excellent service but lately my boxes haven’t been arriving in perfect condition. I’ve had two boxes in the last 4 months where Items are either broken or missing. And now Boxycharm has completely ignored me.

    At first I wanted to give them the benefit of doubt since I figured they were busy with the special edition skincare box,but now it’s been two months and no reply regarding this March box. I’m not sure what to think

    • I had a problem as well, and kept following up with them because I wasn’t hearing back, and when they finally got back to me, their email said:

      “Unfortunately, when you send multiple emails under the same case, the entire case will assume the position of the most recent time stamp, delaying your response. We typically respond to all inquiries within 48-72 business hours (this does not include weekends or holidays). In the future, we recommend that you only submit one inquiry at a time to ensure a quick response time for you and all other Charmers.”

      They will keep sending you to the back of the line if you double or triple email on the same chain!

  2. Saving grace for this box was the IT cream.. love it. But am still cancelling and watching for a change. Ipsy has stepped up their game and Boxy will lose customers unless they follow. An attempt to match what customers want, an option to skip and add-ons are a big plus for me!!

    • I agree completely!

  3. Honestly, this was not the best introduction to Boxyluxe for me. The coloring on the eyeshadow palette & the “chocolate” lipstick was way off for my complexion. It felt like I wasted my time taking their beauty quiz. The peel off mask was pleasant until the peeling off process irritated my sensitive cheeks. Using the brow kit was a bit awkward, & I’ll never use the lashes. I do enjoy the nail polishes, and it was nice to get a couple new brushes. I was glad to get the lighter face palette & I’m enjoying using that. The saving grace of the box was the IT face cream. I can already tell a difference between when I use it the night before & when I forget. So, I have plenty of things to gift but I’m happy to find a new face cream worth repurchasing. I’m just hoping Boxy starts taking our complexions & preferences into account soon.

  4. The more I see of that CoverFX palette, the more annoyed I get with Boxycharm.

    I got the medium dark instead of the light. I have light skin and so the palette I got won’t work at all for me.

    Yet the trade groups are FULL of people who got the right one and don’t want it, selling it for up to $21. I already paid $55 for my boxyluxe, it seriously annoys me that in order to get the colour I should have gotten, I have to pay more, and even then I’m still left with a palette I can’t use – because no one is buying the medium dark.

    4500 charms in credit, is absolutely no use to me either – because the charm store rarely ever has stuff worth buying.

    I did like the rest of my box, but this whole thing has really left a sour taste in my mouth with Boxycharm. It does not good to tell them this either, because you get nothing but an eventual canned response.

    • I have the light palette and have been SEARCHING for someone with the deep. I will trade you as long as you pay for priority shipping so we can track the package.

  5. When do I have to sign up to receive the luxe? And once I sign up can I upgrade right away or is there a waitlist like with ipsy? Thanks!

  6. My box just shipped today and since I’m in Canada I don’t expect to see it for a long while. Right after I got the shipping notice I got the dreaded email that they sent me the wrong palette colour. A bummer all around really.

  7. Super disappointed that I got the dark CoverFx… if anyone wants to swap for the light let me know! I loved everything else though!

    Typically I am pretty happy with this box. I am going on 2.5 years with them. I figure its hit or miss and for the $, it is what it is. If it is something I can’t use/don’t like or want I will give as gifts.

    • If you filled out you beauty quiz and you got the dark one in error, you are not alone. Contact them and they will give you the equivilant value in charms.

      • I did fill out the quiz and I did contact them, but i was on the waitlist to to upgrade and they only compensated BoxyLuxe members. The pallete was the only thing I wanted. I cancelled. I won’t be back.

  8. Why do i feel like lately all of the swatches have been tested on Marne? She’s like the guinea pig, or the Queen of all swatches. lol.

    • Hey Jessica! Those are my arms/hands. Marne has a much nicer collection of tattoos and literally the best nails ever! I probably should have asked her to do the polish for that reason! 😂

  9. I didn’t read every comment because too many words but my boxyluxe didn’t have the nail polish that’s in this review and it didn’t even match what was on my card 😂😂 poor boxy had a rough month

    • I think there was an option to either get a polish set or a cuticle set.

  10. I think she meant Mercari. It’s a place where people buy/sell stuff online.

  11. TBH, I like my box. The Iconic brow cushion is such a fantastic product. So easy to create nice, natural looking brows.
    My Becca lipstick is in the shade Sorbet, which is my perfect nude rose.
    The Cover FX is such a great product as well. The contour is perfect for my skin tone. The highlights aren’t as dark as you think and work great on my pale skin.
    Even the moiturizer works for me, and doesn’t feel too heavy even on my oily skin.
    I got the same eyeshadow palette. While I’m not exactly short on neutrals here, I used it today and it was fine, though not super impressive.
    The one thing I don’t want or like is those friggin lashes. I wish they stopped sending them.

