Allure Beauty Box March 2019 SPOILERS – Complete Product List

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We have full spoilers for the March Allure Beauty Box! Including all the possible items they are including this month. FYI – this is an update from the previous Allure Beauty Box Ad:

This month, there are several versions of the Allure Beauty Box. You’ll receive a box filled with Allure tested and loved products, based on your member history. See below for two products that everyone will be getting, Acure Seriously Soothing Night Oil and Mamonde Rose Water Toner, along with select coveted products below that we can’t wait for you to try!

Here are the March spoilers:

In all boxes:

Possible items. I believe you will receive 5 of these items based on your membership history:

  • Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm
  • Burt’s Bees Glossy Lipstick or Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush Basin
  • Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser
  • Londontown Lakur in Brit of Love

  • ModelCo Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in Mykonos
  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask
  • Biobelle Botanic Fiber Facial Mask
  • Invisibobble Original


  • Vichy Minéral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster
  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box. And you’ll also receive this free La Mer set:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is awful. I got rid of Sephora and Boxy because of all the variations. Allure – are you next on the chopping block? 🙁

    • The one thing I loved was everyone got the same things, bu and his month seems to be a things we got in our February box😧, So not sure how it will work out. I have had a subscription for a very long time and I really love it! So here’s hoping that they can pull this off

      • Me too! And I don’t like how they advertised us getting the items earlier in the month and then changed it. It should start another month with new spoilers. Box envy is real! 😧

        • I read a comment from one of the other posters that really gave really good information that this is just for this month. Allure is one of the top boxes they always give you great products they send out little treats and surprises! They still are my fave 💚♥️

        • Yeah, I am confused there are 5 subscribers in total in my household, but we all get the same the boxes? How? If there’s all these variations?

      • Agreed! Looks like extra/recycled product 🙁

      • Seriously like half if not more of the things I got in this box I got last mkkmth as well.

        • Same here! I had to go double check my box from last month, because I received 3 of these exact items last month! I had forgotten to update my new credit card info (I got a new card this month, and forgot to change it with Allure), and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to correct it in time to receive this months box, but now, after looking at this, I’m going to just cancel, I think. If I want to resubscribe in April, i may just do that through Amazon. I hear it’s much easier to cancel that way.

    • Why are variations so bad? I think they are a great way to push us to try new products and applications. I think ALLURE is my favorite box these days, variations and all.

      • Allure was the 1 box that was affordable and did not have very many variations. The reason the whole no variations thing was attractive is because of no box envy. I tried Sephora but not once did I feel the box variations I got matched my profile. Same thing with Birchbox. I love ipsy! Now that Allure is doing this, Idk… how are they supposed to know???

  2. Is anyone else struggling with the new packaging. The plastic? I find myself with a million little makeup bags, I dont need another. Tossing plastic every month is killing me. It’s not recyclable and permanent in a landfill. I wish they would go back to the box (assuming that was recyclable, I always put it in my bin) regardless, I find it to be a poor choice. Further, I wrote them but, I’m sure more feedback to Allure would help make a difference!

    • Me too!!! I try to use them to organize little things. Like charging cords, change, hair bands, Bobby pins, ect…. I do not throw them out but then I just keep them. Luckily none of mine have been ripped. Maybe if enough of us email them, comment on Instagram they will hear us. And then make a change it shouldn’t matter or be hard ya know.

      • Mine both ripped! Ugh!!

        • I have mine stashed in drawers of bins for separating items so I just taped the sides with cute patterned Duck Tape. If your local recycling center recycles PVC you can also recycle them. I had 4 Jan boxes and three February it would’ve been a lot of bags to toss if I hadn’t just repurposed them though.
          I need to get back to one or two Allure boxes a month again.

        • Mine too! Not very good material

        • Both my bags ripped too. The first time I emailed and let them know and they said they’d send out a new one. Never got it and my new box came with another ripped bag.🙄

        • My first one arrived ripped and I called customer service and they said they were going to send a replacement out with my Feb. box. That being said, I had my address changed and I just called them to tell them that i still have not received my Feb. or Marc box. They looked into it with the tracking and it said they were forwarded but I still have not gotten them, so they offered to reship both boxes for me at no cost. I was very happy about that as I missed getting my products. I have found in the past that if you call customer service they bend over backwards to make you happy but I have never gotten anywhere when I emailed them. I really like the fact that they have an 800 that you can call, most sub boxes do not offer that. I know I have had major issues that have been going on since Nov. with Lola Beauty Box, and am so frustrated with them I am considering cancelling. I had gotten damaged product in Nov. They said they sent out replacements in Jan, but without a tracking number. And I received 1 item 3 times and this month 2 items were repeats, and 2 months that I got repeats, there was no card detailing what was supposed to be in the box and 10-15 emails to customer service and have not been getting anywhere with them. So it really is great that Allure has people you can actually speak to.

