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My Subscription Addiction
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Keto Krate Subscription Review + Coupon – January 2019

Tiffany Waldorf
ByTiffany WaldorfFeb 11, 2019 | 5 comments

Keto Krate
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Keto Krate is a monthly subscription box that delivers ketogenic food and snacks. (The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet.)

There are two subscription options: the Nibbler box that delivers 3-5 snacks for $19.99 a month or the Muncher box that delivers 8-12 snacks for $34.99 a month.

This is a review of the Muncher box.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Keto Krate

The Subscription Box: Keto Krate

The Cost: $34.99/month + $5 shipping

The Products: Each box contains 8+ ketogenic diet-friendly snacks

Good to Know: Entering "krate.club" into your browser bar with bring you to a page with tons of info about the snacks (macros, links to buy, coupons) for this month plus keto success stories and recipes.

Ships to: US

Keto Krate January 2019 Review

I try to follow a keto-based diet most of the time, especially with snacks. It really helps me keep my blood sugars stable and allows me to snack without having to give boluses (of insulin from my pump) as I graze. Just to clarify: I still have to use insulin, but the fewer carbs I eat, the less insulin I have to use. I'm always excited to try new snacks and condiments that are suitable for keto since they are some of the hardest items to find.

Instead of including an info sheet detailing the products and a monthly recipe, the information has been digitalized! Subscribers can head to krate.club in their browser to get the full details on everything sent this month.

This month, a coupon for one of the brands is included.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Bar by Kiss My Keto, 50g - Listed Value $3.75 (Buy a 12 pack for $39.99)

I was really hoping this would taste even half as good as real cookie dough. The consistency looks right, it's coated in chocolate, and it even has chocolate chips in it. It does have some cookie dough flavor, but it tastes too protein-y for me and the texture is dry and gritty.

Cajun Beef Stick by Tomer Kosher, 26g - Listed Value $1.99 (Buy 10 sticks for $13.99)

I'm always up for anything jerky-like so I'm happy that not one, but two beef sticks were included this month. This first one is cajun flavored and made with 100% beef chuck. It has only 1 carb and no sugar which often get added to flavored meat snacks. The consistency is soft without any crunch from the casing. I like that this flavor has a little bit of kick!

Original Nutrition Bar by Ketowatt, 47g bar - Listed Value $2.50 (Buy 12 bars for $25)

This bar may be packed full of nutritious ingredients to power your body and keep you in ketosis...but it tastes horrible! There are no added sugars or sweeteners to cut the bitterness, which is about the only flavor I pick up. The texture is like hardened nougat and doesn't add to the experience either.

Lemon Matcha Bar by Dang Foods, 40g bar - Listed Value $2.49 (Buy 12 bars for $33.20)

Well, I'm 0/2 for the bars this month...up to now. This one is surprisingly good! The crumbly, cookie-like texture has some crunch and some moisture. The bright, citrusy flavor is a welcome change from chocolate and PB that typically reign in the protein bar world. Also, there's nothing to get melty if you have this stowed in a toasty place.

Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers by Foods Alive, 113g bag - Retail Value $6.99

Yum! These dehydrated flax seed crackers don't look like much but they are so good. They taste like chips with the salsa already on them. Or tacos. They are packed full of omegas, minerals, and fiber with only 4 net carbs per serving. They're a great substitute for tortilla chips and can hold up to generous dipping in guac or salsa. They will dry your mouth out though, so have a drink nearby.

Milk Chocolate by Sukrin, 40g - Retail Value $2.99, Listed Value $2.49

I honestly could have been fooled by this milk chocolate; it tastes just like regular sugar-sweetened chocolate. It's silky and creamy with no weird flavors. That's surprising since it's sweetened with erythritol and stevia which typically creates a chemical after taste. I'm so used to the slight sweetness of dark chocolate now that this felt like a decadent treat.

Mesquite Bbq Biltong Stick by Stryve Biltong, 28g - Listed Value $3.98 (Buy 12 sticks for $22.68)

This is the second of the two beef sticks included this month. While the first one was soft and had some moisture, this one is firm and dryer. It actually snaps when you bite into it because of the natural lamb casing. The flavor is pretty subtle but good and this stick packs 15 grams of protein in with only 1 carb.

