BoxyLuxe March 2019 Spoiler #3!

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We have the third spoiler for the March BoxyLuxe box! 

Each box will include:

Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion – Retail Value $39


IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

In case you missed the previous spoiler, the March box will include one of the following Morphe Palettes:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Nice Post. I love boxy luxe products packaging.

  2. I would like to have the pastel colors. I think they are so gorgeous and beautiful. Im not a brown or copper color person. I hope I get the other 2 pallets. Thanks

  3. more brown eyeshadow palettes. yay. im starting to get disillusioned here, and i don’t love that you can’t pause months either.

    • I would like to have the pastel colors. I think they are so gorgeous and beautiful. Im not a brown or copper color person. I hope I get the other 2 pallets. Thanks Laura

    • Agreed

  4. What happened to the rose quartz roller they showed awhile back?

  5. What doesn’t work for me, goes to friends that will use them. The brow products will have a good home to go to. I’m old school and still use Maybelline Brow Pencil in Velvet Black.

  6. I’m excited about this brow cushion because someone had already recommended it to me, but I thought it was too expensive. So I’m glad I getting it in the Box to try.

  7. I’m excited about the March Boxyluxe box… I cant wait to try the skin care they are including in the box. I’m going to downsize on my makeup subscription boxes and get skin care boxes that would work for my skin…. I can’t wait

  8. I’m excited to try the items in the box! Great job boxycharm! I hope they include a nice hydrating mask as well!

  9. I ditched Boxy after the site crash for luxe when it launched. I was with them for a while and felt disappointed that I would not get Boxyluxe after trying all day.
    The truth is, I was burnt out with the Pur palletes and brown lipsticks and was hoping Boxyluxe was going to be something super luxe and amazing.
    Not long after I was invited to join Ipsy plus. Ipsy plus is so much better than Boxy ever was.
    I come back to look at the spoilers for Boxy and for Boxyluxe, because I keep an open mind.
    But, I don’t see anything too impressive.
    I agree with some of the others…
    Boxy is really going to have to step up their game.
    So far Ipsy Plus is light years better!

  10. Meh … totally underwhelmed with BL spoilers so far. In general, I’m not a fan of cushion products and I think eyebrow products are particularly difficult to shade match. Morphe palettes are inconsistent, in my experience, and inexpensive enough to try the palette I WANT (and can return if they don’t perform well). I like the IT Cosmetics cream but have used it in the past and prefer others (many of which I’ve recently been able to pick up at great prices at TJ Maxx and Marshalls). I may wait for one more spoiler but definitely think I’ll be cancelling Boxy Luxe. The variations are too much for me so BoxyCharm may be on the way out.

  11. I’m actually still on the waitlist for March Boxyluxe. I signed up in December, so how long is the waiting time typically. I can’t get a straight answer from BC customer service whether or not I will be getting the March BL or not.

    • You will get the luxe box. Your status won’t change from waitlist to active until the billing date.

      • Thank you!

    • Me either! But they say on a Facebook ad “upgrade today to get this in your March Box!” I’m trying to upgrade! 😂 Ipsy Plus was great about their waitlist…I wanted to get both ‘luxury’ versions of the boxes to compare and possibly keep only one. But if I can’t get the March BoxyLuxe, I guess that makes my decision for me💁🏻‍♀️

    • I got an email yesterday about boxyluxe, signed up, and shortly after was sent another email that I was already on the list to get the March Box now. No wait list 🤔

  12. I just watched Nikkie Tutorials review of this product and OMG! I think this will be amazing to try. I really suck at doing my brows and I think this will be the easiest way to do them and get a nice sharp bold brow. I have tried powders, pomades and pencils and struggle with them all. I have very thick natural brows and whatever I apply usually goes on too thick. This formula looks like it will be a breeze to use and will create nice sharp lines quickly and effectively. So excite, March can’t come fast enough!!! <3

    • I’ll have a hard time trusting her recommendations after the Juno sponge fiasco. I have no problem with using affiliate links but want them to be up front they have an affiliate link with a company.