          • Why? (re: 800 numbers) Long distance calls have been free for at least a decade now, I think longer.

      • Only my first one arrived in good condition. Every plastic bag, other than the first, has arrived ripped, or ripped almost immediately. I’m unsure what they are thinking.

    • What I do with my ispy and allure bags is full them with hygiene stuff and donate them to homeless shelters or places homeless people in your area go to get help its a great way to give back instead of throwing them away just an Idea

      • Great idea! I also put a bunch of items (from all my sub boxes, as with most people here, I typically have 4-5 going at the same time, lol) into any large bags I get from fff (enough with the “vegan leather” guys!) and donate to different places for when they do fundraisers. A bag full of my unwanted stuff raised around $350 for a raffle event benefiting a local animal shelter.

      • That’s a great idea! I’m an elementary school teacher, and I put them in my prize box. They’ve been popular as pencil bags. If you know any teachers, they would probably take them!

        • Alli, thank you for the idea! I will collect them and give them to the local elementary school.

          • That’s such a sweet idea! It’s already traumatizing enough to get your period at school(my teacher was older and told me to go home and talk to mother about it no pad, no nothing. I was teased relentlessly for years! Getting a little bag with a variety of products in it would have been an absolute godsend!!!!!

    • All of mine have ripped also. They’re junk. They should def go back to just a box

    • I save mine up then after I have a few mostly been ipsy I fails them with toiletries and give some to my daughter to give away at school two girls that might need them I’ve donated some along with makeup I have a tendency to wind up with a lot more than I need but usually around the holidays is when I do my donations

    • Totally agree, bring the boxes back! I use them in drawers to separate makeup, etc…
      My first plastic bag arrived ripped and they’re just not good at all. I’d rather have the nice sturdy boxes back.

    • I like them for traveling. Great for a toothbrush, soap, etc. And I like the idea of using them for organizing.

    • I get this and ipsy a great way to recycle the bags is full them with sample toiletries and donate them to your nearest homeless shelters I also save some of the products I don’t use and give them as gifts to my kids teachers and neighbors

    • I wrote them is well the new packaging is junk and a waste of money.

    • I’ve been using mine for “water proofing” or at least “water resisting” things. It’s nice to have a water resistant bag to take to the pool or on the boat, I even keep one with my boat title, waterproof matches, etc. and store it on the boat. So for things like that I actually found it useful, or even just to have by the pool. But I live in FL, so, there’s that.

    • Danielle, I totally agree! Use plastic packaging is the worst solution! The box was fine and I used them to keep different items. But this smelly, ugly plastic is killing me! I will cancel my subscription if they send me more! Allure should be more careful regarding our environment!

    • I’ve used a couple of them to hold my cars insurance / registration, I also put my sons stickers in another , and the last one I am using for important receipts I need to keep 👍

      • Great idea, Cady! I might do this, too.

    • Every single plastic bag I’ve gotten from them has come complete apart. Such a waste I think they should jist go back to the red boxes

  3. I’m side eyeing you Allure. This better be one hell of a collaboration you have for April. Even then it won’t be enough to make me stay through much more of this variant BS. I’m really disappointed, this was my sub that I could count on what I was getting. They are trying to get rid of the people who start and stop constantly by doing this. It’s a bad move Allure, give us a damn pause button like Ipsy does and leave our boxes alone!

    • Right? I’ve been skipping boxes I don’t want. Instead of discouraging me from skipping, all this means is I’m NOT subbing for March, even though I had previously planned to. With all the variations and the whole new “plastic bag” wastefulness, maybe I’ll have to permanently press pause on Allure boxes. 🙁

  4. Guess I’m not the only one doing some spring cleaning 😂😂😂

  5. I barely got any of these products. What the heck?

    • Same here I got theee products in my bag wasn’t happy at all 🙁

  6. I signed up because I was excited about the multistick in grapefruit. I just emailed them to cancel ASAP because of this information.

    • You are better off calling them if you want to make sure they cancel you.

    • I was also excited about the grapefruit multistick. I’ll be so, so bummed.

    • It looks like most of the people who subscribe to this box through Amazon received the grapefruit multistick.

