BoxyLuxe March 2019 Confirmed Spoiler #7!

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We have another confirmed spoiler for the March BoxyLuxe box! 

Each box will include:

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love – Retail Value $24 (Colors will vary)

This item will be in BOTH the regular Boxycharm Box and the BoxyLuxe box:

CoverFX All in One Perfector Face Palette – Retail Value $45

And, in case you missed it, each Boxyluxe box will include:

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color in Modern Love and Oh Donna


Source: beccalynn.75

Lilly Lashes (exact style unknown)


Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion – Retail Value $39


IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

One of the following Morphe Palettes:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I started in January have gotten 2 boxes from BOXYCHARM with full size products in both I am very pleased with both boxes. I also at that time started IPSY got only one box but was very disappointed with it as only got sample size good for one use, can not tell enough about product with only one use. Cancelled IPSY immediately and with the money saved from doing that I can upgrade to Boxycharm Luxe and spend the same amount of money for one year. Now I just hope that with all the people saying they are canceling I will get the March Boxycharm Luxe. Any products I do not use I take to a my senior center and pass out to other women.

  2. Just to confirm. Will the cover fx palette be in the march boxycharm? Its the only thing I am interested in.

    • Yes it will be in the Boxycharm boxes too

  3. Does the SKU number in confirmed email let you know what box variation you get? I haven’t used Boxy for 2 years and just rescribed. Didn’t realize there were variation boxes. Ugh

  4. I’m soo excited for the March box! Honestly, the huge draw was knowing that I only get one or two of these items but if I can get 6 or 7 other value products, heck yes! The IT Confidence cream is bang for your buck already… but Morphe + CoverFX + Becca + Brow sculpting cream? WOW. I’m sort of nervous since there’s a waitlist already, but we’ll see haha…. either way let me just get CoverFX and Becca in the regular box and I’ll be golden too.

    • Don’t worry about the waitlist, I heard that a lot of people are downgrading for March so you should be able to get your BoxyLuxe. It’s nice to see that someone’s finally happy and isn’t complaining. 🙂

  5. I’m on the fence with this one lol I don’t use lashes and the nude polishes won’t work well with my skintone😭 . I am interested in the it cream and the iconic brow thingy 😌

  6. still glad I switched back to the regular BC. There’s only one lip color I can pull off of all those- RED, and I always get brown

    • I wish I got a brown or nude. I always get dark red. That’s my only problem with any sub box

  7. I haven’t personally calculated the value but here are the spoilers that have been released as future spoilers that could be the last 3 items in the March BoxyLuxe or perhaps in the regular box for this upcoming or a future box:

    1) cosmedix Crystal roller
    2) generic Boxycharm makeup brushes
    3) teami green tea facial scrub
    4) something else from tarte like pressed setting powder or blush highlight duo
    5) pretty vulgar mascara
    6) wander lift off face mask (it’s a tube with several uses)

    • If you average the cost of lashes and assume full size products, it’s around $225 with the first 7 spoilers. The value is at least $300 so we have another $75 minimum for the next three items! 🙂

    • I would keep it for the PV mascara and and wander lift off I think

  8. So which items have been spoilers so far for the regular Boxycharm box? I’m trying to decide whether I should keep my luxe box and I can’t remember which items will also be in the Boxycharm box?

    • I was wondering the same. Just cancelled the luxe because nude nail polish is out of style now and I already have a bunch of lashes. Morphe? Isn’t that a mid-range brand? Def not luxury. Not impressed so I think I’ll see how the regular box goes.

      • Nude polish is out of style ? 🤣 How do colors go out of style ?

        I never knew this.

        • Me either. I see nude polish on people every day.

  9. Does anyone know what the total is so far what the value is so we know how much is left remaining so we know if there’s anything good left or if it’s just a filler

    • So far the box total is about $246 USD, and usually the value of Luxe ends up being around $300, so I’m guessing the rest (I believe 2 more items) will be more filler items, an eyeliner of some sort, and a random item that’s not really makeup related lol

  10. Still waiting for more spoiler reveals but this is the first one that feels a little more box appropriate

  11. I think I’m liking the regular box better this month. Not into Morphe products, eyelashes, or nail polish. I don’t need any brow products. So, it seems more practical for me to just get the regular box. I love the Becca lipstick! Just bought one from Ulta and it’s one of my favs now. Cover FX palette is in the regular box too. Yep, cancelling luxe for March.

