BoxyLuxe March 2019 FULL SPOILERS Box Version #2!

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We have FULL spoilers for the March BoxyLuxe box! 

Box version 1:

Box version 2:

AND here’s a closer look at the color variations:

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love – Retail Value $24 (Colors will vary)

CoverFX All in One Perfector Face Palette – Retail Value $45

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the FOMO box here will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I will trade face palettes, lipstick, eyeshadow and brows with anyone interested. I am pale as a ghost and got medium/dark everything.

    • Which lippie and Morphe palette did you get? I got poppy lip and it’s light and bright. Also got dayslayer Morphe and I’m not crazy about it. I also got the Med- deep and I need the lighter! 😂

      Does anyone know the shade variations for the Becca lippie?

    • Me too! I reached out to their customer service. I’m hoping they respond. Why have a quiz asking for skin tone if you plan to ignore it?!

    • Which lipstick did you get? I got taupe but I like cooler pinks, like mauve or orchid.

    • I’m looking to trade the Becca lipstick in Poppy. It’s a bright pink and I like dark shades. I’m hoping yo get the Becca in the dark red shade. What lipstick did you get.

  2. I haven’t gotten my BL yet but I did get an email saying i’m getting the wrong color face palette. I am literally as pasty as they come- many foundations don’t come in shades light enough for me. Apparently i’m supposed to get some extra charms to make up for the error. I appreciate them trying to make it up but this really misses the mark for me. The charm room is just leftover stock so it’s likely stuff I already got so unless I REALLY loved it and need more what good is this going to do me?? I know they are probably still getting the bugs out of the new system but this is really disappointing.

    • I just got mine and I got the wrong color face palette and eyebrow stuff and the eye shadows are way too orange for me also and so is the lipstick. What’s the point of a beauty quiz if they ignore it? I did not get an email. Today is my birthday and I was so excited to get my box but now I’m just disappointed.

      • Happy Birthday!! Which Morphe pallette did u get?

      • I got the orange Morphe also. It looks like something to use on Halloween and is 100% not for my coloring. At all. The Cover FX was spot on but the Morphe was a huge miss for me.

  3. Has anyone received the Becca lipstick in the shade Blaze?

    • Yes. Another bright red I’ll never wear.

  4. Ok

    So I see that many people are starting to get their BoxyLuxe now… But I’ve not even received my shipping notification or tracking information… Did any of you that have received your Luxe actually get your shipping information first, or did you just receive it without notification?? I’m wondering when I’ll receive mine before I get a notification or if I need to wait for that. Kind of confused how everyone is getting theirs so soon but I’ve not gotten any notifications yet.

    • I am getting mine tomorrow and just received my shipping notification today. It shipped out on Monday so there was definitely a delay.

    • I just got tracking for the March luxe at 6:45 March 8, 19. Claims it will be here Monday. I got an extra 4500 charms which was supposed to be for their mistake but did not get an email saying I got the wrong colors. I guess we will see Monday.

    • I just got a shipping notice tonight saying a label was made.

    • I dont ever get a email i i
      Find out by fedex befor they email me so u should sign up to fed ex n u can see usually when they ship or bout to ship ur boxy

  5. So I got my box today. Love the value and the products, but like everyone else is saying…what was the purpose of doing the beauty quiz??? I got the light color fx, which is what I wanted, but feel it was purely by chance. I put light brown for brows and got the medium brow cushion. I was really looking forward to it, but it looks so dark. For shadows and lipsticks, I list mauve and berries. I got chocolate lipstick and the 1 palette with absolutely no mauves (15D, day slayer). I still love boxy, but this is frustrating. They shouldn’t say they’re going to pay attention to the profile if they have no intention of doing it. Boxy, you can do better!

  6. Did anyone else get an email from Joe (Yosef) about the Cover FX palette possibly not matching your skin tone? This is what my email said:

    “Hello Charmer,

    I wanted to personally apologize for sending you a CoverFX palette that might not match the shade you selected on your beauty quiz. We had a data issue and identified a small group of Charmers who were affected. We believe that you are part of this group.

    My number one priority is to provide the absolute best customer experience and this time I fell short.