      • Hi Kelly I am subscribe through a lawyer beauty box, so I’m interested to see what this month looks like I haven’t got mine yet although I’ve been billed for it it’ll probably take another week to get here but I’ll post it soon as it does! I hope this helps. PS, I don’t really know how it works with Amazon because I guess you can stop and start your subscription

  7. I am so confused! Based on what???

    • I’m guessing products we’ve gotten in the past cuz I see a lot that I’ve gotten already

  8. Wow I just saw this post and there are over 70 comments which mean a lotta people ain’t happy. I do hope I get the Au Naturale multi-stick since that’s what kept me from canceling. Hope everyone gets a good selection of these products. And that Mamonde cleanser we got last month is terrific for removing eye makeup, so happy to try the toner.

    • You got your box last month??? I’m still waiting on my February box 🤬

      • Me too! Allure CSR’s are so sick of it! Even they’re being nasty! I’m also really curious as to how they determined who & who did not get a $65 necklace in their February box. They can tell which box you’re getting if you call.

        • Who got $65 necklaces? I didn’t see that anywhere I did get last month’s box but no necklace

          • I have been signed up with Alluer beauty box for a long tome they randomly send out little treats in boxes. Sometimes they send out thanks treats or special boxes. During my membership I have received I’ll kinds of treats. This is one of my favorite boxes. Regards to the CSR wraps when you call just ask for a supervisor changes everything. I hope this

          • I’ve been subscribed for over 2 years and haven’t gotten one extra little thing. I’m still waiting on my February box and replacement items from January. I called a couple of days ago about all of that & was basically told they pick treats for subscribers that haven’t called to complain and/or ask for replacements. I hung up. I’m calling the bank Monday to let them know I’ve paid for something, the February Allure Beauty Box, have not received it, refund is refused, reshipment is not guaranteed ( NOT JOKING!!!) and I don’t have anything for shipping info for it. If Allure is going to send out random expensive gifts but not send me my replacements and my replacement February box, why should they be allowed to keep the money?

          • I would suggest that when you call you pass just for supervisor don’t want to take your information and I’ll put you on hold maybe but if you just get a supervisor on the line I’m pretty sure they will do what is necessary to get your boxes to you. When I changed addresses it I didn’t get any of my boxes and by the time we straightened everything out , They didn’t have those boxes so they sent me for other boxes. They will make it right you’ll see

          • The only thing I got was a $25 off of some expensive plated jewelry! They did send me a total of 3 January bags(2 free) bc I didn’t get my Jan box for my new acct! They had to of known they were shipping me 3 Jan bags to the same address? Or maybe not! IDK but they need to get their crap together! I don’t like all the variations too bc I always end up with things I cannot use!!! Also, I liked the boxes better to! These bags are just too flimsy! They do send a quiz at the end of the month & do ask about what we think of the bags! If enough of us complain maybe they’ll bring the boxes back!?

        • I got a lovely gorjana necklace with an RV of $58 (on the tag) in my February box which was only my second box. It’s the first time I’ve subbed to allure, I signed up for December for the free gift caudalie serum!
          I was shocked, but very pleasantly so, to get a gift in my third box.

          • I’ve been with them over a year and have NEVER gotten anything like that!!! I wonder why?

          • I have been subscribed for almost 3 years and have never received such items in any of my boxes either. I recently emailed Allure customer service asking how they decide who is special enough for these perks and how they make this decision? I remember that they’ve done this before. According to the rude as all get out a CSR, the subscribers that got the necklace were eligible for a gift because of their account anniversary & that my account qualifies too. I just need to mind my own business and wait patiently. Oh really?! So, let me get this straight, some people got a necklace for their one year anniversary, I didn’t. Some got some random beauty bundle at one point but nobody knows why. Now they are sending out necklaces to new subscribers and telling people it’s an anniversary gift?

            I’m happy others are getting extras. That’s great for them. But it definitely leaves a sour taste in my mouth when I’ve been a loyal subscriber and get nothing extra. I still do not even have my February box. They still had not shipped it & refused to refund. Now that my bank has reached out about it, they will issue a refund for February but it might take 2 weeks?

            I used to love allure but they’re getting shady…

          • They sent out an actual necklace? I got a damn $25 off coupon!!!!! They seriously need to learn customer service skills & how to run a sub box company!!! You cannot play favorites in a business bc ppl will take their money somewhere else or just keep it! But, good for you still-at least one of us is getting treated well!

        • My bff who has only been getting allure for 1 month got the necklace, however i’ve been here over 2 years and got a coupon. Wth Allure?!?

