BoxyCharm April 2019 Confirmed Spoiler #1!

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We now have confirmation of the first April spoiler for BoxyCharm!

The April 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Here’s a better look at the palette:

PUR Cosmetics Festival Pressed Pigment Palette – Retail Value $36

What do you think of the first April spoiler?

If you sign up now, the March FOMO box will be your first box. Click here to see exactly what you’ll receive.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Ugh! Seriously?! Clown makeup.

    • Must be why hot pink eyeshadow is trending…..we like to look like clowns

    • There’s a pink and a purple, every other colour in the palette is a neutral shade…

      • There’s always someone boring who claims that there isn’t 38 shades of neutral.
        God forbid people like color, Karen

    • If you take out the hot pink and purple it’s a very normal color story. I love having a pop of color to play with.

  2. The colors are pretty , i see a lot comments about being 40+ and to old for these colors ,I’m 40 going on 41 and I’ll defiantly wear these shades as long as the formula is good. If your happy wearing brown ,neutrals or whatever good for you wear whatever makes you happy ,but don’t ever think you can’t wear glitters and bright colors because of your age. Wear glitter in your 90s if you want . 😙

    • Absolutely! I am 55 years old and only really discovered and started wearing makeup since about 6 months ago. I love it! I love taking the time every day to make myself look and feel good. If it’s glitter that does it for you, do it! There’s no age limit on feeling beautiful.

      • Yes I agree, I get up extra early and make my face. It’s a lot of fun seeing the end result, and I use everything. #46

    • Totally agree. I’m sure if you want to go for the clown look you could, but personally I could make a completely normal colorful eye look with this palette.

      I’m 47, celebrating my 27th anniversary today, and I don’t think any age is too old for any eyeshadows. Shame on those who think certain makeup is for a certain age. Opinions are fine but don’t make a proclamation as if it is factual.

      • Happy Anniversary!!!

        And I totally agree!!

    • I’m in my 40s, work in a corporate environment, and wear colorful makeup a lot. I love neutrals, too, but having a little sparkle brightens my day. It’s all in the application.

    • I agree with you. Do what makes you happy, not what someone else says you should do!

    • Im with you! Im 46, and I love a pop of color, or a pop of shimmer or glitter in my eye look! I still wear a red lip if I’m doing a neutral eye. I’ll be bright and colorful until the day I die. I work at a salon, and there are the most beautiful ladies who come in with their make-up done in their 70s, 80s, and 90s.. I think they are beautiful!, and they are usually the happy ones!

    • I agree with you 100% …I am 52 and I use every colour there is…With neutrals a little pop of colour goes a long way. There is no age limit to trying new things.

    • I’m 52 and look forward to receiving this next month

    • I heard that be yourself where would you want to wear it will look good on you hey it looks good

  3. It’s like Boxy forgot other brands exist. At this point I am considering using the 21$ towards a product I would actually enjoy trying from other brands. I always end up using about one item (if that) from the box anyway.

    • I’m canceling my subscription! Not because of the pur palette but because boxy has become a joke and after it taking almost all of March for me to get my March box I’m over it. What was the beauty quiz for? They sent everyone in 1 of the boxycharm groups the wrong shade cover fx palette!

  4. I seem to in the minority here, because I think this palette is gorgeous! I unsubscribed from Boxy several months ago, and since then not a single spoiler has made me consider resubscribing. Until now. I like this!

    • I am beyond exited! I too think its gorgeous!

    • I totally agree!

    • I totally agree!

  5. I wont blame my age its just not me!! But am totally happy that others get a chance to vary. Would be a dream come true if there was an option!!

  6. I already have a palette that looks really similar to this: the Pat McGrath MTHRSHP La Vie En Rose palette. I might give this away, since I can create this with one or two palettes I already have and that I know are superior in quality.

    • I have a few Juvias that have these colors- I think this will be gifted from me as well. That never bothers me though, because my daughter has birthday parties to go to and she has a reputation to uphold as giving the best gifts 😉 (basically every sub box palette, mascara and lippie I’ve ever gotten, haha) I probably have the worst reputation as the mom who gives out makeup!

