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FabFitFun Spring 2019 Review + $10 Coupon

The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly subscription from Each season they send you a box of $200+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness.

Each season, FabFitFun features a different design for their box. I love the pop of purple and pink when you open it!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: FabFitFun Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON – Save $10 Off Your First Box with coupon code MSA10

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $200) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

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FabFitFun sends out a mini mag in each box. It details the items included and also provides background on some of the featured makers and designers.

This page shows all the different items that are available for customization and the items that all subscribers will receive. The pink box on the bottom right page shows the 3 items all subscribers get – everything else will vary!

And the magazine features content besides the items in the box, too. For example, this season they included a checklist for 50 ways to show gratitude, and there is a horoscope section:

Now, time for the items!

I’m going to start with the items that all subscribers will receive:

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Scrub – Retail Value $24

I have to admit, Manna Kadar cosmetics products have felt a little over-played in subscription boxes a few years, so I’m always a little hesitant when I see this brand in a box. However, I’m happy to report that this scrub was a lovely surprise for me! It has a subtle sweet + fruity scent, the scrub isn’t too abrasive, and the formula doesn’t leave your skin overly oily.

Also, full-size body scrubs are pretty rare in subscription boxes (they are heavy!) so this is an extra win in my book!

OUAI Leave In Conditioner – $26

I think whether or not you love this product will likely come down to if you love the scent. Ouai products are strongly scented, and they do linger, so I recommend getting a quick whiff before spritzing + committing! I really like the scent (it’s kind of like hair perfume), and the formula itself is lovely, too. It’s a great detangler, and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

dr. brandt skincare needles no more NO MORE BAGGAGE  eye de-puffing gel – $42

I try SO many de-puffing, under-eye eye treatments, and this is one of the few that I could actually feel and see working! After I applied the gel, it immediately gave my skin a cooling feeling. Then, over the next few minutes, I could actually feel a subtle tightening of my skin. (The tightening goes away when you wash this off.)

It has an orange tint, which I think helps conceal the blue tones of undereye circles, but it didn’t make enough of a difference there for me to go without undereye concealer. And it gives your skin a smooth, powdery finish. (And just FYI, this isn’t an aloe-vera-type gel, it takes some effort to squeeze it out of the tube!)

Looking at the reviews on Sephora, it seems like people either love or hate this. I’m a fan, but I’m guessing it doesn’t work as well for all skin types.

Now, the items that are choices.

All subscribers can pick a Show Me Your Mumu robe, Deux Lux Backpack, or Diffuser:

Show Me Your Mumu Robe – Retail Value $84

This is one of my favorite items in the box – I love the brand, and this floral print is exactly what I need to look forward to Spring!

It’s 100% polyester, fits up to a size 16, and hand wash cold.

This robe features a tie belt and a high-low hem.

The fabric is soft and lightweight, but not too sheer. I think it is the perfect weight for a warmer weather robe.

Here it is on:

(For reference, I’m 5’7″, and somewhere between a size Medium + Large at Forever 21.)

Next Choice: All subscribers are able to pick Quay sunglasses (2 different styles), SunnyLife Picnic Set, or a Korres Sleep Mask:

QUAY AUSTRALIA Vivienne Sunglasses in Black/Smoke – Retail Value $60

If you aren’t familiar with Quay, they are a great sunglasses brand from Australia. (I love that for the cost of the box, $49.99 (or $39.99 with coupon MSA10), you can get a pair of Quay Sunglasses for less than retail, and essentially get 7 other full-size items for free!)

Here are the measurements:

  • Width: 148MM
  • Height: 60MM
  • Nose Gap: 14MM

I picked these frames because I love aviator sunglasses – and the black metal frames are so classic.

Here they are on:

Next choice! All subscribers are able to pick Giadzy Copper Plated Measuring Spoons, Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot, or Mystery Item.

Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion – Retail Value $19

I picked this lotion because it is ingredient-conscious, and I was going for a bit of a spa theme with my curation of this box!

The formula is moisturizing but not greasy, and it has a scent blend of Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot. It’s a little more fragrant than I was expecting, but I like the scent, so that’s OK with me!

Next up, annual subscribers are able to pick TULA Purifying Face Cleanser, Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush, or EleVen by Venus Jump Rope. If you aren’t an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you:

Daily Concepts Daily Detox Massaging Brush – Retail Value $18

Continuing the spa theme, I picked this dry brush! If you aren’t familiar, dry brushing can help make your skin softer with gentle exfoliation. (There’s also potential benefits of lymphatic massage.)

This brush includes massaging nodules in addition to the dry brush bristles, too:

FYI – I recommend applying light pressure (in circular motions) when first using this – that’s all I needed for soft skin! (And any more pressure would have been too rough.)

Lastly, annual subscribers are able to pick The2Bandits™ Athens Necklace, Ciaté London Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder, or S’ip by S’well (colors will be randomly selected). If you aren’t an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you:

S’ip by S’well – Value $19.99

S’ip by S’well is just like the original S’well brand – but with more playful prints and colors.