    • Me too not really into some of the upcoming products

  12. Ahh…I havent decided if I want to go back to my regular box or not! I like about half of these products ( Not the eyebrow cushion or the lashes), and I feel that my Ipsy Glam Bag plus is so much better at the moment, but part of me still cannot go back. I am going to give it one more box after this and see. I can just put things away as presents or for trade I suppose.

    • What is the diff between the luxe and the usual one please help.

      • The regular boxycharm is $21 a month and comped with four or five items. Boxylux is an upgrade that you can get every three months and it’s an additional $28 dollars but it comes with about 10 items

    • I’m with ya! Ipsy Plus is hitting it out of the park! That made it easier to cancel my Luxe and I may even cancel the regular for now. I definitely don’t need that Cover FX palette and I imagine the regular box will have one or two more of the same Luxe spoilers.

    • Honestly I don’t understand why is everyone such a big fan of glam bag plus. It’s full of no name brands and drugstore brands. Not to fight you or something I just generally don’t understand the excitement.

  13. I like a lot about the box..The stuff that is not my color I will gift to my mother or daughter..Other items will go to a womans shelter..Just a couple of items pay for the box…🐞🌻🐞

    • I love that you donate to the women’s shelter! I think that’s such a great idea

  14. Im so excited for everything coming! Ive never tried morphe, iconic London, It Confidence cream, or Beccaa. I think this is a great box. Hard to. Believe folks don’t like the box.

    • People complain about EVERYTHING! There always more negative than positive with just about every box. Don’t take it seriously. Some people are trying to justify the price they can’t afford, some people like to just be catty, some are followers and some know and have tried a ton of these products and know they don’t work for them. That’s the good part of spoilers!

      • Totally agree with you on that. Well spoken!

    • I’m with you. I don’t understand what it is that they want to see in their box. I constantly see complaints about too many black eyeliners, don’t like lashes, too many highlighters, not the brand they like, not another blush, have too many mascaras already, blah, blah, blah. Sounds like these people just need to cancel and go away.

      • Here! Here!

  15. Looks like last 3 items will be: 2 from the regular BC box (only the coverfx palette has been spoiled) and 1 filler item (my guess is the boxychill sleep eye mask??? which screams- cheap!)

    Doesn’t look like the BL box is over the $300 mark… I really can’t believe BC was advertising March BL as the best box ever in the emails…

    I’m looking to downgrade but am afraid March BC might get leftover variations…. again….

    • I got one of those crappy leftover variations in my last Luxe box, so if it makes you feel better about downgrading keep that in mind. I did it after the 5th spoiler and this latest product definitely makes me feel good about the decision. I know I may still get this lipstick in the regular box but I don’t mind getting one of the more useless shades in a $21 box vs. a $50 one. Especially because there’s only one shade shown here that I’d want to wear.

      • Yeah, I agree with you. I’m thinking about downgrading as well for the same reason. I’m so frustrated with the colors of everything we are receiving in these boxes! And it’s every month. Every month the same story. I can (kind of) justify spending $21.00 in products with colors that I’m not going to wear but $50.00??? Just no. I’m giving myself one more week to think about it but it’s really not looking good. I’m so disappointed. Boxy can fix this by looking into and using our profiles to choose what works best for us. It’s a $50 dollars box for God’s sake!!! I don’t understand why is taking them so long. Are they trying to get rid of half of their subscribers?

  16. Yes! Yes! Please downgrade your subscription if you don’t like March’s Boxyluxe so people that are on the waitlist (me), and are excited for this box (also me) can receive one. Thank you in advance! 😊

    • Already did it after the 5th spoiler. I honestly wouldn’t worry. I’m willing to bet that your account will say that right up until they bill for March. You should definitely get the March Luxe. Especially since people are canceling Luxe and/or Boxy altogether in significant numbers so they will want to make up the money they’re losing. I don’t think you’ll need it, but Good Luck! 🍀

    • If you upgraded, you will 100% get off the “waitlist”. they just don’t move you from the list until they charge you. This is not speculation. They’ve actually shared this on social media.

      • Sweet! Thanks for letting me know! 💕

    • You have my slot too

  17. I’m truly excited about March’s box and am hoping I get the Becca lippie in Blaze (the cool pinky coral). It seems particularly makeup heavy this month, despite the addition of the iT COSMETICS cream (which I have been dying to try).

    So Boxy, won’t you make me even more happy by adding more skincare and let’s not forget a lifestyle item! It’s my birthday month so this one is going to be appreciated!