  7. I’m glad to finally get some fun colors again. Some people are upset because it’s not something they would wear but that’s why I like boxycharm, I get a variety of things to try for a low price that I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to try. I will say that I’d like to see more than Pur pallets because they do them so often. Still, I’m excited to try this and have fun with it.

    • ^^^ THIS!!
      In my last Boxy I got the Becca lipstick in Chocolate. I hated it! Until I tried it, and now I LOVE it!
      And I also got the 12D morph palette (all the oranges). I hated that too! Until I tried it. I LOVE that one too! 🙂
      It’s so much fun discovering things that I NEVER would have chosen, but have now been added to my absolute favorites list.

    • Still a neutral palette with a purple and pink

    • I cancelled today not because of the colors but because PUR had the worst quality shadows I have ever tried.

      A TON of people on reddit are saying they cancelled today because of this spoiler. Boxy actually closed the charm shop today (until April) probably to try and stop the cancellations. They threaten when you cancel that you could lose all your charms.

      Anyway it isn’t the colors. It’s the formula.

      • I wholly agree! It’s not the shades in the palette that bother me, it’s the quality of Pur products is general. They’re not good. I said this in another post, I think BoxyCharm uses this brand a lot because it’s easy to obtain, they probably have tons of product they need to get rid of because they don’t sell so much, and this is how boxy can get it for cheap.. I’ve actually purchased products from their website, and will never again..

  8. I am excited to see it in person!

  9. I’m happy to see that I did the right thing by ending my subscription after the February Charm box. I had been getting the Luxe Box as well. No regrets. I got tired of the super deep lip colors and the excessive # of variations. Also the lack of items to spend my charms on-what a joke! and it seemed like I was always getting the LEAST desirable variant. Every time I see Boxy showcasing a Pur product I remember viewing the video showing RawBeautyKristi and Jackie Aina on their luxury Mexico trip sponsored by Boxy and Pur. My subscription helped pay for that all-inclusive trip-including private pool for each room!
    I believe that Boxy might have had it’s 15 minutes of fame UNLESS they change and keep it’s promises. Ipsy Plus is treating it’s subscribers MUCH better.

    • Well said… And I agree!

    • I quit Boxy after the Dec. box. I am only completely committed to Ipsy GB+. I try other subs but the GB+ is my jam. They actually follow my profile & they send FS k skincare!! Basically my dream sub!

    • I actually cancelled the same time after getting the February box and I was subscribed to the Luxe box as well. The March Luxe Box looked terrible, the only thing that appealed to me was the IT Cosmetics cream. The Cover FX face palette was their featured product, and Boxycharm still managed to screw that up by sending out the wrong face palettes! Boxycharm has had a tendency to drop the bomb like this on several occasions (Limited Edition box, signing up for the first Luxe box, etc).

      Its a shame because the only PUR palette I enjoy is the Soiree Diaries palette they featured on September’s 2017 box. I still rock those neutrals to this day(It also had a 3 year expiration date too!). Their next collab with Boxycharm was the big huge trip to Mexico and that palette looked so pretty. Their eyeshadow formula has changed though and it sucked! They wore off very quickly and could not even stay on for 6 hours of wear. Ever since then, their eyeshadow products have been a big fat miss for me.

      This palette has some pretty colors but I cannot stand glitters. I usually end up looking up Edward Cullen by the end of the day. Hard pass for me.

  10. I’m in my fifties and love the glitter colors!

    • Yes! 40’s here and glitter is fun!

    • I don’t get this box anymore but it bugs me so bad, when women say they are too old for ANY make up. It might not be for them, but don’t act like any age can’t rock it!

      • I agree completely! I’m 55 and I LOVE to experiment with whatever boxy sends my way!😊

  11. If this is the leader … yikes!

  12. So glad I cancelled a few months back. Boxycharm should just merge and become sister companies to PUR, every box seems to have a PUR cosmetics item in it.

  13. I’m in my fifties, and I love the glitter colors!

  14. I just cancelled, I’m switching to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

  15. Not impressed with this at all. These colors are not anything I’d ever wear. Is there a way to skip a month? This will only be my third box and I’m not overly impressed.🤷🏼‍♀️😢

  16. Dodged a bullet! March was my last box, feeling only JOMO.

  17. Not happy with this. I’m sure some people like these colors. Not for me.

  18. For a second I thought they were sending a pair of glasses and I got really excited! But another freakin palette? Yuk.