    • Oooooh Sorbet sounds gorgeous. *shamelessly adds to Sephora cart*

    • That’s great you got such a good selection of shades and items you liked. I would’ve liked that same lip color and I was really interested in the brow compact having never seen anything like it.
      But unfortunately I’m super bummed after reading this review and your comment (most people complained about their box/colors which made it easier 😄)
      They sent me an email assuring me I’d get the March Luxe as long as I stayed subscribed and had a good payment option on file. I had both but didn’t get charged for anything but the regular box. I emailed them immediately asking why and a few days later got a response saying it must’ve been an issue with the second charge. As in I didn’t have sufficient funds. I knew that was a lie and confirmed it with my credit card company. They never attempted to charge me for Luxe at all. So then a few days later I got an email (addressed not to me personally but a bunch of people, apparently) about how they’d run out until of Luxe boxes and they were sorry but if we stay subscribed we’ll definitely get the next Luxe which will be even better! Like that helps. And why should I trust them when they cheated me on March?
      Sorry to vent! But I am happy for you and the others that got Luxe and were happy with it!

  12. I look toward to getting my box every month I’ve been receiving it for over three months now and had no complaints up until this month. The Wander Beauty mask was horrible and tore my face up I also wrote to that company. My thing is do we always get the same things and a box every month even though they’re a different product. I mean there are so many mascaras I can use in such a short time and the face palettes they’re nice but I can only use so many of them and face mask I get every month also. Are there other things that they send besides face palettes mascara and purifying mask? I don’t want to cancel my subscription because like I said I enjoy getting them but I’m afraid if I keep getting the same every month that I’m going to have to. Does anyone know who and how I contact them

    • The boxes have been the same type of items for quite a while. It may be nice to take a break and pick a lifestyle box for while. You can e-mail them but they don’t pause subscriptions and they don’t let you opt out of items.

    • Contacting them is most likely not going to do anything but frustrate you and maybe even anger or offend you. It’s likely to take several days if not a week or more for a reply. Most likely you’ll get several paragraphs of canned responses that they send to pretty much everyone regardless of the issue. Oftentimes they don’t even address exactly what you’re asking. It will be a bunch of standard, impersonal “we love our charmers, we’ve got so many exciting things coming up,”.. blah blah blah. And if you mention unsubscribing they’ll just offer to do it for you no problem. No effort to keep your business, resolve the issue, etc. The bottom line is that they care most about Influensters, YouTube stars, etc and the new customers they bring in. If you’re considering subscribing they’re super nice. But once you’ve been around a little while you’re no longer a priority. It wasn’t always this way. I was a subscriber for years and they were fantastic in every way (other than not using our profiles/preferences). Something happened in the past year or so and things just continue to get worse. From misleading advertising to breaking their word on many different things, to insulting customers, they’re just a mess right now. It’s a shame because they used to be awesome.

  13. Weird… We got exactly the same box however my “taupe” lipstick is actually taupe. I was pretty bummed when I first saw it as I am NOT brown/neutral lipstick fan but it was surprisingly wearable for me. But my lipstick is not anything close to the color you’re showing.

    • Hmmm!! It sounds like a few people have weirdly named shades and there is absolutely some differences within the same color. I am glad we both lucked out with being able to wear our “taupe” though!

  14. Love your reviews, Megan! You are my hand twin… Oily nails and attacked by a blue pen, as well! Made me laugh…

    I am still waiting for my regular Boxycharm box to see what palatte I receive. Thank you for the tip about applying enough mask since that is in both boxes.

    • Baby nails unite! The pen was just unnecessarily aggressive. I still had blue after scrubbing for like 10 minutes! Thanks for reading Anne! <3

  15. I resubscribed this month after seeing the mask, but wish I was eligible for the luxe version. The value is amazing!

  16. The Iconic Brow works great as a liquid liner! It was too dark on my brows and I didn’t have any brown liquid liners so it’s still a total win!

    • That’s a great idea! The left side is perfect for my brows so I haven’t touched the right side shade. I’m definitely going to try it as a liner!

    • GENIUS! Thanks for the tip Brooke!

  17. I love my luxie box, but I got the wrong fx colors, and I have been in touch with boxycharm, just haven’t heard back yet and I’ve tried several times. And suggestions on how else to contact them?

    • They said they didn’t have any palettes to send to replace the ones that were the wrong color, unfortunately. They automatically applied 4500 charms to my account to make up for it. Have you checked your charms to see if they have given you any to make up for it?

      • Yes I checked, they sent me an email but I got it to late, and have asked if anything can be done now, and have heard nothing.

      • They absolutely owe you the 4500 charms since that’s what everyone else received to make up for the wrong palette. You may not hear from them for a week or so (that’s happened to me twice now). Once they reply, if they don’t offer you the charms and/or don’t automatically add them to your account (I’d check it every few days), insist that you receive what everyone else got or you want to be contacted by a supervisor. Threatening to quit won’t work because they really only care about getting new customers. They’ll just offer to close your account if you wish. Sad, I know.

    • And I possibly got the wrong eye pallete also.

