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GlossyBox Subscription Review + Coupon – February 2019

GlossyBox February 2019

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually a deluxe size or full size, and the value is usually good too.

GlossyBox February 2019 open box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.

GlossyBox February 2019 all contents

About This Box

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use coupon code HEART to save 20% off any length subscription!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Ships to: US and Canada

GlossyBox February 2019 Review

GlossyBox February 2019 booklet cover GlossyBox February 2019 booklet intro GlossyBox February 2019 booklet product GlossyBox February 2019 booklet back

Each box comes with a fold-out card detailing the items included.

GlossyBox February 2019 giftcard GlossyBox February 2019 giftcard back GlossyBox February 2019 swap card

This month also came with a wine gift card from Naked Wines and a little note that one of our products is a swap due to a supplier delay.

Wanna see what’s inside? Let’s go!

GlossyBox February 2019 serum GlossyBox February 2019 serum back GlossyBox February 2019 serum detail

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum, 0.5  fl oz – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $25.50

(This is a variant item.)

I have gotten this product before in another box and it is a great eye serum for someone who wants a vegan, cruelty-free, and all natural formula that absorbs easily and is lightweight. The most noteworthy ingredient in this formula would be the pomegranate extract, which has loads of antioxidants. I like the dropper bottle packaging because it allows you to only use a few drops at a time, which is really all you need because a little goes a long way!

GlossyBox February 2019 dry shampoo GlossyBox February 2019 dry shampoo open

Psssssst Volume Original Citrus Dry Shampoo, 1.76 oz – Estimated Value $2.32 (Buy a full size 5.3 oz for $6.99)

(All subscribers get this item.)

One can never have enough dry shampoo. This formula was great at making the oil in my roots disappear. The fruity scent is perfect for the warmer months ahead and the size of this sample is ideal for tossing into your purse or beach bag. I also found the name of this brand really amusing because it is the sound the product makes when applied. It’s the little things.

GlossyBox February 2019 mighty patch GlossyBox February 2019 mighty patch back

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible+ – Estimated Value $5.54 (Buy 39 patches for $17.99)

(All subscribers get this item.)

I am blessed to have nearly acne free skin (I feel like my skin got all it’s anger out before I hit 20) so I wasn’t really able to test these out in a super meaningful way. What I can say is that if they do indeed work, this would be a godsend for so many people. The little patches are comfortable enough to sleep in and invisible enough to wear during the day if you had to. They are meant to stop a bad zit in its tracks before it gets bigger and angrier. Simply apply a blemish patch to the bump and leave it on for at least 6 hours. When you remove it the zit should either be gone or on it’s way out!

GlossyBox February 2019 powder duo GlossyBox February 2019 duo back GlossyBox February 2019 duo open

Manna Kadar Long Wear Powder Split Pan Duo in Posh, 0.11 oz – Estimated Value $6.00 (Buy the full-size pan for $24.00)

(This is a variant item.)

This little duo is very pretty and totally wearable. Designed to be a three in one pair you can use for blush, shadow, and a contour, it has major versatility! On my skin, it would be too yellow to use for blush or contour, but I loved it as a shadow. The lighter shade has a lovely shimmer and the darker one is more matte, meaning you can create different textures and a ton of different looks from this small compact.

GlossyBox February 2019 swatches

Here are both shades swatched!

GlossyBox February 2019 arizona perfume GlossyBox February 2019 arizona perfume open

Proenza Schouler Arizona Eau De Parfum, 9 ml – Estimated Value $22.50 (Buy a full size 50 ml for $75.00)

(All subscribers get this item.)

I am so shocked by how much I love this perfume. Seriously, I only own borderline masculine scents that always have dark base notes and floral middles, combined with something odd like leather or firewood. This blend of cactus flower, jasmine, and orange flower is absolutely outside my norm. While this one is much lighter and more girly, it still has a weird note somewhere in there that is really interesting to me. Is it salt, sun, or sand? I can’t place it. This perfume ticks quite a few boxes for me: gorgeous minimalist packaging, a totally unique scent unlike anything I own, and an imaginative backstory that is very southwest and summery without being basic. This is one I absolutely plan on buying after my generous sample runs out.

GlossyBox February 2019 quartz lipgloss GlossyBox February 2019 quartz lipgloss open

skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump, 8 ml – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $19.29

(All subscribers get this item.)

This is a very pretty gloss! It is super minty and has a nice (although not overly dramatic) plumping effect. It was super hydrating on my lips and had a beautiful and subtle shimmer.

