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Allure Beauty Box April 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

We have full spoilers for the April Allure Beauty Box! This box is a collaboration with Carli Bybel!

Here are the April spoilers:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.) And you’ll also receive this free La Mer set:

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. I want to see a Jennifer Aniston collab box to get ready for summer! She has the perfect surfer girl look I love so much

  2. I’m in shock! I just received my March Allure Box! The bag is white! I received the Au Naturale Creme Multistick in Grapefruit, Mamonde Rose Water Toner, Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel, The Acure Blue Tansy Night Oil, Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub, REN Evercalm Recovery Balm & the Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Skin Booster! I’m really happy with what I got!!!!!! It’s a great bag this month! I truly hope everyone gets what they really want🙏🌹✌💖💄

    • I hope I receive the exact same assortment… sounds great! These boxes are always a great value. I appreciate when there is a good mix of skincare with a couple make-up items.

    • Well, this box is a dud for me due to the tanning wipes (already tan), the pink/nude lipstick (just about the same color in every sub box for two years running), and hair products are not a universal item. However, I don’t expect every sub box to be a winner. You can’t please everyone all the time. Allure is the best sub for your dollar. Each box contains a full size item that always exceeds the cost of the entire box, so everything else is a bonus…and by bonus I mean two additional full size items and the rest deluxe samples. Happy girl here!

    • I just received my bag today too! So many items this month, and I am so happy to try most of them. I also received the Au Naturale Multistick, Mamonde rose water toner, and the Acure blue tansy night oil. The other items I received are belif the true cream aqua bomb, Tarte lip paint in OG and a biobelle facial mask. It is a great box, don’t get me wrong, …but I have never been lucky enough to receive the Biossance Squalane eye gel or their other product that is being included this month and was really hoping for it. I have received the Belif cream repeatedly, but it is good. The one thing I will never use is the Tarte product. I do not do well with matte lip products or this kind of nude color which is described as lilac, but looks like brown to me. Unfortunately, with my coloring I do not look alive with brown lips.

      • I got the exact same box.

      • Oh, they also sent me a Juice Beauty brightening gel cleanser, I am guessing it’s an extra.

        It was a pretty heavy box this month.

    • I received the exact same box and I was completely shocked, in a great way!! I love skin care so this was amazing.

    • I’m pretty happy with my March box, too! It was jam packed. I received the Au Naturale multi-stick, Dr. Brandt and Derma-E microdermabrasion scrubs, Acure Blue Tansy Oil, Belif Aqua Bomb and a sheet mask. I’ll use all of it, but I’m most excited about the multi-stick and the blue tansy oil.

    • And I was not at all into my bag this month. But I liked January and February and I’m going to love April, so it’s okay that I have to sit one out.

  3. i love allure and there products…I love everything I get, and if I’m not happy then I would cancel…but saying bad things online is not nice..please people be more positive in life..say nice things.. you would be a lot happier if you did…just a friendly piece of advise..

    • Advice…

  4. Well, I don’t self tan at all – I’m tan for real. But otherwise, I love the box. Brands like ND, ABH, Laura Gellar, BrioGeo, and Luxie, and people think the value isn’t there? The lipstick is a fave of mine. I do have Pure Hollywood, but I don’t mind another. I love the Brigeo Rosarco line. I can’t keep track of which product samples I have there but I use them all up.

    I’m one of those people who’s broken up and gotten back together with the Allure box several times over the years. But unlike most of you, I’m an avid YouTube Beauty watcher and I LOVE the influencer collabs! Knowing these will happen a few times a year keeps me subbed so I don’t miss anything. (And I’m not a teenager or pre-teen).

  5. With all of the money and time I put into taking care of my “older” skin, where would tanning towels fit into my regimen?

  6. I miss all the great skincare we got last year! Allure was my favorite box by far but now glossybox and lookfantastic are much better. I used to buy 3-5 allure boxes every month after checking out spoilers and now I barely want one box.