The bottle is 15 oz, double walled, and keeps hot drinks hot, or cold drinks cold all day.

And how cute is this whale design?

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

(FYI colors and patterns will vary! Both patterns and solid colors are possible.)

Verdict: This box has a value of $292.99! I think that’s amazing for $49.99! (And this is actually the lowest-value option of the box. Depending on your selections, the value could be as high as $335.) At $49.99 for this box, that works out to $6.25 an item!

Now that FabFitFun is offering more customization in items than ever before, I think it’s kind of on the subscriber to make the box feel curated. I went with a spa-day curation theme, and I’m very happy with the results!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? As of today, 2/26, yes! (You’ll be able to make your product selections after you sign up.)

CouponUse coupon code MSA10 to get this box for only $39.99!

What do you think of Spring FabFitFun box? Which items did you pick?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (383)

  1. My box finally came today but….no water bottle no add ins that I did get charged for. I wrote cs guess I’ll wait and see what happens.

  2. My box was a birthday gift from my daughter (who also subscribes) and I just love everything in it. I got a hot pink S’well bottle and my daughter is one of the apparently many disgruntled subscribers who got a black one, so I’m swapping with her; I have a couple of colorful BKR bottles so don’t mind a black S’well. (If the whole point of the “Sip” line is the cute patterns, why are so few people getting bottles with cute patterns?!)

  3. My box still hasn’t shipped, getting concerned. I had additional picks and addons, so should have shipped with grp 1.5. Contacted CS and was told they had no estimated time on it shipping.

    • I just got my email that mine shipped. It’s expected on the 28th.. why it’s going to take ten days to get to me is beyond me.. so far not impressed with FFF

    • They made so many of that kind of mistake a for me that I just cancelled. A couple of years ago it was totally worth it but now the curation is a joke and the value went downhill. Causebox is just so much better. Bummer cuz it use to be so great…

  4. My box arrived yesterday. I’m a seasonal subscriber, and was so happy to get the S’well bottle (in a muted purple color) and the Tula facial cleanser – yay!!- and not the necklace or jump rope. I don’t understand why some of the options are so awful. Glad that my order was all correct, including the add ons. I haven’t tried the diffuser yet, but I’m not expecting much based on all the negative comments. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the box. Not thrilled, but at least satisfied.

  5. Wow. I got my box today and what a mess. First of all, I got two wrong items from my customization. I wear prescription sunglasses at the cost of almost $500, but got a pair despite having picked something else. Also, I got the spoons, but my niece sells pampered chef, so I did not order them.

    My jar that the scrub came in was split and all over the box. I emailed them, and I’m waiting to hear back.

    This is my first box, and I am definitely not a happy camper.

    • I’d use the online chat if I were you, email has never been quick or effective for me with FFF.

    • Hi there! Not sure if you got everything resolved by now, but which sunglasses did you get? I’m looking for the My Girl so wanted to see if you’d like to trade for anything.

  6. Dissapointed, hoped I would get the sip cup. Some of us can’t afford to pay the whole amount for the year at once, feel penalized to get what’s left after the annual payers get all that they want.

    • Some people can’t afford FFF at all. Or any subscription box for that matter.

    • You aren’t being penalized but yes there are perks to being an annual. There should be perks because we are pledging a year of loyalty to a company vs seasonal subscribers that come and go when they please as well as get discounts every time they sign up again as many people do. There are perks to both sides. If you’ve been with them for years and haven’t used a discount for more than only your first box maybe you can email them and go on a “payment plan” where you don’t cancel but they charge you seasonally and you get the same choice as annuals.

      In the end if you can save up $3 a day you can upgrade to annual in one season’s time. (About 90 days between boxes and I counted it as $200 because not sure of taxes and such)

      • Well said Julie, I agree. Annual subscribers can’t skip boxes. We blindly purchase four boxes worth of products and are obligated to accept whatever they send, even if we do get first option to make choices for some items. We give them $200 up front to build their capital instead of say, investing it ourselves or holding it in an interest-bearing savings account. No reason to do that without the incentive of first option on choices. The S’ip bottles are $20 or less at Target, if it really means that much to you.

  7. I was so excited about the cat eye sunglasses, but I received the aviators instead. I contacted customer service and they said they’re out of the cat eye. I’m so bummed.

  8. I ordered 9 boxes. 3 accounts plus add-on boxes. All accounts are annual, all had add-ons of just the additional boxes.

    Every box has shipped separately this quarter which is new as every other quarter they would put all the add-on boxes in a larger box. A few boxes were here by the end of February.

    Here it is almost mid-March and I have 8 boxes. I’m waiting for one box to do my unboxing and start planning who is getting what for Easter and Mother’s Day.

    I chatted with FFF today and they said that last box doesn’t yet have a shipping number but it should be here by late March.

    I share this to be an encoragement. I’ve been with FFF since almost the beginning. They’ve grown to over a million boxes. If you haven’t heard about your box and you are an annual subscriber, try using live chat.

