BoxyLuxe March 2019 Spoiler #5!

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We have the latest spoiler for the March BoxyLuxe box! 

Each box will include:

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color in Modern Love and Oh Donna


Source: beccalynn.75

Lilly Lashes (exact style unknown)


Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion – Retail Value $39


IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

In case you missed the previous spoiler, the March box will include one of the following Morphe Palettes:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I hate to jump on the negative band wagon because I’ve really loved almost everything I’ve received from boxy but these spoilers are a huge disappointment. I can’t wear nail polish and even if I could I wish it was a more spring color. I don’t wear lashes and I felt like we’ve received quiet a few lately. The pallet does not seem worthy of an upgraded box. The remaining two items are the only ones that might interest me.

    • i LOVE THE EYESHADOW!! I will trade you if you like any of the other products

    • I hope we get choice items this month. Variants. I do NOT EVER wear lashes and I do not know anyone who does. So I hope that is up against something else for us to choose from.

  2. The IT Cosmetics cream will pay for the box, but I like literally nothing else. May cancel before even receiving my first Luxe box.

  3. Four more items to go? Maybe they will be really good.

    • We can only hope. Usually the first couple. Spoilers are the best items. The rest is usually small stuff.

  4. Please give me the pink and mauve palette. That’s my hope for this box. Otherwise, I love everything in it!

  5. I am so damn sick of getting stupid eyelashes in sub boxes along with highlighters and palettes with the same colors over and over!!!!

    • I love eyelashes, but I completely agree with you on the highlighters and same palettes. I do NOT highlight my face that freaking much (that I would need one every month). I put bronzer as my preference and highlighter as a “rarely” and I have YET to get bronzer and get highlighter every. single. time.

  6. I already downgraded my Luxe. For me this is totally not worth the extra $. Most of it would be given away. (Does anyone really need another mostly brown eyeshadow palette – aside from the fact that it’s Morphe ??). I’ll save my $ and buy the It cream with a coupon if I sample it and decide I like it.

  7. I think I might be canceling boxy or at least thr luxe. Between the sudden unfair variations for February and now the not so exciting luxe. The cream and shadow are interesting, but nothing else is for me . Compared to the last two this doesn’t compete.

    • The unfairness of the variations is a bummer. Yes, I got a great value, but my hopes were pretty dashed. I think I’d like the box a lot more if I didn’t know that it could’ve been useable instead of stuff I had to gift to others.

      • That is such an excellent point! So many people get offended when some of us complain about our boxes because no matter what it’s a great value. I agree but like you said, of course it’s frustrating when you see such disparity between the variations. Some are double the value of others and some are so much better in terms of brand, quality, or color. We all pay the same so that’s not really fair.

        Now…it would be a different story if the variations were based on our profiles and preferences. I’d be fine with getting a cheaper product if it was a more usable shade or suited to my skin or hair type. Or even just my preferred category of product.

        • I saw where boxy commented about updating your personal profiles they were going to try to do better..

        • Agreed! Example, the brow product has a $40 value which is great – except I don’t do my brows… I’d much rather get a liquid liner with a $10 value in pretty much any colour than another brow product, because at least I’ll use it!
          The March Luxe box is kind of disappointing to me because while I don’t expect to love EVERYTHING in the box, so far I can’t use the nail polish (I have gel nails and toes). I can’t use the lashes (I get lash extensions) and no one I know likes lashes either so I can’t even give them away. At least when I get mascara I can give it to my sister. And I don’t do my eyebrows, so I won’t use that either.
          So that leaves the palette and the cream, which are still worth it, but it’s still frustrating not being able to use more items than I can use.