  13. Just got email from BC raving that this(March BL) could be the best box ever. . . . Loved Dec BL, but March looks underwhelming with the current spoilers. The 3 BL spoilers are tallying up to about $100.

    Thinking the Morphe palette may end up being a BC/BL item and they will throw in another palette for BL. *Remember the flat iron in Jan, charmers thought it was BL exclusive but ended up being a BC item.

    Since there’s so much discontent with the Morphe palette, perhaps we should all just email BC before the the BL release, Let your voices be heard 🙂

    • The email I got sent mentioned that total box rv would be over $300! So it looks like there is more to come…

  14. Excited to try this!

  15. Ehhhh. This box seems very underwhelming. Ipsy Plus has been knocking it out if the park. If it keeps going like this I’ll be cancelling the lux. I hope there will something redeeming so I can stay.

    • I’m in the same boat as you!! I get Boxyluxe and Ipsy Plus and I’m starting to worry about this months Boxyluxe!! Boxycharm has been one of my favorite boxes out of the 30 I’ve tried but so many of the palettes and lipsticks are just not for me lately that I’m wondering if it’s time to try something new.

    • I have Ipsy plus don’t see any real difference as one being better they both give quality items…. it maybe you just been getting boxy for so long

  16. BoxyL is going to have to step it up getting info out on the spoilers & getting quality up on the box. Something got mixed up somewhere because Boxy seems to have forgotten their own price points. Regular Boxy is looking like a $10-15 box, except my $15/month beauty sub is coming out way ahead of regular Boxy.
    Boxy Luxe is $51!!!! It’s starting to remind me of what regular Boxy used to be.
    I’m going to need many more awesome spoilers to not cancel. They have always tended toward putting out their #1 item as the first spoiler. I didn’t think they were serious about the BTS mascara for February being the BIG DEAL, but they were. If a Morphe palette is seriously their #1 big deal item for March Boxy Lux… like I said, someone somewhere is lost.

    • Gina, totally agree with you! I’ve been subscribed for 3 years, didn’t think there would be a time that I’d consider leaving Boxy, but I am less and less impressed with the boxes. My annual sub is up in March, I have already downgraded it to the 6 month but I might just opt for month to month. And for the luxe, December was nice but March is pretty unimpressive. May have to opt out!

      • Luxe just went from ELEMIS Marine Cream to ab It Cosmetics cream from one luxe box to the next… in $51 Luxe boxes… and from a full face set of Luxi brushes to a Morphe palette.
        I’ve only been subscribed since March last year, but I absolutely loved Boxy up until recently. I loved the December luxe box, then the wheels fell off. I’m not sure which month it was, but the last time I liked almost everything in the regular box was the gold theme with the skinny glittery gold eye brushes. Then they went to BTS as a “big deal” item because it’s “FULL SIZE!”. Someone there doesn’t know their brands / price points – or they are assuming none of their subscribers do.

    • I agree! I also was a member of boxy for 3 years, I recieved the dec boxylux and loved it. But the underwhelming products and the lack of spoilers until the very last second/or into the next month after billing has already occurred helped make up my mind to cancel. I cancelled boxy on Jan 29th, honestly I am not regretting this and glad that I did. I loved boxy, but my ipsy plus is way better. The variants each month with boxy, bad customer service and inconsistency in product quality were all deciding factors for me.

    • Gina,

      Thank you for reminding me that this true cost is 51 + 5 tax for me. I often don’t remember that the $30 is an ‘upgrade’ price is on top of what I already paid for. Fifty bucks should go a long way for a sub box. I hold that price point to a higher standard. My subscription is hanging by a thread. I want to try things that are indulgences. For me, Morphe and Pur and black eyeliners need to sit this one out for awhile.