  7. It’s funny how they throw us a bone and give us new sun Riley products then go right back to the same products over and over, the brushes and leave in conditioners are getting so old, after my 6 months are up, I’m done, will try another box. No matter how man times I leave and come back its the same stuff over and over again, they need to get new products especially since so many on the market now!! I have drawers full of the same stuff.

  8. This box looks amazing!

  9. I’m a new subscriber, March will be my first box. I noticed that for March there we’re a bunch of possible variations. Being that this is a collaboration box, does that mean that the only variation is in the shade of eyeshadow and whether you get leave-in conditioner or heat protector? Just wanted to clarify.

  10. Well, that was underwhelming! I thought it was going to be this fantastic special edition box with the teaser shown awhile ago. None of the products subtly shown are even in this box. In fact, nothing in this box has me excited. Another shimmer eyeshadow and weird nudey lipstick, really?! Couldn’t you make it a pretty spring pink or fuschia?

  11. I’m actually excited about the tanning towels. I received some once in a birchbox (don’t remember the brand) and really liked them. I have always wanted to try again. Also jazzed for the eyeliner, I’m swimming in liquid liner so excited for something new.

  12. I think I might actually cancel or skip this month. After the fact that I still don’t have my replacements from January, no February box and still waiting on the refund for that??? This box just lacks lusture for me. The only item of interest to me at all is the Briogeo. My mom loves it. Everything else, idk…

  13. I know you read this Allure. STOP printing shipping lables a week before you even stick it on the box and ship it! It’s bad enough that most people wait for their boxes to ship till the end of the month. You’re just pissing them off more by printing labels that generate a tracking number so they can watch their box not move for a week. You have the worst shipping practices ever!

    • That has not been my experience. Long before the package is received by USPS, the tracking shows movement between shipping partners, and it usually starts soon after they provide the tracking number.

      • Wow, you’re extremely lucky then. Like OP my box sits for week without budging. :\

      • Still though, if the tracking says that the package is with a shipping partner, it means Allure didn’t just print the shipping labels a week before handing off the package. It’s the movement between shipping partners (whatever that is) that may be slow.

      • It takes almost a week for mine to show the shipping partner actually has reciept of the package, so that’s not the problem I am experiencing.

  14. I absolutely adore Carli, but man this box is a total and complete let down. I was expecting it to be bomb just like nikki’s December box. Hopefully next months will be better, but for now, I’m cancelled.

  15. Not really speaking to me as much as I’d hoped. The only thing in there that I’d be interested in is the ABH lippie, and I already have several others that are close to the same shade. It’s definitely a pass for me.

    I will say to anyone who is more interested in this box that I already have that brush, and it’s one of my absolute favorites, so that’s a solid item right there.

  16. I don’t care what they put in the box, I always love it. What I can’t use I donate to a local shelter and the ladies are always very appreciative to have the items. Allure has the best value to cost ratio. I like that they have sent me extras out of the blue. I started subbing back when they were sample society. I feel like rather than waste space complaining people should either just unsub or donate items they don’t find useful. Try a different sub or something. Being unhappy for months when there’s a simple alternative doesn’t make sense. Move on to something else, it’s just that simple. I’ve subbed many companies in the past 5 years and if after 2 or 3 zeroes instead of heroes I just move on and try something new instead of hoping the company will change just to my liking cuz it ain’t gonna happen. Lol 😂 I’ve stuck with Allure because of the great value and variety of brands and that they send a bit of everything, make up, skincare, haircare, tools, nail products and yes, even tanning towels. At least there’s something for everyone and they offer new brands and high end items other companies don’t and I appreciate that balance. You can’t please all the people all the time which is why my motto is balance in all things. That’s what I try to achieve in life and I feel like Allure does too.

  17. Oh my gosh.. trying to cancel/skip a month or get a hold of them is impossible. I went to my account and I cannot find an email address for them or a way to pause, cancel or skip a month. I want to skip next months but, am finding it impossible. Does anyone know how or an email address for them? TIA

    • I’m not sure about the email address. I have the phone number, 800-274-1603.