    To make it up to you, the team is depositing 4,500 Charms into your account in the next 72 hours to cover the retail value of the CoverFX palette. Typically, we would replace your item but we don’t have replacements available for this product. We just updated our Charm Room with some fantastic items we hope you will love and we will add even more items next week. The Charm Room will remain open until March 22, 2019 and then re-open on April 5, 2019 with a new assortment of products.

    Again, I apologize for this mistake and promise to keep improving things in hopes that this does not happen again.”

    What do you think?

    • That might explain why I have a crazy amount of charms, but I got no email. I sent them a customer service message inquiring about an exchange. Ugh.

  7. So has anyone actually received the right face palette? I did not. I’m starting to wonder if they got us all backwards. I did get the morphe palette I wanted so that’s a plus.

    • I got the wrong shade for the Cover FX too. I received an email saying that they were aware of the mistake and they apologized but they’re out of the palettes. I got my box yesterday. I may be able to use it as eyeshadow, we’ll see. The colors are still beautiful though.

      • V, which one do you need? If you have the light/medium I have the medium/dark and I will trade! I was really excited for that palette so getting the wrong one was a huge disappointment 😞😞

        • Thanks for the offer Angel but I’ve already dug into as eyeshadows. Hopefully someone else can trade since they seemed to mess up a lot of orders.

        • I have the med/dark cover fx and am looking to exchange.

    • Beth, which one did you get?

      • I got the medium/dark one. I used it this morning as eye shadow. I also used the blush with a very light hand and it looks good. Kind of reminds me of the note blush that we got a while back. Then I also used the blush to make the crimson Becca lipstick shade I got look decent on me. It was too orange-y. So, I am making it work as a whole face palette, just not the way they intended.
        I’ll play with the rest tomorrow. Good luck finding a trade!! 🙂

    • Yes, I got all the right shades feeling super blessed bc I was worried. I got the night master morphe which I love and mocha in the becca lip which I’m creative I can work with just about anything. Got the light/med face pallet and the nail polishes which are .27 fl each.

      • I am super happy for you! I can usually make things work as well. It’s kind of fun.

  8. Well, so much for profiles.

    I’m a pasty winter white girl and of course ended up with the deep Cover FX.

    Not interested in swapping or any of that nonsense because it’s not my job to spend more money to fix their mistakes. I even went and verified my profile when I heard they were using them to determine your palate shade. Apparently not.

    I jumped on the Boxy bandwagon late in the game and think I’m about done. It’s not worth it if half the stuff they send is not usuable by me. I’m not buying this stuff to give away either.

    Ugh. Irritated.

    • Same. Came here to warn anyone contemplating this.

      Deep Cover FX palette (which I’m so sad about because it looked amazing!) and Medium Iconic Brow Cushion (which is actually quite dark)

      Don’t fall for it. It’s a trap. They suckered us good this time.

      • I swear if I get the dark palette im canceling because im super happy with ipsy glam bag plus and I also feel like we shouldn’t have to spend more money to correct their mistake! I’ll just stick with my igbp

        • I feel u because if I get the light one I am too and will subscribe to IGBP

    • Yep me too. I canceled only because the customer service plan out lied to me. I want to know why did they even bother repeatedly telling us to do the quiz to insure we got the right shade only to get this response?! This is what they said.

      At this time, we are currently able to use general Beauty Quiz data to segment our boxes to give our members more of what they like. Because we are still working diligently to make the process perfect, we are unable to confirm which variation may be assigned to you, but don’t you worry! Our ultimate goal is to give our Charmers the ability to fully customize their boxes, and we are dedicated to making this possible.

      We are so grateful for your patience and support, and hope that you are looking forward to all of the new features coming soon! As always, if there is absolutely anything that we may assist you with, please feel encouraged to follow up with us. Until then, we wish you a Charming day! ❤

  9. Does anyone know if the boxes are sent in batches by variation? I see some getting boxes already and I haven’t gotten a tracking yet. Which variation did yall get? I would rather variation one but like both. I seem to get my box more towards the middle of the moth each month

  10. I received my box today. I wasn’t expecting it so soon. This is my first luxe box and I was pleased for the most part. I didn’t receive any lipstick. I thought I was supposed to. The Cover FX palette is light to medium which is terribly disappointing considering I am a dark skin black woman. If anyone wants to trade I’ll be more than happy to. What was the point of the beauty quiz if they are still going to send me the wrong shade?

