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NewBeauty TestTube March 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the March 2019 NewBeauty TestTube Box!

The March box includes:

  1. Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum
  2. Gilchrist & Soames Essentiel Elements Fresh Neroli Shower Gel
  3. VMV Hypoallergenics Grandma Minnie’s Boo-Boo Balm
  4. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper Gloss in Sugar Plum
  5. Purvari Organic Rose Petal Mist
  6. Raeka Beauty Turmeric Cucumber Peel Off Mask
  7. AMOREPACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Creme and Masque*
  8. Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion EX*
  9. Miracle Fruit Oil Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Treatment*

Total Value$260

*Travel-size included

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month.

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Comments (282)

  1. Anybody else still waiting on shipping info of any kind for March?? I have emailed numerous times (at least 3) and each time they say by the end of week due to shortage of stock??? I ordered mid Feb.

    • I’m still waiting on Shipping Info as well. Ordered right before they sold out. I’ve been assured, I will receive the box. They had to restock and would be shipping soon… This was early last week.

    • I’m also still waiting on shipping info. I thought it was bad that I ordered this on 3/7 and was still waiting to hear – but you’ve been waiting since mid-February! I’m so sorry. I hope we hear something good soon.

    • I just got an email this morning with the title: We Haven’t Forgotten You! And it said that the March tube would be shipping out soon and will also include a bonus item for the inconvenience. That’s pretty nice.

      • That’s very nice… something tells me not to cancel even without spoilers… if I want my box to come early. March was my first and I really enjoyed but did want a spoiler or two before committing but I will stay subbed after reading this.

  2. I got my first peak of this sub on Facebook, came here to get the 411 on it, and immediately subbed!! Sunday Riley is my HG, so any time I can get it in a box I’m happy! Everything else for March is just a plus and over the top extra lol!! Fortunately for me, one of my other boxes went under (Julep) so welcome to the fam Test Tube!!!

  3. How did I miss this! If I sign up today (3/7) will I still get the March tube? Please say yes. 🤗

    • Yes! Amber, you may still receive our March TestTube by purchasing today or any time prior to April 3rd

      • Thank you!! I’ve signed up! Super excited ❤️

  4. Got my box today…for those that got their box, did you get the normal insert explaining all of the products? I didn’t get one this time and I was pretty bummed. I like reading how people use it and getting additional info on the products.

    • Yeah, I got one. It was in the actual box for me, not in the tube.

      • Thanks! Mine must have been an anomaly….I have subscribed to this box for at 5 years and this is the 1st time I didn’t get the insert. lol. Glad New Beauty is still including them!

  5. Can anyone tell me the ingredients in the shower gel? Does it contain sulfates?

    • Im pretty sure it does! I was watching a unboxing and they mentioned it did.

  6. The Sunday Riley was watery. Just ran out of the pump. Is it old? I think I’m canceling

    • Hi Lee,

      Yes the SR is a runny formula. This is how it is supposed to be. It is not thick like the Good Genes.

    • Wow! So sorry this happened to you Lee, Please forward us an email and address it to Alyssa so we may have a replacement sent out.

  7. I received my shipment yesterday and already used the turmeric/cucumber peel mask and the AmorePacific crème last night, plus the hair oil and grande lip today. Very impressed by everything, especially the full Sunday Riley. This is by far my favorite beauty/skin care sub. I’ve cancelled everything else last year and am happy to stick with just this one bimonthly.

  8. My box has been stuck in the same location since the 1st… should I be concerned? All the posts about bad customer service have me worried!

    • CS has no effect on where your box is at once it’s in the carrier’s hands. I’ve seen a lot of comments about their poor CS, but I’ve had zero issues with them.

    • Hey Alison, If you are still experiencing this issue please send us an email and address it to Alyssa including your: FULL NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS linked to your account so we may further look into this issue.

  9. This is by far the best beauty box I have ever subscribed to. There are always full size products that far exceed the cost of the box alone, and they are high end products. The variety of products is great and I have gotten 2 tubes so far and I am beyond thrilled. Thank you #TestTubeBeauty, you far outshine the rest!

