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BoxyCharm March 2019 FULL Spoilers!


We have full spoilers for one version of the March 2019 BoxyCharm box!

One version of the box will include:

Source: Boxycharmsneakpeek

Each March 2019 BoxyCharm box will include:

Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask – Retail Value $34 *

MODA Brush Powder and Soft Glow Kit – Retail Value $29.99

CoverFX All in One Perfector Face Palette – Retail Value $45

Fill out your BoxyCharm profile! This palette is available in two shades and your profile will determine which palette you receive. 

The Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask, MODA Brush Kit, and CoverFX Palette are both in the March 2019 BoxyLuxe. Check out the full spoilers for the March BoxyLuxe here.

If you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (85)

  1. I gave up boxycharm after 3 months. all i got was those eye palettes with weird dark colors (mainly) and highlights, lipsticks of colors i couldn’t use and overall BLEH. everyone said this box was so great but i didn’t see it. I liked their sound box things that they packed it with. could create my own recording studio with it.

    i went to ipsy plus and overall i’m happy. i snoozed last month because it was stuff i didn’t need and it’s not perfect but i prefer it much more over boxycharm. and i like that they give a lot more skincare.

  2. What’s up with charm room?

    • I’m not sure what you saw last night, but as of now I’m seeing the charm room open with 6 products available and a note that it will be open until the 22nd or all products sold.

  3. Is this what everyone is going to get or will there be “variations” where some of us end up with more sheet masks?😂

    • There’s a version with a mannakadarbeauty Bloom Mascara instead of the Appeal Cosmetics liquid eyeshadow…

  4. I just wanna read what people think of the box but the comments are always about Ipsy. It’s like they’re paid to post on Boxycharm posts. /Conspiracy theory. lmao

    • No – these are all probably real paying customers:) Since Ipsy’s price point is comparable – it gets mentioned on here. Ipsy has been better for me so I ended up cancelling my Boxy sub.

    • The comments about Ipsy actually do tell you what people think of the box. The two are competitors, and boxycharm isn’t as good. Boxycharm has been promising customization for years based on a beauty profile so you can get shades that match your skin tone, skin type, hair type, likes and dislikes ect and still hasn’t delivered. Example- this month both coverfx palettes are too dark for me, but I’m still going to get an item I can’t use because they don’t go based on my fair skin. Last month I got a super dark bronzer for the same reason. This month the Boxy Brands are underwhelming, and I’m not excited for any of the products. Appeal, the brush brand, and OFRA liquid lips feel like they aren’t premium, although I love OFRA highlighters. Ipsy isn’t paying any of us to say Ipsy is better. They’re giving us IT cosmetics brushes, Tarte and HUDA palettes ect. They are literally giving us things from our wish lists at Sephora or Ulta in complimentary shades based on our personal likes and dislikes. That should actually tell you a lot about whether you should try boxycharm or not.

      • There’s no wait-list to get on boxy, and there’s no point to tell someone they can sign up for Ipsy GB when there’s a wait-list just to join the wait-list.

      • Ah but there IS still a wait to get BoxyLuxe (I didn’t get one this month despite tons of people that canceled theirs-mostly due to Ipsy Plus) and honestly you can’t really compare regular Boxy to Ipsy Plus. Only BoxyLuxe can even hope to compete.

      • All you have to do to join Ipsy Plus is to be a current subscriber (just like Boxy requires) and email a request to Ipsy Care. Yes they basically tell you it’s a waitlist for a waitlist, but it takes maybe a month or two to actually join. Typically you get the next available box a few weeks after you send your request. I requested to join around the first of February and got my first Plus bag in March! And at least Ipsy doesn’t tell you you ARE getting their next box then not have enough to keep their word. And it’s STILL happening even though Luxe started 6 months and 3 quarterly boxes ago. I imagine this is at least partly why Ipsy is rolling it out slowly. They actually value their customers and don’t believe in breaking their word over and over again.

      • I have been a Ipsy Sub for awhile and I’ve notified customer service monthly about the upgrading and I get told each time theres a waiting list…..

      • I have done all of that for months and nothing other than hollow promises to be in the next batch of invites. I have been on the waitlist to get on the waitlist since October. It’s the only reason I rejoined Ipsy. So yes there are plenty of us who can’t get Ipsy and it’s getting old.