Chocolate Crispy Caramel Bars by Chocorite, 32g - Listed Value $1.49 (Buy a 16 pack for $19.99)

Oh man! These are gooood! Between the chewy caramel, creamy milk chocolate, and airy crispies, these are the perfect solution to dessert or craving conundrums. Like the delicious chocolate bar above, these erythritol sweetened treats have no weird taste. I think I could share these with non-keto friends without them second-guessing if these were my "diet treats." The price is reasonable for a box of these too!

Ginger Something by Nui, 56g - Listed Value $3.99 (Buy 4 packs for $14.95)

I'm really sad that this is a limited edition flavor because I think I may have found my ginger snap replacement. Each pack comes with 2 soft, dense, cake-style cookies. The subtle ginger spiciness is balanced with a hint of sweetness. It's hard to describe, but I notice a cold sensation at the back of my mouth when I'm eating them like the spices are playing tricks on my taste buds. Maybe they're just so tasty, my brain tingles.

Classic Pink Himalayan Salt Sunflower Seeds by Iota, 70g pouch - Listed Value $3.89 (Buy a case of 6 pouches for $23.34)

These are exactly what they say they are – roasted sunflower seeds with salt – nothing more. But, they do come in this nifty spout pouch that makes snacking on the go easy and mess-free.

Ketomanna by Synchro, 34g packet - Listed Value $3.50 (Buy a box of 10 packets for $24.97)

I'm not really sure what to think about this snack. The packaging sure is pretty and it smells like fudge. But, it just tastes like coconut oil with cocoa powder in it. And getting the right consistency is tricky. It's solid in the fridge or but it liquifies when it warms up. I don't know that I'm a fan, but a lot of people love it and use a packet when they are in need of a fat bomb.

Barbecue Pro-Puffs by Meals For Muscle, 30g - Retail Value $3.99

These are the keto-friendly replacement for barbecue chips. They have a strong smoky flavor and a big crunch. The whole bag is a serving, so you can do some serious snacking with only 3 carbs and 120 calories to worry about and 21g protein to keep you going.

Bay Spice Flavor Infused Peanuts by Pizootz, 41g - Retail Value $3

Peanuts and spices, that's all you'll find in this snack. For this whole pouch, there are only just over 4 net carbs. I noticed that these seem a little dryer than normal roasted peanuts but they have a nice flavor and aren't coated with messy powder.

The Verdict: Since I follow a keto diet (albeit, a lazy one), I loved having a curated selection of keto-friendly snacks delivered. Once again, I'm really happy with the savory snacks but have a wide range of feeling about the sweets. There were really only two that were unedible for me, the KetoWatt and the Kiss My Keto bars. Going off of retail and listed values, this box is worth $44.55 which is only a few dollars higher than the cost + shipping. But, the value is there for me because I'm able to try a variety of snacks that I know will fit my diet. Plus, I'm not playing hit-or-miss with whole packages of snacks from the store. I don't think you'd find the same value if you weren't trying to be low-carb though. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you’ll receive the February box. 

Coupon - Use code KETOADDICTION to save $5 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $34.99 + $5 shipping, which means that each of the 13 items in the box has an average cost of $3.08.

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What do you think about Keto Krate? Have you tried any of these products before?

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Tiffany Waldorf
Tiffany Waldorf
Tiffany found out about subscription boxes from a friend who followed MSA. The curiosity started with mystery beauty boxes and grew into an addiction from there. Beauty, clothes, home...she loves the sight of a subscription box in the mail.

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Love these reviews of keto friendly boxes! Please keep them coming! I’d love for msa to expand in more keto friendly boxes. I’d really love to see the nutrients facts of each item as well. (If you could fit a pic in) Thanks for the review.

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Tiffany Waldorf

Hey Ashley! I’m glad you like reading these keto reviews! I always try to include an image of the nutrition facts if they are on the packaging, but I’ll zoom in a little more next time to make it larger. Thanks!

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I’m with Ashley
Love your reviews of keto subs. Keep them coming


That cooling sensation is from erythritol! Some people hate it but I actually like it 🙂
Thanks for a great review, definitely some things I’ll be seeking out.

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Tiffany Waldorf

Oh my gosh! No way! I thought it was just me and my weird taste quirks. 🙂 I really like it too! Thanks for letting me know.

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