        • The Tarte was a freakin variant?!!
          I ordered like 5 boxes bc I thought that was an item we were ALLgetting! Opened 2 out of 4 that arrived today, both are identical and don’t have the Tarte lip paint…both have the au naturale was it either/or with the Tarte & that?
          & I can’t believe you guys all get njewelry and other extra stuff sometimes! K was so kissed when I saw girls were getting bauble bar earrings like a year back, when I’ve been a subscriber for prob around 2 years, & have NEVER RECEIVED ANY EXTRA TOODIES LIKE JEWELRY!🤔🤔🤔😭
          I’m pissed about this now for being so loyal to them!
          & now these damn variants! That’s why I hate boxy & Ipsy (even tho I get both🤦🏻‍♀️ Lol)

          • Five boxes is a lot of money, it would have been much cheaper for you to just buy the lipstick.

          • This is the first time that they’ve had the box with different varieties in them pretty much we usually all get the same things. But I’ve noticed that now you can order through Amazon and Another site. I think if you hang in there a little bit longer you will get a treat or two I’ll last month my box had a $25 off to a site where I could buy jewelry. But I have gotten treats in the past from them and I usually get one or two things a year and I’ve had this box for five years or more. They will send you something ♥️😊

  9. I wish instead of putting left overs in current boxes they would sell mystery boxes as a one time box, or let you add on items to your current box…

    • I agree, a lot of subs release mystery boxes with items from prior months. I just purchased a Bless Mystery box. This gets rid of old stock for people who don’t mind or non subscribers that just want to test the waters without angering half your current subscriber base.

  10. Has anyone else not been charged for March yet?

    • Yep, me!

    • They normally don’t charge until the 4th or after. Sometimes I don’t get charged until the 7th of the month. Hope that helps.

    • My Allure has already been shipped I just got tracking already
      I am excited for this month I could careless if I get any repeats as long as it is a good value.
      I just got a 3rd free gift from Allure and go through Amazon So I am a pretty happy customer I do not think I will ever drop Allure

      • I get my box thru amazon as well and aside from one or two disappointments in the variant department, I’m happy. To me, the Allure box is the absolute best value for the money. I ditched Sephora PLAY for Allure- definitely NO value from PLAY, especially when compared to Allure. As for freebies (necklaces, etc) I have not received a single one. I got the $25 off coupon from BaubleBar -no necklace. I’ve been subscribing through Amazon for almost 1 year.

    • What!?!? See this is what I mean about them? Who’s running the show over there, monkeys?! Allure is my fav but I will not keep giving a company my $ for much longer if they can’t get it together! I didn’t get my Jan bag until the end of Feb & then they sent me out 2 more bags(Sunday Riley bags too) to make up for it! But I did get my tracking info yesterday! I NEVER get it this early! I wish they’d just take the $ out on the 1st like everyone else!

  11. I haven’t received my February box yet. It arrives tomorrow. I’ve been consistently getting my boxes a week into the month after it’s due (January in February, February in first week of March).
    Is anyone else having this issue?
    Should I email Allure?

    • It’s been happening to me too! I complained via phone after they never responded to my email. I don’t always receive shipping notifications either. And when I do, it’s over 2 weeks for me to receive the box and it could be damaged and missing half the contents. Not having good luck lately with Allure!

    • Maybe call them to find out why this is happening. At least you are getting them. I’ve read some people don’t receive theirs

    • I’m still waiting on my box also. I was billed on Feb 12th, & when I spoke to customer service this past Thursday I was told it was processed & in the warehouse on the 18th. The rep had no idea why it’s still sitting there 10 days later. I was told a “beauty box team member” would look into it & let me know within 3 days, which is tomorrow.
      I’ve previously received my box by the 3rd week of the month. If I don’t hear anything Monday I’ll call them again Tuesday.
      The rep seemed unconcerned & just said she was sorry.
      I never got tracking info via email for January so I’m not feeling very optimistic. I would definitely call them if you are still waiting on your box.

    • Mine was like that too. All my other boxes come by the second week. Allure was the worse for arriving late. My Allure box was getting to me on the last week of the month. It was weird to see postings of others that were getting theirs so early.

    • Same here. New to allure. I saw the payment come out Feb. 20th and just got notification that my box is being sent. Not sure if it is Feb or MAr box.

  12. This is such a bad move. If I end up getting a majority of the things I’ve gotten in boxes before, I will wait until the spoilers for April and then cancel. Allure has been doing so well, and then release a bunch of variation boxes of old stock? Major disappointment.

    • I was thinking the same… wow… a bunch of leftovers as variants… this reminds a lot of why I cancelled boxycharm.

    • I think the old stock is just for new members though. I hope.

