BoxyLuxe March 2019 Spoiler #4!

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We have the latest spoiler for the March BoxyLuxe box! 

Each box will include:

Source: beccalynn.75

Lilly Lashes (exact style unknown)


Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion – Retail Value $39


IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

In case you missed the previous spoiler, the March box will include one of the following Morphe Palettes:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Well… I just opted out of Boxylux!

    • oops Boxyluxe!

    • Me to. So many products in the beauty and lifestyle and health and boxycharm keeps sending the same items lashes really did it in for me this time seems like they are sending them every other box wish they gave you a option to opt out of lashes and highlighters I would literally be happy with anything else.Thank goodness Ipsy has been doing such a fantastic box I have not been disappointed yet with the plus.

      • Same here on everything. Loving IGBP and getting rid of Luxe. MORE FALSE LASHES… I already have 6 sets that are collecting dust. $50 is a bit much when you can get customised items and better options for $25.
        I was holding off on cancelling my Luxe sub in the hopes I might get a decent version this month… Has anyone cancelled then had their regular box go down in quality?

        • Yep,Now that I saw What sending Going to Cancel The Luxe Box

        • Honestly I think all the regular boxes went downhill once they started Luxe. I don’t think it’s going to be worse if you opt out of Luxe. I myself am so sick of getting the worst variations for my particular tastes that it’s likely I will cancel this month. I was going to try waiting to see how the March box would be but I have a pretty good idea I won’t be very pleased. Now that I’m getting Ipsy Plus I really don’t need Boxy anymore. It’s hard to give up because of the value but once you start liking onky one item per box, it’s not that great of a deal.

    • Me too. This seems like a regular box

    • Can you Tell Me how to opt Out of The LUXE Box,Using A Android Phone. Thank,s In Advance

    • I opted out of Boxyluxe too. Thank God we have this website Liz! It just saved me some $$ 😊

  2. So far this doesnt feel more luxe than the usual boxycharm box. Honestly this just seems like a normal body with a nice it cream in it. I canceled luxe after December and this isn’t making me want to regret that. I’d rather just swap for the it cosmetics item and save my extra $20+

  3. Ugh. It just gets worse and worse. It’s super sad that this is supposed to be a Luxe box, and feels not luxe at all. And Ipsy Plus has been hitting it out if the park each month I’ve had it. And that’s only 25$ a month. Ipsy did a complete turn around in my opinion and this has just gone down hill. Even after we were told boxes would only get better. Yea.. okay 🙄🙄

    • Omg, so much this ^^^

    • TOTALLY agree! I was about to give up on Ipsy a while back but then they improved the regular bag and have been doing an amazing job with Plus. There’s been all this talk about Boxy finally using our profiles but I’ll believe it when I see it. Boxycharm used to be my favorite sub each month but it’s become my least favorite over the last several months. The first Luxe box was great but of course I didn’t get one because of the computer issues and their unfair business practices. I got December but was not very impressed and March is looking the same.

      • I agree COMPLETELY. 100%!!!!!
        So ready to ditch Boxy all together, even though they were my favorite for a long time. Almost can’t stand boxy anymore. I barely even look at my boxes anymore and can’t wait until my sub runs out.

  4. Judging from the comments I’m definitely in the minority here but seeing Lily Lashes in the box is actually a reason for me to keep it. I’m not a huge lash wearer but I do sometimes and I’ve only heard good things about Lily Lashes. And they’re $20+ a pair, so between that and the it cosmetics moisturizer the box is worth it for me. I’ve looked at Ipsy plus but I’m rather picky about my brands. I work at Sephora and we are only allowed to wear Sephora brands to work (obviously) so getting stuff for super cheap from tarte, CoverFx, etc. all the time is great for me. And I just don’t see those brands we carry as frequently in the Ipsy plus

    • I’m with you – I don’t understand what motivates people to come on this forum expressly to complain about the box (especially the ones who claim not to be subscribed). Who has time or energy to spew that much discontent into the universe?