  9. ….. and yet, iffy box and all….this is the post that just won’t disappear……. annoying to say the least!!!!!!!

  10. Liz,

    That scrub is made of carbon black, NOT charcoal. This was an extremely lazily curated box. Most of us got the cheap necklace, not the water bottle.

    “The current International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) evaluation is that, “Carbon black is possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B)”.[4] Short-term exposure to high concentrations of carbon black dust may produce discomfort to the upper respiratory tract, through mechanical irritation. “

    • I just looked up the ingredients, and you are correct. Carbon black is nasty stuff. They do use it in mascara quite a lot, but why put it in body scrub?

      • From what I understand they also don’t use dead sea salt like they claim but regular salt. This seems to be a lot of false advertising to try to get in on the fads without any actual benefits of either.

        And to answer your question of why put in carbon, it’s purely for the color and they hope most people won’t look at the ingredient list. A few more of these claims in the packaging and pretty sure they’ll be getting sued.

  11. I’m a seasonal and was on the fence about getting this one. I had a bit of an accounting glitch and customer service responded by letting me customize this box as if I were annual. With everything customized I got a box I was delighted with. If a few items had been different, not so much. So next time they run a special…to annual or not to annual…

  12. OMG ! This Spring Box was just awful and cheap looking stuff, I got the necklace it’s flimsy and cheap looking, most of the products are not useful and inexpensive looking for FFF box 🙁 was expecting a lot more from FFF, loved the winter box 2018 too bad this fell so short – cancelled my sub, can’t fathom spending almost $40.00 for this box, I’ll take my money elsewhere there’s plenty of great beauty boxes I sub already, this is one less I will not miss 🙂

    • I feel the same way and cancelled too. It’s a shame as this was one of my favorite subs to get. The price mark they are putting on items is so far out there. The backpack I received had pulls and stains all over it and the $75 value they placed was ridiculous. I paid an extra $10 to get the humidifier and it’s not worth $5 let alone $55.. I guess hitting a 1,000,000 customers was more important than keeping the current customers happy.
      Oh, you wrote,”Can’t fathom spending almost $40 for this box”… I was an annual subscriber until this quarter but never paid less than $40. What deal are you on?? I’d actually pay almost $40 for it. Thanks
      I doubt this will post but it’s worth trying….

  13. I’m still waiting for my box to ship ! Nothing yet and I upgraded this month from seasonal to annual in order to pick my items and it’s been the longest I’ve ever waited for my box. Very disappointed. I just sent an email to customer service.

    • Ya I’m still waiting too 🙁

    • And still waiting…… lol

  14. My robe survived it’s first trip through the washer/dryer. I threw it in a lingerie bag before dumping it into the warm/cold normal cycle of my 20+yo top loader. Then it went on a trip in the lingerie bag through the drier on low heat. Except for a few wrinkles, it seems no worse for wear.

    • Thanks for sharing! Super helpful.

    • I washed mine in the hand wash cycle of my washer and let it hang dry – it didn’t take long. No issues.

  15. I got mine the other day and I was pleasantly surprised that the robe fit me pretty well. I am nearly 5’9″ and weigh between 225 and 230 right now. So I was expecting it to be super tight, especially in my arms. But instead, it fit pretty well. It is on the tight side when tied, but not overly so. The arms were perfect. The only “off” thing was the length. It is skimpy for long-legged people, but I think it still works as a quick coverup.

    I also got that mineral veil stuff–can’t think of the brand name but everyone raved about it the last time I got it in a box. I’m going to see if I can do anything fun with it.

  16. Wow, you made out!!!! I am with you on this being the worst box in years as well. The $75 backpack is subpar at best, I added the $55 humidifier and it doesn’t work as good as the $10 I got off Amazon… My mystery item was a metallic blue, color is halo, shadow that only a teenager could use… Glad to see it worked out for you though. My annual sub is up and I don’t think I’ll be doing the quarterly, at least not for a little while. This box has gone downhill like so many others. The prices they put on items are so overly inflated it’s ridiculous. My bag value was around $285 according to the prices they stated but it’s not even close to true.
    Also, if you chose the mystery item last quarter you would have received something valued at over a $100. I got the survey and all items listed were amazing… I guess when you hit 1,000,000 subscribers you can make products less than before. JUST MY OPINION THOUGH..

    • I have received my second shipment, and I feel like I was shopping at the Family Dollar Store (no insult intended to the FDS). The backpack is one of the ugliest cheapest looking things I have ever seen, $7? value…pfftt. The sunglasses, same. The charcoal wash is going into the trash after reading about its carcinogenic tendencies. Lastly, I’m dropping my subscription as soon as I finish writing this.

