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FYI – Degustabox is Pausing Subscriptions

FYI – Degusta Box is pausing all subscriptions. February will be the last box they ship. If you prepaid for future boxes, you will be refunded:

Degusta Box USA is, as for now, pausing the shipping of our monthly boxes until further notice, the last one being the February box.

With regards to your paid future boxes, we have issued a refund to you, which you should receive within the next 3 business days and no later than 2 weeks.

We apologize for this situation and will keep you informed as soon as we have more news to share!

From all the team at Degusta Box USA, we would like to thank you for supporting us!

If you are looking for a Degusta Box alternative – check out our list of the best food + snack subscription boxes voted by MSA readers.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (38)

  1. I’m so sad about this! I had planned to sign back up in a few months! It’s clear from the comments that everyone else loved it too, so I wonder what happened 🙁 Maybe the cost of business was too high… I hope they can make a comeback!

  2. I am confused. I logged onto my DegustaBox account. It still says I will be billed on February 19th. Was the box I received in February my last one or will they ship out one more box? Either way I am sorry to see them stop

  3. I loved it last year, but when my son moved out, I couldn’t do a big box of food like that knowing I would only eat a few things. When he was here, we could share it and then gift anything to my other family members if it wasn’t to our taste. I did have issues with their obsession with coconut, which I’m mildly allergic to, but the boxes were always really good and one item didn’t ruin it for me. Sad to see them ending.

    • I allllwwwaaaays got the coconut version of an item if there was an option (and I hate coconut, although not allergic). It became an ongoing joke for me. I also can’t do spicy food and they seemed to do alot of that and hot sauces so my friends got alot of gifts from me. I really enjoyed this sub in in the beginning but after awhile the value seemed to go down and there were alot of repeats or things I wouldn’t end up using, so I cancelled because it was easier for me to just buy what I wanted instead of hoping for a fun surprise. I did sub long enough to get a free box though.

  4. I’m sad because I love this box, and for a while was the only box I was subscribe too. Also I’m sad because I earned a free box and that would had been my March box.

    • I was lucky. My January Box I used my points to get for free as I finally had a enough. Glad I didn’t wait. Will miss this box.

    • I had alreadied requested my free box be the March box also. Bummer. I did really like this box.

  5. Oh no, I love this box. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good box to replacement this one? We’ve tried Graze and Love with Food, but both were eaten within a day or two. Degusta was awesome because you’d get lots of full size things to try. Thank you!

    • I was subscribed to Degustabox too and was disappointed they were pausing. I’ve tried Snackcrate before and really enjoyed it. It focuses on a country each month and you get snacks and candy from that country. I think it’s fun. I’ve also seen there Snack with Me box and I’m really curious about that one, it seems a lot like Degusta but a little more expensive, $29.99 a month but you get a ton of food. But I’ve read reviews in the past that they sometimes sent out expired food but the reviews I’ve seen in the last few months they haven’t.

      • I get the Snack With Me Box.You have to know going in that the dates will be past on some of the items. I’ve never had an issue with the dates (personally think it’s to keep moving products on shelves). I’ve gotten chocolate bars,snack bars,chips,meal kits,mug mixes,cookies,crackers,cereal,drinks and so much more.The boxes are about 1 & 1/2 the size of the Degustabox. ***I should note I’ve been buying food off of their site Some months you have to pay $5 to get access to the deals on the site and other months you don’t.*** Site only not Snack box subscription.
        The boxes are a good buy if dates don’t bother you. I’ve been getting them from day 1 and have never had too many things I didn’t want. Sometimes they have overstock and you can opt for a second box a month.

    • I gave a subscription to Universal Yums to my son for Christmas and he loves it. Each month you receive a variety of snacks from a different country. They have three different sizes of packages also.

      • I also got Universal Yums for my son for Christmas 2017 and he really likes it. We have received it every month since. I just bumped it up to the super yums box which should be here tomorrow so the rest of us can enjoy it too.

  6. Aw, I’m so bummed.

  7. I was wondering about this, as I just got a random credit in my bank account from them. No email or anything, though. Too bad, as I was going to re-up for another 6 mos. in March.

  8. Bummer! For the price, this is a great box! I am truly disappointed.

  9. There’s been an influx of new boxes and people are expecting more and more from a sub box. I can’t imagine it’s very profitable anymore. :/

    • Yep. People expect diamonds for 10.00 a month. Everything better be customized and they want to pick and control every aspect. It’s absolutely absurd. Alot of people who get sub boxes should just take their money and buy their own stuff rather than cry every month about how they don’t want or like anything that they got.