      Personally I am stoked about the moisturizer, I’m at least curious about the Morphe palette since I’ve seen them discussed a lot but never bought one, and that eyebrow cushion looks like an MVP. The lashes I will pass on, and that’s cool too – the intended recipient will be over the moon, it will make her whole day, and what’s better than making another person happy, especially when it takes so little effort and expense on your part?

      • IHave 2 of the Moisturizer,s and don,t wear False Eyelashes And agree These Item,s Don,t seem Luxe

      • Anna—this is a comment/discussion forum for sub box lovers. That being said, not everyone will love every box. This is NOT a promotional Boxycharm forum. Personally I make more positive comments in general across this entire site, but sometimes I feel disappointed and just want to share that and see if others feel the same. I do agree that it seems pointless to complain so strongly about boxes you no longer receive, but that’s just my opinion and everyone has one. As long as the comments are not abusive or inappropriate, people should be able to share those opinions without others getting upset over them.
        And to be honest when people complain about the people that are complaining, they’re just adding to the negativity.

      • Do you know if the cover fix palette is only for regular boxy ?

    • I am with you! I am super excited about the Lily Lashes! I have never been disappointed in Boxyluxe.

    • I agree…I’m shocked that people said this makes the box less luxe. These are high-end lashes! I rarely wear lashes, but when I do, I’ll be reaching for my new LUXE Lily Lashes. I actually have both, BoxyLuxe and IpsyPlus. I see no need to compare and rank them. There’s room in my life for both 🙂

    • How would they know what you use .do they come to your house and inspect before they hire you. Jw

      • No lol. But if you wear something to work and a customer asks what it is and Sephora doesn’t sell it, there better be an exact dupe in the store that you can tell them that you’re wearing.

        • I thought Sephora sells Lilly Lashes now, no?

    • I’m sooooo excited for lashes that makes the box and it IT cream !!!

    • How do they know what your actually wearing? I mean you can totally fake the funk with makeup. They can’t prove you aren’t wearing Cover Fx lol. I am with you on brand snobbery though. I have my favorites

  5. So glad i cancelled. I am to that point where i am on product overload and I’d rather use up what i have and save my money to buy items i love, even if it’s full price, and even if Boxycharm is a good value, i rarely loved and used a lot of any of the palettes and lip products. The high end skincare was nice but i need to use up my stash first and then I’d rather pick and choose of FFF

    • IHave 2 of the Moisturizer,s and don,t wear False Eyelashes And agree These Item,s Don,t seem Luxe

  6. Ughhhh no!!! I wear glasses and lashes are not for me – lately I have given away more than I use from this box. Both of my daughters cancelled in December because we are tired of red/brown/orange eyeshadows and unusable lippie colors. We are big time makeup lovers and users but I took an honest look at my makeup collection and most of the stuff I have has been purchased at Ulta or Sephora and not from boxes. I kept the Elemis, Cover FX spray and Ofra highlighter – that’s it! I have major FOMO and didn’t wanna cancel because I loveeee getting my boxes but I think it’s time to just cancel and spend that money on stuff I actually really want

    • Very well said. You may be happier pulling the plug 😉

  7. I wear eyeglasses and can’t stand wearing false eyelashes…they always touch the lenses of my glasses and it drives me nuts! Honestly, I’m only interested in the it Cosmetics moisturizer.🤷‍♀️

  8. And lashes once AGAIN! Lol. Boxycharm, you have a huge addiction yourselves to lashes and from all the comments over the past year most people hate then and have said that but I guess comments go to deaf ears. Very glad I canceled after the 4th pair we got in our boxes last year. It’s a shame that with the millions of products out there Boxy always has the same things over and over. Ugh!

  9. I’m in the minority, but super happy with this spoiler!!!! Being a makeup heavy box, lashes are a great addition!

    • Your not alone! I love the box and the lashes! Everyone is so negative. Even the people who dont subscribe! I have been excited to try morphe. Im good with the box! Yeah boxycharm!

      • I agree with you. Why all the negativity? What is it exactly that these people who complain every month want in their box? I’m really curious to know.

        • I suspect that lots of the “well, that does it, I’m cancelling” comments are left by people who are employed by a Boxycharm competitor. There’s just too much gratuitous Ipsy fangirling on every single post to be coincidental.