    • I think all they had was the light to medium because all the dark people seem to be complaining but everyone else is happy. Funny right!!!! We all seem to have done our quiz. I’m satisfied with everything except the Cover FX palette which was totally wrong for my complexion since I’m a dark skinned person as well.

    • You definitely were supposed to receive a lipstick!! What all did you get? Did they give you something else in it’s place?? If you can’t find a swapper here, you can get on the trade group on fb!

    • That’s terrible! I would email customer service and not only ask for the missing lipstick, I’d tell them to send the correct FX palette while they’re at it! Seriously! You shouldn’t have to spend time and energy trying to obtain the correct one when you already PAID to have the correct one. They’ve been promising to use those profiles/quizzes for soooo long and this time they actually advertised it for the ONE (FX) item. Made a big deal about personalization. This is why people accuse them of false advertising and such. They keep breaking their word about several things over and over again. You should try Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. They have their stuff together. Especially the personalization.

      • I also received my box and I got the medium/deep which is too dark for my skin! Would you like to trade?

      • This is my 1st Boxyluxe and 2nd box since subscribing last month. I received the Luxe yesterday and love everything in there except I got the wrong FX palette, I have fair skin and got the medium/deep.
        I emailed customer service and told them I had filled out the profile and was there anything I could do and was told no and should swap with another member. Hmmm ok I understand you can’t get everything you want but sending such a great product that I really wanted to try and can only look at and not actually use is really crappy but then telling me straight off that I should go swap I think made it worse.

        • I’m soooo thinking I will get the “Fair” palette and I will call them but if they tell me what they told u I will be unsubscribing and getting the Ipsy glam plus

    • I got the medium deep but I need the light medium one!!! Would you like to trade?????

    • Miki Michelle would you like to trade? I was really looking forward to that palette but I got the medium/deep which is too dark for me?

  11. I received my box today!! I honestly didn’t think that I would get it this fast, so I was pleasantly surprised. I am so happy with this box, the iconic eyebrow cushion set really adds dimension to my eyebrows. I’m super impressed with this seasons Box.. I can honestly say I will use each and every item in it. Boxycharm nailed it. I absolutely without a doubt love everything and Boxycharm is the Holy Grail of beauty boxes..IMO.

    • What Morphe palette and Becca lipstick did you receive?

    • I LOVED my BoxyLuxe also! I was beginning to think I was the only person who was satisfied. So many people complaining, when we are receiving so many awesome products for a fraction of what they would cost if we purchased them separately. I’ve subscribed to almost every beauty box there is, and the only one I am pleased with is BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe…

      • I loved mine too!!! I got it pretty fast and I love every product I received!!!!

  12. I got my box today and I am so happy with everything I’ve gotten except the cover fx palette… I got the medium/deep and I am pale/light…. if anyone wants to trade please reply to this and I will email you! Thank you 🙏!!!!!

    • I’ll trade

      • Still waiting for an e-mail. Belinda did you get the light/medium one?

      • Belinda do u still want to trade???

  13. Has anyone gotten tracking info yet?

    • Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

    • No email for me yet. Buuuut my first GBP has shipped and should be here by Saturday! Woop! I am so excited about my BL and GBP this month.

  14. So annoyed… not only did they not cancel my box they upgraded it!! Never recall checking that box as I switched to Ipsy. Time for a change and at $25 a better deal in my opinion!!

    • The same thing happened to me… Well they didn’t cancel it even though I asked for my Luxe to be cancelled and when I spoke to customer service, they refused to fix it. And blamed it on me. Ugghhh. If I have another bad experience, I’m going to cancel cuz ipsy plus is awesome. And this is getting bad. But hopefully I’ll enjoy it since they charged me for it!! Prob gonna be selling a lot of products!