      • That is exactly how I feel!!!! Plus for me, why did they have a quiz years ago to just NOW start going by them?! I’ve had mine filled out since day one years ago! I just want shades/colors/variations that I can use everyday & feel like im getting my money’s worth out of it! I love to share my products but lately it seems I’m giving them away MORE then I’m keeping them! & that just bugs the crap outta me to get products I’m not going to use & then see others get the products that I wanted but they wanted what I received! I am so grateful for these sub boxes but they have to take into consideration the fact that some of us aren’t able to swap our products like it’s no big deal, I don’t live near a post office & they should consider what products were sent out before! I keep getting repeat items & it’s SO nice of them to send out something after the fact but then I think “is no one really paying attention”?! Some of us cant wear bright makeup ALL the time & don’t want to! I’m just really loving my Glam Bag Plus! I’m getting products that I use all the time! I hope someone can understand where im coming from & I’m NOT being ungrateful but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for to get products that I’ll use & I like!✌✨🌹

        • Does it really count as something to be grateful for if you’re paying for it though? Like do you pay for a meal in a restaurant to “be grateful” no one peed in it? Are you “grateful” that the dress you bought at the mall didn’t dissolve in the washer after the first wear? Like I’m all for gratefulness and mindfulness but they are NOt doing us a service here. Boxes are not made and given out for free because they are good people. We pay for them and we are customers. I’ve never seen reviews of other products include other people attacking them “Well be grateful the shoes even came at all!” or something. So I don’t understand this mindset. It’s only really a “good value” if you are going to use more of the box than you throw away. How is it value to pay $40 for $200 worth of makeup if you only use like $5 worth of the products? that sounds an awful lot like wasting $35 to me, regardless of how cheap each item is compared to sales price. And Boxy knows what to do to make it better, they hear the same complaints each month. And other boxes do it so it’s not like it’s impossible.

  8. This really sucks I look forward to the luxe box now seeing what half the box looks like I don’t even want it Only thing I like is the moisturizer I like 1 of the pallets but chances are I will get the ones I don’t like all browns don’t use brow stuff I get my nails done and really don’t care for nail polish lashes again don’t where them I would like the cover fx face pallet. Just don’t think this box is good guess it might be time to opt out for awhile and see if it gets any better.

    • That’s how I feel. To me the first Luxe box (the one most of us got cheated out of) was definitely the best so far. December was ok but not great for me personally. Last night after seeing this 5th spoiler I canceled Luxe for March. And if I don’t see at least one fantastic spoiler for the regular box I’ll cancel that too. I’m not excited about the Cover FX palette at all, but at least (hopefully) we’ll get the one that’s best suited to our skin color.

    • I agree! besides the cream they could keep EVERYTHING else uggh

  9. Extremely disappointed with these spoilers. So far there is only 1 item I really want and 1 that’s OK. The test I won’t even use. Hate lashes, won’t use the nail gel, the brow stuff is alright, I’ll try it at least. But when we are spending this much extra money for the box I want to be wowed… This is not a wow box at all. I’ve gotten regular boxy charm boxes I’ve liked better than these spoilers. May have to unsub finally unless the last items are amazing. I’ve been happy with the other luxe boxes I’ve received so far but this one is the worst. I just don’t see what’s luxe about this box, these seem like they belong in regular boxy.

  10. I really like DL’s nail polish. The Modern Love color is shown on the DL site. I found Oh Dona on HSN in the Just My Imagination set.

  11. Want that cream so bad but not any of this other crap. I think I will pass on lux for March :/

  12. I hate to say it but boxy is headed down the same road as Rickys Cult Crushes

    • I think you’re right! I hadn’t even thought of that but it definitely seems that way. I’m not too upset though. I spend way too much money on sub boxes and beauty products in general as it is. I have a huge stash of unused products and now that I get the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s going to be much much easier to end my 3+ year relationship with Boxy. That sub is seriously putting Boxy to shame. Especially for those of us that like skincare as much or more than makeup. Plus they don’t have many variations and they use your profile when choosing them.