    • lol, boxy subscribers are UPSET these days. No shade to you, just an observation.

  19. I’m 50 and I rock colors like this all the time. Just not excited by this brand of eyeshadow or Boxy at all lately.

  20. Eh, not something I’d buy for myself but if the next two bigger box items look good and aren’t just more variation chasing nonsense like the box has been lately I could see myself trying it out since it’s bound to be unpopular on the swap/sale sites anyway.

  21. I didn’t think I would ever cancel Boxycharm but I’m finally done. Still waiting for my March box but I’d be happy with a refund at this point.

    • Me too! I thought I would keep this box forever😃… but for the last few months my boxes have been coming later and later and I’m also waiting for my March box and STILL no tracking sent to me… just cancelled!

  22. Well every box can’t be a winner! lol There is nothing particularly wrong with this palette, I’m just not excited for it. As far as the Purlisee brand, I wish Boxy would stick to their skincare products. In my opinion the skincare line is way better quality.

    • I believe Pur and Purlisse are two different brands. I also love the purlisse brand. It leans heavily toward Korean influence.

  23. I have the Weekend Festival palette from BH Cosmetics which I love, so if anyone is interested in this Pur palette, I will have mine up for swap.

  24. Boxy only seems interested in warm toned customers.

    • I’ve noticed this, too. I’m cool-toned and their palettes are awful for me.

  25. I already have a palettes with colors like this. My favorite eyeshadow palette is Hudas Ruby mini palette. I’ve hit pan. Nothing has come close. I need to save up and get one of the bigger palettes. So am not getting this month’s box.

  26. I love getting eyeshadow palettes and I like the colors in April’s box. But please no more Pur !!! All of the palettes I received from Pur were horrible and hard to work with. I was hoping the new Alamar palette would be in April’s box.

    • Yesss! I am not mad at this PUR palette at all, but I’m really hoping for that Alamar palette too.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been holding out for the new Alamar palette! It looks gorgeous!

  27. Super EXCITED to get this palette. Gorgeous! <3

    • Canceled. Tired of pallets that I wont use.

  28. Canceled. It made me sad but I’d rather get a second GBP than BC at this point

  29. Any idea when I need to cancel so I don’t receive this? I’m waiting to see if other spoilers are better than this…otherwise I’m canceling! Thanks in advance for the help!!

    • Before 1st of April. They bill on the first of the month

  30. So over PUR!!!! Are those two far right shades glitter? If so I heck no. I really want to cancel boxy charm and just do ipsy and ipsy plus but I can’t get off the waitlist for ipsy.

    • Try to email their customer service for an update on the waitlist. My friend did and was off within that month.

  31. Can you skip Boxycharm? I’m not 20 and clubbing, these colors don’t work for everyday wear, or even occasional wear for a 40 year old….

    • i’m not 20 and clubbing either and these colors are gorgeous ! So glad for color so over neutrals !!!!

      • You’re too young to give up on glitter, girlfriend. Even at work you can sneak in a little sparkle on the inner eye. Don’t be boring, join the over 40 glitter girl club!

    • Lol I just turned 40 yesterday. I rock all these colors and then some. It’s really more about your own personal style than age.

      • I agree I am 45 and only wear glitter and bright colors . I groan whenever I see any shade of brown aka most of Boxy boring palettes .

      • Happy Birthday!

    • I agree …. I actually enjoy color and would of loved to see some soft spring colors. It’s a warm tone palette with two neon colors and a few random glitter colors. Doesn’t really scream inspiration to me. Not to mention it’s the 5th or 6th pur palette within one year.

    • I’m going to be 49 this year and I’m all about the colors! There is no reason a person of any age wouldn’t be able to wear these.

      • Amen, sister. Same age range and couldn’t agree more. Maybe being 30-something makes women uptight, I don’t remember anymore.

    • I’m 46 and looking forward to playing with this. What I love about Boxy and other subscription boxes is that I get to try things I would never pick out for myself. And I hope I never get too old to try new things!

    • Wait til you turn 50…they’ll work great for you then! Seriously, don’t blame your age if you just prefer neutrals and/or mattes. You can’t say our whole generation all has the same tastes.

