POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2019 Box Spoiler #2!

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We have the second spoiler for the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box! And for this spoiler, you get to pick your metal color choice!

Each box will include:

Kris Nations Opalescent Moon Necklace in Silver or Gold – Retail Value $68

This delicate necklace is the perfect layering piece with a touch of personality. Opalescence is a huge trend right now, so we incorporated it into this Kris Nations necklace as a stylish accent. We love what the moon represents; it’s a feminine symbol representing gentleness, sensitivity, compassion and connection with others. Whether you opt for gold or silver, this lovely little necklace will be your new go-to.

More pictures from POPSUGAR:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? Are you picking silver or gold?

Also, Add-Ons are available now!

Log in to your POPSUGAR account to make your necklace selection and you can pick Add-Ons, too!

And in case you missed it, here’s the first spoiler:

Vooray Burner Gym Duffel in Snow Hex Camo – Suggested Retail Value $49.99

POPSUGAR sent me this item early so I can answer any questions you have about it!

The duffel is the multitasker of bags— it’s great for workouts, commuting, or weekend trips. The design includes a separate, ventilated shoe pocket as well as a padded front pocket for your smartphone. Magnetic handles keep all your belongings safely together. The adjustable shoulder strap also allows you to customize how to wear the bag. It doesn’t get any better than this.

This bag features a large zippered inside pocket, 3 open mesh pockets, a lined pocket on the outside perfect for your phone, and a mesh pocket on the outside for a water bottle:

The top handles are magnetic so they connect + make it easier to carry. And there’s a ventilated shoe pocket:

Personally, I love it as a weekender bag. I can fit 2 outfits, plus all my beauty + sleep essentials:

(FYI – items pictured here are to help show scale – they are what I pack for overnight trips, not items that will be in the Spring box!)

And there’s an adjustable strap for wearing it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag.

More info on the Spring box from POPSUGAR: The total retail value is $314. There will be 8 items plus special extras!

What do you think of the first spoiler? 

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So PSMH website says the spring box is sold out and there is now a waiting list…I’m not really believing that. I have a hard time buying that with just those 2 spoilers, which combined aren’t worth the $75 to me, they sold out. Is it just me???

    Guess I will see just wait to see what’s in the summer box. Back to stalking fed ex for my FFF spring box!

    • I agree. The last one shipped mid nov… why is this quarterly one … 4 months later. This box better be extraordinary or I’m done. I think they are sinking in the subscription business if they are sold out that fast with little spoilers… that aren’t even exciting. Time to start searching for a different box.

      • I sent a FB message to PSHM and got this response:

        Hi Katy – the Spring boxes will begin to ship this week. You’ll receive tracking once it does ship.

      • I’m done with this box. FFF is much better. You should check it out. It’s also more transparent. I didn’t even realize that I was still signed up for this box. No billing reminder or email telling me to make my selection for the customization. No thanks!

  2. It’s been 2 weeks now since the 2nd spoiler came out. 🙁 Are they trying to drive us all nuts? I am so tempted to order the box because I like the bag even though I don’t care for the necklace. BUT…I’m worried that if I do, I’ll jinx the 3rd spoiler (assuming it will one day come out) and it’ll be awful. Maybe I should just skip this box, swap for the bag and place that Sephora order that’s been sitting in my cart???

  3. Am I the only person who is going insane? I ordered the PS and ME box over a month ago and neither one is releasing any spoilers.

    I know the gym bag makes it worth it for me personally but they shouldn’t charge so far in advance or people get anxious.


    • I just ordered this box using the msa20 discount code! Thanks Liz! I’m pretty excited to see what else is going to be in this box!!😁

    • Same! They’re being very tight lipped about it. I’d have to double check to be sure, but this time last season they hadn’t they released all the spoilers? Personally, I’m psyched for the gym bag. My cat chewed through the strap on my last duffle and I travel out of state for weekend trips twice a month, So I need a new one. And the necklace is totally my taste, but I wish I knew what else we were getting.

    • Im anxious for it to ship!