      • Well said! And so very accurate!

      • I had ipsy for two years and let me just say, it was “ok” but it was not the bomb. I got the same things over and over, same colors I did not want and brushes that I never used. All very small samples too most of the time. Some samples said “not for retail sell” which means if I was anywhere else I would’ve gotten those samples free and not have to pay $10 a month to get them like with ipsy. I have been with boxycharm for one month now and so far so good. I received a tarte eye shadow pallet (FULL SIZE) and TOO FACED better than sex mascara (FULL SIZE) two awesome masks and a lipstick (i cant remember the name but it was FULL SIZED TOO) iPSY, was ok but so far I like boxy better.

      • I totally understand. I had the original Ipsy for 2 years and just kept getting disappointed. I finally left for a year or so. Then I learned from others on MSA how to tweek my profile to get more of what I wanted so I resubscribed and tried it. This worked somewhat, but I still wasn’t thrilled. Of course, keep in mind it’s a $10 bag that doesn’t guarantee full sizes. So of course they couldn’t compete with Boxycharm. But then….Ipsy Glam Bag Plus came along. I had Boxycharm for nearly 5 years and enjoyed it for the first few, then started getting disappointed. Especially ever since Luxe came along. Now that I’ve had time to compare, well…there is no comparison. Ipsy Plus just rocks!!! Even compared to Luxe. I think if you tried Ipsy Plus you’d be pleasantly surprised. Naysayers try to convince everyone it’s so hard to join but it’s not that way for the vast majority of subscribers. Just deal with the $10 bag a month or two but be sure to request Plus right away. In a month or two (or less) you’ll be enjoying your first Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

      • I was an ipsy customer for three years and never once received a full size product! 🙁 I love Boxy
        With the items I don’t like or that do not match my skin tone I give to my little sister as gifts in baskets or add more makeup/skin care products with them!!!! Boxy is definitely worth the money!

      • No way you didn’t receive a full sized item after that long. I’m certain you’ve received a liquid lip, a lip balm, or something that was considered FS. Some items are full sized but don’t look like it.. blushes, bronzers highlighters are often FS

      • Regular Ipsy is just samples with an occasional full sized brush or something. Ipsy Glambag Plus is fantastic!!!!! Blows reg boxycharm away. I cancelled my Boxyluxe because it sucked this time & Ipsys Glambag Plus is better anyways.

      • I get full sized products…tart b…and other cosmetics and I am very satisfied with all of the full size products..and use them daily..just saying…I love boxy charm

      • There’s only the two palettes this month w Boxycharm. Surely the lighter one will work for you. Have an open mind and try it at least. And know that all including the bronzer can be used interchangeably as eyeshadow, blush or bronzer too!

    • I am one of the people that post comments about IGBP in the Boxycharm comments. It’s not a paid thing at all. I don’t think anyone from Ipsy even looks at the comments… If they did I’d probably get some sort of free item or get the best products every month in my box. Not the case though… I just like to point out the differences in the 2 boxes. IGBP has been putting Boxycharm to shame lately.
      My posts are only to show how much I like one over the other lately.

      • I canceled my boxy this month because I finally got off the waitlist for Ipsy GBP I was so excited. The past boxes have looked so amazing. The spoilers I saw were the Huda Palettes and the pixi mascara, the benefit liquid highlighter, and liquid bronzer. Other then the Huda Palette. I didn’t recognize any of the products brands except Purlisse and Huda. So I ended up just signing up for the March boxy. My regular glam bag was amazing but I feel like I was tricked and the bag wasn’t worth it. I don’t know if it’s because it my first box. But I got brands I didn’t know and bright red liquid lipstick. Serious bummer. I really appreciate Boxycharm a boxes after GBP.

  5. This is another subscription I’ve been really, really wanting to tryout, but I’m hesitant because I don’t know if the makeup products they do send out will be women of color friendly!

    • Sub boxes can be hit and miss for pretty any skin tone tbh, unless they take your profile into consideration (like Ipsy kind of does). Desiree Queen does makeup tutorials with her boxycharm boxes and she’s a WOC. If you search for her name or for “boxycharm tutorials” a bunch will pop up. I’d take a look at them and see if you think it would work for you!