  32. This palette looks beautiful and I love Pur eyeshadows and their other products too. Thanks to boxycharm for expanding my eyeshadow palette collection. The colors are super pretty in this one!

  33. Cancelled again – always open to resubbing if may looks good but no interest in this palette

  34. It’s getting harder and harder to justify giving them my money.. there’s no way I would pay $36 for this palette outside of this sub, Pur is not that good of a brand.. I just hope that the other spoilers make up for it. I’m kind of tired of seeing Pur in BoxyCharm..

  35. Spoilers like these make me really sad that you cannot do just Boxyluxe. I don’t want this box, but I love Boxyluxe. I wish there was a way to only subscribe to that.

    • Exactly

    • Yeah, me too

      • Me three
        I think I will cancel and use the money to buy things I really want, but you’re right, if I could just do the quarterly Boxyluxe, I would

  36. My sister got me a six month boxy subscription for Christmas, and I have to say not really sure it’s something I’d ask for again. PUR pallets are often pretty trash quality, and those colors are kind of atrocious.

  37. It doesn’t look like something I would use, but I can totally gift it to someone that would love it. I have to think about the fact that I am paying less than $5 for each product. Spending $5 on a $36 birthday gift is a steal. I love Boxycharm!

  38. I’m cancelling one of mine. One is a 3 month. So I’m stuck with one. I’m 54 yrs old this looks like what I wore at age 15.

  39. Meh, I might skip this month if the other spoilers are as equally meh. Otherwise, I’ll put it on the swap site.

  40. Guess my daughters will be happy. I gave them ALL the Pur pallets I’ve received from Boxy so far. I just do not like the formula. I might save it for a birthday since those are coming up again and I’ve got 3 girls to shop for.

  41. It’s a little bold for me but I will give to my granddaughter she will LOVE it! 🙂

  42. Oooh, pretty!!! They do send a lot of Pur, but I’ve been pleased, this palette will be a gorgeous addition to my collection!

  43. Cancelled. I liked the soiree diary palette but all the other Pur palettes Boxy has sent have been misses. And there have been several.

  44. I dont have high hopes for this. I have decluttered all the pur I have gotten from boxycharm. However it is beautiful… my fingers are crossed.

  45. Nope. Cancelling.

    • Me too. I don’t consider myself to be super picky, but I have not liked any of the Pur palettes. Boxy just hasn’t wowed me much the last few months, so I cancelled. I’m on product overload anyway, so the lackluster boxes they’ve been sending made it easy for me. Lol.

    • Me too!! I’m sorry but this looks like clown makeup! Boxycharm is wasting my money. I would NEVER wear this mess!

  46. NOOOOOO Pur is so low quality imo

  47. Ugh seriously?? This is legit the 4th eyeshadow palette from PUR that Boxy has sent! And they suck! So over it. Ipsy Plus is making Boxycharm look like yesterday’s news.

    • Agreed. Those Huda palettes were amazing!

    • In just one year this would be the 5th Pur palette. Within just a few months of glam bag plus I’ve received a huda palette , It cosmedics palette , smashbox and Violet Voss. Glam bag plus has really been killing it for me.
      I’m not going to love every item , but at least it’s a variety & they’re taking my profile into consideration .

    • I 100% agree! I have cancelled after getting horrible colors that do not match my profile and I got a smashed pretty Vulgar bronzer, the customer service folks were like pretty much… too bad most folks got smashed product.
      Customer service is in the crapper so I am keeping my money and giving it more to IPSY GLAM PLUS

  48. I’m frankly excited to get something that isn’t just pure browns!

    • IKR!! Totally agree

  49. Another PUR product?! Ehhhh, I have yet to “like” any of them that I have received thus far. Very underwhelmed.

  50. I cancelled boxy about 6 months ago and I just can’t seem to want them back. I’m not that picky either, I would just love to see some different brands

    • I’m with you. I think it’s their infatuation with Pur Cosmetics. I just have no love for their products or Wander Beauty, and that’s another frequently included brand. I’ve posted before that I have 4 palettes from subs by Pur that I haven’t even opened, swatched, or tried. I can’t give them away either lol

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