    • They’ve been very tight lipped about spoilers. I still plan to get the box as I do like what has been released. My cat chewed through the strap on my duffle, so I’m psyched about that and the necklace is my taste too. But I wish I knew what else was coming in the box. I’d have to check, but hadn’t they released full spoilers by this time last season? I still haven’t been charged. I reached out to them through email and was told they would start billing this week. So hopefully a box reveal will happen soon.

  4. I am so ticked off about Popsugar today. I signed up for text alerts when they’re offering special deals. Today I got one for a free face wash, and in the time it took for me to sign into my account they had sold out. Did they only have 2 or something? This is my first Popsugar box, and at this point I’m thinking it’s going to be my last. They are SUPER slow with the spoilers, and I mean what is in the box is just okay I’m not that impressed.

    • Same thing happened to me and when I got the text I instantly texted back “yes” and was told it was sold out. I have snagged free items before though in Must Have It, so I think this time around it was just a low stock item. Don’t give up on it!! Sad about lack of spoilers but thrilled about the bag so that’s how I’m justifying sticking with it. Hoping they’re saving something awesome as a surprise, which is the whole point of sub boxes anyway…surprises! 🙂

  5. With the amount of time they are taking to release spoilers, I probably won’t end up ordering the Spring box. My FFF box has shipped and I ordered one of the PSMH galentines boxes…my interest in this box is fading quickly here!

  6. After this season which I have paid for I am cancelling. I am sick of the way they drag their feet releasing spoilers. FFF got my business because of that. They are great for releasing full spoilers.

    I may get the Neiman Marcs box but it just takes to long to get spoilers

    • Nobody seems to be dragging their spoiler feet this season like CauseBox! Sheesh!..

  7. I really wish they had released another spoiler! I went ahead and skipped this box. $75 is too much to spend if you don’t have more info about what you are spending it on!

    • Yeah, I really need a third spoiler. I’m debating a Sephora order instead of signing up for this box.

    • I skipped as well, the third spoiler was key for me. The bag is great, the necklace is fine, but not enough to throw down 75 bucks. I’ll stay tuned

    • I canceled as well. Worst case scenario I resub after the spoilers come out. The winter box was all over the place but there was nothing on this one except for the two. Really disappointed because I loved the winter box but I can’t justify $75 without a better idea of what will be coming.

    • Anyone know when we need to cancel by to avoid being billed for this box?

      • I’m not sure but I was just able to cancel mine. I believe the cut off date is soon, though.

    • I canceled as well! I wasn’t willing to risk paying $75 when I wasn’t stoked about the first two things. If they finally have more spoilers that are things I actually want, I’ll just resubscribe, but the lack of spoilers is making me wonder what the deal is. Keep us interested, don’t pi$$ us off!

  8. Another box from Pop Sugar that I do not want. These boxes are so boring along with overly exaggerated retail value items. No thanks.

  9. Does anyone know when the next spoiler is? I can’t decide if I should cancel or not. I’m now wowed so far.

    • I feel the same way. FFF released all of their spoilers today and I would really love to know what’s coming in this box.

    • The first spoiler came out Tues. Jan 29th. Next spoiler was the next tues Feb. 5th. So I’m guessing/hoping the next one will be tomorrow Feb. 12! <3

    • Ditto! Running out of both time and enthusiasm.

    • Has anyone heard about a third spoiler yet? I’m trying to decide if I should go with FFF or Popsugar.

      • I have been wondering the same thing! I feel like it has been so long since the last one released. So anxious for the next spoiler….

  10. So in the past year or so I have really cut down on my subs for both financial and generally minimizing the number of things I really don’t need/want/won’t use. BUT I really love the gym bag and was just going to purchase it from the site for the $49.99 but then figured why not take a gamble for $25 more and maybe get a few other cool things. Really living on the edge.

    So far the house is winning.

    Isn’t that always the way? LOL.