    • Boxycharm is just starting to take our profiles onto consideration. So if you want a more personalized experience I would wait a little longer until Boxycharm takes our profiles more into consideration or try to get Ipsy Glam Plus. Ipsy does do a good job paying attention to your profile, as well as likes and dislikes.

    • I signed up in November and so far I haven’t received anything that I thought I couldn’t use because it didn’t work with my skin tone. The only thing that was disappointing was January’s Tarte palette, but I still use it for inner corner or brow bone highlighter. So not even a total waste. You definitely get a great value for what you pay. And if you ever get something that don’t work for your skin tone, there are trade groups on IG and FB where you can swap with other Charmers. I hope this helps! 😊

  6. Ipsy GBP is killing it for me. It’s sad when GBP had me more excited than Boxy Luxe. I’m giving Boxy and Luxe until June to keep or unsub. I’m hoping Boxy sees the comments on here and on their FB where people keep raving about GBP. GBP isn’t even fully public yet and they are doing it right on so many levels.

    That being said, I wish that the OfRA lippie was in the luxe instead of lashes. The one wearable shade they send and it’s not even in luxe.

    • How do you get GBP?!?! I’ve had IGB for two years and haven’t been offered it and been trying to figure out how to upgrade.

      • You have to email Ipsycare and ask to be put on the waitlist. It took me less than a month. Don’t just sign up on the website, I did before emailing and waited 2 months without a peep.

      • Email Ipsy and tell them that their GBP looks so amazing and you’d love to be put on the waitlist, but can’t find it.

        They will put you on the waitlist. I got off in two weeks (dec 1 was my first GBP)

    • You can probably get that lippie from someone in the swap groups. I found someone who swapped her PV highlighter for my bronzer.

    • I will gladly trade u the lipped for the lashes. Seems like every other box I get an ofra

  7. I’m actually really excited now to see full spoilers. I saw my spoilers for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus I was kind of disappointed. I dropped boxy this month but then impulsively wanted to get boxy still think the palette and brushes were worth it. After seeing the Ofra lip and liquid eye shadow. I think this month is a good box and has good value. Damn it boxy! Just can’t quit you ♥️♥️♥️:p

  8. I get both Boxyluxe and IPSY GBP…both are good sub’s and both have products that I will use and others i will donate. Such is the way of subscriptions…

  9. For me personally, I’ve noticed that Ipsy GBP has more products that I tend to use everyday & Boxy seems to be sending me products that I only wear or use when going out or dressing up! Example, Always had my Deets quiz filled out & always always review my products but yet I still get shades of lipstick that I wouldn’t wear every day necessarily! We’re all going to like each due to our personal preferences & what works for some is not going to work for others! Another example, lashes! I never want them & rate them very low hoping to not get any but I still do! I know alot of ppl want them & that’s totally cool but these services should use or quizzes more often, not just here & there! Why do they have them if they’re not going to use them really-I’ve always wondered that! They have to understand that not everybody can wear a full on makeup look everyday & that’s where I think it would be so beneficial for sub boxes (& consumers) to use our beauty profiles! For me at least, there is NOTHING more irritating & that makes me feel like canceling & feel disappointed then when I get an otherwise gorgeous product that I’ve stated previously I never wanted & to get it & not use it & to continually give others my products more then the ones I’ll actually keep & use! Ppl keep going back & forth that this sub is better then the other & so on & that’s great for open positive discussions BUT if they would just use our profiles or use them more(& I’m stating in general, not being specific here)they would get alot less ppl canceling & more ppl purchasing subs & being happy all around! Even personalizing JUST our colors & not specifically a product would make such a huge difference for everyone! Like I said before, there is nothing worse, in my humble opinion, then constantly receiving colors & shades I’m just never going use, it just feels like such a waste, when there’s someone out there that wanted what I got & they got what I wanted!!! Am I making any sense to anyone else? It can’t always be about trying new things out of our comfort zones all the time, we’d just keep getting products to only give away & never use & that’s a waste of my money! At some point can’t we just get products that we want & otherwise can’t get or afford?! I’m just so tired of getting products that seem like their just in my boxes bc the brands couldn’t sell them! I just want products that I’m going to use more then just once or twice! I want new & innovated products that will be my new fav & purchase more of later on-that just seems like good business for the brands & sub boxes & us overall! I don’t think there’s one that nails it every single month(for me personally)more than the other! One month one has nailed it completely then the next month I’m not excited & it seems to be like that for me very frequently! But, I do think that’s just how it is with subs & I’m here to stay regardless bc I’m always gonna end up with a few wow products but things could be a little bit better with more customization & paying attention to our profiles! Done with the semi-ranting, 😆 LOL 😆!!!!!