          • People like what they like. For me this is not a good box. I love trying new products. But I have 50 eyeshadow palettes. Most of them came from Boxy. So I don’t need anymore. I don’t can’t stand a lot of things on my eyes. So no lashes, eyeliner or mascara. I don’t use brow products. I won’t use 3 out 4 of these products. So I’m thinking about canceling. I don’t want to waste my money on stuff I won’t use.

    • I wish I wasn’t scared to put on lashes I have like a irrational fear of putting them on and can’t find a friend that puts them on to show me

  10. Box of junk, cancel

    • IHave 2 of the Moisturizer,s and don,t wear False Eyelashes And agree These Item,s Don,t seem Luxe

  11. Really just holding out for this cream by it cosmetics. Otherwise I’d cancel. Really wish they were like ipsy where you can skip a month . I.really and on overload and need to consider losing a few boxes . (I get 5 subs ) idk maybe I should just cancel and buy the damn cream myself lol . That being said I think Feb box is pretty decent . (So far) however I already know what I’m getting in ipsy plus and extremely happy with it . Even if I could do with out the mascara since all together I’m getting 3 this month . I.already have 2 opened and 2 unopened plus minis galore lol really need to rethink my subs . K I’m babbling byeee lol

    • I feel ya, but the cream is the same price as the box if it’s not on sale so that’s the only reason I just resubbed for this Luxe. I look at it this way….I was gonna buy the cream anyways, so I mine as well get the whole box and just gift the items I don’t want or donate them and then I’m out for good after this box. Just sticking with GBP and FFF. I can’t believe they are putting more lashes in Luxe! What are they thinking? Maybe I just don’t realize what their subscriber age range is, but I’m almost 40 yrs old and I have never worn them before and I’m not gonna start now lol

      • Do we know if we are getting full size of the cream?

        • Yes, we are

      • GBP?

        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, I believe she shortened it to Glam Bag Plus (GBP)?

      • Actually, why not start now? As we age, our lashes become less noticeable. I tried my first pair in my late 40s. I don’t wear them often, but I do if I expect to be photographed. I actually wore them to DMV for my license picture and it came out great! They are a lot of work until you really get the hang of them, but a game changer for your look.

        • YES! I’m gonna be 45 in May and I love to wear false eyelashes when I want to look extra smokin’! Or even when I don’t lol. They just really pull an eye look together. There are some drug store brands out there that are so good that you can’t even feel that you are wearing them.
          I love to get them in my sub boxes because I don’t/won’t spent 10-20+ dollars on one pair. No way! So when we get a really nice pair to try I’m happy about it. I will agree that these should be in the reg. box (not just Luxe) and they prob will be. We still have a lot more items to go yet. Always worth the money, can’t wait!!

      • QVC Had The Creme,Bybye under eyes,Brush,Foundation and Mascara For $55.00 and free shipping 2Month S ago

      • I’m 27 and I don’t see any girls I know wearing fake lashes they look a little ratchet and unnatural in my opinion not looking forward to another set of lashes

  12. Ugh not more useless lashes!! Not a single item worth the extra money…..only thing I would like is the morphe palette…I already have the cream and two back up confidence in a cream…..I could buy my own morphe palette and save. Booo boxy. Time to cancel. Ipsy has you beat by a long shot. Step up or step out.

  13. Wow I really think I’m finally going to cancel! I’ve been disappointed for months but was holding out thinking the next Luxe box would be great but so far nothing looks that interesting to me. I definitely think Ipsy Plus is blowing Boxycharm out of the water lately. I’ve been subscribed to Boxycharm for 2 years and I noticed that the quality of the boxes has gone way down since they started doing the Luxe box.

    • QVC Had The Creme,Bybye under eyes,Brush,Foundation and Mascara For $55.00 and free shipping 2Month S ago

      • Just Canceled the Luxe Box, Don ,t Want to Pay $30.00 extra for Item,s I don,t have Any use for

  14. The only thing that interest me is the IT moisturizer, it’s not like I need it though. I cancelled my boxyluxe and my regular boxy. The variations every month, lack of customer service when you need assistance, and the fact that there’s no consistency with product quality has helped me make up my mind to cancel. The five billion dark brown lippies and fake lashes didn’t help the cause any either. I feel like me and boxy have ran our course and ipsy Glam Bag plus seems to be a better fit for me now.