  10. I just got my box a couple of days ago and LOVE it! I signed up for the Sunday Riley, which is great, but love everything in the box. The Grande Lips is beautiful, and the shower gel smells amazing.

    • Is the Sunday Riley full size?

      • Yes, it is… RV $85

    • I just got my box yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised with the Grande Lips product! I’ve always gifted every Grande Lips product I’ve ever received, primarily because I’m not interested in lip plumpers, but also because the colors I’ve received have always appeared they’d be too bold on me, but this color looked beautiful, so I had to try it. Not only was the color beautiful, but its glossy finish was really nice too, and best of all… it didn’t have any tingling sensation that I’m so scared of from lip plumpers. Maybe it’s because I had just put some lip balm on, but at least now I know what I need to do to avoid feeling the tingles!

  11. So, I got a 6 month/3 box subscription & now I have 3 boxes at my home all from Test Tube with different tracking numbers for each one and I gotta say II’m stuck at work, but I am SUPER curious. Did anyone else get multiple boxes?

  12. So glad I came here to check this box out!!! I was one click away from subscribing!!! I am not willing to risk having to deal with bad customer service!! I was already a bit unhappy with the shipping cost, but the reviews y’all have posted on their customer service settles it. I’m walking away! Full size Sunday Riley or not!!

  13. Has anyone had this billing issue with them? I bought the yearly sub (listed at 149) and was billed 194. I have contacted CS but am kind of dismayed that they would either mess it up like that or false advertise.


    • That could be shipping + tax for 6 boxes.

    • I am sorry for the confusion Elaine Lindsey-Paek although our Annual subscription is priced at $149.75+$44.75 shipping for a full year which also includes a savings of $38.90 plus one free tube

  14. I just received mine yesterday. It’s so awesome! I can’t wait to try some products this morning. 🙂

  15. Does this box release spoilers before billing? Will I get a chance to see the next box and decide whether to renew or cancel? Is it easy to cancel? Debating on signing up.

    • I can’t answer your questions on the timing of billing & spoilers, but it is easy to cancel. You can cancel through a link within your account.

  16. Just got mine and WOW!!! Best skincare box ever. The Sunday Riley is a full size and $85.00 at Sephora. That is the item I am most excited about but have already tried the night cream and the colored lippie. I love them. I ordered a second box for my daughter but may go down to one next month. Are they a monthly or and every other box. I sure if the other boxes are this good, I will be a longtime subscriber.

    • Every other month…. I am WOW’d by this box! I think this will be my favorite sub ever!!!! Can’t wait to some of the products today! 😀

      • *to use

        Tired, lol

  17. Wow.. it’s here and just amazing…. a perfect treat for this day.

    • Did anyone else’s Sunday Riley come without a lid or am I the only one? The travel size has a lid…that’s different.

      • Mine did not have a lid. I have another Sunday riley serum, the ceo glow serum, and it came without a lid when I got it in the mail.

      • The full size opens/closes by rotating the top whereas the travel size is a nonlocking pump. I imagine that is why a lid is necessary for the travel size. That’s my theory anyway

      • No lid and mine was spilled all over everything in the box….

      • Wow JennO, I am so sorry this issue has happened, please send us an email and address it to Alyssa including your: FULL NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS linked to your account so we may issue a replacement

      • Sending a replacement because someone didn’t have lid on a product that does not come with a lid is not a good call, as non of us had a lid on our Sunday Riley and I would imagine some people will be mad, or you’ll be getting a lot of emails looking for replacements. Just saying.. I do not want a replacement, just giving you something to think about. Anyway, loved my box and thank you for always having amazing boxes!

      • Melissa, I totally agree with you. Sending another box bc there wasnt a lid on a product that doesn’t even have a lid? That’s crazy. A ton of folks on this site will email asking for a replacement just so they can get another free box.

      • Right? I was going to email for my replacement until I realized that I had too much stuff and don’t really need it… but than again, it WOULD make a nice gift for someone…

      • woah. Mine had the lid but was open and spilled all over all the other product and you are responding to Jennieoh. I got nothing

      • robin.. I agree that you are the one that should get the replacement..