  13. At first I thought the polishes were brown, but upon looking up pictures, they appear to have a good deal of pink to them. Like…pinkie brownie nude. The pictures Boxycharm provided make them look hideous, but they’re actually nice looking.

  14. I have no use for nail polish. I can’t wear it at work. So they only time I could wear it is on the weekend or time off. I don’t want to paint my nails and two days later take it off.

    • I say go for it. Really, it only lasts two days, anyway. (For me, at least. I type a lot. 🙂 )

    • How about your toes ?! That’s what I do ! I’m washing dishes and cleaning all day so nail polish doesn’t last more than a few hours on me but at least I can have nice painted toes lol

      • I get gel nails and toes so I can’t even use it on my toes lol I don’t even know anyone who doesn’t have gel nails that I can give these to.

  15. I’m hoping the rest of the spoilers are gonna be a lot better than this stuff. But this is just not gonna work for me just on these ones alone. They got me with the cream but lost me with the useless eyelashes, nail polish, and the eyebrow cream. Nvr thought I would have an issue with them not having a awesome box or not. The palettes ok but nothing to where if the next spoilers come out I’ll decide what to do

    • Same. I’m excited about the cream, and I’d be happy with the Morphe palette, but the others aren’t even intriguing. I hate to be negative, but with the extra money for Luxe, I’d like to at least be happy with the box, if not wowed.

      • Exactly! That’s exactly how I feel. They’ve killed it for boxyluxe for now but yeah I feel that way too! If I’m gonna spend that much I want it to be amazing! Not mediocre and maybe I’ll use this and maybe I won’t. I love them a lot but if the spoilers are gonna keep at it like this then I will unsubscribe as soon as I know everything included

    • Me too…..about to cancel luxe Ipsy plus is kicking BC butt!

    • If the other spoilers don’t do it for me, I’m just gonna opt out. I dont use nail polish or lashes. The only thing I’m actually interested in is the moisturizer. I’m hoping the box is going to include the Cover FX palette.

  16. Oh wow. Anyone know if I cancel the Luxe part of I can add it back later, or is it back of the waitlist line? I don’t usually like to complain about Boxy, as it’s still normally a good deal for the few things I do like. But if these are the top 5 items in the Luxe box I might skip. I don’t want any of it. That nail polish is super ugly. I’d rather have 2 Ipsy Plus boxes – 10 items for $50 that are actually personalized to me. I don’t pay $50 to give stuff away or try stuff that hardly anybody wants.

  17. Wow…..

    I’m canceling bl. Disappointed in the items. I’m on the verge of canceling bc all together. Looks like a box of nudes. Maybe I’ll sign up again at a later time.

  18. At first glance I thought that the nail polish was foundation. I keep crossing my fingers for a good spoiler. My subscription is still not active. Waiting for next month’s spoilers for the regular Boxycharm. This month’s I’m not getting theirs nothing I want in February’s Boxycharm.

    • Agreed! I have an annual subscription so mine’s active, but if the Morphe palette is going to be in the regular Boxy then I’m cancelling my Boxyluxe for March, it’s so disappointing so far!

  19. Wow this box is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!! The quality of the boxes has continued to go downhill since they introduced the Luxe box and the Luxe box hasn’t been that amazing to me. As a long one subscriber I don’t want to do it but I think it’s time to finally pull the plug and cancel.

    • I feel your pain. I’ve been subscribed for years. It was one of my very first sub boxes. I think it was Julep first and either Boxy or Ipsy that really got my addiction going. I was ready to say goodbye last year mainly due to product overload, but then they announced Luxe so I excitedly stuck around. Unfortunately there was the fiasco of the first box (that really made me angry because it was done so randomly and not first come first served), followed by the kind of blah December Luxe, with boxes in between that haven’t been good (for me personally), and now these March spoilers. I canceled Luxe today after this latest spoiler. I’m really hoping there will be at least 2 spoilers I like (not thrilled about the first spoiler) in the regular box. If not I will have to move on.