  15. This is definitely the nail in the coffin for me. So not interested

    • I’m right there with you. They just saved me $50

    • That’s only four items wonder what the possibilities are for the alternate items some people can get are

  16. Boo! Too bad this can’t be a choice item. One more item I won’t use from this box. I thought the Luxe box would have different items, but it just seems as if they just put a bunch of “stuff” together with no rhyme or reason.

    • Really? Eyeshadows, an eyebrow kit, and lashes do not go together? Hmmm…….

  17. Yuck.

  18. Not a single spoiler has wowed me. I might be saving $28.99 come March 1st.


    Egads…I already have a stash of lash(es) to give away…now I have more. 😭

    • Agree. Lashhes are kind of a niche item

  20. Well this did it. I’m pulling the plug on the luxe. I’ll keep the regular box but come on I’m allergic to the lash glue. Thats y i said i said on there beauty quiz no lashes for me…please boxy charm use the quizzes more. Y waste a product on me. Thank goodness for spoilers lol…

  21. Darn! More fake lashes are literally the last thing I need :/

  22. I always love more lashes! I wear Ardell demi wispies every day, so I welcome higher-end lashes in my sub boxes.

  23. This will be my first chance at Boxyluxe and Im excited! This box has some brands and items that I haven’t received in other subs.

  24. Fake lashes just don’t seem Luxe to me personally. I think this might be the spoiler that tips my hand to cancel. Oh well.

    Happy for those that are loving this box! 🙂

  25. Really makes makes me mad when they send lashes. The only thing I was happy about was the moisturizer. Maybe the brow, depending on the color sent. Lash’s piss me off.

    • agree completely.

    • Really? Wow. I don’t expect to like everything. I really when ordered a subscription box there will always be items I don’t care for that other people love just like I will get things I love that other people don’t care for. That’s part of deal with sub boxes. Certainly not something to be angry about

      • Its because they keep sending them change it up a bit or have a option to opt out of them if were going to receive them every couple of boxs.

  26. I am so glad I cancelled the luxe box.

  27. Noooo. I’m allergic to lash glue, so this is useless for me.

  28. Does anyone know if the face cream comes in a box? My last skin product did not and it turned to be expired. I am always nervous with this sub as they purchase overstock discontinued products from vendors.

    • Thanks for posting this! I thought it was odd that the Elemis didn’t come in a box but I forgot to look for an expiration date. I’ve been wondering about that issue lately since I’ve received quite a few items that normally come in a box. Even higher end mascaras usually come in a box and those especially make me nervous because it’s so easy to spread germs on a product like that. I won’t even share mascara with a family member. Plus mascaras expire rather quickly. This may just be the factor that leads me to stop hanging on to this sub. Especially with the great boxes I’ve been getting from Ipsy Plus.

      • My Elemis also came in it’s own box.

      • Wow, my Elemis came in a box and was sealed with plastic, I wonder why some didn’t. I read that a lot. Good to know, now I will start watching out for expiration dates.

        • 😂😂 love this typo! 😉👍🏻

        • Just Canceled the Luxe Box, Don ,t Want to Pay $30.00 extra for Item,s I don,t have Any use for

    • Jane:
      My ELEMIS did come in a box…odd that yours did not. Did you speak to their CS about that issue?

  29. Not more lashes boo……

  30. Been wanting to master fake lashes, any tips for a newbie, ladies?

    • I have only been playing with falsies for a few months and I think YouTube is the best teacher. I have actually been confident enough to wear them in public and not just on Halloween! Watch YouTube tutorials. Look down into a mirror when applying. Have the right tools.. good lashes, good lash glue and tweezers if you need them. I figured I should learn because of how many I got in subs!