  18. Such high expectations for a $15 sub box! I don’t ever expect much so I’m usually pleasantly surprised. I like the Luxie brush and happy to have another – I can extend my brush washing another day. Do I need any of the rest – nope – but I’ll try them out. I expect more from the $25 and up boxes and have cancelled several but personally I’m ok with this one, especially if I look at what I’ve received over time, definitely have gotten my $ worth.

  19. OMG!! ALLURE is killing it!!! Love this box! It is $15 bucks people! I would be embarrassed to complain about this. It seems so petty IMO.

  20. I think the box looks pretty good. I took the 4 months for $10 a month deal and this is so much better than what I got from Ipsy for $10.

  21. The model on the cover of the pamphlet is Carli Bybel (the influencer for April)…and she is a makeup artist who has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube. I’ve never heard of her either, but it’s not my reason for being disappointed in the box. That I leave to Allure.

    The Laura Geller eyeliners are actually quite good…I have a lot of them. They come in tons of colors and besides the ubiquitous Black, I have them in Brown, Teal, Lavender, Blue & one other color that I can’t remember offhand. They smudge well and leave you a decent amount of time to work with them before drying.

    So the eyeshadow and eyeliner are good items (for me)…but the rest? Well, it breaks my heart, but this month will be one I cut back. Must keep my original 2 boxes, but the others have got to go.😭

  22. Carli Bybel (the influencer for April) is a makeup artist who has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube. I’ve never heard of her either, but it’s not my reason for being disappointed in the box. That I leave to Allure.

    The Laura Geller eyeliners are actually quite good…I have a lot of them. They come in tons of colors and besides the ubiquitous Black, I have them in Brown, Teal, Lavender, Blue & one other color that I can’t remember offhand. They smudge well and leave you a decent amount of time to work with them before drying.

    So the eyeshadow and eyeliner are good items (for me)…but the rest? Well, it breaks my heart, but this month will be one I cut back. Must keep my original 2 boxes, but the others have got to go.😭

  23. I’m actually excited about this box! The ABH lipstick looks like it will be a good color for me as I’m pretty fair but even if its too light, i can use it as a topper over a darker color. I also love Luxie brushes so that will be a nice addition. I LOVE Briogeo and am actually running low on the one I got from boxycharm… Was about to purchase the full size until I saw this, LOL! Can’t say I’m excited for the tanning towels but I’ll give them a try. Excited about the LG eyeliner though… I’ve never tried that brand and hopefully it’ll be a nice soft brown but as I have plenty of black eyeliners but we’ll see. Usually not a fan of eyeshadow singles but the colors are pretty so it’ll be nice for a quick and easy summer single-shade look. Overall, I think it’s a great box!

  24. What’s going on with Laura Gellar? Weren’t they owned by Glanasol? A quick Google search actually told me more about Clark’s Botanicals.

    The “shades may vary” part of the fine print for the eyeliner is a little exciting.

    • I heard that Laura Geller’s parent company filed for bankruptcy but Laura Geller’s status is up in the air. Right now Ulta has all Laura Geller products on sale.

    • Marion: Laura Geller’s eyeliners are really good and come in many colors. Personally, I have them in black, brown, teal, blue, lavender and one other color (green maybe)? They are a lot of fun to play around with.

  25. Tip for using liquid lips that are too pale for your lips: use them as an eyeshadow primer. They transform the shades and make them really stand out. Suva beauty introduced me to this and I love the results.

    • Interesting!
      I might try this with one of the “unswappable” ones.

    • Thanks for the tip! I wear nude colors, they’re my preference in fact, but there’s a big range in nude colors. The chalky, pale ones don’t look good on anyone IMO, and unfortunately that’s what this one looks like. I also don’t care for matte lipsticks. Gotta gave some shine!

      • Just make sure that they are eye safe! Some are not 🙂

    • Awesome tip! Thanks

      • Just make sure they are eye safe! Some aren’t. I haven’t used abh formula so I am unsure if this particular one is

    • Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, I don’t wear eyeshadow lol! No worries, I’ll find a home for it.