  17. Is anyone interested in trading the Sunnylife Picnic Set for the Dr. Brandt No More Baggage or, maybe something else, I have a ton!🙄 Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks so much,

  18. Got mine today and so pleased with it. Even my mystery bag was great! I was on the fence as to whether I’d cancel sub, but even the things I won’t use will make great gifts so I’m hanging in there for the next box. I adjusted my profile and didn’t end up with the necklace, jump rope, or makeup I won’t use. My mystery item was a R&Co vinegar hair rinse. My box even arrived earlier than originally indicated. I’m one happy girl 🙂

  19. Did anybody get the “Valentine” mystery bonus? There is no mention of it in my reveal. It’s showing my choice items and the ones I couldn’t choose, but no valentine items.
    Anyone know about that. Thanks

    • this is the valentine stuff im getting in my box it shows under order details…not sure if its the same for everyone though

      GWP: Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask x 1
      GWP: ISH Lip Statement Palette x 1
      GWP: dr. brandt Microdermabrasion x 1

      • I can’t find it, lol, but thank you. It’s coming so I guess I’ll just wait and see. Thanks

      • Oh thank you! I was wondering about this too. I’m a little sad they are all beauty items since I’m on product overload but still some good stuff!

  20. My S’well bottle is plain “purple gumdrop” which is kind of ugly IMO, and my mystery item is ESYM Hydrating Face Mist in rose (which I don’t care for) which on sale in their store for $7. Oh, well. At least I didn’t get a brown lipstick.

  21. I got my Spring 2019 box yesterday and I am THRILLED! I love the robe and I was hoping for the Sip by Swell with the cute whales on it and I got it!! So Happy! I love the items in my box. I also paid for a Mystery Bundle for the fun of it for 29.99 and I got body oil, dry shampoo and almond lip scrub and I also received 3 travel bags all items worth at least 100.00. At first wasn’t sure what I would do with the travel bags but they are water repellent and perfect for our Pontoon boat! 🙂 For the price you pay and the items you receive, this box is sooo worth it! I look forward to the next one.

    • Disappointed that I didn’t get the jump rope and water bottle 😕. Looks like I’m going to have to go annual. Whomever commented about the Youtubers is 100% right. The necklace is very cheap-looking.

  22. I just got notice that my box shipped on the 5th! So, I went to the website and it says I’m getting the brush AND the water bottle!! Yay. Just the 2 I wanted! The pic of the btl is like a solid turquoise. Is that the color I will actually get? It’s fine if it is, I just wondered.

    • Mine was solid in the picture but I got the little whales 😊

  23. Worst box I have received in the 2+ years I have been subcribed. It was so underwhelming…BUT on the bright side, I got the BEST mystery bundle I have ever gotten 😍😍 I believe someone made a mistake. I received the following items..
    Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo
    10 degrees cooler luminous face oil
    Avene Body Oil
    Beautyblender sponge
    S’well Bottle
    and a set of bubble masks!
    It was all in one bag and that’s all I ordered? Strange It’s worth about $250ish. Anyone else get a nice mystery bag?

    • Wow Phyllis, that is an incredible mystery bundle! At least 4 of those products are absolute favorites of mine! Maybe they meant to send it to me?! 😉 just kidding….Enjoy your goodies!!!

    • Wow, you made out!!!! I am with you on this being the worst box in years as well. The $75 backpack is subpar at best, I added the $55 humidifier and it doesn’t work as good as the $10 I got off Amazon… My mystery item was a metallic blue, color is halo, shadow that only a teenager could use… Glad to see it worked out for you though. My annual sub is up and I don’t think I’ll be doing the quarterly, at least not for a little while. This box has gone downhill like so many others. The prices they put on items are so overly inflated it’s ridiculous. My bag value was around $285 according to the prices they stated but it’s not even close to true.
      Also, if you chose the mystery item last quarter you would have received something valued at over a $100. I got the survey and all items listed were amazing… I guess when you hit 1,000,000 subscribers you can make products less than before. JUST MY OPINION THOUGH..

  24. I was reading on of those items you need from amazon lists and “Alink Bottle Brush Cleaner” came up and it cleans the Sip bottles! Or any bottle really but it had a picture with the sip bottle that everyone here has mentioned not feeling comfortable about because they can’t quite clean them right. Hope this helps =)

    • I have that Sip brush cleaner and it’s not worth the price. I think I paid $15 for it in Target. It’s specifically made for Sip bottles which aren’t as tall as other S’well bottles so you are limited in the reach. And the bristles got mashed down quite a bit after just a few uses. A regular cheap bottle brush would work just as well. Marshalls/Home Goods always has them cheap.

  25. I’m still waiting for my box to ship, I wish it’d hurry up!

  26. Just cancelled my annual subscription to FFF. I received two additional items that I DID NOT order but was charged for. Just had a VERY aggravating chat with their customer service. Bottom line, they continued to insist that I had ordered the items (what happened to the customer is always right). Their only resolution was to issue me a credit for only ONE item. Thinking of becoming a member? BEWARE

    • I had an issue with needed to cancel my October box..My home was destroyed in Hurricane Michael.. and it had already been paid for but hadn’t shipped (I think we were billed the day after the storm?)
      Anyway I had no idea where we were going to live, so I could give no forwarding address. Customer service was rude about it, like it was an inconvenience to cancel my order. I don’t know what happened to my box, but maybe someday it will just show up.