    • I got nothing except check out you tube tutorials and blogs. I’m still trying to figure out what works! One tip I haven’t tried yet is to put a light layer of glue on, wait until it’s tacky (30 seconds or so), then apply another light layer of glue and wait for that to get tacky, then apply. It supposed to really help keep them on. But I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Oh! I almost forgot- make sure to trim them down. HTH! 😊

      • Thanks! 👍😁

    • Definitely check out YouTube ; the visual explanation helps a lot! What I do and has helped me become super confident in applying lashes is…
      1) always measure & trim them before applying them. Just lay them on your lashes without glue and trim any excess. Lashes that are too long can make your eyes look sad & overly obvious. Always trim from the outer lash , not the inner.
      2) apply mascara and tight line your eyes with eyeliner (if youre comfortable doing that). Some people apply mascara after they apply lashes. I don’t like to, I find it degrades them faster and I like to get the most use out of mine.
      3)apply a thin layer of glue to the band. My favorite is the duo roll on adhesive. It’s white but dries clear. I let it get tacky for about 30-40 seconds (depends how much I applied)
      4) get tweezers and grip the lashes (not the band) toward the center of the lash. Hold a mirror or have a mirror you can look down into. This helps you place the lashes in a more natural manner. Center them to your eye and place them gently. Then using the tweezers adjust them to fit against your Lashline.
      5) once I have them placed as I like I let the glue set for about 30 seconds & then take my tweezers (or if you have a lash applicator you can use that) and pinch them at the band together to my lashes. This way any gaps between the band and my lashes get closed and they look seamless with my natural lashes. If you move them too soon after placing them on your eye the glue can still be wet and you may accidentally pick them off your eye so that’s why I wait before doing this.
      6) like I said I don’t like to use mascara on my falsies , so I will take my eyeliner and again tight line if I feel the need to or I will take a liquid eyeliner and darken my lashline To again ensure a seamless transition from my natural lashes to the false ones.
      And you’re done ! Wow sorry this was so long but if you read it I hope it helps you! Doing my lashes this way has helped me become so much more confident in applying them!

      • Thanks all! 😁👍

      • That was really helpful. Thanks.

  31. How many products come in the BL box?

    • Not sure, but last email said rv would be over $300 – so assuming there are several more spoilers

  32. Not to be a complainer, but like many others are saying, I’m not really excited for these items. There’s 5-6 or so more, so hopefully some of those will be more exciting for me. At ~$55, they need to step up their game. If the Cover FX face palette that’s been leaked is in the box, I’m not excited for that either. Need some different brands, please. I haven’t been a Boxy member for even a year yet, and have so much PUR, IT, Cover FX. Tarte (which I LOVE) has also been in so many boxes. And Morphe is not a luxe brand… so not sure why that was their no. 1 sneak peek. I don’t want to give up on Luxe, but for the money, it needs to be stuff we love!

  33. Buh-bye, Boxycharm.

  34. They are making it too easy to skip the month! Nothing is a standout. So disappointing!

  35. More lashes really well so far this just is not the box for me.Boxycharm just isn’t exciting me lately at all so glad I have the Ipsy Glam bag plus think I’m just going to keep that one.

  36. I was a loyal boxycharm subscriber for years. But when boxyluxe and ipsy glam plus came along, I switched. Comparing both month after month, there hasn’t been a single month I wish I’d stuck with boxycharm or upgraded to boxyluxe. These spoilers aren’t changing my opinion that ipsy glam bag plus is for me.

    • I have to agree. I haven’t loved every item in my IGBP every month but there has been at least two items every month that have really WOW’d me. I’m not sure exactly what they’re doing different from Boxee or how they are affording to put these high-end skincare products in their bags but holy cow I’d rather buy two of them and no Boxee to be honest

      • I agree 100%. I get more useful and newer products every month with Ipsy Plus. And while not perfect, I think they do take our preferences into consideration. It makes me worry though because I can’t see how they can keep it up with only charging $25 a month. I’m pretty sure they’ll have to increase the price sooner or later. If I haven’t already canceled Boxy by then, I’ll do it to make up for the price increase. Honestly if I could get a second plus box (I have 2 accounts-one for Plus and the other for the regular Ipsy bag) every month I would definitely cancel both my luxe and regular Boxy subs.