  15. One of the reasons I left ipsy was because I did -not- need anymore makeup bags! ;(

    • I feel your pain! This bag is more like a train case if that helps any, for me it helps a little! 🙂

  16. I cancelled my Boxyluxe but was somehow charged Anyways and I just checked my account and it’s saying that I’m still subscribed! I’m wanting to only receive the regular Boxycharm this month, so I’ll be selling a lot of the Boxyluxe products. I’m really disappointed in the selection. The products in my Glam Bag Plus are usually wait better than the Luxe, although I obviously only get 5 with that one. But I just feel like it’s a better value. Or maybe these products just aren’t singing to me. I am happy about the It Confidence on a Cream that I wouldn’t be getting with the regular box…. But the other items I’m excited about, the coverfx and wander beauty mask come in the regular box anyways along with the brushes that I’m happy about. Oh well. I hope I’m more happy with it once I get everything.

    Also, does anyone know if the Violet Self Tan spray is a variation in the box this month because it’s pictured in one of the Boxyluxe boxes and I would really love to have that. I was disappointed to not see it on the spoilers list.

    Help. ☺️☺️

    • So, apparently that was a mistake (the violet self tanner). It was a false spoiler and will be going into another months bag.

      Anyone know why we can’t use our charms? I’ve sogned four people up so I had like $26 to spend…

      • I saw a comment on IG where Boxy responded saying they were updating the shop.

  17. I’m so wanting the Happy Hour palette and the Becca Blaze lipstick 🤞🏼

  18. I’m hoping for the happy hour pallet and any of the lipsticks EXCEPT the coral one

  19. Apparently, I did not get off the waitlist this month. My card was only charged for regular subscription and I have been waiting since December 8th.

    • Me too. I was only charged for a standard box. 😒 I’m wondering if they will charge for Boxyluxe later today or tomorrow. BL subscribers, care to chime in?

      At least I got off the GBP waitlist! I got charged for a plus today. Woop!

      • This will be my second boxyluxe and I was charged the full amount today. One charge for the luxe.

      • I would email them. You should have been moved off the waitlist by now!

    • I actually just checked again and the separate charge went through for luxe!

      • Me too!

    • I wish I had taken my name off the waitlist. I figured they’d let me know the last minute – March 1st. Lol, otherwise I would have cancelled BoxyLuxe and just gotten the regular plus Beautyfix. I wonder if there’s a way I can still cancel it?

      • I don’t think they issue any type of refunds. Are you a member of any BST groups on fb? You can always sell or trade! I plan on swapping my it cosmetics cream for another eyebrow product or Ofra lippie. I want to try the confidence in a cream but my gut tells me it will be too heavy and break me out.

    • I’m so bummed. I didn’t get charged last night either. I got my hopes up when I read your post and the replies about people getting the second charge. Unfortunately I just checked again and I still only show the $21 charge. I don’t get it. I went back and reread my email and it practically states I am definitely getting March BoxyLuxe. I only stayed subscribed to get Luxe after my regular box was practically trashed last month and customer service was not at all helpful. They finally apologized and gave me some charms, which of course are useless since the charm room only has items you can’t use charms on. And now this. If I had known there was even a chance that email was total bull and I might not get Luxe agtet all, I for sure would’ve canceled Boxy altogether.

      Oh well. Glad you all are getting it after all!!!

      • Other people are signing up and not being waitlisted at all! You should email customer service and see if there was a glitch of some sort on your account! Also include you’re only subscribed for the promise of luxe, maybe they’ll bump you up!!

    • Same here. I’m so disappointed. That email practically promised I’d get the March Luxe box. I followed all the rules that would “guarantee my March box spot” yet they only took $21 Thursday night. I keep checking but no other charge has come through from them. I had a terrible experience with my box and subsequent customer service failure last month and almost quit. I only stayed for the luxe upgrade and to try to use my charms. Since I can’t do either (charm room is empty except things to buy with money), I guess I’ll just cut my losses and put Boxy behind me after all these years. I hope I get something decent in my final regular box. Luckily I am starting Ipsy Plus this month so that should help.
      Congrats to those of you that were promised and charged correctly so you can enjoy your boxes!

  20. I totally love the MSA website, so I can get a heads up on what’s coming on my Boxy every month. This boxyluxe this month seems very nice I mean, for $50 you’re getting a lot of stuff 😀
    I really hate to get to this articles and seeing a LOT of complains, it becomes annoying reading the same thing over and over.

    • Well sweetie… When you’re charged for something that you weren’t supposed to be and they refuse to issue a refund, that’s something other charmers should know about. If you don’t want to hear about raves and rants, then I would steer clear of the comments section. That’s what it’s here for… So we can share our experiences with our fellow Charmers.