      • You are correct. Or for people who cancel and re sign up

        • oh and that would be me… I cancelled for Jan and Feb… and resubbed when they offered the claudelie serum. Oh boy.

          • Have you received the Caudalie Serum yet?

          • Yea that’s the downfall of canceling I guess. I canceled the mask month and re signed up. I can’t remember if I got any duplicates though

    • If you go into their website, it says the NEW subscribers will be getting the older inventory items. Those of us that have been with Allure consistently will most likely be getting the items that we haven’t received yet.

    • They said that you will get a varitey of the items ‘depending on your history’ meaning they most likely will NOT be sending dupes to us,

  13. Does anyone else get annoyed when companies offer incentives for new customers (such as this La Mer deal) which are not available to ongoing subscribers? I understand wanting to bring new people in, but this makes me feel like canceling and resubscribing, which I doubt is their intention.

    • You won’t get it if you resubscribe. You have to be a first-time subscriber to get the gift for new subscribers.

      • I’ve cancelled and re-subscribed, back in December when the Sunday riley ceo serum was the new subscriber bonus was an option. I just used a different email address and the bonus product arrived about 2 months later.

        If you really want the la mer items, I say it’s worth a shot. It worked for me 🙂

      • They offered me the La Mer duo to re-subscribe. People who have cancelled, check your email. I’m excited to try La Mer, the box is just an extra bonus!

    • I do that regularly.

    • YES!!
      Although my daughter and I are still waiting for our two different new subscriber gifts. Four months later and no help from customer service.

    • Actually, I don’t care if companies offer incentives to new subscribers…it’s part of old time sales promotion. Makes sense to me.

    • It annoys me even worse when new subscribers get expensive gifts in their 3rd box and I can’t even get my February box. I asked Allure about it and was told that those were Anniversary gifts for qualifying customers and that my account qualifies too, just be patient and worry about your own account, not others?! Kiss my what?! I’ve been subscribed! I waited for my 1 year, 2 year…., nothing! I’ve seen posts about random beauty bundles, etc., nothing here. One subscriber got the necklace in her February box & subbed in December. Allure is getting shady & their CS is getting rude.

      • Wait, what?? There is an anniversary gift? I had no idea. I also had no idea there was a cute necklace In some boxes until I saw a few people post about it on this site. I want to see what it looks like, but I’m worried I would get really annoyed and a bad case of fomo.

  14. Does anyone know the sizes of the various items? Any way to find out in advance what you will receive?

  15. What. Is. Happening?! I am not feeling this at all. It’s too bad because Allure has been so consistently good. This seems like a major stumble.

  16. I really wish they had released this information before I was billed. I was looking forward to the Lip product that is now a variant. Boo. I’m really worried about April being a mystery box. Definitely considering canceling.

    • April is a very special collaboration they said

  17. Looks like Allure is cleaning out their proverbial closet this month. Maybe early spring cleaning?
    Not a fan of a zillion variations, and the new packaging. Both of the bags arrived completely split on the seam, and are not usable. I sent them an email about how unhappy I was with this new packaging, and their reply was laughable in how succinctly (but politely) they told me to [email protected]$k off. Might have to seriously consider cancelling soon.

  18. Holy [email protected]#$ is that ALOT of variations!!!!! They NEVER used to do variations, then they did some here & there, now THIS! No!

  19. I had to call about a missing item from my February box and asked about March. I’ve been a long-term subscriber and was assured that there will be no repeats for folks who’ve had an ongoing subscriptions. There will be variations of the box that include past items for new subscribers, but since they are new subscribers they will not have received the items from past boxes that us ongoing subscribers have already received. I have no problem with this whatsoever, then.

    • Me either. Variations do not bother me either.

    • I’ve been waiting on a replacement for the really nice eye liner we got that was in a gold container that I loved but I opened it to use it the 3rd time and ALL the ink exploded all over my clothes and vanity. That was in our box 2 months ago and when I’ve called twice they say its getting ready to ship but I still haven’t seen it. It was in the Charm Room for $40 on Boxycharm so I’d really like to have it. The person on the phone didn’t care at all that it ruined my shirt and pants I was wearing. I’m kinda getting tired of them too and these plastic bags are junk. The RIP easier then the boxes would have! I loved using those boxes for storage cause i do a lot of crafting.

      • One thing you need to remember when calling their customer service, is to always ask for a supervisor. Especially if you’ve attempted to resolve an issue. I have had a few problems with them But I am always manage to resolve them. I’m still waiting on two replacements for the plastic bags that were broken. And I’ll probably end up calling in again and asking for supervising this time. But they have always replaced broken or damaged items.