Verdict: I was really into this month’s GlossyBox. The perfume is by far my favorite item, closely followed by the eye serum and lip gloss. I am always happy to get more dry shampoo, and this summery travel size was a great addition to this month’s box. While I really don’t need another blush/shadow/contour in my collection right now, I plan on gifting the powder duo. I will be passing along the blemish patches to someone who might get more use from them. Even without those two items, the value is still there for me. I am guesstimating this month’s box to have a value of around $81.15, which is excellent for a $21 box.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! If you sign up in the month of February, this will be your first box!

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use coupon code HEART to save 20% off any length subscription!

Value Breakdown: At $21.00 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Eye Serum $6.60
  • Dry Shampoo $0.60
  • Blemish Patches $1.43
  • Powder Duo $1.55
  • Perfume $5.82
  • Lip Gloss $4.99

Alternatively, each item in this box has an average cost of $3.50.

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What’s your favorite item form this month’s GlossyBox


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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (69)

  1. This was my first month and my last month! Paid for my subscription and got a tracking number and it sat at the same post office for 20 days. I emailed GlossyBox and they wanted to send me out a new box. No way! Not going to do that. Still waiting on a refund and I cancelled my subscription. I should have stayed with Boxycharm

  2. I am disappointed with this month’s box. I was due to receive variant 1 but it was returned to GB due to “insufficient address”, although address is correct in my account. They reshipped a box, this time variant 5 which contained perfume, lip plump, Manna Kadar palette, VDL primer, mighty patches and a charcoal face mask. I have mature skin so have no need for the mask or patches, not interested in the palette, don’t much like the perfume (that’s okay though), which leaves me with the lip plumper and primer. Does anyone know what is in variant 1?

  3. I cancelled glossy last month…picked up allure!

  4. New coupon for February box for $15 is FEB15.

  5. I cancelled my glossy box subscription today. I received more items that I’ve received before and this is happening more and more. I’m going to try something else.

  6. I’m not sure why there seems to be some confusion on the swap site re: theRV of some items. You should be able to figure it out from the enclosed brochure.

  7. I’ve been busy opening some old Glossyboxes from last year that I just never took time to open when they came (I know, I’m weird). I opened my May 2018 box last night and it actually contained a small *bottle* of this perfume. I really liked it. Not sure if I need to keep this new spray though, or not.

  8. I think I’m burnt out on sub boxes. I’ve subscribed to atleast 19 different boxes on/off for more than 2 years and now only have 3 Boxycharm, fabfitfun and Popsugar. Thinking about rejoining Ipsy and cancelling boxy. I’m just on product overload……The only reason i stay with Fabfitfun is because i love Living Proof products but hate paying full price so i stock up during add-ons and edit sales. I used to spend hours on this blog but ive cut back to once a day or every other day. Too many boxes with same stuff… Maybe some. Day when i use my products up the boxes will change up a bit and ill be ready again. Sorry just had to vent. Hubbys happy lol

    • I feel the same way. I was subscribed to 7 different boxes, but 2 months ago I cancelled all of my boxes but 2 of them. Glossybox is one I kept, but I’m thinking about cancelling it too.

  9. I received variation 4. Received the eye serum, kenra hair spray, rose quartz lip gloss, Manna Kadar eye shadow and the spot treatments. I already had lip gloss which I like. Happy about the eye serum. Was looking for a new serum. Can always use hair spray. So I feel like a definitely received my money’s worth. Perfume is nice.

    • I am like… kind of obsessed with the perfume. I really don’t need more but I will be buying this one.

  10. Thanks! I can’t wait to try the eye serum and Arizona perfume too. Odd, I thought the dry shampoo wasn’t a variant item. No biggie either way to me. What else did you get in your box?

  11. I’m becoming so disappointed with GlossyBox. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for a number of years now, with no discounts at all. My profile indicates my preferences, and certainly all of the surveys I’ve answered let them know that I am an older woman. Not only did I not receive the one item that I would have loved, the eye serum, I received the same tiny dry shampoo sample that I had received from them several months ago. That horrible MK product is beyond explanation. I don’t know what they are thinking. I have several other subs that I am loving, and at the moment IPSY plus is absolutely blowing them out of the water. I hope they shape up soon.

    • Whats the deal w/with GBox??? After a year of trying to cancel but still being charged, My preferences ignored with Blk lipstick???? time after time getting the same samples over and over and never getting the good stuff EVER!!! this box is more pricey then the others which listen to you and don’t give you repeat samples!!! Curious o know if they share this on the reviews? we will see…..