    • The customer is not always right, but the customer is always the customer. Making you unhappy by charging you for items you did not order cost then a continuation of your patronage and your telling people about your negative experience.

    • Yes! I received an item in the winter box that I KNOW I didn’t order. That item was a tic tac to shot glass set @29.00. I also canceled my subscription and gave them that feedback. It really ticks me off that they sent that item, because I don’t drink. And I have no idea how I would ever regift such a stupid item. FFF has lost my business and those dollars will go to other sub boxes. For the spring box, with add-ons and extra items purchased my total was slightly more than $350 and I had an annual subscription so that was $350 plus I had already paid in advance for the box.

  27. I received the S’well bottle too / in a funky lime green. Kinda neat I guess

  28. The robe is lovely if I was not 5’10 and moderately modest— also sure wish it was rayon or cotton (what’s the point of a light weight, tiny robe in a no breathing fabric?). The diffuser is crap quality sadly. Had high hopes for the brush but man, that’s a rough one. Maybe good for currying a thick skinned horse. Not my favorite box.

  29. I’m so mad I am not getting the water bottle 🙁 I am getting the necklace that I won’t ever wear…such a bummer. But of course ALL of the YouTubers got free boxes and they all got the water bottle! Like save some for your paying customers, my goodness!!! It’s ridiculous really.

    • UGH I got the necklace too and was really really hoping for the water bottle! I also specifically stated in my initial interview thing whatever it is that I don’t wear silver ever!

  30. I received my box yesterday! I am happy with the items except for the necklace. It looks cheap and I am worried it will break. I purchased it for my daughter, her birthday is October and opal is her birthstone. I am happy that my S’well is turquoise blue, my fave colors are shades of blue. My box contained the robe, the backpack and diffuser. My daughter wanted the robe, however she is a size 0, so we shall see how it works out. I also chose the Tula for my daughter and the body scrub brush for myself. Lastly, I grabbed the S’well for myself, the facial powder for us both, nd the necklace. I love the look of the box too! So springy. I am actually looking forward to this spring, although autumn and winter are my fave seasons.

  31. I’m a new seasonal member that selected a bunch of mystery items so I’ve been concerned while waiting after seeing other comments. I ended up getting:

    1. the robe (their choice) – It’s no $80 robe, but it fits okay and I plan to use it as a swimsuit coverup. However hand wash only? Hahahahahahaha. No. I’ll see how well it holds up after a few trips though my old school washer and dryer.

    2. cat eye sunglasses (my choice) – I have a long, thin face so they’re a bit large for me. I’ll wear them anyway.

    3. Grown Alchemist polishing facial exfoliant, 75ml (mystery item) – I’m always down to try new skin care products.

    4. S’well bottle (their choice) – Conveniently, this was my preference too. I would have liked a fun color/pattern, but white works too. It’s still a water bottle regardless of the external color.

    5. Tula cleanser (their choice) – I was hoping for the jump rope originally, but have recently discovered that my goto face cleanser is discontinued so I’ve been on a search for a replacement for about a week now. This will be a great way to try one that I wouldn’t pay retail just to try it out.

    I also ordered a mystery add-on, which contained:
    Avene hydrance serum, 30ml
    Avene skin care oil, 100ml
    Oribe gold lust dry shampoo, 6oz
    Solefog odor eliminator, 1.5oz

    All in all, I like my box and feel I received a great value.

    • WOW, you got super lucky with that mystery item ($67 RV). Most of us got a lippie worth $20ish. I would’ve loved a GA product.

      • Different mystery item. The mystery bag she got was an extra add on that she paid for. The lippie mystery was for one of the customization choices.

      • No, she listed it as the mystery item, then mentioned the mystery bundle of three different items at the bottom that she paid for as an add-on 🙂

      • Oh wow you’re right! She IS really lucky!!! Lol. I’ve yet to receive my box.. fingers crossed I do t get the brown lip color!

      • Right? I’m jealous! Hopefully you’ll get a good one too. I got a lippie in a hot pink, but it may work if I layer it with another color, fingers crossed.

    • My mystery add- on purchase was almost exactly the same as yours, I only received a different facial oil

    • Wow, you made out!!!! I am with you on this being the worst box in years as well. The $75 backpack is subpar at best, I added the $55 humidifier and it doesn’t work as good as the $10 I got off Amazon… My mystery item was a metallic blue, color is halo, shadow that only a teenager could use… Glad to see it worked out for you though. My annual sub is up and I don’t think I’ll be doing the quarterly, at least not for a little while. This box has gone downhill like so many others. The prices they put on items are so overly inflated it’s ridiculous. My bag value was around $285 according to the prices they stated but it’s not even close to true.
      Also, if you chose the mystery item last quarter you would have received something valued at over a $100. I got the survey and all items listed were amazing… I guess when you hit 1,000,000 subscribers you can make products less than before. JUST MY OPINION THOUGH..