    • I’m totally there with you! Polish and lashes blew it for me. I was already on the fence about the palette because there’s only 2 I would use and they keep sending me neutral or brown which is not what I want it need. Bummer. I couldn’t wait for Luxe but I’ve been so disappointed with it.

  20. I wonder if any of these items posted as Luxe spoilers might also be included in the regular box?
    I just feel like it’s odd to release 5 spoilers for Luxe vs only 1 spoiler for the regular box. Thoughts?

    • What’s the spoiler for the regular box?

      • I believe I saw a Cover FX face palette posted on MSA recently. It’s supposed to be the first product they (finally!) use our profiles for because there’s one for lighter skin and one for darker.

    • Any of the first 3 spoilers for Boxycharm, are also spoilers for Luxe. Maybe they’re holding off on posting regular spoilers, for this reason? And normally, March Boxycharm spoilers don’t come till mid/late month, after this month’s boxes are already received, still early yet for that.

      • You’re probably right. Like you said, it is a bit early and if they release 2 more spoilers that are not already in the Luxe box, that will spoil almost the entire Luxe box.

  21. We need something major in this box to get to the perceived value


    • I know I’m not very excited or happy about it! Don’t want nail polish in general but could deal of it was a half decent color.

  23. I hate polishes in any beauty subscription!

  24. I thought about upgrading but the website won’t let me. Guess this is a sign lol. Not really into nail polish.

  25. What is up with Boxycharm? Why does everything have to be brown? That’s the main reason I canceled.

    • Seriously, blahhh!

  26. So glad I cancelled the luxe. They aren’t using the profiles either. I have bronzer way at the bottom of my preferences, and that’s what I’m getting in the regular box. Really getting disappointed in Boxycharm lately. Might be time to cancel entirely.

  27. Boxy is a true make up box.
    Brow pencils
    Eyelash curler

    What am I missing?

    From a monthly sub…boxy covers all things make up and the. There are obvious rotations. I think they do a decent job staying true to the intended focus.

    Some comments such as “another highlighter?!”….Can seem negative at first…but that’s what this box is. Make up make up make up.

    I’m excited. And for the first time in my life I’m not breaking the bank experimenting!! No more make up counters to “test “ new products or colors out of my norm.

    I’m not using pallets that are older than my dog….I can test, try, have fun, be trendy and then give away great product leftovers to my nieces sister in law. They’re thrilled to take them!

    Also, once I figured out eyelashes, I love love love them! It beats the heck out of curling and layering on mascara. There are literally eyelashes for every mood, outfit, occasion without appearing fake. In fact, I think they look much cleaner and more natural than building my lashes with mascara. I love when boxy sends out lashes because they’re usually the expensive ones…and fun to wear when I’m want to glam it up 😊😊

    • I agree with you totally!! We live in a complaining society…

    • Do you work for them? Is this an ad?!

      • I think TLc is right. BC is a make up box, there is only so much make up product to cover full face. I think BC done a great job sticking to their make up theam and they provide every possible make up category. However when people subscribe for too long, like me for more then two years, I accumulated so much mascaras, highlighters, bronzers, etc, that it is hard to get excited.
        BC never position themselves to provide skin care.

      • I lolled, thank you. I’ve been pretty meh on what I have personally received from Boxy lately. About to cancel Boxyluxe since so far I only like the cream and, if I get the February variation with the face masks I’m going to cancel my subscription completely.

      • Lol no I don’t work for them. I post many places here.

        I’ve subbed to boxy on and off. This time around I have evolved to my opinion above. It took a minute for me to realize having ton of palletes can be fun…and not burdensome.

        I’m not even a huge make up person but boxy has helped me up my game. I’ve even found value in a few of their insta tutorials/demos. My favorite was the Pur highlighter palette from last year (3 colors, “orange”, beige and tan). I never would’ve known how to use otherwise; and now it’s my favorite!