  12. It’s like finding an attractive boyfriend, but on the inside he’s really totally lame!

  13. Glossybox used to be SO FINE. Not now.

    BTW, to the reviewer- The Pssst dry shampoo was first made in the early 1970’s, then discontinued for decades.

    It’s always been a drugstore quality item.

    The HUT group is not curating high quality items like this box used to have. Just my opinion.

    • I had never heard of it, but I guess that explains why! I tend to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week though, so dry shampoo is always a win for me. Thanks for the info Lily!

  14. HATED this box! Wanted the eye serum, got face cleanser. Wanted mascara, got the pan duo. Don’t have zits, hate dry shampoo and parfum gives me headaches. YAY for lip gloss. Ha!

    • Yeah the travel size face cleanser is worth $8.40 while the full size eye serum is worth $29. How is that a fair exchange?

      • That is what I was thinking! I also got the cleanser and a messed up duo palette! Terrible value box! I don’t care for getting perfumes! The lip gloss might be ok. So I got:

        $8 cleanser
        $2 dry shampoo
        $5 blamish patches
        $6 broken palette
        $20 perfume /don’t care for
        $19 lip gloss which is the nicest product in here! Horrible box! I’m so glad this was my last box! They offered me a $5 credit for my broken palette! I’m done with them!

  15. most wanted item (mascara) not included and instead offered powder duo, lame.
    Perfume, already had from another box.
    Glossybox dropped the ball.
    cancelled subscription

    • I cancelled as well

  16. really really disappointed by the manna kadar swap. 1. because i’m a masara junkie and 2. because the value of the replacement is a fraction of the mascara we were supposed to get.

    i would have rather they skipped it and sent me the mascara later. boxycharm has much better curation for the price range. i’m cancelling my glossbox.

    • I canceled mine too. Out of all the boxes I get I love glossyboxes presentation the most but not so much the contents. I was kind of bummed by canceling. I really do love the box and the way it’s put together. I have Boxycharm, allure, Ipsy+. So many other options with better products. If they ever step that up I would come back. Maybe someone there reads these. ♥️

  17. it says on the glossy product insert that the mascara we were supposed to receive was valued at $29 and instead they send out a sample eye shadow pan valued at $6?? personally I dont even think this box, as a whole, is worth the $21 I paid for it. Glossybox used to be one of my favorite subscriptions but I feel like the boxes just keep getting worse every month.

  18. The box is totally cute, but the products are nothing I want. Maybe the blemish patches or serum. Nothing needed. And the manna kadar is the same one I’ve received in multiple boxes and gifted. I know the swap site is overloaded with them. So it would be almost impossible to swap as well.

  19. I don’t like complaining because the point of these boxes for me is to have a fun little luxury. However, I am not happy with the dry shampoo (seriously, how many can one person have?) sent instead of the eye serum. The Arizona perfume was also in a previous box so I don’t want or need another one. I emailed them, I do hope they make changes to listen to client’s preferences. On the otherhand, the box itself is lovely and the lip plumber is something I look forward to trying. I also did not see a mascara.

  20. According to their website, I’m getting variation 2, but I don’t know what that includes. It shows that there are 5 different variations! I also received variation 2 last month. I didn’t pay attention in previous months, so I don’t know if I always get #2 or not.

    • I got variation #4, but it just shipped so I won’t know until next week. Let’s compare!

      • How do you know which variation you are getting?

      • Look in your shipping confirmation email subject: Order dispatched. The section that says “order details” will say SKU – February 2019 – US-4 and the -4 is your variation. If you click on that link it will take you to the website where you can check out the drop down box for the number of variations they will have for that month. I checked out my January link and it’s already gone from the site but I still had my confirmation email.

      • I got variation #4, and received the eye serum (yay!). Instead of the dry shampoo, I got an alcohol free ‘shaping hairspray’ by Kenra (1.5oz), which smells nice, but unfortunately does not have great reviews. Oh well, the Arizona perfume is a new favorite!

      • Thanks Shal! I can’t wait to try the eye serum and Arizona perfume too. Odd, I thought the dry shampoo wasn’t a variant item. No biggie either way to me.

      • That’s what I got too.

      • I opened my box today and I got: the eye serum (yay!), an alcohol free ‘shaping hairspray’ by Kenra (1.5oz), the Arizona perfume, which they sent previously in a cute little bottle, the acne dots, the lip plumper, and a Mannar Kadar duo that is clearly marked “eyeshadow,” not highlighter or blush. It’s in a different color than what others seem to have received.