  26. I will never understand MSA filters. Positive comments are often filtered out, but not the ones mocking the “plastic influencer”? Why do people continue to make fun of other people’s looks? It’s so disappointing to read.

    • I’ve had MANY comments filtered out that are not negative and I have NO idea why! It’s very irritating, especially when I’ve taken a long time to type it out.

      • I get your frustration 100%

  27. Went to the co. website to check out the Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan Infused Towels and…
    They don’t sell any such product!

    What exactly are we getting? A tanning sample?

    Since I get 3 boxes, meaning 6 of these tan towel things, I’d really like to know what this is and why it’s not on their website? Discontinued from a ’18 Sephora box overstock?

    Also, they really need to add some personalization to their boxes. The two hair care products are not equal because some people blow dry their hair every day and some people air dry. I’m an air dry person so would have no use for the blow dry product and vice versa for the blow drying segment of subscribers.

    The other products are more or less ” take it or leave it” as far as the EXCITEMENT! factor, but the value is very good for this particular box.

    However, Allure is to be absolutely commended for putting some REALLY HIGH VALUE full sized products in for the first quarter of this year. ( Feb.’s Sunday Riley , for example).

    • It is on their website under self tan.

    • They’re there. They are called cloths.

  28. The Laura Gellar Inkcredible eyeliner is my absolute favorite! Glad to have another one!

  29. Easy pass for me. Not even sure what to make of this box anymore. Shipping is all over the place (March box where are you?) when they used to ship consistently earlier in the month. When it’s good, it’s REALLY good but when it’s bad…oh boy.

  30. Not. Interested.

  31. OMG… I am actually happy about this box. Not sure why alot of ppl are canceling. Im happy with the lip product, just hoping its a darker nude & not super light. The tanning packets are just okay but ill use them. I can always use another brush BUT not sure what the alternative brush is for subscribers. Everybody should get the same brush unless it’s something better since as a subscriber, you have beensubscribing longer than people that are just signing up. Anddd I am very happy for once that it’s not a liquid liner. Very happy that it is a normal eyeliner. Heard goof reviews about them too. So I am actually really happy with this month’s box!

    • Oh nrm, I just looked up the lipgloss color && it is the same one that I received in my sephora box a few months ago. I cannot believe that they would put this in a subscription box. This color is so light, even for me in the winter when I was extra pale the color was later than my skin. Now if it was a darker nude it would possibly work but this shade will probably not work on anybody.

      • It has really bad reviews also very drying and cakey.

      • Oddly, colors like that aren’t bad on some deeper skin tones.

      • Right? I’m tan and I have this lipcolor and I love it. I love all those pale chalky tones on my lips. They emphasize my tan.

      • When you are porcelain like me, these colors emphasize my anemia.

    • Courtney, i’m happy about this box too…I mean everymonth can’t be oil for the face..after all these boxes are like grab bags, and for 15.00 I can’t buy all these products for that…I myself love allure and think there boxes are great for the money.

  32. I’m out. Not a fan of tanning, dead looking nude lips and influencer-inspired boxes in general. Many of them have a similar, overdone, Kardashian-esque look that couldn’t be further from mine.

  33. Hopefully the Geller liner is better than their “Spackle” line. That was awful.

    That said, so long as I get some shade other than black or brown, I won’t complain too loudly. Ideally, I’d get the “Deep Purple” one, since I love purple eyeliner and DP is one of my favorite bands.

  34. Very underwhelmed with this box. More of the same, nothing exiting. Can I pause this subscription?

    • Yes, you can contact customer service and ask to skip a month.

  35. I have subbed forever, this is my fav sub, but gotta say this box is a total miss for me.

  36. I have been loving Allure lately all the boxes have been great but I get 5 other subscription boxes and have gotten that Briogeo hair stuff several times I think I have 4 of them. I am excited for the Natasha Denona eyeshadow becuase I want to try her shadows but wish they could have sent a mini palette instead those are $25. I don’t need another eyeliner I have too many as it is. Tan towels, stupid thing to put in a box. I wish there was some skin care in the box. Anastasia liquid lipstick in a terrible shade I hate concealer lips why this shade??!! Worse box since I started Allure. Carli Bybel is a fav youtuber why didn’t she do better, disappointed.