    • I can’t believe this was just one paragraph. Skip lines, save lives. :p

      Btw, I agree with you. 🙂

      • Skip lines, save lives is my new life motto 🤣

      • lolll, Julie <3 🙂

    • Nicole: This will be the first month that Boxycharm uses our quiz answers, so all of those lippies you didn’t like were given before you filled out your preferences. But, I’m curious to see how closely they are able to follow our results in our monthly boxes…

    • I would have been scared to take the time to write all of that and not have it post lol

    • I agree w you whole heartedly but you’ve gotta realize that these beauty boxes really aren’t about providing new or innovative products. You can just buy those on your own. They’re more about the collaborations they can make w different brands and driving up their sales! It’s all about the bottom line at the end of the day!
      Also, I don’t believe there truly is a way to have every box personalized to every subscriber. It would be mind blowing to keep up w who likes red, pink, coral lippies etc plus they’d have to hire manpower to pack each box that way. But surely w getting sub boxes, you do get some amount of shades you’ll use. Things can be used w other items you have as well like w lippies. Blush can be used as eyeshadow as well. So much is interchangeable too. Plus you can always donate unwanted items to women’s shelters, gift to friends/family, sell on Ebay or Mercari or sell/trade in numerous FB groups!

  10. If anyone wants to trade their Ofra lippie I would love to trade with you- please reply and we can make it happen! I have a lot of trade items, all brand new! Tyia

  11. This box is that a giant wow for me but it’s also not a total dud. None of these are products I would run out to buy for myself, but I don’t hate any of them and will probably use them, especially the brushes

  12. There are so many brand repeats it’s not even funny.

  13. I am getting Luxe but I think this is a good box. The things I like from Luxe are in this plus some other nice items. Makes you re-think Luxe…

    I have yet to get an Ofra lippie so I can’t speak to formulas but this shade looks beautiful. I also have been wanting another liquid eyeshadow like a gold or rose gold but haven’t broke down and bought another one yet. I wonder how It compares to Stilla?

    • I had the Luxe box but I cancelled it because I liked the spoilers for the regular box better this time around! So far I don’t regret it at all!

      I own about half a dozen Ofra liquid lipsticks and the formula is really nice. It’s not 100% transfer proof but it’s pretty close, and it’s not drying at all. This shade looks so pretty, and I don’t own it yet so I’m exited to try it!

      I’m also excited to try the liquid eyeshadow, I’ve never heard of this brand before.

  14. I feel differently than most. I don’t care for the ipsy plus spoilers ever and am always excited and in love with boxy charm! So glad I opted out of boxyluxe this month though. The regular box is killer!

  15. Ew.. 🙁 it makes sense now as to why they took so long with spoilers.. at least Ipsy Plus is killing it..

    • Ewww sorry Ipsy does not come close!! Never has!!

      • Ipsy plus is far superior to BoxyCharm, I’m not the only one who thinks that.. anyway, I’d rather get a Huda Palette (which I am in my Ipsy plus) than this entire box… maybe you should look into it.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • Agreed! The Glam Bag Plus KILLED it this month with that Huda pallet. Unfortunately, I’m not off the wait list for that one just yet, but I was lucky enough to snag that pallet as an add on.

        I do generally like Boxycharm better than Ipsy, but I think Ipsy for SURE won the March round.

      • Thankfully, beauty is based on personal preferences and subscriptions reflect the same. What I may like, another may not…and that is what makes our happy world go round…

      • Ipsy Plus has far exceeded Boxy, since the first month they offered it.

    • Ipsy Plus is better than Boxy. I cancelled Boxy and Luxe. I haven’t really liked anything I’ve been getting from Boxy the last few months. But the products I’ve been getting in Ipsy Plus are items I will use. This month the only item I won’t use in my Ipsy Plus is a mascara and that’s because I don’t wear mascara.