  21. Like many of you, I am tired of receiving false eyelashes so I cancelled this subscription. After subbing for more than 2 years I decided I was tired of giving away more of this box than I was actually keeping for myself.

  22. I swear I saw somewhere that we were also getting an extra item in BL that was some sort of bronzing mousse or gel…. and now I can not find the post anywhere. I can not remember If it was here or on FB or IG.

    Anyone else see that as well?

    • They later said the bronzing mousse was a mistake that there would be only 10 items.

  23. To everyone talking about the nail polishes, more than likely the set is travel size and the cuticle oil is full size, the price point will be the same. Most of DL’s nail polishes are travel size when in a set. Hope this helps some with concerns.

  24. I just saw a spoiler for ipsy gbp that shows that March GBP will have a huda eyeshadow palette in it .. now I’m not hating on boxy lux but isn’t odd that a box you pay 25.00 has a brand like huda and a box you pay almost 50.00 for has morphe?? I’m not hating on morphe either, I have a pallet from them that i love. I just found that weird btw if y’all wanna check out this spoiler lifestyle.ela

  25. Agreed. I was one of the “lucky” subscribers who received false lashes several months in a row versus others whom got great items I’d have loved. It isn’t about the dollar amount. It’s about paying the same price for a subscription, for years at that, and not getting the same quality of items everyone else gets. I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to understand. I can only assume it’s because they are brand new to the box or they were the subscribers who actually got the nicer boxes.
    I get there will be variations now but shouldn’t they be of equal quality? Instead of false lashes versus a nice palette make it 2 variations of nice palettes or, and I’d rather never see them again, 2 variations of false lashes.
    If it were a lottery, sweepstakes or anything else that doesn’t require a monetary buy in I could understand the “life isn’t fair” comment, but it’s not. It’s a monthly subscription box that everyone pays the same amount to purchase….
    I’m an Influenster and have been truly lucky enough to get a few really good boxes from them to try out for free. There are numerous people though that have never received anything after years of being a part of the community and write angry comments about it not being fair… In this situation I can understand their frustration and I think your comment could apply here. It’s not fun watching others write rave reviews on their free products. The key word though is FREE.
    Sorry for the novel. This is just MY OPINION of course.

  26. Going to be super disappointed if I get a nail file and cuticle oil over two $20 nail polishes I can get similar nail files at dollar tree and I have a whole bottle of ncla oil.

    • Cynthia Lowry : Your comparison of the DL items is a bit skewed as Boxyluxe is giving out 2 TRAVEL SIZE Deborah Lippman Nail Polishes versus a FULL SIZE Cuticle Oil & File.

      The value of the two are similar as the travel sized polishes are not $20 each (that is the price for the full sized version), these will be TRAVEL size (sets of 2 are valued between $19-$24)…and the Cuticle Oil is a FULL SIZED version selling for $20 (and that’s without the file).

      Hope this helps…

      • I’m the opposite. I actually prefer the cuticle oil vs the nail polish. I have too many nail polish, while I can probably use up cuticle oil faster.

        • If I get the cuticle oil and you get the polishes, would you like to swap? I have gotten 2 bottles of cuticle oil over the past 4 years of having Boxycharm and I still have both of them lol. jsinger422x at yahoo. com if you’d like to swap.

  27. I just cancelled my BoxyLuxe subscription, because I have a sneaky suspicion that the reason the regular box has not been spoiled yet is that many of the same products will be in the regular box. I don’t need the Morphe palette, lashes, bag, nail products or brushes, so there really isn’t any reason for me to get this box. I will be upgrading again after March, though!

    • The brushes are going to be on the regular Boxycharm.

    • Yeah I just cancelled mine too I just wasn’t impressed by none of the items. In my opinion they started really good with the Boxyluxe and now doesn’t seem interesting anymore. But thats just My opinion.

  28. I hope I get the cuticle set… I dont wear polish! I also hope I get a wearable lip color, cant do nudes, and browns… Other than that looks like a good box. Excited for the it cosmetics cream and the peel off mask!!!