  11. Love the gym bag, but I was going through my jewelry and I have a necklace very similar to this from another subscription box. I elected to get the silver finish, so at least it wont feel like a complete repeat. Have a similar bracelet from a sub also. Oh well, Still excited for Popsugar

  12. I may sub for this box… I need a new gym bag!

    Delicate jewelry is practical as it goes with many outfits. Unfortunately as a tall woman, delicate jewelry looks like children’s pieces on me. I have a hard time with bargain jewelry without them looking like knock-offs or inauthentic due to the size.

  13. Such a snooze compared to FFF, in my opinion. Popsugar already gave away a moon bracelet in one of their past boxes. I feel like they repeat the same type of items over and over. I also appreciate how much customization and choice are involved with FFF. I honestly miss the Popsugar monthly boxes way more :/ It used to be my favorite monthly subscription.

  14. I am actually so excited for this, I wish I had gotten last season’s box. This is my first time subscribing, so with the promo code, it’s a no brainier for me. I love the bag, and was going to purchase a new gym bag anyways, so everything else in the box is basically free for me!

  15. So not interested in this. Did you see the FFF spoilers? Loving everything in that box.

    • Opposite for me. Much more into Popsugar this time (at least so far) than FFF. To each her own I suppose!

      • I totally agree with you! Not feeling the FFF Spring Box, at all & after only 2 spoilers for Popsugar I’m excited 😀

      • 100% agree. FFF has been a bust for me for the last (including this spring) now 3 boxes-my annual sub is finally up with them thank god. I can never quit PS though. Their boxes are always good and the products are higher end compared to FFF. I miss the monthly Must Have terribly, but this spoiler I’m happy with. Yay for PS!!

  16. The neclaces always fit me like a choker and I have a ton of bags. Looks like I’m canceling…

    • Not shilling for PS, but necklace extenders (cheap on Amazon) are fabulous, in case you’re in love with the design.

  17. I’m not loving the jewelry, sorry!

  18. I was lucky enough to win the Mary Poppins Popsugar giveaway and it left me yearning for a monthly box just like it. It had Barr and Co bubble bath, Lakur nail polish, Republic of tea, Ban.do tumbler, and Tokyo milk lip balm. If Popsugar did a cheap monthly box with those types of items I would be a subscriber for life. Oh well, I will save my money!

    • I got one too! Such a cute box.

    • I got one as well. Loooooved it!

  19. Do you know if this necklace is nickel free?

    • Just found the necklace on the Kris Nations website. Says it is 18K gold vermeil or sterling silver.

  20. I really don’t like the necklace, but I like the bag. I am not skipping the box though. I usually end up loving PSMH and hope the other spoilers will be great.

  21. Well the necklace is cute and something I would wear but it’s just ok and combined with the bag which I really have no use for I am also underwhelmed. My last box I got it at a reduced price but so far at full price I am leaning toward cancelling. Will give it a bit and then decide by 2/15.

  22. Well, box of style, fff, and popsugar have released spoilers. Waiting for happy rebel and causebox spoilers before committing to anything….

    • I’ve been dying for Happy Rebel spoilers. Their Winter box was freakin’ amazing.

  23. Can you elect to skip a box with PopSugar or do you have to cancel and then resubscribe later?

    • Cancel and resub

  24. I have to ask…”hydraulic” sea serum? Maybe hydraulics are what we need to prop up saggy skin…

    • It’s a typo. The bottle says “hyaluronic” sea serum. LOL whoopsie PSMH

    • That’s a super-funny typo. Good catch! Looks like it’s supposed to hyaluronic 😂

  25. I like the necklace but I have a gold crescent moon from FFF (Wren) and the silver crescent moon from BoS so I just don’t need another.

  26. There are so many jewelry brands out there that I would love to discover through a Popsugar box but this is a repeat brand. Didn’t love the quality of the necklace they included in a previous box but am more so just bummed by the repetition.

    • Underwhelmed! How generic – really disappointed in everything I’ve seen so far for this spring box. 🙁

  27. I chose silver. I didn’t see anything in the addons that caught my eye. Oh well. More to spend with FFFs Add On Sale.