      • Erika,

        Yes exactly! A $51 box needs to be impressive. The last luxe had the Elemis Marine Cream, which I love & had used before as a sample but never bought the $128 full size… going from that to IT cream at $48…. that’s an $80 difference & to me a huge drop in quality. The cream was a red flag for me.

  17. So far I only want the IT Cosmetics cream. I don’t use brow products. I have over 50 eyeshadow palettes. So I don’t need anymore. This year I really want to donate any makeup I won’t use. Give it to a women’s shelter or something.

  18. Moprhe, brow garbage and ok mouisturizer, I think it’s time to say good bye for so unluxy luxe

  19. Getting kinda nervous about the Luxe box. Hoping for either the 15H or 15B palette but I’ll probably get one of the others because they keep sending me colors I don’t wear or can use. And the brow… Well let’s just hope it’s a color I can use. March will either keep me subbed or get me to finally cancel depending on the colors they send me.

  20. I may cancel my upgrade and just get the regular box this time around.
    This box so far really doesn’t interest me. I do like the IT cosmetic crème
    but that’s about it. I’m going to wait for a few more spoilers to come out
    before I pull the plug on the Luxe LOL.

    • Same here

      • I know a lot of people love morphe but I don’t. If I don’t cancel my upgrade which I’m considering, I won’t even touch the morphe palette for many reasons so that will be sold right off the bat. I’ve been wanting to try the it cream ( although I don’t need another cream ) but until I see more spoilers I can’t justify the cost just to try the cream. The palette is so cheap though I don’t know if it’s worth the time you pay for shipping, you can just go buy one 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think I’d rather stick with the regular box. Never saw this coming that I would want the regular one over the “luxe”

        • Just curious what’s wrong with Morphe that you won’t even touch it? Is it like elf or nyx quality? I don’t have anything Morphe so truly don’t know.

          • @ Julie B. I have no idea why so many people hate Morphe products without even trying them, other than maybe the fact that they have flooded the market with collabs and have a ton of affiliate codes with You Tubers. I have the Jaclyn Hill Palette and the James Charles one. Some of the shadows are awesome and some suck, just like any other palette. I keep an open mind and buy both cheaper and really high end. So I have stuff from Wet N Wild all the way up to Natasha Denona ($129 palettes) Just like I don’t understand why everyone loves Colourpop. I personally find their shadows to be chunky and not consistent. The issue could be that since Morphe is a cheaper brand they don’t like the idea of it being in the Luxe box as it is not expensive. I go based on performance and honestly no matter what you get you are saving a ton of retail so you are still getting a great value for what you pay. You just can’t please everyone I guess. And FYI, NYX makes some of the best affordable gel eyeliners that you can get. They have a great bright blue and forest green that I wear all the time and have replaced several times and I love their loose glitters!!!!

  21. hope I get the IT cosmetics cream! I usually get the boxes that no one wants so i’m hoping for a good one this time

  22. When I cancelled, in October, I never dreamed I would have stayed gone this long. Feb, so far, is a bust for me. March isn’t looking any better. (Especially for the Luxe items that have been shown) I seriously thought they’d pull me back by Dec or Jan. The sheer number of variations do make me think twice, as well.

    • We changed paydays from the 1st to the 7th starting in Jan (not sure what the HR department was thinking) so my billing hasn’t gone through and thus far I’ve not seen anything to prompt me to actually log in my account and update the billing info. Honestly I think I’ll order Margot Elena instead….

  23. As a ginger eyebrow products in a sub box are really hard to get right. Usually they are wayyyy too dark. That said, one of my daughters can usually use the eyebrow products I get in sub boxes.