  32. My box arrived today! I’m 5’5″ and a 14/16 and the robe fits just fine. I got a “jelly bean green ” water bottle which I would call emerald green, I may get a couple stickers to give it some more interest. I’m happy. The only thing out of this box I don’t like is the Dr. Brandt. I have a tube already and I can’t get it to work with any foundation. It just balls up. And I’ve tried using less, and letting it dry longer, so I will see if someone else wants to try it. Otherwise great box! 🙂

  33. Well, it wasn’t really clear to me who could order what. I waited until today, and since the box was still available, I ordered with the discount code.

    I picked:
    1-Backpack –because it’s too hot here for jersey knit Poly. robe most of the yr.

    Does anyone who ordered the backpack like it at all? Yikes.Deux Lux is usually good quality.

    2- KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial because I’m kind of in my mid-60’s and need all the moisturizing I can get. I’ve tried this before in a sample and liked it a lot.

    3-Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot- Again, because skin needs all the moisture possible- Ageing is heck but the alternative isn’t great. 😉

    4- CS Rep let me choose the Tula Cleanser because my body can’t take either a dry brush ( my skin would bleed) or the jump rope ( bad knees).

    5- CS Rep also is sending me a Sip S’well bottle. It’s a bit small for me, as I usually drink out of liter double insulated bottles at a time to stay really hydrated, but this one will fit in the car cup holders well.

    Face powder simply settles into lines ( like red lipstick will, LOL) and I have no use for costume jewelry.

    I HOPE I get what I ordered.

    I look at it this way- either the Korres Rose night cream ( facial but can be used as a great night cream) or the Dr. Brandt No More Baggage costs more than the box with the $10 discount, so it will all be OK, I think. 😉

    • The S’Well bottles can also hold hot beverages. So if you find it too small for your water needs you can throw some tea or coffee in it. I have 2 that I’ve picked up on clearance at Target and I use them almost exclusively for tea. Keeps your beverage hot for a long time too.

      • Thank you for that suggestion about hot tea!! I have boxes and boxes of teas I’ve ordered and put in a cabinet with my tea steeper put and teapots.
        I REALLY think the issue with me is never having been a coffee drinker, I’m not at all comfy with holding onto a hot teacup.

        I live in a very hot climate ( except for freaky cold snaps lately) and we were not allowed to drink coffee growing up so it tastes like medicine to me, and we instinctively went for the iced tea and cold soft drinks as kids. 😉

        The Sip’n Swell might be just the thing for me.

    • I chose the backpack and like it…I mean I wouldn’t pay retail for it…but in my estimation it’s a solid backpack and I could see paying $20-$25 for it at TJMaxx.

      • I know what you mean. I have a ton of Deux Lux items from a sort of subscription box/ trade items website that sadly went out of business a few years ago, and the brand’s quality is usually OK, but varies a lot, IMO.

        Also, I don’t know the dimensions of the backpack, and it really would have helped for FFF to have sent Liz one to show how much it held, but DL bags tend to be really small. I can deal with that. I had a Louis Vuitton backpack/ shoulder bag convertible bag that was so large and heavy that friends and co-workers would ask me if I was packed for a three day weekend trip, LOL.
        It also hurt my shoulder like crazy because it was so huge. It became a collectible item and I sold it.

        I had a couple of Prada backpacks that I was kind of scared to use in the city because Prada backpacks were so hard to find at the time that they were catnip to purse thieves and one was the prettiest color of Hyacinth.
        Now I wish I had them back instead of selling them on eBay.
        I really didn’t think that through well.
        Still, this one likely fits my casual lifestyle now better if it doesn’t fall apart easily or smell like some new cloth and PU can smell!

    • Oh! And if they don’t get your order right, their CS team is AMAZING…they’ll fix it for you!

      • The CS guy sent me the chat text in an email, so I have the proof of what he said he’d have sent in my box.
        They do have really great CS. 🙂

        Thanks for all your help. You’re a doll.

  34. My box shipped on Feb. 24 and I still don’t have it – it has been stuck in Ohio for 6 days. So yeah, good times. This is my first box and I purchased an Annual Membership so I have a better opportunity to not be disappointed by the box contents.

    I forgot to take shipping snafus into consideration.

  35. Finally got my box today…..and its not even my box, all my customizations are wrong and only 1 of the addons that I ordered, but I got a ton of add ons that I didnt order….. so both myself and someone else will be very disappointed.

    Has anyone seen this happen before? Like you get shipped the completely wrong box??