  37. The only reason I’m keeping this is because I’ve never tried a Natasha Deona product and I’m really interested in trying one of those eyeshadows and I’ve never tried a Geller eyeliner. I have that same exact lip color that I got in a Sephora favorites box and I’m a girl that loves a pale nude but that color was way too pale as in there’s no color to it at all . But the NDI shadow and eyeliner will be new to me so I’ll keep it and try it

  38. looks like a great april spring box to me…love it…thanks allure.

  39. Meh meh meh meh. Eyeshadow yasss.

  40. I’m actually excited for this box. The only color lipsticks that I use are nudes so I’m especially excited for this Anastasia lip color. I ALWAYS get red or dark brown or dark pink lipsticks s I hope I can actually use this one. I am excited for the Natasha Denona eyeshadow, I own her mini nude palette and really like that. I’m open to try the tan towels because I prefer a tan look, but can’t due to melisma. Luxie brushes are actually my favorite brand of brushes. And I’m actually excited to try the Laura Geller- I own one of her lip liners and like it a lot. This is actually a super usable box for me!

  41. What percentage of the population do nude lipsticks look good on??
    My natural lip color is a berry pink. All of these nudes make me look dead.
    I’m not a fan of makeup heavy boxes and don’t tan. I’ll likely swap everything.
    Worst box in awhile.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for the nude lip tones. I will probably swap my whole box, too, unless i skip the month, but I just did that in February, and I don’t know how often they let you do it.

  42. I used to love Allure so much that I did the annual sub. Shortly after, my boxes started having missing and/or broken items. CS is awful-they tell me they are out of the item and send a tiny sample instead. I’m tired of the influencers. I never use self tanners. I am pale and own it. I’m also tired of eyeliners. It says colors may vary but they are usually some shade if black. Unhappy with this box. Ipsy glam is the one I’m looking forward to receiving.

  43. The first spoiler was exciting, but the rest is pretty disappointing. The tanning towels and the lipstick probably only work for very specific skin tones, and those two Brigeo have been in subs way too often. I do want the ND shadow tho, and I hope I get the small blending brush pictured here or something similar.

  44. How do I cancel? I don’t see any options on my account page. Could someone tell me what I need to do?

    • You need to email them.

      • Thank you!

    • you better calling them. sometimes they ignore emails

  45. I’ll keep 2 and gift 4. Thank God for having 3 girls they’ll always take a cast off from me. Allure either kills it for the month or it’s a total loss. At least their consistent with that aspect of it.

    • So true.
      My daughters usually want the good stuff. No one I. My house wants tan towels or black eyeliner.

      • I have a tan one who’s 22 that will use the tanning and all haircare products. The younger ones at 14 and 15 get the lipstick, brush, and maybe the eyeliner. Usually what I don’t want get donated to them so I’m not really wasting my money at least even with a bad month.

  46. Is it too late to cancel?

    • This is April box so no it is not too late to cancel.

    • No you can still cancel

      • Thank you!

  47. I’m happy with this, as long as I actually recieve a Luxie brush since it said brand may vary. Other than that, I have no complaints.

  48. Wharton’s is a “Carli Bybel”?

    • Ugh! That should say, What is a “Carli Bybel”?

      Thanks, autocorrect!

      • That is what I was wondering. Maybe my teen or tween daughters will know. Lol

      • a makeup artist and influencer. just google her.

      • Seriously.

  49. I subbed for the Riley and cancelled because they charged me twice and the CR acted like it was a huge personal imposition to help lol. Looking at these spoilers no regrets.

  50. I wish the lipstick wasn’t in such a light color but past that it looks okay. I’ll gift the tan towels to my mom.

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