        • Why is it important to get the plastic bags replaced? I mean, especially with these particular bags – even if they are intact, they are not exactly useful.

          • I wouldn’t necessarily ask for mine to be replaced if they came damaged…but I find them very useful! I have already used two of mine as “gift bags” and just love it! It’s like giving a friend their own curated by me subscription box 🙂

          • They are made from very brittle plastic (as evidenced by how many people receive them broken), and are an unfortunate shape. To me they are garbage regardless of their condition.

        • Thanks I never thought to ask for a supervisor. I’ve just spoken to annoyed, grumpy customer service reps that act like I’m in the wrong for wanting a functioning item that I paid for when I bought the subscription box. I’ll definitely ask for a supervisor next time I call which will be soon because I’ve already gotten 2 new boxes since the exploding eyeliner incident. It shouldn’t take this long for a replacement. Hope you get your replacements soon too!!!

  20. Allure seems to going along the way boxycharm dis. First it started with few variations and then there was three of four box varieties. I’m not a big fan of all the variations.

  21. Really not a fan of variations, particularly ones with WIDE disparities in value (full size vs. deluxe samples). One of the main reasons I subscribed to Allure over Boxycharm was the lack of variations. If this keeps up, I’ll be reevaluating whether this subscription is worth it.

  22. What does “based on your member history” even mean? That new subscribers will be getting some items from the February box, and the rest of us won’t? I like that we’ll be getting 7 items, but don’t like all the options. We’ll see how this plays out. I sure hope this isn’t their new normal. I’m a longtime subscriber, about 5 years, and really liked that all subscribers used to receive the same items (with a few color variations).

    And is it just me, but wouldn’t it be nice if Allure provided an explanation? Is this just a one-off format for March, or a new format going forward for all future boxes?

    • I’m guessing the “based on your member history” means that if you got a product that’s listed above in a prior box, that you won’t get it in March’s box. I know that’s not a guarantee since I’m sure plenty of subscribers have received duplicate items before, but I’m guessing that’s their intention.

    • I would happily take the Invisibobbles again… I love those things! Or the Wander mascara. Really hope I get the multistick, though.

    • Coco, it means that those of us who have been here for awhile will NOT be getting the dupes…only the newer subscribers will [might] get those. If you have gotten some of the above products (as I have) we will most likely only be getting the newer products…so I think we should all look forward to this month as an adventure and then make decisions in April.

  23. Is anything full-size? I hate when they post pictures of full size products but mean sample size. Just post pic of what we’re actually going to recieve.
    But, everything looks good so, we’ll see.

    • Sorry, unless noted I don’t have size info and I’m just using the photos from Allure. I will reach out and try to get info for you!

    • Molly,
      Allure always tries to make all boxes fairly equal in value, so if you get 2 full size items in one box, I think you can count on getting 2 in a different variation (or at least an equal value)-more expensive item might be a smaller item).

  24. One of the things that kept me coming back to allure was that there weren’t too many variations. I hope this doesn’t become the norm for them.

  25. I really kind of hate this. This is why I left Sephora.

  26. I’m STILL waiting on my February box, which I was charged for on February 12th. I talked to the customer service this past Thursday & was told my box has been sitting in their warehouse since Feb 18th & “sorry about that we have no idea why it’s still here.” Supposedly a beauty box team member is going to look into it & get back to me. We’ll just have to see if/when that happens.

    I’ve been subbed since July, 2018 so hopefully I’ll get a good March box. I’m paying $12/month through May so depending on how they resolve this I will probably cancel after that. I’m 90% happy with what I get each month but the ridiculous amount of delivery issues & having to call customer service numerous times this past month are crazy frustrating. I also need to cut down my beauty budget & Ipsy GBP is my preference.

  27. I wanted to sign up as first time subscriber just to get the Au Naturale cream stick and now it’s a 50/50 shot that I’ll get it? 😩

    • I hate to tell you but from what I can tell the multistick isn’t in the new subscriber box. Therefore zero chance of getting it. Sorry. 🙁

    • Actually Allure has first time subscribers getting Tarte, Acure oil, Mamonde rose toner, Brow gel, trio eye shadow, wander mascara, and either hair mask or hair spray so no cream stick at all. The other varients are for current subscribers.

    • Me too! I wanted the cream stick also. I can’t imagine a box with all face creams because I have 3 other subscriptions for that. I like the equal disbursement of beauty and makeup. Plus how do they decide what we are going to get. I’ll give this a try but I’m not into variation, at all.

      • Pamela, which boxes do you sub to that mainly have Skin care? That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Right now ipsy GBP has a nice variation of skin care and makeup, but I would like to know about any that primarily have skin products.