  36. I got a turquoise S’well with white triangles. If anyone received a solid colored one and wants to trade, comment here. Otherwise I probably will not put it up for swap. The diffuser is SO cheap and it doesn’t even include an outlet plug. I use the stone diffuser from Ellen’s box at home, so this came to my office anyway, and I can plug the USB into my computer, but wow, pretty disappointed at how inferior this thing is. I do think the picnic set is nice and seems high quality, as does the S’well. I paid extra for a pair of sunglasses and they’re alright, but HUGE. They cover the majority of my face and don’t stay on well. They look much cuter on Liz than they do on me. The measuring spoons are not ideal for leveling ingredients, so I plan to use them for things that don’t necessarily need exact measurements, like the oil I add to my dog’s food or laundry detergent. I will use everything from this box, including the diffuser, even though I expect better from FFF. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this new model FFF is embracing. I’ve been an annual subscriber for years now, and I’ve always enjoyed picking specific colors or styles of 2-3 products, but I miss the days when the unboxing was a big surprise. Now we get to select almost the whole box and there’s no real discernible theme among the products; not to mention the “fit” element is almost completely gone.

  37. I’m always hearing so much about Fabfitfun, so much so that you would think that this is the holy grail of subscription boxes. I kept seeing these awesome promotions for the Winter Editors Choice Winter Box, there was a deal going on, so I went ahead and finally ordered myself a box. I wasn’t really impressed with it. The throw blanket looked so nice on the review page, but in person it wasn’t at all what I expected! The material was cheap. The bowl set? Not really sure what it was for, the bowls where tiny, you could fit some dip in them. The hand lotion was my favorite, but I would never ever buy it for $50. The handbag was cute. The one mask was really nice but the Blac eye mask was a bust.
    I forgot to cancel and now I’m going to be receiving the Spring Box, I’m really hoping that I get the robe, but I have a feeling that I’m going to receive the multi colored backpack (sigh). I have no idea on what I am getting because when I log in, it won’t give me any hints. All I know is that I’m getting mystery items…so I’m guessing that I’m going to get everything no one wanted. I don’t know maybe I will receive the box and the robe will be there and I will be pleasantly surprised. If it’s anything like the last box, I’m canceling!

  38. My box is disappointing. I am not impressed at all this season. I think I will try Cause Box

  39. I was very happy with my spring box! Thanks FFF! ❤️

  40. This box was so boring. Im getting close to ending this subscription.

  41. I will start with this – I am quite pleased with my box. They got my order correct and I think it was a very good value! But oh my goodness – hahahahahahaha! – I was so anxious to get one of the cute Swell bottles. I thought everyone was being ridiculous complaining about them because I didn’t even care if I got a pattern – I like any color. So what did I get? White. Plain white. Joke’s on me! Anyone want to trade ANY water bottle for a plain white one? Except maybe plain black. Lololol

    • I think it is actually “marshmallow”
      The black one is “licorice” LOL

      I got the licorice and it is boring but I’m actually liking the bottle itself so it’s working out. Plus my 8 year old is super envious (why? no idea!)

  42. I haven’t had a chance to tryout this subscription box out yet, but I really want to! I just don’t know if $49 bucks is really worth it!

  43. I had a good box…I am seasonal subscriber. I got the:
    Robe – pretty! Floaty, light material (kind of jersey-knit-like) – tends to “spread out” in chest area and does not cover me up, but I plan to use it as a swim suit cover up instead…
    Swell water bottle (pink with the whale print – cute!)
    Korres sleeping facial – smells divine and wow- very hydrating! I have dry skin, but woke up with hydrated skin when I used this last night.
    Tula cleanser
    Mystery item – R+Co ACV rinse
    Plus a handful of add-ons that I am happy with!

    Hope everyone gets the items they want!

    • Great box! Fingers crossed I get something similar!! Can’t wait for mine to finally ship. I’m super excited for my add-ons!

  44. My box is supposed to be here this week! Kind of disappointed by the comments on the measuring spoons, but I think I’ll be fine with using them (no dishwasher for me anyway lol). Unfortunately I checked my reveal and I’m getting the necklace ugh, definitely going to try to swap for the S’well bottle, since so many are getting “boring” colors, I just love their bottles regardless! Hoping the cleanser is good as well, I’ve never tried Tula so we’ll see 😉

    • How do you check your reveal?

      • If you log in to FFF you should see where it says “my box” or whatever, I can’t remember which lol, and it should give you the option to reveal what’s inside! 😊

      • Hmm it only shows the customizations I was allowed to make as a seasonal subscriber.. not the other items that they will choose for me.

      • The reveal is only available after you receive your shipping notice from FFF. Hope that helps.

    • Thank you for telling me how I can check my “reveal”. I am also getting the necklace and Tula, was hoping for the Swell bottle since I don’t own one and after all these sub boxes you would think I do 🙂 Just glad I didn’t get the jump rope. I am still hoping for a great Mystery item.

    • I only seem to have the option to ‘reveal’ my previous Fall box. 🙁

    • Does the reveal show what is the ‘mystery item choice’ also? I selected that for the first time this season.

      • No, mine just said “mystery item.”

  45. Regarding the Ouai Leave-in conditioner: one of my coworkers has allergies and is highly sensitive to fragrances. Not only do I refrain from wearing perfume when I work with him, I need to be very careful with body lotions too. However, I can use this Ouai product in my hair and by the time I go to work the fragrance has dispersed. He has never noticed it.