        • Why can’t you have two Ipsy Plus boxes? I have two as well because I didn’t want to miss out on my regular ipsy bag, but the $10 account is constantly inviting me to upgrade.

    • Especially considering Boxyluxe is $50 and Ipsy plus is $25.

  37. Oy wth the lashes already.

    I’m allergic to adhesives, and they’re a total waste for me. I send them to a friend.

    But also, it just annoys me to keep getting them without glue. So even if I could use them, I’d need to buy a product in order to use them? That’s just weak.

  38. Ugh. I think I may cancel. I’ve never really gotten the hang of false lashes and the few times I have they annoyed me because I was always aware of them and they made my lids feel kind of heavy. Even the half lashes type.

    Only product I really like so far is the brow compact but ONLY if they use our profiles and I get one of the light ones. And I’m almost sure they’ll just send everyone the medium brown since they only promised one personalized product (the Cover FX palette which I do not need at all). Not happy about the Morphe palettes because of the colors and all the negative stuff I’ve heard. The moisturizer is ok but I already have several others in my stash.

    I know they can’t please everyone and the value is always there, I just think maybe I’m not really the ideal demographic for Boxy anymore. I think I need to just focus on boxes with more skincare.

    • I think that’s how I feel as well. I loved Dec luxe but my monthly boxes get gifted more than used. Yet I feel like BC is doing a stellar job improving their boxes and adding new brands etc… it’s just the product picks from those lines and brands don’t speak to me specifically. I think I’m just not the right demographic anymore. I’ll keep my eye on you though BC and jump back in when I see a box I want…

    • Same. This was going to be my first Luxe but the first three spoilers were meh at best for me, and the lashes are a huge nope. Looks like I’m cancelling before I even get my first Luxe box.

      • If you’re not already subscribed you should try Ipsy Plus. I have been extremely happy with every month so far. I don’t necessarily like every single product but more often than not I get great stuff I can really use like skincare or very new products and brands to try out. Also everything they’ve sent so far has come in a box. Boxy has sent quite a few things lately that should be in a box if they’re really brand new and not overstock or part of a bad batch.

        • I’m on the waitlist! It seems like a far better deal and I like their billing setup much better (BoxyLuxe schedule and billing is just weird to me). I hope I get off the waitlist soon, they told me I’m in the next group to get in. Fingers crossed.

          • Good luck! I bet you’ll love it. I get the Plus and regular bag because both have been pretty darn impressive lately. I probably shouldn’t because I could open my own store with all the products I have right now. A lot of it has come from 3+ years of Boxycharm which should tell me something. Sub box addiction is REAL! 😄

  39. Disappointing box.

  40. Well that’s settled it -my spot is open

    • Same, what a disappointing “luxury “ box. I’ve cancelled.

  41. No one ever wants these.

  42. I might be the only one who loves this lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • You and me both! Boxyluxe keeps looking better and better !

    • I absolutely love this spoiler!

    • Merlisha:
      Don’t feel badly (that is if you do), it’s just that we are all so bloody different, with varying needs. So at some point, I too will take a break as I have so much makeup already…but until then, I am having a fun time with BoxyLuxe. It’s great until it’s not!

  43. I was hoping for something better, not more lashes. Besides the cream, the spoilers have been underwhelming, so I’ll pass on this Luxe box. Save my money for something I’ll actually use.

  44. Ughhh, NO more fake lashes! I can’t continue to fill out a beauty profile if it’s not going to be used.

  45. Buh-byeeee, Boxycharm.

  46. That’s a nope from me dog

  47. Nope! Cancelled

  48. No.

  49. I’m going to pass on this box! The it cosmetics is the only spoiler that interests me.

    • Same here

    • Same. And I don’t need to spend $50 on a moisturizer when I already have a few.

    • Same!

    • Same.

  50. ANOTHER set of eyelashes?! Uuuuuuuuugggghhhh.

    • i feel the same way.

    • Same 👎🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Amen. I never wear lashes. They are completely useless to me. This Boxyluxe is only 50/50 for me thus far — it’s going to have to improve if I continue paying the extra money for it!

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