        Thanks in advance! 🙂

        • Beautyfix is a great box for skin care. If you sign up for it make sure to register for dermstore’s loyalty program and do 5 reviews a month. They have the best rewards program. Plus Liz posted a $10 off code for the March box so it’s only $15!

          • Awesome, thanks so much, Amanda!!

        • Yeah, BeautyFix is awesome (usually) for skin care stuff. I have gone on to purchase quite a few things. They had a REALLY CRAPPY BOX a few months ago; it was like an intern put it together. But overall one of my favorite boxes. If it hadn’t been for mysubscriptionaddiction, I would have cancelled after that one box though 🙂

  28. I’m always pretty happy with allure! No matter what, I get at least a few things I love and gift the rest. None of this looks bad

    • I agree 🙂 Variations don’t bother me, and all of the spoilers look good. I trust they won’t send me something I’ve already received, however if they do that would be a first for me, and it wouldn’t bother me (just as long as repeat items within a one-year period don’t become the norm, I’ll stay subbed). I can’t wait to see what variation I get! I’m just happy that the Acure oil is guaranteed to be in every box, as that’s what I wanted to try the most out of the earlier spoilers…. well, that and the Biossance Rosehip Oil.

  29. Ugh, too many variations. Dislike!

  30. Very interesting. On a side note – these plastic bags always come ripped. Instant garbage. Such a waste!

    I have cancelled all my beauty boxes, including Ipsy Plus, leaving only Allure. Let’s see what I get…

    • Wow that sucks! I guess I’ve been lucky, neither or my bags this year came ripped. In fact I’m loving the black one!

      • Same here. I use the red one to store foil sample packets and the black one for hair ties and Bobby pins

      • You must be lucky. I got 2 of January’s box and 1 of February and all 3 bags have been ripped too…straight into the garbage.

    • Yep, we are no fans of the plastic bags. My daughter was excited to see the black, until she noticed it wasn’t sealed on the sides. I should write to allure as this is a quality control issue. They shouldn’t be paying good money (my money) for such inferior bags.

      Great idea, poorly executed.

  31. Allure is always a seriously good deal regardless of what variation you end up with. They have to be my 2nd favorite bag (behind GBP). I will be happy with whatever I get!

    • I agree! 🙂

      • Agreed.

      • The power of positive thinking! You get let down way less often. Such great boxes for the price and I find so many new to me discoveries. Yay!

    • I totally Agree!

  32. I signed back up with Amazon yesterday because I was curious what they will send as they usually only send 1 varient should be interesting.

    • Can you please let us know what you end up getting??

    • I would like to know what you get as well. Sounds like some people get OLD boxes, like 2 year old boxes.

      • Amazon subscribers received a past box one time when the box had a MUFE foundation sample and Amazon subs didn’t have an Allure account to pick the shade.

  33. They should have stuck w/the original March box. I have NO faith that b/c I got something before, I won’t get it again. I wouldn’t mind getting repeats of some of the things, but since they seem uninterested in what you did or didn’t like, they’d never know. if there are going to be sudden variations after you’re charged, then roll out a beauty profile so they know what yr interested in getting instead of randomly doing spring cleaning on yr subscribers. This must be from the same mental giant that decided a vinyl bag that is broken every month & therefore becomes more plastic waste, is a great new idea for the sub. If there was ever a sub begging to be canceled,I guess this is what it looks like. if they’re going to switch like this, we should get 6 items.

  34. This is from the Allure website:
    The March Allure Beauty Box

    VALUED AT $97+. YOURS FOR $10.

    Natural-Born Beauty. Get 7 of our green favorites.

    This month there are several versions of the box. You’ll receive select Allure tested and loved products based on your member history. New members signing up for the first time will receive the products below.

    • Green favorites in a plastic bag you can’t recycle ???? Do they NOT see this contradiction of ideas ?

  35. Think I might be cancelling after discovering that it is a plan to get rid of previous boxes, in effect, regardless of how one might want to spin it.

    It will work best for loyal subscribers, like me, that keep one box and don’t keep signing up new to get a special deal. Still, not cool, Allure. Love how it gets leaked to influencers after subscriptions have been charged. Booooo!

  36. Ugh no no no! Please don’t turn into birchbox or like play with all the different variations! I loved we were all getting the same items wirh the exception of one variation. Ugh u hope this isn’t gonna be the case for now on!

  37. So… we’re guaranteed to get a second Mamonde rose “beauty water” after already getting one in February? That’s…. interesting.

    • The feb item was a cleanser, March is a toner.