    • Why does it have to be a competition? There are good things about both boxes that make them both my opinion.

      • Amen

      • My wallet wishes I didn’t like them both, but my heart is happy lol

      • I sub to and love them both! 🙂

      • Same here!

  16. I kind of want the palette and brushes but none of the rest. I’ve been unsubscribed for several months, and there hasn’t been enough to pull me back in.

  17. I LOVE IT!! Ofra is one of my favorite formulas. :):)

    • Mine too! I don’t understand the complaints about Ofra. Their formulas are really good and they are cruelty free. I think I have 8 or 9 of their liquid lips now- some from subs and some I bought. They are one of the few liquid lips that don’t make my lips super dry and crack.

  18. The last two spoilers really disappoint. I love Ofra lippies, but this is becoming monotonous. The Appeal product is unappealing to me. I’m happy for the mask, so there is that.

  19. Waiting for April spoilers. if it’s not exciting, I’m afraid it’s time to break up with Boxy which I never thought would happen. I feel like I’ve given away more of the products in Boxy over the past few years than I’ve actually used.

    • That was what made me cancel! I was going through my stuff and realized most of the boxy products were still in the boxes. And the few I tried I wasn’t really happy with or using… like all the PUR palettes. Switched to IPSY and IPSY PLUS and am actually excited and using products not just admiring RV of them.

    • Agreed. I never thought I would even consider cancelling Boxycharm, but I am just not impressed with them lately. I upgraded to Ipsy plus and I am thrilled with the Huda palette I’m getting this month. And the luxe box has a Morphe palette which seems laughable to me. I have nothing against Morphe, but they are not luxury products. Boxycharm better get it together before they lose more subscribers.

  20. This is a great box! I get IGBP but I will like this one. And it’s a very high value month. Never tried liquid eyeshadow so looking forward to that.

  21. A year ago that could be killing box. But glam plus changed everyhing

    • Totally. I spend more on GBP, especially with add-ons but I get products I am genuinely excited about and it’s still a great deal.

  22. No wonder they waited to release those spoilers😂😂 I cancelled and I couldn’t be happier about it sad to say.

  23. The one time you are hoping for variations. Lol.

    • XD so true

    • Amen!

  24. Maybe it’s just me, but I think IPSY GBP is blowing Boxycharm away lately. I love the combination of skincare and makeup product GBP has been putting out and the brands are just so much better! BC seems to be stuck on Ofra and Wander Beauty.

    • It’s not just you! It’s very true

    • Yup you are 100% correct. I saw what I’m getting in my ipsy glam plus and now seeing this,, I am not impressed with this or the boxyluxe honestly…I’m thinking of cancelling and going with the beauty test tube instead. They are good too!

      • I did that! I have no regrets!!

      • I got my Test Tube today and I love it! I’ve been using the SR A+ from the Allure box and I’ve fallen in love with it. The test tube is worth it just for that bc it’s full size. The other products are awesome too! The shower gel and the hair oil smell amazing

      • I love test tube. The only thing I don’t like is they charge for shipping. But I’ve been pretty happy with them overall. And I completely agree about Ipsy plus. The products, quality and value just leave Boxycharm in the dust. Unless Boxy has some really great spoilers next month I’m probably done with them.

      • Yea me too, I’ve been hesitant with the beauty test tube because of the shipping, but I figured that’d I’d still be saving money…boxy being 21 a month but then you add in the extra 28.99 during the luxe months…that 30 something dollars every other month still makes it a deal! I’m gonna have to jump on the March one ASAP so I get that Sunday Riley!

    • I’m only doing Boxy until Ipsy upgrades me to GBP. I was told I’m next on the list to get off the waiting list so fingers crossed that’ll be sometime between now and May. GBP just seems like a better value to me from their spoilers. Boxy better step it up if they wanna compete.

  25. We just got the Ofra Lip in January. This year, lol.

  26. I’ve seen this one 20 times I wonder how many different variations there are of the boxes and what the other products AR

    • I don’t think there are any variations this is the whole box everyone gets I think. This box sucks only thing ill use is the CoverFX palette. I heard the mask sucks. Ipsy glam bag plus is so much better. If I don’t like next month I’ll just cancel I guess.

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