    • People have become impossible to please. They want to control every aspect of their subs,have everything customized for them,they want sky high values and high end brands for 10.00 a month. Some people should just cancel their subs and buy their own stuff.

      • I 100% agree. I’ve commented a few times that I fear these factors will be the death of sub boxes. People also expect to like 100% of the items in the boxes and that is just impossible. I try to go in with the mindset that if I like half the items, it’s a win because I am still paying far less than I would for retail. I am going to be so sad the day that some of the big beauty and lifestyle boxes go under. Those boxes have allowed me to try things I wouldn’t pay full price for because they are luxuries I can’t necessarily afford. A $78 beauty oil? Can’t do it, but for the $5 average cost of a Ipsy Glam Bag Plus item- heck ya!

      • Exactly! Sub boxes are meant to allow you to try new things or things you otherwise wouldn’t buy. They aren’t meant to replenish your supply of the same stuff you’ve been using for 20 years! I think my favorite was on a Boxycharm thread where someone said how upset she was with her box because she doesn’t wear makeup!

      • Wow Jane… voxycharm is a heavy makeup box… I guess she didnt do her research… beautyfix and lookfantastic would have been a good box for her.

      • Toni Marie exactly! It boggles my mind that someone would subscribe to a makeup box when they don’t wear makeup!

      • I saw that one too. Yikes!!! 🤔

      • Oh wow lol. I didn’t see that one. Definitely not the right sub for her!

      • Completely agree! Sub boxes are “discovery” boxes. In the 3+years I’ve been a sub box “addict”, I’ve had as many as 15 subs. I enjoyed about 95% of them and found products I would have never tried. My family and friends have received hundreds of my “misses” and they love it. I’ve gotten to the point of being more selective and decreasing to about 5 subs. It’s still a lot of fun! If you expect to LOVE everything, you will be disappointed. Degusta was a fun food box.

      • I’ve also been more selective, because I am on overload. But my niece had a field day when she visited in September. Raided my bins and took a huge amount of stuff I wouldn’t use. Women’s DV shelters are also SO grateful to receive products from sub boxes and as a side bonus, you get to feel good about making someone else’s day a little brighter!

      • I completely agree. And so many of the comments on here now are people just complaining about EVERYTHING. I guess that’s why the forum got shut down. It’s a shame, and I loved Degusta box too.

  10. I really liked this box till I started Keto. Then I had to stop it. This is sad, I know a lot of people liked it.

  11. Bummer. This was one of the better food boxes out there.

  12. Another one bites the dust! Looks like the sub box trend is definitely starting to end. In another 5 years I don’t think any of these boxes will still be around.

    • I think I read that the number of new boxes starting are increasing annually. Maybe too many out there now? It must be a tough business to maintain. Sorry to see one go by the wayside..

      • Very tough business. Lots of constant complaints from customers, way too many boxes out there so they have to have an original idea. Even Popsugar opted to stop a monthly box. I think the majority of these subs will either end or all be quarterly soon.

      • Very tough to sustain. Even Popsugar opted to stop a monthly box. I think the majority of these boxes will be ending soon or going quarterly.

  13. Wow seems like subscription boxes are shutting down left and right…

    • I wonder why they are shutting down though. Lack of interest? My thoughts on some of these subs boxes are that the items they have in them are only worth what people are willing to pay so while they say ‘ you get $250 worth of stuff for $50’…is that stuff REALLY worth $250 or is that just the marked up MSRP? For instance…Tarte puts one of their $35 retail price palettes in a Boxycharm box that costs $21. We KNOW Boxycharm isn’t paying retail and we KNOW Boxycharm isn’t taking a loss that month, they are still making money even with everyone paying $21 for the box…so the real question is ….how much does that palette REALLY cost? I think it’s the same for products in all the sub boxes. What is the REAL price of that product. Or people are just sub boxed out 🙂

      • Makeup has a huge markup (we’re talking an estimated 70%) which is one of the reason many sub boxes are able to include so much of it. I don’t think most foods have quite the same level. It’s why boxes boxes that include cosmetics are able to promise such high values because the consumer price IS expensive. It’s just nowhere near the cost to produce it.

  14. Bummer. No wonder it’s been quiet since the new year.

  15. so disappointed, I love degustabox , it’s my favorite box

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