    Still underwhelmed, not hating the box, but not loving it either. This might be enough to make me finally save my $ 🙂

  24. It’s all new to me so I am pretty excited! Can’t wait to see more.

  25. I really wish BC would use a beauty profile more. Medium doesn’t work for everyone, that’s why the product comes in different shades. So far this one is underwhelming to me. 🙁

    • I looked this up on ulta and I think that’s the fair shade! Which is kinda even more concerning

  26. Ooh. That makes me want to upgrade.

  27. Not interested at all. I don’t use eyebrow products. So far, only the It cream interests me.

  28. I really like this one!

  29. Finally something new! They need to up their game since Ipsy Plus is definitely sending out newer products. I love cushion applicators! They’re my favorite foundation type. Unfortunately this comes in 4 shades, 2 of which are of no use for me since I have light blonde hair. I imagine they’ll send the medium brown one (#3) since that’s what most sub boxes do for brow products. I really wish we could pick our color because so far this is the only item that interests me. March is Boxy’s last chance with me so maybe I ‘ll get lucky and they’ll send variations of this item and mine will work for me. Not too hopeful though since I usually get the worst product and shade variations. 😄

    • Two shades come in each compact so maybe you will get the one you want!

    • Several months back they sent a Brow Gal product in our boxes. There were 3 colors, but they did NOT use anyone’s profile to send the best colors to subscribers. I have very dark hair, and received the blonde color. Thankfully, I found a friendly blonde who was sent the dark color. I really like the product but it would have been more convenient to have the correct color from the beginning.

  30. I hate getting brow stuff, it NEVER matches my hair color. Everything else looks great!

    • Me to.

  31. Yay, excited for the next reveal!

  32. Do you know if Boxy usually pays attention to user profiles? Hoping I get the dark brow cushion vs. the fair or medium one!

    • The video the put out recently on IG I believe asked us all to take out beauty quiz again to make sure they are up to date because they planned to utilize it more for the March I think, the beauty quiz hasn’t been a big thing in the past because they pretty much had one or two choices but the variations have gotten more prevalent recently that they have to make adjustments to help them curate them for each of us better.

    • I have heard that March will be the first month they use the profile.

    • So far Boxy has never used our profiles although there are rumors of them doing so for one product in March. I hope it’s true and it’s this! If they don’t send variations I bet they’ll send the medium shade you’re looking for. It’s probably closest to working for most people (aside from us blonde girls), and in my years of way too beauty subs, pretty much every brow product I’ve received has been a medium brown (once in a while a darker brown).

  33. This looks pretty cool, and I love the packaging.

    I still don’t care about the Morphe palette, but the IT cream and this make it a winner for me.

  34. So far, I’m not excited about this box. I may cancel my upgrade.

  35. Whoa that is some fancy packaging. I guess that is going after the “luxe” name. LOL.

    • I’ve been watching this on Ulta and it gets EXCELLENT reviews! I just couldn’t pull the plug because it’s $40 there, and online only. It was sold out for months! I’m very excited!!

      • Well that is exciting. I see it comes in different shades…and I think I remember reading other people saying Boxy was actually going to try to customize to our profiles. Would this be the product for it? Anyone know??

  36. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something new and different, so I’m in!

    • Haha, those were my thoughts, too! Excited to see a cosmetics item I’m not familiar with in Boxyluxe 🙂

  37. What the heck is an eyebrow cushion? So far the only interesting item is the IT cream, but I am overloaded on moisturizers at the moment, too.

    • Agree on the face moisturizer overload! I’m at the point of slathering all over my body just to use up:)

      • I actually started to do that with samples of things. All those samples of facial Exfoliators and cleansers I have been using in the shower on my neck and chest areas. Same with the creams. I have a scrubbie mitt just for doing around my ears and neck that always feel like I have shampoo/conditioner buildup on and I really feel clean afterwards then I’ll put the creams on my neck and chest. It’s a great way to use them if you have product overload or if you have a favorite facial regimen that works and you don’t want to mess with it.

        • Hey that’s actually a really great idea! Thanks for the tip. I have sample overload and I would hate to see it go to waste so I think I’ll start doing this!

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