  29. I hope I get the box with the two nail polishes! I looked up the colors online, and they look really pretty.

  30. There is no difference in either of the boxes, am I missing something?

    • One has nail polish and the other has a nail file and cuticle oil

    • Kizzie, Box 1 has the Deborah Lippman cuticle set, and Box 2 has two Deborah Lippman nail polishes.

  31. After seeing the unboxing on BoxyCharm’s YouTube channel I’m a little more excited about receiving this box. The make up bag is actually a train case and I can never have too many of those with all the make up products I receive from the subscription boxes.

  32. There are some items that I will be trading for the It cream. Less so if I get all matte palettes.

  33. What will be in the regular boxy?

    • The Cover FX pallette and the brushes. That’s all we know so far

  34. I honestly dont need palettes but i have always wanted to try the confidence in a cream moisturizer, so i might as well get this. i like the eyebrow cushion too! i hope i get lucky and get the lighter face palette coz the darker one just wont work on my pale skin

  35. When does this box ship?

    • They charge your card on the 2nd and usually ships within 5-10 business days of payment going through

      • Thanks! This looks like the best boxyluxe yet, I’m excited

  36. Hey Liz there’s new items in the charm shop just FYI

    • Thanks so much for letting us know!

    • Hey ,some help please,in the charm shop takes me to shop with the website of brand?is this right?

    • Hey,some help please….
      In the charm shop,it takes me to buy with the brand’s website…
      Is this right?

  37. Ugh to these variations ! I was pleased with the nail polish and the shades selected. I’ve tried the formula before and it’s a great formula . For me cuticle oil and a nail file don’t compare. I still have a almost full cuticle oil from a few months ago.

    Everything else I’m pretty pleased with depending on which palette and lip color I receive.

  38. After being a long time subscriber, I cancelled. Boxycharm has let me down. So much brown, so much contour and brow stuff. This would be great for someone that likes to stay on makeup trends I guess. But, I don’t use face makeup, contour, or do my brows. The browns in almost every palette wash me out as a blonde with hazel eyes and olive hued skin – I’m already monotone enough as is. It just isn’t a good fit for me right now, and this luxe was the cincher. I could use the 50$ towards stuff I actually want this month. I was so excited for this too. 🙁

  39. I actually really like this box! I would resubscribe if I could guarantee I could upgrade to this in time!

    • You have a really good chance of being upgraded, after you’re charged for the regular March cost. It seems like a lot of people have cancelled or downgraded from Luxe to the regular Boxy.

    • This looks like a great box!! Super excited for it. 🙂 I am sad to be seeing such negative comments here. These boxes are great if and when they work for YOU. When you are not trying to build your collection you can just unsubscribe. I feel like everyone has to be mad at the company for some reason. This is such a nice forum and I hate when it just seems like a bunch of nasty Instagram posts…

    • I resubscribed today, and got my upgrade email in like 5 minutes

    • I just signed up a day or two ago and was able to upgrade the same day.

      • Really? I signed up in zhanuary and it says I’m still on the waiting list!

  40. I am subscribed only to regular boxycharm, but I’m already excited for March. Can’t wait for the cover fx palette, and I’m guessing we will get those pretty face brushes to go with it. Wouldn’t be mad about the mask and/ or lipstick either.

  41. Cancelled both. Double happy and free now, $50 in my pocket whispering me to buy something new, trendy and NOT brown

    • Or orange

    • I did the same! The box is fun but the only thing I really want is the palette. I cancelled and can go buy the palette of my choice and something else I really want

  42. I finally did it. I unsubbed. I’ve been saying I wanted to do it for a while. I work from home a lot more now so my makeup “needs” have declined. I’m staying with IGBP, however. A girl needs some glam.

    • What is IGBP?

      • Ipsy glam bag plus

        • Hi, can anyone please tell me if after you sign to the Ipsy glam you are automatically in the ipsyglam plus waiting list?
          I did not find any where I could upgrade it…

  43. I actually like this box! I’m suprise I do because the last ones I didn’t like at all. I did unsub to both regular and luxe though. It isn’t enough to pull me back in either.

  44. I hope I get the cuticle oil variation! My cuticles need it more than the two boring looking polishes.
    The darker looking face palette look like nice shades to use as eyeshadows.

  45. I canceled it. Keep only regular box because it is six months prepaid. Too much brown.
    I got my IGB yesterday and love every items there. Even NYX blushes was so pretty.