        I don’t take boxy so seriously…it’s make up. Applied for just a few hours at a time (for me). Skincare is a whole different story….😊

      • Jen, I may not use every product in each months box, but I think it is a great way to push your limits and try new colors and items I would not usually buy for myself. Just because someone appreciates all that Boxycharm represents, hardly means they are shilling for them.

        I may be cancelling Boxy soon enough, but only because I seemed to have reached capacity. LOL…but that won’t likely last long. 😉

      • She is just stating her opinion?

      • omg, i spit my coffee out at your comment.. i was feeling the same way. lmao.

    • Thank GOODNESS I am not the only one! People are so entitled and ungrateful. If you want exactly what you want GO BUY IT!!!! Sheesh – Sub boxes are SUPPOSED to be for you to try things you would not normally ie: lashes, nail polish or to discover new products. They are not meant to give you exactly what you want when you want it. If you don’t like it, simply unsubscribe and give others the chance to experience it. I have been a boxy subscriber for 4 years and I love it!

      • I think the basic consensus isn’t complaining so much as it reaches a point where the spoilers aren’t worth the extra cost of Luxe.

      • But they have a quiz so we don’t keep getting the same types of products over & over(even though SOME of us ARE) & I think most ppl are put off b/c of getting the same variations over & over again & getting shades/colors that aren’t necessarily wearable for them!(run on sentence…geesh🤣🤣🤣)!!! Boxy is/was the best & we just want our money’s worth, not repeat products & colors over & over again! I know personally I keep getting most of my products in shades/colors that I don’t wear everyday that don’t match my Deets quiz & a lot of ppl want to use their products daily, but not everyone wants to rock bright red lips or bright pink lilac lips! You know? I like to play with my makeup, sometimes, but I don’t have time everyday so now I just want an easy look! I’ve been with them for years but it might be my time! & I think for me, Ipsy Plus is killing it, killing it!!!!!!!

  28. Now, we know why tjeres more otems in this Luxe compared to tje first Luxe box. Tje added items are fillers, not much different then the crappy eyeliners. Lets hope the bottles dont break during shipment. Last Luxe was hazardpus phone chargers, now its gonna be broken glass and nailpolish 🤣🤣.

  29. I canceled Boxyluxe yesterday, then today canceled Boxycharm. I was hoping this would be something I didn’t like. And it was!!! For once Boxy did not disappoint.

    I’m cutting back on Subscription boxes, that’s why I cut Boxy. I usually got a few things I liked. Over stocked on everything.

    • Right there with ya. I just canceled Luxe and unless I see at least 2 great spoilers I will cancel the regular box as well. It’s kind of sad because I’ve been with them over 3 years but I’m in major product overload, I’ve been liking my boxes less and less for a while now, WAY too many variations (I always feel like I got the worst possible combinations), and no personalization. If I wasn’t so pleased with Ipsy Plus I might not seriously consider leaving Boxy. It will always be a great value but I just think I’ve outgrown them. I much prefer skincare to makeup these days.

      But I am happy that a lot of people are actually getting what they want out of it. I’m terrible at false lash application and tolerance when wearing them. If I felt differently this box would be perfect since many pairs are worth as much or more than the cost of the box.

  30. Things I don’t use – Lashes, Morphe, Eyebrow stuff and nail polish. Guess i’m saving money this month.

    • Same. I’m thinking about cancelling. I’m going to wait until the end of the month and see if they release anymore spoilers.

    • I feel the same way. I don’t care for Morphe eyeshadows, I don’t use eyelashes and I have tried the DL nail polishes and they were not my favorite. The only thing that looks good is the IT cream and possibly the Iconic eyeshadow formula. I am on overload anyways and wanted to see if this Luxe was going to be as good as the ones in the past. I need to cut back anyways.

  31. i like the brand, but wish the colors were more Spring-like, a pretty blue or green maybe.