    • I think the one if Feb was a oil to foam cleanser, and this one is a toner. Regardless, I’m really confused how I feel about this months box. For a few minutes I’m like ok this could be cool, then I remember that there is no Individual user profile and they have shown that they really dont keep up with which items existing users have received (I know this based on my many convos with their CS people after calling about shipping issues).

      They certainly should have taken more time to roll this new version out, rather than just dropping it on existing users after we’ve already paid for the month.

  38. No! I loved Allure’s previous format. I think I will just stick with Beautyfix, TestTube and the other boxes that only a few or no variants.

    • You are right about those two subscriptions always keeping variations to a minimum, or identical for everyone. Plus, BeautyFix and TestTube have full sizes often. This new Allure format is a turn off to me.

      • Yep, complete turn off! That’s why canceled Play, Birchbox and about to cancel Ipsy (regular glam bag).

  39. Wow this is a massive change from their previous way of sending out boxes. I’m happy they are going by user history, but wish we could have a profile where the items are selected based on user interest. They’re off to a good start in that direction tho!

  40. Interesting. Why the switcharoo?

  41. What is going on with is sub? I don’t understand this at all…

  42. I only signed up a couple weeks ago because the multistick in grapefruit was to be in every box. Not cool that it is now a variation item. I will be canceling after this box. I agree it looks like they are cleaning out their closet. I was already charged for March. Bait and switch.

    • Same about the Au Naturale. I have one from them that I use daily and love and was stoked for such a great deal when it was spoiled as a definitely item.

  43. If you have been subscribed, you aren’t going to get a double of something in one of your past boxes. Outside of that possible issue, these are all great products. I wouldn’t mind having more invisibobbles or glamglow, love those!

    • I don’t believe this is the case. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year but anytime I cancel and restart either through a Luer or through Amazon they could never find any of my previous membership. I’ve been fighting with them over the November 29 Sunday Riley serum that was promised and even though I keep sending them screenshots of me resubscribing on that day they can’t find any history for me prior to January of this year because I canceled in December and resubscribed in January. Therefore I find it highly unlikely that they will be able to find my box history and us not give me duplicates. Given how atrocious their customer service is when you can even get them to respond I do not have much hope for this box.

    • I wish their customer portal was set up with more functionality so I can see what I received before (Ipsy and Birchbox have great UIX)

    • Where does it claim that?

    • I am hanging in there for the April special edition box. I hope it hasn’t changed😊. I do like a good surprise and all of the spoilers look good to me.

      • Where did you see details for the April box?

        • It is an earlier post on MSA. Search Allure April 2019 spoilers on this site. It is on a post with the other March spoilers I believe

        • The sneak peek we have for April is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

          We can’t wait to reveal our next collaboration, but trust us—it’s worth the wait!

        • I saw in Allure’s March magazine they spoiled one item for the April box… a deluxe sample of Briogio’s Rosarco Leave-In Conditioning Spray. I don’t know if it’ll be in every box or a variant, but in the March issue they called it a sneak peek of “next month’s” box.

    • Ummm, I hope you’re right. But if I get repeats (I’ve been a subscriber for over 2 years) I’ll cancel. Repeats and variants are not what I signed up for. Maybe new subscribers don’t care, since variants have been part of the subscription for a while, but variants are why I don’t subscribe to many of the other boxes. Oh well, there’s always the Sephora Favorites boxes and Target boxes to purchase without a subscription, and Sephora sells their leftover Play boxes on their website towards the end of the year.

  44. Wasn’t April supposed to be some highly anticipated collaboration, or was that another month?

    • Yes, hopefully we’ll have details soon!

      • Liz,
        Is MSA not posting the FCS Easter Box this year? Just curious since it’s preorder only and it’s been available for a couple of days.


        • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll post about it now! You’re the best! 🙂

  45. I just resubbed. I’m hoping for the gel mask and hair bobble. LOVE ❤️ this box!

    • Both those masks are great!

  46. So basically they have just become birchbox post point system?

  47. Looks like they are just dumping all the leftover stuff they have from previous boxes. I have most of it, and got it from them. Not impressed.

  48. NO!no BAD allure! BAD BAD DOG! NO variations allure! That makes you much less alluring!

    • I see what you did there ;p

      And I agree, I MUCH prefer knowing what is coming (or being able to customize 100% like julep used to). I quit all the random ones like ipsy Long Ago.

    • Lol 👌 exactly

    • You made me smile !

  49. These look great. Wish I got more than 5 or addons

  50. Seriously going to clean out the stock room? I wouldn’t have signed up.

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