      • I don’t think there is actually a wrong eye palette. They only agreed to send 1 of 4 palettes selected at random. So as long as you got one of the four they promted/released as spoilers, there’s nothing you can do. If you’re thinking this because the colors don’t match your profile, they never promised that. They only said they’d send a light or dark FX face palette based on your beauty quiz.

  18. I loved the box! It was my first Boxyluxe and I was so impressed! 🙂 Everything was in the perfect color from the polish to the palette!

    • I loved it all as well. That palette gave me life.

  19. I received the dark palette when I need the light. I’m incredibly disappointed. It ruined the whole box for me.

    • I would love to trade if you are interested, i got the light palette!

      • Yes please! My email is emilyhopk at

      • I will trade with you

    • I got the dark shade to very disappointing but I did go on Mercado and there were a few of both shades for sale and I bought the light shade there and I am loving it got it a couple of days ago for 20.00 it is a great pallet.

      • Hey Michelle- would love to know what “Mercado” is? Thank you!

      • Not Op but I assume she meant Mercari. Poshmark is also a great place to check.

      • I’m so sorry it’s Mercari you can buy all kinds of things from this app new and used but a lot of stuff from boxycharm shows up there.

  20. It’s funny that they call that lipstick Taupe, because I received Burgundy and it’s not burgundy at all. More of a brick reddish brown, with a far more orange-y undertone than pink. It’s a great color and I prefer it to a true burgundy, but their naming is hilariously off. I thought maybe it was just my color! 😆

    • so funny that this seems to be a common thing! Regardless, I do love the color. Even if it is absolutely not taupe!

    • I received Poppy, it’s a red color

      • Oh! They got the name right on that one!

      • Ugh. I got poppy too. Such a weird orangey red color. I’m gonna have to swap or give it away.

        Aside from the miss with the lipstick color and getting the wrong coverfx palette, I am in love with the box! I was able to swap with someone since I got the dark palette. This was my first luxe box.

  21. I love your review Megan! I wonder how the CoverFX palette compares to the IT Je Ne Sais Quois one in regards to pigment and creaminess. I think I like the colors on the CoverFX light the best.

    • this is a good question! I do not have that palette, but I know it was similar and super popular. Anyone have any iinsight??

  22. I’m loving your reviews, Megan! Also, the nail polish is 7-free and vegan. I didn’t get this box cause I cancelled a while ago, but enjoyed reading your review 🙂

    • Thanks Victoria! I think the 7-free/vegan point is a good callout and I am going to add it to the review. I am so happy you enjoyed reading! 🙂

  23. This was my first boxyluxe and I really love it all! So many products to get through. I wish there was an option to just get boxyluxe and not the monthly boxycharm boxes in between (like there is with Ipsy plus). I would stay subbed to boxyluxe if there were but having to get the monthly boxes in between us gonba lead to product overload.

    • I am glad you loved it all! Product overload is so real though! I find that gifting my mom or a close girlfriend can sometimes help, and they are always super thrilled with any of my hand me downs. 🙂

  24. We are box Twins! Everything in the box worked for me. Everything i tried i have added to my routine. That is a win and worth the money. I hope they can keep this up. They sure are going through some growing pains right now. Maybe its time to waitlist folks till they can handle the flow correctly.

    • This box gave me the best palette ever for my routine, but I agree they need to figure a few things out since others didn’t get the same happiness when they received the wrong color. Hopefully, they get those kinks figured out and we can be this excited about every box!

  25. I kind of regret not upgrading…. I really want to try the Iconic.

    • Mel, I have the iconic on swap, I’m blonde and cant use it

      • What is the iconic

      • I believe they’re referring to the brow product included in this month’s box.

  26. Taupe is not the name to use for that lipstick. I have been trying to figure out all the colors in the list. Someone was not paying attention in the naming department.
    I am waiting on the mail carrier. It it usually after 6 pm EST until they get here! I want my box!

    • I hate waiting for a delivery. I am super impatient! And yeah, the naming person was def. not seeing colors they way the rest of us see them I think..

  27. I loved everything about my BoxyLuxe this month, except for the lashes and lipstick. I have SO many lashes thru subs. I really wish we could opt out. And sadly, they rarely get the lipstick right for me. I received the color ‘Chocolate’. WAY too dark for my skin tone. The color would wash my eyes out. Plus, I’m 42, and splintering has become a problem for me, even with primers. So I like to stick to rose and nude shades. I hopeful better customization is coming soon for such an important item in the box.

    • *am

    • What does “splintering” mean? I’ve never heard that term before. I’m not really into makeup, so if it’s a makeup term, that’s probably why I’ve never heard of it. lol!

      • She’s saying the dark color “bleeds” into her lip lines. 🙂

      • I think lol.

      • Makes sense 🙂 Thanks! I have heard of lip products bleeding before so at least I know that one! haha!

      • ^^^ what she said

      • Im glad you asked ’cause i certainly didnt know.

    • Eep, a true chocolate color would be super hard to pull off for a ton of us. Hopefully next time it is a better shade!

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