    • A lot of us aren’t allowed to wear those kinds of colors. Most professional work environments have dress codes that require you to keep things neutral and natural. I love a good blue polish , just can’t wear them to work so I’m thankful for neutral tones I can get some use out of. I THINK that’s why they select the colors they do… to appeal to the broadest base possible.

      • I seriously doubt that the majority of subscribers to Boxy are restricted at work to that extent. I’ve worked in MANY different professional environments but never encountered one that dictated my nail polish colors.
        So I’m not sure if these lackluster shades are what most subscribers prefer.

        That being said, I think it’s great for any beauty box to provide a wide variety of colors so everyone can get their preferred shades at some point. And I’m happy that people that work in healthcare and other places that require a dress code are getting useful shades this time around.

        Of course if Boxy would just start using our profiles, many people would be more pleased with their sub boxes. I want to believe they actually will, but they’ve been promising it for some time. I guess we’ll know once we get our Match boxes.

      • Work is only part of the day, I don’t want only dull colors for work. You only need one cheap brown eyeshadow for that noise, anyway.

  32. I looked up the Oh Donna color and even though it looks like just a plain beige in this post’s photo, it’s actually described as a mocha with rose gold shimmer. I found a pic and it looks nice, different. I don’t have anything like it.

  33. I actually like both these colors😂

    • Same !

  34. Why those colors???? My God, there are so many beautiful colors on her website! I’m getting so mad.

    • Overstock etc. Part of the Boxy business model. It’s is how they are able to offer so much in the box. They get hero items and then fill the rest of the box with stuff they can get a major deal on. Also, possibly they were looking for neutrals. Camel and such colors are on trend right now.

  35. The pink a color looks pretty, but I’d never wear the brownish one. Even if I liked it, I don’t ever spend 20 dollars on nail polish. So, meh.

  36. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Still waiting on a hero item 🤞🏼

    • I will be your hero – unsubscribe)

  38. Not really feeling the ‘luxe’

    • Agreed. When I went to cancel the luxe, a snarky comment asks if you are sure you want to cancel by saying “no thanks, I hate luxury items” and that really put me off. They advertised luxury products, Morphe is not luxury, It Cosmetics is nice, but not luxe. The whole roll out was a mess, and their customer service is a “sorry not sorry” kind of operation. I feel like the whole thing was a bit of a bait and switch. Maybe I’m just overloaded on products, or I mistakenly expected real luxury items (which their emails touted), but this whole experience was a bit of a let down for me. I do like the Violet Voss palette from December, but everything else was not very exciting for me. I am really happy for the subscribers who are excited and pleased with this box, it’s a great feeling to get a bunch of things you like. So if you’re happy, good! If you aren’t, maybe it’s time to cancel and try something else, and make a spot for someone who wants the box. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  39. The colors we got in the FFF box did not hold up well for me. They chipped really quick and just didn’t paint on very well. Not sure why.

  40. Wowwwww. Such a fail lately. I love DL, the formulas are great, if anyone was wondering, but those colors are BAD.

    • Holy hell every single thing is beige.

      I cancelled and have zero regrets.

      • Same. Cancelled boxyluxe. Maybe next one…

      • Youre right! That’s it. Drab beige!

  41. I’m beginning to get disappointed

  42. I agree. it’s a little underwhelming. The nail polish is nice. I’ve already sent them DM about getting a bronzer in my February Boxycharm. I filled out the quiz about 2 years ago. I purposely omitted bronzer & fake lashes. (Which I always get). Despite filling out the quiz about colors, general info pertaining to me, they admitted to me they haven’t used the quizzes but hope to in the future!
    I still love Boxycharm & even though many times I only keep 1, 2 or maybe 3 items, it still exceeds the cost of the box. I’m hoping they use the quizzes soon.

    • They started using the quiz, but you have to do it again since they redid it. The one you filled out 2 years ago was just for a general idea of what people wanted in boxes. You have to do the new one to have it tailored more to your wants and skintone.