  28. Ugh, no thanks. I’ll be saving some $$ at least. I passed on the Winter box too. Downhill slide, PSMH.

    • Me too. I’m actually hoping I don’t like any of the spoilers so I’m not tempted. And while I wouldn’t say downhill slide I would say my tastes have changed. Lots of folks loved the winter box but not one item was for me so I had to finally break up with PSMH.

  29. I wanted this box so badly after the gym bag spoiler but now i am so unsure :*(

    I usually try to decide over the first 2 spoilers and let the rest be a surprise but I may have to wait for 1 more spoiler to come out.

  30. Is this silver and gold plated brass or sterling silver?

    • Just found the necklace on the Kris Nations website. Says it is 18K gold vermeil or sterling silver.

  31. I wish subscription boxes would include sterling silver jewelry routinely, it looks and wears so much better. I love my sterling silver necklace from the Ellen box. My other necklaces from boxes I rarely wear or have broken.

    • I actually ordered a second charm to go with the sterling necklace from the Ellen box and love it. I, too, wish we’d get better quality jewelry. I have accumulated way too many items that have been worn a couple of times due to quality issues.

      • There is a group of us women who are warm skin toned and can’t pull of silver jewelry well. Apparently, most cater to the silver crowd… yes I’m looking at you Oura ring who after all these years, cannot put out a single warm toned ring. Bollocks!

    • Yes!!! I love the Ellen box “love” necklace. Wearing it now. Hopefully they become a regular thing! And that Vitruvi diffuser 😍

  32. I’m so sick of costume jewelry with over-inflated retail values. I can get a real sterling silver necklace and a pendant with genuine stones (garnet, topaz, amethyst etc) for less than half the retail value of this necklace that will tarnish after 1 wearing.

  33. Ugh, no thanks. I’ll be saving some money by not getting this box. I canceled after Fall, and didn’t get the Winter box either.

  34. This looks like a necklace you could find on clearance at Target for $6. Well at least I’ll save some $ this season.

  35. Chose gold and snagged the shower cap!

  36. Kris Nations was in FFF. Very flimsy.

  37. Not my personal style at all. I loved the Winter necklace but I am so over delicate jewelry and Kris Nations is not a good brand. FFF had one a few seasons ago and the quality was awful.

  38. I was able to select my preference for the necklace without issue, but the add-on items are missing (they aren’t appearing to allow me to opt in/select). Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  39. Love the necklace! I do feel that Popsugar usually has better quality jewelry than Fabfitfun and other sub boxes.

    • Kris Nations is an awful brand.

      • I’ve liked everything I’ve gotten so far. I wear the “love” necklace almost daily and have not had any issues with quality, after 2 years.

        • I have the Love necklace on now and it hasnt tarnished and looks as good as the day I opened it. I like the quality of Kris Nations compared to alot of other sub-par jewelery brands we’ve gotten across the box board.

  40. Anyone know what nikes are in the bag?

  41. Happily not tempted by any of it. Looks like FFF might be my only box this season.

  42. Wish they(Popsugar) shipped to Canada. Would buy in a second.

  43. Anyone know what the sneakers are that are in the bag? Not the black & white ones…

    • That might be a New Balance logo but can’t really tell.

    • To me, it appears to be Adidas. If you zoom in on your phone, there looks like two pinkish/purple stripes on the left shoe.

  44. Not a fan of the necklace but I bet it will swap well!

  45. Love the necklace, very delicate.
    Reviews for the bag mentioned having to empty bag to put shoes in due to design. Not a deal breaker but something to consider.
    Still on fence. Need one more spoiler, maybe.

  46. I hate seeing costume jewelry in sub boxes…I’m not interested in this piece at all :-/

    • Costume jewelry implies that it’s junk, and it certainly isn’t junk. If you don’t like seeing jewelry that isn’t diamonds, then PSMH probably isn’t for you, as they usually include one piece of jewelry each season.

  47. Definitely buying those sneakers.

  48. Take my money Popsugar, because I’m not canceling.

  49. Wow! It’s like every time there is a miss with FFF, there is a hit with PSMH! These both look great so far!

    • Thanks for the reminder to cancel FFF, just did so!

  50. Love this and I love that I get to pick silver!

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