  18. I’m super excited for March’s box! I don’t have any of the items in it and am so excited to try them!

  19. I am so confused about BoxyCharm vs BoxyLuxe. How do you know which items will come in each box? I just signed up for Charm but can’t figure out anything lol. 🙁

    • So far the only confirmed boxycharm spoiler for March is the cover fx palette; that being said there’s the potential for other items here also being in the regular Boxycharm box. They’re lagging on regular box spoilers because the luxe box is coming up so I imagine they want to hype it up as much as possible first . Just keep an eye out for the titles of the posts on here ..they’ll specify Boxycharm or boxyluxe!

  20. I hope I get the 1st or last color.

  21. Yeah…. I’m glad I downgraded for this luxe..

  22. Only thing I like so far

  23. How many products come in the BoxyLuxe? I got the Luxe box in March but I can’t remember how many products are supposed to come in the box. Is it 7-9?

    • March will have 10

  24. I only liked the cream, so canceled. Not a good fit.

  25. Well, I like all the lipstick shades shown except for the very dark one, so with my luck that’s the one I’ll get. Like I’ll get the face palette with the extra-dark shades, me with my pale skin. If the Boxy folks would actually follow the surveys, I’d actually be excited for the Boxyluxe box this time, but honestly, I’m nearly ready to unsub from it and just get the regular box so that someone else who’d like to try the luxe box can have it. I guess I’ll wait till I see if anything else is coming; I haven’t given up yet! But it’s getting awfully close.

    • Make sure your beauty quiz is correct and you should at least get the correct Cover FX palette for your skin tone. And as far as the lipstick, there are swap pages on Facebook and Instagram so you can find the color you want. Think positive! 😊

      • I’ve heard this same thing to update our profiles and I’ve been trying to but I don’t see where to do this at on Boxycharms website. Am I being blind? Lol so if you could help guide me I’d appreciate it

        • Yeah, it’s in a weird place. If you go to the menu in the top right corner, you’ll find it under THE BOX. I hope this helps! 😊

          • Thank you so much

  26. If only we got to choose the lipstick shade! I want the mauve so I’ll probably get the very dark or red one.

  27. I hope I get the shade Blaze!! It is so pretty!!

  28. I don’t have a subscription to this box but I have wanted to try that lipstick. It gets really good reviews at Sephora.

  29. The only thing I don’t immediately have a use for is the lashes. I’m actually excited for this box. There are more things I can use in this box than the last one.

  30. I’m excited about everything except the lashes and the 💄, if I get a “wearable” shade then I will be excited about that but I seem to always get shades I don’t wear 😭💁 but I’m super excited about the iconic brow cushion and the IT moisturizer,the morphed pallet and of course the cover fx palette…I’m “so” “so” about the polish, it’s a great value for what we spend on the box though ❤

  31. Officially the last Boxyluxe I will receive. I only want the IT cream. Interested in trying the Morphe palette because I’ve been hesitant to buy one. Other than that it’s meh. Oh well. I need to save money and would rather just buy exactly what I want.

  32. I don’t normally say anything about what is in the boxes and I find 4-5 things I can use but this box has left me shaking my head…besides the moisturizer cream (which is useful but not excitable) there isn’t anything I like in this box…..

    • Same here. I had to go ahead and downgrade after the spoiler before this one. Only liked the cream but already have plenty moisturizers I haven’t even opened yet. I know it’s all about personal tastes and opinions widely vary on this, but for me I feel like Luxe is getting worse every month. I wasn’t able to get the very first one but I was SO impressed with it. I was seriously upset about missing out. I did get December’s and while it was okay, I wasn’t nearly as impressed. And now this one is pretty disappointing.

      • * every box, not every month.

      • I’m so agree with you, DG. I was lucky to get September box and it was impressive greate. I was so loyal and planned never ending with boxyluxe. December was ok, I loved elemis cream and VV palette. I really wanted setting powder instead of wander brauty palette but it still was worth that. But that box made me cancel right after polish spoiler. They always telling that you pay JUST $28 more for that box. Actually you pay $50 and it’s a lot for that old, untrendy cosmetic

  33. Officially 0 for 7!

    • Can anything possibly save this box?

      • Doubt it it’s a dud. 😥

        • Lol. Agree. Only thing I like is the Coverfx palette bc it’s versatile. The cream maybe nice to try, but everything else in BL is no showstopper.

      • Only Gucci tote as 8th item. Ok, ok at least Natasha Denona as palette could stop me from unsubscription that I

    • Crazy, isn’t it? September was fabulous, December was decent enough, but this one? Ugh. 😑

      Hard pass. Absolutely had to cancel Luxe for March. I’m thinking it’s unlikely I’ll ever upgrade again. Not without some major improvements on products, variations and personalization. Luckily I have Ipsy Plus to feed my addiction. They’ve been killing it!

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