    • Me too. I loved my IpsyGlam bag. Boxy just isn’t the same. For 50 bucks I can buy what I want. And will use. Instead of just putting in the pile of giveaways.

  46. Yep I cancelled not wasting money on this box

  47. When do we have to cancel by? Boxyluxe is such a disappointment. My Ipsy plus has been more exciting.

    • I kind of want to try Ipsy GlamBag Plus but I unsubscribed… I don’t even know where to find the waitlist for it or how long it would be.


      I usually give boxes 3 tries which unfortunately means 9 months in this case. I did come up with a point system to help me evaluate too! This month will probably be less than 5/10. Last time was 7.5 out of 10.

      • I’m curious. How does your points system work?

        • Sorry I’m not the original poster, but I used a point system to help me decide to cancel Boxycharm and Ipsy.

          I went through the last 4 months of products I received. I had 3 categories: Like, Don’t Like and Have Too Much. I made a tally under each category which some products fit under 2, like any mascaras. I like mascara, but I have too many. After seeing everything tallied up, it cemented my decision to cancel both.

          I actually liked Boxycharm better than Ipsy GBP, but the product overload is real! I have more than enough stuff to last me years!

          • I wish I had your organization skills 🙌 I try to simplify things but I always just think someone else can use it so I get it anyway. Kudos

        • Very similar to the other person’s comment below! For this box in particular, it is:
          * 1 pt for a product I will keep or is a great gift
          * 1/2 pt for something that I won’t use but that is an okay re-gift
          * 1/4 pt for something that is re-giftable but kind of crappy…think filler gifts or stuff that someone will try but probably not enjoy
          * 0 pts for stuff that isn’t usable or re-giftable… I was reserving this for the makeup bag but it’s actually more of a mini collapsible case which makes it valuable now!

          Bonus points: if something is either just a crazy good value or something I was going to buy but don’t have to now, I give it an extra 1/4 pt…for up to an extra 1/2 pt.

          At the end of 3 months if the average score is less than 7, then I will
          Probably downgrade or give it 1 more period if it’s close AND most points were from items I’m keeping.

          You can kind of do it with 5 item boxes (double points) but if it’s a sample based box it may need to be a 6 to keep because it’s hard to give away samples as gifts.

          Lastly I kind of use Ipsy and Boxycharm to compare overall retail value… there are certain fixed costs so I expect prices to increase exponentially up to a certain point then it should be a fixed value. Ipsy is 3.5-5x’s box cost and Boxycharm is usually 5-7x’s box cost. There is never an issue with value for these two boxes so they are kind of the standard for other boxes like cult crush, Macy’s, Birchbox, etc. I occasionally adjust the value if it’s hyper inflated too on the cards! Also, I do think Boxyluxe probably needs a quick compare for $ but I am sure it’s there 🙂

        • I do the same thing! I rate each product as I use from 1-5 stars. Then tally up total number of stars gives me an idea of how much I liked/dislike that sub for the month. It’s fun and passes time while you wait for your sub boxes!

  48. I just want to know what’s in the regular box other than the cover fx

    • Me too! I already downgraded from Luxe and need to know if I’m going to cancel altogether.
      It has to invlude at least 2 of these items shown for Luxe since Luxe always gets 3 of the same items from the regular box. If I had to guess I’d say the other 2 are the lipstick, lashes and/or mask. What’s everyone else predicting?

      • I doubt the lipstick since Becca is kinda fancy but the lashes and the brushes is my guess.

        • Well we guessed right on the brushes, now for the third one 😂🙌

    • Brushes and mask. Mask(mask color) is exclusive BC item.

      • The mask is regular boxy too???

        • Not at all. I received a sample of that from Ipsy this month. Its the same thing, just in a way smaller tube.

          She says “mask color “, idk if they mean the outer packaging or the actual color of the mask…but still I highly highly doubt it.

          • It’s the color of the actual mask. It looks to be a rose gold color on their YouTube unboxing.

  49. This is perfect for me! I think it’s variety is excellent. Thanks Yosif!

  50. I’m canceling I have three of those morphe palettes don’t need any brown nail polish or more false lashes I’d rather buy something I’ve been wanting

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