    • Also, my previous box said variation #1, ymmv.

      • OOh, thanks for the information! I’m trying to figure out when mine will get here, but the tracking info isn’t showing up. 🙁 I think it’s a problem with my parcel tracker, though, and not Glossybox.

    • Last month I received variation 2 and this month I’m receiving variation 4 according to their website. It says my box was dispatched on Feb. 9, but I’m still waiting to receive it. So it does look like our variations do change or at least mine do.

  21. I’m interested in swapping my Skin Chemists lip gloss for Mighty Patches. I have 2. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll put them up for swap asap.

  22. I am one of the ones who cannot stand dry shampoo. Each one I have tried, and it has been probably 19 through subs, makes my hair feel so gross, stiff and almost paste like feeling, just yucky.

    • I refuse to wash my hair more than 2-3 times a week so I have to embrace it! The wrong brand or formula can totally feel terrible though!

    • I am HOOKED. This is totally not my type of scent but I absolutely love it. Bathe me in solar accord!

  23. If anyone just wants to sell the Box alone let me know

    • Like just the empty box? Sure I would sell it to you.

  24. I used to love Glossybox. But they have changed.

  25. Since I just signed up in January, I’m still in the early honeymoon phase. Other than the dry shampoo (which I’m fine getting) all the other products are new to me and I’m excited to try. I just received notification that my box shipped, wuwu 🙂

  26. I’m most excited about the perfume and then by the lip gloss, although I prefer color. But this looks and sounds good. The powder duo will immediately go up for swap.

    • I absolutely love the perfume. It is such a departure for me.

  27. My small palette powder was all over my box. It is unusable. I’m pretty disappointed with this box. I got the facial cleanser that was worth $9! Not much value in it! I canceled my subscription.

    • I got the same variation… It seems unfair that other people get $25 eye serum and we get $9 facial cleanser. That definitely bummed me out!

    • I agree- I wonder why the value of the cleanser was so much different than the serum. The website states a $90 value but it seems like variation 1 (with the face cleanser) comes up quite a bit short.

    • I got the same box, facial cleanser and a shattered MK pan. I would have loved the eye serum. 😕

    • Mine was smashed and all over the box as well. Every time I send them an email about broken items, I never get a response.

      • Laura- I emailed them thru the GB website and they replied within a few hours asking for a pic. Once I sent the pic they said they would send a replacement. Good luck!

  28. I have subscribed to Glossybox for a long time. I feel they get in the groove sending good boxes and then they send out a box like this one of random products. I am not excited to try any of this. I for one have too much dry shampoo. The only thing that I am intrigued by is the perfume however it looks like a tiny sample.

    • I completely agree about glossybox. 9ml of perfume can last a long time. Most of the travel roller balls are 10ml. Then again it also takes me a while to go through the 1 ml test sprays they give free with purchase. My mom gives me all her Hermes samples and I haven’t had to buy a bottle yet!

    • I agree! I actually gave feedback. This was a terrible box and I’m looking into others. Do you ladies recommend any others. This box felt thrown together and not even personalized. And I never even listed acne as an issue and yet have gotten acne stuff twice now. Super bummed.

      • April, Test Tube has been killing it lately, you should check out the reviews and comments.

      • For the same price as Glossy you could try NewBeauty Test Tube, if you don’t get it yet. It’s mostly all skin care, and high end at that. I always gets me exited. I only get Glossy because I got a longer sub with good discount on Black Friday. So my box cost only little more than Ipsy. It’s definitely not worth full price though…

      • NBTT costs twice GB. It’s $30 + $10 shipping….

      • NBTT ships every other month, so per month it’s around the same price as GB

      • HIGHLY recommend NBTT!

      • Allure is less expensive and better. Ipsy plus is a couple bucks more and way better but you may have to get on their wait list.

      • I agree with all of these but wanted to add Boxycharm as a possibility. They provide a good mix of makeup (mostly) and skincare in the same price range. Boxy kicks Glossy to the curb IMHO.

      • Yes, I also get Allure and the Jan box was great (still waiting on Feb). Maybe sign up through Amazon, it seems like some are people are having late shipments and missing tracking info otherwise.

    • The perfume is a nice size sample!

    • Its pretty large for a sample! I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Tiny sample of fragrance? It’s a purse-size spray. If it takes me about a week to go through a small sample, this will last about 2 months. Definitely at least one month for this fragrance. Either way, I’m pretty sure that before I get through this, some sub or other will have sent me more fragrance.

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