    • That’s no secret with them. So far, they haven’t used them at all. They keep saying they are working on using the quizzes and profiles. Back in August, they said by the end of the year. Now they’re saying starting March. I’m hoping they do and maybe I’ll resubscribe, when I can get more items I’ll actually use.

      • I just sent them an email two days ago about the quiz and here’s what they wrote:
        Due to high demand, we have implemented the highly coveted beauty quiz for our Charmers to provide us with feedback on what they would like to see in our Boxys. This is a new feature that has only recently become available. However, keep in mind that it’ll take some time for us to be able to send out customized boxes to our Charmers. New subscribers are given the quiz immediately upon checkout and old subscribers must go into their account to access the quiz.

        Unfortunately, we currently do not offer customized boxes although we are working towards being able to in the future. We only include products in our boxes that we have personally tested to be universal. We also try our best to pick shades and products using current trends this season in makeup, but we totally understand every subscriber won’t always like each product we offer. In the future, we hope to be able to add a feature to our website that will allow you to tell us about yourself so that we can make our boxes suit your style. In the meantime, some Charmers have created a Facebook page for swapping products amongst each other that we encourage you to check out.

        • I got the same response when I asked them not to send me the Pretty Vulgar in Bronze Mannikin. I am blonde and pale. When I pushed them about the quiz and profile I received a bunch of emails saying basically “trade it on Facebook”. Not even a “maybe we can offer extra charms”? Seriously thinking about canceling after 3 years.

          • So…I just canceled the Luxe Box…going to give them another month on the regular box and see if they get any better.

          • I also asked them if they can add red hair to their quiz since it’s not an option. I thought that was strange if they were using our quiz to match us up. They didn’t seem to really care that it wasn’t a choice.

        • How come Ipsy seems to be doing great and using the profile boxycharm should get a clue from them Ipsy seems to have some happy people they really seem to care about what we like and want wish boxy would do the same.

      • They are using it in March to for the CoverFx face palette. You will either receive light-medium or medium-deep based on your profile. Yosef did a video about it a few days ago

  43. Well I’m still on the waitlist for BoxyLuxe but would be happy with any of these!

    • You will be off March 1 when they do their billings.

    • Enough people have cancelled Luxe, i just did myself. Im sure as of March you will be in.

  44. Actually I really like this spoiler… something I don’t get much of something new to try … yeah.. I like it

  45. I will probably use most of these items, but they are boring. Nothing about this feels LUXE.

    • Really?? I think it looks awesome!! 🙂 I love the variety and all the different brands. I am looking forward to a new Morphe palette. I like the brand and if you like it you can easily afford to buy more. :):)

      • I would have been more into it if we could have selected the palette. Is not worth it, for me anyways, if we dont. I dont want that 1 palette that is all 20 shades of tan…Nope

  46. Lol…seriously?? SMH

    • Literally my exact words 😂

  47. Terrible! All I want is the IT cosmetics cream why why why! No to nail polish no to lashes! Ugh thinking of canceling wonder what the rest of the variant products are though!?

  48. Are they really good. I think we got one set from FFF and I remember it was so thin and watery, no?

    • Ok, I just did some videos review and regular reviews. All positive, everybody raving about these nail polishes. However, these brown colors looks like least desirable colors and BC is sticking these leftovers to our boxes.
      Not sure if I want it or not.

    • That’s exactly how they were. Three coats and they were still a streaky mess.

  49. I wonder if us, fellow Canadien, will receive something different. We usually don’t get any nail polish …

  50. I have a lot of DL polish’s and love them all! Still feels very underwhelming when I see the other items. Hoping the last couple spoilers are the best ones yet❤️🤞🏼

    • Ugh, brown nail polish? Just no.
      Not excited about any of these items, really. If there isn’t an appealing spoiler soon, I’m going to unsub.

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