    • No lid, but that happened with the CEO serum when I got that from Allure a couple of months back. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  18. My tube just arrived!!

    • Same here! Waiting until my toddler is in bed so I can enjoy opening it, but I’m already loving the fun tube 🙂

      • When I read this I said to myself I do the same thing! The only quiet time to really enjoy opening a new box is when they are sleeping!

  19. Getting a little concerned . . . existing customer, love this sub, but I cannot log into my account. My credit card was charged on Feb. 23, but I still don’t have a shipping e-mail. And I’m moving in a week – so I need to either confirm that the tube is on the way or change my shipping address . . . which I cannot do because I cannot log into my account. I e-mailed customer service and no response. What’s going on with these guys???

    • It would probably be a good idea to get on the website and do a live chat with them. I was able to get into my account that way and it was very quick. I received a shipping email a few days ago and my box arrived yesterday.

      • I tried the chat on the website, no response. Still no response to my e-mail, still can’t log into my account, still no shipping confirmation, despite my card having been charged on Feb. 23. And I’m moving in a week and I have no way of changing my shipping address, assuming my tube hasn’t shipped yet. Ugh.

      • Hey, Christie, I am so sorry you are having issues if you have not received notice already please send us an email and address it to Alyssa, Including your FULL NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS linked to your account.

  20. Anybody know if there’s any coupon codes for first time subscribers? I really want this month’s but with that shipping that’s almost $40! Which I know is still a great deal and will still get but want to save some money if i can haha

    • I searched high and low and couldn’t find one.

  21. I am super excited about the March tube. Just wondering what color the Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper Gloss in Sugar Plum is though, I can’t seem to find it online anywhere.

    • Hmmm good question, I couldn’t find it either. It could be that it’s a “subscription box exclusive.” I found other brands with a similar name and they are a deep purple. I hope this helps!

    • Just Ann has a video up showing what’s in this tube. I’m not affiliated with her in any way, just passing on info. She’s how I heard of this box!

      • I watch her all the time, she’s great!

  22. Just got my shipment confirmation email! This is my first one, I’m pretty excited.

    • Ditto!

  23. I just received my shipping email and I’m super excited!!! This is my first time getting a test tube and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The products in this one are amazing and I love love love the SR A+ serum! I have some now but I’m running low so this is perfect timing! 😊

  24. I love new beauty test tube! Was having the same issues as many on here due to their system upgrade, but everything was resolved today! Relieved and super excited for the March tube 🥰

  25. I have had the worst time with this subscription . It is a great product but man they have the WORST!!!! Web site and it never works or recognizes my sign in information. I had to change my banking cards and for the last month,,,,yes I said month tried to update my information. I have received 2 testtubes so far from this subscription and I just received an email saying they have no record of my subscription. I canceled beautyfix in favor of this one. I guess it is back to beautyfix. It is way more professionally run. I can sign in any time. And they are happy to take my Money. Sorry Testtube. I hate to go but you just didn’t do me right. Maybe you need to work out the kinks in your subscription,

    • Sounds like it’s your loss in the long run. Their site will be fixed and the issues over and awesome Test Tubes coming. A little aggravation is a small price to pay for the value you get in these tubes.

      • I disagree 100%!! A little aggravation isn’t what I’m reading people are going through with this box!! I was about to subscribe, but after reading about all these issues? No thanks!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that! We’d love for you to stay on as a valued TestTube subscriber. Please send us an email with details on your account so we can further get this resolved.

    • I’m with you. I get these boxes for fun and to relax. Dealing with the issues I’ve been reading about negates the positives! No thanks!! No matter how great the box is, if they end up causing more stress, I don’t need it!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  26. I love grande lips I will gladly take any off your hands if you want to trade

  27. Hi New Beauty Test Tube, I received the email from you this evening with a temporary password but the site is not fully working. I need to change my mailing address as I have just moved. How do I go about this before my tube is shipped? Thanks in advance.

    • We’re sorry about this issue Claire, Were currently working on any technical issues on our site, However, were able to update your account if you have not done so already please contact our Customer Support Dep. at 888-974-6042 or feel free to send us an email with new details. We apologize for any inconvenience

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