    For a reference point, I cannot use any Oribe products in my hair on days I work with him. Those who use Oribe know the company prides itself on its trademark fragrance.

  46. My box had a mailing label the day after billing, on February 16th, was awesome!
    I had been a seasonal member since September 6, 2018 but THIS Spring curationand add-ons made me jump to Select/Annual membership. 😁
    I loved everything about my box and add-ons! The robe is soft n will be PERFECT for late Spring and Summer mornings outside having my morning tea. The backpack is also PERFECT for day outings in the park etc. Im going to customize it by adding patches and/or enamel pins to make it “ME”.
    I also chose the Quay Aviator sunglasses n love them. I chose the Tula (expensive!) Facial cleanser. I also added the Sunny Life picnic plates & silverware set. I bought the matching Sunny Life picnic blanket from the add-ons sale. Love this picnic blanket, wow! Great quality, durable, bright cheery colors and the best part? The underside is water proof. Then I bought 2 BKR bottles in the add-ons sale for about 65% off retail. 😁
    Received the S’well bottle Thats blue with white triangles in it. The Ouai leave in conditioner which I’ve never tried before works WONDERS on my long thick hair without leaving it greasy or weighted down. The body scrub smells fabulous & I used it the 1st night I received it and left my skin very soft. I could go on and on and one with how HAPPY I am with this Spring season. Cant wait for the Spring edit sale and also to see what FFF comes up with for our summer boxes. I mean REALLY? I subscribe to a LOT of boxes, both monthly and quarterly. The value I get for my money is outstanding and I’m a very happy customer.

  47. I haven’t got my box yet, but I ordered my first one last Christmas and it was fun nothing fantastic, I loved a couple of the items so it definitely made it worth my $29.99! I counseled after that because I didn’t want to pay $50 for the next one!

    So my hubby has very serious heart and lung programs…he just got through spending weeks in a hospital 300 miles away from where we live, we were visiting our daughter when he got so sick! It was a nightmare we all thought we were going to lose him!!😢 In the middle of it I check my banking and I have this charge on my banking from FabFitFun!! I was so surprised…I had counseled my subscription and I really didn’t have $50! I was so upset and I’m still upset!! We have no money coming in right now, I had counseled my subscription and now I have a box on its way with items in it that I haven’t even chosen!! I really can’t afford this…Please help me out with this!! It’s so hard to ask for help!! 😢😢😢

    • I’m sorry to hear of your troubles ! Have you tried reaching out to FFF’s Customer Service, especially if you can show them your email showing you cancelled ?I haven’t had this situation, but I have had a good experience with their service. I wish you luck with this, and even more so for good health for your husband.

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your husband’s health. I cancelled and looked back to see a previous billing invoice. I think it reactivated my membership as soon as I looked at my account. No warning. I became suspicious when I received an email about the upcoming Add On sale. I emailed customer service who said someone in my household must have reactivated my account! Hubby was away so that only left the dog or perhaps the cat? Lol – I’m laughing now, but I freaked out because I cancelled and there was no email warning. I had to press I wanted to cancel several times, but just looking at your account, reactivates it without warning. I caught it before the spring box was billed. I’ve heard of two others who had the same issue as you and received their “cancelled” boxes. You SHOULD get a full refund.

    • I just noticed your name, Lisa P. I had a best friend with your same name back in 1980. Maybe your name is common?

  48. Anyone else SERIOUSLY disappointed in the diffuser? I expected the RV to be inflated but this thing isn’t even dollar quality! Or am I doing it wrong? The other two I had from TJ maxx worked great. One broke because I accidentally hit the table it was on and it flew off and the other is going strong three years later… this feels like a super expensive night light.

    • I wanted the diffuser but did not think it was the estimated retail value. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I chose the robe, which I probably won’t wear, although I like the flowers.

    • Yep…totally disappointed. I posted down the page about it on the 27th.

  49. Just got my box; got two backpacks and no robe. Talked with CS and they are sending me a new one but it will be two more weeks. Also, disappointed in the sunglasses, they are huge!

  50. I just got my box and all, but 1 of my customizations were wrong. I contacted the CS through chat and they’re sending me another box. I’ll be posting most of the wrong items up for trade, because I’m not interested in them.

    • My customizations were wrong too! They made me pay though to get the correct items $10 for each item but free shipping.

      • They’re sending me a whole new box, because it was their error. I would be pissed if they made me pay anything.

      • I’ve never known FFF to charge “extra” UNLESS a person adds on EXTRA’S, which ARE $10 extra per item

    • This concerns me because they’ve gotten every order wrong for me in the past year. They’re really good at fixing the mistake, but it shouldn’t be reoccurring as much as it is. I really hope they get everything g right for me this time. *fingers crossed*

    • One of mine was too! Was yours the first one with the sunglasses/picnic set/facial stuff? I just sent them an email and am hoping to hear back soon.

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